Day in Rock Report for 09/22/2015

Foo Fighters 'Kicked Off' TV Broadcast Says Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl says that the Foo Fighters were "kicked off" Sunday night's television broadcast of the Emmy Awards, despite the band winning two awards this year.

Frontman Dave Grohl tells gossip site TMZ that the band was scheduled to perform during the televised prime time awards show but their performance was cut from the show. He tells the site (via ABC), "We were supposed to play on the Emmys, and we were gonna play on the Emmys, but they kicked us off." He was then asked why they were cut and responded, "I can't tell you."

The Foo Fighters camp then released the following statement to Rolling Stone explaining the reason their performance was pulled because the television network would not allow them to perform a full song.

"The band and the Academy were extremely happy and excited to have Foo Fighters play as the first ever rock band on the Emmys," they said.
Fox then refused to allow the band to play a full song from the Emmy-winning Sonic Highways. That is why the band decided not to perform."

The band took home two Emmy Awards this year for their acclaimed documentary series "Sonic Highways". The series won Outstanding Sound Editing For Nonfiction Programming (Single Or Multi-Camera) and Outstanding Sound Mixing For Nonfiction Programming (Single Or Multi-Camera) at an earlier ceremony.

Watch the video of Grohl's comments here.

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Rolling Stones' Keith Richards Admits To Retirement Ploy

(Classic Rock) Keith Richards has owned up to pretending he was going to retire in order to secure the services of everyone he wanted for his solo album. Crosseyed Heart was released last week, alongside a Netflix documentary about the Rolling Stones guitarist's life.

In a US TV interview, host Jimmy Fallon asked him about saying in the studio: "I don't know, maybe I'll just retire." Richards replied with a laugh: "Yeah, I did say that - but actually it was a ploy. If I threaten to retire, suddenly guys will come out of the woodwork."

Crosseyed Heart features longtime collaborators Steve Jordan and Waddy Wachtel plus guest spots from Bobby Keys, Norah Jones and others. Richards last week confirmed that the Stones have made "definite plans" to record an album next year. Watch the interview here.

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Metal Stars Help Cover Dio Classic With Metal Allegiance Supergroup

(Classic Rock) Supergroup Metal Allegiance have released a video for their cover of Dio classic We Rock, which appears only on the deluxe edition of Metal Allegiance's self-title album.

The song features vocals by Tim 'Ripper' Owens (Judas Priest/Iced Earth), Steve Souza (Exodus/Testament), Chuck Billy (Testament), Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy/ The Agonist), Chris Jericho and Mark Osegueda (Death Angel).

While the music is provided by Mike Portnoy, David Ellefson (Megadeth), Alex Skolnick (Testament), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Phil Demmel (Machine Head) and Gary Holt (Slayer/ Exodus).

The video also features a number of the other artists who appear on the record. Watch the video here.

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Blink-182's Mark Hoppus Teases New Music Work With Matt Skiba

(TeamRock Radio) Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus has offered a sneak peak at the band's studio progress with Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba. He's been working with Hoppus and Travis Barker since Tom DeLonge fell out with his bandmates at the beginning of this year.

In one of two Instagram posts, featuring Skiba playing a guitar, Hoppus says: "Matthew is making the rock and roll style music with a plank of wood."

In March drummer Barker said: "If we did make an album with Skiba it would be unreal. There's a vibe in the rehearsal room that we haven't had in a long time."

But earlier this month DeLonge said he was "willing and interested" in rejoining Blink, adding: "I think about that band every day." See Mark's post here.

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Bullet For My Valentine and Asking Alexandria North American Tour

Bullet For My Valentine are planning another British Invasion of North America next year. The UK band announced the details of a tour that will also feature Asking Alexandria.

The British Invasion Tour is scheduled to kick off on February 2nd in San Diego, CA at the House Of Blues and will be concluding on March 7th in Montreal, QC at the Metropolis.

Bullet For My Valentine are launching the tour in support of their new studio album, "Venom," which score the band a No. 8 debut on the Billboard 200 Chart and claimed the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums Chart. See the dates here.

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Fans Petition The Grateful Dead To Play Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

(Radio.com) The Grateful Dead have been making the most of their 50th anniversary following the highly publicized Fare Thee Well shows and the upcoming Dead & Company tour with John Mayer. Now a fan is trying to help the band celebrate their milestone on a huge stage.

A fan named Douglas Machado has started an online petition to have the iconic band play the halftime of the Super Bowl. The website states: "For 50 years, the greatest of the great in the music industry have graced the Super Bowl stage, dazzling us with their artistry just as the league's best have dazzled us with their athleticism.

"To commemorate 50 years of Super Bowl history, what better group of musical engineers to set precedence during such an occasion, who are also celebrating 50 years of historical excellence, than the remaining members of The Grateful Dead!"

While it sounds like a far-fetched plan, it would be a tremendously serendipitous event for a myriad of reasons. Both the Grateful Dead and Super Bowl are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2015. Also the big game is taking place at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., just one hour South of the band's stomping grounds of San Francisco and where they kicked off their Fare Thee Well shows in epic fashion. Read more here.

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Late AC/DC Frontman Bon Scott Subject Of New Book

(Classic Rock) A book on late AC/DC frontman Bon Scott written by three of his close friends will be released next month. Live Wire has been penned by Scott's roadie John D'Arcy, John's wife Gabby and the vocalist's 'soulmate' Mary Renshaw. It's released on October 14 via Allen & Unwin.

The publishers describe the book as a "deeply personal and revealing portrait" of Scott and add: "We learn what it was like to be his friend, live and tour with him, and be part of the close-knit world from which one of biggest bands of all time emerged."

They continue: "With Bon there was always sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, but Live Wire also demonstrates the humour, intelligence and warmth of the man. From his early days with The Valentines, living in rundown apartments in inner Melbourne, to the legendary early years of AC/DC, this is the story of Bon, told by three of the people who knew him best." Read more here.

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Cynic To Play Festival Despite Sean Reinart's Break Up Claims

(Prog) Cynic will play as planned at next month's Euroblast festival without Sean Reinart, co-founded Paul Masvidal has confirmed. Drummer Reinart this month said the band was over, saying the tensions between he and Masvidal made it impossible to continue, and that all their upcoming tour dates had been cancelled.

Masvidal responded by saying the break-up was news to him. He's now reported that Trioscapes drummer Matt Lynch will join them for the festival set in Germany on October 3, and that it's part of plans to continue as Cynic.

Masvidal says: "We worked really hard to turn things around with this European tour, but it wasn't possible despite efforts from many people. I know many of you have gone through considerable costs to attend our shows and I'm so deeply sorry for the inconvenience, expense and whatever trouble it may have caused you.

"I want you to know that we will make it up to you, somehow, someway." He adds that the band are "grateful" to have retained the Euroblast headline set. Read more here.

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Chelsea Grin Announce Lineup Change

Chelsea Grin have announced that they have officially recruited Stephen Rutishauser (Speeve) to be a permanent member of the band, replacing Jason Richardson, who left the band to focus on his solo career.

The band had the following to say, "We would like to welcome Stephen Rutishauser (Speeve) as an official member of the band. Stephen has been playing with us for over a year now and has fit perfectly in the band. Stephen has been a long time friend of the band and wrote the song Nightmares which was featured on Ashes to Ashes.

"Along with the addition of Stephen, comes the departure of Jason Richardson. Us and Jason have split amicably, with the decision being based on musical differences and how we envision our next record sounding.

"Jason has been an asset to Chelsea Grin for years now, but will be focusing on his solo material and we thank him for his time with us. Jason recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the new solo record.

"Our new record will be out next summer and we promise you it will be our most extreme release to date. We are back."

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David Gilmour Reflects On Tragic Pink Floyd Founder Syd Barrett

(hennemusic) David Gilmour recalled his friendship with late Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett in a new interview with CBS This Morning as he promotes his fourth solo album, "Rattle That Lock."

"He was an extraordinarily funny, witty, intelligent, gregarious guy," said Gilmour about Barrett. "We had hitchiked around the south of France, and stayed in campsites and busked on the seafront and been arrested for our troubles in St. Tropez. We were friends from about 14."

Gilmour ultimately replaced Barrett in Pink Floyd in early 1968 after the band watched his decline in mental health due to an excess of drugs. "It felt tragic because it felt permanent," explained the guitarist. "It felt that whatever was happening to him was a rapid deterioration of his mental faculties."

The session also saw Gilmour and wife/author/lyricist Polly Samson discuss the making of the latest release, with the guitarist speaking at length about his history with his former band.

Gilmour launched his Rattle That Lock world tour in Pula, Croatia on September 12 following a September 5 warm-up show in Brighton, UK. A sold-out 11-date European tour wraps up early next month with five shows at The Royal Albert Hall in London, with a South American run set for December. Watch the interview here.

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Killswitch Engage Frontman Pens Domestic Violence Song

(TeamRock Radio) Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach has written a song about domestic violence for the band's next album after he became involved in a neighbors' incident.

He's also voiced his support for the black dot campaign, which urges victims to draw a mark on their hand to alert those who can help without drawing the attention of their attacker.

Leach says: "The black dot lets professionals know you're a really vulnerable domestic violence survivor and that you need help, but can't ask because your abuser is watching your every move. Help pass this information around - if it gains enough attention it could truly help someone in need."

He adds: "This issue means a great deal to me as I know survivors and victims. In fact, I have written a song for the new record that's about this precise topic."

The frontman recalls having to "carefully intervene" in a situation with a woman who lived next door to him, after he heard her "scream and cry as she was hit repeatedly." Read more here.

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Wishbone Ash Announce Limited Edition Release

(Classic Rock) Wishbone Ash have launched a straight-to-vinyl live album, recorded as it was played, with just 750 copies available and Andy Powell and co have confirmed a UK tour for October and November.

The vinyl record, Live At Metropolis, was recorded at the London venue in May. The band explain: "As soon as the cutting needle hit the acetate, we started performing side A -and didn't stop until the needle was lifted. The process meant that even the gaps between songs were live."

Powell - who won a legal battle with Martin Turner over the band's name last year - says of the tour, "We're looking forward to reconnecting with fans from the past who are just catching on that we've been touring non-stop for 46 years. And for our faithful fans who've walked with us consistently, we have some special things in store." See the tour dates here.

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Sabaton Singer Walking 342 Miles After Losing Drunken Bet

(TeamRock Radio) Sabaton singer Joakim Broden is walking 342 miles (552km) to the band's next show after losing a drunken bet. The frontman was in his hometown of Falun, Sweden when he laid a wager with bandmates at a party, agreeing that the loser would have to reach Norway's Trondheim Metal Fest on foot.

Now he's on his way, walking between four and eight hours a day. Broden tells TRD: "I won't go into details on exactly what happened - but I can say that it was fun and a bit silly. It started almost as a joke, but it evolved to be quite serious."

But he's been getting some help along the way, he reveals: "I've made contact with some fans via Facebook, who have served up food and given me shelter.

"I'll be visiting some buddies in Oslo, then I'll be driven back to Vormsund later so I can continue the journey." Brodan's on track to make it to Trondheim in time for their October 1 performance. Read more and watch the video here.

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Sharks' Chris Spedding Playing One-Off Andy Fraser Tribute Show

(The Blues Chris Spedding will play a one-off show in London next month, in tribute to late bandmate Andy Fraser. Guitarist Spedding formed Sharks with the Free bassist in 1972 but they split two years later. The pair played a number of shows together in 2013, before Fraser's death in March this year.

Spedding, who played his first London show in 10 years in January, has announced that he will perform at Nell's Jazz And Blues, West Kensington, on October 16.

He'll be joined by former Sharks singer Steve 'Snips' Parsons and later keyboardist Nick Judd, and they'll play a selection of the band's tracks together. Read more here.

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Radiohead Frontman Tom Yorke's Broadway Music Previewed

(Prog) A short clip of Tom Yorke's Broadway music has been revealed in a promo video for the play Old Times. The Radiohead frontman wrote the score for the Roundabout Theatre Company's production, based on Harold Pinter's script and starring Clive Owen.

It's described as an "unsettling drama of desire and blurred realities" and a "haunting and passionate" work. It's currently in preview and officially opens in October for a 10-week run.

Yorke and Radiohead continue work on their ninth album, with no completion or release date announced. Check out the Old Times TV spot featuring Yorke's music here.

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Dialects Stream New Song 'It's Not A Ghost.... It's Gravity'

(Prog) Dialects have premiered their track It's Not A Ghost… It's Gravity with Prog. It follows the launch of debut EP Let The Kids Light These Lanterns and comes ahead of a UK tour with Waking Aida.

The track is released as a single on October 23. Dialects say: "It's Not A Ghost… It's Gravity follows on from where our EP story ended. Our two characters return to their utopian home, and during the journey they see what the future holds for them by means of a clairvoyant message.

"Musically it's a massive step forward for us. It's the next logical step to release this song, and show how our sound is developing." Stream the new song here.

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Parkway Drive Frontman Believes New Album Will Be 'Divisive'

(TeamRock Radio) Parkway Drive frontman Winston McCall says the band's 5th album, Ire, will be "divisive" among fans. And he's admitted the band weren't certain they were going in the right direction with their modified approach to the follow-up to 2012's Atlas.

The vocalist is keen to gauge reaction to Ire, which is launched on September 25 (Friday). "I'm interested to see what people love about the band and what they believe the band stands for," he says.

"It's always been our approach that we create what we want to create. If people like it, that's fantastic. If they don't, they don't." He adds: "We definitely have anticipated that this album is going to be really divisive with people, simply because it's different." Read more here.

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Crossfaith Releasing Comic Book Based On Xeno Album Concept

(TeamRock Radio) Crossfaith have announced they'll release a comic book based on the story of their latest album, Xeno. The band's fourth album was released last week - and the Japanese outfit have revealed the first page from the publication.

Singer Koie Kenta says: "One night, keyboardist Tamano Terufumi and guitarist Takemura Kazuki were working together at a motel and they showed me the title track Xeno. It blew my mind, so I started writing a story to match the fact there were so many different types of songs on the album.

"I created two characters - one guy who wants to destroy the world, and a female cyberbrain both called Xeno. He can't stand to live in this world because he thinks humans have ruined it, and she wants to learn what it is to be human. She dives into his mind, and the story starts from there." Check out the preview of the comic book here.

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Foo Fighters Rock Rush's 'Tom Sawyer' With Yes Frontman

(hennemusic) The Foo Fighters were joined by Yes singer Jon Davison for a cover of the Rush classic, "Tom Sawyer", during their concert in Anaheim, CA on September 19th and video of the jam has been posted online.

The Anaheim show is part of the Foo Fighters current North American tour in support of "Sonic Highways." drummer Taylor Hawkins offered the following introduction, "He's one of my best friends of all time. I've known him since second grade."

The Yes frontman then explained that he and Hawkins shared a love of Rush. "I have to say that Taylor and I were the biggest Rush nerds in high school. Mullets and everything."

"We tried to learn a Yes song but we didn't have enough time," Hawkins explained, with Dave Grohl adding, "They're too f***ing hard!" Check out video of the jam here.

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Steven Tyler Jams Aerosmith Classic With The Cadillac Three

(Radio.com) The Cadillac Three temporarily expanded into the Cadillac Four, when Steven Tyler joined the country band on stage for a rendition of "Sweet Emotion" on Saturday (Sept. 19).

During a show at the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, Cadillac Three frontman Jaren Johnston took to the stage to deliver a surprise to the hometown crowd.

"I figured since we were in Nashville, Tennessee, our hometown-born and raised-I been hanging out with guy he's been in town a little bit. He's the reason we are in a band, the reason we started playing music from the beginning. I wanna introduce you to my friend Steven Tyler."

To the howls from the crown, the Aerosmith icon took to the stage, eager to get to business. "Let's cut right to the chase," he said. "You wanna hear some more. You f-ing sure? How about from the Cadillac Four."

He held up a Cadillac Three t-Shirt with the "three" crossed out and replaced with a bold number "4" before diving into "Sweet Emotion." Watch it here.

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The Lebrewski Cruise Initial Lineup Revealed

(MSO) The initial lineup for The Lebrewski Cruise has been announced. The four-night cruise is scheduled to take place aboard the Norwegian Pearl and will set sail from Miami and March 1, 2016.

The String Cheese Incident's Kyle Hollingsworth will act as the host for the festivities as well as a performer. The cruise is set to visit ports in Nassau/Paradise Island and Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas and will include "daily craft beer tastings; celebrity brewers participating in Q&A's, meet & greets and); live performances from over 20 renowned bands," according to the announcement.

The initial lineup includes Kyle Hollingsworth Band; Michael Kang of The String Cheese Incident; Jason Hann, also of The String Cheese Incident and his band, Rhythmatronix; Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers; The Samples; Jared & The Mill; Eufórquestra; Young Dubliners; Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown; Hollis Brown; Alpha Rev; Andy Frasco and Raelyn Nelson.

The cruise will also feature several Southern Rock artists including Molly Hatchet; The Fabulous Thunderbirds; Blackfoot featuring Rickey Medlocke of Lynyrd Skynyrd; Doc Holliday; Stolen Rhodes; Sour Diesel Trainwreck and Thomas Wynn & the Believers.

Check out Kyle Hollingsworth's announcement video here.

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Joe Satriani Announces North American Surfing To Shockwave Tour

(hennemusic) Joe Satriani has announced dates for the first North American leg of his 2016 Surfing To Shockwave tour. The 45-date run will see the guitarist perform an evening of music spotlighting his 30-year career while marking the anniversary of his 1986 debut, "Not Of This Earth", and promoting his latest effort, "Shockwave Supernova."

The tour opens February 25 at Seattle's Paramount Theatre with tickets going on sale starting September 25. "Shockwave Supernova" was recorded late last year at Skywalker Sound in Lucas Valley, CA; the guitarist co-produced the project with John Cuniberti.

Last week, Satriani launched a European tour in support of his 15th album, which delivered the legendary axeman his highest US chart debut at No. 19 on the Billboard 200. The feat ranks as the highest charting all-instrumental rock album on Billboard's chart in the SoundScan era. See the dates and the announcement video here.

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Symphony X Announce European Tour

(Prog) Symphony X have announced a 28-date European tour. The run of headline shows kicks off in the UK on February 12 next year, and will wrap up in the Netherlands on March 20.

The gigs have been organised in support of their ninth album Underworld, released in July via Nuclear Blast. Guitarist Michael Romero says: "We are excited about getting back out on the road and look forward to playing the new material for our fans and friends in Europe."

Earlier this year, Romero spoke to Prog about the follow-up to 2011's Iconoclast. He said: "It's pretty diverse. It's a good balance of everything we've done, but also a little bit different because we're trying to fine-tune the songwriting and really pay attention to the melodies and the arrangements and flow." See the tour dates here.

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Thunder, Terrorvision and King King Announce Winter Tour

(Classic Rock) Thunder have confirmed a five-date UK tour with support from Terrorvision and King King. The arena shows in February will follow the launch of a three-disc pack entitled All You Can Eat, based on this year's top-10 album Wonder Days.

It includes a live album, studio session and a documentary about the making of their 10th studio title. Frontman Danny Bowes says: "The shows in March were incredible and the new songs went down just as well as the Thunder favourites. We can't wait to do it all over again."

Terrorvision bassist Leigh Marklew adds: "We were discussing the idea of getting back in the ring in 2016 - when the call came from Thunder the timing was perfect. We agreed it would be a great way to come back." Read more including the dates here.

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Solace In Nightmares Release 'SinPhony' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Solace In Nightmares have issued a video for their track SinPhony. It features guest vocals from Orestea's Lisa Avon and is the opening song on their debut EP entitled Secrets.

Guitarist Matt Seaborne had the following to say: "Over the past few months we have been working so hard on writing, demoing and perfecting every song for this EP.

"I can't wait to share this with you all and for everyone to be a part of the experience. For everyone who has stuck by us, I have put everything into writing this EP so I can give something back to you all."

Secrets is released on October 31 to mark the band's first anniversary together. Watch the video here.

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Iamthemorning Funding New Studio Album With Live Release

(Prog) Iamthemorning will release a live album via Kickstarter to help them fund the recording of their third studio record - and escape from what they call a "terrible debt hole."

Russian duo Marjana Semkina and Gleb Kolyadin launched Belighted via Kscope last year - but say they're out of pocket after miscalculating the associated costs.

They hope sales of live title From The House Of Arts can help fill the shortfall, along with aiding their next project. Iamthemorning say: "Belighted left us in a terrible debt hole, despite the crowdfunding campaign.

"The main reason was that we had no experience running campaigns, and we couldn't make proper calculations of what we actually needed." Read more here.

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Bring Me The Horizon Bring The Humor To Reddit AMA Session

(TeamRock Radio) Bring Me The Horizon approached a Reddit AMA season last week with more than a touch of humor and dished out a string of tongue-in-cheek replies.

The British rockers were on hand for the latest in Reddit's Ask Me Anything series and they were clearly in the mood for fun. Asked to explain the meaning behind their song Follow You, they band say: "It's about Twitter. Next album we're gonna have a song called Un-follow You. It's a two-part opus."

Many of the fans taking part in the AMA seemed unimpressed with BMTH's light-hearted tone, accusing them of failing to take it seriously. Read about some of the more NSFW replies here.

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Bluesfest Announces 30 Free Shows

(The Blues Organizers of this year's Prudential Bluesfest have added 30 free shows to the paid-for events at London's O2 on November 7-8. Evening headline acts the Dave Matthews Band, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Jo Harman, Tom Jones, Van Morrison and Matt Schofield were announced previously.

Now a stack of named acts including the Boom Band, the Bluejays, Bernie Marsden and Big Boy Bloater have been confirmed for daytime events in the venue's main foyer, the Brooklyn Bowl and an acoustic stage.

Bluesfest director Leo Green says: "It's thanks to our new partnership with Prudential that we've not only been able to come up with such a broad, far-reaching daytime program for this year's event, but that for the first time we're also in a position to offer up tickets to all of these shows for nothing. Read more and see the lineups here.

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Singled Out: Maxime Solemn's Fight The Light (Metalcore With Violin)

Belgian musician Maxime Solemn has created a new genre called Violincore that mixes metalcore with the violin. Intrigued, we asked Maxime to tell us about genre's inspiration and the new song and video "Fight The Light". Here is the story:

The very reason I started playing music, was someone telling me that I couldn't. He said I didn't have the talent for it. This made me so stubbornly frustrated that I picked up an instrument just to prove him wrong. After 3 weeks of playing, I completely fell in love with music and have been passionate ever since.

Because of that encounter, my goal right now, is to prove that talent does not exist. When I started, I was a total mess. I was practically tone-deaf and couldn't hold a rhythm to save my life, yet through practice I learned all these things.

That's where my new song, Fight The Light, comes in. Fight The Light is about people fighting the light that lies within others. The burning passion, if you will.

It's about people who try to talk down on creative minds, in order to make them insecure and eventually see them fail. (I'm not saying that person at the time was like that though. He was an amazing guitarist).

I want to see a world where everyone with a creative vision, tries to make that vision a reality, without believing other people's negative judgments and giving up because of that.

I want to see a world where people stop believing in talent, start believing in their potential and just work.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and judge for yourself and have your mind and preconceptions blown as you check out the video right here!

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