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09 So Far: Top Stories of April - June

The Year Is Half Over, Join Us This Holiday Weekend As We Look Back At The Top Stories From April, May and June

. 2009 News Rewind: Top 3 Stories

Eddie Says Michael Anthony Quit Van Halen
antiMusic reports: There was a lot of rumbling when Van Halen reunited with David Lee Roth and decided to tour with Eddie's son Wolfgang instead of original bassplayer Michael Anthony. Now Eddie Van Halen says that Anthony wasn't fired, but quit the group.

RollingStone.com interviewed Eddie Van Halen and when the discussion turned to Chickenfoot, the new group featuring his former bandmates Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar, Van Halen had this to say, "I wish them well. The funny thing is that everyone who quits the band always claims they got fired by me. Hey, I'm not the bad guy here. When Hagar left the band, Mike went with him. Then when we get back together with Dave, and all of a sudden, he wants back in. It's like, 'No, dude, you quit the band.' So my son became the bass player. But we didn't give Mike the boot to have my son play. He was around. We didn't have a bass player. 'Hey Wolfie, you want to play?'"

As for the future of the current incarnation of Van Halen, Eddie told Rolling Stone "It wasn't just a reunion one-off thing. I've already gone to Dave's house four or five times over the last month. I've got so much music. It's just trying to figure out what Dave's into because we haven't written together in a long time. But it's great. It feels like we've always felt in the beginning. But I'm sober, so it's different. He's sober, so it's different. It's a wonderful feeling." - Read the Rolling Stone interview here

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Student Shoots Himself After Ordering Teacher To Praise Marilyn Manson
DailyComet.com reports: A 15-year-old student at Larose-Cut Off Middle School, in the Lafourche Parish of Louisiana, shot himself in the head on school grounds this morning, moments after firing an errant shot at a teacher who refused his order to praise Marilyn Manson.

The eighth-grade student, who is in critical condition at Terrebonne General Medical Center, left behind a suicide note in which he detailed how he planned to kill others and then himself, Sheriff Craig Webre said.

Classmates of the gunman, who they identified as Justin Doucet, said they were surprised by his actions, but noted they found his love for Marilyn Manson and knowledge of Adolf Hitler facts to be odd. Three boys at the school share the name Justin Doucet, but only one of them is in eighth grade, classmates and parents of school-children said. - more on this story

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Whitesnake Singer Accused of Lipsynching
antiMusic reports: Does Whitesnake's frontman David Coverdale lipsynch, or as our UK friends call it, mime to pre-recorded tapes? One of his peers says that he saw him do it and isn't to happy about the practice. Blabbermouth has the story (and the video):

Spain's The Metal Circus recently conducted an interview with legendary vocalist Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmsteen) about the new Sunstorm album, "House Of Dreams", his upcoming concerts in Spain with Big Noize, the Russian connection and the fact that Ritchie Blackmore won't ever reform Rainbow.

When asked if he has ever used pre-recorded tapes for backing and/or lead vocals, Joe replied, "To be honest with you, I have one machine that helps sing the backgrounds — it's from DigiTech, and it's a great technology — but it's not samples, it's live; you have to sing into the microphone and then this machine will take your voice, whatever you put into this machine is exactly what you get. So if you sing like sh*t, it's gonna sound like ----. So there's no wizardry, there's no tapes. Because recently I heard on the Internet that David Coverdale was using all kinds of tapes. Well, I was in Finland [in June 2008] with Graham Bonnet and we were on the same festival [Sauna Open Air; see video at the full story link] as Whitesnake, and I couldn't believe he was using these tapes — for lead singing! Not just backgrounds, but lead! And I was... My mouth was open. I was like, 'What the f**k, David?! You can't do this. You look so stupid, so foolish.' And everyone is complaining about this. No, I'm singing live. This is what you get; that's it. . . I'm not trying to talk sh*t... This is true. Everybody sees this. . . I couldn't believe it, because he [David] was always one of my favorite singers. To use tapes for a lead vocal... I can understand backgrounds if the [rest of the bandmembers] don't sing. But for lead?! You've gotta be kidding!" - Check out the video and judge for yourself

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. 2009 News Rewind: June
Curtains for NIN? Reznor Announces End of Nine Inch Nails
exclaim.ca reports: There must be something in the bong water down in Tennessee, as the announcement of retirement is becoming a yearly tradition at the annual Bonnaroo Festival. Last year, it was M.I.A. who announced her short-lived retirement from music. This year, Nine Inch Nails front-man Trent Reznor has decided to call it quits.

As the Associated Press is reporting, the outspoken alterna-forefather opened up during his set on Saturday night. "It just dawned on me that this is our last show ever in the United States," he said. "Don't be sad. I'll keep going. But I think I'm going to lose my... mind if I keep doing this, and I have to stop."

Reznor recently hinting in a fan interview that Nine Inch Nails would soon quit playing live, citing his own mental health and to "make Nine Inch Nails a precious thing." - more including video

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Fear Factory Vs Fear Factory
Blabbermouth reports: Arkaea/Fear Factory members Christian Olde Wolbers (guitar) and Raymond Herrera (drums) were the featured guests on the June 14, 2009 edition of the nationally syndicated radio program "Speed Freaks".

When asked if Fear Factory was "done," Raymond replied, "We're [Christian and I] actually still in Fear Factory. There's a big legal battle going on right now. Essentially, what's happened is Dino [Cazares, former Fear Factory guitarist] and Burt [C. Bell, Fear Factory singer] have become friends again and they decided to start a new band, and furthermore, they decided to call it Fear Factory.

"They never communicated with us about it, and they're acting like there was never any contract, but there's four members that are Fear Factory Incorporated — which is the four of us — so it's almost like them two against us two, so it's kind of a stalemate. Moving forward, I don't know what's gonna happen with the trademark, so to speak. It's kind of a weird situation, but it's not a situation that we created that was weird." - more on this story

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Velvet Revolver On Hold Until Singer Falls Into Their Lap
SleazeRoxx reports: Velvet Revolver expect their new singer to "land in their laps". The group have been searching for a frontman since the departure of Scott Weiland last year but bassist Duff McKagan insists they are not worried about rushing into the search for a replacement.

He said: "Either you've got the guy or you've not and we've worked with some really talented guys. The trick is getting the chemistry right.

"Slash is making his solo record, which he's desperately needed to do for years, so I'll keep working with my other band Loaded, he'll do that and music will happen when it's supposed to happen. The right guy will fall into our laps when he is supposed to and maybe that's why it hasn't happened yet." - more on this story

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Soundgarden Reunion On Tap?
exclaim.ca reports: Legendary grungers Soundgarden mostly reunited for a one-off show at Seattle's Crocodile Café. Three-quarters of the band were there, minus their leader Chris Cornell.

But now there's real reason to get your flannels in a knot: the rumor mill continues to spin that Cornell will be joining his buds for a full-on reunion.

In a recent interview with Kerrang! [via TwentyFourBit], Brent Smith of the band Shinedown dropped hints that he's heard the news, saying, "There's talk of a reuniting of Soundgarden in the States soon. I know actually someone specific who told me that, who is actually specifically in their organization. Kinda told me that they're talking about it." - Another source says it's happening too

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Why Metallica Lost Their Way
Rock Radio reports: Metallica's James Hetfield has spoken frankly to Classic Rock Magazine about the band's wilderness years, saying the main problem was drugs and disagreements over who drove the band forward.

In CR's July edition he discusses the band's mid-90 years and the change of image and presentation surrounding 1996's Load album – which he was uncomfortable with. He says: "The whole 'We need to reinvent ourselves' topic was up. Image isn't an evil thing to me, but if the image isn't you, it doesn't make much sense.

"I think they were after a U2 kind of vibe, Bono doing his alter-ego. I couldn't get into it. I would say at least half the pictures that were to be in the booklet, I yanked out. The cover went against what I was feeling. Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett were very into abstract art, pretending they were gay. I think they knew it bugged me. I think the cover of Load was just a piss-take around all that. I just went along with all this crazy stupid sh*t." - more on this story

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Evanescence Members Hire American Idol Singer
Spin.com reports: Old band, new singer: It's potentially a recipe for disaster -- just ask the boys in defunct groups like Velvet Revolver and Audioslave.

But three former members of goth rock stars Evanescence, all booted from the group over the years by frontwoman Amy Lee, are joining forces for a new band -- and they've tapped American Idol finalist Carly Smithson to contribute lead vocals.

Dublin-born Smithson, who finished sixth in the 2008 season of American Idol, joins ex-Evanescence guitarist/songwriter Ben Moody, guitarist John Lecompt, and drummer Rocky Gray in their new band, the Fallen - more on this story

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Only Fools Still Buy Music?
Rock Radio reports: Duff McKagan believes his side-project band has more chance of success in Europe and Japan, because US fans don't give the music a chance. And he's hoping the kind of people who saw them at Download last night will help turn Sick - the new album by Duff McKagan's Loaded - into an underground hit.

He tells Noisecreep: "I think people from the States don't look at this as valid. They're like, 'Oh really? So and so from this band thinks he can put out his own record and we'll come see him play? Ain't gonna happen'.... They don't really give music a chance - but we're going to try our best."

McKagan, who has a Harvard business education, has decided to stick to a business model which doesn't include a major label. He says: "There's not a lot of pressure like you get from a major. Major labels are becoming a thing of the past. "Nobody sells records like Guns n'Roses did in the 80s or 90s. It's not the business any more. People get their music for free off the internet. Anybody who spends too much money on a record these days... that's fool's money spent." - more on this story

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Alice In Chains Set Album Title And Release Date
EMI reports: Alice In Chains have revealed the title of their highly anticipated upcoming album and confirmed its release date. The record, titled Black Gives Way To Blue (Virgin/EMI) will arrive in stores on September 29th.

Black Gives Way To Blue is the band's first new studio release in more than 10 years. The quartet (vocalist/guitarist Jerry Cantrell, drummer Sean Kinney, bassist Mike Inez and vocalist/guitarist William DuVall) recorded the album with producer Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, Foo Fighters) at Studio 606 in Northridge, CA and Henson Studios in Hollywood.

On July 18th, Alice In Chains will be sharing the stage with Kid Rock at Comerica Park in Detroit, to be followed by festival shows with Metallica overseas, including an August 1 date at Marlay Park in Dublin and an August 2 show at the Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth. They'll wrap up the European trip with a string of headlining shows (dates listed below). This marks the band's first appearance in Europe since the summer of '06. - more on this story

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Chickenfoot Summer Tour
PR reports: Chickenfoot, the new supergroup featuring guitarist Joe Satriani, drummer Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), bassist Michael Anthony (ex-Van Halen), and vocalist Sammy Hagar (ex-Van Halen), have announced their first major North American tour, beginning on August 2nd in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This upcoming tour will visit larger venues than the May North American club tour, which sold out in a matter of minutes and received strong reviews.

The North American tour includes a free show on August 15th at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland. All dates will go on-sale June 13th, with the exception of the August 24th show in Boston, which will go on sale June 12th. Additional dates will be announced shortly. - more on this story

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Warrant Singer Arrested
Blabbermouth reports: Former Warrant singer Jani Lane was arrested Wednesday night (June 17) in Los Angeles for a misdemeanor DUI traffic accident.

According to the police, Lane was involved in a small fender bender in the Woodland Hills area at around 10:30 p.m. Lane allegedly hit a parked car and when cops arrived at the scene, he showed signs of intoxication.

The 45-year-old singer was arrested and taken to LAPD's Van Nuys division where he was booked for a misdemeanor and is being held on $30,000 bail. Jani has claimed in recent interviews that he has been "sober" since last summer. - Rehab isn't too far away, closer to it every day! Read more here

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Black Eyed Peas Give Perez Hilton A Black Eye
AP reports: Police have charged the tour manager of the Black Eyed Peas with assault after he allegedly gave celebrity blogger Perez Hilton a black eye outside a Toronto nightclub.

Hilton said he got into an argument with band members Fergie and will.i.am at the Cobra nightclub early Monday morning and was punched outside by Polo Molina, the band's tour manager. They were at the club following a Sunday night video awards show.

Molina turned himself in and has been charged with assaulting Hilton, Toronto Police Constable Tony Vella said. Molina is due in court Aug. 5. - more including a photo of the beat down Perez

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Punk Legend Battling MS
antiMusic reports: Exene Cervenka, the co-vocalist for legendary punk band X, told fans on Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Here is her statement: After some months of not feeling 100% healthy, I recently had some medical tests run and the prognosis is that I am suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Apparently, it has been affecting me for quite some time.

Although this is obviously unfortunate news, I am choosing to see the positive in it. I, and X as a band, have supported the Sweet Relief charity since the mid-1990's; the irony of this is not lost on any of us. Sweet Relief was started as an aide to uninsured artists by musician Victoria Williams when she herself was diagnosed with MS in 1992. - more on this story

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Anthrax Guitarist Has Open-Heart Surgery
antiMusic reports: Former Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz underwent open-heart surgery on Friday, June 5 after it was discovered that the main artery to his heart was almost "completely closed," according to Blabbermouth.net.

Dan, who says that he nearly died, has already been released from the hospital and is currently resting. "[I had a] scary few days," he says. "Thanks again for all of the prayers."

According to BW&BK Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante updated his status: "He is recovering well - in a lot of pain but will make a full recovery. They hope to have him home soon. Whew!" - Blabbermouth article

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Smashing Pumpkins Hire Teen Drummer
MusicRadar reports: Billy Corgan has tapped 19-year-old drummer Mike Byrne as the replacement for Jimmy Chamberlin in The Smashing Pumpkins.

Byrne, drummer for Oregon-based band Moses, Smell the Roses apparently landed the gig after working for a week with Corgan last month, and blogged on his MySpace page that he was "off for another couple of weeks at pumpkin camp."

Additionally, Billy Corgan blogged last Friday that he has found the band's "drummer of the future," explaining that he's eyeing October as the month to release. "I've worked with him so far for one week, and all indications are really good that he's the man for the job," Corgan wrote of the unnamed drummer. "Going to work with him some more before it becomes official. Whoever takes the job has quite big shoes to fill, no doubt about it." - MusicRadar's Joe Bosso dug deeper to find out if Byrne really landed the gig

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Ventures Cofounder Loses Cancer Battle
PR reports: Bob Bogle, who co-founded the best selling rock instrumental band in music history the Ventures after meeting Don Wilson while trying to buy a used car from a dealership owned by his father in 1958, passed away on Sunday at the age of 75 after long battle with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Although he hasn't played live with the band in four years, he remained active in recording and producing. Bogle lived long enough to see the band inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March, 2008 and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the group's founding in April of this year.

Bogle became ill over the weekend and was taken to a hospital, where he died, according to Wilson, who was his friend and musical collaborator for more than 50 years. - more on this story

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Alice Cooper Stage Collapses
PR reports: The Alice Cooper concert scheduled for Saturday, June 20th in Novosibirsk (Siberia), Russia was cancelled due to the collapse of the roof and rigging trusses for the outdoor concert at Spartak Stadium.

The collapse happened the night before the scheduled show making it impossible for the concert to take place. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the mishap. - more on this story

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Unreleased Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson Recordings
antiMusic reports: Tributes are pouring in for Michael Jackson. Queen's Brian May issued his very own tribute but also broke the news that there are unreleased recordings of Jackson and Freddie Mercury.

Here is part of May's statement/tribute: "Hard to know what to say - what to feel. I find myself wondering what might have happened on his tour ... the number of dates in the UK that he had committed to was insane. I did have a feeling it was impossible, but I was so shocked to hear that he went so suddenly. Very sad. Of course I still think of him as a boy - he used to come and see us (Queen) play when we were on tour in the States, and he and Freddie became close friends, close enough to record a couple of tracks together at Michael's house. Tracks which have never seen the light of day.

"Michael was the boy star of The Jackson Five, and always the most screamed at. I remember in their show, they tried very hard to make all the brothers equal in the presentation, but it was abundantly obvious that all most of the girl fans really wanted to see was little Michael. It was Michael who heard our track 'Another One Bites the Dust' when he came to see us on The Game tour ... and told us we were mad if we didn't release it as a single." - more on this story

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Paramore Set New Album Release
Atlantic Records reports: Fueled By Ramen recording group Paramore has announced details of their [excessively overused cliche removed] new album. "brand new eyes" will land in stores and at all online retailers on September 29th.

Produced by Grammy Award-winner Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Kid Rock, My Chemical Romance) and co-produced by the band, "brand new eyes" is the long-awaited follow-up to 2007's RIAA platinum certified second album, "RIOT!" The 11-track collection is unquestionably Paramore's best and brightest album to date, fit to burst with all the exuberant melodies, breathless hooks, and irrepressible energy that has made the Nashville-based band one of the most popular rock outfits in recent memory (see attached tracklisting).

"brand new eyes" will be preceded by the first single, "Ignorance," which is slated to hit Alternative Rock outlets nationwide in early July. A digital single will be available via all DSPs on July 7th. A companion video for "Ignorance" is now in pre-production and will premiere in August. - more on this story

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. 2009 News Rewind: May
Depeche Mode Singer Has Tumor Removed
Band Statement reports: Depeche Mode are pleased to announce they will restart their interrupted Tour Of The Universe in Leipzig, Germany on June 8th. On May 12th, lead singer Dave Gahan suffered a severe bout of gastroenteritis, leading to his hospitalization and the cancellation of the Athens concert.

While in hospital, further medical tests revealed a low-grade malignant tumour in Dave's bladder, which has since been successfully removed. At doctors' orders Dave Gahan must take a break until June 8th, to ensure that he makes a full recovery. The Leipzig show on June 8th will be the first concert following Dave's recovery.

Dave Gahan sincerely thanks his fans for their support, understanding and patience. Depeche Mode deeply regret any problems or inconveniences the cancellations and postponements may have caused. - more on this story

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Ex Wilco Member Dies
Yahoo Music reports: Former Wilco band member Jay Bennett has died at age 45. The multi-instrumentalist died in his Illinois home on Saturday night (May 23), although the cause of death has not been revealed.

A message on the website of his record label Undertow Music, Undertowmusic.com, explained that he died "in his sleep."

Bennett played with Wilco from 1994 to 2001, leaving the Americana band because of a fall-out with band leader Jeff Tweedy. - more on this story

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Green Day Vs Walmart
antiMusic reports: Green Day refuse to clean up their act for the country's largest retailer. Despite having the No. 1 album on the charts right now, if you look for the disc at Walmart you will be SOL.

Walmart has a long standing policy of not carrying CDs with objectionable language or content and often artist are forces to offer the retailer a "clean" version of their album if they want it to be sold at Walmart stores. Green Day refused to clean up their latest "21st Century Breakdown."

"They want artists to censor their records in order to be carried in there," frontman Billie Joe Armstrong said. "We just said no. We've never done it before. You feel like you're in 1953 or something." - Read the AP report for more

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Kills Frontwoman Denies Jack White Fist Fight
NME reports: The Kills' frontwoman Alison Mosshart has issued a statement regarding tabloid rumors that she and Jack White recently engaged in a fist fight while drinking in a New York bar.

According to Mosshart, she and The White Stripes man, with whom she's collaborating in the new band The Dead Weather, did no such thing.

"I don't usually bother responding to ridiculous fabricated tabloid rumours, but this one is particularly grotesque," she said. - more on this story

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Coldplay Accused of Stealing Another Song
Reuters reports: Singer-songwriter Cat Stevens agreed on Monday that the Coldplay song, "Viva La Vida," sounds like one of his 1973 songs, but he stopped short of saying he would sue for plagiarism.

"My son brought it to my attention and said: 'Doesn't that sound like 'Foreigner Suite?'" the musician, now known as Yusuf Islam, told Reuters. "The song definitely sounds like it," he said of his song. "It has such logical chords and the melody has to be what it is..."

Asked during a telephone interview from London whether he would pursue the issue legally, Islam, 60, said "it depends on how well Satriani does." [Interesting: since Satch says the Coldplay song was lifted from his tune, does this mean Satch lifted it from Cat?] - more on this story

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'Selfish Prick Axl' Blocking Guns N' Roses Reunion?
MusicRadar reports: Original Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler has again revealed his desire to reunite the band's classic Appetite For Destruction lineup. However, his most recent quotes on the subject seem to read more like an extended middle finger than an olive branch.

Speaking at a drum clinic in Sydney, Australia, Adler was asked whether he is still hopeful of a GN'R reunion: "Axl is being a real selfish prick about it," he said.

"Forget about the original band for a second. Axl's not thinking about the fans. The fans want a reunion desperately. It's really sad because we are all still alive and I know there's so many people that want to see us. I hope Axl gets it together soon while the fans still want it." - That'll make Axl come around... read more here

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Underoath Take a Jab at Metallica
Punknews.org reports: Apparently unsatisfied with their negative comments about Avenged Sevenfold, Underoath is now setting their sights on Metallica. The band spoke to Metal Hammer saying:

"When we were on tour in 2006/7, the tour manager for Anti-Flag was talking to me, and he asked what my favorite Metallica record was. I said I didn't have one. Not that I liked them all, but I didn't like any. He was like 'what?!' I said I didn't like them, I didn't think they were any good. He got really startled then almost offended. He was literally slamming the bar saying, 'there is no F-ing way you play the music you do, the way you do, and not like Metallica'.

"I can listen to that stuff, and maybe if I was alive 30 years ago it would mean more to me; I respect them, but I just don't like them. I get that they're important, but not to me. For me Kurt Cobain means more: he played like trash but he had an intensity. It's not about your chops, it's about creating a feeling." - more on this story

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Nude Rihanna Photo Scandal
Jam! reports: Bosses at Rihanna's record label are demanding the online removal of alleged nude photographs of the singer, according to a new report.

Salacious snapshots apparently featuring the singer surfaced on the Internet on Friday and her label was quick to jump into action.

Officials in the legal department at Island Def Jam Music Group, Rihanna's record label, have moved swiftly to bury the scandal, sending cease and desist notices to websites that have posted the photos. - more on this story

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Radiohead Begin Work On New Album
MusicRadar reports: Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood has revealed that the band have already begun work on their eighth studio album, the follow-up to 2007's In Rainbows.

Speaking to the BBC, Greenwood said: "We just went in last week. It was really good. It was really noisy and chaotic and really fun.

"We're at the stage where we've got the big Lego box out and we've tipped it out on the floor and we're looking at all the bits and thinking, what next?" - more on this story

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Metal Guitarist Arrested For God Mocking T-Shirt
Blabbermouth reports: Alistair Baptista of Gulf Daily News reports that police arrested the guitarist of Bahrain-based extreme metal band The Mushroom Massacre at a rock concert in Bahrain Thursday (April 30), bringing it to an abrupt halt and angering scores of fans.

Organizers halted the "Rage to the Extreme" show at the Palace hotel, Adliya, immediately after the arrest. Sources said the Sri Lankan was apparently arrested because he was wearing a T-shirt bearing a caricature of a "devilish" figure and the slogan "God's Busy...Can I Help You?"

They said the guitarist was taken to a police station where he had his shirt and body piercings photographed. "Someone just came on stage and said the show was over, after that there were two breaks for prayer," said concert-goer Yasir Shehzad - more on this story

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When Nickleback Attacks
Jam! reports: Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger is facing a lawsuit over an alleged fight outside a Vancouver nightclub.

Noah Christian Morse has filed a lawsuit in B.C. Supreme Court against Chad Turton, also known as Chad Kroeger, for allegedly punching him in the mouth.

Morse claims he suffered a concussion, permanent scars and headaches among other problems - more on this story

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Rock Band Gets Unplugged
PR reports: Harmonix and MTV Games today announced the full setlist for Rock Band Unplugged, the music videogame based on the award-winning Rock Band series of games, coming exclusively to the PSP system in North America and Europe on June 9, 2009.

Based on the award-winning Rock Band series of games, Rock Band Unplugged features 41 songs on-disc that encompass popular tracks from the Rock Band music library, as well as nine songs exclusive to Rock Band Unplugged for a limited time before becoming available as downloadable content on other console versions.

Staying true to the Rock Band franchise, the Rock Band Unplugged soundtrack spans all genres of rock, from punk and metal to alternative and classic rock. - more on this story

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Jane's Addiction Frontman Hospitalized After On Stage Injury
antiMusic reports: The show must go on. That's Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell's battle cry after suffering an on stage injury that required a visit to the hospital.

Farrell tore his calf muscle during the first song of the band's set at the Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlanta but he soldiered on to complete the set and is going against medical advise by continuing with scheduled tour dates, according to an Associated Press report.

Farrell was taken by ambulance to Atlanta Medical Center after Sunday's show and was ordered by doctors to stay off his leg for several days but he reportedly still plans to perform Tuesday night when the tour is schedule to hit Austin, Texas. - Read the AP report

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Paul Rodgers Done With Queen
MusicRadar reports: Paul Rodgers says he's "done" with Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor. In a reprint of a VH1 Classic Radio interview with the singer, printed on Brian May's official website, Rogers says: "We did a world tour, we did a second tour of Europe and the Far East and Eastern Europe and a studio album (The Cosmos Rocks) and I think we're kind of leaving it there gently."

He adds: "It's out there for us to do things in the future if there's something - a huge charity say like Nelson Mandela - but I think we are pretty much done."

Q+PR's only album was The Cosmos Rocks in 2008, though sales are known to be disappointing even though the band played live to just short of a million people. The band's latest release is a CD/DVD, titled Queen + Paul Rodgers Live In Ukraine, which is released on 15 June. - more on this story

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. 2009 News Rewind: April
Creed Reunite, Plan Tour and Album
FMQB reports: he heavily rumored Creed reunion has been officially confirmed, as all four original members are back together for a summer tour and new album.

Singer Scott Stapp, guitarist Mark Tremonti, drummer Scott Phillips and bassist Brian Marshall will hit the road starting August 6 in Pittsburgh and tour until October 14 in Nashville.

The reconciliation reportedly began last December when Stapp reached out to Tremonti and the two decided to patch things up. They soon met up with Phillips and Marshall (who left Creed in 2000), and everyone got on the same page - a lot more on this story

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Oops: Miley Cyrus Urged To Make Sex Tape
AP reports: Jamie Foxx has apologized to teen star Miley Cyrus for a radio routine in which he urged the 16-year-old to "make a sex tape and grow up."

When the incident was brought up on the "Tonight" show Tuesday, Foxx apologized and said: "I didn't mean it maliciously."

Foxx had started talking about Cyrus on his Sirius satellite radio show after someone brought up the singer's recent feud with Radiohead. Foxx said: "Who is Miley Cyrus? The one with all the gums? She needs to get a gum transplant!" - Read the excuse Foxx offered to Leno

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Jane's Addiction Reunion Marred By Feuds
Reuters reports: War has broken out among the original members of Jane's Addiction, who are gearing up for their first tour in almost 18 years. Singer Perry Farrell told Reuters that a mediation attempt by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, with whom Jane's Addiction will tour next month, was unsuccessful.

But despite the temper tantrums, Farrell is determined to keep Jane's Addiction together. He, guitarist Dave Navarro and drummer Steven Perkins have toured on and off over the years. Bassist Eric Avery is back in the lineup after declining to play with the band after it first broke up in 1991. His return appears to have changed the delicate chemistry.

"I'm not going to tell you it's been all smooches and hugs. But it shouldn't be because that would be a bore," Farrell said on the sidelines of the Coachella music festival, where he was scheduled to perform on Sunday. - more on this story

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Ozzfest To Return
Blabbermouth reports: Revolver TV has uploaded a short interview with Ozzy Osbourne conducted by Full Metal Jackie backstage at the first annual Epiphone Revolver Golden Gods Awards, which was held on April 7 at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles.

During the chat, Ozzy reveals that there are plans for Ozzfest to return in a "major" way in 2010 and also confirms reports that he is featured as a guest on the new solo album from Velvet Revolver/ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash.

[In other Ozzy related news] America's first-ever hard rock and heavy metal music award show will be broadcast on MTV2 as a one-hour special debuting Saturday, May 2. The ultimate evening of heavy music featured performances from Megadeth, Killswitch Engage, Hatebreed, All That Remains and Suicide Silence, along with a very special DJ set from Slipknot's Corey Taylor to kick off the event. The night ill culminated with rock legend Ozzy Osbourne being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. - more on this story

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Beyonce's Vocal Talent Called Into Question
Jam! reports: Beyonce's father/manager has lashed out at critics doubting the singer's vocal ability after an "altered" recording of the star screeching along to one of her hits was aired on radio.

The singer's "board mix" from a November performance on America's The Today Show was played by shock jock Howard Stern on Wednesday, and the audio quickly circulated the internet.

Fans were shocked to hear a voice purported to be Beyonce's screeching a rendition of her hit tune If I Were a Boy into the mic. But Mathew Knowles has slammed the singer's critics and insists the recording has been tampered with. - more on this story

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Tommy Lee Vs Tommy Lee
SleazeRoxx reports: Tommy Lee is waging war with an internet imposter posing as the drummer on a dating website. The Motley Crue rocker's picture has been posted on singles site MillionaireMatch.com with the username d33pthr0at.

His details are listed as, "Caucasian, drummer, 46, has kids, smokes and drinks regularly, travels a lot... and is rich as can be."


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The Beatles Catalog Gets Remastered Plus Rock Band Game Release Set
PR reports: Apple Corps Ltd. and EMI Music are delighted to announce the release of the original Beatles catalogue, which has been digitally re-mastered for the first time, for worldwide CD release on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 (9-9-09), the same date as the release of the widely anticipated "The Beatles: Rock Band" video game.

Each of the CDs is packaged with replicated original UK album art, including expanded booklets containing original and newly written liner notes and rare photos. For a limited period, each CD will also be embedded with a brief documentary film about the album. On the same date, two new Beatles boxed CD collections will also be released.

The albums have been re-mastered by a dedicated team of engineers at EMI's Abbey Road Studios in London over a four year period utilising state of the art recording technology alongside vintage studio equipment, carefully maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the original analogue recordings. The result of this painstaking process is the highest fidelity the catalogue has seen since its original release. - more on this story

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Bon Jovi Threaten Tribute Band
antiMusic reports: Tribute bands beware. Flattery may get you sued! Metal Underground has this tale of woe for a all female Bon Jovi tribute group: A legal letter from the law firm Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman to the girl group Blonde Jovi has surfaced and states, "It has recently come to our attention that your band is using the mark and name Blonde Jovi in connection with live musical performances; more specifically, a Bon Jovi tribute band.

Our investigation also uncovered that you are using BJP's "Heart and Dagger" Logo trademark prominently on your website. Unfortunately, and despite the fact that our client appreciates the reverence that your band pays tribute to Bon Jovi, as a tribute band, our client nevertheless is charged with the duty of enforcing its trademark rights. In this regard, BJP cannot allow your band to use the mark and name Blonde Jovi (or any other BJP trademarks), as such use creates a likelihood of confusion with our client, and capitalizes on the goodwill and reputation of its well-known marks."

Blonde Jovi posted a statement on their Myspace page about changing their name after receiving the letter: "Due to threatened legal action by Jon Bon Jovi's attorneys, we will be changing our name. The name Blonde Jersey is temporary, until we come up with a new one. If you have any name suggestions, please email us! Nothing containing Jovi, or anything similar to JOVI may be used so Blonde Giovi, Blonde Joe V, BLONDE JOVIE, are not options. Thanks for your support!... Too bad we didn't go with our original name idea of Boob Jovi!" - More news from Metal Underground

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Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson Team Up For Tour
Columbia Records reports: Bob Dylan has just announced an ambitious line-up for this year's summer concert tour. Along with fellow troubadour Willie Nelson, this summer The Bob Dylan Show will also feature John Mellencamp, marking just the second time in the past 24 years that these three performers have shared the concert stage.

Since first embarking on a tour of minor league baseball parks in 2004, over a half-million fans have come together to spend a night under the stars. With free admittance for children*, these tours draw a multi-generational fan base rarely seen on the concert circuit, causing one reporter to describe it as, "more like a backyard party than a rock concert." The Boston Globe ranked the tour amongst "the most relaxed, enjoyable shows of the year. "You Can't Beat Fun At The Old Ballpark," came a headline from the Chicago Sun Times. - more on this story

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Courtney Love Going To War Over Cobain's Cash
E! reports: Courtney Love's apparently in one heck of a financial hole, and that has her fighting mad. Her lawyer tells E! News that the "Doll Parts" purveyor is preparing to file a lawsuit "in the next 30 days" on behalf of herself and daughter Frances Bean Cobain against a slew of unspecified parties she claims "looted" millions of dollars from late husband Kurt Cobain's estate.

"Courtney's main interest is ensuring that her daughter gets the assets back that were stolen," says San Diego attorney Rhonda Holmes.

"Courtney is pursuing her rights on the criminal end against the people who stole, and her daughter and Kurt's estate are focusing on the financial aspect."

Plaintiffs will also include Cobain's mother, brother and two sisters, says Holmes. - The conspiracy plot deepens here

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Tragedy Hits Pennywise
Band Statement reports: Sadly, the Pennywise family has suffered another loss. On Sunday, April 5, 2009, Kristian Dragge, little brother of Pennywise lead guitarist Fletcher Dragge, tragically passed away at the young age of 39. He left behind his fiancée, Cindy Linn Groeneweg, and their 1-month old baby girl, Avery Nycole Dragge, as well as his mother Karen Dragge.

The following is from older brother Fletcher Dragge: My brother Kristian has been a member of the South Bay punk rock scene since 1980 and was at one time the guitar player in the infamous Smut Peddlers. He was a legend in the punk rock community and was well know for his hell-raising antics, along with his fierce loyalty to friends and family. He will be greatly missed by everyone. He has been a huge part of the Pennywise family since Day One.

I remember him helping me hang the carpet to soundproof the garage that we formed Pennywise in. I also remember him lugging our equipment from gig to gig, starting mosh pits, as well as the fight he got into the very first time Pennywise ever played live. It was a backyard party in Redondo Beach. - more on this story

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Rocker Sings Song Asking To Be Dropped By Crap Record Label
MusicRadar reports: While there are still tons of musicians who would kill to get a record deal, one artist wants off her label - so much so that she's written a little song about it. [once you hear what label it is you will understand].

Truth be told, Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls only wrote the words to Drop Me, which she dedicated to Roadrunner Records during a recent performance in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The music, as you'll recognize when you click on the link to the video, is none other than Moon River. [The lyrics are classic, you can watch the video and read the words - here]

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