Day in Rock Report for 05/30/2016

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Metallica's New Album Will Be Done This Summer

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich says in a new interview that the band's new album, the follow up to their 2008 effort "Death Magnetic," will be done this summer but cautioned fans that he is not sure if it will actually be released this year.

Ulrich gave the following updates to Metal Forces, "We're now coming towards the end of the musical creative process and we're starting to look ahead and the process of how we're gonna share this record with the universe. The month of June is basically when we're gonna sit down and figure what we're gonna do with it all; what we're gonna call it and what's gonna be on it."

"Greg Fidelman is 24/7 on this record and has been since last summer. He's doing an insanely great job and has been putting his heart and soul in it pretty much every waking moment of his life in helping us engineer and produce this record".

"If the record doesn't come out this year then it won't be because it's not done. It will be because there's some sort of cosmic reason that it would be smarter to hold onto it until next year. But the record will be done this summer".

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Video From AC/DC With Axl Rose's Switzerland Show Goes Online

(hennemusic) Guns N' Roses icon Axl Rose performed with AC/DC on the Rock Or Bust tour in Berne, Switzerland on May 29 and video from the concert has surfaced online.

It's the 8th date on AC/DC's spring tour of Europe, which kicked off with the debut of Rose in Lisbon on May 7 at center stage in place of Brian Johnson, who stepped aside from live performances in March on the advice of doctors in order to prevent further damage to his hearing.

Rose is on board for AC/DC's 13-date European spring tour and will rejoin the band sometime later this year for the to-be-rescheduled US Rock Or Bust dates.

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young says the band is thrilled with Rose's performances. "He's doing very well," says guitarist Angus Young. "I mean, under the situation that we had, it was very good that he volunteered and said, 'Hey, if I can help, let me try.' So he's been very good. And he had to learn a lot of songs very quickly, and he's done a great job.

"We were committed to finishing this tour, so that's been our main goal. And Axl helping usI know he's very excited; he keeps saying 'can he do more'?

"But we don't really know at the end how we will [go from here]. But we wanna get this tour, which we were committed to doing, we wanted to finish what we started." Check out video from the show here.

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B.B King's Children In Heated Battle Over His Estate

(The Blues) B.B King's 11 children are waging war over the singer's multi-million dollar estate. The blues icon died last year aged 89. His passing sparked allegations from his daughters, Karen Williams, Patty King and Rita Washington, that his manager LaVerne Toney and assistant Myron Johnson had poisoned him. The claims were investigated by police, who reached the conclusion that no foul play had been involved in King's death.

Johnson - the half-brother of Williams, but not the son of King - then launched legal action against the sisters, laying seven charges including defamation, slander, libel and conspiracy.

The bluesman's eldest daughter Shirley King tells The Hollywood Reporter: "LaVerne and Myron are controlling everything. They're fighting some of the kids with my dad's money - how stupid is that?"

Her half-sister Barbara adds: "The poisoning thing? Yeah, that was a rough time, there was a lot of hurt, but that situation will be cleared up in the end. We all support and love each other."

In a legal wrangle that began weeks after he died, the 11 surviving children continue to battle with King's appointed trustee, longtime business manager Toney, to reinstate a previous estate plan written in 2007 which promised them more money. Read more here.

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Latest News

Twisted Sister Star Criticizes Classic Bands For Releasing New Music

(Classic Rock) Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French says no one wants to hear old dogs trying new tricks. The guitarist describes classic groups who insist on playing material from their latest records live as "idiots" and "delusional."

French tells Goldmine: "Let's be honest. Any classic band that releases a new record is an idiot for playing it. I mean, they can justify it all they want but no one cares. Let me tell you, you're a bunch of stupid fools if you think that anyone gives a sh*t. They don't.

"They say they do, but they don't. Which is why most of these classic bands make a new album, go out on a tour, start out with five songs from the new record, after a few weeks there are two songs and then they just want to play that one new song and get it over with.

"Because no one knows it and no one gives a sh*t about it, and they're delusional to think they do." Read more here.

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Video From Hollywood Vampires' Rock In Rio Lisbon Set Goes Online

(hennemusic) Supergroup The Hollywood Vampires headlined at Rock In Rio in Lisbon, Portugal on Friday, May 27th and video from the band's set has been posted online.

The band topped a bill at the event's second weekend alongside Korn and Rival Sons, delivering a 21-song set that featured 3 originals and 18 covers of classic rock tracks by David Bowie, The Who, T. Rex, The Doors and Led Zeppelin, among others.

Led by the trio of Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Aerosmith's Joe Perry, the summer 2016 shows see Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots step in on bass for Guns N' Roses Duff McKagan due to his other commitements, and is rounded out by drummer Matt Sorum, guitarist Tommy Henriksen and multi-instrumentalist Bruce Witkin on piano, percussion and guitar.

"Here is a gang of friends who came together really by chance and over the last year we were finally able to wrangle our schedules and the energy just fell into place," says Perry. "Playing with this line up is like a dream come true. After seeing the reaction at Brazil's Rock In Rio 2015 in front of 100,000 fans, I know this band is going to tear the house down. Hell, I would want to be in the audience to see us rip it up."

Cooper recently confirmed that The Hollywood Vampires have begun working on a follow-up to their 2015 self-titled debut, which featured a collection of covers of tracks by classic rock acts. Watch the video clips here.

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Attack On Teen Goth Deemed A Hate Crime By Police

(TeamRock Radio) Police in Nottinghamshire are treating an attack on a teenage goth as a hate crime. Ryan Winnals, 19, was so badly beaten by a gang of youths outside a Tesco store in Huthwaite on May 21 that he was left unconscious and ended up needing Surgery.

Nottinghamshire Police is the 11th UK police force to treat attacks on members of subcultures as hate crimes, thanks to tireless campaigning by Sylvia Lancaster - the mother of murdered goth Sophie Lancaster.

Ryan tells the BBC: "It all happened so fast. I was just leaning against the wall, sat on my phone, looking at something. I put my phone away, looked up, the next thing I know is I'm getting hit."

Nottinghamshire Police are appealing for witnesses to the attack, which took place at around 4pm. Read more here.

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The Strokes Preview New EP 'Future Past Present'

(TeamRock Radio) The Strokes have previewed their upcoming EP Future Past Present. It's the band's first release since their 2013 album Comedown Machine, and is due out on June 3.

Songs they've made available to stream include Oblivius, Drag Queen and Threat Of Joy. They can be heard on Spotify. In a video interview shared by their record label, drummer Fab Moretti says:

"One thing that I love about being in this band is that I feel like I'm constantly surprised and excited to see what comes up next. One thing that I've learnt from working with other people every once in a while, is that I don't have the level of trust that I have with them with anybody else." Watch the video here.

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Ozzy Osbourne Helps Hometown Children's Hospital

(Classic Rock) Ozzy Osbourne visited a children's hospital in his hometown of Birmingham to help raise funds for a new specialist unit. The Black Sabbath frontman was at Birmingham Children's Hospital to show support for their Star Appeal which aims to raise 3.65million to build the UK's first Rare Diseases Centre for children.

Ozzy tells Birmingham Updates: "My son Louis was in Birmingham Children's Hospital for quite a while as a child and the staff took such good care of him, something which I will always remember.

"They do amazing work for kids and I'm really pleased to drop in and once again show my support for the Star Appeal. It'll be a national centre that will help families not only in my hometown, but also across the country." Read more here.

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Nonpoint Reveal New Song 'Generation Idiot'

(TeamRock Radio) Nonpoint have released a lyric video for their song Generation Idiot. The song is lifted from their forthcoming record The Poison Red, which is due out on July 8.

Frontman Elias Soriano says of the song: "Over the past five years, I began to notice people, myself included, getting lost in a few of the simple things - life, art, passions. Everything became a reality TV blog with pictures and comments, likes and dislikes, online bullies and online tough guys.

"No one is talking anymore. Everything is texts, emails, replies and denies. They're all anchors. They all suck the life out of life. It creates zombies with unhinged appetites. It's a real zombie apocalypse and, motherf***er, I'm grabbing a machete and a shotgun." Check out the new song here.

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Wolverine Streaming New Song 'Our Last Goodbye'

(Prog) Wolverine have released a stream of their track Our Last Goodbye. It features on their upcoming album Machina Viva, which is due out on July 8. It'll be their first release with label Laser's Edge/Sensory.

Singer Stefan Zell tells Revolver: "It's one of my favourite Wolverine songs to date. I just loved the music the guys came up with. When it was time for me to write the lyrics I was in the middle of divorcing the mother of my children whom I had lived together with for almost 13 years. It was quite natural that this song dealt with all of that stuff.

"I'm not emotionally in the same place today as I was back when the lyrics was written during the first half of 2014 - but it's nice to have this song to look back upon and remember the emotions I was going through then." Check out the new song and read more here.

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer Career-Spanning Anthology Coming

(Prog) BMG have announced plans to release the first three Emerson, Lake & Palmer albums along with a career-spanning 39-track anthology this summer.

The band's 1970 self-titled debut, 1971's Tarkus and Pictures At An Exhibition from the same year, along with Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The Anthology, will launch on July 29.

The band's debut will be issued on 2CD, which will include a remastered version of the original album along with an alternative take with bonus tracks. Steven Wilson was brought in for the stereo mix in 2012.

Tarkus will also be issued on 2CD and features the original remastered record plus a Steven Wilson stereo mix with additional songs. Pictures At An Exhibition features a new remix of the album and a live performance recorded at the Lyceum Ballroom, London, on December 9, 1970. Read more here.

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The Answer Finish Work On New Album 'Solas'

(TeamRock Radio) The Answer have completed work on their new album Solas. The Northern Irish rock band will release the follow-up to last year's Raise A Little Hell on October 14. It has been produced by Andy Bradfield and Avril Macintosh, who previously worked on their 2006 album Rise.

Frontman Cormac Neeson says: "All I will say about this record is that it's a journey and one we've never really taken before so prepare yourselves for a few surprises.

"But don't worry they are ridiculously good surprises - well I think so anyway. We'll be giving you a few tasters of what's to come when we take to the stage this summer." Read more here.

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Unlocking The Truth Release 'Monster' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Unlocking The Truth have released a video for their track Monster. The song is taken from the band's upcoming debut album Chaos, released on June 17 via Tunecore and available now for pre-order.

Frontman Malcolm Brickhouse says: "We can't wait for everyone to hear our album. We've worked very hard to give the fans something they'll love and never forget.

"We hope they are able to relate to the songs the way that we do and have the time of their lives listening to them. We know that this album will blow you guys away."

The band were the subject of the film Breaking A Monster, about their dispute with Sony. Read more and watch the new video here.

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Van Zant Release 'Red White & Blue' Lyric Video

(Classic Rock) Van Zant have released a lyric video for their track Red White & Blue. It's taken from the Lynyrd Skynyrd and .38 Special brothers Johnny and Donnie Van Zant's upcoming album Red White & Blue: Live.

The performance was captured at the pair's show show in Valdosta, Georgia, in 2006. It was recorded by Donnie's longtime bandmate Larry Junstrom. The track originally appeared on Lynyrd Skynyrd's 2003 offering Vicious Cycle and was written by the Van Zants along with Brad and Brett Warren.

Donnie Van Zant said of the album: "The plan was always to enjoy ourselves and have fun and this recording captures a moment when we had a great night." Read more and watch the video here.

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Mastodon QOSTA Supergroup Gone is Gone Release New Video

(TeamRock Radio) Gone Is Gone have released a video for their track 'Starlight.' The band consists of Mastodon singer and bassist Troy Sanders, At The Drive-In drummer Tony Hajjar, Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, and guitarist and keyboardist Mike Zarin.

Last month, the band released a music a video for the song "Violescent." Both tracks feature on their debut self-titled album, which is out on July 8 via Rise Records.

Sanders previously said: "We have been holding on to this music far too long. The gestation period has to end. Doctor's orders, we must birth this band into the world now.

"The vibe from day one was, and has been, very therapeutic and refreshing for me. The chemistry was immediate. I can only dedicate myself to something that rewards me purely, and we are all in this for the right reasons." Watch the new video here.

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Former Candy Hearts Tour Manager Denies Abuse Claims

(TeamRock Radio) The man accused of "physically and emotionally" abusing Candy Hearts singer Marial Loveland says she fabricated her story as a result of bipolar disorder.

Former Candy Hearts tour manager Zach Chad has given a lengthy response to Loveland's claims in a statement given to Alternative Press, and he denies that he ever harmed the vocalist, while revealing that the pair dated for "several months."

Loveland alleged in a lengthy Tumblr post that the abuse took place 10 months ago and said she is now "terrified" to attend gigs as a result. But Chad insists her claims are lies and that after the couple broke off their relationship, Loveland repeatedly tried to get back together with him.

He adds that when he opted to stop working with Candy Hearts, Loveland became verbally and physically abusive towards him. Read his statement here.

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The Tubes Announce The Mondo Pulp Tour

(Noble) Veteran San Francisco rockers The Tubes have announced that they will be headed across the pond the fall to launch a UK trek that will be dubbed the Mondo Pulp Tour.

"We're thrilled to be coming back to the country that started it all for us," says the Tubes frontman Fee Waybill in the announcement. "I embrace my British heritage; the beer and the fish and chips and the best rock and roll fans in the world. The all-new Mondo Pulp Tour will be big fun!"

The festivities kick off at London's Under the Bridge (Oct 7), followed by Manchester Academy (October 8), The Great British Alternative Music Festival, Skegness (Oct 9), Bristol Fleece (Oct 11), Plymouth the Hub (Oct 12), Cardiff Globe (Oct 14), Brighton Concorde 2 (Oct 15), Southampton Brook (Oct 16), Wolverhampton Robin 2 (Oct 18), Holmfirth Picturedrome (Oct 20), Sage Gateshead (Oct 21), and Glasgow Art School (Oct 22).

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Discharge Reportedly Postpone U.S. Tour

Discharge were reportedly forced to postpone their U.S. headlining tour at the last minute for an undisclosed reason. The trek was scheduled to launch at the Maryland Deathfest in Baltimore, this past weekend.

The band had the following to say (via Lambgoat), "Due to circumstances beyond our control, our visas have been delayed and we are forced to postpone the immediately forthcoming tour dates in North America.

"FEAR NOT, however, as we are working diligently to reschedule these shows as QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, and we WILL fulfill all shows. All tickets will be honored. Please stand by as we will announce new performance dates in the next few days!"

At press time the band there was no statement on the band's Facebook page, but they were actively promoting shows this week. Organizers of the Maryland Deathfest had this to say on Thursday "There are rumors going around about the Discharge tour being cancelled.

"Despite asking for clarification, we have been left in the dark and still have not received an official statement about it from management. All we can tell you at this point is that they will not be playing MDF."

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Claypool Lennon Delirium Streaming Debut Album Online

(Prog) The Claypool Lennon Delirium have made their debut album available to stream in its entirety. The collaboration between Primus mainman Les Claypool and Sean Lennon is entitled Monolith Of Phobos and will be released on June 3.

The duo met when Lennon's Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger opened for Primus last year, leading to a backstage jam and the eventual birth of the new project.

Claypool tells Rolling Stone: "I use the metaphor that a musical interaction or jam is a conversation, and the best conversations are the ones that flow freely.

"It's an exchange of ideas as opposed to dictation. When Sean and I started playing, there was a good volley of ideas and it was like an interesting conversation." Read more and check out the album stream here.

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Ghost Preparing Fans For New Direction With Upcoming EP

(Classic Rock) Ghost's upcoming covers EP will help them experiment with the new direction they're taking for their next album, one of the band's Nameless Ghoul has revealed.

He says the as-yet-untitled record, due out this autumn, incorporates "different elements" so that fans can gradually get comfortable with the band's change in sound when they release the full-length follow-up to last year's Meliora.

The Ghoul tells No Brown M&Ms: "I'm not gonna throw stones at the show that we're doing right now, but this was definitely a baby format of what I had in mind.

"On an ideal night, at a big theatre, it looks okay - it's cool and it maximises the thing that we're doing. But I felt that we really need another chance to show what we can do if we have a bigger production on this cycle.

"Doing this covers EP is a little bit recreational in a way. It's also a good way for us to incorporate elements. If you hear the EP, don't think that, 'Oh, the next album is gonna sound exactly like this,' but that is a good way for us to sneak in elements. You might hear a synth sound like this on the next record, but not as evident." Read more here.

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L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat Members Form New Group

(Classic Rock) Members of LA Guns, Faster Pussycat and White Lion have teamed up to form supergroup Angels In Vein. The band have released a teaser clip featuring their track 1973.

The group consists of former LA Guns pair, vocalist Chris VanDahl and guitarist Stacey Blades, ex Faster Pussycat bassist Eric Stacy, White Lion drummer Troy Patrick Farrell along with guitarist Todd 'Taz' Anthony.

VanDahl tells Sleaze This City: "When we decided to do this whole thing, we thought about what we liked most about the music we listened to. Then decided to compose the best possible songs." Check out the teaser clip here.

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Katatonia Streaming New Album 'The Fall Of Hearts' Online

(Prog) Katatonia have released an online stream of their brand new 10th album The Fall Of Hearts in full along with a bonus track teaser. The follow-up to 2012's Dead End Kings was released earlier this month via Peaceville. It's their first with guitarist Roger Ojersson and drummer Daniel 'Mojjo' Moilanen.

Frontman Jonas Renkse said this week: "This recording was actually one of the smoothest we have had so far. The vision was strong and we all worked hard to reach the goal that we had set up for ourselves."

The teaser included in the stream includes clips from Vakaren, Sistere and Wide Awake In Quietus, which are variously available in extended versions of The Fall Of Hearts. Katatonia tour Europe and South America in the coming months. Check out the album stream here.

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