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AC/DC's Angus Young Jams With Guns N' Roses

(hennemusic) Just hours after AC/DC announced that Axl Rose would step in to front the band for the remainder of their 2016 tour, guitarist Angus Young made a rare guest appearance with Guns N' Roses during their headlining set at Coachella on April 16.

"Since I can't run around for you," Rose told the crowd from his throne on loan from Dave Grohl, "we're gonna bring out a friend, put a little life into things for us."

With Young, the band ripped through a pair of vintage AC/DC tracks, including "Whole Lotta Rosie" from 1977's "Let There Be Rock" and "Riff Raff" from 1978's "Powerage."

AC/DC postponed the final 10 shows on their US tour last month following news that Brian Johnson had been advised by doctors to stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss. Check out video of the Coachella jam here.

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Paul Stanley Recovering From Surgery, KISS Play Without Him

Paul Stanley revealed that he is recovering from a surgery to reattach a torn bicep tendon, and this forced KISS to perform at benefit concert without him on Friday night (April 15th).

Stanley told fans about his injury via the following Facebook posts. He first wrote, "Surgery reattached it with a screw and stitches to anchor in place. Not much I can do now!"

A few hours later he gave fans an update: "Thanks to my AMAZING doctor I WILL be great & ready to rock WAAAAYYYY before the tour! CAN'T WAIT! #‎FreedomToRock‬"

As he mention, the band announce last week that they will be embarking on the Freedom to Rock tour of North America this summer. The trek will be kicking off on July 7 in Boise, Idaho at the Taco Bell Arena.

While the KISS frontman expects to be able to rock this summer, the band were forced to play as a trio at the Race to Erase MS benefit concert at the Beverly Hills Hilton on Friday night.

The band played four songs for their headline set, according to the Washington Post, via Ultimate Classic Rock, who are streaming embedded video of performances of "Cold Gin" and "Rock and Roll All Nite" here.

The event marked the second time that the legendary band has performed without Stanley. Back in 2007, the frontman was rushed to the hospital with a heart problem as the band prepared to take the stage at the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, Ca.

He wrote at the time, "During sound check yesterday my heart spontaneously jumped to 190 plus beats per minute where it stayed for over an hour necessitating paramedics to start an IV and give me a shot to momentarily stop my heart and get it into a normal pattern."

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Rolling Stones, Dylan, McCartney, The Who Lead Proposed Music Fest

(Classic Rock) Organizers of the Coachella festival say they'll soon close a deal on a three-day US concert starring the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, The Who and Roger Waters.

It's expected to take place at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, California - the Coachella site - on the weekend of October 7-9. The first night is likely to feature Dylan and the Stones, with Young and McCartney the following night, then The Who and Waters on the final night.

The artists will deliver a full performance production on a single stage, rather than the usual cut-down set that's usually prepared for festivals. It's been suggested that each act will be paid $7m.

Young's manager Elliot Roberts tells the LA Times: "It's so special in many ways. You won't get a chance to see a bill like this ever again. It's a show I look forward to more than any show in a long time." Read more here.

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Latest News

Metallica Streaming Full Record Store Concert Online

(hennemusic) 2016 Record Store Day Ambassadors Metallica performed live at Berkeley, CA's legendary record store Rasputin Music on Saturday, April 16 in celebration of the ninth annual event.

The band delivered a live stream to fans of their 9-song, 55-minute set that featured tracks from the band's first two albums - the 1983 debut "Kill 'Em All" and 1984's "Ride The Lightning."

Remastered and expanded versions of both records were released on April 15 as part of a massive catalog reissue campaign. In addition to the live in-store performance in Berkeley, Metallica marked Record Store Day with a new live release, "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, Metallica! - Live at Le Bataclan. Paris, France - June 11th, 2003", a CD featuring a live recording from the club. Stream the show here.

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Lemmy, Alice Cooper And Slash Documentary Coming To DVD

(Classic Rock) A documentary starring Lemmy, Alice Cooper and Slash will be released on DVD on June 10. Louder Than Love - The Grande Ballroom Story, directed by Tony D'Annunzio in 2012, has been screened at more than 35 film festivals around the world and will be issued on DVD later this year.

The film won Best Documentary at Las Vegas International Film Festival in 2012 and D'Annunzio was also nominated for Best New Film Director at the LA New Directors Film Festival.

Detroit native D'Annunzio says: "The Grande Ballroom era is potentially the greatest untold story in rock and roll history. With everything Detroit has been through in the last several decades, I wanted to let folks know that aside from the automobile industry, the city has some amazing musical history which helped shape American pop culture." Read more here.

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Sixx: A.M. Streaming New Song 'Prayers For The Damned'

(hennemusic) Motley Crue offshoot Sixx: A.M. are streaming the title track to their forthcoming album, "Prayers For The Damned." The album is set to be released on April 29th.

The record is the first volume of a double album project that will keep vocalist James Michael, bassist Nikki Sixx and guitarist DJ Ashba on the road throughout the year and into 2017.

"Between this album and Vol. 2 (coming out later this year)," says Michael, "we'll leave no stone unturned in our quest to create important music and push the boundaries of rock."

"Prayers For The Damned" is the third track previewed ahead of the album's release following the lead single, "Rise", and "You Have Come To The Right Place."

The trio will launch their world tour in Jacksonville, FL on April 30. Stream the new song here.

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David Bowie Short Film Premieres At Film Festival

(Classic Rock) A short film that explores David Bowie's 1983 music video for his track "Let's Dance" premiered in New York City at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.

Let's Dance: Bowie Down Under goes behind the scenes of the promo, which was filmed in the town of Carinda, Australia. The shoot mixed scenes of dance with footage showing the plight of the Aboriginal people and was directed by David Mallet.

Mallet tells Rolling Stone: "It was very much David's idea and concept. It was his idea to shoot in Australia, which in those days was a bold thing to do for a music video. I don't think any of us had any idea how important it was to do and what the reaction would be."

Bowie says in the documentary: "It's a lot more straightforward than anything I've done in a long time. It's not so concerned with juxtaposing surreal images together. It's a very direct statement about integration of one culture with another." Read more here.

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New Ministry Album A Possibility Says Al Jourgensen

(Classic Rock) Al Jourgensen hints that Ministry could make another album "if the circumstances are right." The industrial metal veteran released the self-titled album from his project Surgical Meth Machine last Friday (April 15) but he says he'd put out new Lard, Ministry and Revolting Cocks material if he can get people on board.

He tells Loudwire: "Right now, I'm thinking about doing another Revolting Cocks record, another Lard record and possibly, maybe if the circumstances are right, another Ministry record. I would love to play live with Surgical Meth Machine or Revolting Cocks.

"It's just circumstances, scheduling and other people's schedules. I don't just go up there by myself. I have other people, since it's not a functioning band that does tours all the time, I have to make sure other people's schedules fit in." Read more here.

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Ace Frehley Open To Reuniting With KISS

(New Rock Times) Ace Frehley admits no talks have taken place regarding a possible reunion with Kiss but the original guitarist insists he will never 'close the door' and he reckons it would be 'magical' if it was handled right.

In a live interview with BackStory on March 23 at AOL studios in New York City, Frehley says: "I don't know. I mean, I always leave the door open. I'm the kind of guy that says, 'Never say never.' I know those guys are always saying I don't deserve to wear the makeup, and 'We'll never work with Ace again.'

"But, you know, they said that before the reunion tour in '96. So who knows? It hasn't been discussed, if that's what you wanna know. It hasn't been discussed. And who knows what the future will bring? If it did happen at some point, I think'd be magical if it was handled right."
Other topics discussed by Frehley was Kiss's infamous merchandising which has seen the band's image and name attached to and endorsing a huge range of products.

"What happened was, once we… Well, I shouldn't say we'… Gene Simmons got out of control with the merchandising," he continues. "You know, the lunch boxes… whatever. Kids started coming to the concerts… We started out almost like an underground band, and then, obviously, our following grew. But we started appealing to younger kids, because of all the toys and whatever the case… We did that silly movie, 'Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park'."

He adds: "And Paul Stanley and Gene get upset about that; I just think it's a riot. I had so much fun doing that." Read more here.

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Jani Lane Featured On Forthcoming Enuff Z'nuff Album

Chip Z'Nuff says that the forthcoming Enuff Z'nuff album features some of the last recordings of Warrant frontman Jani Lane, who died in 2011 of acute alcohol poisoning at the age of 47.

Z'Nuff, the sole remaining original member of the group, inked an album deal with Frontiers Music Srl., according to Classic Rock and had the following to say, "We are very excited with this new deal with Frontiers thanks to an old friend who discovered us - Derek Shulman.

"The new record is pure rock and features a couple of rockstar friends - most notably Styx's James 'JY' Young and the late, great, Jani Lane singing on one of his last recording sessions."

Going by some of the song titles revealed by Z'nuff the album may be similar to their "1985" and "Peachfuzz" records, which were collections of older recordings.

Some of the song titles mentioned by Z'nuff match with early Enuff Z'nuff demos including "Good Luv," "Radio," and "Nothing". The song "The Devil Of Shakespeare" appears to be a track originally released as a companion to Billy McCarthy's book of the same name.

The track was co-written by Z'nuff and McCarthy (a.k.a. Billy Dior of D'Molls fame) and featured guest appearances from Jani Lane, James "JY" Young of Styx and Ron Flynt of 20/20. The book and the song were released in 2004.

Enuff Z'nuff reportedly performed in New York City on Friday night (April 15th) with Chip fronting the band instead of longtime lead guitarist and singer Johnny Monaco. There was no word from either the band or Monaco at press time about the lineup change.

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Stuck Mojo Streaming New Song 'Charles Bronson'

(TeamRock Radio) Stuck Mojo have released a lyric video for their song Charles Bronson. The track is taken from the band's forthcoming album Here Come The Infidels, due out on June 24.

Stuck Mojo's classic lineup reunion failed less than a year after playing a comeback show in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Guitarist Rich Ward said: "The reunion was great. But it was one of those things.

"If anybody hears, 'Stuck Mojo put out a new record, but it's not with the guys I wanted, so it can't be any good,' well, they'll get a surprise when they hear it. This album is not fooling around." Check out the new song here.

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Crowbar Return To Their Roots On New Album

(Classic Rock) Crowbar's eleventh album is a return to their roots, says mainman Kirk Windstein. The band have completed recording music for the follow-up to 2014's Symmetry In Black, with vocals to be laid down later this month.

Windstein tells Monkeygoose: "It's ten tracks, 47 minutes, and it'll probably be a little shorter with fadeouts or whatever. It's more meat and potatoes - on the last few records we brought a lot of new elements into the band, without deviating too far from what Crowbar is about.

"But I went back and started listening to early Crowbar, and it's more of that attitude, but more mature." He adds: "It's every bit as angry, every bit as heavy, every bit as depressed. But doing it this many years later, I really like what we've got going on." Watch the full interview here.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan Release Video From ArcTanGent festival

(TeamRock Radio) The Dillinger Escape Plan have released a live performance video of their track Prancer, which was shot during their appearance at last year's ArcTanGent festival.

The band are currently working on their sixth album. Frontman Greg Puciato recently reported the music was "weirder" than anything they'd previously done, adding: "It's a lot less accessible, which may be a shock to people.

"I don't know if I would use the word 'aggressive' - it's just really a change. I honestly don't really know how to describe it." The Dillinger Escape Plan appear at the Reading and Leeds festivals in August. Watch the live video clip here.

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Scorpion Child Streaming New Song 'My Woman In Black'

(Classic Rock) Scorpion Child have released a lyric video for their track My Woman In Black. The song comes from their second album Acid Roulette, to be launched on June 10 via Nuclear Blast.

Frontman Aryn Jonathan Black had the following to say about the song: "My Woman In Black is a key song on the record that describes that first time you laid eyes on the love of your life - the impact, euphoria and almost deja-vu-like experience it is."

The album tells the story of a man forced into confessing to a murder he didn't commit as a result of his love for a woman. Scorpion Child previously released opening track She Sings, I Kill. Stream the song here.

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Blaak Heat Streaming New Song 'Mola Mamad Djan'

(Prog) Blaak Heat are streaming their track "Mola Mamad Djan", which comes from their upcoming third album, Shifting Mirrors and is the band's reinterpretation of a traditional Afghan folk song,

Guitarist and singer Thomas Bellier had this to say about the new song: "We took our favorite Middle Eastern sounds, and reinterpreted them through the prism of our cultural baggage - weird European psychedelia, a healthy dose of vintage hard rock, experimental jazz.

"With Matt, we were able to mix loud fuzz guitar tones along with traditional acoustic instruments, such as the oud and the kanun." The album was produced by Grammy Award-winner Matt Hyde, who has previously worked with Deftones and Slayer. It scheduled to be released on May 13.
Check out the song

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AC/DC Tribute Band Singer Reportedly Auditioned For The Band

(New Rock Times) New reports have emerged which suggest that newly confirmed AC/DC singer Axl Rose wasn't the only frontman considered or even tested out to take over from Brian Johnson.

Darren Caperna, the singer for American AC/DC tribute band Back In Black earned an audition and tried out with the band in Atlanta. Online reports state AC/DC tracked Caperna down via telephone with the singer subsequently flown to Atlanta for a private rehearsal.
Accompanying Caperna on the trip was founding Back In Black member and guitarist Mike Mroz. "After the soundcheck, Darren and I were talking to the guitar techs, and all of a sudden I look over my shoulder and Angus Young was standing behind me waiting to say hi!" said Mroz.

Caperna ran through some 21 songs with the band in an exhaustive rehearsal set including the entire 'Rock Or Bust' album."Before we started 'Riff Raff', Angus came up to me, and said, 'I'm warning you in advance that we are still a little rusty on this song!' Did I just hear Angus apologizing to me?," exclaimed Caperna.

"It was all so surreal. We had a couple of breaks, and Angus told me some great Bon Scott stories. They were all so friendly, and treated us as their peers. I still can't believe that I sang with AC/DC," grinned Caperna following his four-hour stint with his heroes. Read more here.

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Rory Gallagher Offshoot Band Of Friends Announce Tour

(The Blues) Rory Gallagher offshoot Band Of Friends, featuring the late Irish icon's former bandmates Gerry McAvoy and Ted McKenna, have announced that they will be launching a tour of the UK in May.

The group is continuing to support the launch of their live album "Live'n'Kickin," while continuing work on their second studio album of original material.

The award-winning trio, featuring frontman Marcel Scherpenzeel, will complete their British Isles appearances by performing at the annual Rory Gallagher International Tribute Festival in Ballyshannon, Donegal, before continuing across Europe. See the tour dates here.

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Angra Release 'Silent Call' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Angra have released a video for their track Silent Call. The song comes from their Secret Garden album, which was launched worldwide in 2015 and featured Megadeth guitarist Kiko Loureiro.

The band said of the record: "Secret Garden brings together everything that has established Angra as one of biggest bands in its style: contemporary sound combined with inspired compositions.

"It shows the maturity of a band that, after 23 years on the road, continues with the same motivation and passion for music that drove the glorious beginning of the group." Watch the video here.

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Neal Schon Talks Double Duty With Journey and Santana

(Classic Rock) Neal Schon says he's ready to take part in a full-length tour with Journey and Santana if the opportunity arises. They've scheduled two shows together - but more could be booked in the future.

He remains leader of his own band, while having reunited with Carlos Santana and his original lineup for Santana IV, which was released last week. He also released solo album Vortex last year.

Schon tells Radio.com: "I got my first taste of trying to do two sets when Journey toured Canada. My solo album had just come out. My manager asked if I would be the opening act, and I said, 'For Journey?' That's a completely different audience, and I didn't know if I wanted to do that. I said, 'Well, it's a good opportunity.'"

In the end he accepted the role, and performed a 40-minute solo set before returning to the stage with Journey each night. "I was dripping wet with sweat after that, more than I ever had after a Journey set, because it was very demanding music," he says of the opening performances." Read more here.

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Metal Supergroup Invidia Streaming New Song 'Making My Amends'

(TeamRock Radio) Invidia, the supergroup featuring Travis Johnson of In This Moment alongside ex Five Finger Death Punch bassist Matt Snell and Skinlab's Brian Jackson, have released a lyric video for their track Making My Amends.

They revealed their existence in February, and confirmed they were working on their debut album with producer Logan Mader. Johnson says of the track: "I was an addict for a very long time. I hit a point where I had to take responsibility for that person, and make the changes that needed to be made to not be that person any more.

"In that process, you have to make your amends to the people that you hurt to truly move on with a clear head and a clear conscience. And that's basically what this is."

He adds: "To anybody that's sick out there, I can tell you that you can do it. You find that inner strength and you f***ing fight forward, and the payoff is undeniable - it's amazing. Getting to the other side, feeling free, it's like breaking out of prison." Stream the song here.

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Between The Buried And Me Announce Tour, Release Live Video

(Prog) Between The Buried And Me have announced a European tour for this summer. To mark the announcement, the North Carolina outfit also released a live video of their track The Ectopic Stroll. It was filmed at the Roxy Theater, Los Angeles.

They'll kick off the 12-date run of shows at Barcelona's Be Prog! My Friend Festival, and then take to the road with Protest The Hero. And bassist Dan Briggs is excited about sharing the stage with French prog icons Magma at the Spanish event.

He says: "It's pretty surreal that our summer trip will not only begin in Barcelona, but also playing alongside legendary prog artists including Magma.

"Looking forward to visiting some cities we've never been to before and watching baseball at odd hours while everyone else is recovering from their soccer matches." Watch the video and see the tour dates here.

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King King Release Live 'Rush Hour' Video

(The Blues) King King have released a live video for their track Rush Hour exclusively with The Blues Magazine. The song originally appeared on the band's latest album Reaching For The Light, which launched last year via Manhaton Records.

Mainman Alan Nimmo said: "We're really proud of the album. It's faster, louder, more energetic and more exciting. It's got the potential to blow the roof off."

King King will head out on the road next month with Dan Patlansky and recently recorded and filmed their set at the Holmfirth Picturedrome, in Yorkshire, UK. The package will arrive on CD and DVD in September. Watch the video here.

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Knifeworld Found New Album Approach Liberating

(Prog) Knifeworld mainman Kavus Torabi says he felt "liberated" while recording their latest album. Bottled Out Of Eden is out on April 22 via InsideOut - and the vocalist and guitarist says he learned to stop being a "control freak" in the writing process and give the rest of the band a say in the studio.

Torabi tells Fifteen Questions: "For Bottled Out Of Eden, I almost went back to a pre-computer way of working. I knew how I wanted the songs to sound but we worked together on the arrangements. Everyone in the band has a very idiosyncratic style. For The Unravelling we'd just expanded to an octet and four of the guys were relatively new to the band.

"Some of the tunes were a few years old and I feel I was probably trying to shoehorn their styles into playing the pieces as I had imagined them. This time, I had written specifically for this band and these players, and owing to the fact that all the songs were brand new, I had far less pre-conceived ideas as to how I wanted them to sound."

He continues: "It was really liberating - for a control freak like myself - to cede a little because I trust the other guys so implicitly." here.

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Nails Release 'You Will Never Be One Of Us' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Nails premiered their new video for the song "You Will Never Be One Of Us" with Metal Hammer. It's the title track from their upcoming album, which will be released on June 17 via Nuclear Blast.

Vocalist and guitarist Todd Jones says: "This is to date, our favourite song. It's a song which represents almost every side of Nails. You Will Never Be One Of Us is about about the pain and the pride that goes into being involved in hardcore/punk/metal unconditionally - being a lifer.

"It's a knife to the throat of the people who come and litter their bullsh*t and impose on everyone for their own selfish agenda. It's for everyone who dedicates themselves to their craft, their music, their passion - whatever the f*** it is - and seeing someone come along and attach themselves to what you do and love and abuse it, with no regard or respect for it.

"This video shows what we are, doing what we do in this band. No pretense, no overblown image, no bullsh*t, no gimmicks, no artificial/cheap attention grab. This song is not for Nails, but for all of us." Watch the video here.

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We The Kings Release 'The Story Of Tonight' Video

(TeamRock Radio) We The Kings have released a video for this track The Story Of Tonight. The song originally featured in the Broadway musical Hamilton, with frontman Travis Clark saying the band decided to record their take on the track after listening to it after failing to land tickets for the New York stage production.

He continues: "We tried to get into the show but couldn't. We went back to the hotel and said, 'let's check out what the music's all about. We heard this song and were like, 'This kinda sounds like it would be a fun We The Kings type song.'

The band released their fifth studio album Strange Love in 2015 and start a US tour in June. Watch the video here.

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Singled Out: H2NY's Love Behind You

London rockers H2NY just released their debut album "Tremor" and to celebrate we asked vocalist Sam Burkey to tell us about their first single from the album "Love Behind You". Here is the story:

People often ask us, "What comes first: the melody or the lyrics?" But what tends to come first is "a thought". Sounds a bit pretentious I know but it's usually an emotion, a feeling, a mood that we want to convey through music.

So I had this idea of someone dealing with the fallout from his partner's past relationships. The line that pulled it all together for me was "It's the perfect crime, I'm doing someone else's time". That seemed to embody what I was trying to say.

So I had that line and I had a melody and chords and usually I just mumble along to see if any words stick. (Listening back through the very first drafts of songs is always an eye opener). Most of what came out that day was rubbish but I kept repeating "Love behind you".

And those three words wrote the rest of the song. No matter how destructive the partner wanted to be, no matter how hard they tried to screw this up, that person would always be there for them.

In pre production we spent quite a long time getting the choppy drum groove right and then Will Brierre (mixer) did a great job making that sound cool with some loops and other bells and whistles (you can tell I'm the technical one of the band). And then from that the track builds nicely until the end, when it returns to the dream-like groove of the opening.

It's always hard to pick favourite songs but I think collectively as a band this is definitely right up there.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you watch the video here and learn more about the album right here!

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