Day in Rock Report for 10/16/2015

Deep Purple's Ian Gillan Rails Against Rock Hall Of Fame

(Classic Rock) Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan has branded the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame's committee "bloody arrogant and rude." The singer's scathing attack comes as the band is nominated for inclusion for a third time, having lost out in both 2013 and 2014.

Purple have been eligible for more than 20 years and were also recently named top of the list in a public poll of acts that should be admitted to the Rock Hall.

Gillan tells Classic Rock: "I have no respect for them. They're the kind of people that having seen A Hard Day's Night decided that The Monkees would be America's equivalent to the Beatles. They've no idea what goes on in the big, wide world outside of their self-arbitrating surroundings.

"To me, those people are bloody arrogant and rude. I've heard that somebody on their committee dismissed us as one-hit wonders. I couldn't figure out whether that hit was Hush, Kentucky Woman, Black Night, Strange Kind Of Woman, Child In Time, Perfect Strangers, Knocking At Your Back Door or perhaps even Smoke On The Water.

"I'm very grateful for the other bands and artists that stood up for us with a view to our induction - that's nice of them. But I wish that the Hall Of Fame had had the discretion to ask us first. It's now become a debate in which we are too late to have the final word."

Gillan adds he had no idea they'd been nominated again and only found out when Classic Rock spoke to him. Read more here.

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Gene Simmons Willing To Become Our 'Benevolent Dictator'

(Radio.com) In a recent interview on Australian radio KISS' Gene Simmons was asked if he would ever consider running of office. Simmons' response was colorful as usual, saying he'd do it for the power, not the money.

"You know, in all seriousness, they don't pay enough. Teachers, policemen, firemen' The most important jobs don't pay very well, which is why you're not gonna get the best talent.

"The best talent are in the financial sector -- you know, big corporate entities, hedge fund and venture capital and so on. So' Or if you'd make me the benevolent dictator, just give me six months, I'll do it for one dollar -- 'cause I make a living -- but I want total power."

"You can fire me," he continued, "if the masses vote and so on, 'Get rid of him' -- without cause. As long as the majority wants me gone, I'd be gone." Read more here.

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Travis Barker Was 'Borderline Suicidal' During Drug Battle

(Radio.com) Blink-182's Travis Barker will release his new memoir Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, and Drums, Drums, Drums on Oct. 20. The drummer recently sat down with Billboard to discuss the book, his battle with drugs and his premonition about his near-fatal plane crash back in 2008 that took the life of four people.

In the interview, Barker--who has played drums for Blink 182, +44 and The Transplants--opens up about his battle with pill addiction. He said in 2004 he was so addicted to Oxycodone that he had a security guard watch him sleep to make sure he was breathing. "I had this moment when I got to Europe for that tour where I really identified myself as a dumpster. And I wasn't proud. I was scared. I had to call [Blink-182 member] Mark [Hoppus] and say, 'Hey, man. I'm like borderline suicidal. I'm going crazy. I need to go home.' Like not even one show had started. I'd been there two days. I hadn't slept one day." He added, "I think that was the most disappointing time."

Travis Barker has no been off hard drugs for eight years and says he hasn't smoke marijuana in four. He said that he is in a great place: "I have the best support system. I have the most amazing kids. I'm not on any medications. I haven't seen a post-traumatic doctor in six years. I get so much love and happiness out of playing music and playing the drums and my kids. There's nothing better. I couldn't ask for more." Read more here.

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Creed Vocalist Scott Stapp Announces Proof Of Life Tour

Creed frontman Scott Stapp appears to be past the issues that caused his much publicized meltdown late last year and is planning to hit the road for the Proof of Life world tour.

Stapp has so far revealed the initial details for two legs for the trek beginning with three shows in South Africa in December, followed by a North American run early year.

The dates and routing for the North American trek have been revealed and they kick off on January 15th in St. Petersburg, FL and wrap up on February 10th in Dallas, TX. Venue details are expected soon.

Stapp addressed some of the trials that he went through last year in the tour's announcement video. He says, "Last year I went through one of the toughest experiences of my life.

"I nearly lost everything, including myself. I was in a dark hole and falling deeper. I didn't know where to go or how to find myself through all the damage."

"The love of my wife and children is what kept me alive," he continues. "It was the only light I could see. Today I have the courage to accept the things I can't change. All I can do is put one foot in front of the other and move forward." See the tour dates here.

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The Grateful Dead Reveal 'Fare Thee Well' Album Details

(Radio.com) The Grateful Dead have set a November 20th release date for "Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of Grateful Dead" which features music from their sold out Fare Thee Well tour.

The album will come in numerous formats, ranging from a "best-of" double-disc which includes highlights from the three-night set at Chicago's Soldier Field to a 12-disc mega set that compiles every song from the July 3, 4 and 5 performances.

The official Grateful Dead website will be the only place to get the complete audio and video for all three shows. The two dead.net exclusive versions, one 12-CD/7-Blu-ray and the other 12-CD/7-DVD, will each be limited to 20,000 individually numbered copies.

Check out the extensive tracklist here.

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Legend End Hiatus With Surprise Album Under LGND Band Name

Michigan metal band Legend surprised fans by ending their nearly four-year hiatus by returning under the new name of LGND and releasing a new self-titled album, which they are streaming online.

The LGND album has been released digitally and the band will follow up with a physical release. LGND lyricist and vocalist Chad Ruhlig had the following to say, "After nearly 4 years without new music on the shelves I'm very proud to announce the release of our 3rd full length album LGND. This self titled record marks the start of a new era for this band. While a majority of people will cast us out for taking a step in a new direction, it also comes with much pride to release an album with an individual who has the same drive and vision as yourself.

"There's a point where every artist takes a step back to look at where they are in an industry flooded with trends, scams, and politics. This album is a product of two men who have nothing left to prove to anybody in this world. We wrote a record that we wanted to release regardless of what we thought ANYBODY would want to hear. We opened our minds to progression and something new. While this album still has what many of you have been expecting from us, it also shows you where we are heading with the future of LGND. With that being said, thank you to everyone who has stuck by our side in silence waiting for this album to drop. We hope you enjoy this one, and the many more to come."

Guitarist Daniel "DL" Laskiewicz adds, "Hi everyone! You have all been patiently on hold and I think its time you deserve you get what you've been waiting for. The new LGND. As much as we wrote this record for you, the listener, we also did this for ourselves. This was a challenge based on the fact that Chad and I live nowhere near each other and he was touring full time during the making of this. We had to figure out a system to make this work long distance and it took some time and effort, but now we know how to get things done together, better and faster. This is the first time in a long time where I had a lot of fun writing an album. This content is something I've wanted to do since I starting playing.

"We are also excited to mention that while you're reading this, we are already writing and putting together more music. We love creating and hope to put out material that you love with us. Thank you for all your support and you'll be hearing from us very soon! Much love."

Stream the new album here.

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Saxon Streaming Songs From New Album 'Battering Ram'

NWOBHM pioneers Saxon are giving fans an advance online listen to five tracks from their forthcoming album "Battering Ram", ahead of its official North American release on October 30th.

"Battering Ram," the band's 21st studio album, was produced by Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Testament, Exodus, Accept) at his Backstage Recording Studios in rural Derbyshire, England.

Frontman Biff Byford had the following to say, "This one's a natural progression from Sacrifice. There's a bit less rock'n'roll and a bit more 'heavy' on it. We wanted to keep focused on a style rather than moving around too much."

Byford adds the following about working with Sneap on the album, "Yes, Andy has been in charge of everything with this album, I keep on overview of it all, but he's done a great job and we're both pleased with the results. We have a great partnership."

The band has teamed with Yahoo Music to offer fans a five track streaming sampler of the album which includes the tracks "The Devil's Footprint", "Queen of Hearts", "Destroyer", "Eye of the Storm", and "Stand Your Ground". Check out the songs here.

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Dave Lombardo Working On New Philm Album With Ross Robinson

(Classic Rock) Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo has revealed he has two separate Philm projects in the works. The band released their second album Fire From The Evening Sun in 2014. And he reports work on the follow-up is well under way.

He tells May The Rock Be With You: "We're working on our third album. That one is going to be released early next year - as soon as possible. It's going to be produced by Ross Robinson. I've worked with him a couple of times before, we're friends and he likes the band, so I decided to hand over the producer role to him."

The sticksman is also planning to issue material under the Philm Noir banner in 2016 - a project he says will have a "counter-melodic" structure. He continues: "Gerry Nestler's guitar playing is unique and soulful and has a lot of energy. But he's also a pianist and he's very much influenced by classical piano players. One of them is Arnold Schoenberg." Read more here.

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Pain of Salvation Working On New Concept Album

Pain of Salvation revealed that they are working on a new concept album that they say will be a return to their heavier sound from the early 2000s. The new album is in addition to a planned live package.

Daniel Gildenlöw had the following to say about the new studio effort, "We have a few gigs on the horizon, but in all honesty, our true focus is on the next studio album right now.

"Ragnar and I truly enjoy writing music together, and have that sort of completing-each-other's-sentences dynamics to our writing that I have only found in very few people over the years.

"We have very creative writing sessions, and we can't wait for the fans to hear the new material! You'll see a hungry and strong Pain of Salvation, confidently returning to a harder and heavier form, musically. Still, as always, without losing the intimacy and originality that has been the trademark of the band ever since the first album.

"Anyone who has witnessed on stage what today's Pain of Salvation are capable of, will understand how much I am looking forward to show them what we can do in a studio."

The band has also announced a string of shows later this month in the Netherlands and two shows in Italy that will be taking place in mid-December, with more dates expected to be announced soon.

Pain of Salvation are revealed that they are wrapping up work on some special live and DVD recordings that they expect to release next year. see the upcoming tour dates.

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Radiohead Have New Music and Hope To Tour Next Year

(Radio.com) It's been over four years since Radiohead put out their eighth studio album King of Limbs, but now comes news that their ninth effort may be on the way shortly and the band hopes to launch a tour next year.

Guitarist Jonny Greenwood revealed during an interview on Russian radio that the band had recently recording new material, according to Consequence of Sound.

Originally reported as the band having finished the album, Greenwood corrected COS with two tweets explaining "lots has been recorded, and we're about to go through it all….to see if it's any good. And we HOPE to tour next year: no plans confirmed yet. Sorry for the over enthusiastic translator….:/" Read more here.

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Queen To Receive This Year's Classic Rock Living Legend Award

(Classic Rock) Forty years after the release of Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen have been announced as the recipients of this year's Classic Rock Roll Of Honour Living Legend Award. The award will be presented at this year's awards show, which takes place at The Roundhouse in Camden, London.

"I don't think there could be a more perfect year for us to honour Queen with the Roll Of Honour's headline award," says Siân Llewellyn, Editor of Classic Rock Magazine. "Almost four decades to the day that one of rock's defining songs made its phenomenal presence known, we get to celebrate the incredible, unparalleled career of the band that made it and who changed the world's soundscape forever."

Previous recipients of the awards have included Gregg Allman, ZZ Top, Jeff Beck, Rush, Iggy Pop, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Page, Alice Cooper and Lemmy. Read more here.

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Nils Lofgren Announces New Live Album and Acoustic Tour

Nils Lofgren has announced that he will be releasing his new live album "UK2015 Face The Music Tour" on November 13th in both CD and digital formats and he also revealed U.S. acoustic tour dates for next year.

The new album was captured during Lofgren's UK tour at the beginning of this year. He had the following to say, "In January 2015, after a three year break from our traditional acoustic UK tours, we headed back in the dead of Winter, excited for another run of shows, town to town, on the bus, sharing music that hopefully spreads some good will and hope to linger with the wonderful audiences we've had, decade after decade.

"Accompanied by Greg Varlotta, our friend and amazing, multi-instrumentalist and our stellar crew, we all set out to do special, inspired shows everywhere.

"We were all thrilled with the audience response and it was Amy who insisted we record the last half of the tour, optimistic it could lead to an album of live tracks to commemorate this wonderful UK run. She was right and here it is. We hope you all enjoy it.

"It really is the audience that breaths the life, fire and inspiration into every performance. God bless you all and thanks again for your presence and magical energy, night after night, town after town, note after note. Peace and Believe."

Lofgren has also confirmed US acoustic shows in Durham NC (1/21/16) Atlanta GA (1/22/16), Nashville TN (1/23/16), Conroe TX (1/29/16), Dallas TX (1/30/16), Austin, TX (1/31/16 ), Oakland CA (3/9 and 3/10/16), Mill Valley, CA (3/11/16), Saratoga, CA (3/12/16 ), Staten Island NY (4/1/16), Alexandria, VA (4/22 and 4/23/16), Uncasville, CT (4/29/16), NYC (4/30/16), Minneapolis, MN (5/17 and 5/18/16), Milwaukee, WI (5/19/16), Chicago, IL (5/20/16), and Valparaiso, IN (5/21/16). See the tracklisting here.

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Lenny Kravitz Releases Live 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' Video

(hennemusic) Lenny Kravitz has released a performance video of his 1993 smash, "Are You Gonna Go My Way", as a preview to the October 23 release of his live concert film "Just Let Go."

The title track to his third album helped deliver Kravitz his first US Top 20 record, which peaked at No. 12 on the Billboard 200. Available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital formats, "Just Let Go" was filmed over three months in late 2014 during the European leg of the singer's world tour in support of his latest studio album, "Strut."

"I am a solo artist," says Kravitz, "but 'Just Let Go' reflects on the relationship with my band and the camaraderie that develops between us while out on the road.

"The film takes a deeper look into what it's like to be on tour and also gives an intimate perspective into my life with my band, both on and off the stage."

Kravitz recently wrapped up dates on a fall North American tour with a September 19 set at the Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta. Watch the video here.

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The Black Crowes Launching 180-Gram Vinyl Reissue Series

(hennemusic) The Black Crowes have announced that they will be reissuing their first four albums on high-grade 180-gram vinyl on December 4th including "Shake Your Money Maker", "The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion", "Amorica" and "Three Snakes And One Charm".

The Georgia band's 1990 debut, "Shake Your Money Maker", will be released as a one-album set, while their following three records - 1992's "The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion", 1994's "Amorica" and 1996's "Three Snakes And One Charm" - will be packaged as double-LP sets.

"Shake Your Money Maker" introduced the group with two Top 30 Billboard singles, a cover of Otis Redding's "Hard To Handle", and the acoustic ballad "She Talks to Angels."

"The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion" sold two million copies on the strength of four singles, including "Remedy", "Thorn In My Pride", "Sting Me" and "Hotel Illness."

The band's first studio effort as a six-piece, "Amorica" peaked at No. 11 on the US Billboard 200 with help from "A Conspiracy", "High Head Blues" and "Wiser Time."

"Three Snakes And One Charm" reached No. #15 on the US Billboard 200. The vinyl reissue includes the addition of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band on "(Only Halfway) To Everywhere" and "Let Me Share The Ride." Two bonus tracks - "Just Say You're Sorry" and a cover of Bob Marley's "Pimper's Paradise" - are included on the fourth and final side of the double-vinyl set. Read more here.

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Judas Priest Fans Helped Rob Halford Remain Sober For 30 Years

(Classic Rock) Rob Halford says Judas Priest's fans have helped him steer clear of drink and drugs for 30 years. The vocalist celebrates three decades sober in January and he hails his band's supporters for ensuring he never wavered in all that time.

Halford tells the Rock N' Roll Breakfast Show (via Blabbermouth): "Most of the Priest fans drink, but they keep me sober. That might sound crazy. But I have to go out there night after night and do my work in the way that's expected from me. And I can't go out there drunk.

"I can't go out there smashed and drugged. That's cheating my fans. That's giving them a poorer display. That's also part of my daily spiritual ritual - keeping clean and sober for my own well being, but also for my fans and everybody else."

And the self-styled Metal God urges anyone who is struggling to beat addiction not to be afraid to ask for help. Read more here.

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Twisted Sister Headlining Bloodstock As Part Of Farewell Tour

(Classic Rock) Iconic glam metallers Twisted Sister are headlining next year's Bloodstock festival as part of their farewell tour. Rumour has it that Mike Portnoy will be filling in on drum duty since the untimely passing of AJ Pero earlier this year.

Rounding off an astonishing 40 year career full of hairspray, make-up and wanting to rock, Twisted Sister's final trip to the UK culminates with topping the bill at the biggest metal festival in the country. This is your final ever chance to watch Twisted Sister live in Britain, so be there!

"Our journey in the UK that began in Wrexham in 1982, ends with Bloodstock 2016," comments guitarist Jay Jay French. "Without the recognition that we received from our UK fans, the world would never have known nor would we ever have reached our 40 year milestone!" Read more here.

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Overkill Cover Johnny Cash Classic On New Box Set

(Classic Rock) Overkill frontman Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth says bandmate DD Verni sounds like a "New Jersey Willie Nelson" on the group's Johnny Cash cover. The veteran rockers unveil their take on Cash's Man In Black as part of their career-spanning box set HistoriKill: 1995 - 2007, which is released via Nuclear Blast today (October 16.)

Blitz says he planted the seed of covering Cash in bassist Verni's head and the pair ended up singing a duet on the track. He says: "It's funny, when it comes to Johnny Cash I did a side project called The Curse. It was a metal-esque project but it had a lot of rock'n'roll in it and I wanted my presentation in it to be different.

"In Overkill, my presentation is high end, it's from the chest up. I wanted something that said, 'Okay, here's your chance to sing from the chest down.' I studied Cash for months getting ready for this Curse record and I said to DD, 'You gotta check out some of this hidden classic stuff from Cash. Maybe we ought to do a cover.

"I walked into the studio and he was sitting there with an acoustic guitar and banging the kick drum with one foot singing Man In Black and I said, 'That's it. That's the one.'"

He continues: "We ended up doing it like a duet where we were singing with each other back and forth. Taking half a verse, both of us singing a verse together, layered over the top of each other. I think that's the unique part of it." Read more and watch the full video segment here.

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Patti Smith Gets Back Items That Were Stolen In 1979

(Classic Rock) Patti Smith was moved to tears this week when she was handed a bag of items which were stolen from her in 1979. The Guardian reports the singer-songwriter was giving a reading in support of her memoir M Train (Shakespeare Today) at Dominican University, Illinois, when she was approached by Noreen Bender who handed over the missing belongings.

Items in the bag included a Keith Richards t-shirt, a top she wore on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in 1978, and a piece of cloth given to her by brother and road manager Todd Smith, who died in 1994.

Bender told the Chicago Tribune that she received the items from a male friend of her then flatmate. She says: "I knew I had to get it back to her. It's not for a stranger." Read more here.

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Nazareth Release Video Footage From 'No Means Of Escape'

(hennemusic) Nazareth have released video footage of their classic 1973 tune, "Razamanaz", as a preview to the forthcoming live package, "No Means Of Escape."

The performance of the title track to the band's third album can be seen on "Live At Metropolis", which presents the group playing before a select audience at London's Metropolis Studios.

Due October 16, the concert film is paired with a companion career documentary, "Made In Scotland", which traces Nazareth's career from their formation in 1968 to their breakthrough in the 1970s, and their ongoing career.

The package sees Lintin Osborne fronting the Scottish band following the retirement of founding member Dan McCafferty, who left the group in 2013 due to health issues.

"No Means Of Escape" will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and digitally, with "Live At Metropolis" and "Made In Scotland" available as two separate elements. Watch the video here.

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Allusondrugs Announce New EP 'Am I Weird?'

(TeamRock Radio) Allusondrugs will release an EP ahead of their UK winter tour. The Leeds-based band will be releasing "Am I Weird?" on October 23 on CD and digital formats.

Am I Weird? compiles all the group's previous single releases and a limited-edition version comes complete with a bonus DIY hand-painted-sleeve CD featuring four different versions of the track Sunset Yellow.

The band head out on a UK tour next month alongside We Are The Ocean. Before that, they play at the Rawkus Save The children charity event in Liverpool on November 4. See the dates here.

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With The Dead Release 'Crown Of Burning Stars' Video

(TeamRock Radio) With The Dead have released a video for their track Crown Of Burning Stars. The song is taken from the group's self-titled debut album, which was released today October 16 via Rise Above Records.

With The Dead features former Electric Wizard bassist Tim Bagshaw and drummer Mark Greening, along with Cathedral singer Lee Dorrian. The promo for Crown Of Burning Stars is based on a concept developed by Dorrian and was directed by Nucleus films' Marc Norris.

On the album, Dorrian previously told Metal Hammer: "It's got that pure anxiety and animosity. It's probably come as a result of all the anger and hatred and negativity that I've been dealing with.

"I didn't spend a long time writing the lyrics, whereas in Cathedral I'd spend weeks on a verse. This was a lot more punk and straight from the gut." Watch the video here.

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Zakk Wylde Reveals Unusual Methods To Unwind From Unplugged Gigs

(TeamRock Radio) Zakk Wylde has revealed the unusual methods he uses to blow off steam after an acoustic gig. The Black Label Society mainman is working on the follow-up to his solo acoustic album Book Of Shadows, with the work due for release early next year and set to be followed by a world tour.

And while he loves the laid-back atmosphere of the acoustic show every bit as much as a BLS event, he does miss the release that comes with a plugged-in gig.

He jokes: "I love doing both, the heavy thing and then the mellow thing. Right after we get done doing the acoustic show, I just smash my head up against a wall several times.... I get the aggression out that way. It balances out."

As for what fans can expect of Book Of Shadows II, he adds: "That's what we're working on right now. I can't believe the album is 20 years old. But we're always writing mellow stuff. I mean, once I get done doing the heavy thing for a while and writing riffs, once you get worn out on that, I'll just either sit behind a piano or pick up an acoustic, and then it just puts you in a different state of mind when you're writing." Watch the full interview here.

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The Defiled Earn World Record For Iceberg Jam

(TeamRock Radio) The Defiled have earned a place in the Guinness Book Of World Records for their performance on an iceberg. The London-based band played a live 30-minute set in Greenland as part of Jagermeister's Ice Cold Gig series last year and used some of the footage in their video for Five Minutes.

A documentary on the expedition was also released. Now the stunt will be included in the 2016 edition of the Guinness Book Of World Records for becoming the first band to ever play an iceberg.

Keyboard player The AvD says: "Breaking Records certainly makes an interesting change from making them. As a child this was a book of wonder and excitement, so it's pretty mindblowing to open this book and see myself and my bandmates looking back at me." Watch the video here.

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Tygers Of Pan Tang Announce Winter Tour Dates

(Classic Rock) Tygers Of Pan Tang have announced they'll play a series UK shows in December. The NWOBHM outfit have also revealed they'll return to the studio in January to record the follow-up to 2012's Ambush. It's expected to be released in May.

In addition, they've been confirmed as one of the headline acts at this weekend's Live Evil festival. They'll take to the stage at London's The Dome on October 18 (Sunday).

The band are hopeful of signing a new record deal in the coming weeks and are also putting plans in place for their first-ever dates in South America in 2016.

Earlier this year they released a limited-edition CD entitled The Tyger Sessions: The First Wave featuring re-recordings of some of their classic tracks. See the dates here.

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CJ Wildheart Streaming Title Track From New Album 'Robot'

(Classic Rock) CJ Wildheart has released a lyric video for the title track from his upcoming album Robot. The follow-up to 2014's Mable has been made possible thanks to a crowdfunding campaign which smashed its target after just six days - and still has 120 days remaining.

In addition, The Wildhearts man has announced a 2016 UK tour, kicking off in Huddersfield on February 18. He says: "I'll be heading out on tour in February with a full band, playing tracks from my solo albums as well as classic tracks from The Jellys and Honeycrack.

"I'm delighted to announce that my band will consist of Jason Bowld on drums, Lee Wray on bass and Chris Catalyst on guitar." Check out the new song here.

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TesseracT Frontman Struggling To Survive As A Musician

(Prog) TesseracT frontman Dan Tompkins says his decision to turn his back on a career in the police to work as a musician full-time has not paid off financially.

Admitting he has nowhere near the kind of cash he had when he was pounding the beat, Tompkins opens up about the hardships of life in a band in the latest issue of Metal Hammer.

He says: "I'm not lying when I say I've got £100 in my bank account right now. In the six years I've been doing this, I'm not anywhere near the wage that I used to be on when I was a copper."

Tompkins reveals the band's single Survival is about the difficulties bands face to break even and keep their heads above water in the industry. He adds: "It's been a massive struggle. A struggle for survival." Read more here.

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Caravan's Geoffrey Richardson Releasing The Garden Of Love Solo Album

(Prog) Caravan guitarist and violinist Geoffrey Richardson will release a solo album next month. Entitled The Garden Of Love, it's set for release on November 6 via Esoteric Antenna.

It's said to be "a gorgeous album on a rich and deliciously varied musical palate - a sensuous garden to savour" and will see Richardson explore his rock, folk and classical influences across all 12 tracks.

It'll feature a wide variety of instruments, with Richardson playing the violin, viola, flute, cello, ukelele, banjo, mandolin, keyboards, percussion, saxophone and electric and acoustic guitar. Read more here.

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Rian Adkinson Releases Zombie-Themed 'Disconnect' Video

(Prog) Rian Adkinson has released a video for his track Disconnect. It's taken from his debut album Villain, which was released last year. The zombie-starring animated video for Disconnect was created by Adkinson's cousins Caleb Adkinson and Rory Manning, who run Family Projects Productions.

Adkinson says: "I have always been a fan of their work so when we came up with the idea of this video, I know they would be the perfect fit."

He describes the song as a parody of modern society, where "people have become zombies, so glued to their social media and phones that they forget there is a world around them.

He adds: "While we need technology, we should remember there are real people behind those screen names, real people who need human contact and in a world where everyone around you is looking down, it's a reminder to take a break and experience the real world around you too." Watch the video here.

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Mono Stream New Song 'Death In Reverse'

(Prog) Mono have issued a stream of their track Death In Reverse. It features on their upcoming split EP with The Ocean entitled Transcendental, out on October 23 via Pelagic Records.

Mono guitarist Takaakira 'Taka' Goto previously reported that Death In Reverse would serve as a preview for their ninth album - expected to be released in early 2016.

He said: "The theme of this track is life and death and regeneration. Even when our bodies decay and decompose, our souls will prevail unchanged. Our bodies will act as seeds for the next generation, while our souls will journey together into our new eternal life."

The EP has been planned to coincide with Mono and The Ocean's joint tour, which also features Solstafir. Stream the song here.

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Vintage Trouble Strive To Retain Authentic Sound

(Classic Rock) Vintage Trouble say they won't use modern technology to change their sound as they want to keep their music "timeless." They released their third album 1 Hopeful Road in August via Blue Note Records, and insist keeping their instrumentation simple is the most effective way to present their material.

Drummer Richard Danielson tells the Vanderbilt Hustler: "A lot of music is aged by the sounds and technologies of its times. To play music without all the extras gives it certain timelessness. For us, it's just bass, drum, guitar, and vocals as music was at the start."

They've opened for artists including the Who, the Rolling Stones and AC/DC. And frontman Ty Taylor reports they used their experience of life on the road to fine tune the follow-up to 2014's The Swing House Acoustic Sessions.

He says: "The album has been in the works for a while. We've been touring on and off for a few years. The story of this album is the story of four men behind a barrier waiting to get back to the recording studio to release all this creativity and all the songs we've been coming up with." Read more here.

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Joe Bonamassa Says Kevin Shirley Was Crucial To His Success

(Classic Rock) Joe Bonamassa says he would still be playing to small crowds rather than sold-out arenas if it wasn't for the guiding influence of longtime producer Kevin Shirley.

Shirley's worked with artists including Iron Maiden, Rush, Europe and Journey - and he's used his experience behind the desk to help the blues guitarist achieve huge commercial success.

Bonamassa tells the Newcastle Chronicle: "He's crucial. If I hadn't met Kevin I would probably still be playing shows to a few hundred blues fans - not selling out Red Rock three years in a row or playing arenas around Europe.

"Kevin tells it as it is - and then some. I can still recall one of our first meetings and he didn't mince his words. 'The band's dreadful, your songs are weak and your voice needs improvement,' he said.

"But he was right. It's a ruthless world out there and he basically laid out the career path for me to follow. Call it being cruel to be kind, but listening to him and heeding his advice was the best thing I've ever done." Read more here.

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Metal Hammer: Roadkill Mobile Game Released

(Classic Rock) Metal Hammer Magazine have released their first mobile game which features music from several popular metal bands. Metal Hammer: Roadkill is available for iOS and Android devices.

The game features music from a number of bands from the Nuclear Blast roster including Sabaton, Epica, Suicide Silence, Exodus, Threshold and Vader, while the aim is to defeat the hordes of hell and save the world.

"The goal is simple," says Billy Anderson, founder and CEO of Team Rock, "We want to be the global home of rock and metal. We already know the crossover between gaming, rock and metal is huge. We want to give every player, every listener, every fan the chance to experience the music they love in new ways.

"We have major plans for gaming and Roadkill shows exactly what we hope to achieve. We'll be working with bands, labels and music to bring them into gaming and build something new and credible and innovative." Check out the trailer here.

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An Evening With Machine Head Euro Tour Announced

(TeamRock Radio) Machine Head have announced they'll embark on a European tour in early 2016. Billed as An Evening With Machine Head, the band will play a total of 28 shows - including seven in the UK - without a support act. And they've taken that decision so they can better showcase their extensive back catalogue.

Mainman Robb Flynn says: "We are really excited about playing longer sets, throwing in some deep cuts, and just having it be our own world. We did this in the US and eastern Europe recently and it's worked amazingly well. Fans seem to really love the 'Evening With…' format for a band like us who has a long-standing and diverse catalogue."

He continues: "While the sets vary, there were a couple of nights on the last run where we reached the 2 hour and 40 minute mark. We could have played all night - the crowd was so insane." Read more and see the dates here.

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Matt Berry Announces Live Album

(Prog) Matt Berry has announced he'll release a live album next month. Titled Live, the package will be issued via Acid Jazz Records on November 20 and sees Berry perform with six-piece band The Maypoles - led by Bluetones singer Mark Morriss and folk artist Cecilia Fage.

The album was recorded during performances at the Greenman festival in Wales, a show in Tunbridge Wells, and at London venues the Garage and the Forum.

Berry, known for his TV roles in The IT Crowd and Toast Of London, says: "The Maypoles are a mixture of incredible people, some of which I've been playing with for over 10 years.

"It will be the last time we play a lot of these songs so I thought it would be a good idea to literally have a 'record' of them." He's issued a stream of the track The Pheasant from the record. It can be heard here.

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