Day in Rock Report for 09/08/2015

We have a slightly shorter than normal report today due to the holiday. Below, find today's stories along with the stories from Monday for those that missed the update.

Original Guns N' Roses Member Reacts To Reunion Rumor

(Classic Rock) Former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler says he thought he and his old band would enjoy a long career together. He was with the group for their 1987 debut Appetite For Destruction and GNR Lies the following year but was fired in 1990 because of his heroin addiction. And he says only being part of the band for a short time came as a shock.

He tells the Jasta Show: "What I accomplished with those guys is everything in the world to me. My dreams came true. I didn't plan on it ending in five years. I thought we were gonna be like the Stones or Aerosmith and be together for 40, 50 years. I had no idea. But you know what? All that time is in the past."

Slash and GNR frontman Axl Rose have recently reconnected after a two-decade feud - and it's come as welcome news to Adler. He says: "I think that's great because it's been too long. The world has missed out on 25 years of great music because those two weren't together.

"Slash and Axl - it's like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Imagine if those guys weren't together. It's a shame, and I'm just so glad that they're talking and everything is in the past like it should be."

The reconciliation has sparked rumors of a possible classic lineup reunion - and although the drummer insists he's heard nothing from his former bandmates, he feels it's something that has to come to fruition.

He adds: "If it does happen, I guarantee I will be the last to know about it. If we played together, the whole arena would cry with joy - but I have nothing to do with it. I wish I did. If I did, it would have happened a long time ago. But we owe it to the fans to do it." Stream the full interview here.

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Black Sabbath Launching Farewell Tour For Health Reasons

(hennemusic) Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi says his cancer issues have brought about the need for the band's newly-announced farewell world tour after five decades on the road.

Last week, Black Sabbath announced the first series of dates for their farewell world tour. "I can't actually do this anymore," Iommi tells the Birmingham Mail. "My body won't take it much more."

The 67-year old - who was diagnosed with blood cancer lymphoma in January of 2012 - continues to have regular checkups on the health issue. "I have finished my courses of treatment," he says. "Now it's a case of keeping tabs on things. "I have the blood tests every six weeks, and then there's a bigger check-up every now and then to make sure that all is still well. I have my next one in a couple of weeks, and hopefully everything will be fine.

"It's horrible. I even dream about it. But that's my life now. The surgeon told me he doesn't expect the cancer to go away. There's a 30 per cent chance that it could, but more than likely it will come back and it could be any time. I could be here another 10 years or just one year - I don't know." Read more here.

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Motorhead Reveal Cause Of Lemmy's Health Problems

(hennemusic) Motorhead have issued an update on the health status of frontman Lemmy Kilmister, revealing the nature of his illness, following a recent series of shortened and cancelled shows.

"The wait is over and the Doc has spoken," says the band "Lemmy had a lung infection (exacerbated by that Denver altitude) which has now been taken care of. Subsequently, Lemmy's ready to give it a go in St. Louis at The Pageant Theater on Tuesday, Sept 8th where Motörhead will continue the 40th Anniversary tour in support of their new album 'Bad Magic'.

"Amidst all the wonderful support Lemmy has received, many have rightfully said he owes us nothing as he has given us everything," they added. "We, however, owe Lemmy something…our total respect for his fierce, single-minded and beautifully stubborn determination to continue burning asphalt, playing rock'n'roll and live where he has always been most comfortable - on the road! Thanks again for all your support and see you soon!"

Lemmy first showed signs of trouble at an August 27 show in Salt Lake City when he shut down the performance after four songs after experiencing difficulty with his breathing due to the altitude. Read more here.

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The Runaways Singer Has Different Memory Of Jackie Fox's Rape Incident

(Classic Rock) Ex-Runaway Cherie Currie has offered her eyewitness account of the hotel room incident at the centre of bandmate Jackie Fox's rape recollection. Fox said earlier this year that, when she was 16, impresario Kim Fowley had made roadies force-feed her drugs, then had sex with her while an entourage, including Currie and Joan Jett, watched and did nothing to help her.

Both have previously distanced themselves from Fox's account of events. She's called on fans not to make scapegoats of her former colleagues, who she says were also victims of Fowley's machinations.

Now Currie tells Classic Rock's Rob Hughes: "I was in the room that night. But what I saw was a giddy, high little woman who was telling Kim what to do to her, every step of the way. The sexual intercourse happened because she asked for it."

She continues: "I said: 'This is... sick and I'm not watching.' I walked out in protest - I thought it was disgusting that Kim was doing such a thing, and I felt equally disgusted that Jackie was participating." Read more here.

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Iron Maiden Headed For No. 1 Chart Debut For 'The Book Of Souls'

(hennemusic) Iron Maiden are on track to top the UK album charts with their latest release, "The Book Of Souls." The Official Charts Company reports the band's 16th studio album is currently over 30,000 chart sales ahead of nearest rival Jess Glynne, putting them in with a good chance of scoring their fifth Official Albums Chart No. 1 this Friday.

Iron Maiden last topped the UK charts in summer 2010 with "The Final Frontier." "The Book Of Souls" was produced by Kevin Shirley and recorded in Paris in 2014.

The group's first-ever double studio album was launched last month with the lead track "Speed Of Light." The band issued an 8-bit video game based on the video for the tune, with fans playing the browser-based game as Iron Maiden mascot Eddie. Watch the video here.

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Aretha Franklin Blocks Film From Being Screened At Festival

(The Blues Aretha Franklin has succeeded in her bid to have a movie from being screened amid a rights battle. She launched action against the producers of Amazing Grace, which includes footage from a 1972 performance in the documentary.

It tells the story of how her album of the same name was recorded in a Los Angeles church, and features concert scenes shot by Sydney Pollack. She previously acted to prevent producer Alan Elliott from screening it in 2011.

Franklin's representatives said on Friday that the performance material "was taken with the express understanding that it would not be used commercially without agreement" - and that she hadn't given her approval.

The documentary was scheduled to be shown at the Telluride Film Festival over the weekend - but a court ruled in her favor and forbade three screenings. Read more here.

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Lamb Of God Will Mellow With Age Say Randy Blythe

(TeamRock Radio) Randy Blythe believes Lamb Of God will eventually move away from heavy music - but that's no reason for them to split up. The 44-year-old insists it's not possible for them to match bands like the Rolling Stones by playing the same kind of music into their 70s.

Blythe tells Revolver: "I'm not going to be doing this when I'm f***ing 60 - no f***ing way. We're not the Stones." He adds: "I'm always going to be doing music, but not something quite so aggressive, I'm sure."

But that doesn't mean the end of Lamb of God as Randy thinks those future projects could easily include his current colleagues. "I don't think Lamb Of God ever has to break up," he says. Read more here.

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Scorpions Sidelined Schenker Brothers Album Plans

(Classic Rock) Scorpions guitarist Rudy Schenker admits brother Michael is upset with him - because the German band's continuing world tour has put a stop on plans to record an album together.

The Scorps were set to split following a final road trip in 2012, but discovered a new lease of life as they reached the milestone of 50 years in the business.

That meant postponing the idea of the Schenkers working together in earnest for the first time in decades. Rudy tells the Boston Globe: "My brother is already very angry at me, because I said to him when we were on the farewell tour, 'Let's make a Schenker Brothers album.'

"I haven't played with my brother for a very long time. Maybe here and there on a Scorpions stage, but not in the studio." He adds: "I think it would be a great thing to do - and there's lots of people waiting for it." Read more here.

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Ghost Reveal Unusual Encounters With Metallica's James Hetfield

(Classic Rock) Most Ghost fans never get to see the band outside of their flamboyant stage attire - but James Hetfield usually sees them in their underwear. The Swedish occult rockers have met the Metallica mainman on a number of occasions - usually without their costumes.

One of the band's Nameless Ghouls, identified as "Aether", tells MusicRadar: "James came to see us at our first San Francisco show in this tiny venue, which was more like a coffee shop. We were stood backstage in our underwear - it probably wasn't the best way to meet your idol for the first time.

"Then he came by after the show. Of course, we were in our underwear again. Come to think of it, I've met James many times in my underwear. It's crazy. The guy is like royalty to us." Read more here.

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Devin Townsend Unplugging For Upcoming Tour

(Prog) Devin Townsend will return to the UK in October for a run of stripped-down shows, he's announced. He'll deliver seven An Evening With Devin Townsend events, featuring acoustic performances, fan requests and spoken-word sections.

Townsend won a Juno award in his native Canada for his Z2 album earlier this year. He recently revealed he was writing a symphony, explaining: "I want to have something that goes between the extremes of beautiful to total chaos, like hellish apocalypse.

"I'd like to have a point to it that isn't a story - to do with human things, emotions that I currently struggle with because I don't find myself emotionally very intelligent." See the dates here.

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Group Launch Bid To Save Live Music Venues Amid Significant Closures

(Classic Rock) The Music Venue Trust have launched a bid to secure more political support for their attempts to save premises that put on live music across the UK. They've compiled a report that says around four out of every ten venues have closed since 2007 - and many of them have gone as a result of heavy-handed environment laws.

If the trend continues, commerce worth £1.6bn a year could be lost to the UK. Many pubs and clubs have been forced to shut down after homes were built nearby and new tenants complained about noise, with only one complaint being necessary to make closure possible in some cases.

The Trust will present their report to London mayor Boris Johnson, highlighting that the number of live venues in the city has dropped from 430 to 245 in eight years. Read more here.

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Spock's Beard Stars Jam With Neal Morse At Morsefest

(Prog) A mini Spock's Beard reunion occurred this weekend at Morsefest 2015, the weekend event thrown by Neal Morse in Tennessee. On the second night concert, former Spock's Beard drummer and vocalist Nick D'Virgilio joined the Neal Morse band for two Spock's classics.

Nick, who is now the drummer for Big Big Train, sat behind the drum kit on At The End Of The Day and then sang with Neal on the Snow classic Wind At My Back.

The evening concluded with a medley of Transatlantic's The Whirlwind performed by the Neal Morse Band. This was the second year of the mini prog festival that celebrates the music of Neal Morse. Read more here.

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Parkway Drive, Architects, Thy Art Is Murder Plan Winter Tour

(TeamRock Radio) Parkway Drive have announced Architects, Thy Art Is Murder and Bury Tomorrow as the support acts on their European tour that they will be launching early next year.

The Australian outfit start the trek in Germany in February and will play four UK shows. The mainland Europe gigs will see Architects and Thy Art Is Murder on board, while for the UK shows, Architects will be replaced by Bury Tomorrow.

Parkway Drive say: "We've got some awesome bands coming out with us in Europe and UK next year." Parkway Drive release their next album Ire on September 25. See the tour dates here.

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Nordic Giants Announce UK Fall Tour

(Classic Rock) Nordic Giants will tour UK for a run of seven shows in November, featuring an all-new stage performance. The 7 Depths Of Consciousness dates boast seven fresh film presentations and seven remixed tracks.

The instrumental duo have released a trailer to outline the concept. They say: "What makes man different from others is that he is aware of himself - he is able to reflect upon himself and analyse how his environment influences him.

"Millions of years of evolution has passed and the exploration of consciousness seems to have been forgotten. Are you ready to expand your consciousness?"

Support comes from Alma at all shows. See the dates here.

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Peter Case Announce First New Album In Five Years 'HWY 62'

(Conqueroo) Peter Case (The Nerves and The Plimsouls) has announced that he will be releasing his first new album in five years. Entitled "HWY 62," the album is set to be released on October 30th. We were sent the following details:

The album takes its title from the highway that connects Ciudad Juarez with Niagara Falls, Ontario. Case was born a block from it, in the Buffalo area. "I always saw HWY 62 as my gateway to the country, my doorway to the west," he says.

Guests joining Peter on the trip include Ben Harper, Jebin Bruni (PIL), Cindy Wasserman and David Carpenter (Dead Rock West), D.J. Bonebrake (X), Don Heffington (Lone Justice), and others. The album was co-produced by Case and Grammy® winner Sheldon Gomberg (Rickie Lee Jones, Mark Eitzel, Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite).

Available on CD, digital, and LP (first pressing on yellow vinyl) with download card, HWY 62 joins the ranks as another stellar album from Peter Case. A trip you should definitely take.

"Everybody says I'm a troubadour, since I perform alone and bring the tales. The challenge was to make a "troubadour album" that rocks with electric energy - Ben Harper and D.J. Bonebrake were key to that," says Case. "HWY 62 connects east with west, north and south. I'm connecting three-chord rock 'n' roll, to all kinds of American music, bringing together stories I've lived and found along the way, music about now." See the tracklisting here.

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Grave Streaming New Song 'Redeemed Through Hate'

(CM) Grave have released a stream of their new song "Redeemed Through Hate", which is a track that comes from their forthcoming album "Out Of Respect For The Dead."

Out Of Respect For The Dead will be released worldwide on October 16th 2015 as Standard CD, Deluxe LP, Deluxe 2CD box set and digital download/stream.

The band once again recruited Costin Chioreanu to create the artwork for the new album. Chioreanu has been responsible for the band's last three albums as well as the 'Morbid Ascent' EP.

Chioreanu is also known from his works for bands such as At The Gates, Paradise Lost or Arch Enemy, to name a few. Stream the new song here.

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As It Is Singer Patty Walters Reacts To Trenton Woodley's Vloggers Rant

(TeamRock Radio) As It Is vocalist and YouTuber Patty Walters has voiced support for Hands Like Houses counterpart Trenton Woodley's rant about vloggers. Woodley recently described YouTubers as "exceptionally mediocre as journalists or public personalities," adding: "They do not perform. They do not further an art."

Walters - whose videos have notched up over 26 million views - tells TeamRock: "I agree with the majority of that statement. I met Trenton and I also know YouTubers very well. I respect him for saying that."

He continues: "I understand why he feels media doesn't deserve that kind of glorification, to the extent that it diminishes from the music. It did resonate with me - and I say that as someone who comes from that world."

He says of his own history: "I never considered myself as a YouTuber. Being in a band was always the end goal for me." Stream the interview clip here.

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Jean-Michel Jarre Reveals More Time Machine Details

(Prog) Jean-Michel Jarre will launch latest album Electronica Part 1: The Time Machine next month - and he says it's his "most ambitious project" to date. It features guest appearances from 15 artists across the electronic music spectrum, including the late Edgar Froese, Air, John Carpenter, Moby, M83 and 3D of Massive Attack.

Jarre has aimed to explain the history of the genre with the work. He says: "I've wanted to tell a story for a while, regarding its legacy from my experience, from when I started to nowadays.

"So I planned to compose for and collaborate with an array of artists, with people I admire for their contribution to our genre, that represented a source of inspiration for me. I had no idea how the project would evolve - but I was delighted that everybody I reached out to accepted my invitation."

Jarre worked with each collaborator personally, rather than via remote connections. Moby says: "It would be very easy for him to sit in Paris, email people and have them send things back." Read more and watch the trailer here.

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Europe Frontman Joey Tempest Leads Rock Meets Classic Tour Lineup

(Classic Rock) Joey Tempest will headline next year's Rock Meets Classic tour, organizers have revealed. The Europe frontman will perform a 'best of Europe' set backed by the Mat Sinner Band and the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague.

The 2016 tour takes in 16 cities in Germany and Switzerland, kicking off in Wurzburg on March 3. Former Kansas frontman Steve Walsh, German metal queen Doro and Thin Lizzy's Scott Gorham and Ricky Warwick are also confirmed for the tour.

Tempest says: "I'm honored to be asked to headline this amazing event together with this very accomplished orchestra and band, following in the footsteps of such legends as Ian Gillan and Alice Cooper. Let's rock big style." Read more including the dates here.

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Singled Out: Sunflower Dead's "Dance With Death"

Today Michael Del Pizzo from Sunflower Dead tell us about the song "Dance With Death" from their upcoming release "It's Time To Get Weird" which is scheduled to be released on October 30th. Here is the story behind the song:

Dance With Death, the first single from our new record and the song that starts the new record. It's very fitting in that regard because the theme of this song sums up SFD's basic mantra... There is no obstacle, not even the metaphor of death that will stand in the way of achieving our goals.

What's funny is that I actually wrote this song as a piano ballad a few years back. Then, while bouncing around in the back of the van touring our debut, I started thinking of material for the new record. I began humming the melody from the ballad and the words Dance With Death immediately came out. That seems to happen a lot, once I have the right melody, the words just seem to be there. Instantly I knew what this song would be about and it wasn't going to be a ballad anymore.

I remember sitting in the studio with the guys a few months later telling them about "Dance". After showing the guys the basic chords, we took a stab at playing it. You see, we write very old school, sitting in our rehearsal room, facing each other and hashing out the songs as a band where everyone's opinion matters. Immediately we looked at each other and just knew we had something special. Lats, our bassist, expanded on the song by adding some brilliant riffage. Actually due to Mikey Doling and Dave Fortman's great ideas, Lat's riffage ended up becoming the intro and bridge to the song.

That in itself is a funny story and great preproduction lesson. The way this record worked was we sent live demo's of our new material to Dave and Mikey for notes. Then, they flew to So Cal and we sat in our rehearsal room going over the material. Once it came time to go over "Dance", we jammed the song with its original structure. The first words out of Fortman's mouth were "Well, that song is good to go, no changes here". Not even 2 seconds later he goes... "But… what if we tried this…" haha. Boom, we did a little riifage switch on the intro and the bridge, Mikey Doling added the intro vocal hook and the song ended up 10 times better than it already was. Lesson learned… always be open to ideas, the worst that can happen is they don't work. In this case, we had a really good song that became great and our first single!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and to learn more about the band right here!

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AC/DC Fan Killed In Accident Following Concert

A 22-year-old woman died after being struck by a vehicle while crossing the Trans-Canada Highway on Saturday night as she was leaving an AC/DC concert at Magnetic Hill in Moncton, NB, Canada.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police constable Isabelle Beaulieu told CTV News that the young AC/DC fan from Riverview was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Saturday's fatality follows the death of 23-year-old University of Colorado student Jannik Andersen, who was struck by a train in Indio, California following the band's performance at the Coachella music festival in April.

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Black Sabbath Open To Bill Ward Return For Farewell Tour

(Classic Rock) Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi says drummer Bill Ward could still return for their farewell tour next year - but he's not currently included in their plans.

He's not sure if the band will make a follow-up to 19th album 13 before they split up. Ward and the band fell out ahead of the making of 13 after he said he hadn't been offered a "signable" contract. Osbourne later suggested the original drummer wasn't fit enough to perform, leading to a new ward of words between the pair.

Asked about the chances of his return, Iommi replies: "That depends on Bill. We met up again six weeks ago and we got on great, but it's down to Bill. Our plans as they stand are to tour with Ozzy, Geezer Butler, myself and Ozzy's drummer Tommy Clufetos, who did so well on the last tour."

He says of their album plans: "I've been busy writing songs ever since the 13 sessions - at that point we thought there might be another Sabbath album. But that's up in the air now, so I don't know when or where they might appear." Read more here.

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Gene Simmons Explains Details Behind Police Search Of His Home

KISS star Gene Simmons explains the details behind the recent police search of his Los Angeles area home by a task force investigating child porn. The investigation was apparently launched because someone had used the rock star's wi-fi network to engage in illegal activity while he and his family were away from the home.

Simmons detailed what happened in a new interview with Australia's News.com.au and says that he and his family are currently "helping the FBI and the cops track down the bad guy."

He tells the outlet, "We came back from hiking and there was a crack taskforce from the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Police Department, and they asked for permission to come in and search our home, and we said, 'Sure, why not.'"

"So they came in and searched all over the place, and then two or three hours later we all sat down. What happened was, we were off on tour about a year ago, and somehow our [internet connection] was used by some very bad people to do porn of a certain kind - the worst kind. So they checked the records, found out that I was on the east coast of America - they deemed that from there you couldn't do that - our kids were off in Canada, [wife] Shannon was outside the country."

Simmons expressed surprise that someone could use his wi-fi network outside of his home. "You can be right outside of somebody's home - I'm finding out - and if you have the [network] information you can actually do stuff right outside the home, like on the street."

He adds, "I'm certainly the last person to understand that stuff. But they have to be in the area, either inside the home or one of the people coming to clean - we have people coming into the house all the time; food deliveries, workmen - or they were nearby."

Read the full report for more details here.

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Rod Stewart and The Faces Reunite At Special Event

(hennemusic) The surviving members of The Faces - Rod Stewart, Ron Wood and Kenney Jones - reunited Saturday for a charity performance benefitting Prostate Cancer UK and videos from the show have gone online.

The group's seven-song set at the Hurwtood Polo Club included "I Feel So Good," "Ooh La La," "Stay With Me," "You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything" and "Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller" alongside a pair of Stewart's Faces-assisted solo tracks, "(I Know) I'm Losing You" and "I'd Rather Go Blind."

The September 5 evening was the charity's third annual concert, co-organized by Stewart and Jones, who battled prostate cancer himself in 2013.

Following the show, Stewart tweeted, "A perfect rockin' evening with my mates @RonnieWood @KenneyJones! #FacesReunion."

Wood followed suit, writing, "Had me a real good time tonight THANK YOU! xx @ProstateUK @KenneyJones @rodstewart."

Jones added, "What an amazing night last night was! The biggest thank you to everyone involved." Watch video from the show here.

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Motorhead Cancel More Shows Due To Lemmy's Health

(hennemusic) Motorhead announced that they were forced to cancel more shows late last week as frontman Lemmy Kilmister continues to deal with doctors over his health issues.

"Regrettably Motörhead have had to cancel their Dallas (Sep 4) and Houston (Sep 5) appearances," announced the group. "Saxon will still be playing in each city (please check local media for up-to-date venue information).

"Lemmy fully intends to resume touring duties as, and when, his doctors give him the all-clear. Stay tuned for further updates, and as always, thank you for your support, understanding and good wishes."

Lemmy's health in recent years has affected the band's touring schedule as he dealt with heart and diabetes issues. The first signs of health issues on the band's current North American tour in support of their newly-released album, "Bad Magic", appeared on August 27 when Lemmy shut down a show in Salt Lake City after four songs after he experienced difficulty with his breathing due to the altitude. here.

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Queensryche Release 'Guardian' Video

(hennemusic) Queensryche have released the video for "Guardian", a track from their forthcoming album, "Condition Human." Due October 2, the band's 15th album was produced by Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed, Sanctuary) and recorded in the band's native state of Washington.

"Guardian" "touches on the empowering qualities of strength in numbers, and how people can rise up to create real change," vocalist Todd La Torre tells Billboard. "Movements are evident across the globe in varying degrees, ranging from ideological perspectives and how they relate to cultures, socioeconomic differences and its effects, human rights, etc.

"It is an anthem that supports people standing up for rights and values that may be infringed upon on the micro and macro level. It's a single thread that surrounds a multifaceted topic of being human, human relationships relating to others and the world that surrounds us.

"Good, bad or indifferent, change is possible, but is only as strong as its relativity to perception, which perhaps is the very foundation and basis for the initiation of change."

"Guardian" follows the album's lead track, "Arrow Of Time", as a preview of La Torre's second album with Queensryche following their 2013 self-titled release and a split with original singer Geoff Tate.

Queensryche will hit the road with Scorpions for their fall North American dates starting September 10 in Boston, MA. Watch the new video here.

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Tom Araya May Make Un-Slayer Like Solo Album

(Classic Rock) Slayer frontman Tom Araya admits he's under pressure to make a solo album - but if he does, his fans may be taken by surprise. He expects their Repentless world tour to last two years, after which they'll consider their options.

Araya tells RockSverige: "My wife keeps telling me, 'You should do something. They're asking if you're going to do a solo album. You should - you've got some great stuff.'

"I've got ideas for lyrics. Whether they're great or not, I don't know. But I have all kinds of ideas." Araya adds: "I'm not much of a music writer, but I have things I've thought about.

"It wouldn't be what people expect. They know me as Slayer - if I were to do a solo album, I'd like to think they'd be open-minded and not expect something they think it should be. A solo album is exactly that." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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Chrissie Hynde Stands Behind Controversial Rape Comments

(Classic Rock) Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde has defended her recent rape comments. She caused controversy last month for suggesting that women could be to blame for some rapes after she revealed her own experience of being the victim of sex attacks.

She told the Sunday Times: "If I'm very modestly dressed and I'm keeping to myself, and someone attacks me, then I'd say that's his fault. But if I'm being very lairy, putting it about and being provocative, then you're enticing someone who's unhinged. Don't do that. That's just common sense."

That sparked anger, with Victim Support director Lucy Hastings criticising the comments and former Runaway Jackie Fox stating she was concerned about the remarks. But despite the controversy, Hynde stands by her views. She tells the Washington Post: "They're entitled to say whatever they want. If you don't want my opinion, don't ask me for it."

And when reminded of what she originally said, Hynde responds: "Sounds like common sense." Read more here.

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Bring Me The Horizon Frontman Oli Sykes' Wanted To Die

(TeamRock Radio) Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes has admitted he wanted to die while he was addicted to ketamine. He opened up on his drugs hell in 2015, announcing at an awards ceremony that he'd been hooked for years prior to the release of 2013 album Sempiternal.

Now Sykes tells Alternative Press: "My issues stemmed from the fact that I was trying so hard to fight against what people were saying about me. I wasn't what people were saying I was. But I wasn't a good person either. I felt so guilty about who I was."

He calls ketamine a "scummy drug," saying it disconnected his mind from his body, and adds: "It took my ego away. It took away who I was. I nearly killed myself. I just didn't care whether I lived or not. I was very close - I wanted to die."

Despite accepting that a month in rehab helped him, the Sykes says: "I didn't believe the stuff they told me." Read more here.

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All Time Low Frontman Warns Bands To Respect Their Fans

(TeamRock Radio) All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth says bands need to take time to ensure they're treating their fans with the right amount of respect. His comments come after a spate of dramas that saw several male artists being accused of behaving inappropriately towards female supporters.

Recently, Front Porch Step were removed from the Vans Warped tour over allegations of sending provocative messages. Austin Kerr left Set It Off after being accused of unacceptable behaviour, and Neck Deep's Lloyd Roberts is currently fighting to clarify similar accusations leveled against him.

Gaskarth tells TeamRock Radio: "You have to be careful. You have to realize that in doing things that sometimes feel easy and bring a rapid reward, you're hurting people - and you could be doing damage.

"It's really important to avoid that. Respect people. Start prioritizing and remember what you're here for. You're not here to f*** around with girls." Stream the interview clip here.

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Whitesnake's Joel Hoekstra Releases 'Until I Left You' Video

(Classic Rock) Whitesnake guitarist Joel Hoekstra has launched a video for his track Until I Left You. It's taken from Dying To Live, the debut release from his band Joel Hoekstra's 13, which arrives on September 14.

Until I Left You features singer Jeff Scott Soto, bassist Tony Franklin and drummer Vinny Appice. Hoekstra recently said: "A couple of years ago, I was at a crossroads professionally and personally and just wanted to make some changes in terms of what I was doing with my life to get where I feel I needed to go.

"These songs are all about eliminating the obstacles that keep us from our destiny. I think that's something everyone can relate to." Watch the Until I Left You video here.

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Dave Davies Gives Update On The Kinks Biopic

(Gibson) Pre-production has begun for the much-anticipated film about The Kinks. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, guitarist Dave Davies said he's been meeting in London with personnel involved with the project.

"We're just trying to iron out a few issues in the script," explained Davies. "It seems like everybody is really keen to move on it. They're planning on shooting in March."

Although the movie will cover the entire history of The Kinks, emphasis will be given to the period during which tracks like "You Really Got Me" ushered in a brand new guitar sound. "It focuses mainly on the early days around 1964," said Davies. "Then it progresses at light speed into fairly recently." Read more here.

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Tremonti Announce Fall Tour Of Europe

(Classic Rock) Tremonti will return to Europe in November, it's been announced. Mainman Mark Tremonti and his band will hit the road across North America next week on a co-headline trek with Trivium - and they'll kick off the first leg of their European tour in Portugal on November 25.

UK venues will be announced on September 8 (Tuesday), with the tour poster indicating these shows will take place on December 11, 12, 13, 15 and 16.

The Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist released his solo project's second album Cauterize in June. Tremonti recently revealed that Creed wrote 10 tracks during their 2011/2012 reunion, although stressed he doesn't see himself working with the band again. See the dates here.

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Joe Bonamassa Releases 'Trouble Town' Performance Video

(Classic Rock) Joe Bonamassa has released a live video of Trouble Town. It's taken from his DVD Live At Radio City Music Hall, recorded at the iconic New York venue in January.

Bonamassa recently described the experience as a dream come true, adding: "I'm honored by a lot of things in my career, but as a born New Yorker, getting the opportunity to play the world's premier concert theatre will always be something to look back on and cherish."

The pack includes over 75 minutes of music, based on his half-acoustic, half-electric set. It includes two newly-recorded songs, nine previously unreleased live tracks, over two hours of video, a 45-minute documentary and a 40-page collector's book. Watch the video here.

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Led Zeppelin and Queen Stars Jam With The Foo Fighters

(hennemusic) The Foo Fighters were joined by special guests John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and Queen drummer Roger Taylor at UK's Milton Keynes National Bowl on Saturday for a cover of Queen's 1981 hit, "Under Pressure" and video of the jam has been posted online.

"Now look, I don't know if ya'll ever seen a supergroup, this is a super-duper-group," said Dave Grohl. "I don't even know what to say, because this kind of sh*t does not happen every day. Let me just tell you that the Foo Fighters right now are living out our rock and roll fantasy with you tonight, wouldn't you say?"

The September 5 show was one of two the Foo Fighters played in Milton Keynes over the weekend with openers Iggy Pop and Royal Blood. The group will play Edinburgh on September 8 before returning to North America for more fall dates on their tour in support of "Sonic Highways." Watch video of the jam here.

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Slayer Stream New Song 'You Against You'

(Classic Rock) Slayer have released an online stream of their track You Against You. It's lifted from Repentless, out September 11, with the band previously issuing Cast The First Stone, When The Stillness Comes, and the title track from their 11th studio album.

They teamed up with Scion AV for the latest release - the same firm who created the Slayer Mobile Amp tC car last year. You Against You can also be downloaded from Scion's website, while a 7-inch vinyl pressing of the track will be made available in January.

Tom Araya and co recently revealed behind-the-scenes footage from their Repentless video shoot featuring Machete star Danny Trejo and a host of other big-name guests. Slayer return to the UK in November for a run of shows with Anthrax. Stream the new song here.

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Ugly Kid Joe Stream New Song 'Hell Ain't Hard To Find'

(Classic Rock) Ugly Kid Joe have release a lyric video for their track Hell Ain't Hard To Find. It's lifted from Uglier Than They Used Ta Be - the band's first full-length studio album since 1996's Motel California.

Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell makes a guest appearance on the album, which includes the Californian outfit's take on the Motorhead's classic track Ace Of Spades.

Ugly Kid Joe will tour the UK later this month, kicking off in Milton Keynes on September 14. The album will be released on September 18 thanks to a PledgeMusic campaign. Stream the new track here.

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David Gilmour Plays 21-Song Warm-Up Show

(Classic Rock) David Gilmour has debuted a number of tracks during a rehearsal performance that's taken place ahead of his solo tour. He delivered the 21-song set in a warm-up show in Brighton on Saturday, with the first public show to be staged on Wednesday (September 9).

It included material from solo album Rattle That Lock along with Pink Floyd classics, some of which he hadn't played live before. Gilmour has also release a behind-the-scenes video that focuses on the recording of his track Today.

It features on his solo album. Rattle That Lock is out on September 18 and now available to pre-order. He recently announced that his first-ever South American tour would take place in December. Prior to that, he'll play a run of shows across Europe, including five nights at London's Royal Albert Hall. Watch the video and see the set list here.

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Fear Factory Want To Make Film Soundtrack

(TeamRock Radio) Fear Factory say they're desperate to write a movie soundtrack. They're keen to further explore their long-standing concept of man versus machine - and report making a transition to the silver screen would be the logical next step.

Frontman Burton C. Bell says in a Q&A session: "Demanufacture in 1995 was a soundtrack to a movie that was never written - and that's the same for pretty much every record since then.

"It just take the right person, someone with money to come in and say, 'We believe in you and we want you to do this.' But so far that hasn't happened." Guitarist Dino Cazares adds: "We've seen movies that our soundtrack would fit." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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Steven Tyler Performs Aerosmith Hit With Street Musician In Moscow

(hennemusic) Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler hit the streets of Moscow to perform "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" with a street musician the day before the band performed in the city and video has been posted online.

The video footage shows Tyler watching the busker start the song before he jumps in to lend a hand on vocals. Aerosmith were in Moscow to perform at the city's Lubyanskaya Square on September 5 as part of their extended Blue Army tour.

Written by Diane Warren, "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" appeared in the 1998 film "Armageddon" and delivered the Boston band the first and only No. 1 US hit single after 28 years as a group.

Tyler continues to work on his debut solo album and will perform with country band Loving Mary at the inaugural Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival in Franklin, Tennessee later this month. Watch the video here.

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Riverside Release 'Found (The Unexpected Flaw Of Searching)' Video

(Prog) Riverside have released a video for their track Found (The Unexpected Flaw Of Searching). It's lifted from their sixth album Love, Fear And The Time Machine - out now via InsideOut.

Mainman Mariusz Duda says: "I think we've redefined our style on our new album and thanks to that, 'playing prog' doesn't have to mean what some people think it means.

"We have always been more focused on the overall atmosphere of the album, on melodies and space, rather than on technical variations and rhythmic acrobatics."

He continues: "We've also always tried to combine different genres and styles, and our new release is another perfect example of that." Watch the video here.

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Four Year Strong Release 'Stolen Credit Card' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Four Year Strong have released a video for their track Stolen Credit Card. It's from their self-titled fifth album which was launched in June this year - the US outfit's first material since 2011's In Some Way, Shape, Or Form.

TeamRock said of the record: "They've given their previous, tamer albums a colossal kick up the arse with a steel toe-capped boot, and come back with a bunch of tracks that demand to be performed in a grimy basement with fuzzy amps and arms flailing everywhere."

They're currently on tour across North America with Defeater, Expire, Speak Low If You Speak Love, Superheaven, Elder Brother and My Iron Lung. Watch the video here.

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Lonely The Brave Discuss Their Song 'Control'

(TeamRock Radio) Lonely The Brave have spoken about how their track Control came together. It features on the band's The Day's War - Victory Edition - a repackaged and extended version of their debut album which was released earlier this year.

Drummer Gavin Edgeley says: "I never anticipated when we wrote it that it would be that fast - I never thought it would be that punchy. I didn't know where we were going with it until we took it into the rehearsal room. It's quite an uplifting song now and a happy song but I remember when we were writing, it was slightly more downbeat."

Guitarist Mark Trotter reports when they were in the studio running through the track, something immediately clicked with frontman David Jakes as soon as he heard the music.

Trotter recalls: "Dave said, 'I need to go and record.' He went straight in and he just hit it there and then. He just heard it in his head and needed to get it done there and then before he lost it." Watch the video here.

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Monster Magnet Streaming 'Watch Me Fade' From Mastermind Redux

(hennemusic) Monster Magnet have issued a lyric video for the song "Watch Me Fade", which is a track from their forthcoming album, "Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)."

Due October 9, the project sees the band present a sonic overhaul their 2010 album, "Mastermind", much as they did when they completely rearranged and boosted 2013's "Last Patrol" for its reissue as "Milking The Stars: A Re-imagining Of Last Patrol."

"'Watch Me Fade' features one of my favorite musical combinations: heavy, old school organ and fuzz guitar," says frontman Dave Wyndorf. "When I hear that sound I want to sing like some mad preacher. The lyrics started out as a love song but wound up being a paranoid rant about living in the 21st century. I'm sure somebody out there can relate, and ... it's only 3 minutes and 6 seconds which has to be some kind of record for Monster Magnet. Rock on."

"Watch Me Fade" follows the album's lead track, "Mastermind '69". "With Cobras And Fire I wanted to present these songs in a much stranger and dirtier atmosphere," adds Wyndorf. "Less 'classic rock' and more... well, I'd guess I'd call it a deranged fusion of garage-psych, fuzz punk and movie soundtrack music.

"It's almost completely re-recorded (with the bulk of the guitar and bass playing by co-producer Phil Caivano) and as in Milking The Stars I've added organ, piano, sitars and more to flesh out a completely new sound for these tunes." Check out the new song here.

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Art Zoyd 45th Anniversary Part Of Rock In Opposition Lineup

(Prog) The lineup for this year's Rock In Opposition festival has been confirmed. The 2015 edition of the French event takes place in Le Garric on September 18-20, dedicated to the memory of Daevid Allen and curated by Robert Wyatt.

The event will include a 45th anniversary appearance by Art Zoyd in a 9-person lineup, which is the subject of a nearly-complete crowdfunding campaign.

Organizers Rocktime say: "RIO's international influence has been confirmed over the years, due to the intensity of a unique proposition in an unforgettable location.

"We seek to create incredibly moments of live performance and sharing, where audiences from all over the world can gather round their passion." See the lineup and watch the teaser video here.

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We Came As Romans Announce UK Tour Dates

(TeamRock Radio) We Came As Romans have confirmed that they will be launching a UK tour for December, including two headline shows and four support slots with Japan's One Ok Rock.

The six-date trip follows their North American stint on the Warped tour, and continues support for their self-titled fourth album, which was launched in July. Frontman Dave Stephens recently said of the work: "It's honest and it's very certainly leaning toward the angrier side of life.

"There are a lot of things that we aren't happy with in the world, and we miss having that spirit. So we just have to take a longer, harder look at ourselves to find it. It's still there." See the dates here.

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