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Guns N' Roses Tour Kick Off Video Goes Online

(hennemusic) Guns N' Roses opened the South American leg of their Not In This Lifetime world tour in Lima, Peru on October 27 and video from the event is available online.

The reunited trio of Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan performed a 23-song set at Estadio Monumental that followed the format of the group's summer stadium shows in North America.

With a lineup rounded out by guitarist Richard Fortus, drummer Frank Ferrer and keyboardists Dizzy Reed and Melissa Reese, the band delivered material from their legendary catalog, including 1987's smash "Appetite For Destruction" - the biggest selling debut album of all time with more than 30 million copies sold worldwide.

The month-long run across South America will be followed in the new year with dates in Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Guns N' Roses will next perform at Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile on October 29. Check out some videos from the Lima show here.

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Metallica Preview New Song 'Atlas, Rise'

Metallica have released a short teaser clip of their new song "Atlas, Rise!" which the trash metal legends will be premiering in full on Halloween (Monday, October 31st).

The song is one of the tracks that will appear on the band's forthcoming album "Hardwired… To Self-Destruct," which is set to be released on November 18th.

The band had the following to say about the upcoming song premiere, "No surprises this time around! We're giving you some heads up that we plan to unleash the next track from Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, Atlas, Rise!, to you streaming online and via your favorite radio station this Halloween, October 31, at noon PDT.

"We're less than a month away now. Looking forward to celebrating Halloween with you as we take the next step toward the release of all 12 songs." Check out the preview here.

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Avenged Sevenfold's Surprise Album 'The Stage' Streaming Online

(Radio.com) Avenged Sevenfold surprised released their new studio album "The Stage" at Midnight on Friday (October 28th) and the effort can now be streamed online. Radio.com has this additional background on record:

The Stage is a concept album about artificial intelligence that features 11 songs inspired by the writings of Carl Sagan and Elon Musk. The album's 15-minute-plus closing track, "Exist," features a guest appearance by award-winning astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson delivering a spoken word piece he wrote specifically for the album.

The campaign for the stealth arrival of The Stage began a few weeks ago with guerilla marketing efforts, in which the group's "deathbat" symbol began appearing on landmarks around the world. Fans and media reported sightings and shared images from Paris, Sydney, London, Tokyo and Berlin and rumors about a December release began to spread.

The Stage marks the band's first release with drummer Brooks Wackerman, who has played with Bad Religion, Tenacious D and Suicidal Tendencies. Stream the album here.

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Aerosmith's Joe Perry To Receive Les Paul Award

(hennemusic) Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry will be honored with the Les Paul Award at the 32nd Annual NAMM TEC Awards on January 21 as part of the 2017 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show in Anaheim, CA.

The annual award is given on behalf of the Les Paul Foundation and honors individuals that have set the highest standards of excellence in the creative application of recording technology in the spirit of the famed audio pioneer, inventor and musician, Les Paul.

"Anytime my name is mentioned in the same sentence as Les Paul, it's a huge honor," says Perry. "Getting an award bearing his name is the icing on the cake."

The Aerosmith rocker will perform live at the NAMM event. "Joe Perry was a friend of Les Paul's and is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and talented musicians of our time," says Michael K. Braunstein, Executive Director of the Les Paul Foundation. "His ability to push boundaries of the electric guitar with his signature sound and deft playing ability embodies the true spirit of what Les Paul and the award given in his name stands for." Read more here.

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Rush Changed Life Of Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith

(hennemusic) Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith explains how Rush changed his life in a video preview to the short film "Rush: A Salute To Kings."

As Smith details his high school days in the Detroit-area band North Star, he recalls being introduced to Rush's music as his group wanted to play songs by the Canadian rockers.

"The 8-track that was the soundtrack to my sophomore year in high school was '2112', in 1976," says Smith. "Then I went to see Rush when the live album (1976's 'All The World's A Stage') came out; they played the first concert and opened Joe Louis Arena in Detroit."

"I set my drum set up exactly like Neil Peart's, and I would play in my basement in Detroit - put on the headphones and play to that record ('2112'). It changed my life."

"Rush: A Salute To Kings" sees Smith and other rockers sharing their thoughts on the group in the short film, which will act as a companion piece to the November 3 North American cinema premiere of the band's 40th anniversary tour documentary "Time Stand Still." Watch the video clip and read more here.

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John Lennon MBE Return Letter Estimated To Be Worth Over $70K

(Classic Rock) A draft of the letter John Lennon wrote to the Queen explaining why he was returning his MBE has been valued at over $70,000. It was originally found inside a record sleeve bought at a car boot sale for £10 ($12-$15) around 20 years ago.

The anonymous owner took the document to a valuation day at The Beatles Story in Liverpool this week, where the item received its hefty asking price. Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were awarded the titles in Queen Elizabeth's 1965 birthday honors list, but Lennon returned it on November 25, 1969, in protest against the Vietnam war.

The document reads: "I am returning this MBE in protest against Britain's involvement in the Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of America in Vietnam and against Cold Turkey slipping down the charts." Read more here.

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Neal Morse Band Release 'So Far Gone' Video

(Prog) The Neal Morse Band have premiered the brand new official music video for "So Far Gone" with Prog. The track is taken from the band's forthcoming new album, a double concept affair, titled The Similitude Of A Dream.

The album was inspired by John Bunyan's epic 17th century morality tale The Pilgrim's Progress and is released through Radiant Records on November 12.

Speaking about the album in the forthcoming issue of Prog Morse days, "I felt we had a great album but Mike said that he felt we had just made the album of our careers."

In typically unabashed style, drummer Mike Portnoy confirms this. "I think what we cam up with is an instant masterpiece." Watch the video here.

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Tarja Turunen Adds Dates To The Shadow Shows Tour

(Metal Hammer) Former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen has added two UK dates to her The Shadow Shows tour in support of her recent rock outing The Shadow Self, which launched in August via earMusic.

She'll play Manchester's Academy 2 on March 9 and London's Koko on March 10, 2017, and she recently told Metal Hammer that despite the shock of her departure from the band 10 years ago, she has no regrets.

She said: "Everything is different nowadays. I have a career, I have my audience, and a life as an artist. I can also be free. It's unbelievable to be able to choose things, or choose how to do things, and with whom to work. That freedom is something I would never give away." See the dates here.

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Devilment Release Alfred Hitchcock Inspired Video

(Metal Hammer) Dani Filth side-project Devilment pay tribute to Alfred Hitchcock in Psycho-inspired video for track "Hitchcock Blonde", from their forthcoming second album.

From Hammer Horror movies to real life psychos Elizabeth Bathory and Gilles de Rais, Cradle Of Filth and Devilment frontman Dani Filth has never been one to hide his influences. But now he's turned his attention to a more unlikely figure: legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. The legendary filmmaker provides the inspiration for Hitchcock Blonde, a track from Devilment's forthcoming second album, Devilment II: The Mephisto Waltzes.

"The song is pretty self-explanatory," says Dani. "This is all about Hitchcock's infatuation with his onscreen heroines: cool, controlled, aloof and sophisticated blondes. It even namechecks ten of his favorite actresses."

The video for the song continues the Hitchcock connection. Inspired by the director's most famous film, Psycho, it features grimy showers, dangerous-looking knives, bloodstained walls and - oh yes - a blonde damsel attempting to escape various unseen terrors (interesting fact: she's played by model/actress Leanne Joyce, most noted for appearing in notoriously horrific TV show Call The Midwife).

As ever there is a psychotic bendto the lyrics and the accompanying video, which was shot in a derelict, haunted hotel in the middle of Ipswich [the band's home town] where Lord Nelson was said to have stayed on numerable occasions," says Dani. "The various hideous frights throughout the video were past denizens of the hotel captured on camera." Watch the video here.

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Megadeth Beer Proving A 'Huge' Success

(Classic Rock) Dave Mustaine says he wants his A Tout Le Monde ale to serve as both a "social lubricant" and a glue to bring music and beer lovers together and rejects the notion that it is a vanity project.

Named after a song from Megadeth's 1994 album Youthanasia, the Belgian-style brew was launched by craft brewery Unibroue last week - and the vocalist says it's been a "huge" success so far.

He says in a Sirius XM interview "It's been a huge smash. The first run's completely sold out. We flew past all of their expectations and they're scrambling right now to get the next batch made.

"I heard recently that they sold 240 cases in one day in Tampa. That's just one city in the nation, and they distribute to five continents. I can see now why Iron Maiden did it."

Mustaine, who released his own wine Symphony in 2014, says branching out into the drinks market has never been a vanity project for him.Read more here.

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Philip Anselmo Explains His Love Of The Cure

(TeamRock) Having risen to fame with metal legends Pantera and kept things pounding along with Down, Philip Anselmo is not the most obvious advocate for The Cure's darkly romantic goth anthems. And yet, as he explains here, Robert Smith's gloomy mob are an essential part of his record collection…

"I was a teenager, living in Texas, when I was first turned on to The Cure by a friend. I'll be honest, it's two of the older records that most absorbed me: Seventeen Seconds definitely my number one, and then Faith would be number two. I like certain songs off all their records, but those two in particular grabbed me. I have an incredible amount of respect for the band, but at a point they got so popular that I kinda lost interest, which I know is a little shady on my part.

"But Seventeen Seconds is amazing. It almost sounds like a four-track recording, and essentially it's Robert Smith and a drum machine, but there's a great atmosphere and vibe on that record. I love the moodiness of the album. It's a perfect evening-time record, with that dark, sexy atmosphere. And Faith is really great too.

"One of the most impressive things about The Cure is the way Robert Smith could conjure up so much wonderful atmosphere to frame these great songs. You can do anything in that atmosphere: burn some candles, light some incense, cook food and hang out with a chick." Read more here.

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Heather Findlay Cancels Live Dates Due To Illness

(Prog) Heather Findlay has announced the cancellation of several live dates through illness. However her seasonal release I Am Snow will still be released, with pre order information becoming available this weekend.

In a statement, Findlay says: "I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made 2016 such a great year for myself and The Heather Findlay band so far! We have loved being out on the road together playing The Illusion's Reckoning material this year and have been truly overwhelmed by the feedback and support from both fans and press alike. We are now busy putting the final touches to the soon to be released 'I Am Snow' album which we are super excited to share with you!"

She then breaks the bad news, "Unfortunately, due to doctor's orders because of illness, I have been advised not to travel and to rest for the next couple of months which means we have to postpone all current plans for the shows beginning this weekend and throughout November. I can only express my sincere apologies to those that will be let down as a result." Read more here.

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Opeth's Wil Malone Collaboration Was Spur Of The Moment

(Prog) Opeth's Mikael Akerfeldt says he invited composer Wil Malone to work with them on their 12th album Sorceress - because he wanted an excuse to reach out to him.

Malone has worked with several artists throughout his career, featuring on Black Sabbath albums Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Sabotage and Never Say Die in the 70s and Iron Maiden's 1980 self-titled debut album, among many others.

Akerfeldt made his spur-of-the-moment decision while filling out a contact form on the composer's website, after he discovered Malone was still active. Akerfeldt admits he originally intended to ask about Malone's earlier solo work, but says he'd have felt "a bit stupid."

He tells Prog Sphere: "I've been a fan of his for a couple of years. He's quite an obscure artist, not a lot of people know about him. But he did some records, like solo records in the early 1970s. He did one album that's difficult to find, but I managed to track down a copy of that one.

"I was just fooling around, seeing if he was still active, and so I searched on the Internet after him. He had a web page and there was like a contact thing, so I could email him, which I did.

"The intention was, in the beginning, to ask him about his solo records, basically. But I felt a bit stupid doing that, so I threw it in if he would be interested in scoring strings for a song. And at the time I didn't even have the song, I was just wondering if he would be interested in working with us. And he said yes." Read more here.

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Vipassi Streaming New Song 'Benzaiten'

(Prog) Vipassi have premiered their new track 'Benzaiten' exclusively with Prog for its international release. The Australian instrumental proggers recently signed to Season Of Mist and will release their debut album Sunyata on January 20 2017.

Vipassi feature members of progressive metal band Ne Obliviscaris and produce pummelling prog that is both heavy and mesmerising: perfect for fans of technical prog metal like Animals As Leaders.

Regarding the track, Vipassi comment: "Benzaiten is the goddess of everything that flows: water, time, words, speech, eloquence, music and by extension, knowledge. Benzaiten also happens to be the very first track composed by Vipassi, which kickstarted and affirmed our sound and the direction of our journey with this project, acting almost as a mission statement; honouring our love for extreme music and melody, capturing the ebb and flow of everything that inspires us to create. So it is fitting it be the first piece released through our new home at Season Of Mist." Listen to the song here.

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