Day in Rock Report for 01/16/2012

Bon Jovi In Middle Of Dispute Over Skid Row Band Name
(Rock News Desk) The musician who played with Phil Lynott and Gary Moore in Irish 1960s band Skid Row has explained his frustration over the US outfit once fronted by Sebastian Bach taking his name. And he says long-standing stories about Moore having been paid by Jon Bon Jovi for the are untrue.

Brush Shiels founded his blues-rock act in 1967, and gave Moore his first professional music role. They toured across the US and Canada and released three albums before splitting in 1972. "The late Gary Moore told me Jon Bon Jovi asked him if it was alright to use the name. Gary said it was nothing to do with him and he'd have to ring me. For some reason, Jon Bon Jovi never rang me."

He continues: "I have a new Skid Row album coming out and I want it sorted out once and for all. I'd expect somebody from Jon Bon Jovi's office to say, 'There's been a misunderstanding, something's happened.' I don't know what it is, but I must be entitled to use the name Skid Row." A lot more details and comments from Shiels here.

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Velvet Revolver Reunite
(Banana 101.5) Velvet Revolver reunited with Scott Weiland for a brief four-song set last Thursday night and covered the Pink Floyd classic rock staple 'Wish You Were Here.'

During the lengthy and unsuccessful search a replacement, the members of Velvet Revolver were able to mend their once-toxic relationship with former vocalist Scott Weiland. So much so that Weiland accepted their offer to once again front them for a one-off gig at last night's (1/12) 'Love You Madly: A Concert for John O' Brien' at The House of Blues in West Hollywood.

Velvet Revolver performed their debut album opener 'Sucker Train Blues,' as well as 'She Builds Quick Machines' and 'Slither' before breaking into a rendition of Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here.' The brief reunion seemed to go off without a hitch but what that means for the future of the band is unclear. More including video here.

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Van Halen's New Album Vinyl Edition To Have 2-Discs and Extras
Van Halen fans will be able to get the band's comeback album, A Different Kind of Truth, on vinyl... but it will cost you.

The Live Nation Store is offering a pre-order for what is being billed as the "A Different Kind of Truth: Exclusive Tour Collector's Edition" Vinyl album and it costs $54.98.

According to the site, for that price tag you will receive: The double gatefold vinyl album includes all 13 songs on 2 LPs plus custom artwork. This edition also comes with the Deluxe MP3 Edition of the album which will be delivered on the release date (2/7/12) for pre-order customers. The deluxe MP3 also includes "The Downtown Sessions", 4 acoustic video performances on QT .mov files "Panama", "You and Your Blues (intro)", "You and Your Blues" and "Beautiful Girls"! More details and preorder here.

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Riot Guitarist Hospitalized
We received the following update from the Riot camp on Friday: Founder and guitarist Mark Reale has been admitted to a San Antonio hospital in critical condition due to complications of Crohn's disease.

Subsequently, there is a possibility that he may not appear in the band's upcoming performances in the Northeast and aboard the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise to Grand Cayman.

Mark has been battling Crohn's for most of his life, working and performing while enduring almost constant pain and the side effects of treatment for his illness. He was in Texas bravely attempting to practice for the shows, but was felled by a severe onset of Crohn's symptoms leaving him in the Intensive Care Unit at an undisclosed facility. more on this story

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Machine Head Almost Split Up
(Rock News Desk) Machine Head drummer Dave McClain has admitted the band came within moments of splitting up after a show in Paris on their three-year world tour.

It confirms long-standing rumors of tension within the outfit as they supported their 2007 album The Blackening with a trek which was continually extended due to popular demand.

McClain says relations between frontman Robb Flynn and bassist Adam Duce disintegrated almost entirely. more on this story

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Kate Bush Fan That Crossed An Ocean To Propose Is Deported
(Rock News Desk) A Kate Bush fan that flew to her home from the US with an engagement ring, hoping to marry her, has been deported from the UK.

Frank Tufaro, 32, broke into Bush's home in Devon while she was away, and was arrested after neighbours contacted the police. Detained under the Mental Health Act, Tufaro stated he hadn't intended to break in, adding:

"It was so bitter and cold I've never broken a law in my life but I decided to break a window pane and let myself in so I wouldn't freeze to death. I was inside for about eight minutes before I realised I had to leave." more on this story

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Axl Rose Serves Jury Duty
(hennemusic) Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose completed jury duty last week in Santa Monica, Ca, according to People.

Rose finished his service on a civil trial last Tuesday "after serving four days of the trial process," his rep told People.

"It was relatively painless," said Axl. "I was fortunate that everyone in the courthouse and jurors were all really great, plus I got to see daylight from a different prospect." more on this story

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Dave Grohl Working 'Epic' Sound City Documentary
(Banana 101.5) A while back we reported some details on a documentary Dave Grohl was putting together on the studio where he recorded 'Nevermind' with Nirvana Sound City Studios. According to what Grohl said recently, we can expect some "epic" performances in addition to the usual rock-doc fare.

The now closed Sound City Studios was the grounds where many incredible rock album were recorded, just a few of the artists who've recorded there include Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Nine Inch Nails, Willy Nelson, and Eric Clapton. We initially learned of Grohl's documentary secondhand from REO Speedwagon frontman Kevin Cronin, who briefly teased the project before realizing he should probably let Dave deliver the news. The topic came up in a Q&A featured in the latest issue of Rolling Stone and Grohl talked about what inspired him to helm the project:

"When Sound City closed last year it was a very sad day. That place was like a church. The list people that recorded there is like a virtual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We recorded 'Nevermind' there back in 1991. That funky old place had the best drum room in the world. The drum sound at the beginning of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit?' That's Sound City. I decided to make a film about that feeling when you put five guys in a room, hit "record" and the hair on the back of your neck stands up. Expect some epic jam sessions." more on this story

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Asking Alexandria, Trivium and Dir En Grey Tour
Asking Alexandria have announced plans for a North America this March and April with Trivium, Dir En Grey, I See Stars, Motionless In White and The Amity Affliction.

Asking Alexandria are currently headlining a six-week European tour in support of their Reckless and Relentless album.

Ben Bruce (guitars) states: "We're back mother f**kers! This headlining tour marks our first U.S. tour of the year and also our last tour for Reckless and Relentless. This is gunna be a crazy f**king tour. We have great bands playing with us that we are very excited about sharing a stage with and we are playing our longest set ever with songs from both Stand up and Scream and Reckless and Relentless. We hit the studio right after this tour to record our new album and therefore will not be headlining the states for quite some times after this, so come down and lets start 2012 right. We can't wait to see you all." more on this story

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English Dogs Reunite for North American Tour
Underground punk legends English Dogs have reunited and will launch their first North American tour since 1985.

The tour kicks off February 10th in Baltimore and criss-crosses the country winding up on February 25th in Santa Clara, CA. Support on the tour comes from The Casualties, Toxic Holocaust and Havok.

Founding member and Drummer Pinch cannot wait to return to North America: "Touring this lineup from this period in English Dogs history has been long overdue and I'm pumped to be playing our best album with them. It's exciting to know that English Dogs legacy has been significant enough to influence some of today's best bands, and I'm honored to be touring with them. This is a perfect thrash punk bill, guaranteed to rip it up every night. If you don't feel this one, you really are undead!!!"
more on this story

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Stone Sour Making An Album That No One Wants Them To Make
(Gibson) Corey Taylor recently spoke to ARTISTdirect about the progress of the songwriting sessions for Stone Sour's fourth album. The follow-up to 2010's Audio Secrecy is due in 2012, but Taylor says it will turn out to be "an album that no one wants us to make."

According to Taylor, the album likely will be recorded in Iowa with producer David Bottrill, who has previously worked with Tool, Muse and Peter Gabriel, among others. "I am looking forward to basically becoming a mad scientist in the studio and creating an album that no one wants us to make," Taylor said. "I pretty much got permission to do whatever I wanted, which means that I'm essentially going against the grain in an age where people are f---ing trying to simply put out singles. We're looking to do a double concept album and really make it destructive."

Taylor suggested the album would be a mix of Pink Floyd's The Wall and Alice in Chains' Dirt "on steroids that will give you a taste of what I'm shooting for right now. We've already got 14 tunes done, and we're looking to get another 15 ready to go. The stuff we have right now is nuclear. It's pretty much going to go all the way. It's dark as s--t. There's so much balls-out rock on it as well as some good headpunchers and some really cool dark pieces. I'm really excited about it." more on this story

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Lamb of God Crushes Rock Star Dreams
(Rock News Desk) Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has issued a warning to those who believe he and his band are rich and adds that he's not a rock star either.

Blythe tells The Merch Dude: "Folks think that everyone in a professional band sleeps on mattresses made out of hundred-dollar bills and just sits back chilling when they aren't on tour, spending all their free time screwing models and cashing massive royalty cheques.

"I got bad news for the kids who want to try and do this thing for a living it ain't that way," he said. "Stop watching Cribs on MTV, get in a van, go out on the road, and try doing this for a while. It's a quick and bitter educational experience." more on this story

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Bulletboys Fire Accusations At Each Other
(Rock News Desk) The Bulletboys reunion looks to have imploded after their show in Hollywood on December 30.

Drummer Jimmy D'Anda has lashed out at frontman Marq Torien, saying: "He wants to continue without the original members so he can maintain control of the name. His contract states the guys and I are on a trial basis for a year, then if he thinks we're deserving we can buy a portion of the name. That's unacceptable. Either we're a band or we're not."

But Torien replies: "Contrary to what Jimmy says I am more than willing to share everything equally. The original members sold out the group and the name 18 years ago. Despite their sellout, my fair and equal offer remains on the table. I hope to work this out where everybody can be happy." More rock news

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Original Voice of Yes Jon Anderson Launching Solo Tour
Original Yes frontman Jon Anderson is hitting the road next month for a series of North American solo concert dates.

Glass Onyon sent over these details and the dates: Jon Anderson, who has one of the most recognizable voices in music, and is best known for his work with YES, Vangelis and Kitaro, as well as his innovative solo efforts, recently completed a successful tour of the east coast in the US with fellow YES member Rick Wakeman and a solo tour of South America.

Jon's solo tour promises to deliver an exciting mixture of material from his prolific solo career, collaborations with Vangelis and classic YES songs, along with new compositions from his new CD 'Survival & Other Stories'. more on this story

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The Flaming Lips Recruit Nick Cave and Yoko For Collaborative Album
(Gibson) The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne has revealed that the band are working on a new collaborative LP with numerous guests.

According to Rolling Stone, Yoko Ono, Nick Cave, Ke$ha, Lykke Li and Erykah Badu are all set to appear on the album, which is scheduled to be released in April.

Coyne confirmed that he had already recorded collaborations with Cave and the Plastic Ono Band for the record. Speaking about the other planned collaborators, the Coyne said, "All these things happen within a couple of days. You set up these [collaborations] in your mind and immediately get to work. Sometimes it just takes a matter of connecting." more on this story

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Neil Peart Takes New Approach On Forthcoming Rush Album
(Rock News Desk) Rush drummer Neil Peart has admitted even he has struggled with the complicated arrangements in the band's tracks.

And the time spent learning the changes has meant his recording sessions were less off-the-cuff than he'd have liked them to be.

But now he's found a new way of working which, he says, means his drum tracks on upcoming album Clockwork Angels have been more fun to record and they're much more enthusiastic and energetic. Read what he had to say here.

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Ronnie Wood Recounts His Final Goodbye To Jimmy Hendrix
(Rock News Desk) Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood has spoken of saying goodbye to Jimi Hendrix the night he died. The guitar icon was found dead in his girlfriend's London home on September 18, 1970, in circumstances which have never fully been explained, leading some to accusations he was murdered over plans to terminate his management contract.

Wood, who shared a flat with Hendrix for a time, saw him earlier on the fateful evening in Ronnie Scott's jazz club. Speaking on his Absolute Radio show the Stone said: "Jimi was a really sweet, well-mannered boy, and I'm very honoured to have shared a little space of time with him back in the late 1960s.

"I was with him at Ronnie Scott's the night he died. He wa walking down the stairs with his arm around this girl and I said to him, 'Jimi, say goodnight' and he didn't turn round," he said. "I said, 'Jimi, say goodnight!' and he turned round really slowly, out of his brain, and just gave me a little stoned wave. And that was the last the world saw of him. Very sad, very sad departure." more on this story

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Jimmy Fallon Introduces Tim Tebow and David Bowie Hybrid Singer
(hennemusic) "Tebowie" debuted on Jimmy Fallon's show Thursday night. The singer is a mix of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and early-70s David Bowie, with Fallon deftly combining the two into one character for a performance of an update version of "Space Oddity."

"Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ," begins the tune, "Can't win by myself but with your help I might."

"I hear that you play New England next week," replies Jesus mid-song. "Dude you're on your own, Brady is too good and I've got better things to do." Check it out here.

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How Zakk Wylde's Father Inspired Him
(Rock News Desk) Zakk Wylde says his dad's retirement and subsequent boredom taught him the importance of having something to get out of bed for in the morning.

The Black Label Society mainman recalls: "When my dad retired from General Motors, that was the worst thing that ever happened to him. He was lost.

"Once he got a job up at a gas station, and he was back talking with people again, he had a reason to get up. I'm grateful for everything I have I don't need a tragedy to happen to realize how blessed I am." More rock news

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First Wild California Grey Wolf in 80 Years Named After Journey
(Rock News Desk) The first wild grey wolf in California for 80 years has been named Journey after the rock band.

The animal was tracked by scientists over an 800-mile trip from Oregon until it decided to settle down and is now establishing its own territory.

Conservation group Portland Wild ran an online contest to give it a name, and Journey was chosen because the spirit of Don't Stop Believin' applies to the wolf's importance to natural heritage. More rock news

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Steel Panther Unplug If You Really, Really Love Me
(hennemusic) Fresh from their December UK tour with Def Leppard and Motley Crue, Steel Panther are back on the road across North America.

On Friday, the group stopped by CFOX Vancouver to sit in on The Jeff O'Neil Show, where they hung out, and performed an acoustic version of their current single "If You Really, Really Love Me."

The track is from their latest release, "Balls Out," which debuted as the #1 album on Billboard's Comedy Chart and #40 on the top 200 album chart. Check out the unplugged jam here.

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Beatles History: Anniversary of Cavern Club Opening
(Gibson) On this day in 1957, The Cavern Club opened in Liverpool. It became the home of many Liverpool bands, including The Beatles who appeared at the club 292 times. Gibson takes a look back:

The most famous club in the world started out as a mere imitation of another venue. When jazz enthusiast Alan Sytner returned home to Liverpool from Paris's jazz district, he wanted to recapture the feel of the City of Light's Le Caveau club. After a bit of searching and excavating he managed to find the perfect spot, an old air raid shelter on Mathew Street, in an area largely known for its wholesale produce markets. On this date in 1957, he opened his own Le Caveau, The Cavern Club.

The Cavern opened to the stylings of the Merseysippi Jazz Band, a veteran Liverpool ensemble who favored the music of Louis Armstrong. The club was popular with the local jazz scene, which took delight in the seedy ambience of the barrel-vaulted ceiling and the low lighting. Over the course of the next three years, most of the big names in British jazz played at the Cavern.

In addition to the more traditional forms of jazz, a slightly bastardized form also crept in the door. Skiffle was a hybrid of jazz, blues, folk and country music, played largely on homemade instruments. For kids in post-war England, it was an easy musical form to latch onto. After Lonnie Donegan took the nation by storm in 1956 with "Rock Island Line," kids everywhere were forming their own skiffle bands. The Cavern gave a handful of these bands a stage. Among them was a group called The Quarrymen, fronted by a young John Lennon. more on this story

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. Cameron Crowe's Greatest Hits Part II (25-11)
Today Anthony Kuzminski continues his countdown of Cameron Crowes Top 50 Greatest Hits with Part II counting down No 25. to No. 11 of the best songs used in Crowes films - Read the full Cameron Crowe's Greatest Hits Part II (25-11) review

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