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Kings Of Leon Announce U.S. Tour Dates

Kings Of Leon announced that they will be hitting the road next year for the first leg of their U.S. tour in support of their brand new studio album "Walls."

The band announced ten dates for the Walls Tour dates beginning on January 12th in National Harbor, MD and running through January 28th in Los Angeles suburb Inglewood.

They released their new album this past Friday (October 16th) and celebrate the new effort hitting the stores by performing their new single "Waste A Momemnt" on the Today Show. See the dates here.

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The Who Stream Previously Unheard Song From Debut Era

(Radio.com) The Who are streaming a song called "The Girls I Could Have Had" which was written for the 1965 debut album "My Generation" and has never been released.

Pete Townshend wrote and recorded the song in his Chesham Place apartment where title track "My Generation" was written. He told NME that in 1965, the song didn't jive with the direction other band members wanted to take on the album.

"I have often said about my early songs that I tried hard to appeal to Roger's sense of late teenage machismo," he said. "Either that, or I attempted to sound like Jan & Dean so that Keith Moon - who was a surf music fan - would get behind the song. Here, a rather machismo and bragging song slipped away because it was more about me than Roger Daltrey, and certainly not a surf number."

Lyrically, the song describes the "girls [Townshend] could have had" if he weren't toiling away at making rock music. "It's about my lack of success with girls when I lived at Chesham Place, partly because I spent all my time in my studio," he said. "Roger did very well with girls; it would never have worked for him to sing this lyric. The lyric is also fantastical. I make it sound as though I was turning down girls every day. In real life I was probably piqued that rarely happened. My tape machine was my mistress."

The track will be part of the reissue of My Generation is available November 18. Listen to the new song here.

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Rolling Stones Desert Trip Footage Goes Online

(hennemusic) The Rolling Stones headlined the opening night of the second weekend of the Desert Trip festival in Indio, CA on October 14 and video from the show has surfaced.

The band's 20-song set featured several tunes that weren't played a week earlier, including "Get Off Of My Cloud", "Sweet Virginia", "Angie", "Live With Me" and "Paint It Black", among others.

The group delivered their live debut of a cover of the Buddy Johnson classic, "Just Your Fool", which has been teased as the lead single from the Stones' forthcoming album, "Blue & Lonesome."

Alongside a pair of guest appearances by Eric Clapton, the project marks the band's first studio album in over a decade as they cover tracks by a variety of blues legends. Watch the video footage from the music festival here.

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Disturbed Announce Red Rocks Album

Disturbed recorded one of the shows on the summer tour and have announced that they will be releasing a new live record entitled "Live At Red Rocks" on November 18th.

The album will feature the group's August 15, 2016 performance at the Colorado amphitheater from their tour this past summer in support of the surprise comeback album "Immortalized".

The 16-track album features some of their biggest hits including "Down With The Sickness" and their acclaimed version of the Simon and Garfunkel
classic "The Sound Of Silence".

Disturbed are currently on a U.S. tour in support of "Immortalized," with the latest leg of the trek set to wrap up at the end of this week. See the live album tracklisting here.

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Trivium Reissuing Hard To Find 'Inferno' Album

(Metal Hammer) Trivium will reissue their hard-to-find 2003 debut album, Ember To Inferno on December 2. The Florida band's first record has been out of print for several years. Now it's to be re-released - alongside a deluxe version which includes 13 additional early versions of songs which were previously unavailable.

Vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy says: "The purpose of this release is to show the very early beginnings of Trivium - perhaps an era unbeknownst to most listeners of the band. To look back at Ember as the starting point of Trivium becoming recognised worldwide is a staggering thought for me, considering I was 16/17 years old during the writing and recording of the record.

"As a kid, I always said the 'goal' was to be in a massive metal band. I don't think I actually knew what it would mean to have fans in different parts of the world, and I still can't believe people care so much that they actually want to hear the music that pre-dates our years with Roadrunner Records. here.

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Judas Priest Icon Rob Halford's Life Changed By Partner's Suicide

(Classic Rock) Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford believes he'd have died years ago if he hadn't dealt with his drink and drug addictions. He believes he was one step away from being "lost" before entering rehab in 1986, after his partner's suicide forced him to face up to his issues.

The singer - who'd struggled with keeping his sexuality a secret - told VH1 Behind The Music in 2001: "My daily routine was, I would get up around six in the evening and slug down some big bottles of whatever just to get out of bed.

"I was ripping phones off the walls, trying to drive drunk, just a really obnoxious, hateful son of a bitch. I just hit those moments of such complete despair and confusion."

Asked about how sobriety has affected his longevity, Halford tells the Washington Times: "Without it I'd be dead. Literally, I'd be dead. I wouldn't be here. The place where I got to, the next step was lost."

He continues: "I love people. I love being in a band. I love making music. I had to figure out that was way more important than being addicted." Read more here.

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Danny Worsnop Reveals New Album Details Including New Title

(Metal Hammer) Danny Worsnop has changed the name of his debut solo album from The Prozac Sessions to The Long Road Home. And the former Asking Alexandria frontman has made the record available for pre-order via Earache Records in a variety of bundle packs - including a sky blue vinyl pressing.

He's been working on the record since splitting with Asking Alexandria last year - and previously said that moving from Los Angeles to Nashville helped his creative drive.

Now Worsnop says of the album: "With the help of some incredible, and very talented people, I am pleased to announce that in 2016 I will be releasing my first album as a solo artist.

"It has been an emotional rollercoaster creating these songs, but the end result has left me humbled, proud, and more excited about a project than I ever have been in my life.

"Writing as deep and personal as I have on this record brought up a lot inside me from my years, allowing me to grow and move on from demons I didn't even acknowledge having. I've done everything in my power to keep this album honest and pure, and it gives me chills every time I hear it." Read more here.

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Jerry Garcia's Early Studio Recordings Set For Release

(Classic Rock) Jerry Garcia's early studio recordings will be released as a new record Folk Time on November 11 and a track from the album is streaming online. Dating back to 1962, it sees the late Grateful Dead guitarist, then 20, on lead vocals, banjo and guitar in his folk and bluegrass band, Hart Valley Drifters.

It also features his longtime Grateful Dead collaborator Robert Hunter on bass, David Nelson on guitar, Norm Van Maastricht on dobro and Ken Frankel on banjo, fiddle and guitar.

They recorded the songs during autumn of that year at Stanford University's KZU radio station in two sessions named Folk Time and Flint Hill Special, which were organised by DJ Ted Claire. They covered tracks by American songwriters including the Stanley Brothers, Dock Boggs and the Mississippi Sheiks along with a variety of traditional folk songs. Listen to their cover of folk classic Roving Gambler here.

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Gallows, Sikth Members Form New Group Called Gold Key

(Metal Hammer) Members of Gallows, Sikth, Spy Catcher and Blackhole have teamed up in new band Gold Key and they are streaming their first song, entitled "Mess," online.

The new project consists of Gallows and Krokodil guitarist Laurent Barnard, Sikth and Krokodil bassist James Leach, Blackhole drummer Jack Kenny and Spy Catcher frontman Steve Sears on vocal and guitar duties.

Barnard tells TeamRock: "We're all close friends. We hang out a lot and decided to use some of that time productively by making music. When you know each other this well, you write songs that incorporate your playing styles and before you know it you've got a live set ready to go."

The guitarist also says they've written enough material for a full-length album, and have another track in the pipeline. He adds: "The fact that all of our bands co-exist just means we can explore different styles of music freely. I don't think any of us got into music for fame and money, at the moment we're all creating music that makes happy and that's more than enough for now." Read more and stream the song here.

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Leonard Cohen Preparing For His Death

(Classic Rock) 82-year-old singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen speaks philosophically about his autumnal years - describing how his own spiritual journey has helped him come to terms with nearing the end of his life.

He tells the New Yorker: "The big change is the proximity to death. I am a tidy kind of guy. I like to tie up the strings if I can. If I can't, that's OK. But my natural thrust is to finish things that I've begun.

"I know there's a spiritual aspect to everybody's life, whether they want to cop to it or not. You hear this other deep reality singing to you all the time, and much of the time you can't decipher it.

"Even when I was healthy, I was sensitive to the process. At this stage of the game, I hear it saying, 'Leonard, just get on with the things you have to do.' It's very compassionate at this stage. More than at any time of my life, I no longer have that voice that says, 'You're f***ing up.'" Read more here.

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The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' LEGO Announced

(Radio.com) The Beatles' Yellow Submarine, along with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr are about to be LEGO-ized, the toy manufacturer has announced.

The Yellow Submarine set is due in toy stores (and wherever else you can buy LEGOs) on November 1 and will run $60. The set consists of over 550 LEGO bricks including the 4 mini figures representing John, Paul, George and Ringo, as well as a Jeremy Hillary Boob figure (which they are simply calling "Jeremy" for fairly obvious reasons).

In the animated Yellow Submarine film, Jeremy lived in the Sea of Nothing and spoke mostly in rhyme, and is a self-described "eminent physicist, polyglot classicist, prize-winning botanist, hard-biting satirist, talented pianist, good dentist too." Sadly, no Blue Meanies will be included in the set. Read more and watch a promo video for the set here.

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Korn Were Not Prepared For Their Sudden Stardom

(Metal Hammer) Korn's James 'Munky' Schaffer admits he doesn't think the band were ready for their sudden stardom after the success of their album Follow The Leader in 1998.

The Bakersfield outfit catapulted into the limelight following the launch of their multi-platinum selling third record, with their days of scraping together rehearsal money through odd jobs soon spiralling into drug and alcohol-fuelled partying while on tour.

Munky tells the new issue of Metal Hammer: "I don't think we were ready for it. There was a bunch of money and success, and that's what we dreamt of, but we were so young that we took it for granted.

"We weren't thinking about tomorrow. We were having fun living in the moment and not thinking about our actions. We partied like crazy, and I wouldn't change it for anything." Read more here.

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Slipknot Looks Back On A Culture Shock Moment

(Metal Hammer) Slipknot have recalled the culture shock they experienced when they first toured Japan. As they prepare for the forthcoming Knotfest Japan next month, vocalist Corey Taylor and percussionist Shawn 'Clown' Crahan remember their confusion during previous shows in the country - watching the crowd go "crazy" as the band played, before falling deadly silent in between songs.

Taylor says: "What I always thought was funny was how crazy the fans would be during the songs - and then you could hear a pin drop between songs, because they wanted to hear everything that was going on.

"I didn't understand that, coming from America and playing Europe... it's always a barrage of crazy screaming. You'd get to the end of the song and - nothing. It was like, 'What's happening? Are we here? Did we do something wrong?'"

Clown adds: "I asked someone about it and they told me that Japanese people wanted to make sure that we had the quiet and rest that we needed in between songs. That's too much." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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Syd Arthur Streaming New Song 'Into Eternity'

(Prog) Syd Arthur have released a new track, "Into Eternity", ahead of the release of their fourth album, Apricity, this Friday October 21. Apricity is the band's first album to feature new drummer Josh McGill, brother of singer/guitarist Liam and bassist Joel (the line-up is completed by keyboard player and violinist Raven Bush), who replaced Fred Rother when the latter was struck down with a chronic hearing condition ahead of the band's US tour with Yes.

The band, who are currently on the road with White Denim, recorded Apricity with ex-Jellyfish member and Beck guitarist Jason Falkner in Los Angeles. It sees the band expanding slightly on their trademark sound, a mix of Canterbury ideals and psychedelic vision. When they released On An On back in 2012 they were very much out on thrown. Now, with the success of acts like Temples, Wolf People and Tame Impala, the band seem less like a one-off.

"It does feel that the mainstream has moved in our direction," says Liam. "People got fed up with boring indie. We just followed our instinct, and felt this was the most forward-looking, current thing." Stream the new song here.

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Wishbone Ash Founder Martin Turner Announces Solo Tour

(Prog) Founding Wishbone Ash member Martin Turner has announced a 19-date UK winter tour. The vocalist and bassist will perform tracks from throughout his career including material from his 2015 album Written In The Stars.

Turner says: "We had such a great reception from audiences at our recent Written In The Stars shows in the UK, Poland and Germany, we can't wait to return to UK stages next month.

"I'm overwhelmed by the emotional connection audiences continue to make with the classic Wishbone Ash music which has been a backdrop to so many people's lives - mine included.

"The material from the recent Written In The Stars album, which is in the same ballpark melodically and musically, has been very well received wherever we have played."

In addition, a 32-disc CD box set titled Wishbone Ash: The Vintage Years is to be released by Snapper Music during 2017/18. Read more and see the tour dates here.

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Gene Simmons Rocks KISS Classic With X Japan

(Classic Rock) Gene Simmons joined X Japan on stage to cover Kiss classic Rock And Roll All Nite at the first annual Visual Japan Summit this week. Simmons and the iconic Japanese band were also joined by lineup acts Glay, Luna Sea, Psycho Le Cemu, By-Sexual and Speed Of Lights during the performance.

The three-day music festival, held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall, was a celebration of 'visual kei' - a Japanese music subculture spawned in the 80s and inspired by Western glam rock and heavy metal.

Kiss bassist Simmons recently praised X Japan frontman Yoshiki's onstage bravery, describing his intense performances as emotional "purging." He said: "I'm not brave like him. He goes up onstage and it's like gestalt therapy, like primal scream with Dr Janov. Shrinks still want you to do that. They want you to talk about the pain to get it out. When you see Yoshiki onstage, purging himself, crying and rolling around on the floor, that ain't showbiz. That's real."

The Kiss Expo Convention in Harajuku, Tokyo opened earlier this week, and runs until October 31. The exhibit features memorabilia and artefacts from the band members' collections. Watch the jam video here.

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Extreme's Gary Cherone Apologizes For New Album Delay

(Classic Rock) Extreme's Gary Cherone says he doesn't want to play any more shows until they release new music. Guitarist Nuno Bettencourt said last month that they had 17 tracks ready for the long-awaited follow-up to 2008's Saudades De Rock - and that it's due to launch next year.

Frontman Cherone now says he's "determined" to pull out all the stops so they can get "overdue" material out to fans. He tells Metalholic: "First thing is, we apologies to our fans. To get us in the same room has been a difficult thing. But we have more than enough material for a record. We're definitely overdue.

"You always want to grow and evolve and move on. But the guitars will be there, the harmonies will be there, the songs, the hooks, the lyrics. There'll still be elements of the past, but certainly new elements too."

Cherone adds: "I don't really wanna play another show until there's new material. I know there'll be some festivals and some offers coming our way, but the band's determined to finish some music up for the fans. We owe it to them." Watch the full interview here.

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Beth Hart Releases 'Love Is A Lie' Video

(Classic Rock) Beth Hart has released a video for her track Love Is A Lie with Classic Rock. The song comes from on her eighth album Fire On The Floor, which was released this past Friday (October 14) via Provogue.

Fire On The Floor is described as a genre-crossing collection of 12 tracks that reflect Hart's teenage influences, with the singer previously reporting that recording the album gave her an emotional release following the bitter-sweet sessions for previous effort Better Than Home.

She said: "We were still in the mixing stages for that album and I knew I had to make another record. Making Better Than Home was so painful, because one of the producers, Michael Stevens, was dying of cancer. It was a very emotional record to write and to make.

"I wanted the songs for Fire On The Floor to get born real quick." Watch the video here.

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Maschine Stream New Song 'Night and Day'

(Prog) Rising British prog rockers Maschine have released a lyric video for Night & Day. The track is taken from the Brighton-based band's forthcoming new album Naturalis, which will be released by InsideOut on November 18th.

The new record is the first to feature new drummer James Stewart and keyboard player/vocalist Marie-Eve du Galtier, who join singer/guitarist Luke Machin, guitarist Elliot Fuller and bassist Dan Mash.

Speaking about the new album, Machin says: "The album reflects much more of what we are about. As a progressive band in the true sense of the term, we will never repeat ourselves and will always look to move on. But you can hear a cohesion in our style and sound. We have taken inspirations from so many different areas of music. I have taken the feelings from albums and tracks that make an impression on me, and have brought these to life in Maschine's music." Check out the new song here.

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