Day in Rock Report for 11/11/2015

Lamb Of God's Randy Blythe Sad, Not Mad About Gang Attack

(TeamRock Radio) Randy Blythe says he's not angry at the gang of teenagers who attacked him in Dublin at the weekend - and that he's more saddened at the experience. The Lamb Of God frontman has told how he was the victim of an assault while he walked in the Irish capital late at night, taking photos hours before his UK tour with Megadeth commenced.

He was left with some minor injuries including head pain, and lost his glasses, a hat and an e-cig during the incident. But he's aware it could have been much worse.

Blythe says: "I've hurt myself worse skateboarding, so it's nothing I can't shake off. It was regrettable, but to a great degree it was also my own fault for not paying more attention to my surroundings. I knew better, but I got distracted taking photos.

"That's why I posted about it - to remind my friends and anyone else who might be out wandering in any city, not just Dublin, to remain alert at all times.

"These things can happen very quickly if you aren't on guard. It certainly did in my case, a matter of five seconds or so. Learn from my mistake. This is the reality of today's world."

He says the incident demonstrates that "we as a society are failing children," adding: "I'm not even mad at these youths. it's more sad to me that jumping strangers is how some kids get their kicks.

"To me this indicative of a lack of proper parenting. Boys will be boys, and I'm certainly no angel. But it never once occurred to me to gather four or five friends together and go beat some random person up for entertainment. That is not how my parents raised me. It's weak, cowardly, and very, very unmanly." Read more here.

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Joss Stone Temple Pilots Mashup Performances Goes Online

(Radio.com) Stone Temple Pilots were joined by soul singer Joss Stone filled for Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Mashup Mondays" series on Monday (Nov. 10) for a performance of the STP song "Interstate Love Song."

The Collaboration comes on the heels of Stone Temple Pilots' Chester Bennington announcement that he was leaving the band to focus on Linkin Park. "Interstate Love Song" was recorded with STP's original lead singer Scott Weiland for the band's 1994 album Purple.

Joss Stone and Stone Temple Pilots are the latest in Kimmel's "Mashup Mondays" series which has included Blackstreet with Aloe Blacc (Aloe Blaccstreet), Weezer and ZZ Top (Wee-Z Top), Kenny G and Warren G (Kenny & Warren G), Morris Day and The Time with Haim (Morris Day and the Haim).

Watch the mashup performance here.

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AC/DC Classic Gets Unusual Makeover

(Classic Rock) AC/DC's classic track Thunderstruck has been reinterpreted - on the bagpipes. The song, which originally appeared on the Aussie giants' 1990 album The Razor's Edge, has been covered by Indian artist Archy J, aka The Snake Charmer, who's called her version Dubstruck and mixed the song with Asian tunes.

She says: "The world's first dubstep bagpipe track on a rock'n'roll song. This will definitely be something you have never heard before. No matter what music you listen to, there is something in this for everyone."

Archy J has previously covered Eluveitie's A Rose For Epona, and the theme tune for HBO TV series Game Of Thrones. Check out The Snake Charmers rendition of the classic song here.

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Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Releasing His Memoirs

(hennemusic) Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson will publish his memoirs in the fall of 2017 via HarperNonFiction and Dey Street Books. The project will see Dickinson tackle his thirty years with the metal legends, his work as a pilot, an aviation entrepreneur, a novelist, radio broadcaster and motivational speaker, as well as his recent battle with cancer.

"It was flattering to be approached to write a book about my experiences," says Dickinson, "and it seems an appropriate time to do this as I will have plenty of time on tour next year to work on a book. I am sure flying the 747 out round the World on tour will add to the tale with some unusual scenarios!"

"There's no one like Bruce," says Publishing Director Jack Fogg. "Which other rock musician can fly a 747, or fence at an international level? He's a total one-off; engaging, funny, warm, self-deprecating - a British eccentric in its very best form. His book will be outstanding and I am so delighted we get to publish it and work with him." Read more here.

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Nobody Believed In Black Sabbath At First, Including The Band

(Classic Rock) Geezer Butler has recalled the indifference that greeted Black Sabbath in their early days. As the fledgling band were trying to record their self-titled 1970 debut album, they faced repeated rejection by record companies and struggled to get anyone to pay attention. Within weeks of its eventual release, Black Sabbath was a top 10 UK album and they were catapulted to international stardom.

Bassist Butler tells Metal Hammer: "Nobody believed that we'd ever do anything. And we didn't either. We thought we might get to do an album or two if we were lucky, and then we'd have to get proper jobs.

"Because we'd been turned down by so many record companies, told to come back when we could play our instruments - all the insults you could think of, they'd say to your face. We'd do showcases for record companies and they'd walk out after the second song.

"So it was a real battle trying to get that album done. And then when it came out, all the press hated it and slagged it off. It really was us against the world." Read more here.

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Aerosmith's Brad Whitford and Derek St. Holmes Launching Tour

(hennemusic) Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford and longtime Ted Nugent vocalist Derek St. Holmes have announced dates for a fall US tour. The reunited pair will play a 2-week run starting November 12 in Milwaukee, WI and wrapping up November 22 in New Hope, PA.

The band lineup is rounded out by bassist Chopper Anderson, Tesla drummer Troy Lucketta and keyboardist Buck Johnson. Whitford and St. Holmes - who originally teamed up to release a self-titled album in 1981 - are recording a follow-up called "Reunion", with plans to release it in 2016.

"It's a classic rock album - modern classic rock," Whitford tells Billboard. "I mean, that's what we do. We're all rockers, and we're not gonna try and do anything else but what we know and what we love.

"I think a lot of Aerosmith fans are really going to enjoy this record because all I ever hear is, 'When you gonna do another Toys In The Attic? When you gonna do another Rocks?' That's what this album is. It's very straight-ahead, stripped-down classic rock." See the tour dates here.

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David Bowie's Blackstar Extended Preview Goes Online

(hennemusic) David Bowie has issued an extended preview of "Blackstar", a song he was commissioned to write as the theme for a new crime series, The Last Panthers.

The tune is the title track to a new album by Bowie, which he'll release on his 69th birthday on January 8 and a longer snippet of the track can be heard over a new trailer for the program, which is set to premiere November 12 on Sky Atlantic. Bowie hooked up with director Johan Renck to discuss the series while it was still in the early stages of production.

"I showed Mr. Bowie the two first episodes in the rough state they were at the time, and he liked what he saw very much," says Renck. "We discussed the various aspects of the show; naturally the plot line, but also the underlying currents of guilt and personality flaws.

"We talked about the dark heart of Europe. We talked about the biblical aspects of human nature. He asked if there was anything else to see, so I showed him the first concept board I had just made for the title sequence - images from the show laced with chimaeras and demons from the worlds of Bosch and Grunewald.

"That's when he said go - it all fits. Then he played me his new song Blackstar." Check out the video here.

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Lamb Of God Announce North American Tour With Anthrax

(Classic Rock) Lamb Of God have announced a 19-date US tour with Anthrax as main support. Randy Blythe and co are joined by the thrash icons on the widespread trek that kicks off in Pittsburgh on January 15 next year. Two further support acts will be announced soon.

Lamb Of God - who are promoting latest album VII: Sturm Und Drang - are currently on the road with Megadeth. Dave Mustaine confirmed this week that LOG won't be on the bill for Megadeth's 2016 US dates.

Tickets for the joint tour with Anthrax go on sale on November 13 (Friday) at 10am local time. American Express Card members have access to a pre-sale from 2pm today local time.

Blythe suffered minor injuries when he was attacked by a gang over the weekend when the band were in Dublin, Ireland. See the dates here.

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Cobra Starship Have Broken Up Reveals Gabe Saporta

Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta revealed in an online posting that he has decided to "close the book" on the band and will turn his focus to the company that he is starting with Mike Carden.

Here is Saporta's full post, "After many incredible years, I'm making the difficult decision to close the book on Cobra Starship. If you stop reading this now, I want to say thank you if you've ever supported Cobras in any way. Whether you came to our shows and bought merch, or simply listened to a track and shared it with a friend, you allowed us to live out the most incredible adventure, and I am eternally grateful for that."

"I started Cobra Starship with a fundamental desire to reconnect to music the same way I did when I first picked up a bass at 12 years old; when things were carefree, pure, and less complicated. It was almost 2007 when Cobras set out on its first tour, and just a few short years later, a groundswell of support from diehard kids all over the world catapulted us into unknown territory. To this day I am humbled by how much love our fans showed us, and by the completely unanticipated level of mainstream success we achieved. When my dad reluctantly accepted that I was dropping out of school to pursue music, he never imagined that I would have platinum records, VMA nominations, or even be able to move out of his basement (to be honest, I even had doubts about that last point). But because of you guys, we were able to achieve more than what most kids who start jamming in their parents' garage ever dream of. I grew up as a little idealist punk who always saw himself as an outsider, and the fact that I got to play in the main arena still blows my mind, so thank you.

"To me, the most rewarding thing about Cobra Starship is that we were successful not because we played the game, but because we broke the rules and paved our own way. There was something magical about how everything came together, and we were blessed to have your support and to see our dreams materialize. However, I know that sometimes when things go on for too long, that magic can start to fade ' And as hard as it is for all of us, I would rather close this chapter of our lives and be able to look back on it fondly than allow something that means so much to us stagnate. My only hope is that we were able to be the backdrop to some of your fondest memories, and that those experiences have positively impacted you in a permanent way.

"Again, I want to thank you; and I want you to know that even though Cobra Starship is coming to an end, the things that we stood for (rooting for underdogs, taking control of your destiny, taking shots at the establishment, not taking any sh*t, and not taking yourself too seriously), will live on and will continue to matter to me. I hope they will continue to matter to you too.

"To Nate, Victoria, Ryland, Alex, Halvo & Andy, I want to thank you guys for believing in my crazy vision and putting your trust in me to steer the ship. No book could ever capture the insanity of our adventures. We built this thing from scratch and we have so much to be proud of. Being in Cobras with you taught me what it takes to be a leader, and for that I will be forever grateful.

"I want to thank everyone on our team who worked with us and all of our crew who took care of everything for us. We came up with something totally out of the box and we were able to bring it to life by putting our heads together and creating new strategies. We are lucky to have worked with some of the greatest people in the business and we couldn't have done it without you.

"Looking back on everything, I realize just how grateful I am to have made music for a living. Not simply because I got to (quote-unquote) 'live the dream," but more importantly, because I was able to have such a cathartic lens by which to understand my life; writing was my therapy and shows were my salvation. I also realize how fortunate I am to have experienced a somewhat tumultuous road as an artist. It was because of the challenges along my journey that I was forced to look inwards, accept responsibility and transform. I feel like I've lived a hundred lifetimes and that I've learned things I could have never been taught elsewhere. I was able to connect with people all over the world and from all walks of life, and I will take these lessons, experiences, and connections with me wherever I go. But now the time has come to move on.

"That of course begs the question: Well, where are you going bro?

The truth is that there is nothing that I am more passionate about than music. And although the time has come for me to pass the baton, nothing would be as rewarding for me as the opportunity to share my wisdom and experiences with the next generation of artists.

"And so, me and my boy Mike Carden are starting a company to do just that: theartistgroup.org Get at us. We'll see you in 2016.

"Love you guys. And even though it's over, just remember that Cobras never say die."

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Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Launches Janie's Fund For Abuse Victims

(hennemusic) Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has launched Janie's Fund, a new initiative with Youth Villages to provide services to girls who have endured neglect and abuse.

Inspired by the feedback to his 1989 Aerosmith song, "Janie's Got A Gun", Tyler says the ability to raise much-needed money and awareness to address the trauma of sexual abuse in children and to expand these services to aid even more girls has been a lifelong dream of his.

"As a father and grandfather," says Tyler, "I want to focus my energy on things that really matter and leave behind something else in this crazy world along with my music. I am starting Janie's Fund to give a voice to the millions of victims who haven't had one and encourage everyone to join me on this mission."

Janie's Fund launches with a historic 54 days of impact - running from November 8 - the 26th anniversary of the release of "Janie's Got A Gun", through the end of the year. Read more here.

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Music Icon Allen Toussaint Dead At 77

(Classic Rock) Producer, songwriter, pianist and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Allen Toussaint has died aged 77. No cause of death has been given. He's survived by his son Clarence, known as Reginald, and daughter Alison.

The Allen Toussaint Quartet were on tour in Spain and WWL report he passed away on Monday - a day after the band played a show at Bilbao's Sala BBK.

Toussaint was born on January 14, 1938, in New Orleans and released his debut album The Wild Sound Of New Orleans in 1958. He would go on to release more than a dozen albums, with his last being 2013's Songbook and was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1998.

Aside from his playing career, he collaborated, produced and arranged songs for dozens of artists, including Aaron Neville, Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker, Glen Campbell, Irma Thomas, Ernie K-Doe, Chris Kenner, Lee Dorsey, Jessie Hill, Benny Spellman and Al Hirt. Read more here.

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Max Cavalera Ordered To Pay Damages Over Book Comments

(TeamRock Radio) Soulfly and former Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera has been ordered by a Brazilian court to pay thousands of dollars in damages to his former sister-in-law.

The singer has been instructed to pay Monika Bass Cavalera $13,000 (8600) for comments made about her in his 2013 book My Bloody Roots: From Sepultura To Soulfly And Beyond.

Monika is the ex wife of Max's brother Igor, and in his book, Max called her "a bitch" and suggested she tried to hit on him before eventually hooking up with his brother.

Blabbermouth reports that a Sao Paulo court awarded Monika 50,000 Brazilian reals in damages and to cover her legal fees. Read more here.

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Fearless Vampire Killers Release Feel Alive Video

(TeamRock Radio) Fearless Vampire Killers have released a video for their track Feel Alive. It features on the English outfit's recently released Bruises mini-album - their first studio work since 2014's Unbreakable Hearts.

Singer and guitarist Kier Kemp said of their latest material: "Bruises comes from the heart. It's allowed us to explore a whole new side of the band commenting on the darker side of human nature.

"It's still dark, but much more frank. Our ability as musicians and songwriters has also developed, so I think it's pretty unanimous within the band that this is our best material yet."

Kemp, Laurence Beveridge, Drew Woolnough, Cyrus Barrone, and Luke Illingworth completed a European tour last month which included an appearance at the Whitby Goth Weekend. Watch the video here.

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Abbath Streams 'Winter Bane,' The First Song From Debut Album

(TeamRock Radio) Abbath's new song "Winter Bane" has premiered online. The track, the first official taster of the long-awaited debut album, is streaming exclusively with Metal Hammer.

"We are proud to present Winter Bane as the first recorded track from our upcoming album," says Abbath. "This song comes with many of the qualities that are the essence of this band: epic, honest, powerful, and a heavy headbanger."

Abbath's self-titled album is set to be released on January 23rd, 2016 on Season Of Mist, with an album release show taking place at The Forum in London. Stream the new song here.

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Armored Saint Release An Exercise In Debauchery Video

(TeamRock Radio) Armored Saint have released a video for their track An Exercise In Debauchery. It's taken from the band's seventh album Win Hands Down, released earlier this year via Metal Blade.

Frontman John Bush says: "I'm so happy with the way this video turned out. The song has a heavy subject matter and the video complements it perfectly. There's also a feeling of campiness, which makes the viewer fade in and out of being uncomfortable and having a chuckle.

"The actors did a great job and personal props to my neighbour Sharon, who let it all out as the police officer. Oh, yeah, the band looks badass as well. Debauchery indeed."

The promo was directed by Brian Cox, who adds: "This was by far the most challenging music video I have ever produced - everything from the direction of the video down to the post-production editing techniques. It pushed my boundaries in every way possible, which is why this one has landed a spot as my personal favorite video to date." Watch the video here.

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Nordic Giants Release 'Year Zero' Short Film

(Prog) Nordic Giants have released a short film to promote their track A Thousand Lost Dreams. The film is called Year Zero and was directed by Misha Rozema.

A Thousand Lost Dreams is taken from debut album A Seance Of Dark Delusions, released earlier this year through Kscope. Year Zero is said to deliver "a heavy hitting message of environmental and political turmoil fitting the penetrative musical collisions of Nordic Giants."

Last month, the duo released live videos for Speed The Crows Nest and Little Bird as a teaser to their upcoming seven-date UK tour, which starts in Devon on November 11. Watch it here.

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Twenty One Pilots Stage Makeup A Nod To Insecurity

(TeamRock Radio) Twenty One Pilots drummer Josh Dun says the black makeup he wears onstage is a nod to his "insecurity." Dun covers his neck and hands in the makeup while performing live with bandmate Tyler Joseph.

He tells the London Evening Standard: "Insecurity for me feels like the sensation of suffocating. So that's why I do the neck thing. The other thing I'm most insecure about is saying, 'This is what I created. This is mine. This is the best I can do.'

"So there's black on my hands to represent that. The live show is a moment where that character is realized and confronted and hopefully conquered. As the show goes on, the make-up starts to wear away." Read more here.

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Manic Street Preachers Announce Everything Must Go Anniversary Show

(Classic Rock) Manic Street Preachers will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their Everything Must Go album with a one-off show next year. They'll be joined by special guests Super Furry Animals and Public Service Broadcasting.

James Dean Bradfield, Nicky Wire and Sean Moore will play Swansea's Liberty Stadium on May 26 where they'll perform their fourth record in full, along with a selection of other tracks.

They released the hit singles A Design For Life, Everything Must Go, Kevin Carter and Australia from the album, which was their first studio outing following the disappearance of guitarist Richey Edwards. Read more here.

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Jonathan Davis Extremely Happy Never To Play Korn's Debut Again

(TeamRock Radio) Korn frontman Jonathan Davis says he's "happy as f***" as the thought of never having to play the band's debut album live again. The nu-metal pioneers are on the road celebrating the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut. And playing it in its entirety has, at times, put the singer in a bad place mentally.

Korn have been supported by Suicide Silence on the tour and Davis took part in a BREALTV joint interview with that band's vocalist Eddie Hermida, who said he was saddened at the prospect of the trek coming to an end.

Davis says: "I'm happy as f***! I'm so motherf***in' happy I don't gotta play this f***ing album again after this tour. I'm gonna be straight up honest, I don't like playing that f***ing record. It's dark, it f***s with my head. I've got into some worse depression on this tour. It's some sh*t that needs to go to bed.

"The only reason I did it was for the fans so that they could come out and feel that and see that. Don't ask again, I'm not gonna do it again." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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Crown The Empire Part Ways With Guitarist Bennett Vogelman

(TeamRock Radio) Crown The Empire have confirmed they've split with guitarist Bennett Vogelman and say they will continue as a five-piece. The Texas metalcore outfit confirmed Vogelman's departure in a Facebook post, which reads: "Crown will remain a five-piece. Don't worry, we aren't going anywhere. We're just getting started."

In a statement on his blog, Vogelman insists there is no bad blood and that "personal growth" meant he was heading down "a different path." He adds: "Coming of age as a part of CTE provided an education I could never have imagine in school - living the dream playing music with my best friends.

"The guys in CTE are family. We spent four years fighting to make our dreams come true. Those guys played a big part in shaping who I am today. I'm extremely grateful for all I learned from them, and all we went through together." Read more here.

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Queen and Adam Lambert To Headline Isle Of Wight Festival

(Classic Rock) Queen and Adam Lambert will headline next year's Isle Of Wight Festival. Their set on Sunday, June 12, will be Queen's only UK performance of 2016. Former American Idol contestant Lambert has been performing with guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor since 2012, filling in for the late Freddie Mercury.

May says: "I think Queen at The Isle Of Wight Festival is a date that was long overdue. How incredible to take on this challenge at this point in our lives. With an injection of new blood in the shape of the incredible Adam Lambert, Queen will be ready to tear it up on this legendary stage in 2016. Freddie would have loved it."

Lambert adds: "I'm so excited to be a part of The Isle Of Wight Festival and share the stage once again with the Queen family. I adore making music with Roger and Brian, and am thrilled to help continue their legacy into 2016." Read more here.

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Joe Bonamassa Announces UK Dates

(Classic Rock) Joe Bonamassa has confirmed three UK shows for March next year. One is a rescheduled date from the Bournemouth show he was forced to postpone last month as a result of ill health, while two are brand-new appointments.

Bonamassa, who launches his latest North American tour this week, continues to support 2014 album Different Shades Of Blue - his first-ever record consisting entirely of original material.

He said last year: "I've really had to push myself to make everything I do better than the last project. I know the fans expect it. And I feel like I owe them an original record after all these years." See the dates here.

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Queensryche's Silent Lucidity Gets Harp Twins Tribute

(Classic Rock) Queensryche classic Silent Lucidity is the latest track to be covered by Harp twins Camille and Kennerly Kitt. The track is available to purchase via iTunes and Amazon.

The song originally appeared on the US outfit's 1990 album, Empire - and the band have given the classical version the thumbs up, saying the sisters performed the song "beautifully" on their Facebook Page.

The twins say: "Huge thank you to Queensryche for sharing our new electric harp duet cover of their incredible Silent Lucidity. We're honored." The sisters previously released classical takes of Metallica's One and Nightwish track Nemo. Check out the cover here.

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Nightwish Added To Download Festival Lineup

(TeamRock Radio) Nightwish have been added to the bill for next year's Download festival. Tuomas Holopainen and co will appear at Donington on Sunday, June 12, as main stage sub-headliners to event closers Iron Maiden.

Organizers Live Nation say: "Symphonic metal doesn't get better than Nightwish, who will unleash their operatic duets and shredding guitars on the final day. 2016 is set to be an unstoppable monster."

A total of nine acts have been confirmed so far, under Maiden's fellow headliners Black Sabbath and Rammstein. This will be Nightwish's third appearance at the annual event. Read more here.

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