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Full Report for 09/$d/2009

A New Rolling Stone Murder Suspect
antiMusic reports: Police recently decided to take another look into the 40-year-old case in the death of Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones. Now the band's former road manager has come out publicly with his suspicion that another of group's former associates was involved.

Former Stones road manager Sam Cutler posted a blog on his website laying out what he believed happened to Jones. Here is part of that posting: It is now forty years since Brian Jones' demise, where (dependent upon one's sources) he either drowned or was murdered. No-one that was around the Stones at the time and none of the Stones' musicians, have ever offered a public opinion as to what happened to Brian. His death has been "shrouded in mystery" and characterised by police incompetence, an absurd and inadequate coronial enquiry, and very little sympathy from anyone other than his band mates and his immediate family. No-one, it seems, wishes to go "on the record" concerning Brian, and now (apparently) the police have new evidence regarding Brian's death. There is a possibility that the original police investigation will be re-opened. The original police enquiry was a farrago of incompetence that makes the keystone cops looks positively professorial. It's time for people to say what they think.

Brian Jones was murdered. Of this there is little doubt. He was not murdered by the man who was in charge of the building work at Brian's farm, a gentleman by the name of Thorogood who is popularly credited by conspiracy theorists with doing the deed. He was almost certainly murdered by the very man whose role it was to protect him, Tom Keylock. The man who less than forty eight hours after the murder, emptied the house of its valuable contents, and burnt substantial amounts of papers and personal items of Brian Jones on a bonfire in the front garden. - More on this story

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Judas Priest Frontman Releasing Christmas Album
antiMusic reports: Hell Bent for Santa? You will be this year as Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford drops his version of a Christmas album on fans (Oops, in these politically correct times we are supposed to refer to it as a "holiday" album like his publicist did... but we'll go with Rob on this one). Here is the official announcement:

"Well, I've always said I wanted to produce a Christmas CD," comments Rob Halford. "The Halford band has assembled a fantastic release, and we're excited to have produced a collection of holiday tracks which all of us have enjoyed from a very early age."

Just in time for the 2009 holiday season comes a release that is sure to grab the attention of heavy metal fans worldwide, as legendary singer Rob Halford debuts his first holiday CD Halford III Winter Songs on his new label Metal God Records distributed globally by ADA Global / Warner Music Group, Fontana / Universal Music Group, Conveyor / Universal Music Canada and Sony Music Japan. - more on this story

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Head Wants Back In Korn?
Blabbermouth reports: Altitude TV conducted an interview this past weekend with Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer.

When asked about Korn's current relationship with former members Brian "Head" Welch (guitar) and David Silveria (drums), Munky said, "It's kind of a strange thing. Brian actually contacted us recently and wanted to come back to the band. And it was not the right time... for us. We're doing well, and it's kind of like...

"It's kind of like if you divorced your wife and she went on and she stayed successful and her career flourished, and you go back and [say], 'My gosh, she's still hot.' 'Baby, can we get back together?' 'Wait a minute... All the stuff's been divided, and it's like...' I don't see it happening right now. It's not gonna happen right now. As far as David goes - read on

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Zakk Wylde Update- U2 Rarities- Mott The Leppard- Neil Young Benefit- Legal Fray- Bulletboy Out of the Hospital- Elton Too Old To Adopt- Warhol OJ Art Heist and more
antiMusic reports: Here is the latest Zakk Wylde health update via twitter: "I really appreciate how cool all of you are. Thank you for the 'get wells.' Going to see the Dr. tomorrow, more blood work, CT scan of my lungs, once again, another penile reduction. Aside from, I was attacked by Frog People and Hendrix lit me on fire - everybody stay strong, Keep bleeding black, God bless and good night. Time for my Viagra and steroids so I can last - so I can break the Black Label barrier of eight seconds as I impale the Immortal Beloved with my crotchal uzi of love."

25th anniversary of U2's classic 1984 album, "The Unforgettable Fire" will be celebrated with a host of reissue configurations. Due October 27 from Island/Universal, four options will be available that include B-sides, rarities, alternate versions, and previously unreleased songs including "Disappearing Act" (a.k.a. "White City"), a song that was originally started in 1983 with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. more

Speaking of U2, Bono and Edge made a surprise appearance Monday night at the Toronto International Film Festival to support fellow Irishmen Neil Jordan (director) and Colin Farrell (star) for the premiere of Ondine more including photos

Classic Rock Magazine has revealed that Joe Elliott of Def Leppard will put together a one-off band with the Quireboys to support Mott the Hoople on the last night of their reunion shows. Ian Hunter and co have arranged a series of gigs at the Hammersmith Apollo to mark the 40th anniversary of their formation. more

The lineup has been unveiled for the 2009 Bridge School Benefit concert. Co-founder Neil Young anchors a bill that also features No Doubt, Jimmy Buffett, Coldplay's Chris Martin, Sheryl Crow and Monsters of Folk, among others more

The Fray songwriting duo of Joseph King and Isaac Slade on Monday filed a lawsuit against their manager over the copyrights to their songs. King and Slade say manager Gregg Latterman's company obtained partial ownership of their songs when the band members signed a publishing agreement. Always read the fine print! more

Bulletboys' drummer Ryche Green was released from the hospital late last week and is recuperating at home. Ryche was rushed to the ER upon returning home from their recent tour and was diagnosed with a severe case of pneumonia. Ryche became very ill while on tour, playing night after night until he could no longer function. Ryche was confined to the ICU in a breathing tent. more

Elton John cannot adopt a 14-month-old boy because he is not married and too old, a Ukrainian minister has said. The star, 62, said on Saturday that he hoped to adopt a boy, named Lev, whom he met while visiting an orphanage. But government minister Yuriy Pavlenko told the Associated Press that the age difference between an adoptive parent and a child must be 45 years or less. We get the old part, but what about the married part? Didn't he get married?

Police in Los Angeles say a multi-million dollar Andy Warhol art collection has been stolen from a private home in the city. Among the missing works are 10 pieces created by Warhol in the late 1970s depicting famous athletes, including Muhammad Ali and OJ Simpson. They were taken from the house of businessman Richard Weisman. A portrait of Mr Weisman was also stolen. more.

Whitesnake's Doug Aldrich is to rejoin Dio for the band's forthcoming UK tour. He will fill in for regular guitarist Craig Goldy on the tour while Goldy tours with Budgie in Australia. more

Spencer Day's recent appearance on 'The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson' is now online. Spencer performed his new single, "Til You Come To Me" from his new album Vagabond. You can check it out here

Ace Frehley was introduced Saturday at his Viper Room show in Hollywood, CA by comedian George Lopez. Also, among the many celebrities in attendance was Slash who joined Ace on stage to play Cold Gin to close out the show. The sold out performance was part of the Sunset Strip Music Festival.

Look What I Did has announced February 9, 2010 as the release date for their new album, titled "Atlas Drugged."more

Some fan-filmed video footage of Ozzy Osbourne's September 12, 2009 performance at the second annual Sunset Strip Music Festival (SSMF) can be viewed at Blabbermouth

Social Distortion has announced a change in the line up for their upcoming tour. UK punk act TAT has dropped off the tour due to unforeseen circumstances, to be replaced by Sacramento's Middle Class Rut.more

Katsumoto has announced the departure Brandon Brown (drums, vocals) and Matt Simmerman (bass, vocals). "We are sad to say that all shows for the rest of the year will be cancelled. Why do you ask? To simply put it two dearly loved members are no longer in the group. Why you ask again? find out here

Vocalist Matti Way (Disgorge, Liturgy, Cinerary) has quit the San Diego, California-based death metal/grindcore band Pathology.more -

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Megadeth Hitting The Road
PR reports: Megadeth are proud to announce that they will be embarking on a headline tour, their first in support of their latest album, ENDGAME. The ENDGAME tour will feature Machine Head, Suicide Silence and Arcanium in support slots from November 14 through December 3. Warbringer will replace Machine Head on the bill, beginning on December 5.

Megadeth's twelfth studio release, Endgame, will be released on September 15, to much fanfare, with early praise for the record flooding in (not us since our request for a review copy apparently went into a black hole).

Fans and critics alike are deeming this Megadeth's best, most visceral record of the decade. Known for their ferocious, unforgettable and brain-scarring live shows, the band will co-headline another throng of dates with fellow metal icons Slayer in Canada, beginning on November 8 and running through November 13, and will subsequently lay waste to venues in the States.
- more on this story

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Phil Collins Forced To Quit Drumming
Rock Radio reports: Phil Collins will never play drums again, he has revealed. The Genesis star, who moved from the drum stool to the main mic when Peter Gabriel left the band in 1975, says the position he's used while playing over the years has forced his vertebrae together, crushing his spine.

And in recent times he's resorted to taping drumsticks to his hands, because he can't grip them any more.

Speaking at a charity event Collins, 58, says: "After playing drums for 50 years I've had to stop. My vertebrae has been crushing my spinal cord because of the position I drum in. It comes from years of playing. I can't even hold the sticks properly without it being painful."
- more on this story

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Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe 2 Tour
PR reports: The Hellbilly Returns! The Master of monster mayhem, Rob Zombie, will be destroying a city near you beginning this October 29th on The Hellbilly Deluxe 2 tour.

Not since 1998's super smash triple platinum Hellbilly Deluxe has Zombie hit the road under that moniker. So get ready to scream! The tour will usher in Zombie's forthcoming album Hellbilly Deluxe 2.

This will be Zombie's first headline tour since 2007 and will have other ghoulish delights in tow including openers Nekromantix and Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures last seen rocking Haddonfield and Michael Myers in Zombie's new film Halloween 2. - more on this story

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Acacia Strain and Emmure Singers Trade Blows
antiMusic reports: The frontment from Acacia Strain and Emmure reportedly came to blows at a show this weekend. Lambgoat has this report: We couldn't possibly NOT post something about this, so please forgive us. While we're at it, f**k Kanye West, and long live Erik Estrada.

Anyway, many of you know that The Acacia Strain and Emmure are not too fond of each other. Well, the inevitable outcome of a hardcore beef is usually a hardcore anticlimax. But in this case, The Acacia Strain frontman Vincent Bennett and Emmure frontman Frankie Palmeri really did have some sort of an altercation at an Emmure show in Clifton Park, NY Sunday night.

Of course, we'll probably never know the true story unless it was captured on video, but we've received various accounts of the incident, some with Bennet prevailing, and others with Palmeri victorious. - Here are some highlights

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Free Creed High Def Webcast Announced
PR reports: Rockpit.Com, the new music website dedicated to all things rock, will celebrate its official launch LIVE with Creed from the Cynthia Wood Mitchell Pavilion in Houston to kick off the High Definition Live Webcast Concert Series along the multi-platinum, Grammy-winning rockers' Full Circle tour. Be a part of the action as it happens for FREE at www.Rockpit.com starting Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. CST.

"It's amazing how life can change and bring you full circle," notes Creed lead singer Scott Stapp regarding the Full Circle Tour. "Time gave us all a chance to reflect, grow and gain a deeper appreciation of our friendships, artistic chemistry, passion for music, and sincere love for our fans! It's rare in life to get a second chance to make a first impression and we embrace the opportunity. We all believe the Best Is Yet To Come!"

Creed fans and rock enthusiasts can register Now to receive a free All Access webcast pass to be among the 200,000 live viewers worldwide by visiting www.Rockpit.com. The Creed live webcast, produced by DC3 Music Group, LLC and directed by awarding-winning director Daniel E. Catullo III (Rush in Rio, Nickelback Live From Sturgis, Godsmack: Changes), will find its place in the Guinness Book of World Records as a world-record breaking cinematic experience featuring 242 cameras the most cameras ever used for coverage for a live music event. Coverage will include simultaneous filming of backstage footage, extended aerial "Fly Cam" stadium views, the full-length concert and pre- and post-concert band interviews.
- more on this story

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Rise Against Anniversary Show
PR reports: It's been 10 years since Rise Against came on the scene and to celebrate they will be playing only songs from their first two records "The Unraveling" and "Revolutions Per Minute" at a very special show!

"Songs from the Fat Years" will take place December 18th at Chicago's The Metro and will feature fellow Chicago punk band The Bollweevils as well as Noise By Numbers. Tickets go on sale September 19th.

Says Rise Against, "It's hard to believe it's been almost ten years since we first planted the seeds of what would eventually become Rise Against. To celebrate, we thought we'd dust off some songs we haven't played in awhile and bring them to our favorite venue in the city that gave birth to this band. Whether you're an old fan, a new fan of the old stuff, or in the dark about our Fat Wreck years, it promises to be a sweet night. If all goes well, we plan to make this an annual event in a different city with a different charity every year. Thanks for ten great years Chicago, onward!" - http://www.riseagainst.com/

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Daryl Hall and Todd Rundgren
PR reports: Both Daryl Hall and Todd Rundgren shared a love of the street-corner doo-wop harmonies and soulful R&B they grew up listening to from the groups in their hometown of Philadelphia, and now the two will join their equally distinctive voices for the 23rd and latest edition of the acclaimed, groundbreaking web series Live From Daryl's House on Sept. 15 at www.livefromdarylshouse.com.

Says Daryl: "Todd and I grew up almost in the same neighborhood and as kids we listened to and were influenced by pretty much the same musicians that were part of the creation of the sound of Philadelphia."

The two join forces on an eight-song set that includes Daryl Hall's War Babies song "Better Watch Your Back" (a 1975 live version from London of the War Babies track is included on the Sony Legacy four-CD box set, Do What You Want Be What You Are, coming Oct. 13 the original 1974 LP was produced by Rundgren) and "Wait for Me" (a fans favorite from their 1979 album, X-Static, also featured on the compilation). In addition, Daryl and Todd perform Rundgren originals "Sweet," "Want of a Nail," "Sometimes I Don't Know What to Feel" and "Can We Still be Friends" and must-see versions of the Soul Survivors' hit, "Expressway to Your Heart" and Average White Band's "You Got It."
- more on this story

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Reveal Tracklisting for Three Disc Live Release
PR reports: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club today reveal the tracklisting for their previously announced three-disc Live DVD due out November 10, 2009 on Abstract Dragon/Vagrant. The band is also giving away a free remix of "Not What You Wanted" to fans today via their website; www.blackrebelmotorcycleclub.com.

The DVD features over two hours of live concert footage from three sold out shows in Berlin, Dublin and Glasgow. The footage documents the end of the band's 2007 tour in support of Baby 81, their most recent full-length release and was directed and edited by Tessa Angus with live audio mixed by BRMC's own Peter Hayes.

The second bonus DVD features over ninety minutes of intimate, behind-the-scenes footage as well as additional performance footage. The package is rounded out by a bonus audio CD featuring 14 songs from the concert film and a 48-page photo booklet.
- more on this story

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