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Phil Collins Announces Comeback Tour

(Prog) Genesis icon Phil Collins has announced a run of nine European shows for 2017, his first tour dates in a decade. He'll hit the road in June of next year, starting with a five-night residency at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Collins will then play two shows in Cologne, Germany, and two in Paris, France.

Having announced his retirement in 2007, the former Genesis man returned to the stage last year at an event for his Little Dreams Foundation and then performed live at the opening of the US Open tennis event in New York. Those appearances inspired him to tour again.

Collins says: "I thought I would retire quietly. But thanks to the fans, my family and support from some extraordinary artists I have rediscovered my passion for music and performing. It's time to do it all again and I'm excited. It just feels right." Read more and see the dates here.

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Metallica's Abandoned Video Game Scenes Revealed

(Classic Rock) Action scenes from a video game abandoned by Metallica 11 years ago has been revealed for the first time. The game, entitled Damage Inc, was trailed during the release campaign for 2003 album St Anger, and had been set for launch in 2005, but it didn't arrive.

Artist Calum Alexander Watt revealed some concept art he'd created for the project in 2011. Now gameplay scenes have been revealed from the only level that was ever created.

In the PtoPonline.com video below, Andrew Borman says: "The game was to be a post-apocalyptic action adventure game. No gameplay had been revealed at all.

"It was being developed for PS2, Xbox and PC. Mad Max, Blade Runner and Waterworld were just some of the visual influences. At the heart of the game is vehicular combat. There are a few base model vehicles in the game, each customized with different weapons and armor." Read more and watch the video here.

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Jon Bon Jovi Tells His Side Of Richie Sambora Split

(Classic Rock) Jon Bon Jovi says the only contact he's had in three years with Richie Sambora has been via social media. The guitarist left the band at short notice in 2013, although the frontman has since said there's no bad feeling between them.

But the episode kicked off a period of Bon Jovi's life that he says has been so dark that he can't begin to describe it. He tells the Mirror: "Everything was great and we were just coming off a break - but he never came back to work. It was a shock.

"There was never a fight. There was never an argument. It certainly wasn't about money. He has since reached out on social media, which was very kind. But we never saw him again. Nobody." Read more here.

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Queen's Faster Version Of 'We Will Rock You' Streaming Online

(hennemusic) Queen have released a lyric video for the rare fast version of their classic song "We Will Rock You", as a preview to the November 4 release of "Queen On Air: The Complete BBC Radio Sessions."

The October, 1977 performance of the fan favourite is the only known studio recording of the fast version, captured during the sixth and final session for the BBC.

"'We Will Rock You' - profundity or just another teenage anthem!?" remarked BBC DJ John Peel upon airing the song in 1977. "I've never seen them live. I must admit I'd like to - a band that sounds like nutters, actually, and I like that because I like rock music to sound a little out of control."

The 2CD or 3LP set of "Queen On Air" presents twenty-four recordings by the group between February 1973 and October 1977, and includes include alternate versions of the band's debut single, 1973's "Keep Yourself Alive", among others. Listen to the song here.

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Dillinger Escape Plan Once Hit Disruptive Fan in Face With Guitar

(Metal Hammer) The Dillinger Escape Plan's Ben Weinman has recalled hitting a disruptive audience member in the face with his guitar during one of the band's early shows.

Weinman says the man was "heckling and talking sh*t" throughout the set and then poured beer over his guitar pedals before he took action, aided by the band's former singer Dimitri Minakakis.

Weinman tells Rolling Stone: "This guy kept f***ing with me during our set for some reason, heckling me and talking sh*t. I was just trying to ignore him, but then he poured beer all over my pedals - I didn't have much money, and they cost a lot to replace.

"So I slapped him in the face with the headstock of my guitar. I was like, 'Come on, man, I just want to finish the set.' But he kept motioning like he wanted me to come off the stage and fight him, so I told him to come up and get me.

"I swung my guitar like a baseball bat and caught him in the face. At the same time, our old singer Dimitri was twirling the microphone and hit him in the back of the head with it." Read more here.

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Sex Pistols' Steve Jones Releasing His Autobiography

Sex Pistols' legend Steve Jones has announced that he will be releasing his autobiography, entitled "Lonely Boy: Tales of a Sex Pistol", on January 15 via Da Capo Press.

We were sent over this excerpt from the book: "When it comes to what defines me as a person, a lot of the best things in my life have come about because of the worst things, which is a weird one when you try and think about divine intervention and all that bollocks.

"It would be a pretty twisted kind of God who would say 'Let's abuse that child so he can go off the rails and form a band.' But looking back, I do feel like someone or something-God, destiny, whatever you want to call it-definitely threw me a lifeline in giving me music to hang onto." You can preorder your copy here.

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Alan White Returning To Yes For Upcoming Tour

(Prog) Alan White will rejoin Yes for their Japanese tour this November. The drummer was forced to sit out their US summer trek following urgent back surgery after he suffered a damaged disc. Jay Schellen, who has been filling in for him, will also accompany the band to Japan until White is "fully healed."

White had the following to say about his return to the fold, "Greatly looking forward to getting back on stage with my bandmates to play Yes music once again for our devoted audiences."

Yes will perform tracks from 1973 live album Yessongs on the six-date trek, as well as sides one and four of 1973's double-album, Tales From Topographic Oceans. Yes reissued their 1973 double-album Tales Of Topographic Oceans last month - which was overseen by producer and Porcupine Tree mastermind Steven Wilson. Read more including the dates here.

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Asking Alexandria, From First To Last Stars Form New Band

(Metal Hammer) Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce, From First To Last vocalist and guitarist Matt Good and The Word Alive guitarist Zack Hansen have formed a pop-punk supergroup, Kill It With Fire.

Good revealed the new project - and he says that they will "probably" have their debut record out before Christmas. Their drummer is still to be announced.

Good had the following to say about the new band: "It's gonna be awesome. It's gonna be pretty pop punk, but not too pop punk. Just the right amount." here.

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In Flames Stream New Song 'Through My Eyes'

(Metal Hammer) In Flames have released a stream of their new song "Through My Eyes." The track comes from their forthcoming 12th album, Battles, which will be released on November 11. It follows the release of their tracks The Truth and The End.

Guitarist Bjorn Gelotte recently compared the recording process between Battles and its 2014 predecessor, Siren Charms - and how it shaped the feel of their new material.

He said: "Siren Charms had a very dark vibe to it. We recorded it at a cold, damp and dark time during the year in Berlin so it gave it a certain melancholy to the record.

"Now, recording in Los Angeles with the sunshine, it's a different energy. The writing process was different this time, too - that I would like for us to continue to explore." Listen to the new song and read more here.

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The Answer Preview New Album 'Solas'

(Classic Rock) The Answer have released a stream teasing every track on their upcoming sixth album Solas. The Irish band will release Solas on October 28 via Napalm Records and previously issued a stream of the track Beautiful World.

Guitarist Paul Mahon previously said the band had to approach the writing process differently for the follow-up to 2015's Raise A Little Hell as they were struggling to find inspiration.

He said: "We initially sat there looking blankly at each other. It was certainly disconcerting to move away from our traditional approach but we had to embrace a new process.

"We didn't want to limit ourselves and as well as exploring our Celtic roots, we wanted to explore roots music in a broader sense. There may have been some conscious resistance at first but it felt we were being guided down a much more atmospheric, surreal and cinematic path and I think that is reflected in the final album." Check out the album preview here.

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The Dead Daisies Announce USO Tour

(Chipster) Rock supergroup The Dead Daisies have announced that they will be embarking on their very first USO tour, which will take the band to South Korea. The group will visit Camp Casey, K-16 Air Base and Osan Air Base at the end of October.

Comments from the band: "After connecting with so many great servicemen & women on the ?Freedom To Rock? tour with KISS in the US, we are thrilled about this opportunity to play for some of the people that defend our freedom all over the world. If you?re a service member, catch us at a base in South Korea in October. If you?re a fan, join us in supporting our military by visiting www.USO.org/FORCE to learn how to become a Force Behind the Forces." "

Bass player Marco Mendoza, whose father served in the Air Force, states: "It?s a great time to pay respect and give a little back." Singer John Corabi, son of an US Army serviceman, adds: "We will bring a little of America to you guys! We can?t wait to get over there and play, it?s going to be a blast!"

Video of The Dead Daisies announcing the USO Tour here.

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Emmure Streaming New Song 'Torch'

(Metal Hammer) Emmure have released an online stream of their new track entitled "Torch" which is the band's first new material released since their lineup change. They expect to release a new album next year.

Frontman Frankie Palmeri recently revealed a new lineup featuring bassist Phil Lockett, guitarist Josh Travis and drummer Josh Miller. The overhaul came after Palmeri was left as the last man standing when the rest of Emmure left in December of last year.

Emmure's new lineup bring their Torch The Earth tour to Europe in early 2017. They'll be joined by After The Burial, Fit For A King, Oceans Ate Alaska and Loathe. See the dates and stream the new song here.

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Kyuss' Brant Bjork Releaese 'Luvin' Video

(TeamRock) Former Kyuss man Brant Bjork has released a video for his song Luvin'. The promo follows the release of his track Dave's War in July. It's taken from his latest album Tao Of The Devil, which was described as "unpretentious laid-back rock, adorned with hefty jam-outs."

The description continued: "Tao Of The Devil is more focused than its predecessor Black Power Flower and boasts a more song-oriented and groovy stoner sound, with a healthy dose of 70s style greatness."

Bjork is backed on Tao Of The Devil by Bubba DuPree on guitar, Dave Dinsmore on bass and Ryan Gut on drums. He and his band are set to tour Europe next month. See the dates and watch the new video here.

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The Afghan Whigs's 'Black Love' Expanded For 20th Anniversary

(Rhino) The Afghan Whigs's "Black Love" album have been expanded for special 20th anniversary edition which will be released by Rhino for this year's Black Friday Record Store Day (Nov 25).

"Black Love (20th Anniversary Edition)" will include a remastered version of the original studio album as well as nine previously unreleased recordings, including demos, outtakes and studio jams.

The rarities will include acoustic versions of "Going To Town" called: "Go To Town" and "Crime Scene Part Two," along with a demo for "Faded," which closed the original album, as well as a solo piano cover of the New Order classic "Regret." The unreleased material also highlights the band's creative process with "Mick Taylor Jam" and "Wynton Kelly Jam." See the tracklisting here.

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Phil Anselmo Addresses Backlash Over Controversial Incident

(Metal Hammer) Phil Anselmo says suggestions that he is racist are "utterly ridiculous." The former Pantera frontman hit headlines for making a Nazi salute and shouting "white power" onstage at a gig held in memory of Dimebag earlier this year.

He issued a video statement following the incident, saying it was an inside joke - but he says critics won't get anymore apologies. He tells Decibel (via Blabbermouth): "I do take full accountability. I'm not deflecting at all.

"What I did was insulting, absolutely, and abhorrent, because it did truly upset people, and it hurts my heart that anyone would think that I'm the dreaded 'R' word - a racist.

"Anyone who truly knows me knows that it's utterly ridiculous. But if I did offend my Jewish friends, people I work with, my associates, other people in bands - that's why I apologized. That apology is there - and no, you won't get another one ever again." Read more here.

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Gene Simmons Aims For 'Electric Church' With Live Performances

(Classic Rock) Gene Simmons says it's the job of musicians to create "magic time" on stage to help fans forget about the mundanity of everyday life. The Kiss bassist describes the live arena as an "electric church" and says he believes live music can make a real difference to the lives of those in the audience.

Speaking after appearing with X Japan on stage in Tokyo at the weekend, Simmons tells Metal Hammer: "At the end of the day, all that matters is what happens on that stage - that's electric church.

"That's glory hallelujah, all hail rock'n'roll, where people who spend lots of after-tax money come to the show and their girlfriends have been torturing them about where did you go and traffic jams and all that.

"And it's our job - anyone who gets up on that stage - to create magic time. To make you forget about all that stuff and take you away, so just for those few hours...and then you get back to gravity, and all the chaos that's out there." Read more here.

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Devin Townsend Project Release 'Stormbending' Video

(Metal Hammer) Devin Townsend Project have released a video for their track "Stormbending". It come from their latest album Transcendence, which was released last month and followed 2014's Sky Blue, part of the band's Z2 release.

Mainman Townsend recently said: "It's so easy to say 'Everything's sh*t, man - it's all going to hell.' Making a statement that is positive was really where I wanted the power of this record to be rooted.

"I wanted to make something that's really beautiful, but strong. There's a ton of people that aren't giving up and you have to really fight to not give up, so this record is a celebration of that spirit."

Devin Townsend Project commence a European tour in January, with six UK dates in March. See the dates and watch the video here.

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Soundgarden Announce Their Own Ice Cream Flavor

(Classic Rock) Soundgarden have confirmed a new ice cream flavor called Black Hole Rum will launch on October 30. Made by Seattle's Full Tilt Ice Cream shops, it's the latest flavor in the gelateria's Icon Series - described as "a rum ice cream with a dark fudge swirl."

The firm's owners, Justin Cline and Ann Magyar, are said to be longtime fans of the city's rock scene. They'd previously created their Mudhoney flavour in 2013 - inspired by the Seattle alt-rock band of the same name.

Soundgarden are the latest band who have announced their foray into the food and drinks market. Last week Deftones revealed they've teamed up with San Diego brewery Belching Beaver to create their own Phantom Bride beer. Read more here.

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