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AC/DC's Phil Rudd Suffers A Heart Attack

(hennemusic) Longtime AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd revealed to the New Zealand Herald that he recently suffered a heart attack but he is doing better now after having a stent inserted.

"Yeah, I had a heart attack," Rudd tells the paper, "but I am good now, got a stent inside.I was just at home walking around at home, and I started feel, well just funny," he explains. "You know how you can feel funny? I had a strange pain in my chest.

"So my housekeeper took me to the hospital, when they hooked me up and did all these tests turned out I had a big heart attack...my artery was all blocked up, and they said I had to stay in and have an operation."

Rudd had a stent inserted via his arm. "All I have is a tiny scar in my wrist," he says. "And my hair has grown back too so I am all good, I am healthy and got so much color in my cheeks." Read more here.

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Heart Singer's Husband Arrested For Alleged Assault

(Classic Rock) The husband of Heart singer Ann Wilson has been arrested for alleged assault. The Seattle Times report that Dean Stuart Wetter is being held on investigation of assaulting two young male relatives during Heart's show at White River Amphitheatre, Auburn, Washington, on Friday evening.

Wetter appeared at King County District Court and is due to make a second appearance on August 31. The newspaper reports that probable-cause documents indicate the two boys were walking past one of the tour buses when they saw Wetter and asked if they could see inside the vehicle.

Wetter agreed, but warned them to be careful because Wilson's dogs were on the bus. When the boys left, it's reported they left the door open, causing Wetter to start shouting at them.

It's then alleged that Wetter slapped one of the boys on the back of the head, then punched him in the back of the head with a closed fist "causing him pain and to see stars." Read more here.

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Ozzy Still Hopes Ward Will Be Part Of Final Black Sabbath Show

(Classic Rock) Ozzy Osbourne hasn't completely given up on the chance of Bill Ward returning for Black Sabbath's final show - even though the drummer himself has ruled it out.

The pair became embroiled in a war of words following Ward's departure from the band's reunion in 2012, and he later accused the vocalist of having created an "impassable dilemma."

Black Sabbath are currently on their farewell world tour with Tommy Clufetos behind the drumkit. The road trip ends with two dates in their home city of Birmingham, UK, in February.

Earlier this month Ward said it was "incorrect" to suggest he'd make a return. Ozzy tells Rolling Stone: "Right now I'm having a blast. I suppose I may have a different head on when we do the last show. I used to resent going out on the road, but now it's fun. Nobody gets stoned, nobody gets drunk. We've been doing some great shows."

He continues: "I'm sad that Bill never came through. Every time I reach out to Bill I get yelled at for something." Asked whether Ward will make an appearance in Birmingham, he says: "I don't know. If something can be worked out, great. Tommy is doing a great job." Read more here.

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Metallica May Collaborate With Jason Newsted

(Metal Hammer) Former Metallica Jason Newsted has said he's in talks with the band about some form of collaboration - although he won't say what it is. And he's added that he's "proud" of his ex-colleagues after hearing their latest track Hardwired, released earlier this month.

He says of his current relationship with Metallica: "I've got a call with Lars coming up on Thursday here. I've been talking to him every couple of weeks.

"As they're coming out with a new record, there's a lot of stuff going on within the underpinnings of it all, or whatever you wanna call it. We always are in touch.

"Now we're actually doing voice-to-voice, which is nice. I'm hoping to be able to get person-to-person before long. They do have quite a bit to do here with this new record. I'm excited for them, man. I'm proud of them."

Asked whether his contact is friendly, business-related, or connected to some kind of collaboration, he replies: "All those three," but refuses to be drawn on details. Read more here.

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Megadeth's Dave Mustaine May Work With Ice-T's Body Count

(Classic Rock) Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine revealed to fans via Twitter that he has been in touch with Ice-T about working with him and Body Count in the future.

Mustaine tweeted: "Body Count! Ice-T and I are talking about doing something again." Ice-T then responded: "You heard it first!" The pair have given no further indication if it'll take the form of live dates or a collaboration between the two artists.

Body Count are working on their new album titled Bloodlust, which will be released after they recently signed a deal with Century Media. It's expected to launch next year. Producer Will Putney is once again behind the desk after working on their 2014 record Manslaughter. Read more here.

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The Tragically Hip's Entire Catalog Land On Charts In Wake Of Farewell

(hennemusic) The entire 17-album catalogue by The Tragically Hip has dominated the Canadian charts following an August 20 farewell concert in the band's hometown of Kingston, ON.

Billboard reports the band sits at No. 1 on the Billboard Canadian Albums chart with their 2005 compilation, "Yer Favourites", while their latest release, "Man Machine Poem", comes in at No. 6.

Two of the group's classic albums also sit in the Top Ten - 1992's "Fully Completely" at No. 8 and 1989's "Up To Here" at No. 9. Over the previous week, the band's total album sales had a 157% increase, while digital song sales are up 342% and on-demand streams are up 185%.

On the Digital Songs chart, 29 Hip tunes chart in the Top 200, including 5 in the Top 20 led by "Ahead By A Century" at No. 6 and "Bobcaygeon" at No. 7. Read more and watch the farewell concert here.

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Jimmy Eat World Premieres New Song 'Sure and Certain'

(Radio.com) Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins stopped by KROQ's Kevin & Bean Show on Tuesday (Aug 30) morning to premiere a new track titled "Sure and Certain."

The band premiered their first new song "Get Right" last week (Aug 21) and are now back with the follow up "Sure and Certain." The song is off their newly-announced forthcoming album Integrity Blues, scheduled for release October 21 via RCA Records.

"We've been working on this record for almost a year, really," says Akdins. "We're really proud of it. Towards the end of making a record there's always this period where you feel like you know this really awesome secret that no one else knows. Right now I'm kind of enjoying that."

The band will support the new album beginning with a European tour beginning Sept 7 in London. Listen to the new song here.

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Suicidal Tendencies Stream New Song 'Happy Never After'

(Metal Hammer) Suicidal Tendencies have released their track Happy Never After from upcoming album World Gone Mad. The follow-up to 2013's 13 is released on September 30, featuring former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo.

Frontman Mike Muir recently told Jump Metal (via Blabbermouth): "A lot of people, obviously, associate Dave with the Slayer sound. On some of the Suicidal songs, it's different musically, and you can see how really a tremendously diverse drummer that he is.

"He's definitely got the Cuban thing going on, that Latin flavor, where he gets to do a little bit more in Suicidal than he did in Slayer. You hear it and you definitely know it's Dave, but it takes us to another level." Check out the new song here.

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Tom Scholz In The Studio For Boston's 40th Anniversary

(ITS) Boston's Tom Scholz is featured on a new episode of In The Studio: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands which celebrates the 40th anniversary of Boston's self-titled debut. The show sent over these details:

A year before releasing what quickly became the biggest selling debut album in music history (a record Boston held for decades until only recently when nosed out by Guns'n'Roses' Appetite for Destruction), the band Boston did not even exist. In 1976 Tom Scholz's seven year basement tapes project would emerge out of nowhere to re-write the record books on popularity and profits. The Cinderella story of Scholz and Boston's debut would produce astronomical numbers (over 17 million sold to date), driven by three Top 40 singles "Peace of Mind", "Long Time" and the Top 5 smash "More Than A Feeling".

Tom Scholz shares with In The Studio host Redbeard how the monumental success of Boston's debut album insured his future in the music business. "That album doing as well as it did is the only thing that made it possible to do a second and a third one, because there was no way I was going to be able to write the songs for additional albums in the time frame that some bands do, pumping one out a year or even shorter ... It was only because it sold so well that it was possible to take the time to do it, and do it again... If it had been a 900,000 seller instead of a 9 million seller, I think there probably wouldn't be a Boston in existence today" Stream the episode here.

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In Flames Release Lyric Video For 'The End'

(Metal Hammer) In Flames have released a lyric video for their track The End. It features on the Swedish outfit's upcoming 12th album Battles, which will be released on November 11 via Eleven Seven Music, and follows a stream of The Truth.

Earlier this week, vocalist and lyricist Anders Friden explained the meaning behind Battles - saying it was inspired by the emotional conflicts people experience every day.

He said: "All titles for every album come really late in the process. I write the lyrics and then I gather all the lyrics after we're done and I look at the album as a whole, then try to figure out what the theme is.

"With Battles, we all have our inner struggles from the day we are really young up until the day we die, so this album is about that and something everyone can relate to

"We all have it - you can never get away from it. It could be inside and outside, between all kinds of people with all kinds of situations." Watch the video here.

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Bring Me The Horizon Stars Climbing Mountain for Pediatric Hospital

(Radio.com) Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for the hospital caring for Fish's infant son. Fish posted an emotional note Tuesday (Aug 30) detailing the events leading up to and the care following his newborn son Eliot's brain hemorrhage.

On the evening of Sunday 21st August, our 4 day old baby Eliot suffered what we eventually found out was a Brain Hemorrhage. My wife Emma and I reacted as quickly as we could as soon as we began to feel his crying changed from what you would consider 'normal' to something else. We called an ambulance in the early hours of the morning and did our best to keep him calm, awake and alive.

When we arrived at Basingstoke hospital Eliot had stopped breathing more than once and was having seizures. Emma held him in the ambulance and kept him alive even though she could feel him drifting away in her arms. The hospital staff put Eliot into a coma, took over his breathing and sedated him to get the seizure under control.

Once they felt he was stable enough, within about an hour or two of us arriving, they scanned Eliot's brain. The scan showed an acute bleed in the centre of his brain and some 'unusual' tissue which may have caused the bleed. Read more here.

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Dream Theater Release 'The Astonishing' Behind-The-Scenes Video

(Prog) Dream Theater have released a behind-the-scenes promo for their latest record The Astonishing. Keyboardist Jordan Rudess and guitarist John Petrucci have launched a webisode series in which they discuss the themes in the concept album - one of which is their 'Brother' storyline.

They say it explores the relationship between the fictional characters, brothers Gabriel and Arhys, who must defend themselves against a dystopian empire.

Petrucci says: "Some people might find it interesting to know what our headspace was when we were writing this - the compositional techniques we used when writing, and to get deeper into the analysis of how we made this cinematic experience."

While he explains the importance of music and imagery, the guitarist also hints that their 13th studio work could potentially be made into a film in future.

He adds: "Because the experience of The Astonishing is an album - it's not a movie, at least not yet - the music is important to guide the listener and conjure up these images as to what's happening in the story. The music really acted as a score to us. Hopefully when you're listening to it, you get this visual." Watch the video here.

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Chester Bennington Updates Fans On New Linkin Park Album

(TeamRock) Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has checked in with an update from the studio. H e and his bandmates are currently working on the follow-up to 2014's The Hunting Party.

And after Mike Shinoda revealed in June that it was "time to shift into the next gear," Bennington says he's proud of what Linkin Park have managed to achieve so far on the as-yet-untitled record.

He says: "I've been working really hard on some vocals for the last couple of months and we've done some really great stuff. The songs are amazing, I'm really proud of what we've accomplished in the studio.

"So far we've got a lot of great material that I hope challenges our fan base as well as inspires them as much as it has us. So I'm really looking forward to you guys hearing the stuff. It's super exciting." Read more here.

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Warren Haynes Part Of Upcoming Jerry Garcia Tribute Show

(TeamRock) Warren Haynes is to perform at a show honoring the legacy of the late Grateful Dead singer and guitarist Jerry Garcia. The Gov't Mule leader will take on vocal and guitar duties, alongside other artists including Alison Krauss, John Medeski, Don Was, Jamey Johnson, Raymond Weber and more.

Dear Jerry: Let's Play 2 follow the show's first Dear Jerry installment last year. It kicks off on October 14 at Washington's DAR Constitution Hall with Jerry Uncovered: Exploring Jerry Garcia through the JGB Songbook.

The next night's event, named This Is 30, will feature appearances from folk duo The Avett Brothers - recreating the Grateful Dead show which saw Garcia return to the stage in 1986 following a diabetic coma which almost claimed his life. Read more here.

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Crowbar Announce New Album 'The Serpent Only Lies'

(Metal Hammer) Crowbar will release 11th album "The Serpent Only Lies" on October 28th, they've confirmed - with the lead single "Falling While Rising" due on September 1st.

The follow-up to 2014 record Symmetry In Black was originally expected a month sooner, until its official launch date was revealed. See a short trailer below.

Mainman Kirk Windstein recently described the material as "more meat and potatoes" than previous outings. Now he says: "I intentionally went back and listened to a lot of old Crowbar stuff, like the self-titled and Broken Glass albums, to get a feel for what my mindset was 20-plus years ago.

"I also went back and listened to the bands that influenced Crowbar in the beginning, like Trouble, Saint Vitus, Melvins, and the first Type O Negative record. So it was kinda me doing my homework." Read more here.

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Journey Don't Need Reunion With Steve Perry For Success Says Schon

(Classic Rock) Journey guitarist Neal Schon says any future reunion with classic-era singer Steve Perry couldn't make the band any more successful than they currently are.

Speculation has ebbed and flowed over the years that Perry - who returned to the stage in 2014 and is currently working on a solo album - might one day rejoin the band he fronted from 1977 to 1987 and 1995 to 1998.

But Schon argues that, while he'd still be willing to discuss the move, it wouldn't mean the band would generate more cash. The guitarist tells Freep.com: "What people don't understand is that we couldn't possibly be doing better right now, even if he was with us.

"It's taken a lot of hard work to build it back up, but you know what? We're here again. We're sitting there. And management is the first to tell me it couldn't possibly be bigger." Read more here.

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Black Sabbath's Bill Ward Blasts Ozzy's Final Concert Suggestion

Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward says that Ozzy Osbourne's recent comments that he may still join the band during their very last concert in Birmingham "emotionally heartbreaking" and "spiteful."

The metal legends will be playing their final show in their hometown in February and Ozzy suggested during a recent interview that there was still a chance that Ward would perform at the show.

When asked about the possibility Ozzy said, "every time I reach out to Bill I get yelled at for something. If something can be worked out, great." And now Ward has released the following comments:

"Ozzy has never reached out since January 26/27 2012 when he called to see when I would be arriving in the UK to join rehearsals for the 13 CD. Since that last phone call, he has never reached out to me, and I have not reached out to him.

"Ozzy needs to look to those who stopped me from coming through. The contract was impossible to sign; the group rhetoric of 2012, 2013 and throughout,... was fault-finding, condemning and full of dishonest evaluations of me as a person, including my so-called health issues. Had I signed the contract, I suspect I wouldn't have been labeled as having poor health or having all the other judgmental character references.

"As a reminder, in September 2015, we asked a Sabbath representative if there could be an opening to play with the band again. Their representative answered 'no.' It's hard to come through when you receive a 'no.'

"I love all our Sabbath fans throughout the world, and to toss around ideas that I might play the Birmingham shows is both emotionally heartbreaking for me and spiteful. I think the Sabbath fans who have loved the original band have gone through enough in terms of disappointment and sadness. For me to play Birmingham only, would, I feel, be discriminating and elitist towards our other fans all over the world. I could never be discriminating or elitist to our fans. It's been heartbreaking enough not to record and tour and it'll be heartbreaking not to play to the Birmingham fans. Please know the prevailing circumstances are not by my design. This is not what I would have wanted or what I have chosen. Had any of you had to choose to sign a contract which undermined and devalued you, I think most of you with some dignity and self-respect would have walked away too. My absence at the current shows and the future Birmingham shows reflects an undeniable and unseen misadventure that my accusers won't bear. It's called selfishness and self-centeredness; dishonesty and disloyalty. These are the culprits of Sabbath's original line-up's demise."

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Video From AC/DC With Axl Rose's Florida Show Goes Online

(hennemusic) Axl Rose and AC/DC performed at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, FL, just outside of Ft. Lauderdale, on August 30 and videos from the show have been posted online.

The 24-song set on the Rock Or Bust world tour mirrored the band's August 27 US tour opener in Greensboro, NC, with fans in Florida witnessing the second performance of the 1975 classic, "Live Wire," in 34 years.

The BB&T Center appearance marked the second concert of a 10-date series of shows that were rescheduled after singer Brian Johnson was sidelined in March due to hearing loss issues.

Rose fronted the group through a spring tour of Europe as he juggles his 2016 schedule between AC/DC and Guns N' Roses. Check out the videos from the Florida show here.

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System of a Down Planning New Music?

(Radio.com) If the photos that members of System of a Down shared on Instagram Wednesday night (August 31) are any indication, big things could be just around the corner.

Drummer John Dolmayan posted a photo jamming with bassist Shavo Odadjian and guitarist Daron Malakian with the exciting caption, "1..2..3..4..#systemofadown #letdothis."

Not to be outdone, Odadjian also posted a photo of Dolmayan playing the drums, but he reversed his friend's initial caption, writing instead, " #letsdothis."

System of a Down last released new music in 2005 when they released not one but two albums, Mezmerize in spring and Hypnotize in fall. Read more and see the photos here.

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Phil Collins Releases Videos From U.S. Open Performance

(Prog) Phil Collins has released live videos of his performance at the US Open tennis tournament earlier this week. The former Genesis frontman, who came out of retirement last year, delivered renditions of classic tracks In The Air Tonight and Easy Lover at the New York gala event.

His band included his teenage son Nick on drums, plus a guest appearance from actor and singer Leslie Odom Jr. During the 12-minute performance Collins said: "It's a great pleasure to be here. I can now tell people I've played at the US Open. That's an English joke - you'll laugh on the way home."

Earlier this year he revealed details of what he called an embarrassingly honest autobiography entitled Not Dead Yet, adding: "There have been lots of highs, and more than a few lows. If readers are shocked or disappointed that their 'hero' - or that bloke who kept popping up in the charts - was human, then this book will have done what I wanted it to do." Watch the video here.

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Disturbed Release 'Open Your Eyes' Video

(Metal Hammer) Disturbed have released a lyric video for their track Open Your Eyes from latest album Immortalized. The follow-up to 2010's Asylum was released last year after the band returned from a four-year hiatus.

Frontman David Draiman this week spoke about fans' reaction to their return, saying: "It's been amazing - the fire has been stoked. We're performing at a level that I personally believe is unprecedented in our careers.

"We've really been overwhelmed throughout the duration of this cycle with the amount of success that we've seen. We're very, very grateful." Disturbed launch a North American tour later this month, with UK dates to follow in January. See the dates and watch the video here.

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Alice Cooper, Corey Taylor, Kirk Hammett In History Of Metal and Horror

(Metal Hammer) A documentary exploring the relationships between heavy metal and horror is being planned under the guidance of producer Mike Schiff. The History Of Metal And Horror features interviews with artists including Alice Cooper, Metallica's Kirk Hammett, Slipknot's Corey Taylor, Korn's Jonathan Davis and Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine.

Speaking exclusively to TeamRock about the project, Schiff says: "I spent many years attending metal shows and horror conventions. One convention/metal show I worked for was Kirk Hammett's Fear FestEvil.

"I thought more about how the two genres always seem to go hand-in-hand. As it turned out that no one had ever made a documentary that explained why that is. I wanted to get into the history of both genres and allow the horror personalities and musicians to share their views on the topic and a lot of other fun stuff."

Schiff says having the opportunity to sit down with some of the biggest names in rock and metal was "unreal" and adds: "I got to film Dave Mustaine in his home and he treated us so graciously. Alice Cooper was incredibly generous with his time and treated us like friends. Corey Taylor gave me some vocal tips and showed me his warmup techniques. Read more and watch the trailer here.

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