Day in Rock Report for 08/13/2015

Original Guns N' Roses Member Joins Hollywood Vampires Supergroup

(hennemusic) Alice Cooper has announced three live dates for his all-star covers outfit, Hollywood Vampires and has added former Guns N' Roses rhythm section of Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum to the live lineup of the group that also features Aerosmith's Joe Perry.

Set to release their self-titled debut album on September 11, the project led by the trio of Cooper, Perry, and Johnny Depp will be rounded out in concert by McKagan, Sorum plus guitarist Tommy Henriksen and pianist/guitarist Bruce Witkin.

Hollywood Vampires will perform two shows at The Roxy in Los Angeles on September 16 and 17 and play Brazil's Rock In Rio on September 24. Conceived by Cooper, the Hollywood Vampires project celebrates the spirit of the original drinking club of the same name that gathered at the upstairs bar of the Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Strip, Los Angeles from 1972, of which Cooper was a founding member.

Attendees would include high-profile musicians like John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Keith Moon, Bernie Taupin, Jim Morrison and Mickey Dolenz. The album, which presents covers of classic tunes by T. Rex, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Doors and more, sees contributions from an all-star lineup that includes Sir Paul McCartney, Perry Farrell, Dave Grohl, Joe Walsh, Slash, Robbie Krieger, Zak Starkey, Brian Johnson and Kip Winger. Read more and watch the teaser video here.

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Rigor Mortis' Bruce Corbitt Fighting For His Life In Hospital

(TeamRock Radio) Warbeast and Rigor Mortis frontman Bruce Corbitt has posted a video update from his hospital bed where he is being treated for a heart condition. The singer this week revealed he was fighting for his life after undergoing emergency heart surgery in Dallas, Texas, and later suffering a terrifying reaction for which doctors have so far been unable to find an explanation.

In a video uploaded to Facebook, Corbitt thanks fans for their support. He says: "It's been a tough battle but you know damn well I'm still here. I love my daughter Chyna, my dad and my mum and all of you. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I will be back onstage soon.

"I didn't know if I was gonna make it, but I called my daughter last night and just hearing her voice was the best thing to help me get through it. I love all of you and I hope to see all of you soon."

In a separate written post, Corbitt says he hopes to be out of hospital some time today and gives more detail on the nature of his post-surgery reaction.

He says: "Doctors, nurses and even my own cardiologist have no idea either what was going on. My cardiologist has done this surgery thousands of times and says he's never had a patient that this happened to.

"The truth is that I could not breath when I tried to lay down flat. I also had these strange spells suddenly appear out of nowhere even if I was feeling great or in good spirits. I can only describe as it felt like I was about to die, not anything like the hundreds of panic attacks I've had in my life" Read more and watch the video here.

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Slayer Wasn't Popular Enough To Headline Mayhem Tour?

(Classic Rock) Cannibal Corpse drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz says the Mayhem festival might have been more successful if organizers had booked a bigger headline act than Slayer.

Co-creator John Reese stated earlier this month that the touring festival had now come to an end after eight years as a result of a war of words between his colleague Kevin Lyman and Slayer's Kerry King. Lyman blamed "old, fat and bald" metal acts for ruining the genre's reputation.

Cannibal Corpse played the event last year and Mazurkiewicz says there was a notable difference between the lineups. Mazurkiewicz tells Metal Shop: "It just looks like this year it wasn't strong enough to play to the masses. In the United States, metal is very big, but I think having a band like Slayer headline Mayhem may not have been the greatest idea. For us, it's great - Slayer are our idols and our kings - so for them to headline Mayhem is amazing. But in the scheme of popularity and record sales, it was a downsize in a way.

"When we played it, we were with Avenged Sevenfold headlining, and they are a huge band in America right now, so for that reason alone there should be more people coming to the show. There was Korn, as well, and you a great whole second stage."

He adds: "It was downsized this year and I think that was the big downfall. If they had a bigger band to headline then maybe it would have been more successful." Read more here.

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Ghost Concert Plans Foiled By The Pope

(hennemusic) Ghost have been forced to reschedule a concert in Philadelphia due to security measures that will be in effect for a visit by the Pope. As a result of the lockdown, Ghost's September 26 date at Union Transfer has been rescheduled to September 29.

Philadelphia is hosting the World Meeting Of Families on the September 26 and 27 weekend, an event that will see much of the city shut down to traffic, including all the major highways in and out, bridges, and a several square mile grid of downtown restricted to travel on foot. The fallout is that many of the city's museums, theaters, and concert venues will close.

Ghost's appearance during the Pope's visit was intentional, says Promoter Sean Agnew. "The band wanted to get really creative, and have their own Ghost motorcade where the singer would go around the city," said Agnew.

"We had these great ideas to create an alternative to the Pope. But more and more stories started to come out about the lockdown. We had to scale back." Read more here.

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Kurt Cobain Soundtrack To Include 'Mindblowing' Unreleased Song

(Classic Rock) The soundtrack for Kurt Cobain biography Montage Of Heck will be released in December. Director Brett Morgen says the album - essentially a Cobain solo record - will be issued on December 6, the same day as the Cobain: Montage Of Heck DVD hits the streets.

The critically-acclaimed film was made with the full cooperation of Cobain's widow Courtney Love and features intimate and troubling scenes of the Nirvana icon as he battled his addictions in the run-up to his suicide.

Morgen tells Deadline he discovered "hours upon hours of never before heard Cobain music" as he trawled through archive recordings while making the documentary. He adds: "I could not possibly understand how this existed and nobody had encountered it before."

The film includes a previously unheard, 12-minute Cobain track that Morgen described as "mindblowing." Read more here.

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Marty Friedman Would Rather Chew Glass Than Listen To Hendrix

(Classic Rock) Former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman says he'd "rather chew glass" than listen to Jimi Hendrix. Friedman stresses that he respects the iconic guitarist's huge influence on many of his heroes, but he says he just doesn't get what all the fuss is about. And he reveals he's never been a fan of Bob Dylan's playing either.

Friedman tells Ultimate Guitar: "I'd rather chew glass than listen to Hendrix. I never got Hendrix. When I think of Hendrix, an image comes in my mind about a lot of hippies rolling around in mud tripping on acid and it just doesn't turn me on at all.

"And all that noise and feedback and I'm like, 'Play in tune.' I'm a big tuning guy and that's probably why I don't like Dylan because things go out of tune and it kills me.

"But then again, all of my favorite guitarists hail Hendrix. I'm a big Uli Jon Roth fan and he's the most beautiful guitarist. He probably loves Hendrix as much as Hendrix's own mother does. All the guys I respect love Hendrix so I know there's something there. It's just that I never got it because it never fit into my experiences." Read more here.

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Murderdolls Unlikely To Make Another Album

(TeamRock Radio) Wednesday 13 doubts he'll record another Murderdolls album. He and ex Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison formed the core of the group and released Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls in 2002 and Women And Children Last in 2010.

But as for the chances of a third album, 13 says it's not likely as they "went out on a high note" with their 2010 release. He tells Music Mania: "I would say right now, no - but I also said that about the second one. We had a good run with the first and the second and unfortunately it just didn't quite work out that last time touring-wise. We just stepped away from it, and that's kind of where it is. So I don't know if it will ever get revisited."

He says he has no ill feelings towards Jordison and adds: "I feel like we went out on a high note. We came back out and did one more record for everybody to seal the deal on it and kind of sealed our fate at the same time." Watch the full interview here.

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Keith Richards Solo Albums Getting Digital Release

(hennemusic) Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards will reissue his solo albums "Talk Is Cheap" and "Main Offender" for the first time via digital outlets this Friday, August 14.

Richards' first solo album, 1988's "Talk Is Cheap" gave birth to Keith's X-Pensive Winos band featuring Steve Jordan, Waddy Wachtel, Ivan Neville, Charley Drayton and Sarah Dash.

The project included guest appearances by Patti Scialfa, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Maceo Parker, ex-Rolling Stone Mick Taylor as well as Willie Mitchell and the Memphis Horns.

1992's "Main Offender" reunited much of the lineup from the debut and produced the hits "Wicked As It Seems" and "Eileen." The reissues come as Richards prepares to release his first solo album in more than 20 years, "Crosseyed Heart", on September 18. Read more here.

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Bullet For My Valentine Release Army of Noise Video

(TeamRock Radio) Bullet For My Valentine have released a video for their track Army Of Noise. The tune appears on the band's fifth album, Venom, which will be released on August 14 and the video features footage shot on their recent South American tour.

The group say: "This one's for you, our Army Of Noise. This video was shot during our recent trip to South America, which ruled." The song follows previews of Raising Hell, No Way Out, You Want A Battle? (Here's A War) and the Venom deluxe edition bonus track Playing God.

Venom is the group's first project with bassist Jamie Mathias, who replaced Jason James. BFMV are currently on a North American tour with Slipknot and Lamb Of God, and return to the UK in September. Watch the new video here.

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Pop Evil Premiere 'Footsteps' Music Video

(TeamRock Radio) Pop Evil are debuting their video for Footsteps exclusively via TeamRock. Footsteps is the opening track on the band's upcoming album Up, released on August 21 via eOne Music.

The video is directed by long-time collaborator Johan Carlen. Frontman Leigh Kakaty says: "We challenged ourselves to come up with something different for the viewer.

"Johan Carlen brought our vision to a whole new light, as it is reflected through this amazing piece of art." Pop Evil previously released a video for the track In Disarray. Watch the new video here.

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Cathedral and Electric Wizard Stars Form With The Dead Supergroup

(Classic Rock) Members of Cathedral and Electric Wizard have joined forces in a new project called With The Dead. Electric Wizard bassist Tim Bagshaw and drummer Mark Greening are joined in the band by Cathedral singer Lee Dorrian.

The UK-based trio will issue their self-titled debut album on October 16 via Rise Above Records. In a statement, the label says: "Like the product of some sort of alchemical alignment or a diabolical modern demon summoned by a whispered incantatory spell, With The Dead formed on All Hallow's Eve 2014.

"They worked quickly and the result is a six-track, self-titled debut broadside that draws on the members' rich musical legacy but without ever taking a backward step.

"Rising like a fecund creature from the fetid bogs of old England, With The Dead is a malevolent beast that lurches and staggers, flattening everything in its path." Read more here.

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Bostaph Honored That Hanneman Wanted Him Back In Slayer

(Classic Rock) Paul Bostaph says it was "an honor" to know that Jeff Hanneman wanted him back behind the Slayer kit. Guitarist Hanneman died at the age of 49 following a two-year illness caused in part by his drinking, which was cited in his official cause of death.

After the band parted ways with Dave Lombardo, they turned to Bostaph, who had previously been a member from 1992 to 2001. And one of Hanneman's last actions with the band before his death in 2013 was to insist on Bostaph getting the job.

The drummer tells Soundcrave: "I never got a chance to see Jeff before he passed, but it was an honour to know that he wanted me back. It was humbling that they wanted me there."

Bostaph has since recorded his parts for the band's upcoming 11th album Repentless, due out on September 11. Watch the full interview here.

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Status Quo's John 'Rhino' Edwards Announce Solo Album

(Classic Rock) Status Quo bassist John 'Rhino' Edwards will release his second solo album on October 23. Rhino's Revenge II will be issued via Molano Music and comes 15 years after his debut solo record.

Edwards is joined on the recording by his sons Max and Freddie who play drums and guitar respectively. His daughter Mae also contributes backing vocals, while multi-instrumentalist Matthew Starritt also guests on the 12-track album which was recorded in 11 days.

Edwards says: "We went flat out, so we didn't have time to get precious about anything. I play Rhino Rock, Thug Rock, Animal Rock, Heavy Rock, Pop Rock, but with the main focus on the lyrics and the songs. It's rabble-rousing rock'n'roll."

Hear the tracks Tomorrow Is Today and Famous here.

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Deep Purple Release Video Preview Of Upcoming Live Releases

(hennemusic) Deep Purple have released preview videos of their performances of classic tracks from a pair of forthcoming live albums, "From The Setting Sun... (In Wacken)" and "…To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo)."

Due August 28 (September 18 in North America), "From The Setting Sun… (In Wacken)" sees the group captured in concert at Germany's Wacken Open Air Festival in 2013, while "…To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo)" presents the group live at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo in April of 2014.

Deep Purple are previewing video of "Space Truckin'" compiled from both packages and "Perfect Strangers" from the Tokyo set. "One band, two crowds, two countries - a tale of two cities indeed," says bassist Roger Glover. "From Germany's Wacken Open Air Festival, one of the biggest metal festivals in the world - and a city unto itself - to Japan and the stately Nippon Budokan, the most revered venue in Tokyo. Each with its own distinct personality."

"From The Setting Sun… (In Wacken)" and "…To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo)" will be available on 2CD+DVD, DVD, Blu-ray (Tokyo performance), Blu-ray 3D (Wacken performance) and 3LP Gatefold.

Deep Purple will wrap up a summer tour of North America this weekend. Watch the preview videos here.

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Chris Cornell Streaming New Song 'Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart'

(hennemusic) Chris Cornell has released a lyric video for "Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart", which is the lead single from his forthcoming fourth solo album, "Higher Truth."

Due September 18, Cornell began recording the project in mid-January with producer Brendan O'Brien before heading to Australia with Soundgarden in February to perform as part of the Soundwave Festival series; he completed the record upon his return to Seattle in March.

The Soundgarden frontman will launch the record with a 6-week theater tour of North America that will see him perform material from his entire career.

Cornell will follow the North American shows with a tour of New Zealand and Australia starting in late November. The singer will regroup with Soundgarden to record and release a new album in 2016. Check out the new song here.

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Just A Matter Of Time Before Mudvayne Record New Album

(TeamRock Radio) Greg Tribbett says he holds out hope that Mudvayne could record another album. The guitarist says a follow-up to 2009's self-titled album could be on the cards, once the various members can align their schedules.

Tribbett works with Audiotopsy, while frontman Chad Gray is a member of Hellyeah. Tribbett tells Metal Wani: "Like they say, never say never. We all talk.

"It's just a matter of time, I think. But we'll see. It could happen in the future, that's all I can say about it. I'm gonna be touring with Audiotopsy for the next couple of years, and I know Chad's doing another record with Hellyeah." Read more here.

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Korn's Jonathan Davis Appearing On New Sunflower Dead Album

(TeamRock Radio) Korn frontman Jonathan Davis will guest on the upcoming album by Sunflower Dead, it's been confirmed. He'll take over vocal duties on It's Time To Get Weird - the title track on the Californian outfit's second album, out on October 30 via the band's own Bloody Bat Records label.

In addition, Korn bassist Reginald 'Fieldy' Arvizu's side project Stillwell have finished work on their as-yet-untitled second album which they're expected to release later this year.

Arvizu says: "It took me on a crazy ride of emotions. I don't want to put it in a category but it's definitely not anything like our other bands that we're in." Read more and watch the album teaser here.

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Jon Spencer Clears Up Misconception About Blues Explosion Album

(Classic Rock) Jon Spencer has denied that his Blues Explosion's latest album Freedom Tower is a eulogy to a lost New York. It was released earlier this year, and he says it's actually a celebration of the city the band have called home for a quarter of a century.

He tells UnderTheRadar: "It's not meant to be a nostalgic trip, it's not meant to be a lament. I don't think we should try to reverse the progress or turn back the hands of time.

"New York City has changed a great deal, probably everything I feel in love with about the city is gone. But a city has to change. Not all of the record is about 'What happened to the city I loved? Where did this place go?'" Read more here.

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District 97 Release 'Snow Country' Video

(Prog) District 97 have released a video for their track Snow Country. It's taken from the band's third album In Vaults which was released in June via Laser's Edge. They previously issued Takeover from the record. It was made possible thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign which saw the group raise $20,000.

Drummer Jonathan Schang tells Prog: "It's a model bands have been using for a while now, but I was dubious because I thought it would be like begging for money.

"I tested the waters with our fans and what I actually found was that they take a lot of ownership over the band - they want to help propagate its future.

"So instead of looking at it as going down on bended knee and asking for money, I've come round to seeing it as giving them an opportunity to be partners with us, and to help us bring some music into the world that hopefully people will enjoy." Read more and watch the video here.

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Roger Dean To Appear At Rick Wakeman's Wakemanfest

(Prog) Artist Roger Dean will appear at Rick Wakeman's inaugural Wakemanfest in Lincolnshire this October. Running October 30 to November 1, Wakemanfest was conceived by Rob Ayling of Gonzo Multimedia as a three day event that would revolve around people Rick Wakeman has worked with over his 40 years in the music industry.

Dean's fantasy landscape art has appeared on album covers by Yes, Asia, Uriah Heep and many others, with his work dating back to 1968. His first design for Yes was 1971's Fragile and his creation of the classic Yes 'bubble' logo first appeared on 1972's Close To The Edge. The artist's links to the band were developed further with contributions to his brother Martyn Dean's stage set designs for the group.

Dean says: "I don't really think of myself as a fantasy artist but as a landscape painter." He will showcase his art and hold a question and answer session at Wakemanfest on Saturday, October 31 from 3.40pm to 4pm. See who else will be appearing here.

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