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Phil Collins Wanted To Walk Off Stage At Led Zeppelin Reunion

(Classic Rock) Phil Collins reveals that he was tempted to walk off stage in the middle of Led Zeppelin's reunion set at Live Aid where he joined the surviving members of the group to perform at the event. The Genesis drummer looks back in an excerpt from his new autobiography Not Dead Yet.

"I know the wheels are falling off from early on in the set. I can't hear Robert clearly from where I'm sat, but I can hear enough to know that he's not on top of his game. Ditto Jimmy. I don't remember playing Rock And Roll, but obviously I did. But I do remember an awful lot of time where I can hear what Robert decries as 'knitting': fancy drumming. And if you can find the footage (the Zeppelin camp have done their best to scrub it from the history books), you can see me miming, playing the air, getting out of the way lest there be a trainwreck. If I'd known it was to be a two-drummer band, I would have removed myself from proceedings long before I got anywhere near Philadelphia.

"Onstage I don't take my eyes off Tony Thompson. I'm glued to him. I'm having to follow - he's taking the heavy-handed lead and has opted to ignore all my advice. Putting myself in his shoes, he's probably thinking, 'This is the beginning of a new career. John Bonham isn't around any more. They're gonna want someone. This could be the start of a Led Zeppelin reunion. And I don't need this English f*** in my way.'

"I'm not judging him, god rest his soul. Thompson was a fantastic drummer. but it was very uncomfortable, and if I could have left that stage, I would have left, halfway through Stairway... if not earlier. But imagine the coverage of that? Walking off during The Second Coming? Who the f*** does Collins think he is? Geldof really would have had something to swear about.

"After what seems like an eternity, we finish. I'm thinking, 'My god, that was awful. The sooner this is over, the better.'" Read more here.

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Asking Alexandria Reunite With Singer Danny Worsnop

Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce revealed in an online video that the band's original lineup is back together, indirectly confirming rumors that they have reunited with frontman Danny Worsnop.

Bruce made the revelation in a Facebook live video, saying (via Lambgoat), "Asking Alexandria is back to the way we started with the original f***ing members."

He also addressed the status of singer Denis Stoff, saying, "We have parted ways with Denis... We didn't kick Denis out of the band, he stopped talking to us."

The guitarist then explained how the band and their former singer patched up their differences, "Obviously over the last few months we've rekindled our relationship with Danny. What happened in the past sucked and it hurt us and obviously. I said things and Danny has said things - that happens. It was in the past and it was sh*t, but at the end of the day we've been best friends for a decade and that's why this is the move that's right for us - right for us as a band, right for us as people and friends and right for Asking Alexandria." Read more of his comments and watch the video here.

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Prince's Early Gibson Guitar Going Up For Auction

(Gibson) A 1959 vintage Gibson L48 archtop belonging to Prince is set for auction on November 5. Although rarely seen in public before, it's a key artefact in Prince's career.

The Julien's Auctions catalog notes: "The guitar was used by Prince in the early 1970s as his preferred guitar to sketch out his early songs and to play on early demos. Prince was photographed with the guitar for his first professional photographs taken by Robert Whitman in 1977... In his Minneapolis photography studio, Whitman shot photographs of Prince with the guitar and at the home of Prince's first manager, Owen Husney.

"The guitar has a sunburst finish, two f-holes, all original hardware except for two tuning pegs, raised faux tortoiseshell pickguard and dot inlays. It is stamped with serial number S139094 on interior. Accompanied by a contemporary hardshell case." here.

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Metallica and Tool Stars Have Running Joke About Album Delays

(Metal Hammer) Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo has revealed he's regularly joked with Tool counterpart Justin Chancellor about each band's album delays. The near-neighbours have both been under fire from their fans since their most recent studio works appeared several years ago.

Metallica will release 10th record Hardwired… To Self-Destruct on November 18, while the follow-up to Tool's 2006 album 10,000 Days is remains in production.

Trujillo tells Full Metal Jackie (via Loudwire): "Justin, the bass player of Tool, he's my neighbour pretty much, in the Santa Monica mountains, and we joke about that together.

"You know, 'Whose album is going to come out? How are you doing with your record? I don't know… how are you doing with yours?' And I guess we beat them out with this one." Read more here.

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Avenged Sevenfold To Stream Concert From 'Very Grand Stage'

(Metal Hammer) Avenged Sevenfold have announced they'll perform a live show on October 27, which will be streamed live across the world. And they'll reveal details of their new album – the follow-up to 2013's Hail to The King – at the same time.

In a brief statement the band say the performance will take place "on a very grand stage for the entire world to enjoy." It begins at 8.30pm PDT (seven hours behind GMT) and it'll available via the band's website. View a trailer video below.

Rumours suggest their seventh album will be entitled Voltaic Oceans and it'll be released on December 9. Avenged Sevenfold last week released The Stage, the first track from the record, and the first to feature new drummer Brooks Wackerman. The album will arrive via Capitol Records after the band took legal action to end their deal with Warner Bros. Read more here.

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Frank Iero Releases New Song, Heartfelt Message To Fans

(Radio.com) Frank Ireo has released a new single titled "Oceans," and in the wake of a serious bus accident that forced his new band to cancel their 2016 tour dates, the release comes with an emotional thank you for Iero.

In part he writes "i know by now most, if not all of you, have heard the news of our unfortunate accident in sydney last thursday' and also the fact that with heavy hearts we must cancel all upcoming tour dates for this year due to the severity of the injuries we sustained in that crash. we can't thank you all enough for the overwhelming flood of love and support throughout this horrific ordeal. it's truly been amazing, and has helped us to feel not so alone even though we are stranded so far from home. there is nothing we want more than to all heal and be able to get back to our families as quick as possible. it's strange how an in an instant everything can change and we become fully aware of what is truly important. we have been through a lot this week' and i know none of us will ever be the same again.

"as a thank you for your love and understanding i've decided to release one of my favorite songs from our new record, Parachutes, a little bit early. Oceans is a song about accepting love even though you are unsure if you actually deserve it 'and eventually letting it surround you and drowning in a sea of it. it feels fitting to our situation, and i hope it brings a smile to your beautiful faces.

"i am unsure of what the future holds, but at least i know that my friends and i have a future' and for now that is certainly good enough for me. so here's to those that wish us well, and those who don't 'well they can certainly catch a sydney bus to hell." Read more and listen to the new song here.

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Blackberry Smoke Release 'Sunrise In Texas' Video

(Classic Rock) Blackberry Smoke have released a video for their song "Sunrise In Texas". The track comes from the band's just released new album, Like An Arrow. The song has been a part of the band's set for several years, and the time felt right to finally record it.

"Sunrise In Texas has been a fan favourite for a long time, so we are really happy that we got to include it on Like An Arrow," says singer Charlie Starr. "Thanks to [director] Jamie Chamberlin's unique and creative vision, I think the video is really something special too."

Earlier this week the band appeared on US TV show Quarry, performing their cover of The Allman Brothers' One Way Out. This followed a UK TV appearance on the BBC's Later... With Jools Holland, while July saw the release of a video for Waiting For The Thunder. Watch the video here.

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Black Veil Brides Frontman Reveals New Album Update

(Metal Hammer) Black Veil Brides are in the process of mixing their fifth album, frontman Andy Biersack has confirmed. He released his solo album The Shadow Side earlier this year under his Andy Black monicker.

But following its launch in May, he's been back with his bandmates Ashley Purdy, Jinxx, Jake Pitts and Christian Coma to work on the follow-up to their self-titled fourth album which came out in 2014.

Biersack tells AltPress: "We have nine or 10 songs completed that are currently in the mixing process. I don't think we'll go too much further - it's been a process of shedding down to this point.

"Rather than record 100 songs we didn't like, we were really able to strip away the stuff that didn't seem as strong. It feels like the story I want to tell will be done in the 10 or 11 songs in this record."

He adds: "I can't tell you how great it is seeing how much Jake and Jinxx have grown as players and songwriters. The future is so bright." Read more here.

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Alter Bridge Explain Evolution Of 'Losing Patience'

(Classic Rock) Alter Bridge have explained how new track "Losing Patience" went from being an afterthought to one of their favorite songs on current album The Last Hero.

Guitarist Mark Tremonti and frontman Myles Kennedy say the song was destined to be a B-side at best before it took on a new life in the studio and both now hail it as one of the standouts on their fifth album, which was released earlier this month.

In a 'behind the song' video about the track, Tremonti says: "Losing Patience was a song that, when we first got in their doing the pre-production, it wasn't one of my favorites. I felt like it was gonna be a B-side.

"Then it just kind of clicked and became a song that I really dug. Once we started putting the chorus and backing vocals on it, it became one of my favorite songs on the record.

"It was the first song that I listened to when the mixes came through because it was so fresh to me. The chorus is what makes that song special." Read more and watch the video here.

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Saxon Invite Nurse That Helped Save Nigel's Life To Show

(Classic Rock) Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler will be reunited with the nurse who helped him recover from life-saving brain surgery when the band play in Newcastle this month.

Glockler took seriously ill ahead of a scheduled Newcastle gig on the band's winter UK tour in December 2014 and was diagnosed with an aneurysm. One of the medics who looked after him at the city's Royal Victoria Infirmary was a Saxon-loving nurse.

And as the band prepare to return to Newcastle for the first time since his illness, Glockler was keen to track down the man and invite him along to the October 28 show at the O2 Academy as his special guest.

Not long after launching a social media appeal, Matt Kerr got in touch – and he'll attend the show along with his son.

Glockler tells TeamRock: "Not surprisingly, considering what I was going through at the time, I couldn't remember the guy's name. But I knew I and my wife Gina would recognise his face so we asked for help to track him down on social media.

"Before I knew it, he had got in touch and Gina recognised him straight away. It's great and I really look forward to seeing him and his son at the show.

"We have already reached out to the surgeon Dr Patrick Mitchell and his team to invite them to the gig too, but I remembered Matt was a big Saxon fan and I knew he'd appreciate it." Read more here.

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Wilko Johnson and Suzi Quatro Receive Honorary Doctorates

(Classic Rock) Wilko Johnson and Suzi Quatro have been awarded honorary doctorates by Anglia Ruskin University. Dr Feelgood hero Johnson and glam rock icon Quatro were given the awards at a ceremony in Cambridge, England, today. Johnson received the award of Honorary Doctor Of Arts while Quatro was named an Honorary Doctor Of Music.

Johnson underwent life-saving surgery in 2014 after he had been diagnosed with cancer that was expected to kill him. He has since returned to performing full-time.

Vice Chancellor of Anglia Ruskin University, Professor Iain Martin, says: "Wilko Johnson exemplifies the pioneering creativity, talent, drive and dedication required to achieve success in this most demanding of professions." Read more here.

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Metal Inspired Retro Game Being Crowd Funded

(TeamRock) Software company 8Bit Evolution are seeking funding to make their retro game Coffee Crisis a reality. They teamed-up with Pittsburgh's Black Forge Coffee House - an independent store and gallery - to create the game, which will be launched on Sega's old Megadrive/Genesis console.

8Bit Evolution say: "Coffee Crisis promises to deliver on the hard-hitting beat em' up action formula that is popular with games like Castle Crashers, River City Ransom and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles titles of the 1990s.

"Drawing inspiration from the metal music genre and its culture, Coffee Crisis will hold nothing back as it punches you in the face with its own dark-roasted blend of hot espresso action - no foam. Featuring professionally remastered tracks by Greywalker." Read more here.

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