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Full Report for 06/15/2009

Only Fools Still Buy Music?
Rock Radio reports: Duff McKagan believes his side-project band has more chance of success in Europe and Japan, because US fans don't give the music a chance. And he's hoping the kind of people who saw them at Download last night will help turn Sick - the new album by Duff McKagan's Loaded - into an underground hit.

He tells Noisecreep: "I think people from the States don't look at this as valid. They're like, 'Oh really? So and so from this band thinks he can put out his own record and we'll come see him play? Ain't gonna happen'.... They don't really give music a chance - but we're going to try our best."

McKagan, who has a Harvard business education, has decided to stick to a business model which doesn't include a major label. He says: "There's not a lot of pressure like you get from a major. Major labels are becoming a thing of the past. "Nobody sells records like Guns n'Roses did in the 80s or 90s. It's not the business any more. People get their music for free off the internet. Anybody who spends too much money on a record these days... that's fool's money spent." - more on this story

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Bright Eyes, My Morning Jacket Members Team With M. Ward in Monsters of Folk
PR reports: Monsters of Folk, comprised of Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis, My Morning Jacket's Jim James and singer/songwriter M.Ward, will be releasing their first collaborative album on September 22nd.

The self-titled effort was recorded in Malibu, CA and Omaha, NE, and produced by Mike Mogis. Although these critically acclaimed artists have shared the stage before, this album marks their first recorded output as a band. The record will be released in North America on Shangri-La Music, and internationally on Rough Trade (UK/Europe), Spunk Records (Australia/New Zealand) and P-Vine Records (Japan).

Monsters of Folk began as folklore of sorts, when James, Oberst, Ward and Mogis did their first run of shows together in 2004. - more on this story

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Weezer, The Eagles and More Go a.p.e.
PR reports: It was announced today that channels from multi-platinum, Grammy-winning hit-makers the Eagles, Christina Aguilera and Weezer will launch a.p.e. (artist personal experience) radio as it hits the virtual airwaves in July. In the coming months, many developing artists, as well as more of the brightest stars in music, will produce and host their own respective channels to be available on hundreds of internet radio and digital outlets.

a.p.e. radio, a Clear Channel and Front Line Management joint venture, will be distributedape screenshot across Clear Channel Radio's digital network, "iheartradio," and integrated across each specific artist's website. These artist-hosted channels will allow performers to build upon their long-standing successes in traditional media, while taking a new step in digital content development and distribution. The artist/host will choose the music, and create exclusive content --including personal commentary, opinions and anecdotes-- to foster a deeper connection with their audience. In addition to maintaining creative control, artists will share in the profits.

"At their core, artists tell stories," said Evan Harrison, President of Clear Channel's Digital Division, and CEO of a.p.e. radio. "a.p.e. radio will be an additional creative platform to connect with fans and further that storytelling, while ultimately exposing fans to new music."
- more on this story

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Ace Enders Addresses Early November Reunion Rumor
PR reports: Ace Enders responds to an internet rumor that circulated recently regarding his former band, The Early November, reuniting: "It seems like most of you understand now that Jeff's comment last week about the band getting back together wasn't true, but the responses I've seen got me thinking. I appreciate how so many of you still care about the band. It's really touching and I feel the same way that a lot of you do about the whole thing.

So I have an idea. I'm going to be combining the old with the new from now on. Serg and I will be on tour this summer playing a couple old TEN songs, I Can Make a Mess songs, and new AMDP songs full band with Jason and Will from A Million Different People.

It'll be a little different, but I started The Early November with an acoustic guitar, recording songs by myself in my parents' basement when I was 18. It's almost ten years later and I'm still doing everything the same as I've always done it, just with different people, and not in my parents' basement. - more on this story

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Alice Cooper Has Horror Collection Scare
PR reports: Alice Cooper, en route to a series of tour dates in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium and Cyprus (the guy really gets around!), had a close call after landing at London's Heathrow Airport earlier this week. He had stopped over to lend his support to the Samuel L. Jackson Foundation on behalf of numerous charities including AIDS institutes, orphanages, the Breast Cancer Campaign, Red Cross, Save The Children in a fund raising golf tournament held at the London Golf Club. Alice was, of course, a team captain.

When Alice arrived at his London hotel from the airport, he realized that his carry-on bag containing a laptop and a significant stash of obscure horror films on DVD was missing. He had brought them over on the theory that, outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, English language TV programming and movie theater options would be limited. He dispatched a crew member back to the airport but the British Airport Authority said they had no report of the missing bag having been turned in.

Alice put out a call for the return of the computer and the DVDs -- the films were more important to him as he pretty much uses the computer just as a playback deck. The story ended happily a day later when the British Airways press office caught wind of the lost bag from a notice Posted by the UK Press Association. An all-points bulletin was issued for Terminal 5 where Alice's flight from Phoenix had landed and the bag was discovered in a holding area; as it had no ID tags on it, staffers had no idea what to do with it. It matched the description in the press release and Alice was re-united successfully with the bag and his precious horror flicks. - more on this story

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California '66 Revue tour
conqueroo reports: Three of the premiere bands of the Los Angeles psychedelic era of the late '60s will join forces August 4-18 for the California '66 Revue tour. The Electric Prunes, Love and Sky "Sunlight" Saxon of the Seeds will bring the spirit of Sunset Strip in the late '60s up the East Coast and into Canada and the Midwest.

"This is an idea that James Lowe and Mark Tulin of the Electric Prunes had — to gather three influential '60s bands from the Los Angeles area together to create the excitement that was the L.A. music scene in 1966," says tour promoter Patrick Hand. "When L.A. veterans Sky Saxon and Love signed on, California '66 was on the road. I've come to think that 1966 was really the year that rock music peaked, before the excesses of stadium venues and art rock, and these musicians were a big part of that."

The current incarnation of Love is led by original guitarist Johnny Echols, lead guitarist in the classic 1966-68 lineup, and will be backed by Baby Lemonade, the latter-day psychedelic L.A. band that accompanied Love founding member Arthur Lee from 1993 until his 2005 death. Sky Saxon brings his trippy vocal presentation that gave the world "Pushin' Too Hard," "Can't Seem to Make You Mine" and more. The Electric Prunes continue to be fronted by original members James Lowe (vocals) and Mark Tulin (bass).
- more on this story

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Driving While Pete Doherty Bust- Gene Simmons Slams Santana- Purple Pain for Prince- Reznor Ditches Social Networks- Faith No More Webcast- and more
antiMusic reports: British police have charged singer Pete Doherty with drunk driving, drug possession and driving without a valid license or insurance Thursday.more

KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons had harsh words for Carlos Santana during a Thursday morning (June 11) interview on FOX5 News: Live In Las Vegas. When asked about plans for an upcoming KISS album, Simmons talked of plans for a new tour and, out of nowhere, took a swipe at Hard Rock headliner Santana. "It's time for us to go out and show the little boys how the big boys do it," the 59-year-old said. "I'm sick and tired of these bands like Carlos Santana looking at his shoes and thinking that's a rock concert." more

Trent Reznor is taking a break from social networking. As one of the more prolific users of Twitter, blogs and other social networking constructs, Reznor, in his latest post laments the degradation of the experience by spammers and trollersmore

Eagles, Weezer, Aguilera To Launch 24-Hour Online Radio Shows Clear Channel Radio and Front Line Management are creating artist personal experience (a.p.e.) radio, a stand-alone company that will allow musicians to produce their own online radio shows, Billboard can exclusively reveal.details

Police in Tennessee seized 500 peanut butter cups laced with hallucinogenic mushrooms that were intended to be sold at this weekend's Bonnaroo Festival.more

Faith No More have agreed to broadcast their Download set live from Donington on Downloadfestival.co.uk. That means that the band's first gig since reforming after an 11-year hiatus will be shown across the world via the Webcast more

Oasis will re-issue their entire catalog on vinyl later this year through the band's own Big Brother Recordings.more

The Slits are gearing up to release their first new full-length album in more than 25 years.more

Prince is reportedly walking around with bejeweled cane because he is in need of double hip replacement surgery but refuses to undergo the procedure for religious reasons more. In other Prince news, Spin magazine is going crazy with its July issue, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Prince's "Purple Rain" with a comprehensive oral history of the film and album and a free downloadable tribute that features nine bands doing song-for-song covers of the record's classic tracks.more

Shadows Fall will be holding an exclusive performance at J&R Music World in New York City, NY on June 19. The band will also be available post-set for a Meet-And-Greet. This is a free event, and it starts at 6PM, so be sure to get there early! J&R Music World - 23 Park Row 1st Floor, NY, NY

Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister and Phil Campbell of Motorhead joined Twisted Sister on stage at the Sweden Rock festival in Sölvesborg, Sweden on June 4, 2009 to perform a cover version of the Rolling Stones classic "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It)".watch the video

The Misfits have announced a run of shows set to kick off on August 7 in Milwaukee, WI.more

Fear Before, Oceana, Memphis May Fire, and Of Machines will be touring together this summer.more

Death Angel is preparing to embark on their summer tour, which starts on June 14 where they headline the 32nd Annual Haight Street Fair. They'll also be part of the European 'Summer Madness' Tour with Kataklysm and Keep of Kalessin more

Slayer has been confirmed to headline both the Wacken Rocks South and Wacken Rocks Seaside festivals.more

Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green is to play his first UK show in over four years at this year's Cornbury Festival, it has just been announced.more

Rihanna has been served with a subpoena to testify against former boyfriend Chris Brown after he allegedly assaulted hermore

The Casualties have set a release date for what will be their eighth album, We Are All We Have. The record is due out August 25, 2009 and the band's drummer Mark Eggers commented on the sound here

Kiss of Death Records has announced plans to release a split 7" featuring Bomb the Music Industry! and Laura Stevenson and The Cans. Each side will feature one original and one cover of the other band on the split, and the 7" is due out sometime in July. You can click Read More for the track listing.more

Nathen Maxwell of Flogging Molly has announced his first solo album. The record is titled White Rabbit and is due out August 18, 2009.more

Find out why Mojo Magazine can't be taken seriously right here - more News Quicks

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Singled Out: Mile Marker Zero
antiMusic reports: Welcome to Singled Out! where we ask artists to tell us the inside story of their latest single. Today Mark Focarile from prog rockers Mile Marker Zero tells us about "The Reaping Tide" from their brand new self-titled album. We now turn it over to Mark for the story:

Dave first brought the opening riff into rehearsal and we immediately started jamming on it to try out different feels and permutations. Rather than write the whole song at once, Dave likes to write a lot of little bits and then expand on them with the whole band. He gets an idea in his head of where he might want the song to go, but leaves it open to everyone's input.

We were going for a Tool vibe in the first verse so I wrote a real minimalist keyboard part and Doug layed down some Danny Carey-esque tribal drums. The vocals floated nicely over everything as we built up to the frantic transition to the chorus. We also wanted to throw the listener for a loop by slipping in a small key change in the chorus.

We always treat our verses differently, and we were able to use the frantic transition riff as the main section of the second verse where John and I play intertwining guitar/key duet. In rehearsal, Dave first tried the long high note before the bridge, in a funny, Bruce Dickinson epic kind of way. We tend to come up with ridiculous working titles for our songs, and we called this one "Pumpin Iron Dave" combining Dave's Iron Maiden moment with his love for lifting weights.

After playing around with different rhythms and feels, we wanted to really slam through a heavy bridge section and propel the song into its second half. We had a really cool sequence at the end where we layered the first verse keyboard part over several key changes and we couldn't find a good ending. We tried a bunch of things, but nothing seemed to work. About a week before we headed into the studio, we still didn't have an ending. By chance, we were hanging out in Dave's bedroom, when we tried the chord progression from the first verse on a really huge string sound. It sounded amazing, and we knew we finally had an ending.

The lyrics deal with a lot of the uncertainties going on in the world right now, and fit perfectly with the roller coaster ride of emotions within the song. It has a real apocalyptic sound, which is what inspired the title "The Reaping Tide".

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album
- right here!

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The Beatles Rare And Unseen
PR reports: MVD Visual and Wienerworld are pleased to announce the release of The Beatles - Rare And Unseen: Unofficial Account Of The Biggest Band In The World for North American distribution on July 14, 2009.

This is an all new documentary special tells the true story of The Beatles from humble beginnings in Liverpool, to the break-up of the biggest band in the world. Their story is told for the very first time using original rare film and video of the band, including home-movies, concert footage, newsreels and photographs from private collections.

There are also interviews with those who surrounded the band, and those who were there from the very start. Also included is an exclusive interview with fan and star in his own right, Phil Collins. This documentary is an honest account of what really happened.
- more on this story

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Unholy Slob Tour
PR reports: The Syracuse, NY based metal act Unholy recently completed a full US tour alongside Earth Crisis and Walls of Jericho in support of their new Prosthetic Records release New Life Behind Closed Eyes.

Guitarist Jonathan Dennison comments about the recent tour with Earth Crisis and Walls of Jericho; "The tour was ----ing awesome! Our new songs went over really well live and it's been great meeting our fans and making new ones. We are very thankful for everyone's support."

Unholy is now set to tour with Evergreen Terrace, The Acacia Strain, and Cruel Hand as a part of the Summer Slob Tour, which kicks off on July 17th in Pennsylvania. Check out Unholy's new release New Life Behind Closed Eyes and don't forget to catch the raw intensity and blistering live set that Unholy delivers when they hit a town near you.
- dates

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Behemoth Part Time Slaughter
Metal Blade reports: Behemoth have just been confirmed to be the special guest headliner for 2009's edition of The Summer Slaughter Tour for three dates.

This year's lineup consists of: Necrophagist, Suffocation, Ensiferum, Darkest Hour, Winds Of Plague, Dying Fetus, Born Of Osiris, Origin, Beneath The Massacre, After The Burial, Decrepit Birth & Blackguard.

The tour kicks off this Friday June 5th in Baltimore, MD. Behemoth Will be special guests at these dates: 07/05 Edmonton, AB Starlite Room - 07/06 Calgary, AB The Whiskey - 07/07 Spokane, WA Knitting Factory

- http://www.summerslaughter.com

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And You Thought Only Rappers Use Silly Names
PR reports: Aretha Franklin. Tina Turner. Etta James. Linda Rodney! Linda, who performs under the name of Chocolate Thunder, is determined to reach the success levels of these blues, rock, jazz, and R&B divas, and with her amazing voice and dynamic stage presence, her destiny is written in the stars.

On Thursday June 25th, the thunder will roar as diva Linda Rodney aka Chocolate Thunder brings her blues, jazz and r&b/beach music to the masses with her new CD release "Ear Candy". Featuring 12 new songs produced by Franklin Wilkie (The Marshall Tucker Band), Chocolate Thunder delivers her music with delectable soulful flavor to everyone's delight.

Born and living in Greenville, South Carolina, Linda traveled the paths in her music career through the "College of Hard Knocks". "That is why I sing the blues," she affirms. At a very young age, Linda was immersed in the music her parents, grandparents, other relatives, and friends listened to, ranging from Patti LaBelle and Shirley Cesar to Muddy Waters and the Grand Dame of rockin' soul Aretha Franklin. The church mentored the young Linda while she polished her vocal prowess singing with the children's choir, and wowed church parishioners with her powerful and mature vocal capabilities. - more on this story

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Memphis May Fire Is Coming
PR reports: Memphis May Fire's debut full length CD "Sleepwalking" produced by Casey Bates (Chiodos, A Skylit Drive) will hit the street July 21. Look for nonstop touring kicking off July 9 in support of new CD

Barely a year ago Memphis May Fire undertook the daunting task of finding a new singer and regaining that southern rock soul that had driven their aggressive brand of rock-n-roll. The wait is over, and they mean it when they say they're here to stay.

Like minded in their music and their message and armed with their powerful new singer Matt Mullins, the boys finished their expectation-shattering new full length record "Sleepwalking", and picked up some help in the rhythm section along the way with new bassist Cory Elder. The team of Mullins and guitarist Kellen McGregor proved to be worth the wait, for "Sleepwalking" not only turns heads with every song, but presents an honest message of hope and truth, something often lost in the sea of bands today. Singer Matt Mullins describes "Sleepwalking" as "... a new breed of rock-n-roll. We wanted to have an honest lyrical message but also tell people that there is still hope in this crazy world, and that there is more than just the here and now. Our fans will notice that music wise, its much more aggressive guitar work and noticeably more melodic, but still retains that southern swagger. We are very proud of this record and we are sure both old and new fans will love it."
- more on this story

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The Low Anthem Summer Tour
PR reports: Rhode Island-based trio The Low Anthem have mapped out their summer touring schedule in support of their Nonesuch Records debut, Oh My God, Charlie Darwin, out this week!

The band's celebrated independent release now has an updated track sequence and packaging for its Nonesuch release, and has been remastered by Gateway's Bob Ludwig.

With three performances in three days at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival this week and a headlining gig at New York City's Bowery Ballroom on Monday, June 15 (Tickets are $13/$15 dos), The Low Anthem have set the stage for an impressive Summer 2009. - more on this story

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Adrina Thorpe Going Soph
PR reports: Adrina Thorpe: The Southern California singer/songwriter/pianist's sophomore album, Halflight And Shadows (due out June 30 on Bravelight Records), will lead you from dark to light on the quest for a beautiful life. Her style reflects the softer side of music, with a haunting voice and a delicate touch at the piano.

As the songs on Halflight And Shadows were collected over the course of a few years writing, concepts of light & dark; day & night; shadows & starlight; midnight & sunlight emerged, weaving in and out of the lyrics. It gradually became evident that this was a thematic album, and the songs are ordered to progress from dark to light. The album deals with the quintessential struggles of life in a world where there is no light without dark, no joy without pain. Songs like "Coming Home," "Kiss the Day" and "Heal" deal with learning to appreciate what you have and focusing on the lovely even in the darkest and most painful of times, whereas songs like "Everything Changes," "Domino" and "Walk" deal with directly rejecting the lies that hold people captive in the fight for freedom. They're ordered progressively with a hidden "character" who journeys from the darkest brokenness to becoming transformed and swept away by beauty.

"Emptiness inspires me," explains Thorpe. "Silence beckons me, thrills me, fills me with ideas. I love to write. It's a passion I've had since I was very little. Melodies are all little miracles, and the perfect arrangements are like discovering heaven. I hope I can contribute beauty to the silence in the air. It's such an ache...to create something truly beautiful...you have no idea how many little melodies have flitted from my mind onto the same tape player I've had since I was hardly ten years old. Even though I've had the opportunity to work with several top notch producers, that beat up little tape recorder always ends up being more convenient at the moment of inspiration." - more on this story

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Haley Dreis Sets Release
PR reports: Imagine a female John Mayer with the folk flavor of Sarah McLachlan and a taste of Sara Bareilles. At just 19-years old, singer-songwriter Haley Dreis is capturing these influences and designing intelligently crafted pop songs which merit far beyond her years.

The pop/folk/rock singer-songwriter will be releasing advanced copies of her debut album, Beautiful To Me, at the Bitter End in NYC on June 21 at 9:30 p.m. The album will be independently released on CDBaby.com June 29 and will hit iTunes and other online digital distributors July 20.

10% of the album proceeds will go to the Sierra Club and the North Carolina School of the Arts, her alma mater. "I love music and I think it's even more meaningful when that message is carried through to something that will make a difference in everyone's life as well," Dreis said.
- more on this story

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Sally Shapiro's Guilty Pleasures in August
PR reports: Sally Shapiro and Paper Bag Records are excited to announce the release and track listing for Sally's anticipated follow-up to Disco Romance, titled My Guilty Pleasure, coming out on August 25, 2009.

The album is described by Sally and producer Johan Agebjörn as "a bit more poppy and varied" than the debut, taking influences from genres like trance, cosmic disco, acid, ambient and jazz while still having 80's disco as its base, and definitely keeping the romantic feel of Disco Romance. "It will hopefully make you fall in love with the person sitting next to you on the bus," says Sally.

Sally will first be releasing her single, "Miracle," on Paper Bag Records in North America on June 16th. "Miracle" is written and produced by Johan Agebjörn and Roger Gunnarsson, and includes a remix by up-and-coming Bulgarian producer Bogdan Irkük. My Guilty Pleasure features a variety of contributors, including Gunnarsson, Swedish italo-disco duo Cloetta Paris, and German nu-disco producer Tensnake, who remixed Sally's "I'll Be By Your Side" into a European club hit. - more on this story

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. Nightwish - Made in Hong Kong (And in Various Other Places)
To say that this music is pretty is not only a compliment but it is probably also the reason why Nightwish has achieved mainstream success in Europe- without Olzon (or Tarja before her) this music would not resonate with the masses. (4 stars) - Read the full Nightwish - Made in Hong Kong (And in Various Other Places) review

. Orthodox - Amanecer en Puerta Oscura
Somber and deliberate, Amanecer en Puerta Oscura is a rich, rewarding album for those willing to tread off the beaten path. Much like the religious iconography the band so often employs, diving into this record takes a certain amount of faith. - Read the full Orthodox - Amanecer en Puerta Oscura review

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