Day in Rock Report for 04/27/2015

Why Van Halen Didn't Fake New Live Album

(Classic Rock) Eddie Van Halen was happy to release the band's first live album with David Lee Roth complete with mistakes - because that's how the show was heard on the night.

The guitar legend has previously discussed how Roth was left to choose from over 150 concert recordings before settling on the one made at Tokyo Dome in 2013.

Now Van Halen tells Guitar World: That's also why we decided to keep the recording completely live. There are mistakes.

"After it was mixed I listened to a few parts and went, Okay, I f***ed that up.' [laughs] But that's how it sounded that night, so we just left it. It's like a photograph of that evening, and we didn't Photoshop it. We did nothing. When you fix parts or mistakes, it's not a real live experience anymore." Read more here.

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Motley Crue's Vince Neil Reveals Only Reason For Reunion

(hennemusic) As Motley Crue enter the home stretch on their career as a live touring act, frontman Vince Neil says the only likely chance of the band reappearing would be to perform at their induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame - if that were ever to happen.

When Motley Crue announced their farewell tour in January of 2014, the members signed a Cessation Of Touring Agreement which forbids the band to tour beyond 2015.

"Everybody keeps coming up with these loopholes for us to get back together and play again: 'So, this Arabian prince is throwing a party; how much money is it gonna take?'," Neil tells Rolling Stone. "It's not about that, you know? I think if we got in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that's probably the only way we'd get back together and play."

"I'm not one of these cranky guys about it," says bassist Nikki Sixx of the Rock Hall. "But I think if they got it a little bit righter, people would respect it a little bit more. Honestly, there are a lot of bands previous to Mötley Crüe that deserve to be in, if it's actually about influencing other musicians and making an impact on the planet.

"You know, the bands that have gotten in the last few years, it's cool; but let's go back and look at the people who curated this great music a little bit more. I mean, I'm a huge Mott the Hoople fan; if Mötley Crüe got in before Mott the Hoople, I'd snap! [Laughs] I'd be like, 'I'm sorry, but Ian Hunter, this is for you!'"

Read Tommy and Mick's views on the Rock Hall here.

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Motorhead Forced To Cancel Monsters Of Rock Due To Lemmy's Health

(hennemusic) Motorhead were forced to cancel two appearances at the Monsters Of Rock festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil over the weekend after frontman Lemmy Kilmister fell ill on Saturday and was sent to hospital for further tests.

"Monsters Of Rock regrets to inform the public that Motorhead will not be able to carry out the performance scheduled for tonight," posted event organizers on Saturday. "The lead singer Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister, this morning suffered a serious gastric disorder, followed by dehydration. Lemmy has already had tests and been initially medicated, but on medical orders is unable to be present."

Promoters announced that Judas Priest added 30 minutes to their sets following Motorhead's cancellation, while guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee joined Andreas Kisser and Derrick Green of Sepultura for a jam session in Lemmy's absence on Saturday. Read more here.

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Stone Sour Releasing EP Tomorrow

(Classic Rock) Stone Sour have confirmed their covers EP Meanwhile In Burbank will be released on iTunes tomorrow (April 28). The launch comes after demand from supporters who couldn't get hold of the limited-edition vinyl version released for Record Store Day on April 18.

The covers EP "Meanwhile In Burbank" features Corey Taylor and co's takes on songs by Metallica, Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Judas Priest and Kiss.

The band say: "We realize that some of our biggest fans around the world didn't have the opportunity get Meanwhile In Burbank on Record Store Day. Those die-hard fans have made themselves heard." Read more here.

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Black Sabbath's Bill Ward Releases First Solo Album In 18 Years

(hennemusic) Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has released "Accountable Beasts", his first solo album in 18 years. The project includes longtime Bill Ward Band members Keith Lynch (guitar, keyboards), bassist Paul Ill and drummer Ronnie Ciago, with contributions by drummer Walter Earl and an array of session singers including Ward's daughter, Emily.

Ward's drumming can be heard on seven of the album's nine tracks. Asked how "Accountable Beasts" compares to his previous solo outings, including 1997's "When The Bough Breaks", Ward tells music writer and author Joel Gausten.

"It's much tougher; it kicks harder. Most of the stuff is pretty heavy on it. It's very current lyrically. I don't intend to be current with anything; I just write the music and allow it to just be whatever it is. But when I listened to it in hindsight - we did the final mastering on January 6th of this year - I thought, 'Oh my God! A lot of the stuff we're writing about is on TV every day.

"Most of the album is about religion; most of it's about war. It's the stuff that makes the world turn 'round every day. It's about people's souls being ripped to pieces. I guess it could be called morbid, but at the same time I'm also hoping it can be called energizing and respectful lyrically. I've worked really hard on trying to produce something that would mean something to the listener who's drawn in by the music." Read more here.

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Rush Won't Be Streaming Shows On Final Tour

(Classic Rock) Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson has rejected the idea of presenting a live stream from a show on their upcoming "final" tour. But it's possible they could offer recordings of each night's show to the audience as they leave.

The band have described their 34-date US journey as "most likely the last of this magnitude" and manager Ray Danniels recently said it was "between possible and probable" that their 40th anniversary outing would be their touring swan-song.

Lifeson tells Renman Live there are "no plans for a live stream" and explains it's a result of their approach to performance. "It's a little old-school," the guitarist says. "We want to keep it 'that event, that concert, that congregation.' In that sense we'll do it a little more old-fashioned." Read more here.

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Surprising Jimmy Page and Jack White Metallica Revelation

(Classic Rock) Producer Bob Rock says Metallica's controversial St Anger album has some famous fans - with Jimmy Page and Jack White both praising it. Rock's work on the 2003 album was the last time he was at the helm for Metallica and it has been described by many fans as the band's worst record.

The raw production and total lack of guitar solos was seen by many as too much of a departure from the thrash icons' previous efforts. But Rock says both Led Zeppelin hero Page and White Stripes mainman White are fans. Page made his comments when the pair bumped into each other at a hotel, while White's praise came at a film screening.

Rock tells Talk Is Jericho (via Blabbermouth): "I know Jimmy. He got up and walked over to me, gave me a big hug, and said, 'It's great to see you, I love the St Anger album.'

"I was at the premiere, and Jack White came over. He says, 'I'm Jack White.' I said, 'I know.' He says, 'That's my favourite Metallica album.' So I'm okay with those two."

Rock accepts the album was difficult for fans to get into. Read what he had to say here.

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Scott Weiland Talks About His Next Chapter With The Wildabouts

(Radio.com) Scott Weiland has the unfortunate task of having to promote a new album while dealing with the loss of his bandmate and close friend, guitarist Jeremy Brown.

Brown died last month, the day before the release of the debut album, Blaster, from Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts, which he had a big hand in writing guitar parts for and right before the band set off on their first tour.

'It was a horrible tragedy that we're still dealing with, but after a lot of trial and tribulation auditioning guitar players, right when we were feeling very dour about it we found our guy," Weiland tells Radio.com, echoing a statement he would release days after this interview. 'His name is Nick Mayberry."

While Brown's shoes will be tough to fill, Weiland has high hopes for Mayberry, who has played with everyone from the Madden Brothers to Alice Cooper.

In our interview, Weiland talks about the loss of Brown, his new band, the shortcomings that he's on the road to repairing and where he was when he came up with Stone Temple Pilots' 'Plush," the song that would launch him into rock stardom.

Weiland is upbeat, talkative and more forthcoming than in recent memory. He's clearly exited about this new chapter in his life. Read the full interview here.

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The Replacements Have Recorded New Songs, Box Sets Coming

(Radio.com) The Replacements have recorded new music according to their manager and Rhino is expected to announce two different box set that will focus on different eras in their career.

Billboard notes in an interview with the band's manager, Darren Hill, a number of new songs have been recorded, and it is just currently unknown what the band intends to do with them.

Rhino is planning two as-of-yet unannounced Replacements box sets for this year, one with their Twin/Tone records (Sorry Ma, I Forgot to Take Out the Garbage, Stink, Hootenanny and Let it Be) and the other with their Sire releases (Tim, Pleased to Meet Me, Don't Tell a Soul and All Shook Down). Read more here.

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Billy Joel To Play Nassau Coliseum's Final Show

(Radio.com) New York's famed Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum will soon undergo a major renovation to update its facilities, but before that happens, it'll get one final concert--from Billy Joel.

Joel will play the coliseum on Aug. 4 for its final show before a year-long renovation that, at the moment, will see it reopen in December 2016, the singer announced via his website.

The show will mark quite a bit of familiarity for those who have been attending concerts there in the past; the concert will mark Joel's 32nd show there. Read more here.

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Paul McCartney Reveals First U.S. Headlining Show of 2015

(Radio.com) Already scheduled to perform at a pair of music festivals this year (Firefly and Lollapalooza, to be exact), Paul McCartney has revealed his first solo headlining arena date of the Out There tour this year: June 21 at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center.

The show will mark McCartney's first concert in Philadelphia since a sold-out, two-night stand back in August 2010. This current leg of the former Beatle's seemingly never ending tour will again feature his longtime band of Paul 'Wix" Wickens (keyboards), Brian Ray (bass/guitar), Rusty Anderson (guitar) and Abe Laboriel Jr (drums).

"The McCartney live experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity; in just three hours some of the greatest moments from the last 50 years of music are relived; music which for many has shaped the very soundtrack of their live," says a press release announcing the show. "The tour also uses state of the art technology and production to ensure the entire audience has the best possible experience." Read more here.

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Guns N' Roses Insider Thinks Axl and Slash Still Need Each Other

(Classic Rock) A photographer described by Duff McKagan as the sixth member of Guns N' Roses believes Slash and Axl Rose "still need each other." Official GNR biographer Marc Canter was a childhood friend of the guitarist and later became very close to Rose. He captured countless images from the band's early days.

In episode one of the Uproxx Guns N' Roses documentary series, Canter says: "I love them both. They're very special people to me. I wish they would love each other again, you know, because we were all one big happy family. They know they needed each other back then. They know they need each other now."

Canter was so close to the band that Rose played what would become November Rain at the photographer's wedding - and later based the single's video on a wedding scene.

Canter believes the best way to get the original lineup of the band back together would be to get them all in the same rehearsal space where they discovered the magic in the first place. Read more here.

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Bruce Springsteen To Honor Pete Townshend At MusiCares Show

(Radio.com) Pete Townshend will be feted for his work with the MusiCares MAP Fund during a charity concert next month, Rolling Stone reports, by none other than Bruce Springsteen.

Townshend will be awarded the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award by the Boss for his work with the charity, which assists musicians with addition recovery as part of a benefit show in New York City on May 28 at the Best Buy Theater.

As part of the evening, Townshend will perform with members of The Who's band, including John Corey on grand piano, Loren Gold on keys, Pino Palladino on bass, Frank Simes on keyboard, Zak Starkey on drums plus his brother Simon Townshend on guitar. Read more here.

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Josh Homme Starts Foundation For Disabled Musicians

(Radio.com) Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age doesn't just rest on his laurels all day; he's actually a dedicated philanthropist whose latest venture finds him teaming up with members of Jimmy Eat World and Paramore to form The Sweet Stuff Foundation.

This charity helps provide assistance to musicians, recording engineers, and their families struggling with illness and disability, Consequence of Sound reports.

"The mission of The Sweet Stuff Foundation is to help our musical community and their families with the vital elements often overlooked during periods of illness and disability," its mission statement reads.

"Things like transportation to medical treatment, assistance with childcare and tuition, income assistance, the 'last wishes' of a lifetime, and special treatments not covered by insurance. The healing power of music is also a vital form of preventative medicine. That's why the Sweet Stuff Foundation's two prong approach is also committed to providing assistance for music lessons, instruments, and musical collaborations for children." Read more here.

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Alice Cooper Thinks Kids Are 'Tired Of Buying Air'

(Classic Rock) Alice Cooper says he signs more vinyl records for fans these days than he does CDs. And the shock rocker thinks the vinyl resurgence is down to kids being sick of "buying air."

He tells WGRD 97.9: "Last year, vinyl went up 85%. And the kids, I think they're tired of buying air. They don't get anything with it. I think this generation is rebelling against the technology thing. I sign more records than I do CDs anymore."

This month, figures released by ICM Unlimited indicated the number of vinyl purchases continues to grow across the UK - and show that rock remains one of the most popular genres. Read more here.

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Megadeth Reveal New Lineup Photo

(hennemusic) Megadeth have issued the first photo of their new recording lineup. Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson recently announced the addition of former Angra guitarist Kiko Loureiro to the band, with Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler joining the group in the studio as a guest player on their next studio album.

The follow-up to 2013's "Super Coillider" will be Megadeth's 15th studio album. Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza recently revealed that a reunion of the band's classic 1990s lineup fell apart during negotiations; he later shared the details of a contract offer put on the table by his former band.

Menza says Megadeth requested he record the group's next album without payment, with his earnings to be made from touring. "The reason why I refused to join Megadeth is because Dave didn't show me any kind of 'love' at all," explained the drummer. "I wish I was doing it, but they didn't want to show me any contract in writing or anything, I guess it was just not meant to be."

See the new photo here.

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Mike Portnoy's Teen Prodigies Reveal First Song

(Prog) Next To None, the teenage prog metal prodigies featuring Mike Portnoy's son Max, have revealed their first track. They've launched a video to accompany You Are Not Me, shot during recording sessions with Portnoy Senior, who's producing debut album A Light In The Dark.

In the clip the former Dream Theater sticksman says: "I can't stress enough how much of this album is them. I don't want people to get the impression I'm writing anything.

"I'm blown away that a group of 15 and 16-year-olds can make music this mature, intense and diverse at the age they are. They're doing things I wasn't doing until I was in my 30s." Read more and watch the video here.

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Amplifier Release 'Black Rainbow' Live Video

(TeamRock Radio) Amplifier have issued a live video of their track "Black Rainbow." The track comes from their 2014 album Mystoria and was filmed at their intimate show at London's Old Blue Last in March.

Sel Balamir, Matt Brobin, Steve Durose and Alexander Redhead are currently on tour across the UK with Black Moth and will headline the Desertfest prog stage, sponsored by Prog magazine, at London's Jazz Cafe this weekend (April 25). They're also headline the Foxrox festival, Leicester on July 5.

The band said: "Finally some UK shows - you'll be getting the whole of Mystoria, plus some less-played classics new and old. Good dirty fun… see you at the front." Watch the video here.

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Agnostic Front Documentary In The Works

(TeamRock Radio) A documentary on hardcore icons Agnostic Front is to be launched with the help of a crowdfunding campaign. The Godfathers Of Hardcore is directed by Ian McFarland, who has previously worked on films about Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Killswitch Engage and MMA star Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy.

McFarland is using archive footage combined with video that was captured over the last few years with the band's driving force, Roger Miret and Vinnie Stigma.

The Kickstarter campaign, which aims to raise $15,000, will end on May 17 and features a string of unique incentives including a personal tour of New York's Lower East Side with Stigma. Read more here.

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AC/DC's Chris Slade To Host Rare Clinic

(hennemusic) AC/DC touring drummer Chris Slade will host a drum clinic at Whelan's in Dublin, Ireland on Tuesday, June 30 - the day before the band perform at Aviva Stadium as part of their "Rock Or Bust" world tour.

Tickets for the 18+ only evening are limited to 200 people, who will each receive an event package containing a t-shirt, signed photo, laminate, a pair of Chris Slade signed drumsticks and more - including a photo with the drummer and a drumhead personally signed by Slade.

The clinic will also feature an appearance by Dublin AC/DC tribute band Whole Lotta Voltage, with more details to be announced. A member of AC/DC from 1989 to 1994, Slade returned to the lineup this year for the band's "Rock Or Bust" tour following a series of legal issues faced by longtime drummer Phil Rudd. Read more here.

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