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Full Report for 06/16/2009

Curtains for NIN? Reznor Announces End of Nine Inch Nails
exclaim.ca reports: There must be something in the bong water down in Tennessee, as the announcement of retirement is becoming a yearly tradition at the annual Bonnaroo Festival. Last year, it was M.I.A. who announced her short-lived retirement from music. This year, Nine Inch Nails front-man Trent Reznor has decided to call it quits.

As the Associated Press is reporting, the outspoken alterna-forefather opened up during his set on Saturday night. "It just dawned on me that this is our last show ever in the United States," he said. "Don't be sad. I'll keep going. But I think I'm going to lose my... mind if I keep doing this, and I have to stop."

Reznor recently hinting in a fan interview that Nine Inch Nails would soon quit playing live, citing his own mental health and to "make Nine Inch Nails a precious thing." - more including video

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Ace Frehley Finishes New Album
antiMusic reports: Ace Frehley has announced the track listing for his forthcoming CD release Anomaly. Anomaly release date to be announced shortly

Here is the message from Ace: Earth People!!! How are you?......I'm happy to say that my new album "Anomaly" is finished! Mixed, mastered... Done!!......... It clocks in as one full hour of new music.........

I'm waiting for my distribution company to get me solid release dates that we can decide on. I want "Anomaly" to be available to you in every store around the world that sells cds these days (and that number is shrinking). Digitally, "Anomaly" will be available on iTunes (with an exclusive bonus, album only track!!). Believe me, as soon as we decide on the release date.....you'll be the first to know. But for now, here's the "official" track listing for "Anomaly"........Talk to you soon.......
- tracklisting

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Metallica Tour Date Shuffle
antiMusic reports: Metallica posted the following update on their official site: For all of our friends with tickets to the sold-out show in Ottawa on October 29, we hope that date is on your calendar in pencil! We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but that show has changed dates and we will now be at Scotiabank Place five days later on November 3.

Of course, your tickets will be good then, and if you cannot join us on the new date, you may return your tickets to the place you purchased them for a full refund. And for your trouble, everyone who attends the show on November 3 will receive a voucher for a free mp3 of this show that can be redeemed at LiveMetallica.com.

We're happy to report that it has nothing to do with oysters, but can only tell you right now that the date change is due to a scheduling conflict with a very cool event coming up around that time. We wanted to let you know about the new date in Ottawa [as soon as possible], but we've been sworn to secrecy on all other fronts, so check back here... more details in mid-to-late July. - more on this story

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Pixies Collectors Set Expanded
HER reports: Minotaur, the definitive Pixies' Collector's Sets, was already an extraordinary package when it was first announced, but with more content added, it's even better.

Now, weighing in at about 25-pounds with a custom clamshell container that resembles the Monolith from the classic film "2001: A Space Odyssey," new additions to the Limited Edition include Blu-ray and DVD discs that are mastered for 5.1 audio surround sound at 24/192 and 24/96, respectively, and two-channel stereo; five, 12-inch albums cut from the original analog tapes and pressed on 180-gram virgin vnyl; a faux fur hardcover 96-page fine art book of Oliver and Larbalestier's project artwork printed on high-quality paper that measures 22 X 14", and two frameable, 48" X 36", double-sided, fold-out, four color wall posters. In addition, all 3000 copies of the Limited Edition sets will be individually numbered and hand-signed by all four members of the Pixies and Vaughan Oliver.

Minotaur's Limited Edition already includes all five of the Pixies' studio albums on 24k gold-plated CDs and Blu-ray discs, a DVD and Blu-ray of the band's previously unreleased 1991 performance at London's Brixton Academy, all of the group's videos, a 54-page book of brand new art created by the award-winning and legendary Vaughan Oliver (the graphic designer who created all of the artwork that accompanied the Pixies' studio albums), and a 22" X 14" frameble Giclee print of a stunning photo taken exclusively for Minotaur by Pixies' photographer Simon Larbalestier, the photographer for all of the band's original albums. - more on this story

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Hank Williams III's Death Metal Band Sets Album Release and Tour
Blabbermouth reports: Assjack, the death-metal metal band founded and fronted by Hank Williams III, will release their first album of fully authorized music August 4 via Curb Records.

Featuring tracks like "Redneck Ride", "Wasting Away" and "No Regrets", the self-titled album personifies the split in the psyche of the singer/guitarist/songwriter/producer who last year released the psych-country album "Damn Right, Rebel Proud". While they're two vastly different sonic experiences, both projects reflect the diverse musical interests of the self-professed "crazy ---- from Tennessee." "Nowadays, there's a whole group of people that love Waylon and David Allen Coe and love Pantera and Slayer — there's a whole breed of them out there," says Hank III.

HIII will take both his "Damn" country band and Assjack out on the road beginning June 16 in Louisville, KY, with U.S. dates confirmed through July 15 in Knoxville, TN. - more on this story

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Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan's In Session Album Reissued
conqueroo reports: Albert King never got the mass recognition he deserved. He always seemed to be in the shadow of B.B. But among blues guitarists and fans of the craft, he was the master. Austin, Texas' Stevie Ray Vaughan, 31 years King's junior, exploded onto the scene in 1983, first as guitarist on David Bowie's "Let's Dance" followed by his own smash hit "Pride and Joy." When the two met onstage at Antone's in 1973, they formed an ongoing friendship. This bond culminated with the December 1983 live recording titled In Session, originally produced for the Canadian TV concert series of the same name. The recording, originally issued on Stax Records, reached No. 1 on Billboard's blues album chart, selling more than 300,000 units.

On June 30, 2009, Stax Records — the imprint upon which King made his most legendary recordings in the '60s and '70s — will reissue In Session with digital remastering and three sets of liner notes by Fantasy and Stax Records' Bill Belmont, and journalists Lee Hildebrand and Dan Forte.

As Hildebrand points out in his notes, "Albert King wasn't sure who it was he'd been booked to jam with on December 6, 1983 in the studios of CHCH, an independent TV station in Hamilton, Ontario, though his manager assured him he knew the young guitar hotshot. Sho' 'nuff, Albert recognized the 29-year-old Texan immediately — not as fast-rising star Stevie Ray Vaughan but as Little Stevie, the skinny kid who'd been coming around and sitting in every time Albert passed through Austin."
- more on this story

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Thrice Announce Album and Tour Plans
PR reports: Southern California quartet Thrice announce that their sixth studio album will be entitled Beggars. The self-produced disc is scheduled for an October release on Vagrant Records.

Asked about the inspiration behind the title, vocalist/guitarist Dustin Kensrue, commented, "I think we are at most times deluded in thinking that we are totally responsible for our circumstances, but in the end almost everything is beyond our control to a high degree and we can't even be sure we will wake up tomorrow. Whether you believe that God created you for a purpose, or that the world is governed by blind chance, everything in life is a gift at its core; we are beggars all."

The band has dropped clues about the new album on their studio blog www.thrice.net and the title was hidden in a word scramble posted last week. Thrice will be appearing at select dates of the Warped Tour 2009
- more on this story

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Jack Black Metal Gamers Break Air Guitar Record With Motorhead Classic
Blabbermouth reports: According to GameZone.com, fans of video game Brutal Legend, starring Jack Black, rocked out this Saturday (June 13) to smash the world record for most people playing air guitar at one time.

The record, conducted at the Download festival in Donington Park, saw servants of metal shredding frets and wailing on their axes in an orgy of rock godliness.

440 fans gathered at the EA Hub, a purpose-built gaming trailer allowing members of the public to play a variety of titles from publisher Electronic Arts, and, led by Kerrang FM's Christian Stevenson, rocked out to the Motorhead classic "Ace of Spades". - more on this story

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Air Force Vet Ryan Daniel Offers Up Love Life and Memories
PR reports: Ryan Daniel has released his debut CD, Love Life and Memories, fittingly titled as Ryan feels a connection to each song chosen.

Love Life and Memories includes a track titled "Unknown Soldier". "The song hit me because I served 10 years in the Air Force", says Ryan, "and once a soldier, always a soldier. You feel those emotions of war for the rest of your life. If the President says we are going to war, whether you agree or not, you go," Ryan continues. "That's what we signed up for, that's our duty, that's just what we do. And in some cases you might be the Unknown Soldier."

Ryan Daniel was deployed to the Middle East several times to serve in our fight for freedom overseas. While in the service, he was selected to join the elite musical touring group "Tops in Blue." As a member of this prestigious Air Force production, Ryan toured all over the world, entertaining an estimated 250,000 troops and civilians alike. This opportunity led to him meeting his producer, Barry Best. In August of 2005, Ryan left the military to pursue his dream of music.
- more on this story

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Graveyard Map Out US Dates
Tee Pee reports: Graveyard will be returning to the US this July for a five week tour. The band will first head to the west coast for a string of headlining dates before hooking up with CKY for a supporting slot on their summer tour.

Graveyard released their critically acclaimed self-titled debut in February 2008 and have toured with Witchcraft, The Sword, and Clutch.

Track by track Graveyard brings back to life all that is right with rock and roll, from the dark haze that is brought upon by the space blues of 'Blue Soul' to the rocking trip of 'Submarine Blues'. The band proves they have what it takes to hang with the classics while delivering a sound that is all their own. - more on this story

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Seasick Steve Homecoming
PR reports: In 2007, American blues artist Seasick Steve (born Steve Wold) won the Mojo Magazine Award for Best Breakthrough Act. His drunken acceptance speech was simply: "I've been breaking through for 45 years!" Nothing could be more true for Steve, who left home at 14, had a succession of incredibly disparate jobs, from fruit picker to record producer, and has spent the past five years becoming, against all odds, one of the most popular and respected entertainers in the UK. Bronzerat Records is ready to bring Steve back to his home turf, releasing his debut solo album in the US for the first time ever. 'Dog House Music' is due out August 4th.

'Dog House Music' is loose, shambolic collection of blues licks and the stories of a lifetime on the run. On a collection of custom-made instruments ranging from a duct-taped 3-string guitar to a one-stringed Diddley Bow (basically a 2 x 4 with a guitar string nailed to it), Steve tells of everything from losing his dog to losing his home in his whisky-soaked rasp that sounds straight from another century.

Born in Oakland, CA, Steve Wold left home at 14 to a lengthy free-roaming lifestyle. He has had many careers ranging from fruit-picker to ambulance driver to carnie to record producer before he eventually 'settled' in Tennessee (via San Francisco, UK, Hawaii, Tennessee, Washington State and god knows where else - he married his Norwegian wife 25 years ago and they've lived in 56 different houses). - more on this story

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Springsteen Has Some Explaining To Do in Ticket Scandal
Idolator reports: A few months ago, Bruce Springsteen and his fans were in a tizzy when the best seats for a slew of hometown shows at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J., showed up on ticket brokers' sites before they were even available to the public. "Scandal!" cried the fans. "Say you're sorry!" blogged The Boss.

But months later, after the hue and cry died down, the Newark Star-Ledger got to the bottom of just how tickets for the show were disbursed… and as it turned out, most of the asses in the Izod Center's cushiest seats had been put there by the promoters, Springsteen's record company, and Bruce and his band. The Star-Ledger breaks down the numbers after the jump.

The best seats in the house that night were the 1,126 seats in the four sections closest to the stage, but only 108 of those tickets were ever for sale to the public, according to new ticket data obtained through the Open Public Records Act. - more on this story

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Richard Hawley Sets New Release
Mute reports: Richard Hawley's sixth studio album, "Truelove's Gutter," is set to be released on Mute on September 22nd. Recorded in Hawley's hometown of Sheffield at Yellow Arch studios, "Truelove's Gutter" is a testament to his intoxicating song writing talents with eight new compositions.

Arrangements on "Truelove's Gutter" occasionally feature some truly uncommon instrumentation, such as the megabass waterphone and crystal baschet. "I use a load of odd sounds on this album that are not heard on many other records," says Richard. "The sounds in my head on a lot of the tracks - I didn't even know what they were called!"

Eccentric instruments notwithstanding, the lush but minimal production provides a haunting backdrop to Hawley's unique voice and allows him plenty of space for some outstandingly beautiful guitar solos. "I wanted it to be a listening experience from start to finish, where you couldn't just pause it and go off and watch Coronation Street or whatever," explains Hawley. "Sonically, it flows. It's not jumping all over the place. It just has a mood that goes through the whole thing." - more on this story

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Mickey Avalon Added To Snoop and Stoopid's Blazed and Confused Tour
PR reports: Mickey Avalon is the latest act to join co-headliners Slightly Stoopid and Snoop Dogg, along with Stephen Marley, on this summer's not-to-be-missed Blazed And Confused tour.

Reggae-influenced punk-rockers Slightly Stoopid embarked on their first headlining run of US amphitheaters last summer and will continue supporting their 2008 album, Slightly Not Stoned Enough to Eat Breakfast Yet Stoopid, this go-round. The record, which marks the group's ninth release, includes outtakes, rarities and "brand new studio joints."

Additional shows at Bicentennial Park in Miami, FL on Saturday, August 1 and the St. Johns County Fairgrounds in Saint Augustine, FL on Sunday, August 2 have been added to the itinerary. - more on this story

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Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival Details
PR reports: Superfly Presents and Another Planet Entertainment are excited to announce that single-day tickets for the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival will go on sale at 10am PST on Sunday June 21, 2009. Tickets can be purchased at www.SFOutsidelands.com.

This dynamic, groundbreaking three-day festival will once again take place in San Francisco's historic Golden Gate Park on August 28-30th 2009. Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band and Beastie Boys are set to headline the event.

The festival producers are also very proud to announce new additions to the already stellar lineup, including Alpha Bondy, Street Sweeper Social Club, Autolux, Cage The Elephant and Infantree. - more on this story

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Postman Is Coming
ABC reports: Postman (a.k.a. performer/producer Remon Stotijn) evolves with each album, and that's definitely the case with his forthcoming album, simply titled Postman, initially being released in key territories in Europe on PIAS, the largest indie label in Continental Europe. It's the follow-up to 2007's GREEN (EMI/Virgin).

A video for the first single, "Kills Me," was recently shot at the Cannes Film Festival, with Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominated actress/director Rosanna Arquette at the director's helm. The clip marks her directorial debut of a music video, and will be ready for servicing to TV and the Internet in the coming weeks. Previously, Arquette directed the critically acclaimed "Searching For Debra Winger" feature film.

The "Kills Me" video had million dollar production value, and was in fact the only production to be given access to Martin Scorsese's red carpet screening of his forthcoming film, "The Red Shoes." With Arquette's profile, and images of Stotijn on the red carpet with Scorsese, Arquette, Eva Longoria and many others beamed throughout the world, this new video is bringing global attention to Stotijn and the new album. - more on this story

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Hotpress For Leopold
ABC reports: Hotpress For Leopold is the mastermind of a music composer named Omar, who has been placing music in TV and movies for years with the help of the music supervisors at Groove Addicts. It all started when he was commissioned to compose a number of instrumental tracks within a particular genre and was given a sizable budget to do it. That's all it took. Give a composer free reign to write whatever he wants fitting his own particular mood and as a result, Hotpress For Leopold was born.

The band—made up of a variety of studio musicians—is odd pairings of instruments, set to catchy tunes that often walk the line between tongue-in-cheek sophistication and outright comedy. Everything from woodwinds, a horn section and string section to glockenspiel, xylophone with a standard rhythm section makes up the sound. The lyrics detail the comedy that life can generally be, whether it's chasing youth, over indulgent egos or strange accounts of indiscretion in remote parts of the world.

Now that the music has been compiled, Hotpress For Leopold be releasing it all as a compilation album on August 3 (Groove Addicts). "Torturer" is currently being serviced to radio stations across the country. A virtual CD can be found on the
- official website

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Green Day Rock Band- Vinyl Sales Way Up- Aerosmith Swapping Toys for Rocks- Def Leppard Tribute- Down and Melvins Plan Tour and more.
antiMusic reports: Tracks from Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown will be released for Rock Band, with more Green Day songs for the popular video game on the way soonmore

Vinyl sales are set to hit a new benchmark in 2009, with sales going up a hefty 50 percent during the first five months of the year.more

Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford hopes to rejoin his bandmates early next month after a head injury prevented him from playing on their newly launched tour, fellow guitarist Joe Perry said on Sunday.more. In other news, Aerosmith expects to swap out "Toys in the Attic" in about two weeks, and play all the tracks from its 1976 follow-up "Rocks", Perry said. more

Def Leppard bought Download 2009 to an end tonight (June 14) with a stirring tribute from frontman Joe Elliott to drummer Rick Allen, speaking of his "spiritual rebirth" when the band last played the Donington site in 1986.more

The Minnesota woman who became the nation's only music file-sharing defendant so far to go to trial is getting a replay two years after losing the case.more

Rik Emmett, formerly of Triumph, and Dave Dunlop (aka the Strung-Out Troubadours) will be playing a limited number of dates in the US this fallmore

During a chat with NME TV, Down drummer Jimmy Bower revealed that the band will tour select U.S. markets with the Melvins in August/September.more

While waiting for the release of their new album, entitled "...and a Crow Brings Me Back", which shall be available in a few weeks by Free Mind Records, brazilian goth metallers Ravenland released "Back" EP, which is now available on MySpace

Dolly Parton delighted hundreds of Tennessee Girl Scouts when she made a surprise entrance at a ceremony to present them with a patch created in her honor.more

Kasabian are celebrating their second number one album in the UK Sunday night as 'West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum' slides straight in at the peak.more

The real Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' gravely ill more

Widespread Panic has been announced as a headliner for this year's Voodoo Experience festival in New Orleansmore

This July and August, ex-Rainbow/Deep Purple Vocalist Joe Lynn Turner will travel to South America for several concert dates.more

Internet singing sensation Susan Boyle has pulled out of a singing engagement with the "Britain's Got Talent" live tour.more - more News Quicks

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. On The Record: Schenker Barden Acoustic Project - Gipsy Lady (180 Gram vinyl)
You know the part of a hard rock show where the main guys come out with just acoustic guitars and sing a quiet number? The part of the show where a few girls swoon but most everyone else heads to the restroom? That pretty much sums up Gipsy Lady. - Read the full Schenker Barden Acoustic Project - Gipsy Lady (180 Gram vinyl) review

. OSI - Blood
Sometimes these progressive pioneers are hanging on by the skin of their teeth while not performing at their expected levels. Still, if one enjoys Dream Theater, Fates Warning or others, one will want to see the OSI Doctrine in one's record collection soon. - Read the full OSI - Blood review

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