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Full Report for 11/23/2009

Them Crooked Vultures Already Planning Second Album
(Sleazeroxx) NME.com is reporting that Them Crooked Vultures have confirmed that they are to start work on their second album. Despite their self-titled debut having only been released earlier this month, the three-piece say they are already thinking about its follow-up.

"I felt we've only just started to pick up steam. Why would we want to stop now?" singer Josh Homme told The Sun, while bassist John Paul Jones agreed. "We all know we have so much more in us yet," he said.

Dave Grohl said that "when we make our second record, it's going to be even more powerful than this one". - more on this story

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Steven Tyler Taking Time Off From Aerosmith to Pen Memoirs
(Sleazeroxx) Steven Tyler has opened up about his rumored hiatus from Aerosmith - he's taking some time off to write a book while his injured shoulder heals.

The group has been thrown into chaos in recent weeks, with Tyler's baffled band mates admitting he's kept them in the dark over whether he plans to continue as their frontman.

Guitarist Joe Perry recently claimed Tyler is planning to take a "two-year" hiatus, leaving the band in turmoil. However, a spokesperson for the frontman is adamant Tyler is just taking a quick break while he recovers from a shoulder injury, which he sustained after falling off stage at a gig in August. - more on this story

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KISS Webcast This Week
(PR) KISS on Facebook via a Ustream streaming link live from their show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles at 9 pm PST on Wednesday, November 25. This is the first-ever live web concert for one of rock's most iconic bands as KISS celebrates the release of their new, three-song Guitar Hero track pack featuring Modern Day Delilah, I Was Made for Loving You and Lick It Up today.

Users can watch and interact by visiting the official KISS Facebook page at facebook.com/KISS or on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kiss-live to connect with other KISS fans for a personal chat and live video experience in real-time during the show.

KISS chose Ustream (www.ustream.tv), the leading live video platform on the web, because of its powerful platform and scalability in reaching a global audience of unlimited size. The band wanted to connect with their legion of fans that might not have had the chance to catch them during the North American leg of their 35th-anniversary KISS/Alive 35 tour, a 44-city tour that continues through December 15.
- more on this story

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Bon Jovi, Gwen Stefani Vs Saloon- Mars Volta Lose Member- Deluxe Weezer- Oasis Attacker Guilty- Rush Hockey Theme- American Me Robbed and more
Gwen Stefani and Bon Jovi have reportedly sued the owners of Minnesota bar, Sally's Saloon and Eatery. The stars have reported decided to take legal action over accusations that the venue played their music without authorization. (This according to a TMZ report, so it could just be their publishing rights company that is doing the suing but the report makes it sound like the artists themselves are behind the lawsuit, which seems pretty doubtful.) more

Rumors of the departure of The Mars Volta's drummer Thomas "Predator" Pridgen have been confirmed, as a presumed successor gears up for the band's European tour. more

Weezer.com had this: Rivers has continued his studio work this week on Pinkerton Deluxe and Odds And Ends things that needed tidying up. Those albums will appear fairly early in the new year, it looks like now. Meanwhile the band has started rehearsals for the December and January Raditude tours. The band has been booked to appear on the Conan O'Brien show Nov 24." more

The man accused of attacking ex-Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher in Toronto last year has pleaded guilty to assault. Daniel Sullivan admitted causing bodily harm to Gallagher in the Ontario Court of Justice more

TSN and Anthem Entertainment Group have confirmed that Neil Peart, renowned drummer of legendary rock band Rush, will record a special rendition of The Hockey Theme, the iconic theme song originally written by Dolores Claman in 1968. Peart's version of the theme song will be used during NHL broadcasts on both TSN and RDS throughout the remainder of the NHL season. more

Muse are pleased to announce that they will be playing in Hong Kong next February. The band will play the Asia World Expo on Saturday 6th February more

American Me were the victims of theft this weekend in California "We woke up at about 7:30am this morning to find our trailer door wide open. We went to bed around 4:30am this morning at our manager's house in Antelope, California, a suburb of Sacramento." more

Sony Corp said on Friday (Nov. 20) that its planned entertainment content distribution service for network-compatible TVs and other devices will be launched next year. more

Cult Of Luna have announced three new shows. Says the band: "It will be, if not the only, a very rare occasion to see Cult of Luna live in 2010." more -

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Foo Fighters Telling Stories This Week
Foo Fighters, had the crowd on their feet during a taping for "VH1 Storytellers" October 28 at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, CA. Fans can watch this exclusive performance when "VH1 Storytellers: Foo Fighters" premieres Friday, November 27 at 11:00 PM* on VH1.

The US premiere kicks off a global roll-out for this latest edition of "VH1 Storytellers," as the special will also debut on MTV channels across Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America beginning Friday, November 27 (check local listings). The broadcast, which will air in 162 countries, marks the first-ever global premiere of the iconic series, "VH1 Storytellers."

The one-hour on-air special will feature Foo Fighters performing a selection of some of their most popular songs in addition to their latest single from the new album Foo Fighters: Greatest Hits. Following in the "VH1 Storytellers" format, Foo Fighters will answer questions from the audience and give viewers a unique opportunity to hear the inspiration behind such classics as "Everlong", "Big Me", "My Hero" and from their new album "Wheels" and "Word Forward."

Following the on-air premiere, the full show will be available online at
- Storytellers.VH1.com.

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Band Vs Runaway Spare Tire, Tire Wins
(Submitted News) The band Vains Of Jenna was driving to an instore appearance before their show with Days of the New at "Club Red" when a runaway tire caused a traffic nightmare. It appears as if though another vehicle lost its spare tire and that was the cause of the accident according to a Arizona Highway Patrol man.

"Cars were swerving, drivers slammed on their brakes but unfortunately our van got the worst of it. The band and crew are all okay, but the van is not." says Jacki Stone (drummer). The band plays the "WHISKY" in Hollywood, CA Saturday Nov. 21st 2009 and is on the final week of a 50 show US Club Tour w/ Dirty Penny in support of their new release "The Art of Telling Lies".

"We're not sure what damage totals are yet, but nobody was killed and we're thankful for that. Our van is in a tow yard and we're headed to California in a rental." said singer Lizzy DeVine. -

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Drop Dead Rock Starring Adam Ant and Deborah Harry To Be Released On DVD
MVD Visual is pleased to announce the DVD release of the cult classic Drop Dead Rock on December 8, 2009. Drop Dead Rock stars '80's music icons Adam Ant and Deborah Harry. This film festival favorite played the art house circuit when it premiered in 1995. It was written by Ric Menello and Adam Dubin, the creators of the Beastie Boys classic music video Fight For Your Right To Party. Drop Dead Rock was directed by Adam Dubin who recently directed comedian Lewis Black's concert film Stark Raving Black. "I wanted to make a 60's movie about an 80's rock star in the 90's," said Dubin.

Drop Dead Rock is a no holds barred, rock and roll comedy. A down and out, rock n' roll band, Hindenburg, kidnap their favorite British rock star, Spazz-O, and hold him hostage. The problem is, Spazz-O's ex-porn star wife Holly Everest (Playboy lingerie model Chelsey Parks) and his back-stabbing manager, Dave Donovan (Adam Ant), can't wait to get their hands on his fortune, and have hired a hitman to do him in. Thanks to a media feeding frenzy, Spazz-O's career is hotter than ever. Enter media mogul Thor Sturmundrang (Deborah Harry) with a big advance check. Now Spazz-O is worth more alive than dead. Dave must outwit the bumbling band, clumsy cops, ruthless record execs and terrifying terrorists to get his just reward. Drop Dead Rock explodes in a comic free for all.

"The film is good. I can't tell you how much it made me laugh doing it," said Ant. "I still laugh now just thinking about it. It's kind of like a 90's Spinal Tap."
- Trailer

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Box Sets From Nine Inch Nails, Pixies, Sigur Ros and More Being Given Away
Few album packages are as unique as Artist in Residence's (A+R) catalog and as distinct of the company's expansive collector's sets by such artists. High-end, limited editions aimed at the music/art connoisseur is certainly a fitting description for these one-of-a-kind sets, and come December 25, one enthusiast will collect an array of A+R's work to date.

You can register via A+R's website (www.ainr.com) to win a collection of five sets - the Pixies' Minotaur (Limited Edition), Beck's The Information (Deluxe Edition Vinyl Package), Julian Casablanca's Phrazes for the Young (Luxury Edition Deluxe Set), and two sold-out sets: Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts I-IV (Ultra Deluxe Limited Edition) and Sigur Ros' In A Frozen Sea (Limited Edition Vinyl Album Collection). The winner will be announced from a drawing on December 25.

All of the aforementioned sets are a signature design, each in collaboration with the respective artist. "Our sets are made for people who appreciate the hybrid of music and the art that reflects it," explains the founder of A+R, Jeff Anderson. "With '5 Finger Discount,' we wanted to do something cool for people who follow us, the artists we work with and have an appreciation for integrity and quality." "We feel that music shouldn't come in 'a package' or a 'customary' box set, but rather compliment the effort and passion artists put into their work."

Compliments of A+R and the respective artists, one fan will receive the ultimate holiday gift this year. To register, log onto - www.ainr.com

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Child Dies At Tommy Lee's Home- Eddie Van Halen Fighting Cancer- Joey Ramone RIP- Cornell Against the Machine- Sh*t Literally Hits The Fans and more top stories from April - June 2001
Rewind for April - June 2001. As we come closer to the year 2010, we're going to be taking a quick look back at some of the biggest stories of the past decade.

A birthday party for Tommy Lee's son ended in tragedy as a four-year-old boy accidentally drowned in the pool at Lee's Malibu home. The police have ruled the drowning an accident. According to the police, the boy, Daniel Karven Veres, had been swimming with several other children shortly before he was found floating face down in the shallow end of the pool. more

We are sad to report that Joey Ramone lost his battle with lymphatic cancer on Easter Sunday (April 15). The legendary frontman for the 70's punk pioneers The Ramones was 49 years old. more

While the name Rage Against the Machine is history, the remaining band members have now teamed up with former Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell to keep the fire burning. It has been widely reported that Cornell had joined the members of RATM to write new material, but the future of the group remained unclear. more

Last week Eddie Van Halen disclosed to fans that he is battling cancer. The legendary guitarist posted a letter on the band's official website (vanhalen.com) last Thurday that finally puts an end to rumors that have been in the air for almost a year about his health. The rumors were sparked last May when Eddie entered the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for treatment. more

The sh*t literally hit the fans at a recent filming for the MTV show, "Dude, This Sucks". Two 14-year-old girls who were splattered with fecal matter were not amused and have filed a lawsuit against the cable channel claiming intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and battery. more

It appears that the lineup that gave the blockbuster 80's group Duran Duran their most success have decided to regroup. Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor and John Taylor are getting ready to record together for the first time in fifteen years. more

It looks like Weezer won't be on this summer Vans Warped Tour according to various press reports. The band's label contends that the band never officially signed on to do the tour. more

Due to the illness of guitarist Buckethead, Guns N' Roses has cancelled their planed European tour . The tour was set to kick off on June 1st in Germany but Buckethead has been experiencing some unexplained hemorrhaging in which doctors are still trying to pin down the cause of. more

Metallica entered the studio this week to begin work on their next studio album. The threesome of Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield started work at a Bay Area recording studio on Monday (April23) without a bass player. more

Jane's Addiction founding guitarist and former Red Hot Chili Peppers member Dave Navarro has signed an exclusive recording contract with Capitol. Navarro's explosive debut solo album, Trust No One, marks the emergence of a major new artist at Capitol. more

According to various reports Cold has dropped out of the Ozzfest 2001 and will instead take to the road with Staind and newcomers Puddle of Mudd. more

David Lee Roth is getting restless and wants to take to the road. According to the official David Lee Roth home page, Dave is planning a summer tour that has been dubbed the "David Lee Roth Saves The Day Tour!" While many were hoping for a Van Halen reunion tour this summer, it doesn't appear to be in the cards. more

Bad news for European Bizkitheads, the remaining dates of the Limp Bizkit European tour have been called off. The band announced the cancellation because vocalist Fred Durst suffered a back injury. The tour was to hit several cities in Germany this week before heading for dates in Switzerland, Ireland and the U.K. more

Staind's major label sophomore effort, "Break the Cycle" will claim the No. 1 spot on the charts when they are published in next week's issue of Billboard. Just last week Tool's highly anticipated release, "Lateralus", landed at number 1, but Staind's new album pushed Tool into second place this week. more

Staind's three-week ride at the top of the Billboard album charts will end when next weeks edition of the magazine hits newsstands. Pop rockers Blink-182's new CD "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket" will debut in the no. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 200. more

Brian Setzer is taking a breather from his swing group, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, to return to his roots with his new rockabilly trio, Brian Setzer '68 Comeback Special. BSO bassist Mark W. Winchester and drummer Bernie Dresel round out the trio. more

New Musical Express is reporting that former Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan has temporarily joined the pioneer British nu-wave-dance group New Order as a fill-in guitarist. more

Slayer's new album "God Hates Us All", originally set to hit stores on July 10th has been pushed back to a late August release date. The band has pushed back the release to put some finishing touches on the new album and to make sure the artwork is exactly the way they want it. Producer Rick Rubin will also return to the studio to remix some of the tracks. more

According to various press reports Marilyn Manson had recently rerecorded "The Way I Am" with Eminem, a song that originally appeared on the controversial rappers best selling CD – "The Marshall Mathers LP". more

The Cult, Monster Magnet and Stabbing Westward (and Bird 3) are planning to team up for a 38-date summer amphitheater and arena tour. The tour has been dubbed the "Beyond Good and Evil " tour after The Cult's forthcoming album of the same name. Read a review of the tour here -

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Chester Bennington's Fur Fury
Chester Bennington isn't shy about exposing the cruelty of the fur industry or his body. The Linkin Park and Dead by Sunrise frontman has teamed up with peta2 for a brand-new "Ink, Not Mink" ad campaign in which he shows off his tattooed physique above the tagline "Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin, and Let Animals Keep Theirs."

Bennington—whose debut album with Dead by Sunrise, Out of Ashes, launched this fall—also sat down for an exclusive interview with peta2, the world's largest youth animal rights organization, in which he discussed the fur industry.

"What's really important … for people to understand is the cruelty behind the fur industry," he said. "Electrocuting animals, skinning them while they're alive—these are … acts of inhumanity." Bennington continued, "Because it's out of sight, it's usually out of mind for most people, and we need to show our respect … for all creatures of this world." - more on this story

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Pixies On Fallon
The Pixies, currently in the final days of the U.S. leg of their "Doolittle Tour," and who will headline four sold-out shows at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom next week, have been confirmed to appear on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," Tuesday, November 24. The show airs on NBC at 12:30 ET/PT and 11:30 CT.

The band will perform the song "Debaser" from their 1989 classic Doolittle, which, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, they are playing every night in concert, start to finish, including Doolittle-related B-sides.

Traditionally, Jimmy Fallon's musical guests perform a second song off-air that is streamed exclusively on "Late Night's" website - http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/. The Pixies will perform a second song from Doolittle, but fans will pick what that song will be. - more on this story

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