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Full Report for 09/28/2009

AC/DC Pull the Plug On Tour As Singer Recovers
antiMusic reports: AC/DC's Black Ice World Tour has been put on hold while lead singer Brian Johnson recovers from a medical procedure. Here is what the band had to say: [the tour] was set to hit Phoenix, AZ on October 1, will be postponed to a later date. Subsequent shows in Las Vegas, Louisville, Kansas City, Des Moines and Milwaukee will also be rescheduled. The tour will resume on October 16 in Washington.

Lead singer Brian Johnson recently underwent a medical procedure and at the advice of his doctor is taking some time to rest. [He is rumored to have had some kind of throat surgery but that has not been confirmed]

The Black Ice World Tour, kicked off in October of 2008 and has crisscrossed North America and Europe twice. This November, the Black Ice World Tour will visit Latin America and by early 2010 the tour will hit Australia and New Zealand. - more on this story

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Whitesnake Video Star Arrested
AP reports: Here we go again. Tawny Kitaen first made a name for herself in the 80s as the video vixen in Whitesnake videos who was seen seductively climbing on cars. Now she is making headlines for reportedly driving a car intoxicated.

The Celeb Rehab alum was busted on Saturday in Newport Beach, Ca for suspicion of driving under the influence. Kitaen was part of the second season of the Vh1 reality show staring Dr. Drew which aired late last year. Apparently it didn't take. She had a previous stint in rehab in late 2006 following a bust for possession of 15 grams of cocaine.

The AP reports: police Sgt. Shontel Sherwood says Kitaen was arrested at about 3 p.m. Saturday when officers suspected she had been driving her Range Rover under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Kitaen was released after posting $2,500 bail. - more on this story

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SYCG in Major Van Accident
Bloodshot Records reports: The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir was in a terrible van accident last week in Indiana, on their way to a show in Cincinnati in support of their new record. Without getting into too much detail, the van blew a tire and then rolled several times, eventually coming to a rest upside down on the median. The band was transported to the Jasper County Hospital in Rensselaer, IN.

Alison Hinderliter, Jay Santana, and Ethan Adelsman were all released from the hospital last night with minor injuries. Elia Einhorn was held overnight with injuries to his head and neck, and is expected to be released tomorrow. Mary Ralph has a broken pelvis and collarbone, and will probably be moved to a hospital closer to home. Mark Yoshizumi was airlifted to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn last night with injuries to his head, back, and neck. He is in serious condition, but making progress. Our thoughts go out to all our friends in the band, and their families, friends, and significant others.

All of the band's gear was destroyed, and the van was totaled. As anyone involved with music knows, a lot of musicians don't have health insurance, copious amounts of income, or time to spare off work. This accident - apart from being medically and personally horrible - is also going to be expensive. We here are doing what we can to help them, but if anyone else would like to help out, there are three ways to donate and support The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir in this time of need. - more on this story

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Alice in Chains Compare Downloading To Prison Rape
antiMusic reports: Not even Lars went this far in his war against Napster. Alice in Chains' drummer Sean Kinney compared having their new album leaked and illegally downloaded to being raped in prison. He was speaking metaphorically of course.

Blabbermouth reports: Tim Virgin of Chicago's Q101 radio station conducted an interview with Alice In Chains when the band played an acoustic set at the city's Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday, September 19. During the chat, the Alice In Chains members were asked for their thoughts on their new album, "Black Gives Way To Blue", being leaked on the Internet two weeks prior to the CD's official release date.

"You know it's gonna happen 'cause it's part of [how the industry works nowadays], but you just hope it doesn't happen too far in advance," drummer Sean Kinney replied. "It's nothing unique [to this band]. [But] we hadn't been through it [before], 'cause we hadn't made a record in 14 years, so I think that's the initial shock. It's like, 'What?' We were talking about it earlier... It's like going to prison you're know you're gonna get raped, but you're not ready for it. You think you're all prepared for it, but you're not really prepared for how violent that rape is. It's like, 'Wow! He's really giving it to me.'" - Check out the interview here

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Red Hot Chili Peppers To Begin Work On New Album
Rock Radio reports: The Red Hot Chili Peppers will end their two-year break on October 12, reports drummer Chad Smith. The band went on hiatus in 2007 after Stadium Arcadium.

In the intervening time Smith has been part of Chickenfoot with Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony of Van Halen and guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani. He's also just released a funk instrumental album with his other side-project, the Bombastic Meatbats.

But now Smith tells Rolling Stone the funk-rock four piece are ready to get back in the game, and will convene for songwriting on October 12. He says: "I'm going back to playing with the Chili Peppers and I've no idea what it might sound like - which is exciting. It's been two years and we'll just get back together and play. This is my favourite part: the creative process. It's the coolest part of making music and being in a band.
- more on this story

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Robert Plant and Jimmy Page In The Studio for Zep II 40th Anniversary
Blabbermouth reports: Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and Jimmy Page will discuss the 40th anniversary of the band's landmark second album, "Led Zeppelin II", on the October 12 edition of "In The Studio" with professional radio broadcaster and rock musician interviewer Redbeard.

"Led Zeppelin II" was released on October 22, 1969 on Atlantic Records. Recording sessions for the album took place at several locations in the United Kingdom and North America from January to August 1969.

"In The Studio" is a weekly hour-long "rockumentary" featuring in-depth exclusive interviews with the superstar musicians who have created the greatest albums in rock and roll history. Now in its 21st year, "In The Studio" is syndicated each week to over 85 U.S. cities and distributed by Radio K&G of New York City.
- more including a link to a preview of the show

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Eric Clapton And Jeff Beck Plan Arena Gig
Nightwatcher reports: Planet Rock is reporting that Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck will play a huge show together at the O2 Arena next year.

The blues legends will perform together at London's premier venue on 13 February. They first performed their collaboration show in Tokyo in February and following the success of the gig they decided to bring it home.

'Eric and I played together in Japan earlier this year and had a blast. Since then we have been in regular contact and talked about doing a similar show for our fans. Looking forward to the show in 2010," said Beck.
- more on this story

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Early McCartney Writing Found
AP reports: A discovery in a Liverpool library has revealed that Paul McCartney's talent for writing was winning him prizes when he was just 10 though for an essay about the queen, rather than a hit song.

A British researcher said he found an essay written in very tidy, curling script by the future Beatle for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Kevin Roach said Sunday that he found the work in records at Liverpool's Central Library. Roach said the writing is "advanced you would say it was written by someone who was older than 10 years old, more like 14 or 15." - more on this story

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Metallica Tour To Help Introduce Danish Band To American Fans
PR reports: Since the Danish metal quartet's formation in October, 2001, Volbeat has steadily risen to become one of the major attractions in the European scene. The band has released three albums and a live DVD overseas. This fall, North Americans will finally have access to the complete catalog, with all three studio albums available (the DVD is planned for a later date).

Volbeat's current title Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood (2009) is showing an increased presence, with exponential sales and airplay increases in markets across the continent. On October 27, Volbeat will see The Strength / The Sound / The Songs (2005) join the previously issued Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil (2007) at retail stores across the U.S. and Canada.

The band will return to North America this fall as support for Metallica and Lamb of God in arenas across Canada and the U.S. Singer Michael Poulsen shared, "We are so thankful for this great chance and are looking forward to sharing the stage with one of our biggest inspirations. It's such an honor, and it's also a great honor to play for the Metallica fans who are very dedicated. It will be a challenge, but we will do our best to give the Metallica fans a little piece of what we are about and what we do. We wanna thank the gentlemen in Metallica for giving Volbeat this chance. Thank You!" Hopefully we will be able to play a headliner show or two while we're in the US. We can't wait to see you all!" - more on this story

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Metal Band Declares War on Tim McGraw
antiMusic reports: Before you send in emails, yes this is a blatant publicity stunt but it was a slow news day and we decided to run it for the fun of it. Here you go: Taintstick, the explosive gods of heavy metal ecstasy, has declared war against country singer Tim McGraw and his new album "Southern Voice". The band is currently calling for McGraw's retirement in a new challenge issued by the band today.

"Look, McGraw you've had a good run. 40 million sold and eleven consecutive number one albums. You've even got a famous wife chick, so we got nothing but love for you. Cowf**ker's Mom even went to one of your concerts one time and said you put on a good show, but enough's enough. Taintstick is here to hunt big game, and you're directly in the bullseye," said the band in a statement.

"So let's do this; 'Southern Voice' vs 'Six Pounds of Sound' winner take all. Whomever sells more gets the glory, while the loser goes home forever. You in?" - more on this story

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Say Anything Deluxe
RCA reports: In order to super serve Say Anything's enormously loyal fan base, bandleader Max Bemis worked closely with his label RCA to create a compelling limited, souped-up deluxe edition of its third album scheduled for release on November 3rd on RCA Records.

The deluxe edition includes a vinyl LP of the album, a standard CD, MP3 album download, as well as a highly coveted early demo CD of 9 songs entitled Say Anything's Secret Origin, capturing the original recordings that were the inspirational root of the album. The package also includes custom-crafted items such as a 2 sided 3-D poster and glasses (naturally), a Say Anything branded guitar pick, and a band-designed "bandmember" t-shirt, replicating the uniforms the band wears in the album packaging and in their video for the first single "HATE EVERYONE." Additionally, the package also includes an iron-on decal for fans to make their own capes, as represented on the "superkid" superhero image on cover of their album. This limited deluxe edition is available now for pre-order at www.sayanythingmusic.com for $89.

Say Anything, the 12-song collection was produced by veteran producer/mixer/engineer Neal Avron, who has also worked with Weezer, The Wallflowers, Fall Out Boy, and Everclear, among many others. The band which is frontman Max Bemis, drummer Coby Linder, bassist Alex Kent, guitarists Jake Turner and Jeff Turner, and keyboardist Parker Case recorded it in early 2009 at the Boat Studio in Los Angeles. Say Anything is the first studio album from the band since its critically acclaimed 2007 double-disc In Defense of the Genre, which Entertainment Weekly praised as an "ambitious artistic statement" and Alternative Press called "an opus that musicians more than twice Bemis' age could only hope to create."
- more on this story

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Weezer, Killers and Wolfmother in Guitar Hero 5 Fridays
Yahoo Music reports: Yahoo! Music are excited to announce (and premiere) Guitar Hero 5 Fridays on Yahoo! Music, a three part concert series highlighting keystone artists featured in Guitar Hero 5. All performances were taped in various locations to showcase artists in an intimate setting with fans.

"Guitar Hero Fridays on Yahoo! Music" features Wolfmother, The Killers, and Weezer, which premiered on Friday, exclusively on Yahoo! Music.

The high-quality, live performance videos and content can be found in the "Guitar Hero Maximum Performance" blog in Yahoo Music. Here is the full schedule of artist premieres: Weezer 9/25 Wolfmother 10/2 Killers 10/9.

- You can check it out here

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Singled Out:
antiMusic reports: Welcome to Singled Out! where we ask artists to tell us the inside story of their latest single. Today Ryan Bing from Glad Hearts tells us about "Nothing If We're Not Moving" from their brand new album "The Oak and the Acorn". We now turn it over to Ryan for the story:

The idea for this song started with the line, "You'd never use it in anger, but you still want to know how to shoot it." That popped into my head one day, and I built the rest of the song from that.

I thought about who would say something like that and how that person would live, and I built the story around that. The line about the gun helped me tell the story, though I never really thought of it as a song about guns. A few people have told me their interpretations of the song, and those interpretations have all been a little different from one another. That makes me happy. I like a song to be open like that.

As far as the musical side of the song, I play the song a lot higher up on the guitar neck than most of the other songs on the record. I wanted to change things up a bit from the open chords I had been using for a lot of the other songs, so I use a capo and get pretty high up the neck at some points in the song. As far as the singing, consistently having to hit and hold that drawn out note at the end of the song helped me quit finally quit smoking for good.

John Valencia, my bandmate, wrote the piano parts. I think he did a great job of keeping them sparse but well-placed. Jimmy Valentine, our old drummer, did the cymbal swells, which I think are similarly sparse but well-placed. That was one of the few times we used mallets on drums for a song, and I like how that sounds.

Bethany from The Feverfew sings with me on the track, and I think she has a beautiful voice. To start with, we both sang the entire song. Matt Shane later decided whose vocal would go where when he mixed the song. Matt's also the one who threw the tremolo on the guitar. That was something I hadn't even thought of, but I loved as soon as I heard it. It was really exciting when we got the track back as a rough mix with that on it.

I'm really happy with how this song ended up, because when I listen to it I can distinctly hear how John, Jimmy, Bethany, and Matt all shaped it and made it way better than I could have ever made it on my own.

It's also one of the songs people download most from our web site. My friend even held earphones up to his wife's belly to play it for their little baby. That's something I never even considered might happen when I first started writing the song, so that was a really cool surprise. I hope the baby liked it!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album
- right here!

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