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KISS Star Peter Criss Announce His Last Live Performances

Original KISS drummer Peter Criss has announced two upcoming appearances which he is billing as his "last live" performances in the United States as well as in Australia.

The first event is taking place at the Australian KISS Convention this May with Peter set to deliver a "VIP Dinner Performance" with tickets being sold for roughly $1900 US. He is also supposed to take part in the actual convention on May 13th and 14th, according to his official website.

The second "last live performance" is scheduled to happen during the New York KISS Expo that will also feature a "VIP Dinner Performance". Details for the EXPO have not yet been confirmed, but the drummer's website states that it will be happening on June 9-11th with his VIP performance set for June 16th. See the announcement here.

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Robert Plant Play's Led Zeppelin's Kashmir For First Time Without Page

(hennemusic) Robert Plant performed the 1975 Led Zeppelin classic, "Kashmir", for the first time without bandmate Jimmy Page during an appearance with violinist Nigel Kennedy at London' Royal Albert Hall on March 14, and audio and video from the event has surfaced online.

Plant first joined the musician and his band for a cover of "Hey Joe" before delivering the iconic Led Zeppelin tune live for the first time since his former band's 2007 reunion at London's O2 Arena.

The rocker - who first teamed up with Kennedy while working on his 1993 album, "Fate Of Nations" - was among the featured guests at the gala billed as Nigel Kennedy And Friends, part of a 12-day festival of classical music-themed events called Love Classical.

"Planty is a genuine rock legend and a true musical trailblazer," says Kennedy. "He's always pushing and challenging himself and immersing himself in music. When we work together it's a combination of power and creativity." Check out the clips here.

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Metallica's Escape Was Not Planned Says James

Metallica's "Escape" is perhaps the most controversial song of the band's early career and now frontman James Hetfield says that it was a last minute addition to the "Ride The Lightning" album.

The band and some fans have derided the mid-tempo song since its release on their 1984 sophomore album due to its mellower nature, with some speculating they recorded it in hopes of getting radio airplay.

The band didn't play the track live until 2012 and they only performed it then because it was a special show featuring a performance of the entire "Ride The Lightning" album.

Hetfield looked back at the birth of the track during an interview with Sopitas and he says that it "was the first time we wrote a song in the studio. I remember we had all the songs and Lars said, 'They want us to record one more, they need one more for the album.'"

James says he then responded, "I was like, 'You didn't tell me thatů' So we had to write and it was really last-minute. So 'Escape' was one of those songs that was written in the studio." Check out the full interview here.

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Steve Nicks Says Fleetwood Mac Unlikely To Make Another Album

(Radio.com) Stevie Nicks says in a new interview that she does not believe that Fleetwood Mac will make another album due to the changes in the music industry that makes releasing new music unattractive to artist.

"I don't think we'll do another record," Nicks says. 'If the music business were different, I might feel different. I don't think there's any reason to spend a year and an amazing amount of money on a record that, even if it has great things, isn't going to sell."

Nicks , who turns 70 in a couple years, will not let a number dictate her appearance. "I don't like that number. I see lots of people my age, and lots of people who are younger than me, and I think, 'Wow, those people look really old,'" she reveals.

"I think it's because they didn't try. If you want to stay young, you have to make an effort. If I wanna walk onstage in a short chiffon skirt and not look completely age-inappropriate, I have to make that happen." Read more here.

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Pink Floyd Streaming Video Of Rare 1970 TV Performance

(hennemusic) Pink Floyd are streaming rare video of a 1970 performance of "Atom Heart Mother" originally broadcast on the French TV program "Pop Deux", as a preview to the March 24 release of a series of individual volumes from "The Early Years 1965-1972" box set.

The band were filmed playing the title track to their forthcoming fifth album (it would be released two months later) in concert at the Festival de St Tropez in the south of France on August 8, 1970.

The footage appears on the DVD/Blu-ray "1970 Devi/ation", one of six volumes to be issued separately this month after appearing on last November's release of "The Early Years 1965-1972" box set.

The massive 27-disc package features 130 tracks from the band's formative years, including TV recordings, BBC Sessions, outtakes, demos and more than 20 unreleased songs alongside 7 hours of previously unreleased live audio and more than 5 hours of rare concert footage.

In addition to the six volumes spotlighting Pink Floyd's work by year, a 2-CD highlights album, "The Early Years - Cre/ation", is also available. Watch the TV performance here.

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Angel's Punky Meadows and Frank DiMino Do Reunion Jam

Former Angel stars Punky Meadows and Frank DiMino played together for the first time in over 30 years at the Backstage Bar and Billiards in Las Vegas, on March 8, 2017.

Punky revealed these details, "Just finished playing Backstage Bar and Billiards in Vegas and Frank Dimino came to the show jumped up on stage and we played the 'Tower'.

"It felt just like it did in Angel. The band kicked ass and Frank felt it and sang his ass off. We didn't miss a beat and the fans went crazy!! We blew the roof off the house. It was really awesome to jam with Frank again!!" Watch video of the jam here.

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Paramore Spark New Album Tracklist Speculation

(Radio.com) Paramore have been hard at work on their next album, which includes former member Zac Farro on drums, and it looks like they're getting close to sharing that new music with fans.

Paramore fan account The Paramore Band shared news that 12 news song had been registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers' (ASCAP).

Most were written by Hayley Williams and Taylor York, but a few have Farro's name on them as well. The appropriately titled "Grudges" was written by Williams, York and Farro, and the three also teamed up to pen "Pool" and "Rose Colored Boy."

Farro and his brother Joshua left Paramore in 2010 after a public falling out with remaining original members Williams and York, but he's since returned to contribute to the new album. "It's a second chance," he said in August. "I'm so thankful that I'm playing on the album." Check out the potential tracklisting here.

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Original Lineup Of Live Announce Music Festival Performances

The recently reunited original lineup of Live have announced additional music festival performances this year and they plan to reveal even more in the near future.

The band, featuring Ed Kowalczyk , Chad Taylor, Patrick Dahlheimer and Chad Gracey, announced they will be taking part in the Arroyo Seco, BottleRock, Rock On The Range, MMBBQ Festival and PinkPop (The Netherlands) festivals.

Kowalczyk had this to say recently, "There's a lot more festivals in general, and we're on way cooler festivals with these amazing bands than we were 20 years ago. I don't know what flipped there, but that's so inspiring, because we look at these lineups and we're playing with some of these artists that I've never gotten a chance to see, and they're people that I really want to play with and check out." Read more here.

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Tom Petty Leads Arroyo Seco Weekend Lineup

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Mumford & Sons have been named the headliners for the inaugural Arroyo Seco Weekend festival this summer.

Petty will lead the lineup for the first day of the event on June 24th that will be staged outside of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Mumford & Sons will close out the second day of the festival.

The event will also feature performances from John Mayall, Live, Weezer, Alabama Shakes, The Meters, Fitz and the Tantrums, The Shins, Dawes, David Lindley, William Bell and Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real. Find more details here.

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Ann Wilson Of Heart To Live Stream Upcoming Concert

Heart frontwoman Ann Wilson has announced that she will be live streaming her March 19th solo show from the House of Blues in New Orleans, LA.

The concert is part of her Ann Wilson Of Heart Tour. She recently had this to say about the trek, "People can expect the unexpected in 2017. A beautiful, classy set with an elegant, artistic production...

"The music will be a mix of songs that have powered my life; iconic soul-stirring covers, songs from my years of solo work and the unforgettable songs of Heart." The live stream will be taking place from from 8:00-10:00 PM (CT) and fans can RSVP? here.

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Rhino Bucket Announce New Album The Last Real Rock 'n' Roll

Rhino Bucket have announced that they will be releasing their new studio album "The Last Real Rock 'n' Roll" on April 21st. It is the follow-up to their 2011 effort "Who's Got Mine."

The band recruited Supersuckers frontman Eddie Spaghetti to produce the album at Studio 64 in Highland Park, CA. They had originally met him during a 2006 North American tour together.

Georg Dolivo had this to say, "We got to know Eddie and really got along. We had great respect for his talent, especially as a songcrafter, and when we got into the studio he was such the positive force. He really understood the band and helped us elevate the songs." Read more here.

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Misfits' Doyle To Star In 'Don't Look In The Basement' Remake

Misfits Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has been cast to star in a remake of the cult-classic film "Don't Look In The Basement" that will ne entitled "Death Ward 13."

The film will be directed by award-winning horror filmmaker Todd Nunes (All Through The House) and is currently in pre-production. Doyle had the following to say about the project:

"I'm looking forward to starting my movie career with a starring role in "Death Ward 13"says Doyle. "It's time to release the beast on the big screen. Let the killing begin!" Read more here.

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Knifeworld Added To Cruise To The Edge Lineup

Knifeworld have announced that they will be taking part in the Cruise To The Edge 2018, which will be taking place 3rd till the 8th February and sailing from Tampa to Belize and Costa Maya.

They join the lineup that will also feature Yes, Marillion, Gong, Anathema, Haken & more, on what will be the band's first US visit. Kavus Torabi had this to say "Ahoy there. This will be the first real opportunity for our US fans to see Knifeworld live.

"We will be performing two full electric sets and an acoustic one. Over the three performances we will be plunging into the deep, reedy waters of our four albums and making seaworthy a few rarely heard gems. I'll also be performing with Gong, so if the cut of my jib doesn't resonate with you in the correct fashion you will have plenty of sunbathing time. After one of the performances at least two members of Knifeworld will be walking the plank in real life. We hope you can join us for this, at least."

The band are celebrating the announcement with the release a new live video for 'Me To The Future Of You', which was filmed at last year's headline show at Bush Hall in London. Check it out here.

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Labyrinth Release 'Bullets' Music Video

(Freeman) Labyrinth have released a new music video for their track "Bullets". The song comes from the group's forthcoming album "Architecture of a God", which marks the end of their seven-year hiatus and is set to hit stores on April 21st.

We were sent the following background on their return: In the spring of 2016, the band's founding members, Andrea Cantarelli and Olaf Thorsen received a call from Frontiers asking them to discuss with vocalist Roberto Tiranti the possibilities of a reunion with a return to their classic sound to mount a comeback for the band. After much discussion, the guys agreed to make an album and also to make a very special appearance at the the first annual Frontiers Metal Festival, where they performed their signature album, "Return to Heaven Denied" in it's entirety. [Said performance is being prepared for a future home video release.]

Olaf says: "This has been easily the most difficult and challenging album I ever worked on. To be honest, when Frontiers contacted me, insisting to make this reunion happen, I was skeptical and worried. We couldn't simply make a new album, it wouldn't have been honest to the fans, to ourselves. Of course, this is as easy to say as also unbelievably tough to make real: we have so many good albums out there, looking at us from their past and which people still keep in their minds and hearts. That's why we decided to strengthen our line-up, joining with nobody else but the best musicians we believed they would have fitted perfectly into our perspective of the music we were about to write."

Andrea adds: "The making of this album has been a fantastic journey. We brought back a lot of classic elements of our music, mixing it with something new and I'm so enthusiastic about the final result."

Roberto Tiranti makes it short: "Just when you thought you already gave everything you could, expressing every possible musical aspect of your way of intending music for a band like Labyrinth, then comes "Architecture of a God", to remind you that nothing is impossible!" Watch the video

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The Night Flight Orchestra Reveal More 'Amber Galactic' Details

Supergroup The Night Flight Orchestra, which features members of Soilwork and Arch Enemy, have revealed more details for their forthcoming album Amber Galactic.

The album will be released on May 19, 2017 and frontman Bjorn Strid had this to say, "Amber Galactic" is a relationship drama set in space, the first classic rock space opera on double vinyl. As seasoned musicians, we're taking this project seriously, although we might come across as slightly retrofuturistic at times, there's no irony involved. It's just us trying to shape our future into a place where our race is led by female space commanders with pearl necklaces and a quasar sense of gravity. "Amber Galactic" is about setting free from genre boundaries and expectations that are put on people like us. We just want to create music that we would like to hear ourselves, but that isn't only for us.

"The Night Flight Orchestra is here to set you free, to invite you to enjoy music in whatever form it is presented. For this particular journey, we'd like you to follow us into space, but who knows where we'll go next! After entering the NFO universe, you won't ever be the same!" Read more including the tracklisting here.

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Singled Out: City of the Weak's White Fire Alarm

SoBro Music are releasing their new "Undiscovered: Rock" album this week which is a compilation of 10 of the best emerging Rock groups from across the country. City of the Weak's Stef Huschka tell us about their song. Here is the story:

I remember sitting on this one for months! It was the third song that we ever wrote as a band. Our drummer at the time had come up with one of the main riffs, and we had essentially finished the music. Everybody was just waiting on me for the lyrics & melody. I was so frustrated because everything that I was hearing was so lackluster and boring.

So I kept working and kept working. After I had essentially given up on the song and told the guys we should move on, literally the next day the chorus melody just popped into my head, and I knew that was it. It went on to become our top-selling single to date.

Now that you know the story behind the song, learn more about the album right here!

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