Day in Rock Report for 08/25/2015

Bill Ward Explains Criticism Of Black Sabbath's 13 Album

(Classic Rock) Bill Ward has clarified his comments on Black Sabbath's 13 album - after he called it "a pile of sh*t." The drummer said last week that he had to distance himself from the band after he missed out on being a part of the 2013 release. That process included dismissing the record as "sh*t" - even though he admitted he'd only heard "20 bars" of the work.

Now he says those comments were taken out of context. On his Rock 50 show (via Blabbermouth), he reports: "I really, really love those guys. I am so passionate in my love for them. They are fantastic musicians. I never faulted their musicianship - ever. I've played with these guys since I was a teenager. And I love them. I'm in a dispute with them."

He continues: "Let's go back to 13 for a second, so I can make it clear for the record. I heard about 24 bars of one track and I just didn't like it at all. And I have that right not to like it. I haven't heard the rest of the album.

"I felt it would be quite painful to listen to. Not musically, but emotionally - it's quite painful to listen to something that you wanted to be part of, but were unable to be part of, because I'm fighting for some principles in my life." Read more here.

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Rob Halford Looks Back On Judas Priest Suicide Trial 25 Years Later

(Classic Rock) Rob Halford has recalled the "tension and sadness" of appearing in court after Judas Priest were accused of encouraging two fans to form a suicide pact in 1985.

Legal action was launched after Raymond Belknap, 18, and James Vance, 20, shot themselves in Nevada, following a night of drinking, taking drugs and listening to the band's albums. Belknap died instantly while Vance lived for three years with major injuries.

Vance and his family alleged that Priest's cover of Spooky Tooth track Better By You, Better Than Me included subliminal messages that, when played backwards, included the phrases "Try suicide," "Do it" and "Let's be dead."

Priest attended court in 1990 while prosecutors attempted to prove they'd been an influence in the shootings. The charges were dismissed 25 years ago this month.

Halford tells Rolling Stone: "It feels like it was just yesterday - I remember walking up the steps at the courthouse and feeling the incredible fan support that we had every day. Then there was just the tension and the sadness in the courthouse, because at the heart of the matter were these two guys that lost their lives tragically.

"These two boys were massive Priest fans, and that made it even more heart-wrenching that this terrible combination of the night and the drugs and the booze and their state of mind turned into something quite terrible."

He recalls feeling "baffled" by some of the arguments he heard in court, adding: "The trial shook us up because it came from a country that we love dearly. Nevertheless, it was a great opportunity for a band like Priest to show the judge and the public - that was clueless about metal - that we had a bunch of guys who could string sentences together, be logical and intelligent, and have a deep conversation.

"I think there was the misguided belief that that wasn't going to happen. But we're not idiots, and we never will be." Read more here.

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Underoath Extend Reunion Plans With Rebirth Tour

Underoath fans will have some more opportunities to see the recently reunited band as they have announced plans to launch their Rebirth Tour of North America next spring.

The band originally announced that they would be reuniting to perform at the 2016 Self Help Festival next March but now the band have extended their plans to launch a tour where they will play their "They're Only Chasing Safety" and "Define The Great Line" albums in their entirety.

The Rebirth Tour will be kicking off on March 16th in St. Petersburg, FL at Jannus Live and the trek is currently scheduled to conclude on April 23rd in Atlanta, GA at the Tabernacle.

Tim McTague had the following to say about the reunion tour, "I think the thought of Underoath playing again seemed really exciting. We never thought we'd ever even want to play together again, much less be as excited to do so. It was a really cool feeling, and when discussing what this tour could be, it just felt right to play the two albums that our fans have held dearly for so many years. I think it's going to be really special."

Spencer Chamberlain adds, "I hated the idea of Underoath being 'over' and I'm not sure what we are, but we are all friends again and that's really the most important thing. That being said, we felt like now is a great time to do a tour and celebrate Define The Great Line turning ten."
See the tour dates here.

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Tony MacAlpine Postpones Tour Dates Due To Cancer Scare

Iconic guitarist Tony MacAlpine announced on Monday that he has been forced to postpone his upcoming tours in Asia and Australia because he needs to undergo surgery after doctors discovered a mass in his intestine that may be cancer.

He broke the new to fans with the following Facebook post: "Last week I was taken to the hospital with severe stomach pains. Following blood work, multiple MRI scans and various procedures, medical doctors discovered a large mass in my intestine, and it seems likely that we are dealing with cancer.

"My doctors have advised me that this will need to be dealt with immediately, and I am scheduled for surgery this week. Recovery from this surgery will take a month - right when I was scheduled to tour the Australasian region.

"Providing all goes well, it is our understanding I should be well enough to perform on the coming European tour. For Australia and Asia, we are working on rescheduling the shows. We will advise you as soon as possible when the new dates are booked." Read the full post with refund info etc here.

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Slipknot, Megadeth and Lamb of God Lead Knotfest Mexico Lineup

Slipknot has revealed that they are taking their Knotfest music festival south of the board later this year where they and Megadeth and Lamb of God will lead the lineup.

The band revealed via the Knotfestmexico.com website on Monday that Knotfest Mexico will be taking place at Foro Pegaso in Toluca, Mexico on December 5th.

The announced lineup includes Slipknot, Megadeth, Lamb of God, HIM, A Day To Remember, Trivium, Atreyu, Asking Alexandria, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Here Comes The Kraken and Tanus. Visit the event site for more details here.

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David Gilmour's Cover Of Beatles Classic Streaming Online

(hennemusic) A David Gilmour cover of The Beatles 1966 "Revolver" track "Here, There And Everywhere" is featured on a free CD with the latest edition of Mojo magazine, due in stores on Tuesday.

Written by Paul McCartney and inspired by The Beach Boys song, "God Only Knows", Mojo reports the Pink Floyd guitarist actually sent his version of the tune - recorded with his son Joe - to the magazine two years ago.

"I really wish I had been in The Beatles," Gilmour tells Mojo. "[They] taught me how to play guitar, I learnt everything. The bass parts, the lead, the rhythm, everything. They were fantastic."

The tune is featured on the free Mojo disc, "David Gilmour & Friends", a collection of music designed to celebrate the guitarist's life, work and influence. Gilmour is featured on six songs on the project, which also presents tracks from Phil Manzanera, Robert Wyatt and The Pretty Things.

Gilmour is gearing up for the September 18 release of his fourth solo album, "Rattle That Lock." Stream the cover here.

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Metallica's Black Album Examined In New Book

(hennemusic) A new book on Metallica's self-titled 1991 record - known as The Black Album - by author David Masciotra will be published as part of Bloomsbury's 33 1/3 Series on September 24.

With more than 30 million copies sold worldwide - including 16 million in the States - "Metallica" delivered five singles including the smash "Enter Sandman", "The Unforgiven", "Nothing Else Matters", "Wherever I May Roam" and "Sad But True."

Masciotra gives readers unprecedented insight into the story behind the iconic album through interviews with James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Jason Newsted and producer Bob Rock.

"The book is a must read for Metallica, metal, and hard rock fans," says Masciotra, "as I will give up close and personal details, received personally from the band, into the making of The Black Album, and I will examine the importance of Metallica's music, along with the philosophical depth it possesses."

The Black Album continues to be the best-selling release of the US Nielsen SoundScan era, which started in 1991. Read more here.

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Gene Simmons Ponders Lamb Of God With Dave Grohl Vocals

(Classic Rock) Kiss star Gene Simmons has given his seal of approval to Lamb Of God - even though he admits their music isn't quite his bag. And he can't help wondering what Randy Blythe's track 512 might sound if it had been approached differently.

The song, which appears on VII: Sturm Und Drang, tells of Blythe's experiences in a Czech prison cell before he was acquitted of manslaughter in 2013.

Simmons tells Rolling Stone: "Lamb are a solid bunch of musicians - capable and bombastic." But he adds: "While I like the backing track here, I must confess this type of vocal styling - what would happen if a werewolf tried to sing? - just ain't my thing. Not than I'm claiming I can sing, mind. Personally, I'd be curious what this fine backing track would sound like with a decent melody, and with Dave Grohl's vocals." Read more and check out the song here.

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Allman Brothers Left Leaderless By Duane's Death Says Gregg

(Classic Rock) Gregg Allman says the Allman Brothers Band were left leaderless after the death of sibling Duane. And that's one of the reasons he has no regrets about bringing their 45-year career to a close in 2014.

He tells Newsday of the Allmans split last year: "Every organization needs a leader, a focal point," he says. "That's something the Allman Brothers, after my brother died, never had.

"It was just a bunch of head chefs together. I'm not saying anything down about the Allman Brothers. It was a beautiful experience. It might have lasted a little bit long." Read more here.

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Grateful Dead Offshoot Dead & Company Announce Tour

(Radio.com) As expected, the next incarnation of the Grateful Dead, called Dead & Company and featuring original Dead members Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann being joined by John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge and Jeff Chimenti, will tour the U.S. this fall and winter.

The group has announced new string of tour dates to go with their Madison Square Garden tour dates set to take place on Halloween and the day that follows.

Notable on the new tour dates are their L.A. stops, scheduled for December 30 and 31, essentially making it a must-see New Year's Eve for Dead fans. Other stops include a couple in San Francisco at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, along with visits to Philadelphia, Albany, Boston, and our nation's capital.

Check out the tour dates, along with the image that was put on Instagram by the project here.

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Trey Anastasio Announces Paper Wheels Tour Plans

(Radio.com) Where Trey Anastasio finds the time to do everything he does is anyone's guess. Between performing with the Grateful Dead's surviving members for some highly publicized performances over the summer and touring with Phish directly thereafter, you would think the jam band legend would have his hands plenty full.

But this fall, we will also be getting a new Trey Anastasio solo album. His first solo offering in three years, Paper Wheels will see its release on October 30. Recorded last year with co-producer Bryce Goggin, this is Anastasio's 10th solo album to date. The track listing for Paper Wheels is below.

In support of this new release, Anastasio will be touring, beginning with a two-night stand in Brooklyn before traveling to the western part of the U.S. Check out the tour dates here.

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Shattered Skies Part Ways With Singer Sean Murphy

(Prog) Shattered Skies have split with singer Sean Murphy, they've confirmed. The rising-star prog metal outfit vow they'll get themselves back on track quickly - and they'll play some instrumental shows while searching for a new vocalist.

Shattered Skies say: "Sean has been an amazing person from day one and we wish him absolutely nothing but the best. We'd like to thank him for the experiences and memories over four years.

"While this is a sad day for us, the band is planning to move forward with purpose. Our second album is already written and being recorded with a view to a 2016 release. We do not plan on changing that." Read more here.

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Michael Monroe Reveals Details For New Album 'Blackout States'

(hennemusic) Former Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe is unveiling the cover art and tracklisting for his 10th studio album, "Blackout States", due October 9 via Spinefarm Records.

Produced by Chips Kiesbye (Hellacopters, Nomads) in Gothenburg, Sweden and mixed by Petri Majuri in Helsinki, Finland, the project is the follow-up to the 2013 Finnish chart-topper "Horns And Halos."

Monroe recorded the album with his touring band - bassist Sami Yaffa (ex-Hanoi Rocks/New York Dolls), guitarist Steve Conte (ex-New York Dolls/Company Of Wolves), guitarist Rich Jones (ex-Black Halos/Amen) and drummer Karl Rockfist (ex-Chelsea Smiles/Danzig).

"I'm extremely excited about our new album, Blackout States," says Monroe. "It has all the ingredients of a perfect rock 'n' roll record - strong melodic songs with great meaningful lyrics that defy all clichés, delivered with a punky, ballsy attitude by a killer band.

"I highly recommend 'Blackout States' to anyone who's even a little bit interested in what real, authentic, high energy rock 'n' roll at its best sounds like today."

Next week, Monroe will preview the record with the release of the lead single, "Old King´s Road." Read more including the tracklisting and see the cover art here.

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Ginger Says Forget About Another Wildhearts Album

(Classic Rock) On the eve of an eight-date UK tour to celebrate the release of 20th anniversary of The Wildhearts' second full-length album p.h.u.q., Ginger has revealed a latest rift within the group's ranks, declaring: "It's a f***ing drama-fest and I'm done with it."

Operational again since 2012, The Wildhearts have split up and reunited several times before during a fascinating yet erratic 26-year history. Ginger, who has previously stated a desire to cease working under the Wildhearts banner, admits to approaching the p.h.u.q. revisited tour with mixed feeling.

"Earlier this year we [The Wildhearts] had a whole recording and touring plan, or at least I did, but then something personal happened that affected some band members' relationships, or, more to the point, mine with them," he tells Classic Rock in an interview to be published next month. "I certainly don't want to go into it in public but neither do I want to spend a ton of time writing with anyone I don't feel close to."

He adds: "If some people are dragging around what I consider negative baggage then I'm out, y'know? It's been the story of The Wildhearts since year dot. I'm sure we'll sort out our issues as a band, or at least live with them for the length of a tour, when face to face with our crowd again. But the fans are the ones I'm doing this tour for. And if it's fun then we'll probably tour once a year.

"As for writing another Wildhearts album, forget it. I wouldn't even know what to write about. A bunch of forty to fifty year olds still unable to get along? Yeah, count me in. Sounds like a riot. F*** that." Read more here.

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Marillion's Pete Trewavas Releases New Edison's Children Album

(TeamRock Radio) Edison's Children, led by Marillion man Pete Trewavas, have released third album Somewhere Between Here And There - and he says it's a "non-concept bridge" title.

It's available now via the band's website, containing 15 tracks and runs for 80 minutes. The aim is to tide fans over until the band are ready to release their next concept work. It was put together via a crowdfunding campaign earlier this year.

Edison's Children said at the launch: "With the anticipation of a new Marillion album on the horizon, we're going to hold back for just a short while on our next concept album.

"That doesn't mean that we don't have something very special to hold you over until the next epic is complete. Somewhere Between Here And There is a non-conceptual album featuring several songs that have been kicking around the EC laboratory for a few years, but will doubtfully ever see the light of day otherwise." Read more here.

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Brian Eno To Give This Year's John Peel Lecture

(Prog) Brian Eno will deliver this year's John Peel Lecture on BBC Radio, the corporation has confirmed. It's to be broadcast live from the annual Radio Festival at London's British Library on September 27, then presented on TV the following month.

The lecture will be hosted by Mark Radcliffe, in memory of influential DJ John Peel, who died in 2004. The BBC says Eno will tackle the "ecology of culture" in his speech, exploring "how the whole complex of individuals and institutions engaged in culture - artists, broadcasters, managers, fans - are connected parts of a single huge organism."

Eno himself says: "I'm honoured to be invited to do a talk in the name of John Peel, a man who had a profound effect on my musical life, and indeed my becoming a musician at all." Read more here.

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TesseracT Announce Early 2016 European Tour

(Prog) TesseracT have confirmed a European tour, including nine UK dates, starting in February next year - with support from The Contortionist. The run follows the launch of fourth album Polaris, on September 18 via Kscope.

It's their first since the return of vocalist Dan Tompkins, who'd been replaced by Ashe O'Hara for 2013's Altered State. Bassist Amos Williams says: "Touring Europe is always so much fun for us, so it's such a joy to return with Polaris.

"We really feel like things have stepped up a gear - some of these venues are fantastic. After traversing the globe, to return home to headline those wonderful venues, and with an awesome band like The Contortionist as main support, will make the Polaris EU 2016 tour very special to us indeed." See the dates here.

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Skindred Releasing Rude Boys For Life Documentary As Album Bonus

(TeamRock Radio) Skindred will issue their Rude Boys For Life documentary as an exclusive bonus DVD with the deluxe edition of upcoming album Volume. It's released on October 30 via Napalm Records.

Rude Boys For Life documents the band's life on the road and gives sneak peeks at the Welsh 'ragga metal' outfit in the studio. It was created form over 1000 hours of live footage from the group's 17-year career and is directed by Skindred DJ Dan Sturgess.

On Volume, frontman Benji Webbe previously said: "Life is an influence. Going to the pub and having a pint, there's just so many lyrics there. Everything I've ever known, been taught or seen has gone into my songs." Read more here.

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Steven Wilson Artwork The Focus Of New Book

(Prog) The artwork surrounding Steven Wilson's musical output is the focus of a hardback book created by collaborators Lasse Hoile and Carl Glover. Entitled Index, it includes nearly 200 previously unseen images and features a foreword by the Porcupine Tree, Blackfield and No Man mastermind.

The hardback book looks at material from throughout Wilson's career, starting with 2002 Porcupine Tree album In Absentia and ending with this year's solo album Hand. Cannot. Erase.

Publishers The Flood Gallery will start taking pre-orders on September 1 for the standard green edition. A special red edition will be sold at Wilson's Royal Albert Hall concerts on September 18 and 29, with any remaining copies available online later. Read more and see some of the images here.

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Def Leppard's 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' Lullaby Version Streaming

(hennemusic) The music of Def Leppard is featured on "Lullaby Versions Of Def Leppard", the latest release from Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star who have released a stream of the lullaby version of "Pour Some Sugar On Me".

The company which creates "beautiful lullaby versions of your favorite artists" was born for the parent that wants to pass along their passion for music to their child by transforming popular music into instrumental lullabies perfect for babies, yoga or just relaxation.

"Pour Some Sugar On Me" is one of six classic 80s tunes featured on the set alongside "Rock Of Ages", "Photograph", Love Bites", "Hysteria" and "Foolin'." Check out the stream here.

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Ill Nino Release 'Blood Is Thicker Than Water' Video

Ill Nino have released a new music video for the track "Blood Is Thicker Than Water," a song which is deeply personal for frontman Christian Machado and is the latest single from the band's current album Till Death, La Familia.

Machado had this to say about the track, "'Blood is Thicker Than Water' is more than just a piece of music to me. Writing the lyrics seemed to me, at that point in my life, to be a healing process than anything else. Two years to that exact date, I held the hand of a beautiful human being and I watched her take her last breath.

"After her death, I held her for an hour, I cried, I thanked her for all her beauty, her innocence, and her love. I felt an incredible amount of regret, it was possibly the most painful moment I will ever go through in my life. I cannot put into words the feeling. I can say I attempted to put that emotion into the lyrics of 'Blood is Thicker Than Water,' but I know the depth of the words cannot bring to light the pain and suffering that she went through and also the mourning that followed.

"When we perform the song live, I sometimes have to put all my power into not being succumbed by that emotion once again. I hope the song can reach into the hearts of everyone who hears it. I hope it allows her beauty to live forever." Watch the video here.

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Clutch Launch The Making Of Psychic Warfare Video Series

(hennemusic) Clutch have launched the first installment in a video series on the making of the band's 11th album "Psychic Warfare." Due October 2, the Maryland group recorded the project at their own studio as well as producer Machine's place in Dripping Springs, Texas.

The behind the scenes series titled "The Making Of Psychic Warfare" opens with a three-part first segment, including Creation, Production, And Speculation.

Filmed by David Brodsky and My Good Eye: Music Visuals, the footage in segment one presents interviews with the band as they started the pre-production process while the album was being developed in Frederick, MD.

The series will include two more installments as Clutch document the recording process when they move to Austin, TX to record at the Machine Shop and then return to Maryland to put the finishing touches on the project.

The band are previewing the album with the release of the lead track "X-Ray Visions." "The title 'Psychic Warfare' is taken from the track, 'X-Ray Visions," says singer Neil Fallon. "It's a tale about an unnamed protagonist who is forced to seek refuge in a flop house motel. He is hiding from several nefarious psychic forces, the worst of which is his own sleep deprived paranoia." Check out the video for the track and the first episode of the video series here.

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Amorphis Release 'Sacrifice' Video

(Prog) Amorphis have released a video for their track Sacrifice, taken from upcoming album Under The Red Cloud. The follow-up to 2013's Circle is set for release on September 4 via Nuclear Blast.

Guitarist Esa Holopainen admits that producer Jens Brogen picked the single to be released from the album, because the band could not choose their favorites.

He recently said: "There's lots of elements in the songs, but every not and element is in perfect harmony - so the result is heavy and melodic. Under The Red Cloud will be in my personal top three Amorphis albums." Watch the video here.

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Mike Tramp Releases 'Give It All You Got' Video

(Radio.com) Mike Tramp has released a video for his track Give It All You Got. The song is taken from the former White Lion singer's ninth solo album Nomad, released on August 28 via Target Records. Nomad is the follow-up to last year's Museum.

Filming for the Give It All You Got video took place in Tramp's homeland of Denmark earlier in the summer. He says: "For someone who was a big part of the MTV video generation of the 80s, where videos became short movies, record companies spent big cash on production and the artist's motto was, 'We want it bigger and better than the other bands,' I can't express how gratifying it is to be able to do my new video, spanning across two evenings and with just one other person involved, who, in this case, wears both the cameraman and director hat.

"Yes, it might be late in my career, but I finally feel that I recognize and identify with the person on the other side of the camera, I am finally me, and that's what it's all about." Watch the video here.

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The Wonder Years Stream New Song 'I Don't Like Who I Was Then'

(TeamRock Radio) The Wonder Years have made a track from their upcoming album No Closer To Heaven available to stream. I Don't Like Who I Was Then is the fourth track on the band's fifth album

The Wonder Years previously made the song Cigarettes & Saints available to stream. They are on a widespread North American tour and play the UK early next year with Enter Shikari.

The new album is scheduled to be released on September 4 via Hopeless Records. The track is available as an instant download for fans who pre-order the album. Stream the new song here.

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The Legendary Shack Shakers Release 'Mud' Video

(The Blues The Legendary Shack Shakers have released a video for their track Mud, taken from upcoming album The Southern Surreal. It's launched via Alternative Tentacles Recordings on September 11, and marks their first studio outing in five years.

Frontman Colonel JD Wilkes says: "Mud is an anthem for good ole Whiskey Dick - the train that once served as the drunkard's shuttle to the 'wet' counties of Kentucky.

"Characters abound along the way, from a clown named Spoons to a Dixie Witch with a mud yurt in a ditch. I always wanted to sneak the word 'yurt' into a song."

The Shakers return to the UK in November, to mark their 20th anniversary. See the dates and watch the new music video here.

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Singled Out: Jonesin and the Hurt's Concerta

Today Ralph Clarke from the Toronto rock band Jonesin and the Hurt tells us the story behind their song "Concerta" which comes from their latest album "Why Not?" Here is the story:

As I was writing this song I was making a discussion whether to continue my education or build my band from the ground up. The lyrics in this song describe my decision. Jumping into music feet first seemed to be the right thing to do: "what the hell have I done, I didn't mean to hurt anyone, but me".

A lot of the songs from our first album tell an over arcing story about a night out or two weeks worth of nights out. Over a year ago I was trying to find the crucial balance between staying awake, partying, and studying on a substance made only for the ladder. We have a friend who "wasn't studying anymore" that thought that it would be better in my hands. I am from the East Coast originally and miss my mother everyday. She isn't the one that makes me want to smoke cigarettes, but she is the reason why I will be heading home soon. It is dark in a sense that it feels anxious and busy, but we always like to resolve it with "I was feeling alright after a couple vodka sprites".

When I wrote this song I believed that it wouldn't really matter what we said within the words. We in the band feel inspired by the song because we have all been in situations when our vices seem to take over a little more then they should. Our vices and habits often effect the people around us and this song really creates this feeling. When we started writing music for this band and giving everything up for each other, it wasn't an attempt to hurt other people's feelings, sometimes we did. After having a couple vodka sprites and writing this I believe that it doesn't even matter what I was thinking during the process. What really matters is what people get out of it and how they feel after hearing it.

I don't know if the kids know what the free number is on a payphone.. But it's the damn Police.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the band and album right here!

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