Day in Rock Report for 11/05/2015

The Eagles' Glenn Frey To Undergo Major Surgery

(hennemusic) The Eagles have postponed plans to attend the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors next month as Glenn Frey is facing major surgery that will sideline him for an extended period of time.

Billboard reports the band confirmed that Frey "has had a recurrence of previous intestinal issues, which will require major surgery and a lengthy recovery period."

"We send our best wishes to Glenn for a swift and full recovery," says Kennedy Center President Deborah Rutter. "It felt only right to defer bestowing this extraordinary honor to the group when Glenn could also be in attendance." Read more here.

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Avenged Sevenfold Recruit Bad Religion's Brooks Wackerman

Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows revealed in a new interview that the band has recruited longtime Bad Religion member Brooks Wackerman as their new drummer.

Wackerman surprised fans with his recent departure from Bad Religion but the reason for the slit was explained when he along with Shadows appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast hosted by Chris Jericho this week.

Shadows explained that the band has considered bringing in Wackerman since the tragic death of Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. He told the podcast (via Loudwire), "To be honest, Brooks' name has always been in the mix. It was one of the names we were throwing around when Jimmy passed away in terms of who was going to step up for Nightmare.

"We felt Mike [Portnoy] was the right choice and we still feel that way. Mike just destroyed on the record. He was perfect. But at the time, our tour manager brought up Brooks' name as well. But at the time he was also busy with Bad Religion and it was also … people were going to look at it differently because he was a punk drummer at this point."

The frontman also explained why the band decided to part ways with drummer Arin Ilejay. "It just became increasingly difficult to be on the same page, not only touring, but with writing and just where we want to take things.

"We're just a bunch of guys who are all over the place and we have a bunch of different influences and we need somebody who can instantly … who can sit there and say, 'Yeah, I've got that influence too or I understand why we're gonna go here. I understand why we're going to do that.'"

He goes on to explain, "It just got to the point where after Mayhem Festival last year, we had just decided to fire on all cylinders the way we want to, we needed to make a change. And we all had our little talk. We said, 'Listen, we can ride this thing out the way it is right now and we'll be fine or we can shake the nest a little bit and we want to fire on all cylinders again. We want to be the baddest band on the planet. We want to just dominate onstage. And I came up with the idea that I really want to talk to Brooks and see if there's any chance and see where he's at in his life right now."

Read more and stream the full interview here.

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Five Finger Death Punch Added Black Sabbath Farewell Tour Leg

Black Sabbath fans Down Under received exciting news this week that Five Finger Death Punch will join Rival Sons as a support act on the Australian leg of the legendary metal band's farewell tour next spring.

Five Finger Death Punch shared their excitement with the following Facebook post, "Honored to announce that we'll be joining Black Sabbath for the [Australia] dates on ?#‎TheEndTour. You're not going to want to miss this."

The five date tour across Australia will be kicking off on April 15th at the Perth Arena in the venue's namesake city and includes stops in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, before concluding in Brisbane on April 25th. See the dates here.

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Def Leppard's New Album Was Unintentional

Def Leppard explain in a new online commentary video clip that they originally didn't set out to make their new self-titled album, but it seemed to come together naturally.

Frontman Joe Elliott kicks off the video with, "We haven't made an album in seven or eight years. When you have five heads full of songs, you've gotta get 'em out... We kind of had the itch to write, we wanted to do new music..."

Bass player Rick Savage reveals how the sessions came together, "we set aside a month to actually get together in the studio and develop all these demos, song ideas, riffs, whatever you want to call them."

Elliott explains that the band had no intention of making a new album. He says, "We didn't get together to make an album, we got together to a couple of songs. Let's just write some songs and see where we go."

Phil Collen says, "We started writing songs. We didn't think it was worth doing an album in this day and age.... We got 12 songs like immediately" and Joe concludes "we got an album right here."

Collen then explains that the band wasn't motivated to make the new album by the normal circumstances, "The motivation behind it wasn't the normal one in the last twenty odd years where it has been a record company or an executive. It wasn't that at all, it was for the art part of it. For the love of making music."

Elliott reveals that the inspiration continued as they gathered together to work on the original dozen tracks they had come up with, "We got together again in May to do a couple of weeks of work on those 12 songs and we wrote two more. So we ended up with 14 songs." Watch the full video here.

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Foo Fighters Play Learn To Fly Viral Video Request Show

(hennemusic) The Foo Fighters played a show in Cesena, Italy on Tuesday after 1000 fans performed their 1999 hit, "Learn To Fly", on July 26 in hopes of convincing the group to come to their city.

Rockin1000 organizer Fabio Zaffagnini spent a year planning the massive outdoor event to create a video as a plea to the Foo Fighters to come to Cesena. The clip quickly went viral, racking up more than 18 million views in just 5 days; it's now been seen more than 26 million times.

"Tonight," Dave Grohl told the crowd at Carisport, "we're here for a very, very special reason. So, let me tell you - this has never happened before. This is like a revolution."

"To see you people, singing our song for the whole f***ing world, to me, it's the greatest moment of my life," he continued. "Of course we couldn't say no, we had to come. You trapped us, we had to come here."

The Foo Fighters delivered a full show and thanked the Rockin1000 participants by opening the set with "Learn To Fly" and, later, invited some of the organizers on stage - including "Mohawk Guy", who sat in on drums for the band's cover of the Queen classic "Under Pressure." Check out video from the show here.

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Dio, Black Sabbath Supergroup Resurrection Kings Release Video

(Freeman) Resurrection Kings, the new group featuring Craig Goldy (Dio), Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio), Sean McNabb (Lynch Mob, Dokken) and Chas West (Lynch Mob) have released a new video.

The new video clip is for the song "Who Did You Run To," which is one of the tracks that appears on the band's forthcoming self-titled debut album. The album is set to be released by Frontiers on January 29th but fans can get an early taste via the new video here.

We were sent the following background information on how the group came together: Everything started with a set of demos former Dio and Giuffria guitar player, Craig Goldy recorded with singer Chas West, a guy with an unbelievable set of pipes, who has worked with such bands as the Jason Bonham Band, Foreigner, Lynch Mob, Tribe Of Gypsies, and 3 Legged Dogg.

"It all started five years ago when Craig Goldy asked me to write together," says Chas. Out of those demo sessions, the song "Livin' Out Loud" strongly impressed Frontiers' President, Serafino Perugino. He then asked Craig to build up a project/band around that musical concept. He also suggested Sean McNabb for bass (Lynch Mob, Dokken , Quiet Riot ), while Craig brought in later former DIO band mate Vinny Appice on drums. "Serafino wanted to make an album with famous musicians from the 80's and I was flabbergasted when he asked me to participate" says Craig Goldy. "We've all known each other for a long time and it was a pleasure to work with everyone - my God with Chas, Sean and Vinny that's a killer line-up!"

Frontiers in-house writer and producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (Revolution Saints, Hardline, Rated X) offered his services to the band and wrote (or co-wrote with Goldy) a few tracks to round out the material that was available. "He is a great songwriter, producer, musician and singer," says Goldy. "Some of the demo versions already had vocals and everything else, so all we did was learn the songs and then did them our way. When Sean and Vinny got a hold of these songs they really came alive and gave me automatic inspiration to write and perform on top of what was already written".
See the tracklisting here.

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Bad Brains' Dr. Know Reportedly Improving In The Hospital

Bad Brains guitarist Gary Miller, aka Dr. Know, is reportedly making improvements, according to Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph. Miller was hospitalized and reportedly placed in intensive care for an undisclosed reason.

The Cro-Mags singer revealed that he visited Miller in the hospital and reports that the guitarist is improving and appreciates the outpouring of support from fans.

Joseph writes on Facebook, "I have not responded to people asking of Bad Brains guitarist Dr. Know's (Gary's) condition because it's not my place. The family needs to make those calls of who should be informed.

"That being said after seeing Doc in the hospital today I will say this.... he's improving and he feels all the love, prayers and PMA you've been sending worldwide and so does his family who are all very grateful.

"Keep them prayers coming for one of the nicest people, greatest and humblest musicians to ever walk the earth and also be a big brother to so many."

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Metallica Reveals They Are 'Really Recording' In New Studio Video

(Classic Rock) Metallica have released a teaser video that shows frontman James Hetfield recording guitar parts for the band's long-awaited 10th album. The follow-up to 2008's Death Magnetic has been discussed for several years, but the thrash icons only recently confirmed that recording sessions were underway.

The clip is only available to fan club members - but membership is now free. It starts with a welcome from drummer Lars Ulrich, who then leads the camera from a back lot area into the band's studio, where Hetfield, producer Greg Fidelman and others are working.

Ulrich then says: "There's a recording in progress so we'll just say hello real quick. This is James… What are you doing?" Hetfield replies: "Playing drums."

He's then asked to record something while the camera rolls, and when it takes a few seconds to get started, Ulrich says: "Are they recording, are they not recording? Welcome to the 21st century. Any hour now… Oh my God, they're really recording. How cool is that?" Read more here.

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Discharge Release Video For New Song 'NWO'

Veteran UK hardcore band Discharge has released a video for their new song called "NWO", which comes from the band's forthcoming album "End Of Days" that will be released next year under a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records.

The band had the following to say about their new deal, "Discharge are very happy to say we've signed to Nuclear Blast Records, a label that knows the genre and believes in what we do. We love the family atmosphere that revolves around the label and we are proud to be on their roster of great bands, some of whom are friends of ours.

"We're excited about our new album 'End Of Days', with three quarters of the original classic line up (Bones, Rainy and Tezz), plus Dave on drums and JJ Janiak on vocals - who captures the original Discharge sound and spirit. Original drummer Tezz moves onto rhythm guitar, so this is the first time in the band's history that we've had a five-piece line-up.

"'End Of Days' are upon us, but it's just the beginning for us with Nuclear Blast...the nightmare continues!" Watch the new video here.

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Romanian Prime Minister Resigns In Wake Of Fatal Rock Club Fire

(Classic Rock) Romanian prime minister Victor Ponta has resigned as a result of mass protests which followed last week's deadly nightclub fire. The blaze at the Colectiv rock club on Friday killed 32 people, with 130 still in hospital, half of them in critical condition.

Huge public protests have been staged, blaming widespread corruption for the allegedly poor safety standards at the venue and at other venues in the country. Ponta says in a statement:

"I'm handing in my mandate, I'm resigning, and implicitly my government too. I am obliged to take note of the legitimate grievances which exist in society. I hope handing in my and my government's mandate will satisfy the demands of protesters." Read more here.

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Imperial State Electric Frontman Losing His Hearing

(Classic Rock) Imperial State Electric frontman Nicke Andersson is undergoing tests after suddenly losing hearing in his right ear. The singer and guitarist woke up at the weekend unable to hear from his right ear and was told by doctors he had developed a condition known as 'sudden deafness.'

He's been unable to perform on the band's European tour dates since and is undergoing tests to pinpoint the problem. The group have been performing as a three-piece in the meantime.

Andersson says: "Not being able to hear the one thing I truly love, music, is both scary and depressing. Your support means a lot to me. I've gotten some of my hearing back, for which I'm very grateful." Read more here.

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The National Blues Museum Grand Opening Announced

(The Blues) The National Blues Museum will open in St Louis, Missouri, on April 2 next year, bosses have confirmed. It follows years of campaigning to raise funds and awareness, with help from Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Derek Trucks and many others.

The 23,000 square foot establishment aims to "celebrate the entire story of the blues" with artefact exhibitions, interactive displays, a theatre, event space and classrooms.

Construction began in March this year at 615 Washington Avenue, a central location in St Louis' downtown tourist district. Read more and watch a video clip with Buddy Guy here.

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Rammstein Release Video Preview Of 14-Disc Box Set

(Classic Rock) Rammstein have released a trailer for XXI, their 21st anniversary vinyl box set, which will be released on December 4. The 14-disc pack contains all six studio albums, newly remastered, with original artwork and booklets.

Four of the titles have never previously been available on vinyl. In addition there's a double-LP of rarities, featuring a previously unreleased version of Los. Record label Spinefarm say: "For Rammstein - and it's the same lineup now as at the start - it's always been a case of marching to their own beat, gleefully torching the industry rule-book, and everything else.

"They sing in German, they sidestep those visuals typical of the rock and metal world, and they present an incendiary, everything-hotter-than-everything-else live experience, the like of which hasn't been seen beneath the popular music banner. Some call it 'Rammsteinesque.'" Watch the video here.

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Deep Purple's Glover Believes Blackmore Inspired Metal Movement

(Classic Rock) As Ritchie Blackmore prepares to stage a series of rock shows, his former Deep Purple bandmate Roger Glover has hailed the guitarist as the man who inspired some of the best heavy metal acts of all time.

Bassist Glover says that founding Purple member Blackmore - who last played with the group in 1993 - was someone who bands in the "second wave of rock" learned from.

Glover tells Goldmine: "Ritchie was an amazing guitarist, way ahead of his time. And I think that informed a lot of the heavy metal players later on. The second wave of rock, if you like. The Judas Priests and the Saxons and so on. It still goes on. Purple was the stone thrown into the pond and the ripples are still moving out." Read more here.

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The Scorpions Stream Previously Unreleased 1977 Song

(hennemusic) The Scorpions have released an online stream of "Midnight Blues Jam", an unreleased demo set to appear on an expanded version of their 1977 album, "Taken By Force."

The tune is one of six bonus tracks that round out the original record for its November 6 reissue, one of 8 expanded albums due the same day as part of the group's 50th Anniversary Deluxe Editions series.

The Scorpions are also previewing "Taken By Force" with part one of a documentary revisiting their fifth record and final project involving guitarist Uli Jon Roth.

Beyond "Taken By Force", the German rockers are releasing updated versions of "Tokyo Tapes" (1978), "Lovedrive" (1979), "Animal Magnetism" (1980), "Blackout" (1982), "Love At First Sting" (1984), "Savage Amusement" (1998) - and 1985's "World Wide Live."

All of the projects feature previously unheard studio tracks and booklets featuring rare photos and, single covers, backstage passes and additional liner notes; five of the eight albums include a DVD with live concert footage, TV performances and interviews from the period. Stream the song here.

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Korn Aim For Release Of New Album Next Year

(TeamRock Radio) Korn guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch says fans will have to wait until next autumn to hear their 12th album. The band's James 'Munky' Shaffer revealed in September they were making solid progress on the follow-up to 2013's The Paradigm Shift. And Head reveals that the new material will be more technical than previous releases.

He tells APTV: "My guess is the fall. We've gotta take time off, go away for a little bit. We never go away for long. But we're gonna take some time off and then come out swinging next year."

Head left the band in 2005 and returned for their 2013 studio release. And while he says he and Munky "clicked" on The Paradigm Shift, the best is yet to come. Read more here.

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Swallow The Sun Streaming New Song 'Abandoned By The Light'

(Prog) Swallow The Sun have launched a lyric video for their track Abandoned By The Light. It features on their upcoming triple album Songs From The North I, II & III, out on November 13 via Century Media.

The Finnish outfit previously released Pray For The Winds To Come and Heartstrings Shattering from the ambitious studio outing. Guitarist Juha Raivio said:

"Making a triple album in this godforsaken digital and modern day and age - many will say it's madness. I say it is to bring worth, heart and respect back into the music and to the album format where it belongs." Check out the new song here.

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Bowling For Soup's Jaret Reddick Starts Movie Podcast

(TeamRock Radio) Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick has launched a movie podcast. Jaret Goes To The Movies sees Reddick and longtime friend Rich pick a single film for discussion every week.

Reddick says: "Me and my friend Rich watch a movie that is classic to us, or one of us. We drink beers and talk about the movie. That's it. We discuss the opening scene, the cast, memories the movie brings, trivia, special effects - basically everything. We aren't reviewers - just dudes that like movies."

Episode one features a look at Back To The Future, in keeping with the recent anniversary, while episode two focuses on National Lampoon's Vacation. Read more here.

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Vennart Release Live 'Infatuate' Video

(Classic Rock) Vennart have released a live video featuring their track Infatuate. The song from former Oceansize man Mike Vennart's solo album The Demon Joke, which was released in July via Superball Music.

The clip was filmed at this year's ArcTanGent festival, which took place in Bristol in August. Vennart recently revealed he was delighted to have the freedom to create the "stupidest" music of his career with his project.

He said: "I'd had a hankering to do something a little more egocentric because Oceansize was very much a collaborative, painfully f***ing democratic collective.

"I'm from a trained metal, prog rock background and I wanted to fling a bit of that in, so there's quite a lot of shredding in it - but it's in a very ridiculous, sh*tty-sounding way." Watch the video here.

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Gary Clark Jr. Austin City Limits Video Clips Go Online

(The Blues) Video has been posted online of Gary Clark Jr.'s performance of two tracks from his latest album The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim on the most recent edition of US TV's Austin City Limits.

He plays Grinder and The Healing in the episode which was broadcast at the weekend. Clark recently said of the follow-up to 2012's Blak And Blu: "The underlying tone of the album is faith and hope - because that's what we need."

The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim was released in September. Clark launches a European tour later this month, including three shows at London's Electric Ballroom on November 14, 15 and 16. Watch the videos here.

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Blink-182's Travis Barkers Looks Back At Fatal Plane Crash

(Classic Rock) Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has released an exclusive excerpt from his book, reliving the horror plane crash that nearly killed him in 2008. Four of the six people aboard the Learjet 60 lost their lives when it veered off the runway as it tried to take off in South Carolina. Barker's friend DJ AM, the only other survivor, died of a drugs overdose the following year.

The sticksman, who became suicidal as he fought to regain his health, has never flown since. In an excerpt from his book Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death and Drums, Drums, Drums, published in the UK today, Barker says: "I am on fire.

"I am running as fast as I can, and I am on fire. The night is dark, but I can see my way, because of the light from my own burning flesh. I have never felt this much pain in my life: it feels like everything inside of my body is boiling and trying to burst through my skin. I am stripping off my clothes as I run across a grassy field, but I am still on fire.

"Behind me, I can sense death: a burning airplane that contains the bodies of two pilots and two good friends. Less than a minute from now, it will explode.

"In front of me, there is a highway. Nothing that is happening feels real, or even possible. If I make it to the highway, I think that maybe I can stay alive. I hear people screaming at me, but I don't know what they're saying. All I care about is trying to survive." Read more here.

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Everything Ever Back On Track Following Robbery, Announce Tour

(High Road) Everything Ever have announced that they will be launching their first tour since they were robbed of their equipment back in August while preparing for a show in New York City. We were sent the following details:

The duo have regrouped and are launching into an east coast run starting on 12/03 in Oakville, CT. Joining them on select dates will be Bad Timing Records' Romp and the melodic New Jersey punk act The Blithedale Romance.

vocalist/bassist John Trotta had the following to say about the trek, "After getting crushed by the robbery this Summer, it's going to feel great to get back on the road and play some basement shows with bands I love.

"ROMP and Blithedale are both sick, and I know they're going to make this our best tour yet. After this run of shows, we're going into the studio to track an EP that we've been working on, so I'm extra-excited to test these new songs out and see how they go over with the crowds." See the dates here.

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Tom Waits Songs Make Steve Vai Uncontrollably Cry

(Classic Rock) Steve Vai says he can't listen to his favorite artist Tom Waits in public as he's likely to burst out crying. The guitar icon reveals he never goes anywhere without his Waits collection, but he doesn't dare listen unless he's on his own.

Vai tells Wikimetal: "My favorite artist right now is Tom Waits. I never go anywhere without everything he's ever recorded. There are some of his songs that I can't listen to in public because I start uncontrollably weeping.

"There's something about his voice, his music. He's just so connected and unique. I think he's the greatest American artist because he captures an intention and he makes you feel it, if you're connected with it." Read more here.

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The Xcerts Announce Live Like This EP, Release New Video

(TeamRock Radio) The Xcerts have announced a fresh EP will be released this month and have also unveiled a video for the title track. They'll issue Live Like This on November 27th.

The Scottish band say: "Delighted to announce the release of the EP. Five tracks, two of which are previously unreleased including the demo version of Kids On Drugs, which is an entirely different song."

The Xcerts' third album There Is Only You was released last year via Raygun Music. Watch the new music video for the Live Like This title track here.

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