Day in Rock Report for 11/16/2015

Eagles Of Death Metal Crew Member Killed In Terrorist Attack

(Classic Rock) Friends of a member of Eagles Of Death Metal's crew who was killed in Friday's Paris terror attacks have set up a memorial fund in his name and EODM's French record label Mercury confirmed one of their members of staff also died at the Bataclan.

Mercury CEO Lucian Grainge says: "At this point, we have confirmed that Thomas Ayad, an international product manager for Mercury, lost his life in the attack on the theatre."

The crew member Nick Alexander, 36 and from Colchester, was working on the band's merchandise desk when gunmen burst into the Bataclan venue and opened fire before detonating suicide bombs.

More than 80 people are believed to have died at the club, while in total 129 were murdered across the French capital in a series of coordinated attacks. Extremist group IS have claimed responsibility.

In a statement, Alexander's family say: "It is with huge sorrow that we can confirm that our beloved Nick lost his life at the Bataclan last night. Nick was not just our brother, son and uncle. He was everyone's best friend - generous, funny and fiercely loyal.

"Nick died doing the job he loved and we take great comfort in knowing how much he was cherished by his friends around the world. Thank you for your thoughts and respect for our family at this difficult time." Read more here.

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Conflicting Guns N' Roses Reunion Claims Surface

(Radio.com) Another week and another batch of rumors and claims about a reunion of the original or classic lineup of Guns N' Roses have surfaced including conflicting claims from a former manager and another from Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx. Radio.com reports:

Guns N' Roses and Poison's former manager Vicky Hamilton did her best to dispel the rumors, posting on Facebook that she'd been in touch with Slash. "He says the G N' R tour isn't happening," she wrote.

Nikki Sixx on the other hand appeared to claim a reunion is coming. When asked on Twitter whether Guns N' Roses would ever reunite, Sixx responded in all capitals, "THEY ARE. EVERYBODY KNOWS."

Sixx may have insider information, since he currently plays in the band Sixx:A.M. with guitarist DJ Ashba, who recently-along with guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal-left Guns N' Roses over the summer. Sixx's information should be taken with a grain of salt, however, since he's been known for his cheeky sense of humor. Read the report for more details here.

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Rolling Stones Eye December Recording Studio Return

(Classic Rock) The Rolling Stones could start recording their 23rd album in the next few weeks, guitarist Ronnie Wood says. It follows colleague Keith Richards' assertion that the band would gather next year to make the follow-up to 2005's A Bigger Bang.

Now Wood tells ABC Radio: "We'll maybe go into the studio in December, cut a few tracks and see what happens. We'll take it from there - see how it all goes. One thing at a time."

Frontman Mick Jagger recently said it would be "very nice" to record again, adding: "I've got a lot of new songs. I've done really good demos for all of them." Read more here.

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Tool Announce Plans To Launch U.S. Tour In January

Tool fans may still be waiting for the band's next studio album but they won't have to wait much longer to see them live as the band revealed in an online post they are launching a U.S. tour in January.

The group kept in their unconventional character with the announcement proclaiming "TOOL TOUR VISIONS SOMETHING WICKED THIS… YOUR WAY COMES!" with the promise the tour routing and support band details will soon be announced.

Here is the band's message, "For those of you who only like NEWS about TOOL, here's something that should be of great interest. The impenetrable veil of my dark scrying mirror FINALLY CLEARED today - enough so, in fact - that I could perceive a large heptagram on a complexly lit stage where four performers were dwarfed by dramatic video projections. Evidently the sonic and visual extravaganza that I was receiving is a rare glimpse of FUTURE TOOL U.S.A. TOUR DATES in the month of JANUARY, 2016 e.v.

"However, with some of the images in the depths of the black glass not being clearly distinct… YET, fans will have to keep checking back (SOON) on the Tool websites and Tool facebook page for an official announcement containing a list of the SHOW DATES, CITIES and VENUES, as well as for info about a tour support act(s).

"Regarding an opening band(s), what I was able to discern through the ever-shifting veil will in all likeliness be exciting to many Tool enthusiasts. STAY TUNED, FOLKS… as my trusty SCRYING MIRROR CONTINUES TO CLEAR…"

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I Killed The Prom Queen Detained By Authorities In Malaysia

I Killed The Prom Queen guitarist Jona Weinhofen revealed in an online posting that the band has been detained in Malaysia over a visa issue. They were scheduled to play a concert in Kuala Lumpur this past weekend.

Weinhofen says on Twitter (via Lambgoat) that the band is hoping to be deported but says that they will be detained for 4 to 14 days. He wrote, ""Currently sitting in Immigration office [in] Malaysia waiting to be deported (best case scenario) because the promoter didn't get us visas...

"Apparently we're going to be detained for 4-14 days in a Malaysian immigration detention center... Weirdest part is some of the immigration officers asked us to autograph stuff and one is wearing a Prom Queen shirt. Still locking us up, though... At least we have food and water and we are in good health. Things could definitely be worse and our situation pales to other recent events."

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Megadeth Frontman Explains Why Rust In Peace Era Lineup Didn't Reunite

(Classic Rock) Dave Mustaine says he wanted "nothing to do with" recent attempts to reunite Megadeth's Rust In Peace era lineup. After Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover quit the band last year, there were calls for frontman Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson to to bring back guitarist Marty Friedman and drummer Nick Menza.

The four got together to discuss the possibility, but it didn't work out and eventually Kiko Loureiro and Chris Adler were brought in to work on 15th album Dystopia, due out on January 22.

Ellefson later cleared Mustaine of any blame over the failed reunion attempts. Now Mustaine tells Overdrive: "There was a lot of upheaval in our camp over the last couple of years, with management changes, bad touring decisions made by our management, and the loss of my mother-in-law and the whole Rust In Peace reunion.

"David Ellefson was a total gentleman and stood up and said, 'Look, this wasn't his idea to do this reunion. It was my idea.' Because my take on it was that I really didn't want anything to do with it. As far as I was concerned, it's done and let's just leave it where it's at.

"Dave really wanted to do the Rust In Peace thing and I love Dave, he's my partner, so I figured, 'We'll see what happens.' When it didn't happen, of course, everybody blamed me and I was just politely saying, 'Go f*** yourself.'" Read more here.

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Volbeat Part Ways With Founding Member

(Classic Rock) Volbeat have parted ways with original member and bassist Anders Kjolholm. Guitarist/vocalist Michael Poulson and drummer Jon Larsen announced the lineup change via the band's social media sites, while lead guitarist Rob Caggiano remains on board.

The pair says: "In connection with the planning and preparation of Volbeat's extensive future plans and wishes for 2016 and onwards, Volbeat and Anders Kjolholm part ways. All matters related hereto have been mutually and respectfully agreed upon. All announced shows will happen as planned.

"Anders has been a loyal friend and bandmate since 2001. We've toured most parts of the world and shared experiences that only few bands get to do. We're very thankful for this and wish Anders all the bext in the future." Read more here.

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Swallow The Sun Release 'Rooms and Shadows' Video

(CM) Swallow The Sun celebrated the release of their new triple full-length album, Songs from the North I, II & III, with the premiere of a brand new music video.

The video is for the song "Rooms and Shadows", taken from Songs from the North pt. I. The video was directed and produced by ex- Sentenced and The Man-Eating Tree drummer Vesa Ranta. Watch it here.

Swallow The Sun will be kicking live support of the new album throughout Europe on headlining dates beginning later this month. They will be accompanied by fellow countrymen Wolfheart. See the tour dates here.

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Napalm Death and Heaven Shall Burn Announce Limited Edition Split EP

(CM) Napalm Death and Heaven Shall Burn have that they will be releasing a limited vinyl-only split 7" EP entitled "The Mission Creep' on December 11th via Century Media.

"The Mission Creep" will include both an unreleased song by Heaven Shall Burn called "Battle Of Attrition" as well as the unreleased Napalm Death track "An Extract (Strip It Clean)".

The EP comes packaged with artwork design (Both bands have an A side with own front cover artwork - See pictured above!) created by Frode Sylthe (The Haunted, Napalm Death, At The Gates, etc.) and is limited to 2,000 copies in the following vinyl versions/colours: 800x Black (CM Mailorder/Distro Europe & North America); 400x Red (CM Mailorder/Distro: Europe & North America); 200x Clear (CM Mailorder Europe); 200x Yellow (Impericon); 200x Blue (Impericon); 200x White (Impericon).

Heaven Shall Burn had this to say about the EP, "It is a huge honour for us to be releasing this split 7" EP. It not only is the first 7" in Heaven Shall Burn's career, but also shared with a band that has been an influence on all levels of our band's development. Napalm Death have been a constant inspiration and will always remain innovators. We are as happy as young kids, again! Our song "Battle Of Attrition" deals with the happenings on the battlegrounds of Flanders from more than a 100 years ago and the unfortunately repeating tragedies for all Nations, which are misled into devastating war scenarios."

Mark 'Barney' Greenway of Napalm Death adds, "Split recordings are a great opportunity to explore something a little different, and with the voice that Heaven Shall Burn have out there in the world, we thought it was a nice route down which to spread our own tentacles of music and ideas. The convergence of ideas between our two bands on the design side of the EP was quite seamless, so as good a meeting of minds as there should be."

"The Mission Creep" Split 7" EP - Tracklisting:
Heaven Shall Burn - "Battle Of Attrition" [3:48]
Napalm Death - "An Extract (Strip It Clean)" [3:12]

Preorder the EP here.

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Ministry Offshoot Pound Of Flesh Release 'Believe' Video

(Adrenaline) Former Ministry star Darrell James' new band Pound Of Flesh have released a new music video for the track "Believe," from the forthcoming remix album "Refills," which will be released on December 11th. We were sent the following details:

Darrell James delves into the concept behind the video: "In the video we (the band) are ghosts hanging out with fellow ghosts Helen and Valkyrie opera singer Tamale. While there, paranormal investigators come to the house to investigate the claims that the house is haunted. So we decide to mess with them during their investigation, scaring them out of the house."

The "Believe" video was directed and edited by Steven McIntosh, and filmed by Beth Hollander and Elizabeth Fraiberg from e3Photography. Refills was recorded at Drakeraven Studios Chicago 2015 and produced by Darrell James and Steven McIntosh. The album was mixed by Darrell James and mastered by Doug McBride at Gravity Studios Chicago. The album features remixes by Steven McIntosh. Watch the video

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Leslie West Streaming New Album 'Soundcheck' Online In Full

(Classic Rock) Leslie West has made his upcoming album Soundcheck available to stream in its entirety via The Blues. The album - which features guest appearances from Peter Frampton, Brian May, Max Middleton, Bonnie Bramlett and the late Jack Bruce - is released on November 30 via Provogue/Mascot Label Group.

West made his name in Mountain and has influenced guitarists including Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads and Jethro Tull's Martin Barre. Barre had the following to say:

"Prior to going into the studio to record Aqualung, I met Leslie, whose playing I absolutely loved. Leslie is well known for his association with Les Paul Juniors, and just after meeting him, I picked up a 1958 Junior because his sound was so incredible. I would say that he's the only guitarist who has ever influenced me directly." Listen to the album here.

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The Devil Wears Prada Release 'Alien' Video

(TeamRock Radio) The Devil Wears Prada have released a video for their track Alien. It's on their six-track Space EP which was released in August via Rise Records - their first studio material since 2013's 8:18.

Frontman Mike Hranica said of their latest record: "We wanted each song to have a specificity about it - to have its own identity separate from the others, to have its own sound, but still have them united in concept. We talked about a lot of different themes, but 'space' just felt right."

The Devil Wears Prada are currently on the road across the US with Motionless In White, Upon A Burning Body, The World Alive and The Color Morale - a tour which is due to wrap up this week. Watch the video here.

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Killswitch Engage To Play 'Alive Or Just Breathing' At Music Festival

(TeamRock Radio) Killswitch Engage have revealed that they will be performing their 2002 album Alive Or Just Breathing in its entirety at next year's Soundwave festival in Australia.

Jesse Leach and co head Down Under for the three-city event, which takes place in Brisbane on January 23, Sydney on January 24 and Melbourne on January 26.

The band confirmed on Facebook that they would play the their second album - released in 2002 - on each of the three stops. KSE say: "Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi! See you soon." Read more here.

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Panic! At The Disco Release 'Victorious' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Panic! At The Disco have released a video for their single Victorious. The tune will appear on the band's upcoming fifth album Death Of A Bachelor, due on January 15 via DCD2/Feuled By Ramen.

Directed by Brandon Dermer, the video features a cameo from MMA and kickboxing competitor Joe Schilling. Victorious follows Hallelujah, Emperor's New Clothes and the title track as the fourth song issued as a preview to the project, which sees vocalist Brendon Urie as the sole remaining member of the band he formed in Las Vegas in 2004 with childhood friends Ryan Ross, Brent Wilson and Spencer Smith - who left the lineup earlier this year.

Urie says: "I joined as the last member before we started touring and got signed. Now I'm last man standing - but I love everything about it, the touring and songwriting." Watch the video here.

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Rush Release 'Subdivisions' R40 Live Video

(hennemusic) Rush have released an online video clip of their performance of their 1982 track, "Subdivisions", as a preview to their forthcoming "R40 Live" release, which comes out in various formats on November 20.

The second single from the group's ninth album, "Signals", reached No. 8 on the US Album Rock tracks chart while the project went on to sell more than a million copies in the States alone.

"R40 Live" presents Rush live in concert in their hometown of Toronto over two nights this past June. The shows at the Air Canada Centre marked the first time the group have filmed in their hometown in almost 20 years.

Mixed by David Botrill (Tool, Muse), the new live release is named after Rush's 40th anniversary box set, "R40." "R40 Live" will be available as a 3CD/Blu-ray or DVD set as well as standalone options for the concert film or live album. Watch the video here.

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Robert Plant Performance At Children's Charity Event Video Goes Online

(hennemusic) Robert Plant performed at a children's charity event at the Egremont Market Hall in Cumbria, UK on October 24 and video from the show has been posted online.

Plant was invited to perform in aid of the Charlie and Kathleen Dunnery Children's Fund (CKDCF) by his friend Francis Dunnery. "Francis toured with Robert in the early 90s and then met him last month and asked him if he would come to Egremont," says Mark Andrews, the local face of CKDCF. "When I was arranging the publicity, I found myself typing 'Robert Plant at Egremont Market Hall' and it sounded surreal!"

Plant's 8-song set included covers of tunes by Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers, Tim Hardin and Lil' Millet And His Creoles, alongside three Led Zeppelin standards: "Down By The Seaside", "Going To California" and "Rock And Roll." Read more and check out video from the show here.

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The Zombies Release Moving On Video

(Classic Rock) The Zombies have released a video for their track Moving On. It features on their sixth and latest album Still Got That Hunger, out now via The End Records/ADA.

The promo was filmed at their show in New York City in October - and keyboardist Rod Argent says he's had the idea for the track in his head for 38 years.

He tells Guitar World: "I actually started this song in 1977 when I wrote one couplet upon hearing of Elvis' death. For some reason it has stayed in my mind all these years - although it's no longer about Elvis.

"When I was writing material for this record, for some reason I couldn't get that couplet out of my mind. And I developed the whole song lyrically and musically." Watch the video here.

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Album Released To Help Bucharest Club Fire Victims

(Classic Rock) Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu has released an album entitled The Quest For A Morning Star to help raise funds to cover medical bills and funeral expenses for victims of the Bucharest club fire tragedy.

The blaze ripped through the Colectiv Club in Romania late last month during the band Goodbye To Gravity's set, claiming the lives of bassist Alex Pascu, drummer Bodgan Enache and guitarists Vlad Telea and Mihal Alexandru. Vocalist Andrei Galut remains in hospital in a serious condition.

Three more people have died late last week, taking the death toll to 54, while dozens more remain in hospital. Chioreanu - known for his work with At The Gates, Arch Enemy and Napalm Death - has gathered tracks he's composed and used during his art exhibitions and is selling the compilation via Bandcamp. All proceeds will be donated to those affected by the fire.

The artist says: "For our small community of music fans, this has been beyond terrible. The loss and impact is almost too big to comprehend at the moment.

"I want to thank all the great musicians who have taken part in these soundtracks for their immediate response and support in making this compilation possible and available for fundraising." Read more here.

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Ginger Wildheart's Hey! Hello! Release Video and Announce Tour

(Classic Rock) Ginger Wildheart's band Hey! Hello! have announced their first-ever headline tour for next month. The band have launched a teaser video for their upcoming single Automatic Love.

They'll play nine shows in Italy and the UK, unveiling material from their upcoming album, in the lead-up to his annual birthday bash in London on December 17. Support is provided by Dirt Box Disco and a Ginger acoustic set.

The tour follows their opening slots with the Wildhearts earlier this year. Hey! Hello! say: "The shows will unite everyone by music, involving the audience as much as the band. We can't change the entire world - but we can change our world by using positive thought and actions, and we'll spread this message to every pair of ears that we come into contact with. Hey! Hello! choose to be positive, therefore our music reflects that intention. This is the sound of joy." Watch the video and see the tour dates here.

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Intronaut Release 'Fast Worms' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Intronaut have released a new music video for their song "Fast Worms" which is a track from the grouo's newly-released album The Direction Of Last Things.

Produced by Cynic's Josh Newell and mixed by Devin Townsend, the follow-up to 2013's Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones) marks the Los Angeles outfit's fifth studio project.

Frontman Sacha Dunable says: "This video is ridiculous. Please don't hate us now. Much thanks to Pat Lascu for making it. We're on tour getting ready to meet up with Between The Buried And Me, Enslaved and Native Construct , as well as a bunch of our own headlining dates. Check our Facebook for those, and go buy our record!

"Thank you to everyone who has bought it so far; we love you guys!" Watch the video here.

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Rick Wakeman Teams With 15-Year-Old For Christmas Single

(USI) Rick Wakeman's new collaboration with 15-year-old soprano Emmie Beckitt is set to be released on Friday December 4th, in CD and digital single formats in the UK. We were sent the following details:

Welcome A Star is the first single from Beckitt, in collaboration with the classically trained pianist, composer and TV presenter, Wakeman. The former Yes star first met Emmie, who has been singing classical repertoire since the age of ten, at a fundraiser for Kids'n'Cancer - and was so impressed by her crystal clear voice and effortless range that he decided to record a song from his oratorio The New Gospels, with her.

This beautifully melodic Christmas song features Emmie on lead vocals, accompanied by the Orion Orchestra, with Rick on keyboards, and the English Chamber Choir.

Currently studying for her Grade 8 exam in singing, Emmie Beckitt takes part in the Senior School Chamber Choir at St Augustines, Scarborough, North Yorkshire and is also a member of her school orchestra and jazz band, as she plays tenor saxophone, violin and piano. When aged only 13, she supported Katherine Jenkins in concert and a year later, appeared at Roy Wood's sell-out show at the Birmingham Symphony Hall, where she received a standing ovation. She recently sang The Hymn, composed by Sir Tim Rice and Rick Wakeman, with an orchestra and choir, at The Sage Gateshead, as part of the Tim Rice Concert Series.

A Fellow of the Royal College of Music, Professor of the London College of Music, former YES keyboard player, Watchdog presenter and renowned Grumpy Old Man, Rick Wakeman began his career as a much-sought-after session musician in the late Sixties, playing on more than 2,000 records by a wide variety of artists, including Cat Stevens, David Bowie, Marc Bolan and Black Sabbath. In the early Seventies, he found fame in his own right as a member of first Strawbs and then YES. As a solo artist and with YES, he has sold more than 50,000,000 albums. He has written a number of film scores and has become a TV regular, but still finds time to perform numerous concerts around the world every year.

Both Emmie and Rick are patrons of the Chesterfield charity Kids'n'Cancer and a percentage of profits from the sale of Welcome A Star will be donated to that organization.

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King King Announce UK Tour

(Noble) King King has announced that they will be launching a UK tour next May in support of their third album "Reaching The Light" and the trek will feature special guest Dan Patlansky.

May 12th in Manchester at the Academy and includes stops in Gateshead, Glasgow, Sheffield, Gloucester, Crawley, Salisbury and the final show in Birmingham on May 21st.

King King's third studio album, Reaching for the Light, has been championed by dozens of music magazines including Classic Rock, The Blues, Guitarist, Blues Matters, Blues in Britain and many more. In the New Year the band will record a full electric session for Paul Jones Blues Show on BBC Radio 2. See the dates here.

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