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Metallica Release 'Moth Into Flame' Video

(hennemusic) Metallica have released a video for their new song "Moth Into Flame", as the latest preview to their forthcoming album, "Hardwired…To Self Destruct."

"As some of you accurately predicted, we gave it the first public spin while hanging out with our great friend Howard Stern this morning in his New York studio," says the band. "Sitting and chatting with Howard is one our favorite things to do and we were honored that he offered to play it first and let us perform a few additional songs live while we were there. We're also excited to debut the corresponding video directed by Tom Kirk of Muse fame."

"Moth To Flame" follows the lead track, "Hardwired", as the second taste of Metallica's tenth album. Due November 18, the two-disc set was produced by Greg Fidelman, guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. Watch the video here.

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Eagles May Play Again Says Don Henley

Eagles cofounder Don Henley has revealed the circumstances where he could see the band reunite to play together again. Following Glenn Frey's death, Henley expressed that the surviving member's tribute performance at the Grammy Awards, which featured Jackson Browne, was the final time the legendary group would take the stage together.

Now Henley tells the Montreal Gazette (via here), "At some point in the future, we might work our way around to that. You know, Glenn has a son who can sing and play quite well. And one of the only things that would make sense to me is if it were his son." Read more here.

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30 People Arrested At Ozzfest Meets Knotfest's First Day

(Classic Rock) Police in California are reporting that 30 people were arrested on the opening day of Ozzfest Meets Knotfest this past weekend. San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department says most of the arrests at the San Manuel Amphitheater in Devore, California, on Saturday were alcohol-related and that 10 people were taken to hospital for a variety of medical complaints.

The police force, which attended the event along with members of the California Highway Patrol and a K-9 unit, says: "During this operational period there were approximately 3400 campers and approximately 37,000 attendees for the music festival.

"30 people were arrested for various violations during this period. Most arrests were alcohol-related. 10 attendees were transported to the hospital for various medical reasons." [17 people were reportedly arrested on the second day of the festival, according to reports] Read more here.

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Megadeth Release 'Conquer Or Die' Video

(hennemusic) Megadeth have released a new music video for their song "Conquer Or Die", which is an instrumental track that is taken from their latest album, "Dystopia."

The tune features guitar work by leader Dave Mustaine and new addition Kiko Loureiro, formerly of Brazilian band Angra, who replaced outgoing member Chris Broderick after he left the group in 2014.

"I first met Kiko around 8 years ago for a cover shoot for Burrn! Magazine," explains Mustaine. "I had no idea who he was, other than the fact he was tremendously talented and that the staff from Burrn! held him in high regard. Since then I've come to see what a guitar virtuoso he is, and I'm deeply encouraged by his depth and talent.

"Very few Megadeth alumni have had the same feel and ability as Kiko. As Frank Sinatra says, 'the best is yet to come!'"

Megadeth recently confirmed the addition of Dirk Verbeuren, formerly of Swedish metal band Soilwork, as the group's new drummer after Lamb Of God's Chris Adler recorded "Dystopia" and performed early dates on the current world tour. Watch the video here.

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Aerosmith's Joe Perry Says His New Album Is 'In The Can'

(hennemusic) Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry reveals that he has completed recording his latest solo album. Perry has been working on the project in a California studio on and off over the past year while Aerosmith has been on hiatus and juggling live duties with the Alice Cooper-led supergroup The Hollywood Vampires.

"It's in the can right now. I just need to polish it up a bit more," Perry revealed in an interview with The Musician's Ear. "I'm looking to release some of it in the new year."

In April, Perry premiered the single, "I'll Do Happiness", featuring UK vocalist Terry Reid, and confirmed the addition of Iggy Pop, David Johansen and Zak Starkey to the project.

Asked if he still feels that he has lots of riffs left to discover, Perry adds, "That's why I keep making solo records. I'm still searching for those things. I've still got lots of riffs inside me, and lots of riffs on my iPhone. (laughs) They need to get transferred onto some kind of recording format with some bass and drums." Read more here.

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Dillinger Escape Plan Stream New Song 'Symptom Of Terminal Illness'

(Metal Hammer) The Dillinger Escape Plan have released an online stream of their new single "Symptom Of Terminal Illness". The track comes from the band's upcoming sixth album Dissociation, due for release on October 14 via Party Smasher Inc.

The band have announced they'll split once their world tour in support of Dissociation comes to an end. On the album, guitarist Ben Weinman says: "Dissociation represents the splitting of a molecule into smaller molecules, atoms, or ions, breaking bonds to release energy.

"Over the past two decades, this band has given me and my bandmates, both collectively and individually, the opportunity to experience the world in a way most could never imagine. This album is a celebration of that experience and the energy it has produced." Stream the song here.

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Iced Earth Recruit Former White Wizzard Guitarist Jake Dreyer

Iced Earth have announced that they have recruited Jake Dreyer of White Wizzard and Witherfall fame to take over lead guitar duties in the band.

Dreyer replaces longtime guitarist Troy Seele who announced his departure from the group last month so that he could focus on his family responsibilities. The new member is set to play his first show with band at Hammerfest in November.

Band leader Jon Schaffer made the following announcement about their new recruit, "Please join us in welcoming Jake Dreyer, our new lead guitar player, to the Iced Earth family. We're excited for Jake to be a part of the team as he has the talent, drive, and the personality we were looking for.

"Jake joined Stu and I last week to do some tracking at Independence Hall and he hammered out some ripping guitar solos on several songs from the new album. Jake will play on the upcoming Iced Earth studio album and will perform his first live show with us in November at Hammerfest in Germany." Read more here.

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Glenn Hughes Looks Back On Wild Times With David Bowie

(Classic Rock) David Bowie and former Deep Purple star Glenn Hughes bonded over a love of soul music and ended up sharing a house in Beverly Hills. Hughes looked back on the experience for Classic Rock and wrote the following:

David Bowie and I first met in the summer of 1974 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in a room full of guys and girls that included Keith Moon, Ronnie Wood, Harry Nilsson, Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper. I wasn't going completely off the rails… but I was about to. In walked Angie Bowie and said that her husband had seen me at the California Jam on the TV and wanted to meet me.

I was led upstairs into this dark room, everybody left and he asked me how I'd got into Purple when I was a soul guy. He was fascinated by that. We spoke for three or four hours about music, R&B… everything. The following day I worked at the studio [where Purple were making Stormbringer] and attended one of the several nights David was playing at the Universal Ampitheatre. The day after that he came to the studio and watched me sing the track Hold On. For the rest of that summer we were inseparable.

He asked to stay for a while at my place in Beverly Hills. I was in Germany but he came anyway - by train, alone… which was incredible for one of the world's biggest stars. I arrived home five days later. At the time David was preparing himself for the role of The Man Who Fell To Earth. For a while nobody knew he was in LA except me and Phil Daoussis, the guy who looked after me back then - not even David's manager Tony Defries, or the members of his band. I was sworn to secrecy.

I'm so full of respect for David. During the creation of Station To Station we were addled, out of our minds. How could he be so fearless as to stand at the mic and write those lyrics to Golden Years on the spot? That's when he asked me to sing on the album, but the band [Deep Purple] and the management were against it. I don't think anyone knows that, but it's true and it really upset me. Read more here.

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Corey Taylor Says Master Of Puppets Greatest Modern Heavy Metal Album

(Metal Hammer) Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has explained his admiration for the Big 4 of thrash - Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. And he's singled out Metallica's Master Of Puppets as "the greatest modern heavy metal album ever made."

His comments come as Slipknot bandmate Shawn 'Clown' Crahan confirms the release of his Officer Downe movie. Taylor tells 2 Hours With Matt Pinfield: "The first time I heard Master Of Puppets it honestly changed my life. But I can say that about all four of those bands.

"Master Of Puppets, to me, is the greatest modern heavy metal album ever made. Pound for pound, songwise, musically, sonically, production - it's just fantastic. I know dudes who will fight me over that stuff because we're so nerdy on it. But to me, that is the template for every great heavy metal album."

He identifies Slayer's Reign In Blood as worthy of praise but adds: "As much as I love Reign In Blood, South Of Heaven really set the tone for me. That album is just so tight. It's got everything."

Megadeth's Peace Sells… But Who's Buying? is next - Taylor says: "If you talk about that album as a casual listener they'll immediately talk about that song. They don't realise that album is such a riff clinic. You're listening to it going, 'How did you write that? Where did that come from?'" Read more here.

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Ghost Nameless Ghoul Was Inspired By KISS

(TeamRock) One of Ghost's Nameless Ghouls has spoken of his admiration for Kiss and Slayer - as well as Beyonce and ABBA. Taking part in a Close Up interview for Deezer, the Ghoul picks some of his favorite songs after giving an insight into Ghost hit Cirice.

Describing Kiss as one of the pioneers of "theatrical rock," he says Rock And Roll All Night was the first record he bought. He adds: "We don't look like Kiss and we don't look like Twisted Sister, but the expression is very similar.

"However, musically, we have broadened a lot. Kiss is a very big reason for myself finding the music that I gravitated towards, but it's not like I put on Kiss to find inspiration nowadays." Read more here.

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Alter Bridge frontman Strives To Be Role Model, Not Hero

(Classic Rock) Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy doesn't think musicians can be heroes - although they should strive to be good role models. He believes his band have delivered an essential element of honesty in upcoming album The Last Hero, and he hopes it inspires others to do the same.

Kennedy tells My Global Mind: "I don't consider musicians or songwriters heroes. That's a term for someone more special. As far as trying to be a positive role model or hopefully inspiring people in some way, I don't take that lightly and try to do the best I can. You can never phone it in because you've been given a gift and an opportunity - not only create music but perform it all over the world.

"There's a responsibility to not let people down and be the best you can. Hopefully, the people listening will pay it forward if they're inspired - continue that musical passing of the torch." Read more here.

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Lamb Of God Frontman Grateful Fame Came Later

(Metal Hammer) Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe says he's thankful the band were in their 30s by the time they found fame - because they'd have struggled to handle it when they were younger.

The vocalist says the relentless communication from fans on social media would have been difficult to cope with when he was in his 20s. Blythe, 45, tells Northern Star: "I don't have a Facebook account, and as you get bigger and bigger and more and more people start coming to see your band, there is always the ego monster that can creep in if you don't watch it.

"I think, fortuitously for myself and my band, we were all already in our 30s when we really started gaining some traction as a band. I think we would not have handled it as well had we been younger in our 20s. But we were already firmly grounded as who we were as people.

"I used to have a Twitter where all I would do is wind up arguing with my fans. Not all of them, I had a lovely relationship with most of them, but I didn't like the weird anonymous unaccountability that people had. The way they acted sometimes on Twitter and I am assuming that's the same on Facebook." Read more here.

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Dan Reed Network Announce UK Tour

(Classic Rock) Dan Reed Network have announced an 11-date UK tour for early 2017. The dates are in support of the band's latest album Fight Another Day, which was released earlier this year via Frontiers Records and was their first studio release since 1991's The Heat.

The tour kicks off in Swindon on March 1 and wraps up in Nottingham on March 15. Support on all dates except Sheffield will come from Vega and tickets are available now.

Mainman Dan Reed says: "DRN is thrilled to be returning to Europe this next March and especially excited about the extensive UK tour in celebration of our album Fight Another Day and the reaction we have received from the record, and our CD Release show at the 100 Club last June in London.

"Dan Pred, Brion James, Melvin Brannon II, Rob Daiker and I are really looking forward to playing many new and unique venues throughout the UK, and rockin' up the funk hard core and meeting all those who are able to attend and bring down the house with us.

"We thank you for the many years of support and especially believing that we had new music in us to offer. We are forever grateful for you all being there with us on this journey." See the dates here.

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Threat Signal Recruit Ex-Fear Factory Star

Threat Signal have revealed the dates for their upcoming European Rise Of The Empire tour with Vader and Hate Eternal that will be taking place this November and will feature former Fear Factory star Olde Wolbers taking on bass duties.

The band had this to say about Wolbers who will be taking the place of Threat Signal bassist Pat Kavanagh, who has not left the group but will not be touring with them, "We would like to officially welcome Christian Olde Wolbers (ex Fear Factory) into Threat Signal as our new bass player!

"Christian has been involved with us since the very beginning, having produced and recorded our debut album Under Reprisal. He recently preformed live with us during a short string of local dates, and we had a blast!"

Threat Signal offered these comments about the upcoming tour, "You can catch us this November touring Europe alongside Vader and Hate Eternal. We are very excited to bring our live show across the pond again! Especially playing with bands of this caliber. Can't wait!"

The band will be releasing their new studio album, entitled "Disconnect", next year. See the tour dates: here.

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Enuff Z'nuff Reveal Details For New Rarities Album

Enuff Z'nuff have revealed more details about their upcoming rarities album "Clowns Lounge," which is set to be released on December 2nd via Frontiers Music Srl.

The current lineup of the band, featuring the only remaining original member Chip Z'nuff taking over lead vocal duties, have also lineup tour dates with Tracii Guns, Ace Frehley and will also be taking part in The Kiss Kruise: Creatures of the Deep in November.

Z'nuff revealed the following background details about the new rarities compilation album, "Donnie and I wrote the songs in the later part of 1988-89. They were recorded in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, on 2" inch analog tape, during the time of our debut. The tracks were never finished, as we were very prolific and focused on laying down as many ideas as possible.

"Through the resources provided to us: recording studio, production, etc., we had a plethora of songs during that era and for one reason or another this batch slipped through the cracks.

"To restore the record we returned to the studio to record guitar, bass vocals, etc. which took us about six weeks in my studio and at CRC (Chicago Recording Company) along with Stonecutter studio in downtown Chicago.

"The skeleton of the song was already in place and we wanted to make sure the record had the feel of where the band is today. We also added a bonus single track (Dog on a Bone) that we plan on releasing as the first single."

Chip also addressed the absence of frontman and chief songwriter Donnie Vie. Read about that and see the album tracklisting and their tour dates

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ONI Announce New Album 'Ironshore'

ONI have announced that they will be releasing their new album "Ironshore" on Black Friday (November 25th) via their recently announced details with Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records.

Frontman Jake Oni offered these comments, "We are excited to announce our signing with Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records. It is an honor to be on the same roster as so many amazing bands. With the support of this legendary label at our side, the world is ours!"

Blacklight Media founder Chris Santos adds, "One of the things that I think will make Blacklight Media a label to watch for years to come is the diversity of our roster. ONI is our first crushingly heavy signing that matches their heaviness with incredible progressive precision and classically brutal breakdowns. I'm very excited to have them as part of the Blacklight Media family!"

The group appeared at this past weekend's Ozzfest Meets Knotfest festival and will be hitting the road later this week with Max and Iggor Cavalera for their Return To Roots Tour. Read more

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Nothing More Already Have 17 Songs For New Album

(TeamRock) Nothing More frontman Jonny Hawkins says the band have 17 songs written for their upcoming sixth album. While no release date has yet been set for the follow-up to the Texas band's 2013's self-titled effort, Hawkins is confident in the quality of the material they have put together.

Hawkins tells TeamRock: "We're about six to eight months deep into it," he says. "We have 17 full tracks, so we're at that stage where we have to start cutting one or two, or we just go for it and put 17 out there.

"Our last record had 17 tracks, but it did quite well so we might just do it again. We feel really confident about it." Hawkins reveals that one of the tracks was inspired by people he met while dealing with the grief of losing his mother to cancer. Read more here.

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Delain Extend Tour Plans With UK Dates

(Metal Hammer) Delain have announced a seven-date UK tour in addition to their previously-announced European dates and have released a trailer video for the road trip, which supports the launch of latest album Moonbathers.

The band say: "We've never had so many milestone events in one year - the release of our EP Lunar Prelude, our fifth studio album Moonbathers, our upcoming 10 year anniversary celebrations. And there's still more to come.

"All of this while playing our most heavy touring year ever. We're on a roll, and Moonbathers is here to embody that. We hope you'll enjoy this new effort and join us in making 2016 the biggest year for Delain ever!"

The follow-up to 2014's The Human Contradiction was released last month. Tour support comes from Everygrey and Kobra And The Lotus. Full dates can be seen along with the trailer here.

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Frank Carducci Band To Headline Masquerade Festival

(Prog) The Frank Carducci Band are to headline the one day Masquerade Festival at The Bedford in Balham, South London on December 11. Also appearing are The Gift, Red Bazar, Habu, Black Tunes and the Happy Graveyard Orchestra.

The festival is the brainchild of Mike Morton and David Lloyd from The Gift. It's the successor to the four-day Resonance Festival, which was held at The Bedford in 2014.

Says Morton: "Resonance was very ambitious, and we are proud of what we achieved. But the logistics were unwieldy, to say the least. Lessons were learned. And a one day, one stage set up will be much more manageable. bookish and serious." Read more here.

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Singled Out: The Adversary's Falling Is Flight

Electro rockers The Adversary tell us the story behind the song "Falling is Flight" from their brand new album "Chapter 3: Falling Is Flight". Here is the story:

This song is taken from a story in Neil Gaiman's graphic novel "The Sandman." In one of the side vignette stories, a person is having a chase dream. he is running through a desolate wasteland and mysterious creatures just out of sight are trying to get him. He sees a mountain and starts to climb. He can feel them getting closer and closer. He looks back and sees claws starting to reach over the rocks behind him. He climbs faster. As he reaches the peak he can hear them scrambling. He climbs higher, reaching the narrow spine, higher and higher as the claws scrape his feet. He looks up, sees there is nowhere to go. And then he slips and falls.

He screams in terror as he tumbles to his imminent death, falling past the creatures from an impossible height. He screams and he screams until he realizes that he wasn't falling, he was flying. Once he has this realization his perspective completely shifts and he begins to control and enjoy the flight instead of falling with no control.

I feel like a lot of people have had some element of this dream. Certainly ever dream of flight I've had has started with falling. "(Something, something, something), then I was falling, then I realized I could fly, then everything was amazing!"

For whatever reason though, this particular telling of the story made me focus on the perspective change part of it instead of just the flight part. Sometimes falling actually is flight, if we can only let ourselves see it in that light. In fact, maybe that terror, that fear and the feeling of loss and falling, are entirely necessary to reach that place of flight.

If you do not let yourself reach a place of true risk and vulnerability, how can you really reach the most soaring of heights? And if you always could have flown, and if you always could have been flying, then maybe letting goal and risking the fall is the hardest thing to do.

Also, since I haven't re-read "The Sandman" since I wrote this song, I'm not 100% sure I'm quoting this story right or not. Regardless of what the story says, this is what I got from it.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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