Day in Rock Report for 08/27/2015

Dave Grohl Slams New Bands For Short-Changing Fans

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl slammed new bands during a recent concert because he feels that they are short-changing fans by putting on concerts that he thinks are too short.

Grohl, according to Consequence of Sound, told audience members a Foo Fighters concert in Calgary, "You don't want one of those little hour-and-a-half-long shows, do you? You don't want that sh*t.

"All of those new bands that play those little two-hour concerts, you don't want that sh*t. Two hours and 15, I don't think is enough. Two and a half hours, does that sound okay? That's not enough is it?

"Here's our f***ing problem. We've been a band for 20 f***ing years, we have a lot of f***ing songs, and then add my big mouth on top of that, and we're going to be here all night." Watch video here.

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Metallica and Avenge Sevenfold Singers Do Zombie Auditions

Metallica frontman James Hetfield and Avenge Sevenfold singer M. Shadows are among the celebrities featured in a new promo video where they are seen auditioning to play zombies in the new video game Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC.

The video is promoting a contest for fans to become "zombiefied" and be featured for the upcoming edition of game as part of a promotion to raise funds for a charity that helps veterans find jobs.

Apart for the Metallica and Avenge Sevenfold singers, the video also features actors Nolan North and Steve Blum, NBA star Roy Hibbert. Fans can view the video here and you can find out more details about the contest here.

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Motorhead Frontman Fears The Death Of Rock 'N' Roll

Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister is the latest rock legend to share his views about the current state of rock and reportedly said that half of modern bands do not deserve to be together.

"I think it's pretty poor right now," Lemmy responded when asked in the current issue of Kerrang! (via Blabbermouth) about the current state of rock. "We're waiting for something, and I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's for the death of rock 'n' roll, y'know?

"I really don't know. I don't understand what we're waiting for at the moment, because we've been waiting for a long time. We deserve something, but we ain't getting it."

He then, according to the site, shared his view about today's bands, "I don't know why half of [modern bands] are together; 'cause they don't deserve to be. All they do is make a f***ing racket.

"I think we're still looking for an answer to punk, to be quite honest with you, 'cause Nirvana wasn't it, y'know? They were the closest, but that didn't last. I like some bands. I like Foo Fighters and Evanescence and stuff. But I don't know if we're going to get a real thing like punk again."

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The Who's Hyde Park Concert Film Coming To Theaters

(hennemusic) The Who will bring the final UK concert appearance of their 50th anniversary farewell tour to cinemas worldwide on October 7th with screening of "The Who: Live In Hyde Park".

The concert film captures the band at the famed London venue on June 26 of this year as they delivered a greatest hits set to 65,000 fans. The concert footage is rounded out with interviews featuring Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, as well as Iggy Pop, Robert Plant, Johnny Marr and more.

Townshend had the following to say about the show, 'It's a good gig. You draw from all over the country but a London crowd is always a good crowd' It's a Royal Park so thank you your majesty, you can't play it without her permission.'"

As part of the 50th anniversary farewell trek, The Who will begin a fall North American tour in San Diego, CA on September 14. Watch the trailer for the film here.

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The Scorpions To Live Stream Concert Next Month

The Scorpions will be celebrating the North American release of their latest album, "Return To Forever," by doing their very first live global stream from their concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on September 12th.

The band has teamed up with Yahoo for the live stream which they will make available beginning at 9:10 EST via streaming devices, their Yahoo Screen app on smartphones and tablets and desktop computers here.

The band release their new album the night before the webcast, September 11th and the Brooklyn show is the second concert of their North American fall tour which kicks off on September 10th in Boston.

The tour will feature support from Queensryche and the Scorpions have announced dates for the trek through October 9th where they will be playing the ShoWare Center in Seattle. See the tour dates here.

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Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament Helps Poor Kids By Building Skate Parks

(Classic Rock) Pearl Jam star Jeff Ament has revealed that he gets motivated to tour by thinking about how much money he'll be able to give to his skate park charity fund.

He's much more excited about helping tackle child abuse, neglect and suicide than he is about hitting the road with Eddie Vedder and co. And the hope of offering assistance to poverty-stricken communities by building leisure facilities keeps him energized.

Ament tells Vice: "The band's Vitalogy Foundation takes $3 from every ticket, and we split that up five ways for our causes. That ends up being a good chunk of change - but most of the skate bowls I pay for out of my own pocket.

"The band will probably try and get another record going in the next year, and I just want to build more parks. The way I look at it is if I'm touring and doing more things with the band, I make more money. If I make more money I build more parks. It helps me get more excited about touring - because I'm usually not too excited about it." Read more here.

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Lenny Kravitz Releasing Concert Film 'Just Let Go' This Fall

Eagle Rock have announced that they will be releasing Lenny Kravitz's new concert film "Just Let Go" on October 23rd across the globe on Blu-Ray, DVD and digitally.

"Just Let Go" will feature footage that was captured during the European leg of Kravitz world tour last fall. The film will include 12 performances as well as behind the scenes clips, interviews and rehearsal footage.

The release will also have bonus footage that includes unedited live versions of the songs "Sister, "Always On The Run," "Sex," "I Belong To You," "New York City," and "Let Love Rule."

Kravitz had the following to say about the release, "I am a solo artist but Just Let Go reflects on the relationship with my band and the camaraderie that develops between us while out on the road.

"The film takes a deeper look into what it's like to be on tour and also gives an intimate perspective into my life with my band, both on and off the stage." See the tracklisting here.

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Toadies Announce North American Tour Dates

Toadies have announced that they will be launching a North American fall tour in support of their new studio album, "Heretics," which is set to be released on September 18th.

The band will kick off the live action with their Dia De Los Toadies festival in Ft. Worth, TX on September 11th and 12th. The first night of the festival will feature a special album release headline set from Toadies as well as a rare unplugged performance from Sarah Jaffe.

The next day (September 12th) will feature live music on two stages with sets from Local H, Burden Brothers, Holy Moly, Buck Pets, Sealion, Son of Stan, and Gollay.

Toadies will then follow up the festival with the launch of their Texas Dance Hall mini-tour hitting dance halls across Texas in October that includes stops in Woodlands, New Braunfels, Fredericksburg and Goliad.

The band will then kick off their official Heretics North American tour on November 6th in Nashville at City Winery. The band has revealed the initial dates which at this point runs through November 22nd in Phoenix where they will be performing at the Crescent Ballroom. See the announced dates here.

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Abigail Williams Announce New Album 'The Accuser'

Abigail Williams have announced that they will be releasing their new studio album, The Accuser, on October 30th which will following their upcoming North American tour with Today Is the Day.

The Accuser features a guest appearance from Neill Jameson (Krieg, Twilight) and while it took three years for the band to create the music for the album, it was recorded, mixed and mastered over the course of five days by founding vocalist/guitarist Ken Sorceron at the group's home studio in Olympia, Washington, according to the announcement.

Sorceron had this to say about the effort, "It took three years to make this because I'm an indecisive bastard and I didn't want to make the same record again. It felt unnatural to try and reproduce what I did on [2012's] Becoming, which, up to that point I felt was our strongest album. So once again we are covering new ground with this release.

"The songs are the most personal to date with the themes mostly being about living sh*tty, addictions, sex, loss and failure all through the eyes of a nihilistic occultist sh*thead."

Prior to the album release, the band will be hitting the road for a North American tour with Today Is the Day, which is set to kick off on September 11th in Salt Lake City and wraps up on October 16th with a show in San Francisco. See the tour dates and the new album's tracklisting here.

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Velvet Underground's Loaded Getting Re-Loaded For Deluxe Reissue

(Classic Rock) The Velvet Underground's 1970 album Loaded is to be reissued in a deluxe box set. Loaded: Re-Loaded 45th Anniversary Edition is released on October 30 in a six-disc (5CD, 1DVD) box set featuring stereo and mono versions of the original record along with bonus demos, early versions and alternate mixes.

It also comes packaged with a remastered and re-edited version of the Live at Max's Kansas City album, a previously unreleased May 1970 Philadelphia concert and two high-resolution Loaded mixes. Surround sound mixes in DTS and Dolby Digital are also included.

The Philadelphia gig was recorded by fan Bob Kachnycz who, according to a statement from label Atlantic Catalog Group, "hitchhiked to the show and recorded it on reel-to-reel." The show was performed as a three-piece by the band as Moe Tucker was pregnant. Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison and Doug Yule alternated between bass and drums. Read more including the track details here.

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Clapton, Joe Bonamassa Tribute Stevie Ray Vaughan In The Studio

(ITS) A new online episode of syndicated radio show In The Studio with Redbeard: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands marks the anniversary of the death of blues star Stevie Ray Vaughan, who died in a helicopter crash 25 years ago today (August 27, 1990). The show sent over the following details:

Paying dues and playing the blues best sums up the early days of Stevie Ray Vaughan's career as he left his home in Dallas, Texas to follow his older brother Jimmie Vaughan down to Austin in the mid-'70s. Eventually Stevie Ray Vaughan would practically single-handedly re-establishing the Blues commercially and critically with Double Trouble bandmates drummer Chris Layton and bassist Tommy Shannon.

Musical greats Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa, invaluable songwriter the late Doyle Bramhall, and SRV biographer Joe Nick Patoski each share their personal stories about Stevie and the significance he and Double Trouble played on the entire blues idiom in a tragically shortened but legendary career.

Eric Clapton says, "I was so bowled over, so in love with this guy that was playing on stage from the heart completely. I started to feel ashamed of what I was going to do."

Joe Bonamassa says, "Stevie's legacy is he was the guy who could put on a guitar, any guitar, play three notes and have people hooked... That you can't teach."

Chris Layton of Double Trouble says, "In playing with him (Stevie), there was a thing about him that was very simple. If it felt good, then it WAS good. It was a very trust-your-instincts band. Spontaneous. Didn't matter if there were some minor performance mistakes. If the spirit was there, and there was fire and the feeling was good, it was happening."

Stream the episode here.

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Pink Floyd's Inflatable Pig Going Up For Auction

(Classic Rock) Pink Floyd's unruly inflatable pig Algie is one of a number of rock-related props going up for auction next month. Algie the pig was flown above London's Battersea Power Station during a photo shoot for Floyd album Animals in 1977.

It broke free in high winds and led to flights being cancelled at the city's Heathrow airport. It was later found in a field in Kent, and eventually returned to creator Rob Harries.

He also made a giant pig's head for Roger Waters' Berlin Wall concert, as well as work for AC/DC and Iron Maiden, and the Babylonian woman from the Rolling Stones' stage set. Read more here.

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Defeater's New Album 'Abandoned' Streaming In Full Online

(TeamRock Radio) Defeater have made their upcoming fourth album, Abandoned, available to stream online in its entirety ahead of the effort's official released on Friday (August 28th) by Epitaph.

The concept album was recorded after frontman Derek Archambault underwent hip replacement surgery, paid for by fans who contributed to a Pledgemusic campaign.

On the Pledgemusic page, he wrote: "All of this has brought me to do something many of you will know is out of character for me. I need to set aside my pride and ask for the help that so many of you have offered over the past year.

"And before going any further, I would like to thank each and every one of you that has wished me well, shaken my hand, sang along, and been more supportive than I could ever dream of."

The Boston melodic hardcore outfit previously released a video for the track Unanswered. They'll begin a North American tour next week, before heading to the UK and Europe for a run of dates in November. Stream the album here.

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Rammstein Release Live 'Ich Tu Dir Weh' Video From In Amerika

(Classic Rock) Rammstein have released a clip from upcoming live DVD In Amerika, featuring their performance of Ich Tu Dir Weh. It was recorded at New York's Madison Square Garden in 2010, and will be released via Island/UME on September 25. The show is accompanied by a feature-length documentary and a 20-minute film on the making of 2009 album Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da.

Rammstein recently said: "The venue's more than 18,000 seats were snatched up for the special appearance within less than 30 minutes of going on sale."

They released their performance of Rammlied earlier this month. In Amerika is available for pre-order now on DVD and Blu-ray. Frontman Till Lindemann said in June that work would commence on a new album next month. Watch the video here.

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The Devil Wears Prada Frontman Explains Space EP Songs

(TeamRock Radio) The Devil Wears Prada frontman Mike Hranica has explained the ideas behind the first two tracks on their Space EP in a new online video. The six-track was released last week via Rise Records and is their first material since 2013's 8:18.

Hranica says opening track Planet A was written by keyboardist Jonathan Gering and focuses on the story of a female aboard a spaceship which runs into trouble due to a malfunction.

He adds: "The idea is a shuttle flying through space and then it crashes. The commander of the ship is named Elizabeth and she wakes up alone - she's the one survivor on this planet - and it ends on a notion of desperation."

The frontman describes second track Alien as "the short abrupt song" adding, "When we first started talking about Space, it was the most immediate subject or the song that had to be on there.

"Lyrically, it doesn't answer too much, but for me personally, the song is somewhere outside of Earth and there's an attack by 10ft-tall aliens. It's rather open-ended - I don't know if the aliens won." Watch the video here.

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Volbeat Members Added To Silent Rock Movie Cast

(Classic Rock) Volbeat men Rob Caggiano and Michael Poulsen, along with Mark Lanegan, are the latest names to be added to the cast of silent rock movie Gutterdammerung.

It's described by director Bjorn Tagemose as being "set in a world where God has saved the world by taking from mankind the Devil's 'Grail Of Sin' - the Evil Guitar."

It's set for release next year and also stars Lemmy, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, Tom Araya, Jesse Hughes and Grace Jones, with more names to be revealed in due course.

Caggiano and Michael Poulsen are said to "find themselves smack bang in the middle of the ultimate apocalyptic battle" and have to "trade in their guitars" for flamethrowers, while Lanegan has been cast as a gravedigger. Watch the announcement video here.

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Fear Factory Streaming New Song 'Regenerate'

(TeamRock Radio) Fear Factory have released a lyric video for their track Regenerate. It appears on their ninth album Genexus which was released earlier this month via Nuclear Blast. They previously issued Protomech, Dielectric and Soul Hacker from the follow-up to 2012's The Industrialist.

Guitarist Dino Cazares said of the album: "It's a hybrid between organic and digital - that's what this record sounds like, and I think that's what makes it really good."

Troubled Journey drummer Deen Castronovo guests on the record. He'll appear in court in October to answer charges of rape and assault. The band will tour across North America, Europe and the UK to support the release. Check out the new song here.

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Whitesnake's Joel Hoekstra Streams Preview Of New Solo Album

(Classic Rock) Whitesnake guitarist Joel Hoekstra has released a teaser featuring snippets of all the tracks on his solo album Dying To Live. It'll be released on October 16 under the Joel Hoekstra's 13 banner via Frontiers Music.

Hoekstra says of the album: "A couple of years ago, I was at a crossroads professionally and personally and just wanted to make some changes in terms of what I was doing with my life to get where I feel I needed to go. These songs are all about eliminating the obstacles that keep us from our destiny. I think that's something everyone can relate to."

The guitarist is joined on the record by vocalists Jeff Scott Soto, Russell Allen and Chloe Lowery, bassist Tony Franklin, drummer Vinny Appice and keyboardist Derek Sherinian. Read more and check out the album teaser here.

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Joe Bonamassa Announces 'Live At Radio City Music Hall' Releases

(Classic Rock) Joe Bonamassa has confirmed the release of a live pack on CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and vinyl that was recorded during his appearances at New York's Radio City Music Hall in January.

The two-night appearance marked another dream come true for the guitarist, who'd always wanted to appear at the iconic venue. Bonamassa says: "I'm honored by a lot of things in my career, but as a born New Yorker, getting the opportunity to play the world's premier concert theatre will always be something to look back on and cherish."

The resulting release, Live At Radio City Music Hall, is based around his half-acoustic, half-electric set. It includes over 75 minutes of music, two newly-recorded songs, nine previously unreleased live tracks, over two hours of video, a 45-minute documentary and a 40-page collector's book.

And he's offering a free download of One Less Cross To Bear and released a video of the performance. What the clip, grab the link for the download and check out the track details here.

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Glenn Hughes, Vinnie Moore Guest On The Lizards' New Album

Former Deep Purple star Glenn Hughes and guitar icon Vinnie Moore (UFO) are among the special guests on the forthcoming studio album from classic rock collective The Lizards.

The new album, entitled "Reptilicus Maximus", is set to be released sometime in September via Hyperspace Records and Carmine Appice's Rocker Records (the band and the labels have not yet revealed an exact release date).

The Lizards is a rock supergroup that features Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow/Black Sabbath/BOC), Mike DiMeo (Riot/Masterplan), Randy Pratt (Cactus) and guitarist Patrick Klein. The effort also features guest appearances from Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush), among others.

Pratt had this to say about the guest appearances on the album, "On our 7th CD, 'Reptilicus Maximus', we brought in a few of our touring buddies. David Lanik, of 'Sharks' kicks ass on 'Ton on the One', the opening track on the CD. Frank Marino, of Mahogany Rush, was the headliner on our first tour and dazzles on 'Evil Eyes', the second track.

"Vinnie Moore and UFO were the headliners on our LAST tour (so far). Vinnie shreds beautifully on 'Crash', a song I wrote the lyrics to in the hospital after my brutal car crash that sidelined us for awhile.

"We did a 2 month tour with Glenn Hughes and he came to New York to record 4 songs on our 6th CD, 'Against All Odds'. 'Miracle Man' is a song that he wrote specifically for The Lizards, and I believe we slay it. He and Mike DiMeo do another one of their over the top duets on the closing number on the record.

"We added Scott 'The Doctor' Treibitz on keys for this CD, adding some new textures, from dark and brooding synths and majestic pipe organ to honky tonk piano and funky hammond organ."

Vinnie Moore adds, "Loved hearing The Lizards when they opened for UFO. Cool riffs, grooves and musicality with Mike DiMeo's killer vocals on top. Awesome new record and I am glad to be a part of it."

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Swallow The Sun Releasing Triple Album This Fall

(Prog) Swallow The Sun have announced their next release will be a triple album, and it's set to land in November. Songs From The North I, II and III will be issued via Century Media after the Finnish outfit signed with the label earlier this year.

Guitarist Juha Raivio says: "Making a triple album in this godforsaken digital and modern day and age? Many will say it's madness. I say it's to bring worth, heart and respect back into the music and to the album format where it belongs. This should never turn into a shallow fast-food industry where music is only downloaded one song at a time."

He reports the follow-up to Emerald Forest And The Blackbird will contain "life, death, gloom, beauty and despair in their deepest levels and forms" Read more here.

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Hollywood Vampires Supergroup Stream Cover Of Classic Who Song

(hennemusic) Alice Cooper's supergroup, Hollywood Vampires, are previewing the September 11 release of their self-titled debut album with a cover of The Who classic, "My Generation."

The trio of Cooper, Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Johnny Depp organized the project, which presents covers of classic tunes by T. Rex, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and more with contributions from an all-star lineup that includes Sir Paul McCartney, Perry Farrell, Dave Grohl, Joe Walsh, Slash, Robbie Krieger, Zak Starkey, Brian Johnson and Kip Winger.

The Hollywood Vampires have announced three live dates, including two shows at The Roxy in Los Angeles on September 16 and 17 and Brazil's Rock In Rio on September 24.

Cooper, Perry and Depp will be rounded out in concert by bassist Duff McKagan, drummer Matt Sorum, guitarist Tommy Henriksen and pianist/guitarist Bruce Witkin. Read more and stream the song here.

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Metallica Going All Out For Festival Performances

(Gibson) Metallica will perform headlining sets at the U.K.'s Reading and Leeds festivals this weekend, and they're going all out. According to Dick Tee, head of production for the main stage at Reading, attendees are in for a treat-a heavy one.

"It's going to be mind-blowing," Tee told KERRANG! "Currently, we're looking at something like 400m2 (400 square meters) of LED onstage-at least 100% more than any other act-so it's a phenomenal visual sight."

The guys are bringing out lasers and pyrotechnics, to boot. "Within that they've got stage risers for the band to run up and down on, play on, and to accommodate some special guests you'll find out about," Tee said.

Tee added he's preparing for 18 trucks of equipment for Metallica. "I spent 20 years as Head of Production at Glastonbury and worked most of the major festivals, and without a doubt this is probably the largest individual artist production I've ever dealt with," he said. Read more here.

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Hurtsmile Release 'Hello I Must Be Going' Video

(Classic Rock) Hurtsmile have released a video for their track Hello I Must Be Going. The song is taken from the band's 2014 album Retrogrenade and the band says that a video for the track Good Bye will also be released this week.

The band is fronted by former Van Halen and current Extreme singer Gary Cherone, who says the video for Hello I Must Be Going is inspired by a Marx Brothers song that featured in 1930 film Animal Crackers.

He adds: "I can't remember the last time I had this much fun making a video. We didn't take ourselves too seriously, it almost turned into a blooper reel. I think it captures the spirit of the song." Watch the new video here.

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5 Seconds Of Summer Reveal Advice From Good Charlotte Brothers

(TeamRock Radio) Australian pop punk outfit 5 Seconds Of Summer say Madden brothers Benji and Joel have helped them out with invaluable advice. The Good Charlotte founders, who now work as The Madden Brothers, have writing credits on a number of tracks - including She's Kinda Hot - on 5SOS album Sounds Good Feels Good, due out on October 23.

Bassist Calum Hood tells MTV (via Music News): "They're like our big band brothers. Every day, they have another motivational speech. They come up with the best analogies."

Drummer Asthon Irwin was most impressed with one particular analogy Joel came up with. He says: "It was about touring life and being on a bus, like this is almost a spaceship, and we are the astronauts, and you can't really explain to people who aren't astronauts what you experience on tour." Read more here.

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Public Service Broadcasting Release 'The Other Side' Live Video

(Prog) Public Service Broadcasting have issued a live clip of them performing The Other Side. The track from the band's second album The Race For Space was recorded during their performance at the Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire in July.

The follow-up to 2013's Inform-Educate-Entertain, released in February this year, focuses on the US and Soviet Union's battle for supremacy above the skies between the 1950s and early 1970s.

The duo of J. Willgoose Esq and Wrigglesworth have a number of dates scheduled over the coming weeks and will take to the road across the UK in November, which will wrap up at London's O2 Academy. Read more and watch the video here.

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Singled Out: Audiotopsy's The Calling

Today Greg Tribbett (Mudvayne) from Audiotopsy tells us the story behind the song "The Calling" a track from their debut album "Natural Causes," which is being released by Napalm Records tomorrow (Aug 28). Here is the story:

I was sitting around my 1 Bedroom Apartment in Texas with Mary Jane back in July 2014. I heard this Riff in my head like I always do so I picked up my Acoustic Guitar and started transposing the "Verse Riff". It came together really quick and before I knew it I had an entire Intro and Verse written. I kept on grooving to the verse riff trying to come up with a Chorus.

That Chorus did not come to me til I went to Matt McDonoughs house for a Weekend of writing sessions. We haven't played together since 2009. That is where the Chorus Riff was first written. Matt and I put the Structure of the Song together that weekend.

The Vocals came together in the Studio at On The Porch Studios in Orlando the following August. We had a tough time trying to come up with a Hooky Chorus until we left for a Beer run and I hummed this Melody "Slow,Burning,Flame" to Billy on the way out the Door. We got back from the Store and Billy went in and Tracked the Chorus Vocals. The rest is History!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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