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Full Report for 07/02/2009

Aerosmith Postpone More Shows Due To Mystery Injury- Evergreen Terrace Injury- Stone Temple Pilots Kick Off Tour- Michael Jackson Memorial and more
antiMusic reports: We hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. We don't have a full Day in Rock report for Friday but we do have some quicks and if there are any big breaking news stories over the weekend we'll post them. If not we'll see you on Monday! Plus don't forget to vote for you favorite singer in our new poll! A preliminary tally on Thursday afternoon shows some rather interesting results so far.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Aerosmith has postponed its Sunday (July 5) show at Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater in Virginia Beach, Virginia due to an unspecified "artist injury." The band, performing this summer with ZZ Top, also postponed last night's (July 1) concert in Cincinnati and tomorrow's gig at Hersheypark Stadium in Pennsylvania.more

Evergreen Terrace drummer Kyle Mims was injured in a bike accident on Wednesday and will consequently miss the group's upcoming tour. more

Stone Temple Pilots kicked off their U.S. tour at the Los Angeles' House of Blues during the inaugural St. Jude Rock'n'Roll Hope Show. Spin has a review of the show here

Down and Melvins have announced dates for their upcoming U.S. tour. Support will be provided by Weedeater, with Danava and Evil Army also appearing on select dates. dates

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, who made a guest appearance on Sepultura's 1998 album "Against", believes that it's not "proper" for the Brazilian metal band to carry on without either of the founding Cavalera brothers (Max and Igor; on guitar/vocals and drums, respectively).more

The Distraction has released the first of their ongoing summer FREE EP series; Sprockets, Gears, and Two Way Mirrors. They will be releasing EP's all summer long followed up by new music in time for 2010. Visit myspace.com/thedistraction to download.

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry has told Billboard.com that he's just finishing mixing the follow-up to his 2005 Grammy Award-nominated solo album, "Joe Perry", and expects it to be mastered next week.more

Barcelona city authorities say they might fine band U2 for rocking too long and loudly during rehearsals for their latest world tour.more

Former members of Black Sabbath, Tony Martin and Geoff Nicholls, will be playing Black Sabbath songs from "The Headless Cross" and "Eternal Idol" albums Saturday, July 18, 2009 at The
Venue Of Scottsdale (Arizona). Performing as supporting acts are Siva Addiction (CA, USA) and St. Madness (AZ, USA).

The first song of the upcoming Masters Of Reality album Pine/Cross Dover (out August 24) has been added to the band's new myspace page

Grade have announced plans to hit the studio to record a few new songs from a new seven-inch, and possible digital EP.more

Jackyl has replaced Thin Lizzy on the billing of the third annual Rocklahoma festival, set to take place July 9-12, 2009 on the Catch The Fever Festival Grounds in Pryor, Oklahoma.

A Michael Jackson public memorial service has been set and will take place on Tuesday, July 7, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, according to multiple media outlets.more

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Injury Sidelines Aerosmith?
antiMusic reports: Conspiracy theorist, this story is for you! Aerosmith "postponed" their concert at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, Ohio on Wednesday night. But why did they do it?

Blabbbermouth reports that the "show has been postponed 'due to an injury within the band,' according to a posting on the venue's web site." However, the band's official site had this vague statement: "The Aerosmith with ZZ Top concert in Cincinnati (July 1, 2009 at Riverbend Music Center) has been postponed. When more details are available they will be posted here."

So was there an injury within the band? The venue seems to think so, but could the show have been axed due to poor ticket sales due to excessive prices? The band's vague statement leads to speculation like this but could there be another reason? Earlier this week Tony K reported on his blog "Apparently they recently played their hometown of Boston and guess what? The $233 tickets (after service charges) did not sell. I am told that the 10,000 seat shed had over 3,000 empty seats in the shed alone. So what happened? Live Nation representatives went up to the lawn and began recruiting people from the lawn to the pavilion for a $20 upgrade fee."

We'll have to wait and see what reason the band gives for the "postponement" but for now you can read more of Tony's blog story - here

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Led Zeppelin, Josh Homme and Dave Grohl Supergroup
Blabbermouth reports: Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme's wife Brody Dalle has commented on Homme's rumored new project with John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters). The trio is said to be currently holed up in a Los Angeles recording studio working on an album that's been the biggest secret in rock for what seems like years now.

Dalle told Antiquiet.com, "I'm not at liberty to talk about it… but I think [the project] is pretty f**king amazing. Just beats and sounds like you've never heard before." [so much for not talking about it]

According to Lemon Squeezings, Jones wrote in an online post in April that he hoped "to be everywhere this summer" with "a couple of other people" who've been "working [with him] on some other music, which is more rock-based." - more on this story

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Paul Rodgers Discusses Bad Company Reunion and Queen Partnership
antiMusic reports: Our friend Ross CAT just spoke with Paul Rodgers to get the lowdown on the Bad Company reunion. Here are a couple of excerpts from the interview where Paul talks about playing with Bad Company again and also ending his partnership with Queen.

Paul Rodgers- I wasn't sure what to expect it had been ten years since we had performed together. I'm glad to say that we locked in almost immediately. Someone had asked me, "is going back like riding a bicycle"; I said no, "it's actually like sliding into a really nice comfortable pair of Levi's". This time around it was especially gratifying for me. It was really nice to get back to my roots and the songs that MICK and I had written together, songs that everyone knows and loves.

Ross CAT- Reports have surfaced that the Queen + Paul Rodgers incredibly successful "The Cosmos Rocks" record and tour will be the "Swan Song" so to speak, where does Q + PR stand?

Paul Rodgers- I'm really quite proud of what we achieved with the successful world tours and subsequent album. It truly was an honor to be a part of Brian & Roger returning to the stage and studio once again. At this point we are just stepping back from it for now, it's similar to my arrangement with Jimmy Page with the Firm, it was never meant to be a permanent situation. As I mentioned earlier I always like to keep things loose. It's kind of an open book as far as I'm concerned; if something arises that inspires us then I would always be open to the possibility of working with Brian & Roger anytime anywhere.
- Read the full interview

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Your Favorite Singer?
antiMusic reports: Who is your favorite singer? It's been a while since we have had a fan poll. So we figured for this holiday weekend we would kick off a new one.

For this poll we are asking you to submit your selection for your favorite singer. Once the poll is closed we will publish your selections and move on to the next poll! It really is as simple as that.

Submit your vote in the box below (you can vote for up to five different singers - duplicates will be discarded).

Singer's name / band name (if applicable)
- more on this story

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Death Cab for Cutie Offer Up Little Bribes
Atlantic Records reports: Death Cab for Cutie has unveiled a new video for their song, "Little Bribes," which is featured on their recent EP, "The Open Door." The inventive clip was directed by director/cinematographer Ross Ching.

A longtime DCFC fan, Ching's interest in time-lapse photography was spurred by the "Brothers On A Hotel Bed" video from "DIRECTIONS," the DVD companion volume to 2005's Grammy Award-nominated, RIAA platinum-certified label debut, "PLANS." Thus inspired, the San Diego State University film school graduate created the "Little Bribes" clip on his own, which he then posted on his personal website under the heading, "Looking For A Job." When the members of Death Cab saw Ching's work, they immediately decided to release "Little Bribes" as the track's official video. As if that weren't enough, Ching has since been hired by Atlantic Records to helm a future video project for the label.

Death Cab has long supported the work of new and aspiring filmmakers. Most recently, the animated companion video for "Grapevine Fires," one of the stand-out tracks on 2008's RIAA platinum certified "Narrow Stairs," was honored as the year's "Best Music Video" by the Los Angeles Film Festival. Directed by Walter Robot, a.k.a. the team of multimedia artist Bill Barminski and writer Christopher Louie, the award-winning clip can be seen - here

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John Sykes Leaves Thin Lizzy
Rock Radio reports: Guitarist/vocalist John Sykes has left Thin Lizzy, the band have confirmed. The news comes after they were forced to cancel their UK support slot with AC/DC after drummer Tommy Aldridge broke his collarbone and couldn't recuperate in time.

In a brief statement remaining guitarist and classic-era member Scott Gorham says: "It's been a very tough time of late for myself and the band, firstly with Tommy's injury, and now the decision for John and the rest of the group to go their separate ways.

"I can only apologise to everyone who has supported us over the years – but we will be back up at full speed soon." - more on this story

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Regina Spektor Late Night and Tour
PR reports: On July 30th, Regina Spektor will perform her single, Laughing With, on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.

Regina Spektor and Sire Records are thrilled with the overwhelming response to Spektor's new album, far. Released last Tuesday, June 23rd, far debuted at #3 on this week's Billboard Top 200 chart.

Regina has announced the initial dates for an upcoming North American and promises that more dates will be announced shortly. - Here are the initial dates

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Jimi Hendrix Murder Conspiracy Even Wilder Than We Expected
Rock Radio reports: In a story that rocketed round the web and traditional media last month, Rock Radio told how James 'Tappy' Wright was the only witness when Jimi Hendrix manager admitted to having murdered the guitarist. Wright, who worked with the Animals, Hendrix, Herman's Hermits and others, has told how businessman Mike Jeffrey, who later died in a plane crash, spilled the beans over a drink in his office.

In his book Rock Roadie, published on July 2, Wright says: "Mike told me: 'I had to do it, Tappy. You understand, don't you? You know damn well what I'm talking about. We went round to the hotel room, got a handful of pulls and stuffed them into his mouth, then poured a few bottles of red wine deep into his windpipe. That son of a bitch was going to leave me. If I lost him, I'd lose everything.'"

While the revelations don't form a complete case against Jeffrey, Wright supplies more circumstantial evidence in his background material. He explains: "The truth was that Mike Jeffrey was ex-Secret Service and hadn't forgotten his training."... "'You forget they're people, Tappy. When they're coming over a ridge at you, they're just targets. The only time it gets difficult is when you have to go up close. There were times in North Africa when I had to creep right into the tents and knife them where they lay sleeping. You could hear the bayonet scrap against their ribs as the blade was pushed in. There was always that squeal and that grind of the knife against the bone.'

[Seems like someone got Special Forces and the Secret Service confused. Hop on the black stealth helicopter and read more here... make sure the CIA isn't listening in though] - more on this story

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Blake Lewis Goes Soph
Rogers & Cowan reports: American Idol alumni and beat-boxing sensation Blake Lewis is set to release his second studio album, Heartbreak on Vinyl, on October 6th via Tommy Boy Entertainment, it was announced today. The album's first single, "Sad Song," is scheduled to hit radio in July and will become available first to fans through an exclusive ringtone download via the Blake Lewis Official Fan Club.

"Heartbreak On Vinyl is the culmination of over 10 years in the dance scene - the music that gets me out onto the dance floor to lose my inhibition," said Lewis. "The title is an ode to all the record stores that have been closing down due to my industry eating itself. These are the stores that brought inspiration to all of us music lovers and have led me to make the music I create today. Heartbreak On Vinyl is filled with electro pop goodness, with melodies I cherish and that I hope my fans will sing to. It comes from the land of the broken hearted to help you mend lonely wounds."

Lewis is currently in the studio finishing his much anticipated second album which will include electronic/pop/dance production. He is working with a host of songwriters, producers and collaborators including S*A*M & Sluggo (Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco), Dave Audé (Pussycat Dolls), Rodney Jerkins (Lady Gaga, Britney Spears), and Jean Baptiste (Will.I.Am, Black Eyed Peas) on an album that promises to be fresh and full of surprises.
- more on this story

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Tim Yeung Reuniting with Vital Remains
Century Media reports: Acclaimed drummer, Tim Yeung, of Divine Heresy will rejoin his old bandmates in Vital Remains for two special shows this weekend.

Yeung further comments: "Hey everyone, I am extremely excited to announce that I have rejoined my old cohort in crime, Tony Lazaro (guitars), in Vital Remains for a few special holiday weekend shows. I am stoked to get back behind the kit with these guys to perform some of the most intense songs ever.

"This is also a great way for me to keep up my chops and endurance while preparing to hit the road with Divine Heresy this fall. See the Vital Remains dates below and I hope you can make it out. It's going to be a blast." - more on this story

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Dream Theater Go Top 10
RR reports: Legendary progressive metal masters Dream Theater's latest album, Black Clouds & Silver Linings has taken the band to new heights. The album debuted at #6 on Billboard's Top 200 album chart, with first week sales totaling 40,285. Both numbers mark the highest ever first week figures for the band, who are enjoying the greatest success of their 25 year career. 12% of the week's sales were digital, ranking Black Clouds & Silver Linings at #21 on the Digital Albums chart.

Drummer Mike Portnoy had this to say, "This is truly amazing. After almost 25 years together, Dream Theater is still growing and progressing and doing bigger and better than ever. I can't think of many bands that can claim that. We are truly thankful to have this incredible support from fans who believe in the band as a musical force."

Such a monumental debut places Dream Theater, a band known for lengthy epics and the true "album" format, in the cozy Top 10 company of Jonas Brothers, Black Eyed Peas and Regina Spektor, a truly remarkable feat. Portnoy continues, "An album with four songs over 12 minutes in the US Top 10? Hell must've frozen over! This is one small leap for Dream Theater, and one giant leap for music in general." - more on this story

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