Day in Rock Report for 03/01/2016

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David Lee Roth Reignites Doubt About Van Halen's Future

(hennemusic) David Lee Roth has issued a new acoustic blues song, "Ain't No Christmas" and reignited speculation with fans that the somber song was inspired by Van Halen and the future of the group is in doubt.

When it first surfaced in a recent episode of his online series The Roth Show, some fans speculated that the tune sounded like it could represent the singer's farewell to his days in Van Halen, who have gone quiet since they wrapped up their 2015 with a pair of shows at the Hollywood Bowl in early October.

Roth's management responded to the recent chatter, saying, "It's poetry. It has nothing to do with Van Halen." Now, the rocker has issued a direct response via Facebook, stating: "On second thought, if all work is autobiographic, maybe this song is about Van Halen..."

Speculation regarding Roth's status in Van Halen amongst hardcore fans began when three things happened since last year's North American shows ended:

1) Roth was set to perform with the lineup featured on his 1986 debut full-length solo album, "Eat 'Em And Smile", at a Hollywood club last November - a move to work with others outside VH has historically been frowned upon by guitarist Eddie Van Halen - except in the case of his bassist and son Wolfgang, who is also a member of Tremonti and is currently recording his debut solo album;

2) Former VH singer Sammy Hagar reached out to Eddie via Twitter for his birthday in late January, marking the first public attempt at communication between the two since the end of an ill-fated 2004 reunion tour; and,

3) When Roth relaunched his online presence on February 7 - almost 12 months to the day after his social media sites went dark without explanation at the end of January 2015.

Speculation in some corners of the internet based on (1) and (3) is that Roth may have been under a limited time contract with the band and the arrangement had run its course. Read more and listen to the song here.

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Def Leppard Announce Massive North American Tour

Def Leppard have announced that they will be launching a massive North American tour that span from spring into fall and will also feature REO Speedwagon and Tesla.

The first three shows on the trek will have alternate lineups with Styx taking REO Speedwagon's place. The tour will kick off on May 4th in Lafayette, LA at Lafayette Cajundome and wrap up on October 10th in Cedar Rapids, IA at the U.S. Cellular Center.

Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott had this to say, "I'm really looking forward to getting back out there and playing some great music with some great people for some of the most appreciative audiences in the world. It really is always a pleasure."

Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon adds, "We love our fans. We love you all so much that we are teaming up with our buddies Def Leppard for a big time high energy summer rock tour. Between us and the Lepps we have a ton of hits, we bring it every night, and we love to play live. It's gonna be a blast."

Def Leppard are launching the tour in support of their 2015 self-titled album. Check out the tour dates here.

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Slipknot, Marilyn Manson Tour Dates Announced

Slipknot have revealed the details for their upcoming North American summer headline tour that will also feature performances from Marilyn Manson and Of Mice & Men.

The band announced the dates, cities and venues for the tour, with the exception of an additional Virginia Beach, VA show that will be announced later this month.

The tour is scheduled to kick off on June 9th in Salt Lake City, UT at the USANA Amphitheatre and will conclude on August 5th in Des Moines, IA at the Wells Fargo Arena.

In other news, frontman Corey Taylor kicks off his brand new radio show "A Series of Bleeps with Corey Taylor" via Apple Music's Beats 1, with the premiere episode Wednesday (March 2nd) at 7:00 PM PT. An encore will be broadcast on Thursday at 9:00 AM PT. See the tour dates here.

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Phil Collins Announce Comeback Concert Details

(Classic Rock) Phil Collins has announced he'll perform at the Dreaming On The Beach benefit concert in Miami on March 11. The event at the city's Jackie Gleason Theater will raise funds for the children's charity Little Dreams Foundation, which he co-founded in 2000.

Billed as Phil Collins Unplugged, it will be his first gig since his 2010 tour in support of his last record, Going Back. Earlier this month, the former Genesis singer and drummer confirmed he had no plans to go back on the road.

He said: "I'm not going to go back out on tour. I like the rhythm of my life. It's very important to be with my kids - I do not want to go back on the road.

"Same thing with the record. People are saying I'm making a record, and I'm not. I haven't written a song yet. Things have been elaborated upon to make a better story, but I'm not sure how that will take shape yet." Read more here.

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Latest News

Dave Grohl Plays Beatles Classic For The Oscars In Memoriam

(Classic Rock) Dave Grohl performed Blackbird by the Beatles during the In Memoriam segment of the Oscars ceremony at the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, on Sunday night.

The Foo Fighters frontman paid tribute to stars such as Wes Craven, Alan Rickman, Christopher Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Holly Woodlawn and David Bowie, who have all died since the 2015 ceremony.

Earlier this month, Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich admitted that Grohl had pushed for the Lemmy tribute at that awards ceremony this year. Foo Fighters' documentary series Sonic Highways won Film Of The Year at the 2015 Classic Rock Awards in December. Watch Grohl's performance here.

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Five Finger Death Punch Release 'My Nemesis' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Five Finger Death Punch have released a video for their track My Nemesis. It's taken from their latest album, Got Your Six, which was launched last year.

Guitarist Zoltan Bathory says of the song: "Everyone has a nemesis. It can be anything - a self-defeating thinking pattern, a bad habit, an addiction, an adversary. Something or someone that puts you in an impossible scenario. Sometimes there is no other choice but making a hard choice. You can give up and just suffer the situation, or you can use your pain to overcome it, as pain is truly the wind in the sails of change.

"We wanted to present a story about moving on, a story that probes and questions compassion and loyalty. Those are beautiful notions. But remember you have to be loyal and fair to yourself as well.

"So, will you sacrifice yourself for another or will you live with the guilt that you didn't?" Watch the video here.

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Alternative Version Of Nirvana's 'Marigold' Goes Online

(Radio.com) An alternative version of "Marigold," which Nirvana recorded while working on In Utero has surfaced online. A YouTube user by the name of RareNirvana made the track available.

It features Kera Schaley on cello, and has a slightly softer feel than the "Marigold" released as a b-side to "Heart-Shaped Box." "Marigold" features Dave Grohl on vocals with Kurt Cobain lending harmony to the track.

Grohl originally wrote the song for his 1992 solo project Pocketwatch, recorded under the pseudonym Late! (via Consequence of Sound). The band later recorded it while they were working on In Utero.

In the alternative version, Grohl counts down the beat before messing up and cursing, "Oh s-." Without any further word, the band plays the song with Grohl softly singing. Listen here.

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Iron Maiden Preview Legacy Of The Beast Video Game

(Classic Rock) Iron Maiden have released a trailer for their upcoming Legacy Of The Beast video game. No release date has been given for the game which will feature on iOS and Android, but the trailer depicts the cover artwork of classic Maiden single Run To The Hills - with the band's mascot Eddie battling the devil.

Legacy Of The Beast is being developed by Vancouver-based Roadhouse Interactive. They've been working with Maiden's management firm Phantom Music Management and have been given access to the band's back catalogue.

Roadhouse CEO James Hursthouse said: "As a lifelong fan, I have always thought that Maiden's music, lyrics and cast of characters would provide the perfect basis for a deep RPG experience.

"With this game we're creating an outstanding RPG that will appeal to all mobile gamers, including those discovering Maiden for the first time." Watch the trailer here.

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Former Guns N' Roses Star Doesn't Have A 'Bad Word To Say' About Axl

(Classic Rock) Former Guns N' Roses guitarist DJ Ashba has admitted it was sometimes "difficult" to work with Axl Rose but says the frontman always treated him like gold and he's grateful for his six years in the band.

He bowed out last year to focus on Sixx:AM, before Rose confirmed that classic-era guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan were returning to the lineup.

Asked to draw a comparison between Rose and notoriously-moody rapper Kanye West, Ashba tells SiriusXM: "It got difficult here and there. He's definitely, definitely a unique character."

But he continues: "I had the best time of my life doing it. I'm grateful. He has a very tight-knit circle and I was fortunate enough to be part of that. And he's always treated me like gold.

"I have not a bad word to say. Although I do know if you cross him he can turn more into the Kanye side of things." Listen the full interview here.

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The Rides Announce Sophomore Album 'Pierced Arrow'

(Classic Rock) Stephen Stills, Barry Goldberg and Kenny Wayne Shepherd will release their second album as The Rides on May 6. Pierced Arrow follows 2013 debut Can't Get Enough, and a US tour will tie in with the launch.

Goldberg says: "I love the first album - but this one is even better because it reflects how we're evolving into a real band. The chemistry is just so good between the three of us. We all have so much respect for each other.

"When we recorded the first album, we knew it wasn't just a one shot deal. But along the way, and through touring, we actually found out just how well we played together." Read more here.

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Joe Bonamassa Expands Salute To The British Blues Explosion Tour

(Classic Rock) Joe Bonamassa has extended his Salute To The British Blues Explosion tour. In January he announced the run of shows focusing on the work of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.

Bonamassa explained the focus of the tour "If it wasn't for certain British musicians of the early 1960s, the blues may never have exploded into rock music as we know it today - and indeed may have passed into history."

Now he's extended the tour with additional dates in Ireland and Europe. Tickets go on sale at 9am on March 4 (Friday) with a fan presale available 48 hours earlier. See the dates here.

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Sabaton Release Live 'Swedish Pagans' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Sabaton have released a performance video of Swedish Pagans from their upcoming live package Heroes On Tour. The DVD/CD and Blu-ray/CD set presents footage from a tour in support of their seventh album, 2014's Heroes, with the Swedish outfit captured live during a pair of 2015 appearances at Sabaton Open Air and Wacken Open Air.

The Wacken footage of Swedish Pagans is the third preview of the bundle ahead of its release on March 4 via Nuclear Blast. Previous clips were Resist And Bite and Carolus Rex.

Bassist Par Sundstrom donned his best pirate gear to pass along a video message to fans. He says: "Hello UK. I hope that you have not missed that we are coming on tour. It's pretty weird that I'm dressed as a pirate drinking rum, but on the other hand, we're touring with Alestorm so why the hell not. Hope to see you all there." Watch the video here.

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Walter Trout Announces US, UK and European Tour Dates

(Classic Rock) Walter Trout has announced tour dates in the US, Europe and the UK - and he's described the act of playing live as an essential part of his healing process.

The music veteran is continuing to perform material from latest album Battle Scars, written about his brush with death while waiting for a liver transplant in 2014.

Trout says: "The songs come out a little bit different each night, as I feed off inspiration from the audience. It's still therapeutic to play these songs about my journey to death's door and back. Each time I share them with a live audience, I heal a little bit more." See the dates here.

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Rainbow Singer's Lords Of Black Stream New Song 'Ghost Of You'

(Classic Rock) Lords Of Black have made Ghost Of You available to stream. The metal outfit fronted by new Rainbow singer Ronnie Romero are to release their second album II on March 18.

The band made their track Everything You're Not available to stream last month. Guitarist Tony Hernando said: "The new album, being the follow-up to a first record that was so greatly received, had to get to a higher place.

"After an intense year of writing and producing, along with the live performances, we came up with songs that are still deep and complicated in some arrangements, but have been written with the live performance in mind."

Romero was handpicked by guitar icon Ritchie Blackmore last year for Rainbow's 2016 summer shows. The band are scheduled to perform in Birmingham, UK, and the Gods Of Rock festival in Germany. Stream the song here.

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King Crimson Announce First Live Album Featuring Current Lineup

(Prog) King Crimson will release their first live album featuring the current lineup in September, the band have confirmed. It's headed up with the launch of an official bootleg, available via his label DGMLive now as a download, and on March 17 as a double-CD edition. Mainman Robert Fripp has overseen the "fabbo-to-the-max" performance selection. A free download of Easy Money can be accessed via the sales page.

The recordings all feature Fripp, Jakko Jakszyk, Mel Collins and Tony Levin plus drummers Gavin Harrison, Bill Rieflin and Pat Mastelotto. DGM say: "How about a full live album gathering together the complete King Crimson setlist compiled from numerous nights and selected performances? In response to overwhelming demand for video of the group's shows, the multi-disc set will come with selected in-concert footage."

The bootleg that's now on sale was recorded at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto, Canada, on November 20 last year. It's described as "a superb example of the band in full-flight," and "features some of the best-loved pieces in King Crimson's catalogue, as well as new material such as Radical Action To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind and Meltdown." Read more including the tracklist here.

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Amorphis Release 'The Four Wise One' Video

(Prog) Amorphis have released a video for their track The Four Wise One exclusively with TeamRock. It features on their latest album Under The Red Cloud and it's been launched to mark the Finnish outfit's upcoming European tour.

Guitarist Esa Holopainen had the following to say to TeamRock: "The Under The Red Cloud tour hits the lands of Robin Hood, classic rock, haggis, football and pubs.

"We're looking forward to these dates as we got such good feedback from the show that we did supporting Nightwish at Wembley Arena. Check out our latest video - it was filmed in Amsterdam during the tour with Nightwish and Arch Enemy at the end of 2015." Watch the video here.

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Suicide Silence Reissuing The Cleansing On Vinyl

(TeamRock Radio) Suicide Silence are to relaunch 2007's The Cleansing on vinyl - in time for Record Store Day on April 16. The album is to be pressed on transparent orange vinyl and includes two bonus tracks, A Dead Current and Destruction Of A Statue.

Suicide Silence released EP Sacred Words last year. Frontman Eddie Hermida previously hinted that he'd like to have a rap-metal flavour on the band's next record.

Hermida said: "It'd be cool to re-touch the whole rap-metal thing. It's something I grew up with, and I feel like in that era, the people who were rapping with metal weren't that good. It was subpar rappers." Read more here.

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Chickenfoot Announce One Off Reunion Show

(Kampaign) Chickenfoot have announced that they will reunite for the first time in over six years for a one-time show that will be taking place on Saturday, May 7 at Harrah's Lake Tahoe. We were sent the following details:

The supergroup featuring Sammy Hagar (vocals), Chad Smith (drums) and Michael Anthony (bass), Joe Satriani (guitar), plan to rock the concert event with some of their biggest hits from Chickenfoot and Chickenfoot III including "Sexy Little Thing," "Big Foot," "Oh Yeah" and more.

Their last performance together was during a surprise 3-song encore at Sammy Hagar's 2014 Birthday Bash in Las Vegas, the concert on May 7 in Tahoe will be the first time in over 6 years that the band will reunite for an entire concert.

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The Who To Make First Late Night TV Appearance In Almost 50 Years

The Who will be launching their first full band U.S. talk show performance in almost 50 years when they hit the stage of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Friday, March 4 at 11:35 PM (ET/PT).

The legendary rock band last appeared on U.S. late night television way back in 1967 when they were featured on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.

The Who are making the appearance to promote the rescheduled North American leg of The Who Hits 50! Tour which kicked off this past weekend and runs until May 29th. See the remaining dates here.

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Society 1 Release 'I Can't Feel' Video

Society 1 has released a music video for their song "I Can't Feel" which was directed by frontman Matt Zane and comes from their album "Rise From The Dead".

Zane directed and edited the clip via his Lord Zane Productions (John 5, Wayne Static, Zakk Wylde, DMC, Orgy) and had the following to say, "When I direct our own videos it's always a challenge considering I have to jump in front and behind the camera. This video was the most difficult out of all the Society 1 videos because not only did I have to perform but imagine what was going on in the scene.

"Everything was done on green screen so I was just trying to think about what it was supposed to look like. When I brought it into editing the real challenge began attempting to create what I envisioned. A very cool creative experience.

"We're going to concentrate in the realm of complete manifestations of worlds and environments for further video's to bring the music that much farther. We want every sound and visual to really capture the full spectrum of the viewers imagination." Watch the video here.

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Ill Nino Announce 15 Years Of Revolution Tour

Ill Nino have announced that they will be launching their 15 Years of Revolution tour across North American this spring to celebrate the anniversary of their debut album.

The band will be playing the album in full at each show along with other tracks from their catalog. They be supported on the trek by Bobaflex and Terror Universal, Shattered Sun, Saint Diablo and Voodoo Terror Tribe will appear on select dates.

The 45-city tour is scheduled to kick off on May 5th in West Hollywood, CA at The Whisky A Go Go and will conclude on June 25th in Santa Ana, CA at Malone's.

Frontman Cris Machado had the following to say, "Nearly two decades later, onward we march to the sound of the war drums. It's safe to say we owe it all to our fans. For our first 10 tours, Revolution, Revolución songs were all we played. Sadly a lot of our debut album went unperformed for many years thereafter, so now's your chance to hear it again!" See the tour dates here.

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Uli Jon Roth Launches Ultimate Guitar Experience Tour

Uli Jon Roth kicked off his "Ultimate Guitar Experience" tour of North America this past Friday night in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We were sent over the following details:

set will draw from a combination of all of his albums, including the latest, Scorpions Revisited, and Transcendental Sky Guitar, but will also emphasize select Electric Sun songs in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the first Electric Sun album, Earthquake. These songs have not been performed live by Uli Jon Roth in over 30 years.

"I'm happy to say that there will be two great fellow guitarists on tour with me this time: none other than the fabulous Jennifer Batten and the very talented Andy Timmons," states Uli Jon Roth. "Together we'll be celebrating the spirit of our favorite instrument: The Electric Guitar! I'm really looking forward to this tour and I'm sure that between the three of us - and the audience - sparks will fly (positive ones, of course)! We will all play our own separate sets first and then play some pieces together, which should be great fun!"
See the tour dates here.

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Nergal Previews His New Solo Blues Album

(TeamRock Radio) Adam 'Nergal' Darski has offered fans a taste of his upcoming blues debut, which is tentatively due out in September. He's released two video clips from the album recording sessions after the Behemoth frontman revealed his blues, country and folk side-project earlier this month.

He said: "I'm just jamming stuff for Behemoth now. I got this other band going now and I wanna wrap up the record in March and maybe have it out in September this year.

"It's not metal, it's blues, country and folk. It's very new for me, I'm singing also. I need to get it out of my system. It's a different approach but it's very dark." Check out the previews here.

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Convulse Stream New Song 'God Is You'

(TeamRock Radio) Convulse have released a lyric video for their track God Is You. The Finnish death metal outfit have lifted the track from their upcoming record Cycle Of Revenge, which will be issued on March 18. It's the follow-up to 2013's Evil Prevails, their first release following the band's 18-year split in 1994.

Guitarist and vocalist Rami Jamsa told Tough Riffs: "I've always try to keep music on a high level. I knew that next time I'd want to push the band over the limits and challenge ourselves even more.

"My main target is always keep our music interesting for ourselves. We have gone further from our old-school roots. Groove, dynamic, spacey metal is the name of the game this time." Check out the new song here.

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Dillinger Escape Plan and Asking Alexandria To Rock Reading and Leeds

(TeamRock Radio) Dillinger Escape Plan and Asking Alexandria have been confirmed for the Pit Stage at this year's Reading and Leeds festivals. They'll join Parkway Drive and Nothing But Thieves along with bill-toppers the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the weekend of August 26-28 at the twin events.

Also announced for the Pit Stage are Fearless Vampire Killers, Creeper, Citizen, Dead! and Tim Commerford's latest outfit Wakrat. Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes and Sleeping With Sirens have also been announced for the Main Stage.

Commerford says: "I can't believe that Wakrat will be playing Reading and Leeds this year. It's a blessing to play and introduce my new passion to a part of the world that has been so good to me and has some of the most incredible fans. We hope to win more over."

Creeper add: "We are incredibly excited to be playing Reading and Leeds. Members of our band have been attending these festivals since we were kids, it is an incredible honour to have been asked to play and we promise a very special show." See the full lineup here.

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Former Touchstone Singer Kim Seviour Releasing New Song

(Prog) Former Touchstone singer Kim Seviour has announced that she'll release a solo single entitled Fantasise To Realise on her birthday. She's been working with White Star Records - the new label set up by John Mitchell and Chris Hillman following her departure from her old band.

And the first taste of her new material will be the single which is set for release on March 7. Seviour tells Prog: "I love Fantasise To Realise. It's completely different to anything I've ever performed before, and it's a fun, brilliantly nostalgic and uplifting tune.

"It won't be on the album as it doesn't fit with the style I'll be going for, but one of the things that I love about being signed to White Star is that I can just try out new styles for the sheer enjoyment of it. For me, that's what performing music is all about."

She continues: "I really hope that Prog readers find the track as enjoyable as I have." Check out the song teaser here.

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Sylosis Streaming 'Different Masks On The Same Face'

(TeamRock Radio) Sylosis have released a stream of their track Different Masks On The Same Face. They've launched it to mark the start of their upcoming UK tour with Decapitated, which is scheduled to get underway on March 2 at Bristol's Marble Factory.

Frontman Josh Middleton had the following to say of the trek: "We're extremely excited - it's great to finally be playing a full-length set for our very patient UK fans.

"With this package I think it's really worth the wait. We've been huge Decapitated fans since the time Nihility came out. Just getting to watch them every night is going to be awesome." Stream the song here.

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The Word Alive Announce European Tour

(TeamRock Radio) The Word Alive are set to play a run of shows in Europe and the UK. The band are currently touring North America, but will play a run of European dates before hitting the UK for the Slam Dunk festivals and a headline London show.

The Word Alive will release their fourth album Dark Matter on March 18. Frontman Tyler 'Telle' Smith said: "Dark Matter is the result of our most in-depth writing and recording session we've done, and is something we consider to be our most dynamic and expansive album to date.

"This record completely defines and expresses who we are, and where we are going, taking the listener to the darkest and most honest places our band has dared to venture." See all of the upcoming dates here.

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Necronomicon Release 'Crown Of Thorns' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Necronomicon have released a video for their track Crown Of Thorns. It features on the Montreal-based black metal outfit's latest album Advent Of The Human God, out on March 18 via Season Of Mist.

The 11-track follow-up to 2013's Rise Of The Elder Ones includes a cover of Celtic Frost's Innocence And Wrath and features Rob 'The Witch' on guitars and vocals, Mars on bass and Rick on drums.

Advent Of The Human God is available for pre-order direct from Season Of Mist. Check out the online stream of the new "Crown Of Thorns" music video here.

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Al Jourgensen Announces Surgical Meth Machine Debut Album

(TeamRock Radio) Al Jourgensen's Surgical Meth Machine will release their self-titled debut album on April 15 via Nuclear Blast. Jourgensen recorded the project at his home studio in Burbank, California, with longtime engineer Sam D'Ambruoso.

The industrial metal veteran reveals how he has moved on to create new music under a new brand following the 2013 release of Ministry's final album, From Beer To Eternity.

Jourgensen tells In The Loop magazine: "Guitarist Mikey Scaccia died a couple of years ago, from Ministry, and I just figured, like, nah, it's time to quit. I don't want to have John Bonham's kid playing drums for us and having replacement parts forever - that's just not my scene. So I figured, 'All right, let's stop this. Let's do some other stuff.'

"I understand it's not a real commercial project for us, it's not gonna put bank in my wallet, but it was a lot of fun to do, in the sense of not having the constraints of the expectations of what you've done for 20 years." Read more here.

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Singled Out: Jackie Venson's Next Life

Indie/blues star Jackie Venson tells us the story behind her latest single "Next Life", which she released earlier this year. Here is the story: So there I was on hour 3 of the 9-hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany on my way to Berlin. It was during this hour that it hit me, "oh goodness I am really far away from home."

I felt crazy, as though I didn't know how far away this was when I bought the tickets, why did I do such a thing? However, by the 5th hour of the flight the voice in my head had finally convinced me, "Jackie, you're doing this for music and you're doing this to fill that gap." I took a deep breath and calmly played Bejeweled until I fell asleep.

"That gap", in case some are wondering, is what inspired the song 'Next Life.' I have always been one to crush hard. When I get a gut feeling in my stomach about a guy, that feeling stubbornly sticks around until all possibilities of making it work have turned to impossibilities. This is how I have always been, and I suppose it means when I finally find the right man, I will love him deeply. I suppose this is a good thing but not when my heart is trapped in a crush for months, making it hard for me to get through my day. That's how the crush I had on an unavailable man eventually drove me to write a song about it. I had gone out to get away from my own thoughts and I ran into this crush of mine at a bar with his longtime girlfriend. (Great, I drove here to get away and ran into the very thing I was trying to get away from.) What was crazy about this random meeting is that it was as if his lady knew how I felt about him, even though I was acting completely civil and appropriate. She could see right through me and proceeded to taunt me the way Regina George taunted Cady in Mean Girls. She flaunted him and was all over him, to the point where he was actually acting a tad uncomfortable. I went home and I wrote Next Life that same night.

A month later I flew to Germany for a tour I had set up for myself. If I can't be with the man I want to be with, I'm just going to run away. I'm going to fill my life with music until I find another man to love. As for all of my past crushes, see you in the next life!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about Jackie right here!

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