Day in Rock Report for 04/29/2015

Ozzy Reveals Black Sabbath's Retirement Tour Plans

(hennemusic) Ozzy Osbourne says Black Sabbath are planning to perform their farewell tour in 2016. While admitting that schedules could change, the singer said, "The plan is that next year [we'll do] the final Black Sabbath tour and then it's over."

"We all live in different countries and some of them want to work and some of them don't want to, I believe," Osbourne said during an April 24 press conference for the Monsters Of Rock festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. "But we are going to do another tour together."

"I'm still gonna continue my solo career," Ozzy added. "I'm doing these few [solo] gigs down here now. Then at the beginning of next year, I'm going out with Sabbath. The Sabbath thing is folding up after the next tour, but I'm gonna continue my solo career."

Ozzy's wife/manager Sharon Osbourne created confusion about Black Sabbath's plans when she announced on March 20 that the group were headlining a farewell show at Ozzfest Japan this fall.

"Ozzfest will be back in Japan on November 21st and 22nd," said Sharon. "And this will be Black Sabbath's farewell. We're also announcing Korn, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Now you can't miss that." Watch the press conference video here.

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Evanescence Confirm Comeback Appearance

(Classic Rock) Evanescence will play Ozzfest Japan in November, the band have confirmed. The band say in a statement: "Very excited to make this special announcement. Can't wait to see you there!"

Their last album was their self-titled 2011 release, with frontwoman Amy Lee reporting last year that she had "no plans" to work with the band in the foreseeable future following the birth of her son Jack.

She later insisted the group had not split up and now they have confirmed that they will appear on the bill at the Makuhari Messe Arena close to Tokyo on November 21-22.

Black Sabbath had originally been scheduled to play their farewell show at the two-day event but the plans were shelved earlier this month. Instead, Ozzy Osbourne and friends will perform a headline set on the final night.

Check out the Evanescence announcement video here.

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Axl Rose Makes Unsuccessful Appeal To Halt Executions

(hennemusic) Guns N' Roses leader Axl Rose was unsuccessful with a last-minute appeal to Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Monday to halt the executions of two Australians on decade-old drug charges.

Andrew Chan, Myuran Sukumaran and six others were executed on Wednesday by a firing squad on Nusakambangan prison island near Cilacap in Central Java.

Rose penned a lengthy note to Widodo - known for his love of hard rock and heavy metal - asking the President to intervene as a way of showing forgiveness and clemency in the face of international calls to halt the executions, while also requesting the same for convicted drug trafficker Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso.

"As all three are still alive," wrote Rose, "these are clearly not cases where nothing can or should be done by those who care to do their utmost in efforts to spare them. Under the circumstances it would seem that if they are executed regrettably the Indonesian government becomes the more offensive criminal.

"I appeal to you Mr. President, Mr. Joko Widodo to use your power in ways to strengthen international relationships between your country and others, to show your country's strength and allow the world to witness an extraordinary act of humanity and bravery on yours and your country's part."

"It's true I do not know these men nor have I met them but their story has touched me deeply," Rose continued. "I as well as many others could easily have found ourselves in their unfortunate and unarguably self-inflicted position. People make mistakes, sometimes big and horribly regrettable mistakes and sometimes more importantly people learn from their mistakes and make new choices, strive and succeed at true positive change. To not acknowledge and give such change the opportunity to prove its value would seem in this case a greater crime than those originally committed.

"I realize I am no one and no one to get involved with your affairs or those of your government and how this letter reads or anyone other than yourself thinks of it is irrelevant," said the singer. "Only the lives of these three human beings are what's important now.

"I ask you now to show such great depth of humanity and compassion now to these individuals and to deny your bloodlust in your war on drugs and grant clemency to these three individuals and give them a permanent stay of execution and to change the course of your own life and place in both your country's and world history. No other can do what you alone have the power to do and that is the power to show benevolence and mercy where mercy can be truly appreciated and given its proper respect not only by the condemned but by the entire world and its many leaders." Read more here.

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Osbournes TV Series Reboot Canceled

(hennemusic) VH1 have scrapped plans to bring The Osbournes series back to TV. The Osbournes originally aired on MTV from 2002 to 2005, becoming the highest rated original program in MTV's history.

"We are no longer talking to the Osbournes about a series; that's not going to happen," Susan Levison, exec vp original programming and production at VH1, tells The Hollywood Reporter. "We wish we could have worked it out, but it just didn't come together for us. The family has been absolutely lovely and we wish them the best. We'd love to figure out a way to work with them at some point in the future."

The change of plans follows a November announcement by Ozzy Osbourne's wife and manager, Sharon, that the show was returning to TV.

"Ozzy has decided that he wants to do another few episodes, not a whole season, about eight episodes, of 'The Osbournes'," Sharon revealed on the UK show "Loose Women." Read more here.

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'Louie Louie' Singer Jack Ely Dead At 71

(Radio.com) Jack Ely, former singer of the Kingsmen, died on late Monday evening the age of 71. Ely's son, Sean, confirmed the death Tuesday (April 28). The Kingsmen singer died at his home in Redmond, Oregon, after a long battle with an undisclosed illness.

The Kingsmen are best known as the performers of jukebox classic "Louie Louie," one of the most covered and beloved rock and roll songs ever recorded.

Ely sung on the recorded version in 1963, which was itself of a cover of the song originally written by Richard Berry in 1955. The Kingsmen version cost 50 dollars to record and resulted in a smash for the Portland, Oregon group. Read more here.

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David Coverdale Pulled Out Of Deep Purple Reunion Talks

David Coverdale reveals in a new interview that he was the one that pulled away from talks with Ritchie Blackmore about putting together a Deep Purple reunion because Blackmore's "vision for touring and stuff... did not resonate" with him.

Coverdale made the revelation in an interview with Classic Rock Revisited while discussing "The Purple Album," the new album from the current incarnation of Whitesnake where they recorded tracks from Coverdale's time with Deep Purple.

Here is the portion of the interview where Coverdale discussed the Deep Purple reunion talks: "Glenn Hughes and I are very close and Glenn's been after me to do some sort of a Purple reunion for some time. To be honest, and I mean no disrespect to my former colleagues, but it was never something that was interesting enough to stop me from doing what I love, which is Whitesnake.

"I certainly loved working with Deep Purple and it was the beginning of my journey. I am forever grateful to those guys for having the courage to give me the opportunity, but it was not something I was wanting to do. I am totally happy to create new stuff working as Whitesnake.

"A representative of Jon's called me just after he'd been diagnosed with cancer, to give me that information, which was chilling enough. He said, 'Jon said, on his recovery, would you be up for doing some kind of Deep Purple reunion, whether it was Mach III, or whatever?' I said, 'Absolutely, I will be there for you.' As we know, sadly, Jon passed away. This opened up an opportunity to reach out, after thirty years of acrimony, with somebody that I truly respected, as a musician, which is Ritchie Blackmore. One reason was to express and commiserate the loss of Jon.

"Regardless of whatever, those guys basically formed Deep Purple and were incredibly influential to me. I've been able to tell everyone else I worked with how much I appreciated the opportunity, and still do to this day, other than Ritchie. Ritchie doesn't really bother reading rock mags and stuff like that. When I've said these things before, he doesn't see them. It was important for me to reach out to him for those reasons, with no other agenda whatsoever."

He then went into more details about the talks, "This was in 2012, and we communicated into 2013, and then he asked me if I'd speak to his manager to which, of course, I said, 'Absolutely.' She came on and said, 'Can you keep a secret?' I said 'Of course not, I'm a f***ing singer.' She said, 'Would you be interested in doing something with Ritchie? My first thought was like Blackmore Coverdale like I did with Jimmy in Coverdale Page. That would be a very exciting musical premise because he introduced me to his first songs that he did on the first Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow album. They were initially songs he was proposing for Deep Purple.

"I love the early Rainbow stuff. Rainbow Rising, are you kidding me? When Cozy Powell came on board? That was fantastic. The idea of being able to do Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake was interesting, but then she said, 'Ritchie is curious, who would you go for, Roger [Glover] or Glenn?' I said 'I really appreciate the musicality of Roger, and he produced two of my solo albums, but Glenn is my soul brother.' I recommended Keith Emerson as the keyboard player. He was a fan of Purple and Jon and Keith had a very healthy musical rivalry. Keith is a breathtakingly gifted musician. Nobody had spoken to Keith, as this was just a discussion.

"It was during the talks for this that I started digging into our original work. I was going, 'I hope he's into a fresh coat of paint on some of these songs.' I was a f***ing kid then. It was the first time I had written for an album. I can hear naivety all over the place. I started working on bits and pieces. I thought my arrangement of 'Sail Away' could have been a nice transition for what he is doing with his Blackmore's Night and we could tie it in with that thing and maybe even do something with Candice on that song. Once Carol, his manager and I, started talking about their vision for touring and stuff it just did not resonate and I wrote her a very, very respectful email withdrawing from whatever that project could have gone forward with.

"It was literally sitting down with my wife, Cindy, and just saying, 'What a pity. I've done all this work.' Actually, that is typical of me to move forward with things. Pagey [Jimmy Page] would go, 'F*** man, you're so prepared.' I would go, 'I can't help it.' Cindy goes, 'Why don't you do this as a Whitesnake project?' I was like, 'Why not?' I sounded out my colleagues, and Doug was still onboard at that time, and the response from everyone was a resounding 'yes'.

"Doug and my wife were the only people, at that time, that I was sharing the news that I was talking with Ritchie, communicating with him, during the Year of the Snake Tour. I think something must have been going on for Doug as he was really encouraging me to do it [laughter]. Go figure! Doug would have been onboard, of course, but we just couldn't get together, Jeb. It was just impossible to give it the kind of time.

"This project has been hugely respected by all my colleagues. There was nothing flippant or throw away, you know. It was really, as I was mixing the project with Michael McIntyre and Reb Beach that I started feeling that this was coming full circle for me. It was a feeling of completion. This is how I started, what an appropriate way to go back out. The other f***ing thing is, quite honestly, as Glenn and I have discussed for decades, the people that were running the Purple organization never ever thought of putting out a Best of Mach III and IV. We never understood it, f***ing whatever, so this is my best of and everything is done with love and respect."

Read the full interview here.

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Paul McCartney Announces More Headlining Shows

(Radio.com) As expected, Paul McCartney is giving the U.S. more show. After announcing the Philadelphia show, Paul McCartney has added two more solo headlining concerts to his 2015 summer itinerary.

Already scheduled to perform at a pair of music festivals this year (Firefly and Lollapalooza, to be exact), McCartney has previously revealed his first solo headlining arena date of the Out There tour this year: June 21 at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center.

McCartney will follow the Philly gig with a show in Charlottesville, Va., at John Paul Jones Arena on June 23. From there, he heads to Columbia, S.C., to perform at Colonial Life Arena on June 25. Read more here.

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Iconic Rock Producer Bob Ezrin Slams Today's Music

Legendary rock producer Bob Ezrin, who worked on iconic albums from Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, KISS, Deep Purple, wrote a message published by The Lefsetz Letter declaring "and there used to be music. No longer."

Following that opening line, Ezrin continues, "In just the last few generations, we have witnessed the complete devolution of the mainstream of music from the intricacies and demands of jazz, swing and modern 'classical'; the subtleties and finesse of the best of popular song writing; the mastery of 'folk' instruments and vocal performance in the best of folk and rock; the singular high-mindedness of the greatest singer songwriters; and the hard-won craft of playing and writing and creating meaningful work, to four bar grids of 'cut and paste' monotony over which someone writes shallow nursery rhymes about partying, trucks and beer or bitches and bling, or whines in hardly rhyming verse about their sad little white boy or girl life.

"There are occasional exceptions, of course. But where are the anthems, the protest songs, the songs to march to or the ideas to fight for, the truths to believe in. Instead it's all about 'me'.

He continues: "All that talk about the 'me generation' turns out to be true. We lost 'us' in the 80's and since then we only care about ourselves and our personal gain; we only want the money." Read the rest of Ezrin's message here.

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Chino Moreno Reveals Deftones New Album Release Plans

(Radio.com) Not only will Deftones be hitting the road this summer alongside Incubus (plus Death From Above 1979), they will also be releasing new music in the fall.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1 (via Consequence of Sound), Deftones' frontman Chino Moreno revealed that band's latest album will land in stores on Sept. 25--should all go according to plan, of course.

'The record, as far as music, has been all recorded, and I am currently working on the vocals," Moreno explained. "So I've been recording from my home studio here in Oregon. Slowly but surely, [we're] getting it done, man. It's coming out really good." Read more here.

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Motley Crue's Vince Neil To Be On Celebrity Wife Swap

(hennemusic) It has been revealed that Motley Crue singer Vince Neil has filmed an episode for the upcoming fourth season of the ABC-TV reality series Celebrity Wife Swap.

The Las Vegas Sun reports Neil took his "guest wife" gambling at Red Rock Resort, where he put down $50,000 on the craps table and kept it rolling until he walked away with $660,000.

Neil also cooked a dinner for 20 friends for the program while admitting that it was the first time he'd ever played chef in the kitchen. "I hadn't been in a supermarket to do grocery shopping since Motley Crue first went out on the road in 1981," confessed the rocker. "I didn't know where to find any of the ingredients."

Neil's girlfriend Rain Hannah filmed the other half of the show in Nashville with an unnamed second celebrity. Read more here.

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Camel's Guy LeBlanc Dead At 54

(Classic Rock) Camel keyboardist Guy LeBlanc has died after a battle with cancer. The 54-year-old was forced to sit out the band's tour dates last year after being diagnosed with kidney cancer which later spread to his bones.

Camel have issued a statement in which they confirm LeBlanc died on Monday (April 27). They say: "It is with a hugely heavy heart that we announce the gentle passing of our friend and keyboard player, Guy LeBlanc.

"We are unable to adequately express the sorrow we are experiencing at this time. Our hearts are with his family, Shirley, Natasha and Kayleigh LeBlanc."

LeBlanc was put on radiation treatment after his diagnosis and his 2014 touring duties were taken up by Dutch musician Ton Scherpenzeel. Read more here.

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Faith No More Distance Themselves From Upcoming Reissues

Faith No More have advised fans via their Facebook page that they did not organize the upcoming reissues of their classic albums "Angel Dust" and "Real Thing" via Rhino records.

The band writes, "Most of you have probably heard news about upcoming Angel Dust and Real Thing reissues, and the latest statements seem imply that these are band sponsored releases.

"In fact, they are Warners/Rhino re-issues (who still own the license to them). This is not to say that they are not worth getting...it's just that they are not coming from us. Hope that makes sense. Thanks."

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Atreyu Reveal Release Plans For New Album 'Long Live'

(TeamRock Radio) Atreyu have revealed the title of their sixth album, which will be released in September. The California metal outfit will issue Long Live via Spinefarm Records, though no exact date has yet been given.

They reformed in 2014 after a three-year hiatus and started work on the follow-up to 2009's Congregation Of The Damned. New track So Others May Live was unveiled soon after they confirmed the end of the hiatus.

Vocalist Alex Varkatzas recently had this to say about the new album: "My brothers and I have made our best record yet. Can't wait to share it with you all." Read more here.

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Kurt Cobain Mocks Hate Mail In New Documentary Clip

(Classic Rock) Kurt Cobain is mocking hate mail sent to his wife Courtney Love in the latest clip from documentary Montage Of Heck. The film has been already had a cinema release and will be aired on the HBO channel in the US on May 4.

The Nirvana icon, wearing a dress, sports a fake moustache and mouths along while Love is described as "obnoxious and pushy" and he's called "the God of love in human form."

Cobain: Montage Of Heck was created using archive footage and previously unheard music from Cobain's vaults. Love and daughter Frances Bean gave director Brett Morgen unlimited access to the material. Watch the clip here.

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Rob Reed Releases Video For Steve Hackett's Spectral Mornings

(Classic Rock) Magenta mastermind Rob Reed has launched a video to accompany Steve Hackett's charity release of Spectral Mornings. It was recorded to support Parkinson's Society UK, featuring Reed and bandmate Christina Booth alongside Big Big Train's David Longdon and Nick D'Virgilio plus Nick Beggs of Steven Wilson's band.

Reed decided to cover Hackett's 1979 solo album title track because he'd always admired the piece. He recently said: "I thought it would be amazing to re-record with the addition of lyrics.

"David wrote them and we did a demo, which sounded fantastic. I had the idea of a duet, so we asked Christina. Steve kindly agreed to play guitar on the track, which was wonderful.

"I really think we have been respectful to the original piece and hopefully brought something new to it as well." Check out the video here.

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W.A.S.P. Announce The Bloody Road To Golgotha UK Tour

(Classic Rock) W.A.S.P. will return to the UK in September for a run of 10 dates, it's been confirmed. The band recently signed a deal with Napalm Records for 15th album Golgotha, expected in the summer. Now they've announced they'll take to the road on The Bloody Road To Golgotha tour to promote the record.

Mainman Blackie Lawless recently said of the follow-up to 2009's Babylon: "There's one thing I learned when I was doing The Crimson Idol: If you make a record over too long a time, the record you start out making is not the record you end up finishing.

"You've changed so much as a person over a three or four-year period. You've got to be very careful to hold on to the vision." The tour will be taking place in September. Check out the dates here.

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Britny Fox Working On First New Album In Over A Decade

(Classic Rock) Britny Fox are back in the studio working on material for the follow-up to 2003's Springhead Motorshark, it's been announced. Music News reports that original member and bassist Billy Childs has reunited with vocalist/guitarist Tommy Paris and drummer Johnny Dee in the lineup.

Lead guitarist Michael Kelly Smith, who had two stints in the band, has been replaced by Chris Sanders. Childs says: "How can I tell you how great it is to be back with these guys, and working on a new album? It is fantastic.

"Johnny and I basically grew up in this business together and the tightness we have had over the years as a rhythm section is still there. Tommy Paris hasn't lost a step, lyrically or vocally while Chris is a breath of fresh air and adds elements that were never there before." Read more here.

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Haken Working On New Music, Announce Tour With BTBAM

Haken have revealed that they are working on material for their new album and they will also be hitting the road with Between The Buried & Me for a European tour this fall.

The band is currently wrapping up their North American tour with Spocks Beard and Next To None. The European tour with Between The Buried & Me will be kicking off on September 16th in Southampton, England.

Here is what the band had to say about the tour and new album, "Excitement levels are off the scale in the Haken camp at the moment! Being offered a tour support slot with one of our favourite bands is an absolute dream come true. Their music has had a massive impact on us as a band and individual musicians over the years.

"Our new album is shaping up to be a real beast! We've written a bunch of sketches and are currently selecting which ones to develop further. We can't wait to share it with everyone."

The band will also be playing at several music festivals across Europe this summer incluing Hellfest in France in June, Night of the Prog fest in Germany, and Ramblin Man Fair in the UK in July. See all of the upcoming dates here.

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John Mellencamp Appears On David Letterman

(hennemusic) John Mellencamp performed a tribute to David Letterman on The Late Show Monday night. Mellencamp is currently playing shows across North America on his Plain Spoken tour.

The rocker dedicated "Longest Days" from his 2008 album, "Life, Death, Love And Freedom", to his fellow Indiana native as the host winds down his final month of broadcasts after more than three decades in late night television.

Prior to his performance, Mellencamp joined Letterman to chat, and the two compared notes on their heart attacks as the singer smoked on the show. "I'm only good at about three or four things," said Mellencamp. "Smoking is my strong suit. I figure my body is so polluted now that nothing could live in there. Cancer would go, 'I'm not going in there.' I'm going to keep smoking." Check out video here.

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Singled Out: Annisokay's Carry Me Away

Today Dave Grunewald from Annisokay tells us about the making of the video for "Carry Me Away" the first single from their brand new album "Enigmatic Smile," which was released this week. Here is the story:

Like every other Annisokay video in the past, we decided to produce this one by ourselves too, so our guitarist and singer Christoph took the part of the director. It's by far our most elaborate and expensive video by now, cause it was shot on four totally different and far apart locations. The story of the video is pretty much connected to the lyrics of the song. Everyone has to part with a loved thing at least one time in life, so everyone has to learn how to let go and look ahead instead of being stuck to the past. If someone leaves you or even passes away, you're often scared to forget about him or kind of "hurt" him if you start to go on with your life and maybe get to know new people. The long road of letting go is often difficult to pass and is visualized in the video of "Carry Me Away" by showing the protagonist taking a long and dangerous travel. He is carrying a wooden, locked box with him, which contains all the past things and memories he's cling to. The box needs to be taken to a safe, far and unknown place, before he's finally able to leave it behind.

The shoot of this video really brought us to our physical limits. First fact: We shot this one in January in Germany. So as you could imagine, it wasn't really comfortable for our actor Michael to lay down in the cold water of the Baltic sea with all his cloth on. This is actually the first scene of the Carry Me Away video. As the shoot went on, the environment didn't get any friendlier. For the last scenes we travelled about 700 miles into the mountains of the alps onto a huge glacier. We wanted it to take place in a really dead, cold and dangerous looking location. So we took the way onto the top of a 3200 meter high mountain and started shooting at -15 degrees Celsius. Our actor still needed to wear those cloths he was wearing at the beginning. Just a jeans, a shirt and a thin jacket. At least we were able to change the shoes from sneakers to snowboard boots, as you weren't able to see his feet anyway in the 1 meter deep snow.

Another trick we used was putting him into a neoprene suite which at least psychologically help to keep him warm. However, when we shot this scene up there, we all nearly suffered from frostbite but the pictures we filmed were so amazing that it was totally worth it. Another crazy story that happened on there was the following.

One prop we use in the video was a little old lock which locked the old wooden box. However, the prop we used didn't really close at all. So in one take of our actor stepping through the snow, it just fell down and we didn't notice. A few minutes later we that the lock wasn't in its place anymore, and we know, it's probably gone forever, lying somewhere in the 1 meter deep snow. We didn't the last scenes of the video yet, where the lock is filmed in full frame, being opened and so on, and the video wouldn't make any sense with out those takes.

Four days of filming nearly became useless. For some weird reason, some official guy walked across our place and told us to be careful where we were standing. He told us that there are many very deep ice crevices one could not see beyond the snow. The funny part though was that he carried a snow shovel with him. I asked if I could use it just for a minute. While looking kinda confused, he gave me the shovel and I just stuck it into the snow in a random place to look out for the lock we lost. I knew it was senseless but for some crazy reason, the second time I stabbed the shovel into the snow I heard a little metallic bang. I grabbed into the snow and found the lock. All the mates of the film crew dropped their jaws, as this was as unbelievable as winning one million in the lottery. I passed the shovel back to the guy, and he was still pretty damn confused about what we just did there.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the video, watch for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!

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