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Slash's Guitar From First Guns N' Roses Show For Sale

(Classic Rock) A guitar played by Slash during the early days of Guns N' Roses is expected to fetch up to $80,000 at auction. The metallic red BC Rich Warlock guitar goes under the hammer at Julien's Auctions in Los Angeles on November 5.

Slash bought the guitar in 1984 from the Hollywood Music Store in West Hollywood and used it live for the first time at Madame Wong's West in Santa Monica, California, on June 16 of that year where he performed with pre-GNR group Hollywood Rose alongside Alx Rose and Steven Adler.

He later used it during the first ever Guns N' Roses show with the classic line up of Rose, Adler, Izzy Stradlin and Duff McKagan at the Troubadour in West Hollywood on June 6, 1985.

Slash has signed the body of the guitar and also drawn his signature skull and crossbones logo and written "R&Fn R." It comes with a letter of authenticity also signed by Slash. Read more here.

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Of Mice & Men's Austin Carlile Hospitalized

(Metal Hammer) Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlile has been admitted to hospital after the band were forced to cancel the remainder of their European tour this week

Carlile underwent life-changing heart surgery following complications from the genetic disorder, Marfans last year. But he'll now undergo further tests after reporting that it was "unsafe for me to continue on in this state of health" while on the road.

Carlile says: "As most of you know, I battle daily with a rare fibrostic connective tissue disorder called Marfan syndrome. Due to recent issues arising from this, we have cancelled the remainder of our European tour.

"It breaks my heart but the band and myself have decided it was unsafe for me to continue on in this state of health. I'm being admitted to Stanford University hospital where my specialists have been informed and are prepared to figure out what exactly is wrong.

"I will remain there as long as needed to run tests and come up with an assessment of what exactly is causing my body and heart to seize up." Read more here.

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Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Vs Disruptive Fan

(Metal Hammer) Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine made an example of what he called a "pile of sh*t" fan who interrupted him during a gig. Mustaine was introducing the song Holy Wars…The Punishment Due during Megadeth's show at the iWireless Center in Moline, Illinois, when a fan shouted out as he was speaking.

Clearly unhappy at having to stop what he was saying, Mustaine tells the audience: "Okay, everybody, I'm gonna wait until this a**hole is done talking."

Addressing the man directly, Mustaine continues: "No, go ahead. Whatever you've gotta say is more important than what I've gotta say. Go ahead. No, don't act like a kiss-ass now. Talk or shut the f*** up."

Before continuing his story, Mustaine adds: "What a turd. Okay, so, like I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by this pile of sh*t..." Watch video here.

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Pantera Stream Alternate Versions Of Classic Tracks

(Metal Hammer) Early mixes of Pantera tracks Drag The Waters and Floods have been made available to stream. The two songs are lifted from The Great Southern Outtakes, an LP containing previously unreleased tracks. It launches on October 21, along with the 20th anniversary edition of The Great Southern Trendkill.

The Great Southern Trendkill is a two-disc reissue collection which includes a remastered version of the 1996 record, alongside a disc of unreleased tracks, instrumental recordings and rough mixes.

The set also contains three live tracks War Nerve, Suicide Note Pt II and Sandblasted Skin, which were recorded at the Dynamo festival in Holland in 1998.

Late guitarist Dimebag Darrell previously said one of his favorite things about his solo on Floods is bassist Rex Brown "playing behind it." Read more and listen to the tracks here.

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Trivium's New Album Coming Next Year

(Metal Hammer) Trivium's Corey Beaulieu says their next album will be launched in 2017. The guitarist says there's "no shortage" of material, as they've been writing since before the launch of 2015's Silence In The Snow - but they still need to work out a timeline.

He tells Soundwave Brigade: "We're always working on new music. We've been writing even before Silence came out - ideas are always popping up. By the time we get done touring, we've already got the jist of what we're going to go into the studio with. We have a lot of material. There's no shortage of that.

"Now it's working out scheduling with producers, studios, the whole timeline of pre-production and songwriting. We should be able to get into rehearsal space to jam everything and get it to where it sounds like a bunch of songs." Read more here.

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Alice Cooper's Band Releasing Their Own Album

(Classic Rock) Alice Cooper's band will release their own record without the frontman, they've revealed. Guitarists Tommy Henriksen, Nita Strauss and drummer Glen Sobel say the album was recorded in hotel rooms using computers - with Sobel insisting that spending "crazy amounts of money" and working in studios to make music is "old-school."

He tells One On One with Mitch Lafon: "It's all of us in the Alice band minus Alice. We've been chipping away at this. It's not quite done, but it's getting there.

"I think the most cool, amazing thing about this is that it will demonstrate how you can make a record on basically almost no budget. We've used Pro Tools, we've been recording guitars, vocals in hotel rooms.

"I spent just one day in a real studio knocking out drums in Los Angeles. People don't have to spend crazy amounts of money on making records these days - that's so old-school."

Sobel continues: "If you've got a good set of gear, if you can tune your instruments well and sing in tune and play well, and have a good producer's ear, you can make a decent record." Read more here.

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Rik Emmett Streams New Song Featuring Dream Theater's James LaBrie

(hennemusic) Rik Emmett is streaming his new song "I Sing", which is a track featuring Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie that is included on the former Triumph frontman's forthcoming album, "RES9."

"I've been extremely blessed and fortunate to meet so many great musicians and beautiful people throughout my career, and to have the opportunity to collaborate and record with some of them is really icing on the cake," says LaBrie, who also handles vocals on the tune "End Of The Line." "What a thrill it was to record with Rik, who is such an incredible musician and overall down-to-earth cool guy."

Due November 11, the project by Emmett and his touring band Resolution 9 - guitarist Dave Dunlop, bassist Steve Skingley and drummer Paul DeLong - delivers new music with the help of guest appearances by LaBrie, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, and a reunion with Triumph members Mike Levine and Gil Moore. Stream the song here.

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Korn Streaming New Song 'Take Me'

(Metal Hammer) Korn have made their new track "Take Me" available to stream. The song is taken from Korn's upcoming 12th album The Serenity Of Suffering, set for launch on October 21 via Roadrunner Records.

Korn feature in the upcoming issue of Metal Hammer magazine, which hits the streets on October 14 (Friday) and is available to TeamRock+ members now. In the interview, frontman Jonathan Davis says he focused on "the dark things in life" when penning lyrics for The Serenity Of Suffering.

He says: "I'm happy, I've got a family I love, and I love touring. But when I'm in those dark places and I suffer from depression, it seems like suffering is the place that's home for me.

"It's my familiar old friend, and when I'm happy it's kind of foreign for me. I'm a 45-year-old, and I'm not 16 anymore, but I'm not singing about high school.

"There's still challenges in life and this is my therapy. Half the time, I don't know what the f*** I'm writing about anyway. It's like, I'm 45, what the f*** do I have to bitch about? But it doesn't necessarily get any better." Stream the new song here.

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Testament Release 360 Degree 'Stronghold' Video

(Metal Hammer) Testament have released a 360 degree visualiser video for their track "Stronghold". It features on the US outfit's upcoming 11th album Brotherhood Of The Snake, which will launch on October 28 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Frontman Chuck Billy recently gave further details on the follow-up to 2012's Dark Roots Of Earth, saying it was inspired by alien sightings and a shady secret society.

Billy said: "This is a total different flavour conceptually to the last album. Some of our earlier pieces have been more personal stuff and in this we have a story and we have developed our imagery around it.

"So Brotherhood Of The Snake came about as I was fascinated with alien sightings from around the world over thousands of years and it makes you think if there is something out there, it opens your mind.

"That kind of opened up an initial door and then there was an article online that I read about the Brotherhood Of The Snake. This was a secret society that wanted to take down all religion.

"They were of the belief of having an alien king, and that humans were slaves to this alien king who used our minerals and gold that we mined. This was a good platform that created the story and all of themes of religion and power." Watch the video here.

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Clutch Extend North American Tour

(Classic Rock) Clutch have announced three North American dates which will take place after Christmas. Neil Fallon and co have been on the road in support of their 11th studio album Psychic Warfare, which launched in October 2015.

They were due to wrap up their current run of shows with their annual performance at Washington's 9:30 on December 27. But they'll now play extra dates in Bethlehem and Toronto, before a performance in Cleveland on New Year's Eve.

They'll be supported on the new dates by The Mike Dillon Band and Mariachi El Bronx. Frontman Fallon revealed earlier this year that the band wanted to avoid playing it safe with their music, adding: "There are artists who see success with a song then try different versions of that song for the rest of their career - and that sounds very depressing. I would rather take a risk and fail at it." Read more and see the dates here.

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Lemmy Pop Vinyl Figure Set For Release

(Classic Rock) Toy manufacturer Funko have announced that they'll release a Pop! Vinyl figure of Motorhead icon Lemmy later this year. The latest in the firm's Pop! Rocks series will launch on November 7.

The box features the Motorhead logo with a Jack Daniel's motif on the side, while the figure shows Lemmy wearing his trademark hat and boots, an Ace Of Spades t-shirt and holding a bass.

Funko have previously released figures of Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone, Johnny Rotten and Babymetal among others. Watch Unboxing Rocks reveal the figure in a video here.

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Stryper's To Hell with the Devil Tour Anniversary Tour Off To Big Start

Stryper report that they have seen record crowds at the first eight show of their 30th Anniversary To Hell with the Devil Tour which they kicked off last month.

The tour is scheduled to run until November 21st where it wraps up in Raleigh, NC at the City Limits Saloon and will be the last chance for fans to see them before they go on indefinite hiatus.

Frontman Michael Sweet shared his excitement about the trek so far, "We're only eight shows in and it's incredible. The fan response has been overwhelming. It's amazing that thirty years later, we're still here. And it's even more amazing that the fans are still here. We're totally humbled by it."

The tour features the band's trademark yellow and black costumes and includes two sets including the performance of the entire "To Hell With The Devil Album" as well as a second set featuring other hits and fan favorites. Check out the remaining dates here.

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Upon A Burning Body Release 'Already Broken' Video

(Metal Hammer) Upon A Burning Body have released a video for their new track Already Broken. The song comes from the San Antonio outfit's upcoming fourth album Straight From The Barrio, which will launch on October 28 via Sumerian Records.

It'll be their first studio release since 2014's The World Is My Enemy Now, which caused a stir when to promote the record, the band reported that vocalist Danny Leal had been kidnapped. The "publicity stunt" enraged label boss Ash Avildsen.

Avildsen said at the time: "As a child, we all learn the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf and it sticks within our consciousness for a reason. I do not condone this type of publicity stunt. This was done behind my back and I am not OK with it. In my eyes, there's never a time to use the possibility of real-life abduction, injury or murder of someone you care about to promote anything, especially an album.

"If you need to resort to that, then you have lost the plot. We as a society should have evolved past that way of thinking by now and especially within the rock/metal community, given all the tragedy that has happened in our world over the past few years." Watch the video here.

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Rob Zombie Explains How He Ended John Carpenter Feud

(Metal Hammer) Rob Zombie has confirmed that he and veteran filmmaker John Carpenter settled their differences quickly following a public war of words. Zombie directed a remake of Carpenter's 1978 horror movie Halloween in 2007, with the former White Zombie man claiming that the director was "very cold" towards him in documentary Halloween: The Inside Story.

That led Carpenter to call Zombie a "piece of sh*t" during an interview with film students. But last month, Carpenter reported the pair had buried the hatchet - a move Zombie has also now confirmed.

The singer tells Indie Wire: "It ended so quickly. Basically, I saw something online, and he was obviously upset about something I said. But I wasn't sure what it was, because I love John. I've got nothing bad to say about him.

"I was like, 'Oh my God - what could I have possibly said? How did it get misconstrued? What was it?' I didn't know. So I immediately called him up, we talked for literally one minute, and by the end of it, it was all good." Read more here.

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Rick Wakeman Announces Deluxe 'No Earthly Connection'

(Prog) Rick Wakeman's sixth solo album No Earthly Connection is to receive a deluxe edition next month. It was originally released in 1976 and was recorded in France with Wakeman and his English Rock Ensemble.

It's been remastered at Abbey Road Studios by Andrew Walter and will be released on November 11 via UMC on 2CD. The second disc will feature live material recorded at Wakeman's show at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, in 1976 which was originally captured by the BBC.

No Earthly Connection will also feature a booklet with extensive liner notes, including an interview with Wakeman conducted by Prog editor Jerry Ewing.

A statement reads: "The album is also being released digitally as well as on a single CD and on vinyl. The original LP came with a small square sheet of reflective plastic, which when curved into a cylinder and placed on the front cover, allowed the viewer to see the cover's drawing undistorted and with a 3D-like effect - a barely discernible, thin, colourful arc on the cover then appeared as a rainbow keyboard about to be played by Wakeman's hands." Read more here.

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David Bowie Spiders' Woody Woodmansey Announces Book

(Classic Rock) Mick 'Woody' Woodmansey is to release a book next month which details his time with late singer David Bowie. The drummer is the last surviving member of Bowie's The Spiders From Mars and started work on the publication in 2014.

A statement reads: "With the confidence of youth, Woody always thought he'd be in a famous band but the 19-year-old rocker from Hull never expected to be thrust into London's burgeoning glam rock scene, and also into a bottle-green velvet suit and girl's shoes.

"Playing with Bowie took him on an eye-opening and transformative journey. In Spider From Mars he writes candidly about the characters who surrounded Bowie, recalling the album sessions as well as behind-the-scenes moments with one of the world's most iconic singers.

"The result is an insightful, funny, poignant memoir that lovingly evokes a seminal moment in music history and pays tribute to one of the most outstanding and innovative talents of our time." here.

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Metallica Release 'From Whom The Bell Tolls' Live Video

(hennemusic) Metallica have released a video of a performance of their 1984 classic, "For Whom The Bell Tolls", during an exclusive September 27 show for fan club members at Webster Hall in New York City.

The appearance to promote the group's upcoming album, "Hardwired…To Self Destruct", saw Metallica deliver a 15-song for Fifth Members that included the live debut of their latest single, "Moth Into Flame."

The Webster Hall event was part of a busy week in New York for Metallica, as they played the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park on September 24, and performed on both The Howard Stern Show and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The fan club-only concert also landed on the 30th anniversary of the loss of bassist Cliff Burton, who died in a bus accident on the road in Sweden during the group's 1986 tour in support of their third album, "Master Of Puppets." Watch the video here.

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Beach Slang Part Ways With Guitarist Over Sexual Assault Allegations

(TeamRock) Beach Slang have parted ways with guitarist Ruben Gallego amid sexual assault allegations. Claims have been made against Gallego relating to an incident which occurred four years ago - before he was in the band. The Philadelphia outfit say they cannot "in good conscience" continue working with him.

Beach Slang say: "Beach Slang has always been and will always be a safe place for everyone. It was built to be welcoming. It was built to be soft. If we are going to continue to exist, we have to exist in this way.

"There have been allegations involving sexual assault and our guitarist, Ruben. Although this occurred four years ago and prior to him joining Beach Slang, we cannot in good conscience continue with him.

"We believe survivors and we want to believe Ruben, but until we learn more information, we don't feel it's appropriate for him to be a part of Beach Slang."

Gallego has issued his own statement and, though he claims the allegations are "innacurate," he understands his bandmates' decision. Read more here.

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Sum 41 Announce 40 Euro Tour

(TeamRock) Sum 41 will tour across Europe early next year, the band have confirmed. Deryck Whibley and co have scheduled 40 dates which will see them on the road throughout January, February and March 2017.

The shows have been lined up in support of the band's comeback album 13 Voices which was released earlier this month. It's their first album 2011's Screaming Bloody Murder and comes on the back of Whibley's recovery from a near fatal alcohol addiction.

He said: "I am really excited to be releasing an album after everything I've been through recently. This new music represents the journey I've been on throughout the process of making this record.

"I had to fall in order to rise, and nothing feels better than to have something you love that you had to really fight for. I can honestly say that 13 Voices saved my life and I cannot wait to share it with all of you."

Sum 41 are currently on the road across North America. See all of the dates here.

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Opeth and Katatonia Once Has Swedish Rap Band

(Prog) Opeth's Mikael Akerfeldt has revealed he had a Swedish rap band with Katatonia frontman Jonas Renkse. He says the pair experimented with different genres in the form of various side projects - because they had a lot of "spare time" and their bands "weren't going anywhere."

Akerfeldt tells Revolver (via The PRP): "I haven't spoken about this a lot in interviews, but I have done demos with a rap band I had with Jonas, the singer from Katatonia. We were poor, we had no money, we had sh*tloads of spare time because our bands weren't going anywhere - so we made these demos, and one of them was a rap group we had. So I have done some rap - in Swedish."

When asked whether they would release the tapes, he replies: "Well, they're sh*t. They're absolute sh*t! We can't have been too old, doing something like that.

"All we did was smoke cigarettes, drink coffee and record these stupid f***ing side projects. We had a country band, a rap band - we had one band where the music was just farts. And it was named Heinz, after Heinz beans." Read more here.

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Muncie Girls Stream Their Cover Of Iron Maiden Classic

(Classic Rock) Muncie Girls are streaming their cover of Iron Maiden's The Wicker Man. The UK trio have released the cover ahead of their upcoming UK tour, which kicks off next month. The Wicker Man originally appeared on Iron Maiden's 2000 album Brave New World.

Muncie Girls recently released their Five Miles demo collection to raise money for The Cavern venue in their hometown of Exeter. The Cavern was ravaged by fire last month and needs extensive work carried out if it is to reopen.

Vocalist and bassist Lande Hekt says: "Like so many other weird kids, we've been going there since we were 16 and we played our first shows there.

"Everything we know about bands comes from the people that we learnt from down there and without that place I'm pretty sure we'd all be either really embarrassing musicians that take themselves too seriously, or be stuck in a job we don't like." Check out the cover song here.

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Singled Out: Gainsay's Hiroshima

Ukrainian based duo Gainsay are releasing their new single "Hiroshima" this Friday (Oct 14) to celebrate we asked both Ivan and Vova to tell us about the track, which will be on their forthcoming "Close" EP. Here is the story:

Ivan: "Hiroshima" was initially a rock-ballad solo record with Russian lyrics from 2012. It is the last song I wrote in Russian so it's all about closure and farewell. I tried to put some David Sylvian influence into the arrangement. One close friend told me that the chord progression in the refrain sounds impossible, but I just hear this way. I recorded this song and kind of forgot about it for a while. But after we started Gainsay, one day Vova sent me his translation of the "Hiroshima" lyrics. That was really a huge surprise, so I reworked the whole arrangement to fit Vova's voice. Now it sounds minimalistic, and more focused. You know… I've fallen in love with this song all over again.

Vova: I had listened to Ivan's version of "Hiroshima" for a while, and I found that it's a perfectly soothing song; almost the lullaby type. I used to listen to a lot of music before I fall asleep, and it often gets to the point when you want to listen to something that doesn't give you a headache but still captivates your thoughts. "Hiroshima" worked that way.

I wanted to keep the speed, the dynamics and emphasize the newly found determination by the character in the choruses, and also give it a little bit more desire to persevere. To summarize I guess there's not a whole lot of observational narrative in this song. Nothing really happens outside of the character himself, but it's important that he finds peace within.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the EP right here!

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