Day in Rock Report for 08/11/2015

AC/DC's Phil Rudd Says Criminal Charge Is A Complete Crock

(Classic Rock) Estranged AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has described his arrest as "a crock of sh*t" and says all he needs to get back in the band is "five minutes" alone with Angus Young.

The 61-year-old sticksman was replaced on the band's Rock Or Bust world tour by Chris Slade after a court drama which saw him sentenced to eight months home arrest in New Zealand for threatening to kill and drug possession.

He tells Rolling Stone: "It came to a head at this woman's party, which was badly organized. So I sacked all those guys on the spot. I wanted them to sit down and listen to the album, have a snack and a cup of tea. It just got worse from there. I wasn't handling it very well. The whole thing was a little bit too much for me. But the threatening charge is just a complete crock... I wouldn't do that."

Asked whether the is still a member of AC/DC, Rudd says: "I know he knows that, because I've proven it before. Just give me five minutes in a room with [Angus Young] and I'll get my job back. I promise. I was doing hard personally and did some things I probably shouldn't have done. We've all got our cross to bear." Read more here.

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Iron Maiden Frontman Makes Emergency Airplane Landing

(hennemusic) Iron Maiden frontman and experienced pilot Bruce Dickinson made an emergency landing at the RAF Halton base this past week when his replica WW1 Fokker Triplane started to run low on fuel.

The Bucks Herald reports Dickinson diverted his plane into Halton, where RAF personnel were on hand to refuel the historic plane. "We applaud Bruce Dickinson's decision to divert to RAF Halton rather than press to his destination with potentially low fuel," says Squadron leader Gary Coleman, officer commanding operations squadron at RAF Halton.

"To see such a well-regarded pilot, and world-renowned rock singer, make this decision is great for our student pilots to see. It makes them realize that anyone can find themselves low on fuel due to unforeseen circumstances and that the right decision is to divert.

"He really does have a magnificent Fokker Triplane, so it was a pleasure to provide it with a home for a few nights until we sent him on his way." Read more here.

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Billy Corgan Explains His Revenge On Record Label

(Classic Rock) Billy Corgan says he refused to go along with a planned reissue of the soundtrack for classic 90s film Singles. The Smashing Pumpkins mainman says he took his revenge on Epic records after they apparently buried the band's track Drown on the 1992 release, which also features songs by Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell and Screaming Trees.

Drown was getting airplay and was set to be the Pumpkins' breakthrough track, before the release of 1993's Siamese Dream. When the label approached Corgan about a reissue 20 years after the original soundtrack's release, he told them to "f*** off," Alternative Nation reports.

Corgan says: We put the song Drown on there. They were pushing Alice In Chains' song Would which is a classic, it's a great song. They were pushing that, but Drown actually started to get traction at radio, it was actually our first song that had momentum at radio, and Epic killed the song, because they didn't want it to take away from Alice In Chains.

He continues: "My only revenge was when they came back 20 years later and they wanted to do the reissue of it, and they asked for their demo, and I told them to f*** off. Slight revenge, I took money out of my own pocket, but that's the way it goes." He had a lot more to say on the topic here.

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Slash, Ramones, Motorhead Receive Honors

(Classic Rock) Motorhead, the Ramones, the Runaways and Slash have been honored by the Indie Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles. The 40th anniversaries of the Runaways, Motorhead and the Ramones were celebrated at the event,

Guns N' Roses hero Slash was also honored when former bandmate Steven Adler and GNR biographer Marc Canter named him as a recipient of an IES Rock Honor.

Lita Ford, of the Runaways, said in a statement: "Thanks for remembering us and keeping the music and legacy alive. It's hard to believe it's 40 years since we met right there in North Hollywood and our lives forever changed from that day on. This is truly a great honor and thanks IES Rock Honours for inducting The Runaways." Read more here.

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Bullet For My Valentine Stream New Song 'Playing God'

(TeamRock Radio) Bullet For My Valentine have released a stream of the new song "Playing God" which is taken from the British metal outfit's upcoming fifth album Venom, due for release on August 14 via RCA.

Drummer Moose Thomas last month said the band had "failed miserably" with their fourth album, Temper Temper. He said: "Working with certain people and producers, if you've had a radio hit at one time in your career, they try and make your whole album sound like that.

"We tried to do that on the last album - and we failed miserably. So we went back to our roots and picked up where we left off." They've previously released streams of Army Of Noise and You Want A Battle? (Here's A War). Check out the new song here.

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The Who Reissuing 'Tommy' With Orchestra and All-Star Cast

(hennemusic) The Who have announced that they will reissue a 1972 recording of "Tommy" featuring the London Symphony Orchestra and Chambre Choir and all-star cast on September 11.

The Who's 1969 rock opera returns featuring the addition of a full 104-piece orchestra - conducted by David Measham and arranged by Wil Malone - and a 60-voice Chambre Choir, adding a fuller sound than the band's original studio release.

"I always saw The Who's version of Tommy as more of a sketch and felt there was more that could be done with it," says Pete Townshend. "The London Symphony project, I think, paved the way for more to come."

The project was recorded with an all-star cast of guest soloists including The Who's Townshend, Roger Daltrey and John Entwistle along with Rod Stewart, Ringo Starr, Steve Winwood, Merry Clayton, Richie Havens, Sandy Denny, Maggie Bell, Graham Bell and actor Richard Harris.

Reissued on CD, vinyl and digital download, the 1972 recording has been re-mastered at 24/192 bitrate. The package includes the original design concept libretto with a 20-page color illustration of the characters and lyrics.

The original release of the album won a Grammy for Best Album Package and Rod Stewart's version of "Pinball Wizard" has become a staple of best-of collections throughout his career. See the track and cast details here.

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Slipknot Star Discusses Danger Of Their Explosive Concerts

(TeamRock Radio) Slipknot percussionist Shawn 'Clown' Crahan has spoken about the perils of performing on stage. Loudwire caught up with the musician in Detroit, where he gave a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what goes into putting on a live show - including living with the dangers of Slipknot's pyrotechnics.

He says: "I have fallen on this stage, I've been lit up, I've been taken out - stitches, pulled groins and people have torn their ACL." And he reports the only way he and his bandmates can limit potential pitfalls is by being fully aware of their surroundings.

He advises: "Watch where you're going, play your part, do your job, love every minute of it and try to find some deep inner core that can let you mingle with all this death."

But he adds: "It's awesome - I'm 46 years old and I get to set things on fire. It's like Alice In Wonderland and that's why we do it. It feels good." Read more and watch the video here.

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Ghost Announce Acoustic Tour For New Album Launch

(hennemusic) Ghost will launch their third album, "Meliora", with an unplugged tour of US record stores this month. The Unholy/Unplugged trek sees the band hit five US cities - Seattle, Los Angles, Phoenix, Baltimore and Brooklyn - where they will perform material from the project, which will be released on August 21.

The intimate acoustic performances will be followed a month later by the Black To The Future North American tour, which begins at The Fillmore in Washington, DC on September 22.

"Meliora" presents the debut of new vocalist Papa Emeritus III alongside the Nameless Ghouls following the resignation of his three-month older brother Papa Emeritus II.

Produced by Klas ┼hlund and mixed by Andy Wallace (Slayer, Nirvana, Guns N' Roses, Linkin Park), "Meliora" is the follow-up to the band's second album and major label debut, 2013's "Infestissumam." See the dates and the promo video for the tour here.

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The Zombies Announce New Album 'Still Got That Hunger'

(Classic Rock) Veteran rockers The Zombies will release their 6th album Still Got That Hunger on October 9 via The End Records/ADA. The follow-up to 2011's Breathe Out, Breathe In was produced by Chris Potter as part of a new record deal for the group.

Mainman Rod Argent says: "We're really excited to be signing our new album to The End Records - it somehow seems fitting that it should be released on a Brooklyn based label, as our very first American concerts way back in 1964 took place at The Brooklyn Fox Theatre."

The Zombies launched a PledgeMusic drive last September to raise funds for the project while giving fans exclusive access to the recording process as part of a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The band add: "We couldn't be more excited. We're really looking forward to this new chapter for The Zombies. Not only are we going to be touring constantly over the next few months - including a historic tour with original members - but we have this new album coming out and a lot of very exciting things are happening.

"This couldn't be possible if it weren't for the incredible fans who have stuck by us for so long. Thank you to everyone for the constant love and support, it's because of you that we've Still Got That Hunger, so thank you all." Read more here.

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ZZ Top Have A Lot Of Material Left Over From 'La Futura' Sessions

(Gibson) Billy Gibbons says fans probably won't have to wait as long between ZZ Top albums as they did during the nine-year gap between Mescalero in 2003 and La Futura in 2012.

In an interview with The Morning Call, Gibbons said the band recorded so many tracks with megaproducer Rick Rubin for La Futura that there was enough left over to form the basis of a new album. "We're still looking at a lot of the material that remains unreleased that was created during those sessions with Rick," Gibbons said, adding, "Who knows, there's a lot of good stuff laying around."

Gibbons also offered a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why there was such a long gap between albums: it simply wasn't ready yet because Rubin didn't want to rush it. "It would be safe to say one of the most admirable traits that has endeared our band with Rick is his remarkable sense of patience," Gibbons said. Read more here.

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P.O.D. Stream New Song Featuring In This Moment's Maria Brink

(TeamRock Radio) P.O.D. have Released a stream of their track Criminal Conversations featuring In This Moment's Maria Brink. It's lifted from their ninth studio album The Awakening which also features Sick Of It All's Lou Koller.

P.O.D. bassist Traa Daniels said: "The Awakening is definitely an evolution from where we've come from. It's this amazing piece of art that we've been able to put together as four guys who are like brothers. This is really special."

The band have a run of shows scheduled over the coming weeks, starting in Colombia on August 16. The new album comes out on August 21 via T-Boy/UMC. Check out the song stream here.

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Wovenwar Release 'Archers' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Wovenwar have released a video for their track Archers. The song is taken from the band's self-titled debut album, which was released last year. The Californian group features former As I Lay Dying members Jordan Mancino, Josh Gilbert, Nick Hipa and Phil Sgrosso, along with Oh, Sleeper frontman Shane Blay.

Guitarist Hipa says: "Our video for Archers is cut from live footage - filmed by Josh Knoff - from our recent hometown show at Brick By Brick. The lyrics heavily reference specific themes and songs from Shane's previous band as a sentimental nod to how that chapter in his life was unforgettably formidable.

"With that in mind, it felt appropriate to create a visual edit captured from our venue in a room filled with quite a bit of family and friends. It just completes the whole vibe as positively nostalgic." Watch the video here.

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Soulfly Stream Title Track To New Album 'Archangel'

(TeamRock Radio) Soulfly have issued a stream of the title track from their 10th album, Archangel. It'll be released on August 14 via Nuclear Blast and is the follow-up to 2013's Savages.

Mainman Max Cavalera said of the album: "I feel it is my most mystic album since Prophecy. The guest collaborations have always been a trademark of Soulfly and Archangel is no different. We can't wait to play this live for the worldwide tribe."

The album is available to pre-order, with those buying ahead of launch gaining instant access to the title track, along with We Sold Our Souls To Metal and Sodomites.

A special edition can also be pre-purchased which comes with bonus DVD containing the band's live set from last year's Hellfest. Stream the new song here.

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Bad Religion Frontman Greg Graffin Announces Book Tour

(Classic Rock) Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin has announced a short tour in support of his upcoming book. The singer releases Population Wars on October 13, along with a companion 7-inch vinyl featuring acoustic versions of four Bad Religion tracks.

The six-date tour will see Graffin discuss his book, play songs related to the work, and take part in a Q&A with fans. Population Wars examines the collision between religion and evolution. Publishers Thomas Dunne Books say:

"For readers of Richard Dawkins, Jared Diamond, and EO Wilson, Populations Wars is a paradigm-shifting book about why humans behave the way they do and the science that explains their behavior." See the dates here.

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Devilment Premiere 'Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Devilment have are debuting the new video for Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero exclusively with Metal Hammer. The track comes from their latest album The Great And Secret Show,

Directed by Lizzy Ellam and edited by previous collaborator Sam Scott-Hunter, frontman Dani Filth spoke to Metal Hammer about the video... "It was enormous fun filming the video for Sanity Hits A (Perfect) Zero as it was decided that it would appear very chaotic, retro and dirty from an early stage, as if the discovered film stock had slightly perished with age, bringing with it a lurid post-apocalyptic vision. The whole experience was undertaken close to home in Suffolk at a countryside scrapyard, with friends and performers being assembled, dressed, watered and fed by the extended Devilment family, with a crew 'borrowed' from the local university.

"In essence it was very much an underground guerrilla effort, the spirit of which we intended to capture on a day which fortunately fell between two bouts of horrible stormy weather, thus enabling the use of flame on what was essentially a fuel-soaked death trap waiting to ignite. Still, all's Hell that ends well, and we think the finished video perfectly compliments the madness and feral metallic adrenaline of the track heaved under the spotlight." Watch it here.

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Robert Cray Release Bad Influence Live Video From Upcoming Release

(Classic Rock) Robert Cray has issued a live video of him performing his track Bad Influence. The performance is taken from 4 Nights Of 40 Years Live - his DVD/CD set that arrives on August 28 via Mascot Label Group.

It focuses on material filmed at four shows in the Los Angeles area between 1982 and 1987 and features interviews with Cray, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Bonnie Raitt and Jimmie Vaughan.

He previously issued a stream of the the track Poor Johnny from the package, which is now available to pre-order in a variety of formats. Watch the live video here.

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The Fall And Rise Of Hugh Cornwell Coming This Month

(Classic Rock) Hugh Cornwell will release The Fall And Rise Of Hugh Cornwell on August 28 via Invisible Hands Music. The 13-track set presents a dozen songs from his first six solo albums alongside the new tune Live It And Breathe It.

Cornwell tells Backseat Mafia: "I wouldn't call the new album a 'greatest hits' as I think a 'best of' is a better description. But I'm happy with all the songs I've produced since I left The Stranglers, otherwise they wouldn't have been released. I never put out anything I'm not happy with."

Cornwell's first solo record, 1988's Wolf, was issued while the singer was still with The Stranglers, and he's released several since his 1990 departure, including 1993's Wired, 1997's Guilty, 2000's Hi Fi, 2004's Beyond Elysian Fields, 2008's Hooverdam and 2012's Totem And Taboo. Read more here.

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Counting Days Stream Title Track To New Album 'Liberated Sounds'

(TeamRock Radio) Featuring an all-star cast from the UK underground with members of TRC, Heights and Last Witness contributing to this metallic hardcore mayhem, Counting Days have released the title track from their upcoming album "Liberated Sounds".

Speaking to Metal Hammer last year, guitarist Charlie Wilson said of Counting Days: "I'm a metal kid at heart and we are aiming to make this a combination of all of our previous bands, but heavier. Imagine TRC and Heights but with solos and finger-tapping!"

Produced by metalcore producing legend Fredrik Nordstrom at his studio in Gothenburg, this is gonna be seriously heavy. Check out the stream of "Liberated Sounds" here.

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Walter Trout Recalls Telling Springsteen He Wasn't Very Good

(Classic Rock) Walter Trout has recalled the moment he called out Bruce Springsteen about his guitar playing. Trout grew up in Ocean City and was part of the Jersey Shore scene when he was a budding musician. He played in a band Wilmont Mews who often shared gigs with Springsteen's early band Steel Mill.

He tells Press Of Atlantic City: "I remember talking to him and hanging out with him when he was the lead guitar player. I didn't think he was very good.

"I remember telling him, 'Man, you guys need another guitar player.' He would say to me, 'Well, I'm starting to write songs,' and I would say, 'I hope your songs are good, because your guitar playing is not really happening.' I guess he showed me, didn't he?" Read more here.

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Steven Tyler Jams Aerosmith Classics With The Zac Brown Band

(hennemusic) Steven Tyler joined the Zac Brown Band at Fenway Park in Boston on Sunday to perform a pair of Aerosmith classics and videos of the jam have been posted online.

The singer appeared for "Sweet Emotion" and "Walk This Way" during Brown's third show of a three-night stand at the famed ballpark in Aerosmith's hometown.

The group's set also included covers of tunes by Led Zeppelin ("Kashmir"), Temple Of The Dog ("Hunger Strike"), The Charlie Daniels Band ("The Devil Went Down To Georgia"), Dolly Parton ("Jolene") and John Mayer ("Neon").

Tyler and Aerosmith just wrapped up their Blue Army summer tour of North America this past week. The Boston band will release a new live package, "Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014", on Blu Ray, DVD and Digital on September 4.

The set features Aerosmith's headline performance on June 15, 2014 as they closed the final night of the Download Festival in Donington Park. Check out the videos for the Fenway Park jam here.

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Creeper Continue Lie Awake Story With Honeymoon Suite Video

(TeamRock Radio) Creeper have issued a video for their track The Honeymoon Suite. It's taken from their Callous Heart EP, due on September 18 via Roadrunner Records. It'll be their first release since their self-titled debut EP which launched last year.

They previously issued a promo for EP track Lie Awake. The band say: "We're over the moon to reveal The Honeymoon Suite. This is the first song we wrote for the EP, and those who have seen us live in the past couple of months may have heard the song in our set.

"The video picks up where the Lie Awake video left off and carries on a story that flows through this new record." Creeper continue their UK tour later this week when they play Hevy Fest on August 14. Watch the new video here.

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Singled Out: A Fall To Break

A Fall To Break just kicked off a tour with Kobra And The Lotus and Hatchet and to celebrate we asked them to tell us about some of the tracks from their album "Disaster, Destruction And After". Here are the stories:

"Pick Up The Pieces": 'Pick Up The Pieces' was the second song recorded for the album 'Disaster, Destruction And After'. The song and album were recorded at 'Good Sounds' studio with Matt Good (From First To Last, D.R.U.G.S) in Phoenix Arizona. It was released as an early single for Ernie Balls 'Battle Of The Bands' in which AFTB won a slot on Uproar Fest in Albuquerque, New Mexico with Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Escape The Fate, BuckCherry, Pop Evil, Seether and more. The track was also used in the official trailer for the remake of the cult classic video game hit Postal 2 by Running With Scissors and picked up quite a bit of buzz from the game. The video was shot at 'The Slaughter House' in Tucson, Arizona, The facility has been used for several independent horror films and is used yearly for the local Halloween haunted house and was formerly a Farmer John's slaughter house and meat packaging plant. The song is written about the struggles of life and strength through struggle is the motto of the song. To pick yourself back up and keep fighting. In the studio the song really came to life. Once the chorus was laid down the band knew that the song was exactly what they visioned it to be. The song has been featured on many internet radio stations and was also featured on Rock 102 Kfma. Check it out here.

'Disaster, Destruction And After': The first single and title track from the 4th studio album by A Fall To Break. The song was used as a submission for a contest by Rock 102 KFMA for a chance to play their yearly fest 'KFMA DAY' Main stage with Five Finger Death Punch, Three Days Grace, HellYeah, The Pretty Reckless, Big Data, Stars In Stereo and Pepper. A Fall To Break. was selected as one of 5 artists to compete out of over 200 submissions at a battle of the bands. A Fall To Break won the contest and opened the fest in front of a crowd in the thousands. The track became a personal favorite of the members of the band early in the writing process and has been the opening song in their set list live. Check it out here

'Let's Get Wasted': 'Let's Get Wasted' is the party track from the latest album from AFTB. Receiving regular rotation play on Tucson's Rock 102 KFMA the song has quickly become a fan favorite. One of the last two songs written for the album the band felt like the album was missing something. After collaborating with Matt Good the song came together very quickly. Check it out here.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, find out where you can hear them live on the current tour and learn more about the group right here!

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