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Full Report for 07/09/2009

Cornell Talks Soundgarden Plans
Rolling Stone reports: Last week, Chris Cornell told Rolling Stone that Soundgarden have been talking not about touring or recording, but about the band's legacy. "The only thing that we have talked about is trying to put together an album of B sides and maybe a box set with some unreleased tracks we have," Cornell says.

"This is something we first talked about 10 years ago. We all feel it's time to do that, and we have a lot of fans out there, and we have a lot of new fans discovering our music, and I think the catalog and the legacy of the band has been ignored by the record label and previous management, so we decided to get together, and start working towards putting something like that out."

Cornell was steadfast in his denial that a tour would be happening this time next year, adding that such talk has been nonexistent. His main Soundgarden-related focus? Getting those B sides out. "We did so many B sides, and we were always miffed by the concept that the largest part of our audience was in the U.S., and yet, we were always churning out B sides for other territories, so they would buy the local release instead of the import. That's what I am the most excited about, to get that collection out so every one knows its there and has access to it. I think a box set would be good, too."
- See how he feels about the possibility of a reunion

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Cops Refute Metal Guitarist's Shoot Out Story
Rock Radio reports: Rock news outlets have been reporting how Phil Fasciana of Malevolent Creation [claimed he]interrupted a store hold-up last week. The guitarist has said he was shot at four times before disarming the junkie perp and shooting him dead. But with no one to back him up, reporters have been asking whether it really happened. Rock Radio has the answer.

Rock Radio has spoken to Detective Mark Shotwell of Fort Lauderdale Police's homicide squad, who says he's been unable to find any evidence of such an event.

He explains: "This did not happen. Our last murder was on June 22 and Fasciana was not involved. I'm certain of this. Even if the death was a result of self-defense it would still be classed as a homicide and investigated as such."
- more on this story

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Metallica Announce Support for North American Tour
antiMusic reports: Metallica are returning to North America this Fall and today announced the support acts for the run. Here is their announcement:

While we are still enjoying our European summer vacation, a quick note here about the Fall shows in North America. Our French friends Gojira will be joining us, along with Lamb of God, for shows September 14 October 18, while Lars' brethren from Denmark Volbeat will hanging for the shows October 26 December 12.

One other quick thing unfortunately Lamb of God cannot continue on with us in December, so we'll have more news about those shows for you later. - dates

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All Time Low Takes Aim At Paramore, Fall Out Boy
MTV reports: All Time Low just released their new album, Nothing Personal. And MTV has this report: This is clearly a big moment not just for the band, who are looking to chuck the whole "haircut band" yoke they've been burdened with but for the "scene" too. Of course, if you ask ATL frontman Alex Gaskarth about either of those things, he'll give you the same response: The label that critics stick on his band and the very scene in which his band exists are mostly BS.

"We're one of the last bands who have had this much luck and success that have actually toured in vans. And I'm not trying to talk sh-- on anyone else, and however they get to where they are, that's awesome for them," he told MTV News. "But I think the days of the Paramores and the Fall Out Boys, I think it's sort of coming to an end. It will come back, for sure, but we definitely ground it out for a few years before we could even think about going up to a bus or playing in a room to more than 400 kids. ... I wish more bands could experience that."

And while he stops to point out that he and his bandmates are very much fans of both Paramore and Fall Out Boy, Gaskarth doesn't shy away from his notion that what made those bands successful namely, touring their collective behinds off, building a fanbase and playing together night in and night out has gone away for good. And both the music and the scene are suffering because of it. Case in point: the rise of squealing "crunk-core" acts like BrokeNCYDE.
- more on this story

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Rush: Guitar Hero
BW&BK reports: According to Rushisaband.com, Rush will be one of the featured artists on the next installment of the Guitar Hero music video game: Guitar Hero 5.

The track will be the live version of 'The Spirit Of Radio' from the Snakes & Arrows Live CD.

Guitar Hero 5 will be similar to its predecessor Guitar Hero World Tour in that it is geared towards playing in a four-person band experience, including lead and bass guitar, drums, and vocals - but it will also have some new features.
- more on this story

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The Cult Will No Longer Make Albums
Blabbermouth reports: Doug Pullen of ElPasoTimes.com recently conducted an interview with The Cult frontman Ian Astbury. A few excerpts from the chat follow. On the current state of rock music: "Rock 'n' roll now is pretty much in the garbage. It's barely alive. Everybody has taken from it. Nobody has given back. There are a very few who have given back. It's a very selfish occupation. A lot of people never really returned. That's why we have a lot of pastiche and we have a lot of artists who are never involved beyond their sophomore albums. It's a travesty."

"There will be no new album. I don't think we'll ever see a Cult album. Albums are dead. The format is dead. iTunes destroyed albums. The whole idea of an album. Albums were established in the '70s and '80s and into the '90s, but they've been dead for a long time. Nobody buys albums. It's been proven. It's an arcane format, as much as the 78 rpm or writing sheet music for an orchestra. It's an old form and, for me, it's much more about if we have a great song we really believe in, then we'll record it and release it."

"For me, the idea of making albums is dead. The idea of spending a year and a half in the studio arguing over agendas and trying to fit into a format that's settled before we started the creative process (is unappealing)." - Read More

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Crimson Glory Founder Dies- Ozzy's Other Woman Eaten By Coyote- Beck Interviews Tom Waits- Alice Cooper BBQ Sandwiches- The Get Up Kids Expand Tour and more
antiMusic reports: Crimson Glory had this sad news on Wednesday: "On July 8, 2009, founding member and original frontman Midnight passed away at 3:30am surrounded by family. The band is deeply saddened by the passing of their friend and brother. An official statement will be forthcoming later today or tomorrow." more

Ozzy Osbourne was in shock today after his favorite dog was eaten by a coyote. His daughter Kelly Posting on Twitter ":( my dad's dog Little Bit was eaten by a coyete (sic) last night in L.A. and he is devastated. She was his other women (sic)!" more

Beck has launched a new interview series on his website, which will feature regular conversations between musicians, artists and writers. The singer's first interview subject is legendary crooner Tom Waits more

Alice In Chains has unveiled the video for their new 7+ minute track "A Looking In View." The song is the first taste of their comeback record, Black Gives Way To Blue, due out September 29. Watch it here

The Get Up Kids have added another month of shows to their previously announced Fall reunion tour which includes a run through Europe and the UK in August and September, followed by shows in the US in September, October and November.more

Kasabian paid their respects to one of their fans who died in a car accident at the weekend by dedicating the gig to her. Jennifer John from London was driving to the band's Eden Project gig in Cornwall on Saturday (July 4) when the accident occured. Her passenger remains in intensive care. more

A new Arby's commercial for their new BBQ Bacon Cheddar Roastburger features the Alice Cooper classic 'School's Out' as the backing track.more

Matt Wicklund, formerly of Himsa is handling second guitar duties for God Forbid on the Mayhem tour. more

The debut episode of Parlour to Parlour features Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights is now live on Popdose. Check it out here

The reissue of Light This City's debut album, "The Hero Cycle," originally slated for August 18, has been pushed back to early 2010.

Jason Newsted will be the featured guest on this weekend's (July 10-12) edition of Full Metal Jackie's nationally syndicated radio show.more

Unearth will be filming several of their upcoming shows for a "future special release." more

New Jersey hardcore band Endeavor, who broke up roughly ten years ago, will play a reunion show at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ, with Lifetime headlining the event.more -

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(Hed)pe and Mushroomhead Team Up For Tour
PR reports: (Hed)pe and Mushroomhead are planning to hit the road this summer on a co-headlining tour.

"It will be nice to tour with Mushroomhead for the summer. I've always admired how they have stayed hardcore and underground," says (Hed)pe frontman Jahred. "We finally found a band that isn't afraid to tour with us. Our live show is so high energy that a lot of the time bands won't want to go out on tour with us, because they would have to follow our set. Mushroomhead put on an amazing live show and can go toe-to-toe with anyone. This tour is going to give fans the best bang for their buck this summer."

"We definitely admire what Hed(pe) has accomplished and that they have kept active in the scene over the years much like ourselves. It has been awhile since we co-headlined with another band and we are very excited to see what will come of this tour," states ST1TCH of Mushroomhead
- dates

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Danko Jones Return With Loud New Album
MSO reports: Danko Jones are ready to invade the U.S. with the release of Never Too Loud, their brand new studio album, out September 8 via Bad Taste Records/Caroline.

Hailing from Toronto, the group--Danko Jones (lead vocals/guitars), John Calabrese (bass), Dan Cornelius (drums)--teamed with Grammy award-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, Foo Fighters, Coheed & Cambria, Stone Sour, Velvet Revolver) and recorded Never Too Loud at Dave Grohl's Studio 606 in Los Angeles. Ted Jensen (Green Day, REM) came onboard for mastering duties. "We really wanted to step it up sonically on this album, and Nick was the perfect guy for that," explains Danko Jones, the band's lead singer and guitarist.

"There's something to be said for the bands that stick to the story, Motorhead, AC/DC, Slayer, The Ramones, they're the ones who have survived," he adds. "We know who we are, but we upped the ante and experimented with varied styles of hard rock on this album." - more on this story

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Dinosaur Jr. CD Recalled For Being Too Loud
antiMusic reports: If it's too loud, you're too old? That's how the old saying goes, so what does that mean for Dinosaur Jr. who had this bit of bad news for fans:

Dear Dinosaur Jr. Fans, Please note that on the European CD version of the Farm album there is an audio problem. This occurred while duplicating the original master in a duplication studio.

The problem occurred when the duplicate was produced, as the software program used for this duplication 'doubled' the sound layers. This resulted in a 3dB increase in the overall sound volume. - exchange details here

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From Misfit to Undead Monster
Blabbermouth reports: Former Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele has returned with "I Made A Monster", the new EP from his long-running band The Undead.

The group's first domestic release in nine years, "I Made A Monster" includes three songs, including a cover of "I Go Ape" by The Rockin' Vicers, the band best known for introducing Motorhead's infamous Lemmy Kilmister to the world. All three of the EP's tracks feature Steele on vocals, guitar and bass with help from drummer and long-time collaborator Joel Gausten (Pigface, Electric Frankenstein).

The seven-inch EP is available in black, blue, red, yellow, white, "swamp green" and special limited-edition, glow-in-the-dark vinyl. All copies are packaged in a special Mad magazine-style fold-in cover.
- more on this story

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Singled Out: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
antiMusic reports: Welcome to Singled Out! where we ask artists to tell us the inside story of their latest single. Today Edward Sharpe from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros tells us about the video for "Desert Song" from his brand new album "Up From Below". We now turn it over to Edward for the story:

This is PART 1 of a 12-Part feature-length movie musical based loosely on my life experience. Part 1: Desert Song is about my reckoning with the middle name my father secretly wrote on my birth certificate - a Native American name which means 'Devil' or 'Demon'. The 'vision' the young me has occurred in Monument Valley in 1986 with my father - while trying to find Haley's Comet with a telescope. The face in the Moon bellowed in another language - native American, it seemed - and terribly powerful and seemingly cruel, mocking, I eventually passed out from exhaustion, my father having to pin me to the ground. Ever since I have felt that the vision and my name are connected...

In seeking answers from my father regarding both the name and the vision, I have come up with only the most vague of replies, as if he hardly remembers any of it... The killing of the father, the planter of mystery and the king of the family - is my moving beyond him in my search for truth. The opening footage is of my father chanting in Monument Valley - shot by my mother.

Now that you know the story, check out the video
- right here!

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