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Paul McCartney Plays Surprise Club Show

(Radio.com) Paul McCartney played a surprise club show for 300 lucky fans in Pioneertown, California on Thursday ahead of his appearance at the Desert Trip mega-festival this weekend.

At approximately 10:00 AM on Thursday, Paul tweeted out the details of his surprise show, which would take place at the western-themed bar Pappy & Harriets Pioneertown Palace that night.

According to Setlist FM, McCartney and his band ended up playing a 21-song set, which was packed with Beatles songs. After closing out the gig with "Hey Jude," McCartney returned the stage for an encore performance of the Wings song "Hi, Hi, Hi," and the Beatles classics, 'Birthday" and "I Saw Her Standing There." Watch McCartney perform "Hard Days Night" here.

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Robert Plant Revamps 'Whole Lotta Love' For Austin City Limits

(hennemusic) Robert Plant performs a revamped version of the Led Zeppelin classic "Whole Lotta Love" in one of the latest previews to the premiere of his appearance on the acclaimed PBS series Austin City Limits this weekend.

Alongside The Sensational Space Shifters, Plant takes on "Whole Lotta Love" as part of a mash-up with Willie Dixon's "I Just Want To Make Love To You" and Bo Diddley's "Hey! Bo Diddley" as the final song in the broadcast, which marks the rocker's return to the acclaimed PBS series for the first time in more than a decade.

Following the release of performances of "In The Mood" and "Black Dog", the PBS show has issued footage of Plant and company doing the folk song, "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You", as well as a web exclusive of the Howlin' Wolf track "No Place To Go."

The episode also features tunes from Plant's latest album, 2014's "lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar", as he and the band continue working on a follow-up record. Watch the "Whole Lotta Love" and other preview clips here.

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Slipknot Frontman Sets Record Straight On 'Killer Clown' Claim

(Metal Hammer) Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has confirmed he was joking when he said bandmate Shawn 'Clown' Crahan had changed his stage name as a result of the current "killer clown" craze.

The phenomenon began in the US earlier this year, when police forces in several states investigated sightings of people in clown dress behaving suspiciously.

Taylor told BBC2 topical comedy show No Such Thing As The News: "The effects have been such that even our dear Clown has downgraded himself to 'Mime' in order to distance himself from these hedonistic doppelgangers until the coast is clear." He added: "Remember, a real clown doesn't need a knife to intimidate - just a bat and a good cold stare."

But after some news outlets reported his comment as being serious, Taylor has published a denial via Twitter, saying: "Guys, no, Clown did not change his name. That was a fake statement that I wrote for humour's sake." Read more here.

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Dillinger Escape Plan's Unreleased Songs Will See The Light Of Day

(Metal Hammer) The Dillinger Escape Plan recorded more material than they needed for latest album Dissociation, and they'll aim to release it after their split, guitarist Ben Weinman has reported.

The follow-up to 2013's One Of Us Is The Killer is on sale Friday (October 14), after they confirmed they'd go their separate ways when their current touring duties are complete.

The Independent reports: "For the first time, Dillinger wrote and recorded far more material than has ended up on the record, and Weinman is adamant these songs will see the light of day.

"Plans to release all the material as a double-album were scrapped early on, in the interests of making a cohesive album, rather than simply throwing everything into the mix."

In the same article, Weinman says that the breakup is "about going out under our terms." Read more here.

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Stevie Nicks Streams Unreleased 'Bella Donna' Demo

(hennemusic) Stevie Nicks is streaming a previously unreleased demo of the title track to her 1981 solo debut, "Bella Donna", ahead of the album's expanded reissue on November 4.

The 3-disc Deluxe Edition will feature the original album alongside a disc of previously unreleased alternate takes and demo versions of songs from the era, and a collection of live performances from 1981 that combines solo tracks with Fleetwood Mac classics.

Nicks will also release an expanded reissue of 1983's "The Wild Heart" on the same day. "I've had so much fun reliving the making of Bella Donna and The Wild Heart while working on the liner notes and listening to all of the alternate versions and demo takes," says the singer. "The liner notes are so much more than liner notes. They are like a little novel. I tried to make whoever reads this feel like they were there. I think...I succeeded..." Stream the demo here.

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Nightwish Release Live 'Shudder Before The Beautiful' Video

(Prog) Nightwish have released a video of their performance of "Shudder Before The Beautiful." The clip is taken from the band's upcoming live Vehicle Of Spirit package.

The new release will feature the band's performances from London's Wembley Arena in the UK, along with their show at Tampere's Ratina Stadion, Finland. It'll launch on December 9.

Keyboardist and songwriter Tuomas Holopainen says: "The title Vehicle Of Spirit came from a friend of Troy Donockley's, who, after seeing our show a few years ago defined Nightwish as, 'A vehicle of spirit that defies category.'

"That beautiful description has followed us ever since, and felt like a perfect match as the DVD title." Watch the video here.

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Steve Vai Played Solo On Alice Cooper Song

(Metal Hammer) Nita Strauss has paid tribute to her guitar idols, Steve Vai and Jason Becker. The Alice Cooper guitarist describes how playing Vai's solo in Feed My Frankenstein inspires her on stage - and how her appreciation for Becker has grown as she's developed her craft over the years.

She tells K9 Magazine: "I'm inspired by Steve Vai and there's a song in the Alice Cooper catalogue, which not a lot of people know, but Steve Vai plays one of the guitar solos on it and the song is called Feed My Frankenstein.

"Every time we play that song on stage I get to play Steve Vai's solo and it's a little bit of a moment for me to pay tribute to my hero. I learnt the solo note for note how he recorded it, and so each time I play it I get to think about how he inspired me so much while playing his notes.

"It's interesting that as you learn guitar, you start to think that all of these things that seemed insurmountable as a young guitar player, but with practice, you realize how they're done and you have a whole new appreciation for that person who inspired you in the first place." Read more here.

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KISS Guitarist Moved Away From Ace Frehley Style

(Classic Rock) KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer says he didn't reveal his true style until the group's 2012 album, Monster. He took over guitar duties permanently from Ace Frehley in the band in 2002.

And in a new Classic Rock feature on people who have stepped into the role left by famous axemen, Thayer says he had to do things by the book when he was finding his feet with Kiss.

He says: "It's a big role to fill. I've been playing lead guitar in KISS for almost 15 years and I've got very comfortable with it. With KISS, particularly since I've been in the band, the style and direction has always been very defined. With the solos and the guitar parts, the idea was to play them exactly as they were written and performed before me."

Thayer says he kept to the established formula for 2009's Sonic Boom as they wanted it to sound "like a classic KISS record" and adds: "When we did Monster in 2012, we decided to loosen that up a little more, so a little more Tommy Thayer came through." Read more here.

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Ice-T Talks New Body Count Album

(Metal Hammer) Body Count mainman Ice-T has checked in from the studio where the band are recording their new album. Bloodlust is pencilled in for an early 2017 release, with Ice-T previously revealing that Max Cavalera will guest on the track All Love Is Lost. Other titles revealed are This Is Why We Ride and The Purge.

And he says that although work is continuing on the follow-up to 2014's Manslaughter, the album centers around themes of violence as "it's in our DNA."

He tells Revolver: "Making records is a very interesting process. You work really hard on something and finish it and then you'll be like, 'Yo, that sounds like somebody else's record.' Or, 'Hey, didn't we just make that record three days ago?'

"One time we did two songs in a row and afterwards I looked at them and said, 'That's the same riff in each song.' So we had to pick one. But in the end we came up with some very aggressive and cool music." Read more here.

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Deftones Move Inspired By Jealousy

(Metal Hammer) Deftones frontman Chino Moreno says he was so jealous of other bands having their own beers that he wanted to have one named after his group.

Last month, Deftones announced they had teamed up with San Diego brewery Belching Beaver to created their own Phantom Bride beer - named after their track featuring Alice In Chains mainman Jerry Cantrell.

Moreno tells Draft: "I was jealous of other bands putting out beers, loving beer as much as I do. So I pitched the idea of doing a collaboration with a few different breweries, and Belching Beaver was the first one to come back and really be engaged.

"They didn't want to just slap the band's name on the bottle - they wanted to know flavour profiles we were into. They actually sent me a bunch of samples of different batches they were testing before going in and making the final decision on the beer, so I felt like I was part of the process." Read more here.

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Metallica Fans Launch Flag Em All Campaign

(Metal Hammer) A group of South American Metallica fans are asking others to help them make the world's biggest flag in support of the thrash giants. The Flag Em All campaign was started by Jonas Rivero in Uruguay and has now spread to involve fans from all over the world. Metallica flags are being sent to Rivero who is stitching them together to create a mega flag and he hopes to attract the attention of the band.

Rivero tells TeamRock: "Flags are coming from all the continents, travelling the globe, with just one goal - to create the biggest Metallica flag ever to be made by fans.

"We want to show that our love and passion for the band are stronger than any religion, ideology or nationality. One single flag that will symbolise our love and commitment to the band." Read more here.

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Sixx A.M. Stream New Song 'We Will Not Go Quietly'

(hennemusic) Motley Crue offshoot Sixx:A.M. have released a lyric video for "We Will Not Go Quietly", the lead single from their forthcoming album, "Prayers For The Blessed."

Directed by Wayne Isham, the clip was filmed during the band's show in Edmonton, AB last month as part of a Canadian tour. Due November 18, "Prayers For The Blessed" by the trio of vocalist James Michael, bassist Nikki Sixx and guitarist DJ Ashba is the second volume and companion to "Prayers For The Damned", which was issued this past spring.

Sixx explains the band's constant touring has affected the way the group approached its songwriting on the two 2016 albums. "We really found ourselves onstage and it's influencing the way we write," says Sixx. "We started focusing on our music not only as songwriters and lyricists but also stayed conscious of what would transfer over live to the audience." Watch the video here.

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Opeth Star Laments Today's Saturated Metal Scene

(Prog) Opeth mainman Mikael Akerfeldt says he's nostalgic for the music of his youth as much of the metal scene is currently "saturated." Akerfeldt is an avid collector of vinyl - and recently revealed he has a mental list of classic albums he's on the lookout for.

And he reports that the direction of metal is gradually moving away from his tastes, and thinks that older music has more identity than current musical trends.

He tells Metal Wani: "I think the metal scene is saturated. Even if I think it's true, I don't think it's suffering at all from it. It goes in waves, or in circles. All of sudden, a retro sound is popular again and everybody's, like, 'This is so f***ing cool,' because it sounds like Black Sabbath. Or the djent thing.

"I don't know where it's going to go, but I believe it's probably going to go in the direction where I don't necessarily want to listen to it." He continues: "I like the old. I'm always talking about old music. I am very nostalgic about it but I also think it was so much easier back in those days with the identities of bands - the bands that I grew up with. It was so easy to tell them apart. There was a lot of bands, but not as many as today.

"They didn't sound the same at all and now the scene is bigger than ever, but the ideas are just one small little ball of sounds that a lot of people utilize." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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Broken Witt Rebels Release 'Georgia Pine' Video

(Classic Rock) Broken Witt Rebels are premiering the video for their track "Georgia Pine" exclusively with TeamRock. The track features on the cover mount CD of the current issue of Classic Rock magazine, which is out now.

Georgia Pine is the third single and title track from the Birmingham, UK, band's recent EP release. The Georgia Pine EP was previously only available on CD and digital formats, but will be issued on limited edition and numbered 10-inch vinyl on November 9.

On how the Georgia Pine video was created, the band's management say: "The band invited fans to star in the video, submitting their fan photos and video clips. The video shot on smartphones, in partnership with mobile filming app Seenit, captures the incredible journey the band have been on, ever since their previous single Guns was featured on front page of YouTube." Read more and watch the video here.

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Anderson Rabin Wakeman Add Live Date Due To Overwhelming Demand

(Prog) Anderson Rabin Wakeman have added a second London date to their 2017 UK tour due to "overwhelming demand." The former Yes members - Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman - will play at Hammersmith Eventim Apollo on March 18, in addition to the previously announced show at the same venue on March 19.

It brings their tour up to 10 UK dates, with the trek kicking off in Cardiff on March 12 and wrapping up in Manchester on March 25. Tickets for the new London date go on sale at 10am on October 14 (Friday) via Myticket and Seetickets.

Anderson Rabin Wakeman (ARW) previously revealed they would record new music in 2017, possibly in the format of multiple EPs. Anderson, who was named the 2016 Prog God at the Prog Magazine Awards, said: "We'll probably release EPs, but we will wait until the new year to record them. For now, it's putting on a show that works." Read more here.

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Amon Amarth Frontman Shares Ideal Post-Victory Viking feast

(Metal Hammer) Amon Amarth frontman Johan Hegg has described his ideal post-victory Viking feast. The vocalist takes part in a 'Viking test' against Grand Magus singer JB Christoffersson in the new issue of Metal Hammer magazine.

And asked what he'd have for his dream post-fight meal, Hegg says: "Wild boar. There is a place where I buy boar meat that actually has been hunted, but not by me.

"It's always absolutely fantastic and super nice to barbecue. It's beautiful, a great meat. So boar would be a good choice. And I would drink large quantities of quality beer. Obviously."

While he has a taste for wild boar, Hegg couldn't bring himself to hunt it himself. He adds: I wouldn't say hunting appeals to me. Apart from fishing, I've never really done it. Fishing is very Viking indeed!" Read more here.

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