Daily Music News Report for 06/23/2016

Day in Rock Part 2

Def Leppard Release 'Man Enough' Video

(Classic Rock) Def Leppard have released a video for their track "Man Enough." The song originally featured on the UK outfit's self-titled 2015 album. And frontman Joe Elliott says that, although making videos for singles isn't as vital as it used to be, it's something they want to continue to do for their fans.

The singer tells InTV: "It's not as important as it was in 1983 to 1993, when we made videos because there was a channel that would broadcast them to a million people who would sit down and watch them. That kind of disappeared.

"There is a percentage of our audience who is glad we're still making videos, though. It's sticking to your guns - it's doing what we're always done. It's not keeping up with the Joneses. Now a video will get 20 million hits, or even a couple hundred thousand, and you'll see the thumbs up or thumbs down."

He continues: "We never really cared about a response like that previously-you just hoped they liked the video and song. Now you get actual feedback that can delight you or destroy your soul. We also don't spend an entire fortune on them like we used to.

"We probably spent on Man Enough what we used to spend on the food budget for some of our other videos." Watch the video here.

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Judas Priest's Rob Halford Talks 'Controversial' Rock Hall

(Classic Rock) Metal God Rob Halford says he is pleased that the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is becoming more diverse and adds that it would be "a real treat" if Judas Priest were inducted.

Priest have been eligible for the Rock Hall since 1999 - 25 years after the release of their debut album Rocka Rolla. NWA, Deep Purple, Cheap Trick, Steve Miller and Chicago were inducted at this year's ceremony and Halford believes the "controversial" Rock Hall has become more diverse in recent years.

Halford tells KBAD 94.5FM: "We got a Grammy a few years ago, which was highly unexpected and a tremendous thrill. And the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, you know, is a controversial entity.

"It's not like the Baseball Hall Of Fame or the NFL Hall Of Fame. Those incredible institutions have very little discourse going on in them. Music - much like sports - is very passionate, and I think the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has been getting more diverse now, which I think it should.

"Because a musician is a musician is a musician, and, again, if you've been able to make an indelible mark with what you do, to be recognized for that, I think, is a great honor. And if and when that day comes, I think that will be a real treat." Read more here.

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Motorhead Star Reflects On Lemmy's Legacy

(Classic Rock) Mikkey Dee believes late Motorhead leader Lemmy is proud of what his band achieved, and that the icon is "up there" or "down here, somewhere, just laughing."

The rock world has continued to pay tribute following Lemmy's death in December at the age of 70, soon after he'd struggled with frail health to complete a European tour.

Honors include the Download festival's main platform being titled the Lemmy Stage, and the final race in the Swedish V8 Thunder Cars tournament renamed the Lemmy 500.

Speaking at this year's Metal Hammer Golden Gods in London earlier this month, Dee tells Red Carpet News TV: "I'm sure he's happy, he's proud about what he has done and what we have done. People are honoring him everywhere - they're naming stages and car races.

"He's up there, he's down here somewhere, just laughing. I kept saying, every snare hit I do from now on until the end of my career will be a small tribute to Lemmy, the man and friend and bandmate that I had."

The drummer worked with Lemmy for 23 years and says his bandmate was "so unique" as a musician and a person. He adds: "I think we went out with a bang, a big crash, a fantastic way of finishing off the band. I couldn't believe that Lemmy actually cold play, knowing thatů Well, we struggled on the European tour.

"But when he walked on stage he was unbelievably good. Then he suffered from energy loss - but no one thought he was going to pass away." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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Levin Minnemann Rudess Preview New Album

(Prog) Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann and Jordan Rudess have released a promo video and teaser audio clip for their second album From The Law Offices Of Levin Minneman Rudess.

King Crimson bassist Levin, Steven Wilson drummer Minnemann and Dream Theater keyboardist Rudess will release the follow-up to 2013's self-titled record on July 15.

In the video Levin says that the trio had long wanted to regroup in the studio, adding: "Touring schedules being what they are, it's taken a while to have the opportunity to do this album the way we want.

"We think it's worthwhile music and you'll want to check it out." Check out the video and album preview here.

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Kurt Cobain Art Exhibition Tour In The Works

(Gibson) If you're someone who has studied Kurt Cobain beyond "Smells Like Teen Spirit" fame, you probably know he was also a prolific artist. His artwork wasn't always the most socially acceptable of sorts, but it definitely had its own character and presence.

Now, a selection of the late Nirvana frontman's artwork may be on display via Jeff Jampol, who also manages the estates of the Ramones, Janis Joplin and the Ramones.

Jampol and Cobain's family are working together to put together a special touring exhibition of Cobain's "works and his art and his possessions." "(Cobain's) got some amazing canvases that a lot of the world has never seen or even heard of," Jampol told The New York Times . He also commented that Cobain's body of work is "going to be relevant for centuries." Read more here.

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Purple Streaming New Song 'Love Maker'

(TeamRock Radio) Purple have released an online stream of their song called "Love Maker." The track will not be available on the band's upcoming album Bodacious, which is released on July 29.

"Love maker is about being a woman with a lot to offer," says singer/drummer Hanna Brewer, "and trying to find a man who can offer the same."

The album is the follow-up to 2014's well-received 409 album, which saw the Texan trio make the live UK debut. Check out the stream of the new track here.

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Deftones' Chino Moreno Talks Blended Sensory Approach To Songwriting

(TeamRock Radio) Deftones frontman Chino Moreno suggests that his blended sensory approach is a "gift" that has long inspired his songwriting. The singer previously said the band flirted with aesthetic when writing their latest studio effort Gore - describing the music as a "shade of purple" which is reflected in the artwork he chose for the album.

Describing a thought-process which sounds similar to the neurological phenomenon synaesthesia - in which a stimulus in one sense kindles sensation in another, such as 'tasting' a color - Moreno says it's one of his "favorite things" about how his brain works.

He tells TeamRock: "It's just visual. When I see things, I hear music in my head. When I hear things, I see visuals in my head. I've always been able to marry these two things together.

"It just happens - I just see it. That's something that, if you call it a gift, I feel is one of my favorite things about the way my brain works." Read more here.

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Tarja Turunen Previews 'Innocence' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Tarja Turunen has shared a preview for her Innocence video. The former Nightwish singer released the clip for the song taken from her upcoming album, The Shadow Self, which will launch on August 4.

The full video will also be released on June 24th. Meanwhile, Tarja tells Metal Hammer that she "cried for two weeks" after she was fired from Nightwish.

But she adds: "It had to end the way it did so I can now be happier than ever, doing my own music for my own public. It was tough to overcome, but the things that don't kill you make you stronger. I believe in that." Watch the preview clip here.

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