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Emerson, Lake And Palmer's Greg Lake Dead At 69

(hennemusic) Emerson, Lake And Palmer frontman Greg Lake died Wednesday at the age of 69 after a long battle with cancer, according to his manager. Lake's passing comes just nine months after ELP keyboardist Keith Emerson's March 10 suicide from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 71 at his home in Santa Monica, CA.

"Yesterday, December 7th, I lost my best friend to a long and stubborn battle with cancer," announced Lake's manager Stewart Young. "Greg Lake will stay in my heart forever, as he has always been. His family would be grateful for privacy during this time of their grief."

"It is with great sadness that I must now say goodbye to my friend and fellow band-mate, Greg Lake," said drummer Carl Palmer. "Greg's soaring voice and skill as a musician will be remembered by all who knew his music and recordings he made with ELP and King Crimson. I have fond memories of those great years we had in the 1970s and many memorable shows we performed together.

"Having lost Keith this year as well, has made this particularly hard for all of us. As Greg sang at the end of Pictures At An Exhibition, 'death is life.' His music can now live forever in the hearts of all who loved him." Read more here.

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Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi Fells OK But Needs Lump Removed

(hennemusic) Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi is sharing an update on his cancer status while on a break from the band's farewell tour. This past summer, the rocker - who was diagnosed with blood cancer lymphoma in January of 2012 - revealed the issue was in remission, and now tells The Irish Times there may still be some work to do.

"I went for a check four weeks ago and the doctor said that at the moment there is no activity where I had the cancer before, but there is activity in the throat," Iommi reveals. "When I get back to England, I have to have an operation to remove this thing at the back of my nose. The doctors found a lump there and we don't know if it is cancer or what, but I feel OK at the moment."

Asked how dealing with the health issue has changed his perspective on life, Iommi says "I was knocked for six when the doctors told me that it was, that it was stage III cancer. It really did change my life as far as what I have to do now. I have to live what life I've got because I have been on the road nearly 50 years. I need to be at home more and I need to pay more attention to my friends and family.

"The lowest moment was being diagnosed. You automatically wind yourself up saying, 'that's it then', but that is not always the case. When they tell you, you think, 'oh God'. That was a low time. I have had a few low times in my life like everybody has, but that was one that stuck in the head." here.

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Rolling Stones May Do Vol 2 Of Blue and Lonesome

(Gibson) The Rolling Stones' much-heralded blues covers album, Blue and Lonesome, was recently released and Keith Richards says that he is already looking forward to Vol 2.

Richards tells The Guardian newspaper the album happened pretty much by accident, when the Stones gathered in Mark Knopfler's British Grove Studios in London in December 2015 to work on some new material. The sound wasn't gelling, so Richards told the band to play Little Walter's "Blue and Lonesome".

"We cut that, we listened to it back and suddenly the sound is there. Mick turns round and says, 'I wanna do this Howlin' Wolf song,' and then he says, 'And I'd like to do this Lightnin' Slim,' and now I've got the man on a roll. When you've got the lead man calling the shots and saying, "I want to do that, I want to do this,' keep the tape rolling." And they do record on tape, Richards says. "This is not digital crap."

The Stones recorded the bulk of the songs in two days. "Maybe (late keyboard player) Ian Stewart was sending a message from above," Richards says. "It's almost like getting something off your chest that had been there for a long time. I'm looking forward to volume two already."

Volume 2, already? We'll see. After all, the Stones were in the studio supposedly working on an album of new material. But according to Ronnie Wood, the band don't intend on slowing down now.

"Howlin' Wolf almost died on stage, plugged into his kidney machine, so there's no reason why we wouldn't go exactly the same way," Wood says. "I saw John Lee Hooker not long before he died [aged 83, in 2001] and he was showing me backstage, showing off his new CD and his new white hat and his new girlfriend - he was rocking right to the end." Read more here.

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Guitarist Couldn't Leave Guns N' Roses For Slash

(Classic Rock) Richard Fortus has recalled how he was asked to leave Guns N' Roses and join Slash's solo band - and how he couldn't bring himself to do it. The invitation came before Slash and Axl Rose settled their differences and reunited for the current Not In This Lifetime tour, with guitarist Fortus, who's been a member since 2001, remaining on board.

Asked how he and Slash connected, Fortus tells KSHE: "I had actually been asked to join Slash's band a while ago, at a Thin Lizzy show. We were playing a festival and his manager came up and said, 'Man, we'd love to steal you.' I couldn't do that to my friend. That would be such a slap in the face."

He says of working with Slash: "We clicked really quickly - we have a great rapport. We come from a very similar background, as far as classic rock and punk rock." Read more here.

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Dave Mustaine 'Tremendous Respect' For His Metallica Replacement

(Classic Rock) Dave Mustaine has responded to Kirk Hammett's comments about the Megadeth leader's dismissal from Metallica - saying his replacement is "almost 100% accurate" in his assessment of the situation.

Mustaine was thrown out of Lars Ulrich's band in 1983 and went on to form Megadeth, but spent nearly three decades expressing negative views about his former colleagues and their work.

Relations have thawed in recent years, with Mustaine having performed alongside Metallica, and Hammett - his replacement - playing along. Hammett said over the weekend that the other guitarist must have been "pissed off" over his treatment in the 1980s, and that he felt "a lot of empathy" for him, adding that he hoped their recent experiences had "healed some scars."

Now Mustaine has responded by tweeting: "I have tremendous respect for Kirk Hammett and I appreciated his take on this. He is almost 100% accurate… almost. I wish him the best."

Responding to a fan comment about his "frustration" he adds: "Old news. I wish him well. I know I'm well!" Read more here.

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Metallica Do Not Expect To Take So Long On Next Album

(Classic Rock) Lars Ulrich won't quite promise - but he believes Metallica will release their 11th album before 2024. There's an eight-year gap between ninth title Death Magnetic, which arrived in 2008, and its follow-up Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, which arrives on Friday (November 18).

Ulrich tells Apple Music: "Everybody's like, 'Eight years - what have you been doing?' It's like, 'Excuse me? We've been busier than we ever have in our lives. We spent three years touring Death Magnetic, we put two incredibly hard years into the Through The Never movie project. We did the dance with Lou Reed and we've played every festival on this planet multiple times. We've been to continents that are primarily inhabited by penguins.

"So it's been a pretty busy eight years - and we've managed to record a record." He continues: "You can probably throw this back in my face, but I'll go out on a limb and say it's been such a good experience to do this record, and the whole vibe of these songs, I hereby officially predict, or hope, that it's not going to take another eight years for another record." Read more here.

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New Found Glory Announce 20th Anniversary Tour

(Radio.com) New Found Glory announced a major 20th anniversary tour that will kick off in spring of 2017. The run begins on March 22nd in Baltimore, Maryland, and wraps up on May 12th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The 20th anniversary celebration will coincide with the release of New Found Glory's ninth, yet-untitled studio album. Besides playing that new music for fans, the band will perform select albums in their entirety throughout the tour.

No word on what albums will coincide with what dates, but New Found Glory has eight studio albums to pick from and almost two months on the road to offer fans a few different throwbacks. See the dates here.

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AFI Release 'White Offerings' Video

(Radio.com) "We wanted visuals that were as stark as the music itself," AFI's Davey Havok tells Rolling Stone of their new black and white music video for their song "White Offerings."

As just as Havok states, the video is indeed stark. For this harder-edged track, the set is white while many of the props in the performance-based video are black.

At the end of the Drew Kirsch-directed performance video, the slightly winded singer drops the mic and walks up, uncomfortably close to the camera, which fans should love. Watch the video and read more here.

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Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx Addresses Biopic's 'Slow-Moving Process'

(Classic Rock) Nikki Sixx says they won't rush the forthcoming Motley Crue biopic, The Dirt. It was originally slated for release in summer 2016, with Jackass director Jeff Tremaine reported to be at the helm.

But the bassist says production is still being negotiated - and reminds fans that NWA box-office hit Straight Outta Compton was 11 years in the making.

He tells Sirius XM: "It's now being moved around. Some different companies are really interested. It's beyond being in development. We're changing partners. I know that Straight Outta Compton took over 11 years to put together. It's a slow-moving process."

Sixx continues: "I don't wanna really be involved in something that's just piece-mealed together just to say, 'We did it!' You know, one of those VH1 rock movies you see like on Meat Loaf. It's not what we wanted.

"We think that the story's actually more important than, actually, the band. It's a really interesting story. It's not really just about girls pulling their pants down in the bathroom and us snorting blow off their asses - there's a bigger story to it." Read more here.

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Mastodon Member Reveals Deadly Serious Concept In New album

(Metal Hammer) Mastodon's upcoming seventh album features a concept that centers on the horrors of cancer, drummer Brann Dailor has revealed. Since releasing 2014's Once More 'Round The Sun, cancer claimed the life of Mastodon guitarist Bell Kelliher's mother - and Dailor says his own mother is also unwell.

And the drummer says it was inevitable that cancer would feature as part of the as-yet-untitled album's theme. Mastodon recently said the record was in the bag and nod Dailor has opened up further on the concept.

On how the new songs are linked, Dailor tells Loudwire: "There is a tie, a concept that goes between them. The last couple of years have been not... there's been some illness within the bands' family, there's been a bunch of cancer.

"So the whole album is sort of all about cancer basically. Well, not literally. It's a big story that sort of roped to go along with it. It takes place in the desert.

"It brought us together writing wise, because when someone is going through cancer, Bill's mom was going through cancer and he's kind of far away from her, so there's wasn't a lot that you can do.

"And my mom's also sick as well and being far away there's not a lot you can do. I mean, you know we were done writing anyways but we kind of needed something to occupy some hours of the day that would've been kind of us sitting there worrying about the situation that you don't really have that much control over.

"Unfortunately, Bill's mom passed away a few months ago, her illness came on kind of quickly, and she had a brain tumor and she didn't last more than eight or nine months." Read more here.

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Mick Jagger Becomes A Father Again At 73

(Radio.com) Congratulations are in order for Mick Jagger, who--at the ripe age of 73--became a father again today. The Rolling Stones' frontman welcomed his eighth child with girlfriend Melanie Hamrick.

Jagger was present for the baby's arrival, which took place at a hospital in New York. "Mother and baby are doing well and we request that the media respect their privacy at this time," Jagger and Hamrick shared in a joint statement (via BBC News). There's no word yet on whether Jagger's newest addition is a boy or girl.

Jagger's other children range in age from 17 to 45 years old, and he has five grandchildren. Jagger's newest child will be in good company age-wise with his great-grandchild, who was born in 2014 to Assisi, the daughter of Jade Jagger. Read more here.

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Sebastian Bach Recalls Wild Night With Duff McKagan and Lars Ulrich

(Classic Rock) Former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach has told how Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich made a fool of him when he tried Quaaludes for the first and only time.

Bach and Duff McKagan of Guns N' Roses decided to take the sedative pills one 1990 night at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Hollywood - giving Ulrich the opportunity to have a laugh at their expense.

The story is told in Bach's book 18 And Life On Skid Row, which also contains an anecdote about Jon Bon Jovi's dad making a death threat. "After who knows how many hours drinking with Duff, we found ourselves underneath the back corner table of the Rainbow, which has always been the best place in the world. This is your place where Sebastian, Duff and Lars did Quaaludes.

"Who knows how or where we got them, but we put them into our mouths. They were big hockey-puck-shapes pills. As the night went on the drugs began to hit me."

He remembers seeing McKagan's mouth appear to alter shape, then noticed his friend was drooling - and the same began to happen to him as the relaxant effect of the quaaludes kicked in.

He continues: "As I look up, I see the laughing little heavy metal gnome known as Lars Ulrich dancing merrily round our table. He's like a little leprechaun doing a pixie dance. 'Hey, everybody! Come and meet your heroes! It's a dream come true!'"

Bach couldn't work out what the drummer was up to, until he finally realized: "He had them lined up in front of our table. 'Come and get your picture taken with a real rock star! Come meet Skid Row! Guns N' Roses!'" Read more here.

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Anthrax Release Video For Among The Living Anniversary Tour

(hennemusic) Anthrax have issued a promo video for their forthcoming 2017 European tour to mark the 30th anniversary of their classic 1987 album, "Among The Living."

"Looking forward to seeing you guys on our UK/Euro tour where we'll play Among The Living in its entirety," says drummer Charlie Benante. "You're gonna hear songs like 'I AmThe Law,' 'Imitation Of Life'….we're gonna play 'Heart Of It All', 'One World', yadda yadda yadda.

"Of course, we'll be playing songs from 'For All Kings', 'Spreading The Disease' and 'Persistance of Time', and all those other albums, too." Anthrax will launch the early 2017 run on February 19 in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with shows wrapping up in Paris, France on March 16. Watch the video and see the date here.

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Stephen King 'Over The Moon' About Bob Dylan Nobel Prize

(Gibson) Novelist Stephen King has weighed in on the selection of Bob Dylan as this year's winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. Speaking with Rolling Stone, the veteran author said he was "over the moon" when he learned that Dylan would be the recipient.

"I read it over my breakfast," he said. "It's like remembering where you were when Kennedy was [assassinated]." King went on to say that when he first heard Dylan-on an AM radio broadcast, when the author was just 14-it was "like being electrified."

He also attributed the backlash among some of his writer-peers to lack of understanding or "just … plain … sour grapes." "[To get the Nobel] you have to rise to the level of a Faulkner," King observed, "if you're an American." Read more here.

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Foo Fighters To Rock The Secret Solstice Festival

(hennemusic) The Foo Fighters will perform at the Secret Solstice Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland on June 16 as part of a 2017 summer tour. The fourth edition of Iceland's midnight sun music festival runs June 16-18 with a lineup that includes The Prodigy, Richard Ashcroft, Dubfire and more.

The Iceland stop currently marks the opening date and seventh overall of the Foo Fighters 2017 trek, ahead of festival appearances in Finland, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Spain and Portugal - with more shows expected to be confirmed soon.

The group's return from a planned hiatus follows extensive touring in support of 2014's "Sonic Highways", with drummer Taylor Hawkins revealing the band have not yet started writing their ninth record.

"We're still in a hunker down period right now," Hawkins tells NME. "We know we have those shows next year, and we did a charity event for Dave's kid's school a couple of weeks ago that got a little bit of press. We're fine, we love each other we're all good. We're just figuring out when the world's ready for more Foo Fighters, we're a family.

"We will make a new record at some point. We won't really be ready until Dave's ready to go. It's on the books, so we'll definitely be playing. We never really know, we just wait for a text from Dave saying 'hey, let's go down to the studio." See all of their upcoming dates here.

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Jonestown Release 'Mass Extinction Six' Video

(Metal Hammer) Jonestown have released a new music video for their track "Mass Extinction Six." The song comes from the group's debut album "Aokigahara" which was released earlier this year.

"Initially the song was inspired by my frustration at the response on social media to the tragic death of three-year-old Alan Kurdi," vocalist Harley Anderson tells Metal Hammer. "I was angered that people were so unaware of the consequences of Western foreign policy, the impact of structural violence; the fact that such tragedies happen all too often and go ignored. The narrative of the song then moves onto the fact that if we allow these things to happen to others, then eventually we in the developed world will suffer the same fate because of our complacency and apathy to human suffering.

"Our species is currently at a point where we either need our attitudes and actions to change drastically, or inevitably our collective future is only one of extinction and absolute hell as we all embrace individual abandon." Watch the video here.

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King 810's David Gunn Takes Aim At Critics

(Metal Hammer) David Gunn of King 810 has followed up his strongly-worded firearms statement with an even stronger line. He's slammed those who've criticized his previous comments by stating that he's been shot twice - and that's why he'll keep carrying weapons.

Gunn said earlier this week that he wasn't sorry for King 810's stance on guns in the aftermath of having a concert cancelled. And he stated that if any terrorists invaded one of his concerts they'd "probably be shot from the stage."

In response to reaction to that message, he's now said: "It's not about a band or a show or a city or a cancellation. It's about lying down or not. Sooner or later we will wake up to an unrecognizable set of bullsh*t we have to live by and we will have no idea how we got here. History is full of examples of this 'progressive' way of thinking. None have worked. All have ended in mass conflict or death."

He continues: "You cannot, in a vacuum, parrot off ignorant ideas like taking guns away, or college safe zones, or gender pronouns, and call it progress. You must treat the cause not the symptom." Read more here.

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Polar Premiere 'Deus Ex Machina' Video

(Metal Hammer) Polar have premiered their new video for Deus Ex Machina exclusively with Metal Hammer. Taken from their latest album No Cures, No Saviour, it features Comeback Kid's Andrew Neufeld on guest vocals, and it he even shows up in the video.

"[Andrew was] a huge influence on Polar when we started and a real bucket list moment for us to have him on there," guitarist Fabian Lomas tells Metal Hammer. "We played shows together last year and kept in touch ever since. When we were in the studio we had this part that was perfect for him, we sent him the track, he was into really it and the rest is history."

"Deus Ex Machina really explains the decline in human interaction and compassion towards each other," Fabian continues. "Modern day life is being lived through ever present technological devices and social media forums, people are forgetting what it's like to actually have real opinions, real experiences and real friends.

"Concerts are great examples of this, where people just stand and film it rather than actually enjoying and experiencing it. Technology seems to have a strangle-hold on people, the title Deus Ex Machina means god in the machine, and one day it may take over... its certainly seems to be heading that way." Watch the video here.

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Korn's Munky On How to Categorize His Band

(Metal Hammer) Korn's Munky says it's difficult to put the band into a category. The band have been heavily associated with the nu-metal label since the 90s. Though the guitarist says he'd have said he hated being pigeonholed a decade ago, he now says he's "grateful" as it helped propel them to success.

Munky tells Full Metal Jackie: "I think it's difficult to put us in a category, and I think, in the beginning, that's why somebody, whoever it was - some European journalist - said, 'We don't know what to call these guys, so we're gonna call it 'nu metal.' I think that's where that term came from.

"There's so many elements that influence us, and we've tried to incorporate different melodies and different structures and rhythmic elements, and that all comes from just each of our personalities.

"I think to the general public, you just hear screaming and heavy metal guitars, and I think that's where people kind of get lost. You have to be at least a rock fan to know what you're listening to or in general. But I don't care." Read more here.

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Awooga Release 'Thief' Music Video

(Prog) Young British prog rockers Awooga have unveiled their new video for Thief. The band are signed to Amplifier mailman Sel Balamir's Rockosmos label, and boast a sound that mixes prog, psych, doom and space rock. " Apres a few smokes and drinks, we wanted to write a song which sounded like a beam of energy that has come from a million miles away across space and hits you in the face," the band told Prog. "Thief is the fruit of our efforts."

The band will be playing a free gig at Camden's Black Heart venue on Tuesday 13 December along with angular prog trio Thumpermonkey, who will be previewing exclusive new material at the gig which has been organised by Balamir's label. Doors open at 7pm.

Says Belamir, "People ask me why I'm putting on the show and the answer is simple. It's basically because it's the only way I can get to go to a work Christmas do and be guaranteed that the music isn't going to be utter sh*te! I get to watch two completely underappreciated genius UK bands that I love for free and then play music that I like until I decide it's time to go home."

Thumpermonkey are currently working on the follow-up to 2012's Sleep Furiously, while Awooga's Alpha EP is out December 9 via Rockosmos. Amplifer are tipped to release their latest, Trippin' With Dr Faustus, in the new year. Watch the new video here.

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