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Punk and Metal Vets Team Up For A New Kind Of Sound
PR reports: You may not expect classic mod/garage/soul rock from a group of music vets who are more used to metal, thrash and punk than a tight groove, but that's just what you get with The Hi-Nobles, who present their debut album Shake on Sept 15, 2009 via Zaentz Records.

The Hi-Nobles are comprised of former Mordred lead singer Scott Holderby, who's traded his snarl for a howl more out of New Orleans than his San Fran home-base, Avengers guitarist Greg Ingraham, Jeff Hashfield on organ, Henry Austin on bass and Guy Alvarez on drums. Hard to imagine what would bring a group like this together, but the combination of craig's-list ads, alcohol and the quest for something different is not only logical but spot on accurate.

"The Hi-Nobles gives me a chance to shape an up-and-coming group. It's something that hasn't happened in nearly three decades," states Ingraham. "It's nice to be back in the studio, and get back out on the road with something really cool and new. " - more on this story

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Jet Create Real Horrorshow Label For New Release
PR reports: Jet, the Australian rockers will release their [overused cliche removed] Shaka Rock on August 25 on their newly created Real Horrorshow Records through the Five Seven Music imprint with distribution and services through EMI Label Services in the US, UK and Canada and by EMI in the rest of the world under license.

This global priority will feature a worldwide coordinated plan of converging marketing, touring, publicity promotion, sales, distribution and other support from EMI and Five Seven Music. This move reunites the band with EMI and key members of the team that originally broke them out of Australia in 2003.

After four million albums sold worldwide and four Top Ten Modern Rock and Rock hits (including the #1 "Cold Hard Bitch"), the authentic Australian rockers have returned to form with an album that parallels their smash, Get Born, which produced hits like "Are Your Gonna Be My Girl" and "Cold Hard Bitch." - more on this story

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Sister Hazel Set Release
PR reports: Sister Hazel, the Gainesville, Florida, rock five-piece, will be releasing their new studio album, "Release," on August 18, 2009 on Rock Ridge Music.

The album, which is their seventh disc of original material, boasts twelve tracks and came together through a unique process for a studio album of original material by the band – one that worked for them in the past: each band member wrote and brought several songs into the mix and then saw the songs all the way through – from writing to recording to producing. Each member ended up with at least two of his own tunes among the disc's twelve tracks, with Drew Copeland (guitars, vocals) and Ryan Newell (guitars) both nabbing three cuts.

"Everyone had written their songs and said, 'These are the ones I believe in,'" says bassist Jett Beres. "Those were the songs we recorded and put on the album." "Because of the way we completed this album," adds lead singer Ken Block, "we were able to tap into a lot of different things sonically, vibe-wise, and thematically." Copeland concurs: "Ken has always been our main songwriter. It was nice this go-around to take this off of his back, because all five of us have grown as writers, and we were able to really contribute on the songwriting front. It really makes a diverse record."
- more on this story

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Paris Keeling Revisited CD Features Hard Rock Allstars
PR reports: Serge Entertainment Group has revived its label division Surgeland Records to release the upcoming Paris Keeling CD "End of Ride Revisited". The CD will feature songs previously released on the 2006 Paris Keeling CD "End of Ride" along with bonus tracks and remixes.

The CD contains the renowned vocal talents of Kelly Keeling (Baton Rouge, Michael Schenker Group, Blue Murder, Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus, King Kobra, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, O'2L) and guitarist Marty Paris (The Marty Paris Band, Permanent Reverse) along with several celebrity musicians. The collaboration between Paris and Keeling began several years ago with the culmination of their songwriting styles blossoming into melodic rock political and relationship-based songs.

Additional celebrity musicians who perform on the CD include Carmine Appice, George Lynch, Don Dokken, Al Pitrelli, Erik Norlander, Rick van Benschoten, Matt Goeke, Gintas Janusonis, Nate Howell, and The Aevia Trio featuring Diane Cox, Maud Kelley, and Juli Roach. - more on this story

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Synastry Soph Preview
PR reports: Montreal based death metal quartet Synastry have posted the new songs "Dividing The Double Helix" and "Dead To Me" from their sophomore album "Our Memetic Imprints" on their Myspace page.

The album was recorded in Montreal with producer JF Dagenais from Kataklysm and is expected to surface in late 2009.

"The new album 'Our Memetic Imprints' brings to the table what Synastry has been about since we started: intense, intricate music that carries a message home and isn't filled with the same shallow pretenses that modern music seems to be brimming with these days," says front man Jimmy Anastasopoulos. "Musically, vocally and lyrically, we have grown as a band, and life on the road has been a great part of that growth." - Myspace link

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Hall and Parachute At Daryl's House
PR reports: Marking the 20th episode of his critically acclaimed online series Live From Daryl's House, Daryl Hall invited Mercury Records rockers (and longtime Daryl Hall and John Oates fans) Parachute to join him, in a brand-new installment which debuts June 15, where it can be seen along with archived footage of past episodes.

The Charlottesville, VA-based band recently climbed to #1 on the iTunes album charts with their debut, Losing Sleep, and hit single, "She Is Love," one of seven songs the five-piece band performed with Daryl Hall for the show. "She Is Love" was also featured in the national television advertising campaign for Nivea Body's Smooth Sensations, while the group has had its music spotlighted on such shows as 90210 and One Tree Hill, with a recent performance on the CBS Early Show.

Will Anderson, the group's vocalist/guitarist and piano player, was thrilled by the experience. "Getting to do Live From Daryl's House was amazing," he enthused. "We had an absolute blast singing some of the Daryl Hall and John Oates songs I grew up listening to and hope we'll get to jam with Daryl and the guys again soon!" - watch here

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BLK JKS Sets Release
PR reports: BLK JKS' [overused cliche removed] full-length debut After Robots will be released September 8 on Secretly Canadian. Following the March release of their MYSTERY EP and return appearance at South by Southwest, South Africa's BLK JKS are receiving critical praise from The New York Times, SPIN, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, LA Weekly, Time Out New York, New York Daily News and Under the Radar, among others.

Amidst all this critical praise the essence of BLK JKS' music—a collision of township blues, fringe jazz and renegade dub, heard via the lens of prog—shines through. Music from Africa has never sounded like this, as BLK JKS bring the concept of afro-futurism into a new century.

After Robots was recorded January in Bloomington, IN as BLK JKS traded a South African summer for winter in America and burrowed in for marathon recording sessions of one live take after the next. Brandon Curtis of Secret Machines returned to join the band at the controls and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble appears on several tracks with the swagger of aggressive horn stabs, but throughout After Robots is an original BLK JKS affair—a distinctly South African vision of rock's global travel and the possibility of what it can sound like from here on out. - more on this story


Portugal. The Man Teasing Fans With Videos
HER reports: Portugal. The Man is posting a series of video trailers previewing songs from their upcoming album, The Satanic Satanist, due out July 21.

Each trailer is short - 30-45-seconds - and the first one, for the new track "The Sun,"is now available; a new trailer will post every day this week. You can download the trailers to iTunes, or your iPhone and iPod, as well as embed them on your site or share them with your friends. These "video vignettes" were made by the band, and you can check them out here

Portugal. The Man kicked off their North American tour last week and will be playing Bonnaroo this Thursday and Friday - the band's first-ever major festival. - more on this story

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Wylef and Nick Cannon Parody The Kanye West Autotune Trend
PR reports: Wylef and Nick Cannon have released a song which is a parody of the current craze sweeping the music world, Autotune [think Kanye West].

But don't get it twisted Autotune might get you a hit single for the moment but it can never substitute for raw talent.

You can listen here and find the lyrics below so everyone can sing-a-long in a Kanyeoke Party!
- more on this story

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. Lamb of God - Wrath
Beneath the depravity lays a calculating, animalistic intelligence, all the more impressive for its newfound maturity. Put simply, Wrath is a knockout haymaker delivered by a band at the top of its game. Get this now. - Read the full Lamb of God - Wrath review

. Soraia: The Real Thing
In the lower depths of the Elbo Room in Chicago, Soraia singer Sue Mansou sways her body like Gwen Stefani, howls like Janis Joplin and has a rock n roll attitude thats akin to Joan Jett. Her every move is watched with pensive and penetrating eyes from the audience. - Read the full Soraia: The Real Thing review

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