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Full Report for 06/19/2009

Blink's DeLonge Plans Free Release
Billboard reports: Even as he prepares for blink-182's summer reunion tour, guitarist Tom DeLonge is deeply ensconced in the next project by his other band, Angels & Airwaves -- an album and film project called "Love" that should be out before the end of the year.

DeLonge tells Billboard.com that "Love" -- which will be released for free thanks to corporate underwriting -- is "the biggest release of my life, the pinnacle of my creativity" and likens it to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" in the scope of its ambition.

"It's super conceptual and highbrow in many ways, very artistic, very Stanley Kubrick," he says. "But it's not a rock opera. It's a very modern version of what could happen when you blend the film industry and the music industry together in a very, very arty, kind of cool way with professionals involved all along the path." - More from Tom about the project

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Warrant Singer Arrested
Blabbermouth reports: Former Warrant singer Jani Lane was arrested Wednesday night (June 17) in Los Angeles for a misdemeanor DUI traffic accident.

According to the police, Lane was involved in a small fender bender in the Woodland Hills area at around 10:30 p.m. Lane allegedly hit a parked car and when cops arrived at the scene, he showed signs of intoxication.

The 45-year-old singer was arrested and taken to LAPD's Van Nuys division where he was booked for a misdemeanor and is being held on $30,000 bail. Jani has claimed in recent interviews that he has been "sober" since last summer. - Rehab isn't too far away, closer to it every day! Read more here

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Green Day The Musical
FMQB reports: In addition to releasing and touring behind 21st Century Breakdown, Green Day has somehow found the time to also turn 2004's American Idiot into a musical.

The play, which runs from September 4 - October 11 in Berkeley, CA, is directed by Michael Mayer, who won a Tony Award for Spring Awakening

After an American Idiot movie "fell through the cracks," Green Day found out that Mayer had suggested that "he'd love to do the musical of American Idiot" and the play started to come together. - more on this story

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Judas Priest Plan Live British Steel Package
antiMusic reports: Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford was asked by Live Daily about the band's plans for celebrating the upcoming 30th anniversary of the "British Steel", originally issued in April 1980, by performing the album in its entirety for the first time on stages across the United States:

"We'll be recording all these shows and, at some point, we'll bring cameras in and we'll release a wonderful package of the Priest and 'British Steel' next year, which is the official 30th birthday.

"We wanted to do something a bit different on the second leg of the American tour. The first tour with Metal Masters was a great success. We were looking to give this particular tour another kind of exciting event edge to it. I think that's what we've got with presenting 'British Steel', and we have some other great people with us. We have David [Coverdale] and Whitesnake. That's another great opportunity to see two of these bands back to back. - Read the full interview

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Win A Major Piece of Beatles History
MusicRadar reports: One lucky fan will score the biggest prize in music history: the original contract between The Beatles and Brian Epstein. And here's the best part: The Imagine Obtaining The Unobtainable Contest is open to anybody.

The contract, dated 1 October 1962, changed hands only a couple of times over the decades and was acquired for The Imagine Corporation at Christie's.

The contract is currently insured for £500,000 but is regarded as an irreplaceable piece of musical heritage.
- more on this story

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Megadeth's Endgame
PR reports: Heavy metal institution Megadeth have announced Endgame as the title of their twelfth studio album. The album is expected to be released in September through Roadrunner Records. It was recorded at the band's brand new, self-built studio, Vic's Garage, located near San Diego and named after the legendary and iconic Vic Rattlehead character.

Endgame is being produced by Andy Sneap and Dave Mustaine. Sneap also manned the boards for 2007's United Abominations. Some track titles include "Headcrusher," "1,320,'" "How the Story Ends" and "This Day We Fight!"

Endgame boasts the technicality, ferocity and snarl that's synonymous with Megadeth and Mustaine. It's a violent masterwork that represents Mustaine's best work in nearly two decades. In a musical world dominated by bands that make generic, blanket statements, Endgame finds Mustaine, once again, making informed and substantial lyrical declarations about the state of the world we live in.
- more on this story

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The Black Crowes Go High Def
Kayos reports: Originally released as a 2CD set on April 28, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release The Black Crowes Warpaint Live concert on DVD on June 30, and Blu-ray on July 14. Now brought visually to life, 2008's Warpaint Live is a fantastic presentation of their latest album delivered straight to their adoring fans.

On tour this summer, and readying a new album to be released September 1, The Black Crowes are ablaze with activity, continuing to spread their signature brand of blues-infused soulful rock. Warpaint Live is the culmination of their fiery passion in a single performance. This DVD and Blu-ray follows the success of the Warpaint Live 2CD and other Eagle Rock releases (Freak 'n' Roll…Into the Fog CD and DVD – March 2006, and Brothers Of A Feather – Live at the Roxy CD/DVD – September 2007).

Earning a reputation as one of the greatest live touring acts, The Black Crowes have crafted a signature free-wheelin' style of rock 'n' roll that regularly sells out venues, no matter where they play. For almost 20 years, they have enjoyed success as a first-class rock band, with over 20 million records sold and worldwide tours under their belt. It was in 2005, after a five-year hiatus, that they laid the groundwork for a new album. Three years later, the critically acclaimed Warpaint CD was released. Bringing this dynamic new work to their fans, brothers Chris and Rich Robinson and Co. played the entire album to a sold-out Los Angeles crowd at the Wiltern on March 20, 2008. Warpaint Live features extended versions of the Warpaint tracks, as well as a few previously unreleased cover songs, and classics such as "Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye."
- more on this story

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Original Foreigner Singer Says Bandmate Sabotaged His Career
Rock Radio reports: Ex-Foreigner singer Lou Gramm has told Rock Radio that former bandmate Mick Jones conspired with label bosses to sabotage Gramm's new band.

The frontman formed Shadow King in an attempt to recover his hard rock roots, after becoming unhappy with Jones' preference for keyboard-led ballads throughout the 1980s.

In 1991 Shadow King released their debut album through Atlantic Records, the same label as Foreigner. But Gramm says the reason it didn't sell, and the reason the band broke up, was Jones' "sabotage". - Check out the interview here

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Late Night Gwar
PR reports: Intergalactic shock rockers Gwar are back with a brand-new album, Lust In Space¸ just in time to celebrate their 25th Anniversary as a band. The Scumdogs of the Universe are particularly thrilled this time around as they have finally escaped the seething, filthy mudball that is Earth! GWAR will also be triumphantly returning to Metal Blade Records for the release of Lust In Space, due August 18.

The band will also be terrorizing the airwaves once again, appearing on Fox News' late-night show, "Red Eye," on Monday, June 22.

Quoth Gwar's lead singer Oderus Urungus, "The lead-up to the release of Lust in Space, GWAR's return to Metal Blade, continues to grow in size and fury...on Monday, June 22, GWAR's lead singer, ME, Oderus Urungus, shall re-appear on Fox News' late-night hit news show, RED EYE. My first time on the show was a great success. Millions of emails came in, and even though I wrote the great majority of them, they still asked me back! The fools! I am hoping to use my status as an intergalactic celebrity (and my ability to travel the cosmos) to turn a revealing light on some of our universe's more unsavory secrets...so tune in to Oderus and GWAR on Fox News' RED EYE, hosted by the delightfully miniature Greg Gutfeld on Monday, June 22 at 3:00AM EST!"
- more on this story

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Bob Dylan Special Edition
PR reports: Bob Dylan 1978 - 1989 : Both Ends of the Rainbow (Special Edition 2 Disc Set) is set for release on July 14th. It contains the DVD "Bob Dylan 1978 - 1989 Both Ends Of The Rainbow" and a new interview disc CD

This classic Dylan documentary is now available as a limited edition 2 disc set. Includes the original film, which tells the story of Bob Dylan in the late 1970s and through the 1980s, his most controversial decade.

Featuring much rare archive footage of Dylan in concert and performing some of his best tracks from this era, and including exclusive interviews with producers, musicians and associates who worked with him throughout the period. - more on this story

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Metal Katy Perry- Black Eyed Hit- New Sting CD- Bret Michaels To Let Tony Awards Accident Drop- Lollapalooza- Rihanna Sued- STP Have 18 New Songs and more
antiMusic reports: A heavy metal fan by the name of Andy Xiong has taken it upon himself to record a "power metal" version of the Katy Perry smash hit "I Kissed A Girl" featuring the original vocal track by Katy and the rest of the instrumentation by Andy himself. Listen here

Black Eyed Peas' "The E.N.D." bows at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, selling 304,000 -- the hip-pop act's best sales week ever.more

Summer is just around the corner, but Sting has another season on his mind. The singer announced today (June 17) that his next album, "If On a Winter's Night...," will be inspired by his favorite time of year and feature two original compositions as well as traditional songs, carols and lullabies from the British Isles. The album is slated for release October 27 on Deutsche Grammophon.more

Poison singer Bret Michaels has told People.com that he has no plans to file a lawsuit over the incident this month's Tony Awards when he got clocked in the head by a descending set piece during his band's performance.more

Lollapalooza 2009, which runs August 7-9 at Chicago's Grant Park, has revealed its daily schedule. White Lies, Fleet Foxes, The Decemberists and Of Montreal will kick things off on Friday, with Kings Of Leon and Depeche Mode playing competing sets at the end of the night. more

A man has filed a lawsuit against Rihanna for allegedly being a bad neighbor. Christian Moeller filed suit against the pop star in a Los Angeles court yesterday (June 16), claiming that she, her friends and associates frequently wait and park their cars on his property, and that a security camera points to his property. [cool, you can sue for that? What about annoying dogs that bark 24/7?] more

Scott Weiland tells ArtistDirect "I'm in the studio working on new STP music. It's coming along really, really well! We have about 18 songs written, and vocals are written on about ten of them." Read the full interview here

Poison The Well is currently looking for extras to participate in the video they're filming on Sunday, June 21st in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.more

Mariah Carey is talking aim at Eminem in her new single after the rapper suggested he'd bedded the singer in the lyrics of his track Bagpipes From Baghdad.more

Nelly Furtado and producer Timbaland are facing legal action from record label executives in Finland over accusations the pair borrowed segments of someone else's song to create the track Do It.more

MySpace said Tuesday it is cutting nearly 30 percent of its work force in a bid to become more efficient, bringing its staffing level more in line with its more popular rival, Facebook.more

Two more Miley Cyrus shows have been added at London's O2 arena after the U.S. pop singer sold out her first British and Irish dates in minutes, according to promoters AEG Livemore

Simple Minds are pleased to announce 'The Stranglers' as their very special guests at Norwich Blickling Hall on Friday July 17th.

The California Supreme Court has refused to intervene or delay Chris Brown's preliminary hearing.more

Dragonforce has announced a lengthy tour of the United Kingdom later this year. The band states: 'Grab your tin helmet and prepare for the invasion, the mighty DragonForce will be bringing a full-scale production to a town near you' more

Billy Joel and wife Katie Lee are confirming a split. In a statement, the pair said that they remain "caring friends with admiration and respect for each other." more

Modest Mouse have announced details of a North American tour, set to kick off on August 17 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.more

New Kids On The Block has cancelled its August tour of Australia, pinning the blame on the worldwide recession. [translation: lack of interest?] more

Billy Morrison (Camp Freddy, Circus Diablo, The Cult) has issued the following update: "I am currently learning and rehearsing a set of The Wildhearts songs (as well as two or three of Ginger's solo songs) because I got an e-mail out of the blue asking me if I wanted to play guitar in a 'put-together' solo band with Ginger [The Wildhearts frontman] to do two shows in Los Angeles. more - more News Quicks

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