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Rock Has Reached A Dead End According To The Who's Daltrey

(Classic Rock) Roger Daltrey says rappers have more relevance in today's music scene than rock bands. The Who frontman says rock music has "reached a dead end" and also reckons his band have been "stuck in a cycle" as they've been playing the same material for the last 40 years.

Daltrey tells The Times: "The sadness for me is that rock has reached a dead end. The only people saying things that matter are the rappers and most pop is meaningless and forgettable. You watch these people and you can't remember a bloody thing."

The Who recently wrapped up appearances at the Desert Trip festival in California with the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young and Roger Waters. And despite the star-studded names in the lineup, Daltrey says his high point was at the Day On The Green concert in California in 1976.

He adds: "Since then it seems we've been stuck in a cycle. Day On The Green happened 40 years ago yesterday. At Desert Trip we played the same set." Read more here.

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Yes Icon Rick Wakeman Disgusted By Rock Hall

(Prog) Rick Wakeman has slammed the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for leaving the progressive music genre "ignored" - and says he might not attend if Yes are inducted next year.

They've been nominated for the third time after first becoming eligible in 1994. Wakeman tells WROR: "I pushed for Yes to go in the Hall of Fame when I wasn't in the band, because I felt the band deserved to go in years ago.

"There's some bands that have been inducted that I have no idea why they're in there. There's bands like Yes and a few others and you go, 'Why aren't they in?' It just doesn't make an ounce of sense to me."

He continues: "It seems that anything to do with prog rock was considered a dirty word by them. It's the most inventive and the most influential music to musicians that there's ever been in the history of rock'n'roll - and yet it's ignored.

"I'm not sure whether I'd turn up. I'm so disgusted with the way that prog rock and Yes have been treated, I might be busy. I might be washing my hair that night." Read more here.

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Rolling Stones Play Private Gig For 300 People

(Radio.com) On Tuesday night, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft hosted a private Rolling Stones concert at Gillette Stadium for 200-300 of his closest friends and business associates.

According to the Boston Globe, those invited received a small box in the mail containing a white rock with the printed words: 'Gillette Stadium Tuesday Evening October 25, 2016. Very Special Live Performance by The Rolling Stones."

The guest list included 98.5 The Sports Hub's Scott Zolak, Boston rocker Peter Wolf, legendary designer Tommy Hilfiger, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck. Read more here.

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Reunited Asking Alexandria Already Recorded New Music

(Metal Hammer) Asking Alexandria have already recorded a new track with returned frontman Danny Worsnop. The reunion was confirmed at the weekend, following a breakdown in relations with his replacement, Denis Stoff, who'd joined in 2015.

But Matt Good - who's a member of Kill It With Fire alongside Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce - has revealed studio work is in progress. Good tweets: "Mixing an amazing new Asking Alexandria song at the moment featuring the return of Danny, who absolutely crushed the vocals. Damn damn."

The band have just commenced a North American tour with Worsnop at the helm, after Bruce reported that Stoff had "just stopped talking to us." Stoff later tweeted: "I left AA because I can't be in a touring band at this point in my life. There's no drama and I don't want to be a part of it." Read more here.

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Iron Maiden Stand Against Pay For Play Practice

(Classic Rock) Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris says they'll never make other bands pay to support them on tour - and he believes other successful acts should do the same.

He argues that it's a great opportunity to help nurture the big names of the future, and it's also a chance to give something back to the scene that made him a success.

In many situations, support bands will be required to "buy on" to a headline act's tour, paying for the opportunity to appear before a bigger audience than they'd get themselves, with the aim of expanding their own following.

Harris tells Metal Journal (via Blabbermouth): "I hate it when people charge bands to play with them - I hate that. I've never done that and I will never do it.

"To me, it's just wrong. A band should get at least some expenses to pay a gig, and they shouldn't have to pay to play. I've always been really against that. I've always tried to help people out." Read more here.

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Prince, Rolling Stones, Jack White Record Store Day Exclusives

(Classic Rock) Prince, the Rolling Stones and Jack White vinyl exclusives have all been announced for this year's Record Store Day's Black Friday event on November 25.

Late pop icon Prince will be honored with a 12-inch picture disc, featuring his 1992 single with the New Power Generation, Sexy MF. The Rolling Stones will also release their cover of Eddie Taylor's Ride Em On Down. The song will also be included on their forthcoming LP Blue and Lonesome, which arrives on December 2.

Jack White, formerly an ambassador for Record Store Day, will re-release the Raconteurs' Steady As She Goes and Store Bought Bones in a vinyl package which contains replicas of the band's backstage passes. Prophets Of Rage will issue a vinyl edition of their debut EP The Party's Over as part of Black Friday celebrations. Read more here.

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Korn Release 'Take Me' Video

(Metal Hammer) Korn have released a video for their new track "Take Me." The song is taken from Korn's 12th album The Serenity Of Suffering, which is out now on Roadrunner Records.

Frontman Jonathan Davis recently told Metal Hammer that he was proud of the band's legacy and how they inspired a host of rock acts. He said: "Slipknot were inspired by what we did, but they took it and did their own thing, which is f***ing amazing. One that I thought was a big compliment, but I also thought was f***ed up, was Sepultura's Roots album.

"That was just a blatant Korn rip-off, and I had it out with producer Ross Robinson about that, because he just took our sound and gave it to Sepultura. My young brain couldn't handle it. But they were one of our biggest influences, so I guess they get a pass. And that's a classic album, so it's all good." Watch the video here.

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For Today Members Launch New Band, Stream First Song

For Today may be on their farewell tour but brothers Ryan Leitru (guitar) and Brandon Leitru (bass) are already looking ahead to their next music project.

Ryan and Brandon announced their new group which they are calling Nothing Left and they are giving fans a taste of what is come with the releasing of the band's first song "Hands of Death".

Fans in Europe can also see the band perform live as a support act on For Today's farewell tour which kicks off tonight (Oct 26th). Brandon had this to say about the new group, "A lot of people have been asking if any of us will continue making music after For Today is finished," said Brandon Leitru. "Well, the answer is yes! Check out the first song from Nothing Left - the new band that Ryan and I started.

"We started putting together songs for this project early this year. We asked our friend Danon to do vocals and got Alex from Silent Planet to play drums on the recording. I'm happy with the way the songs turned out and excited to finally let people hear them."

Ryan adds, "It's been awesome to start fresh on a new project without guidelines or expectations. We had the freedom to make music that we want to hear without concern for how people will receive it. We are thankful that Nuclear Blast supports the type of creativity that tends to yield more exciting and interesting music." Stream the song here.

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Tom Petty Announces 40th Anniversary Box Sets

(hennemusic) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers will commemorate the 40th anniversary of their self-titled debut album with two companion vinyl box sets featuring their entire studio album catalogue alongside three solo records by Petty.

Many of these albums have been out of print on vinyl for years and most albums have been remastered for this release. All LPs in each of the limited-edition box sets will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl with replica artwork.

Due December 9, "The Complete Studio Albums Volume 1 (1976-1991)" presents Petty's first nine records - from the 1976 debut to 1991's "Into The Great Wide Open." The set features the singer's solo debut, 1989's "Full Moon Fever."

Due November 25, "The Complete Studio Albums Volume 2 (1994-2014)" delivers Petty's solo efforts "Wildflowers" (1994) and "Highway Companion" (2006) alongside all band releases through to their most recent album, 2014's "Hypnotic Eye." here.

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Scorpions Energized By Addition Of Motorhead's Mikkey Dee

(Classic Rock) Scorpions singer Klaus Meine has hailed former Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee as a "fresh wave of energy" for the band. Dee was named a permanent member of the veteran German outfit last month, after having joined them on a temporary basis in April. The move came after the end of Motorhead with mainman Lemmy's death in December.

Meine says in a press conference video, below: "We celebrate 50 years of Scorpions, but it's much more than that - the fact that the band is still together and we still put on a damn good show.

"And with Mikkey just joining the band, there's a fresh wave of energy. It's a lot of fun and we enjoy it every night." He adds: "You have great musicians - a great drummer, a great guitarist. And the guy can be the best musician in the world, but it's very important to have a good company." Read more here.

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Evergrey Recruit Floor Jansen For 'In Orbit' Video

(Prog) Evergrey have released a video for their new single "In Orbit". It features on the Swedish outfit's 10th album The Storm Within, which launched in September. The track features Nightwish singer Floor Jansen - who also appears in the video for the track.

Evergrey vocalist Tom S Englund tells Loudwire: "Floor is a personal friend and a major Evergrey fan, so it was discussed over a glass of wine between her and my wife Carina, who asked her if she wanted to do the song."

Speaking of the concept behind the follow-up to 2014's Hymns For The Broken, Englund said: "As usual, the lyrics are based on someone or some event in my life. When we were making this album a lot of these relationship issues were going on around me - people losing a partner or a loved one and grieving.

"The Storm Within is about a search for identity, trying to make yourself full when you feel half empty, and I placed that storyline in an interstellar world." Watch the video here.

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Enslaved Stream New Song 'Heimvegen'

(Prog) Enslaved have released a stream of their new single "Heimvegen." It comes from the Norwegian outfit's upcoming 14th studio album The Sleeping Gods - Thorn, which will launch on November 11 on By Norse Music.

The follow-up to 2015's In Times is available for pre-order via their label's website and comes just a week after their 1994 debut album Vikingligr Veldi is reissued. It's set for release on November 3.

Guitarist Ivar Bjornson said of revisiting the record: "We have been waiting since the day we recorded it - and at last it is happening. It has been a challenging journey, and it has demanded a lot of patience and understanding from all parts involved.

"The day we hold the finished product in our hand will be as sacred a day for us as the day we finished recording it." Listen to the new song here.

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Rick Parfitt Rules Out Return To Status Quo

(Classic Rock) Rick Parfitt says he won't return to performing with Status Quo in any capacity. The veteran guitarist suffered a serious heart attack on the road in June and his management later revealed he'd "died for several minutes" during the incident.

While he is expected to make a full recovery, he won't play any part in the band's current run of farewell electric shows and he now reveals he won't return to Quo in any performing capacity - although he remains involved in Quo's business activities. He has been replaced by Richie Malone and after the tour ends on December 23, Quo will only perform acoustic shows in the future.

Parfitt tells Classic Rock's Dave Ling that he won't go to any of the electric shows and that he has no interest in being a part of any future acoustic gigs. On whether he will attend the electric shows, Parfitt says: "That wouldn't be a good move. Some fans would think, 'If you're well enough to be here then you're well enough to play.'

"Plus, standing there in the audience… no, I don't think I could do that, but I do wish Richie Malone all the best. He's a f***ing good little player and it must be all of his dreams come true." Read more here.

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Bob Seger In The Studio For Night Moves 40th Anniversary

(Classic Rock) The latest episode of the syndicated radio show In The Studio: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands celebrates the 40th anniversary of Bob Seger's breakthrough album "Night Moves." The show sent over these details:

Bob Seger had come to the plate eight times with studio albums prior to 1976. He had singled way back in 1968 with "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man", doubled into the gap with Back In '72 and Bob Seger Seven and tripled with 1975's "Beautiful Loser". But the album Night Moves released in October 1976 was a real home run that traveled out of the park and didn't come down until it landed in 2004 at the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame.

Prior to Night Moves, Seger, considered by many critics as strictly a Midwestern regional act, proved them wrong when, after a twelve year career of paying his dues, he release two records back to back, Live Bullet in April 1976, recorded in front of an enthusiastic home crowd at Detroit's Cobo Hall, followed in October of that same year with Night Moves, which Rolling Stone magazine declared as the "Best Album of the Year".

In an in-depth interview with In The Studio host Redbeard, Bob Seger shares stories about the making of this landmark album and the professional and life lessons learned getting to that point.

Bob Seger says, " I think I made it when I was ready to make it. I think a lot of it was attitude. A lot of it was writing ability, consistent writing ability. A lot of it was maturity, a lot of it was the right band."

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band Night Moves @ 40/ InTheStudio interview is available now to STREAM at: "" here.

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Protest The Hero Stream New Song 'Harbinger'

(Prog) Protest The Hero have made their song "Harbinger" available to stream. The track comes from their forthcoming EP Pacific Myth - their first material since 2013 studio album Volition - and it'll feature six new tracks along with instrumental versions.

The songs were previously only available to subscribers to the band's Pacific Myth platform - but the songs have now been remixed and remastered for a wider audience. The package will get its official retail release on November 18.

Protest The Hero said: "A giant thank you first to all of our subscribers - you made this album possible and put an extra jump in our step the entire way. We hope you enjoy the extra treats we dropped on you today to say thanks.

"Another thank you to all those non-subscribers who have held out until now. If these truly are your first listens to the album - yeah right you friggin' pirates - we hope you enjoy." Stream the song here.

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Crowbar Going Old School With Todd Strange

(Metal Hammer) Crowbar leader Kirk Windstein says the return of bassist Todd Strange has given their material an "old school" feel - and he can't wait to return to the road with him.

Former bassist Jeff Golden claimed he was fired by text message earlier this year - a move which paved the way back into the band for Strange, who had left the group in 1999.

Windstein says bringing him back into the fold wasn't a conscious decision, but one which has proved to be a success as Crowbar prepare to launch their 11th album The Serpent Only Lies on October 28.

Windstein tells New Noise Magazine: "We wish Jeff Golden all the best. It's just one of those things where things weren't working out with Jeff, and it's weird.

"Todd left the band in late 1999, and I hadn't seen him for years. We never left on bad terms - he just decided he'd had enough. As things started to become obvious that it wasn't going to work out with Jeff, we said, 'We probably have to get a new bass player if things don't change.'

"Todd had picked up the bass and started playing again a couple years ago. So, when things didn't work out with Jeff, Todd was there. Everything was written before any of that happened. That wasn't a conscious thing with Todd in mind.

"But I can't wait to play the new songs with Todd, because it does have that old school feel, and him coming back into the band is really a great thing. His attitude is unbelievable." Read more here.

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Knifeworld Release 'I Must Set Fire To Your Portrait' Video

(Prog) Knifeworld have released a live video for their track "I Must Set Fire To Your Portrait." The song originally appeared on the band's third album Bottled Out Of Eden, which launched earlier this year. And they've made the video available to mark the announcement of a one-off acoustic show at London's The Islington on January 14.

The new video was shot at London's Bush Hall in June on Knifeworld's tour in support of the record. Vocalist and guitarist Kavus Torabi says: "The last tour felt, in a lot of ways, like the coming together of everything we've been doing in Knifeworld since we became an eight piece.

"Some of the songs have really evolved since they were first recorded and sound so much more exciting now. The Bush Hall concert felt like such a magical show and I'm so glad we captured it." Watch the video and read more here.

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Singled Out: The World Over's Mountains

The World Over vocalist Tiaday Ball tells us about their latest single and the title track to their recently released new album "Mountains." Here is the story:

Our single and title track, "Mountains", started out sounding like the metalcore/post-hardcore stuff we used to play on our first album ("Rampart District") before it evolved into what it is now. There's a big change stylistically between our 2 EPs which is why they're 2 years apart. We really wanted to do something that sounded more like us, and post-hardcore didn't feel like "us". We wanted something fresh. We were inspired by a lot of different artists all across the board from PVRIS to the Deftones to more popular acts like Sia or more progressive acts like Periphery and even some more fusion artists like The Reign of Kindo. We'd spend a few days every week at Ryan's home studio during pre-production just writing non stop.
Once we dialed in the sound we wanted for this record, it all came together very naturally. We already knew exactly what we wanted by the time we hit the studio in Canada. There we recorded with our producer Siegfried Meier and Melvin Murray on drums and the whole thing came together very smoothly.

This song in particular took the longest to write, vocally. We tried collaborating with other artists to get outside ideas and perspectives on it. We'd be jamming with 3 acoustic guitars around in a circle at our former drummer's house and we got this one melody that wouldn't leave us. We tried using it as a chorus and got tired of it or it didn't sound as good sung with lyrics, tried using it in other songs; it just didn't seem to fit. That melody kept following me around even after I came up with the current chorus melody for this song so we decided to make it the "viking chant" gang vocal part in the bridge and it worked perfectly.

The chorus melody came to me so last minute and was put together only a few weeks before it was time to go to Canada. Throughout the entire pre-production process, this was the hardest song to put together and we even thought this wouldn't make it on the record so we would use something else instead. I had a huge writers block for a good portion of the pre-pro side but I guess I work better under pressure!

As for the lyrics, to what extent will you go to save your friends in their times of need? If it's hurting your morals, sucking you of your life and precious time? I was trying my best to help out a close friend of mine during times when no one else was there for her. I thought I knew her really well but she turned out to be a crazy motherf*cker and in the end, I had to cut her out of my life. If people want to be saved, they will take your help and work on themselves, not bring you down with them. That is not a friend.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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