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Phil Rudd Admits To Mistake With AC/DC

(Classic Rock) Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has reflected on the meltdown that led to him being replaced in the band, saying he shot himself in the foot. Rudd was dismissed from the band last year after being charged with threatening to kill and drugs possession, and wound up serving eight months of home detention in New Zealand. AC/DC replaced him with returning member Chris Slade.

And asked whether he was disappointed not to get the chance to perform songs from the group's latest album Rock Or Bust live, Rudd tells Eon Music: "I was very disappointed, but it's called 'shooting yourself in the foot', young man.

"I f***in' did it, mate, and I did it well. I'm sort of a little bit restricted on travelling around like I'm used to, but I'm coping with that, and I'm not done yet! "

Since Rudd's departure, frontman Brian Johnson and bassist Cliff Williams have left the band, with mainman Malcolm Young having bowed out previously. Rudd recently said he was optimistic that guitarist Angus Young will return and that he wants to take part.

Now he reveals that he has spoken to the band and Johnson recently. He says: "I've had contact with the guys and the crew. I've heard from Brian. I spoke to Brian a couple of days ago. We were talking about cars and how f***in' useless he is - how much quicker I am than him! He's doing all right." Read more here.

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Nine Inch Nails Releasing New EP This Week

(Classic Rock) Nine Inch Nails will release a new EP called Not the Actual Events on December 23. The five-track record was recorded by NIN mainman Trent Reznor and his long-time collaborator Atticus Ross. It will be available in digital formats and on 180-gram one-sided vinyl, with pre-orders open now at the band's website.

The announcement comes after Reznor promised new material was on the way before the end of 2016. He says: "It's an unfriendly, fairly impenetrable record that we needed to make. It's an EP because that ended up being the proper length to tell that story."

A statement announcing the release of Not the Actual Events describes it as "an unexpected left turn from 2013's Hesitation Marks and sounding unrecognizable from their current film work." Read more here.

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Metallica Artist Addresses Album Cover Controversy

(Classic Rock) One of the leading creatives behind the artwork for Metallica album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct has admitted his team were "shocked" when they were told about its similarity to the cover of Crowbar's 1998 record Odd Fellows Rest.

Both images feature four band members merged into one multi-faceted head, with the face on the left sticking its tongue out. The comparison was flagged by fans almost as soon as the Hardwired sleeve art was revealed, prompting Crowbar leader Kirk Windstein to say: "I seriously doubt that any member of Metallica stole this idea from us. Any way you slice it, it's a cool cover idea."

Now Dimitri Scheblanov of the Herring & Herring agency tells Decibel: "It was pretty shocking that there was such a similar looking thing. But I had never heard of the band or the music. It was also interesting that it was another metal act. I still haven't listened to it, unfortunately.

"We went out to Minneapolis to see Metallica play. When we were at the afterparty with the band, somebody brought up the Crowbar thing. Everyone was like, 'Who the f*** is Crowbar?'

"That made it feel a little bit better, because we were kind of shocked. But because other people within the community didn't really know about them either we felt it wasn't such a huge deal." Read more here.

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Guns N' Roses Didn't Skip Download Over Money

(Classic Rock) The decision by Guns N' Roses to play London's Olympic Stadium rather than headline Download in 2017 has "nothing to do with money," according to Donington chief Andy Copping.

Copping admitted at this year's Download festival that he'd love the reunited Guns N' Roses to make an appearance at Donington in 2017, but the festival recently confirmed Aerosmith, System Of A Down and Biffy Clyro as headliners for next year.

And Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan's reunited Guns N' Roses will play at the Olympic Stadium on June 16. Asked why Guns N' Roses couldn't be signed up as 2017 Download headliners, Copping tells the That's Not Metal podcast: "It's very, very simple. We'd been talking to Guns N' Roses when it was first being mooted that Duff, Slash and Axl were talking about getting back together.

"They did Coachella and then we talked about Download. I've got to be honest, and this is gonna surprise a lot of people, but it wasn't about the money. To them, it was about, 'We want to go out and do our own shows.' On that touring cycle in the early 90s they came to the UK three times and played at Wembley Stadium. That is huge. They wanted to play Wembley, but it was booked. So I said they should look at the Olympic Park." Read more here.

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Anthrax Fear Damage By Inclusion On 'Fair Play' List

(Metal Hammer) Anthrax say the wording of a campaign aimed at getting fairer royalty payments for bands could actually end up hitting them in the pocket. The thrash icons have penned an open letter to music mogul Irving Azoff - who has managed bands including Van Halen, Guns N' Roses and the Eagles - and asked him to clarify the wording of a lawsuit launched by his firm Global Music Rights (GMR).

Azoff and GMR are locked in a legal battle with the Radio Music Licensing Committee, which represents radio stations in the US. Azoff's GMR holds the rights to a string of top acts and is demanding that radio stations pay more for the right to play their clients' music. GMR is warning US radio stations that they will face legal action if they play any songs by GMR artists after January 1, 2017, without agreeing to the firm's licensing terms.

GMR's decision to name Anthrax among the long list of songs in its repertoire is misleading, the band says, because they are not represented by Azoff's firm and that the only song in their name that is included is their 1999 cover of Metallica's Phantom Lord.

Anthrax say: "Dear Mr Azoff. As artists and songwriters, we certainly appreciate anyone's efforts to see that we are paid a fair wage for the use of our music, 'fair pay for fair play,' as your lawsuit against the Radio Music License Committee states.

"As a result of your suit, our understanding is that as of January 1, 2017, more than 10,000 US-based radio stations could be fined if they program songs written by a songwriter represented by your company, Global Music Rights, without first obtaining the proper license. We certainly understand and respect that.

"However, you've included Anthrax on your 'What Songs are in the Global Music Rights repertoire' and that mere inclusion presents a skewed and unjust misrepresentation of the complete facts. This could be very damaging to us and to our fellow performers who may find themselves in a similar situation." Read more here.

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David Bowie Voted Favorite Musician By UK Fans

(Classic Rock) A poll of 2000 people commissioned by CamRate saw the late David Bowie named the nation's most popular male musician, with the top 20 list also featuring Elvis Presley, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash and Eric Clapton.

CamRate asked 2000 Brits to name their favorite actors and musicians, with Adele being named top of the women's category, followed by Kate Bush in second place.

A spokesperson from CamRate says: "In 2016 the UK is as mad about celebs as ever. We love to love them, too. Celebrity culture is a big part of modern life for most and we are all influenced by the works of these great public figures."

The top 20 male musicians list can be seen in full here.

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Dave Mustaine Outlines His Hopes For Big Four

(Classic Rock) Dave Mustaine has outlined his hopes for how any future Big Four shows might go. The Megadeth frontman has recently been talking up the chance of returning to stages alongside fellow thrash icons Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax - and this week Metallica's Robert Trujillo voiced his own support for the idea.

But unlike the historic performances in 2010 and 2011, Mustaine wants each of the leading acts to be given what he calls an "even shot" in front of fans. He tells Eddie Trunk on SiriusXM (via Blabbermouth): "If the conditions were right I think it would be great - when it's just the four of us.

"If you do the Big Four and you've got four or five little opening bands, that takes away from the phenomenon. We should all have relatively similar set times, we should all have relatively similar staging - really allow the four of us to be presented as equals and see where the chips lie."

He suggests that Metallica's leading position resulted in some shows feeling like "three openers and another band" and that there were other limitations to making the most of the events. Read more here.

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Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop Announce Solo Shows

(Metal Hammer) Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop has announced two "intimate" solo shows in the UK. The singer-songwriter will perform at Leeds' Crash Records on February 12 and Kingston's Banquet Records on February 15 next year.

He'll be promoting his debut solo album, The Long Road Home, which is due out on February 17. Fans can get tickets for the in-store events by pre-ordering his album either through Crash Records or Banquet Records.

Worsnop released a video for his single Mexico last month - a concept which he'd envisioned while drunk at a bar in Columbus, Ohio. He told TeamRock: "That first verse just jumped right out of my eighteenth glass of Jameson and right into my mind. I immediately excused myself and waited for the lightning to strike. I then proceeded to pace outside the bar singing into my phone until the song was done, which was probably about 20 minutes later."

"I had the video in my head from that exact moment and was very excited to realise it. I had already written the treatment when I was introduced to Blake Judd, with whom I worked at getting what was in my mind onto film." Read more here.

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Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen Stream New Blackfield Songs

(Prog) Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen have released a three-track teaser for their forthcoming album, Blackfield V. The promo features songs Family Man, Sorrys and How Was Your Ride from the record, which launches on February 10, 2017.

The Porcupine Tree producer and Israeli songwriter announced their record earlier this year, which marked Wilson's return after he'd departed in 2014. He described the work as "a return to the full partnership that made the first two albums such firm favourites with fans."

The lineup is rounded out by drummer Tomer Z and keyboardist Eran Mitelman on the record, while the string sections were performed by the London Session Orchestra.

Blackfield V was written and recorded over 18 months between Israel and England, and features 13 "linked songs that form a flowing 45 minute ocean themed song cycle." It's said to be "a powerful journey through catchy melodies, lush arrangements, and stunning production, with legendary producer and engineer Alan Parsons working on three of the album's key tracks." Stream the songs here.

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Mike Portnoy Wanted Anderson Rabin Wakeman Gig

(Prog) Busy drummer Mike Portnoy says there's one gig he would have found time for if it had been offered to him - working with Yes men Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman.

Anderson Rabin Wakeman recently completed their first-ever tour, which took in North America, with further dates in the UK and Europe to follow next year.

They're also working on new music with a band that includes bassist Lee Pomeroy and drummer Louis Molino III. Portnoy tells UCR: "I got to see Rick and Trevor a few days ago. We did a radio show together and it was good seeing those guys. I haven't seen the show. I'd love to, but I just haven't been around when they were playing."

The acclaimed drummer adds: "I'm kind of upset that the didn't call me! I was waiting by the phone for that gig… I would have loved to have played with those guys."

Portnoy has a history of crossing paths with Yes since his former band Dream Theater toured with them in 2004. "In 2014 Transatlantic and Jon Anderson did a set of Yes music together on my Progressive Nation cruise, and that was amazing," the drummer remembers. Read more here.

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Queensryche Release 'Bulletproof' Video

(hennemusic) Queensryche have released a video for "Bulletproof", a track from their latest album, "Condition Human." The band have issued the clip following the completion of a year-long world tour in support of their fifteenth record.

The Seattle rockers closed out their 2016 live schedule on December 16 as they wrapped up a fall US tour with guests Armored Saint and Midnight Eternal.

"Bulletproof is a journey through a relationship gone bad, however painful the relationship is you still find a way to persevere," explains vocalist Todd La Torre. "We elected to present the song in a live setting as a sharp contrast to the videos we've done for the album to help bring this chapter to a close and start the next journey." Watch the video here.

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Emmure Stream New Song 'Russian Hotel Aftermath'

(Metal Hammer) Emmure have made their new single "Russian Hotel Aftermath" available to stream exclusively with Metal Hammer. It's taken from the band's upcoming seventh album Look At Yourself, which will be released in early 2017 via Sharptone Records.

Look At Yourself will mark Emmure's first new material since frontman Frankie Palmeri revealed a new lineup featuring bassist Phil Lockett, guitarist Josh Travis and drummer Josh Miller.

This week, Emmure announced they were cancelling their 2017 European tour due to a delay in releasing the album. The dates will be rescheduled in due course.

The band said: "It is with our most sincere apologies that we will need to cancel the upcoming Torch The Earth tour. Upon the initial planning of this tour our goal was to return to Europe in 2017 pairing a new record with the tour.

"Unfortunately some unexpected delays have hindered our chances of releasing the record in this time frame. We appreciate that our fans understand how important this release is to us, it is a record we have put so much effort into on every angle, and we feel we would be selling our fans and ourselves short if we compromised its overall release." Check out the new song here.

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Exodus Have Become 'Travelling T-Shirt Salesmen'

(Metal Hammer) Exodus drummer Tom Hunting says the band are "basically travelling t-shirt salesmen" as record sales no longer pay the bills. Hunting says that like most bands, Exodus don't sell enough physical records to make a decent living and that they will always have to tour extensively.

Hunting tells From Hero To Zero: "A lot of bands, aside from Metallica or Beyonce or people who come out of the gate selling 800,000 copies the first day, we have to tour.

"We're kind of, basically, travelling t-shirt salesmen. And it's okay, because it takes us to amazing places in the world and we love seeing other cultures and having other foods and seeing how the rest of the world lives.

"I think it's the best education you can get in your life, for sure. It takes away any illusions or ignorances about the way the rest of the world gets on and lives. So it's fine." Read more here.

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Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes Move Up Album Release

(TeamRock) Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes will release their second album Modern Ruin a week earlier than planned - so they can tour Europe with Biffy Clyro.

The record will now hit shelves on January 20 to avoid clashing with their schedule - and the band will play a run of in-store shows in the UK to support its launch.

Frontman Carter says: "Due to the fact we were offered the Biffy Clyro European tour and it clashes with the planned release of our album, we have decided to move our release date one week earlier.

"You will all receive your pre-orders one week earlier than planned and this way we are able to play a few shows in the UK for release week so that we can meet as many of you as possible and sign your records and play you some new songs and hopefully warm up the cold January days!

"If anyone is upset by this news then they should probably have a day off." See the tour dates here.

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Some Korn Fans Getting Kornaments For Christmas

(Metal Hammer) Spotify have revealed a Christmas present for the streaming service's most active Korn fans. They've created a collection of seasonal decorations - which they're calling "Kornaments" - based on the artwork for the band's latest album The Serenity Of Suffering.

The limited-edition souvenirs are to be delivered to those who've streamed the most Korn tracks over the past year. Jonathan Davis and co are currently touring the UK in support of the follow-up to 2013's The Paradigm Shift, which was launched in October.

The frontman recently said of the band's writing process: "I need to have a song completely done. I guess I'm a little diva when it comes to that stuff - it dictates what I'm going to be feeling, emotions, everything. I need that.

"Once the music is all done, I know exactly where to place my vocals and fill the holes and do all of that to make it work. I guess it's backwards." Read more here.

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King 810 Cancel Detroit Gig Over Gun Ban

(Metal Hammer) King 810 cancelled a show in Detroit because they were told they couldn't bring their guns to the venue. The band were due to perform at Saint Andrew's Hall on December 17 (Saturday), but after being searched by staff at the venue, they were told they could not have the weapons with them. As a result, King 810 cancelled the show.

Frontman David Gunn says they band were "singled out" and searched every time they tried to re-enter the building. He says: "During this process they let us know that they don't do this to other groups and that essentially they were singling us out.

"After informing them that a few people in the group are licensed to carry for security measures we were still not allowed to come onto their property with protection. Michigan is an open carry state. We've made this stand completely clear.

"We had every intention on playing and were looking forward to the show, as the biggest one of our careers to date. This is not an easy decision to make, but we have to answer to ourselves first and foremost." Read more here.

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Tim Bowness Streams New Song 'You Wanted To Be Seen'

(Prog) Tim Bowness has released a lyric video for his new track "You Wanted To Be Seen". It's taken from Bowness' upcoming fourth solo album Lost In The Ghost Light, which is due for release on February 17, 2017, via InsideOutMusic.

Bowness says: "You Wanted To Be Seen is about someone at their most weary and emotionally withdrawn. It's very much a self-reflective 'dark night of the soul' lyric.

"Musically, it's something of an extreme split between the reflective melancholy of the verses and the apocalyptic anger of the latter part of the song, which features some intense duelling guitar and violin parts from Bruce Soord and No-Man's Steve Bingham." Stream the song here.

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New Immortal Christmas Sock Puppet Parody Released

(Metal Hammer) A third Christmas sock puppet parody featuring Immortal has been released. Following on from last year's The Summoning and Immortal Christmas in 2014, Inquisition shows a sock puppet version of the Norwegian metal band requesting an unexpected gift from Santa Claus - in their signature musical style.

Earlier this year, Immortal confirmed they'd completed the writing of their as-yet-untitled ninth studio album. They said: "This will be our darkest and coldest album in a long time - with massive majestic riffs, grim frostbitten vocals and tales from our mighty realm. Fast and furious tracks, epic tracks and longer playtime than any of our previous albums.

"The last year we have completed all the new songs and look forward to record our most passionate album in a long time. The songwriting process has been awesome and we are soon ready to start the recordings.

"In a time when true and origin Black Metal is nearly dead, the band is in ultimate spirit. After the last year's incidents, it was time to go back to the roots to what this band is really about musically, and also to take the integrity of the band back to where it belongs." here.

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