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Deep Purple Singer Addresses Ritchie Blackmore Reunion Idea

Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan says in a new interview that while there is "no great animosity" between him and original guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, he says that a one off reunion will not be happening for the sake of the fans.

Gillan spoke with The Vinyl Guide podcast (via Ultimate Classic Rock) about the idea floated by Blackmore for the band to reunite for a special one night only show. Ian had this to say, "Ritchie was a difficult character - there's no denying that. Ritchie and the band got divorced. He walked out in the middle of a tour, and the rain stopped and the sun came out for the band. It was like that. Ian Paice came alive again; he was a happy guy. And Jon Lord regained his gravitas, and Roger [Glover] came out from under a rock. Everyone started being a normal person again."

Gillan then went on to talk about the experience with Blackmore's towards the end with Deep Purple as "a big cloud on the social, musical and professional scene. As Ian puts it best: Why would I go back to that misery again? It's like somebody saying, 'You're happily married now, but we want you to get back together with your divorced wife, with which there's been much bitterness over the years.' Just for the sake of the fans. It's not gonna happen."

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Guns N' Roses Guitarist Gilby Clarke Announces Micro Tour

Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke has announced that he will be hitting the road this week for a trek across Canada that he is billing as a micro tour.

Clarke, who handles guitar and lead vocals, is joined in the three-piece solo band by bass player EJ Curse and drummer Dustin Steinke. They will be supported on the tour by The Road Heavy.

The trek is scheduled to kick off on Thursday night (September 21st) in Barrie, ON and will end with an appearance at the KISS CF Goodbye charity benefit concert in Toronto at The Opera House on September 30th. See the dates here.

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Punk Band Accidentally Pressed Onto Beyonce Vinyl

(Radio.com) A new vinyl collectible has accidentally hit the market. Sony's German record pressing plant recently goofed and printed music from Canadian punk band Zex onto Beyonce's Lemonade LP.

"Some people have been writing to the band offering to sell their copy to us, at exorbitant prices," Zex guitarist Jo Galipeau told Slate. "A lot of them have said, 'Oh I like the surprise that I got on the other side, it's good music,' even though it's not what they paid for."

Lemonade only recently received a vinyl release more than a year after the original album dropped. The German plant, Celebrate Records, blamed "human error" for the misprint. It's unclear how many copies of Zex's Uphill Battle were printed onto the yellow vinyl meant to contain Bey's Lemonade.

Zex announced the error in a video on their Facebook page. Beyonce's label Columbia Records has apologized for the mistake offered to send unhappy customers who bought the misprint free replacement copies. Read more here.

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Revolution Saints Release 'I Wouldn't Change A Thing' Video

The rock supergroup Revolution Saints have released a brand new music video for their song "I Wouldn't Change A Thing". The track comes from their forthcoming sophomore album "Light In The Dark".

The group features Deen Castronovo (ex-Journey, Bad English), Doug Aldrich (The Dead Daisies, ex-Whitesnake, DIO), Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees) and will be releasing "Light in The Dark" in various formats on October 13th.

The band filmed the new music video at Villa Bossi in Bodio Lomnago, Varese, Italy and recruited Maurizio Del Piccolo of Moviedel to direct the clip. Deen had this background information about the track, "I Wouldn't Change A Thing" was originally written by Richard Page from Mr. Mister and Serafino wanted us to do it our way. The first time I heard it, I got a bit choked up. It's a beautiful ballad that Doug got a hold of and put his stamp on it."

Doug Aldrich adds, "The song was filmed at magnificent historic home outside of Milano, Italy. It was a rainy day and really had a great vibe for the video. We spent most of the day going for the basic shots and the actors did the love scenes later. There was some steamy stuff going on in the script and I decided it was a bit too racy for me, so I decided to help the chef with his pesto sauce! It is a beautiful song and a nice video. I was very happy about how the solo guitar worked and Deen just shines!!" Watch the video

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Singled Out: FlecHaus' Lie To Me

FlecHaus frontwoman Megan Flechaus will be playing a special Hurricane benefit show tonight in her home town of Austin. We asked her to tell us about their latest single "Lie To Me". Here is the story:

"Lie To Me," is one of the first love songs I've written and performed. There have been a few others in the past, but not that I've really kept (probably because it's not about any particular person-hehe). This is one of those songs that just spilled out in a matter of about 10 minutes on the hardwood floor in the loft of a friend's house I used to live in. I had been reading excerpts out of a book called, "The Giant Book of Poetry," when I came upon a poem by Shakespeare titled, "Sonnet CXXXVIII." With such a heart felt title, I just had to read it! The poem was beautiful. It was written from the perspective of a man talking about how his lover tells him all these sweet little things about how he's so handsome and so young looking, but he knows they are lies because he feels quite the opposite. But still, he tells them right back to her and they remain deeply in love after many years. I thought about this concept for a moment and how honesty is very important, but so is lying (of course, depending on the lie and the context). No love is ever perfect or ideal, but people can fill in the gaps by suspending the truth or, by just not caring about these materialistic features of their love as time changes them. It's important to make each other feel good. Then, out spilled Lie to Me! I played it later that night at an open mic.

A few years later, enter the band! When I brought this to FlecHaus it was a slow, country style ballad. We played it that way for a little while. When it came time to record it and we were having a production session with our fine gentleman Benjamin Levy (who recorded and produced these 6 singles we are releasing in series) he said to me, "Have you ever seen the movie, "That Thing You Do?" I said, "no." He proceeded to give me a lecture on how this was one of the finest movies ever made and showed me a scene from the movie. (I'm not sure if I should give a spoiler alert or not because I still haven't watched it). But, evidently, there is this slow song that the band had written and when they go to play it live at a big show for the first time, the drummer counts the song in way faster than it should have been. The lead singer is really upset about it, thinking the song and performance were ruined, but instead, the song immediately becomes a pop hit and they rise to stardom. Ben told me that this song was the same way. It needed to be way faster and it could be a great two-steppin' tune. The rest of the band and other friends in the room agreed. I felt weird about it at first since I had it in my head as a ballad, but I agreed to it because Ben is a smart man and a friend, and all my other friends were behind it, and sometimes you just have to trust your friends. I've come to terms with it and am actually very happy with the way the recording came out. Ben even guest starred on the single with some fiddlin'! So, the song is about love and lies and the song's story is about trust. Enjoy folks!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the tonight's benefit right here!

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Animated Leonard Cohen 'Leaving the Table' Video Released

(Radio.com) Leonard Cohen's You Want It Darker was shortlisted for a 2017 Polaris Music Prize, and the Canadian awards presenters premiered an animated video for Cohen's "Leaving the Table," which is now widely available. In the clip, director Christopher Mills wanted to share a dreamlike, euphoric interpretation of the afterlife, which depicts the late folk icon dancing, leaping and creating art.

"The idea kinda came from the 'lightness' that I imagined Mr. Cohen would be feeling right about now," Mills told Billboard. "I really loved thinking about him celebrating this new journey by dancing around in the clouds, and visiting his old haunts, playing around with all the weird and cool stuff you could probably do, once you 'cross over' into another plane."

The video's visuals draw from painting and collage to show Cohen in cityscapes and natural settings, working at his typewriter and strumming a guitar. Mills' captured the video's look through digital editing and some manual art-making.

"[I] handpainted a number of the sets, pieces, and characters, but then also went and shot some stuff that I knew I wanted to paste into the scenes," he said. "I have this place I love going to at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario), where it's just above the treeline there, and I always thought about how cool it'd be to get a hover-belt or something, and do a whole dance routine."

The Cohen video arrived soon after his son Adam announced a tribute concert in Canada on November 6, featuring Elvis Costello, Lana del Rey and more. Watch the video here.

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Tommy Stinson's Bash & Pop Stream New Song With Nicole Atkins

Tommy Stinson's Bash & Pop have released a stream of a new track called "Too Late". The song is one of tour collaborative recordings they made with Nicole Atkins for a limited edition release.

"Too Late" and another track called "Saturday" are set to be released on November 24th as a limited edition 7" vinyl as well as a general release digital singles.

Tommy had this to say, "After hearing 'Goodnight Rhonda Lee', a light bulb exploded over my head and I knew I had to get Nicole to sing a song with us that I had written nearly 12 years ago, recorded several times, and ultimately never captured properly. She added the missing pieces to this and the flip side (Saturday) with her voice and producer chops! Rarely do I get to scrap it out with so many of my peers at once! I am stoked on how these tracks turned out! I hope you dig them as well!"

Nicole adds; "I've been a fan of Tommy and his music for a very long time. He and I became good friends when I met him after a show of mine and he's been a real inspiration to me. The guy lives and breathes music and is always wanting to find new sounds and talk about it. His attitude towards music is one of great wonder and enthusiasm, and when he asked me to produce these songs, I was so honored. The recording was done in one day in Nashville and Tommy trusted me to arrange him and his band into what I was hearing in my head. The songs have such visual romance when you listen to them. When we recorded "Too Late," I felt like I was living that heartache and surrender, but it was a good time! Ha! They're something I'm really proud of and I can't wait to do more with them." Listen to "Too Late"

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Joe Satriani Announces New Album 'What Happens Next'

Joe Satriani had announced that he will be releasing his brand new studio album "What Happens Next" on January 12th of next year and will be celebrating the release with some new G3 Tour dates.

Satriani is joined on the new album, his 16th solo effort, by Deep Purple/Black Country Communion legend Glenn Hughes and his Chickenfoot bandmate Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers fame.

The tour will feature Satriani as well as Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen and Dream Theater's John Petrucci. The trek will be kicking off on January 11th in Seattle at the The Moore Theatre. See the album tracklist and tour dates here.

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Marilyn Manson Says Trent Reznor Feud In History

(Radio.com) Marilyn Manson has revealed that his long-running feud with Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor is over. The revelation came during an interview with Zane Lowe, where Manson explained how the reconciliation was precipitated in large part by the HBO documentary, The Defiant Ones.

"I liked The Defiant Ones because it also made me think about Trent and made me reach out to him, because he's the one who actually sent me an e-mail and we had sort of mended ways after a long time," Manson explained.

"He emailed me and said, 'So, I'm just passing this along from Jimmy, so I can say I did it.' He goes, something along the lines of, 'Even if it p me off that music's not dangerous anymore, it reminds me of how great you were and I was and that era."

Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor have a long history together, with Reznor signing Manson to his Nothing label back in 1995 and producing or co-producing his first two studio albums. The two would go on to have a very public falling out, which now seems to be mended.

Manson added that he would "absolutely" like to collaborate with Reznor again in the future. Read more here.

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We Came As Romans Release 'Cold Like War' Video

We Came As Romans have released a brand new video for their song "Cold Like War". The track is the title cut to their forthcoming album, which is set to be released on October 20th.

Guitarist and songwriter Joshua Moore had the following to say, "Cold Like War is about struggle, those trials. They can turn us towards each other, towards those we love, towards those who have supported us.

"Because the last two years to us have felt like this giant war an internal war to figure out the right path for our band to figure out how to stay together and be happy again." Watch the video here.

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Gemini Syndrome, Spoken and Deadset Society Fall Tour Announced

Nashville rockers Spoken has announced that they will be teaming up with Gemini Syndrome and Deadset Society (formerly Never Say Die) for a U.S. fall tour.

The Brought to Light Tour is scheduled to kick off on October 10th in Louisville, KY at Trixie's Entertainment and will be wrapping up on November 3rd in San Diego, CA at Brick By Brick.

Spoken are hitting the road in support of their latest studio album "IX" which just hit stores on September 8th and was co-produced by Kellen McGregor (Memphis May Fire). See the dates here.

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Madame Mayhem Announces New Album 'Ready For Me'

Madame Mayhem has announced that she will be releasing her brand new studio album "Ready For Me" on October 20th via HeadBall Records in the US (Metalville in the UK and Europe).

Mayhem worked on the new album with producer Corey Lowery (Saint Asonia), Clint Lowery (Sevendust), Troy McLawhorn (Evanescence), and both Bevan Davies and Ryan Bennett (Madame Mayhem) on drums.

She had this to say, "All the songs on this album are super personal to me. About my frustrations, trying to get through the rough times, my anxieties and insecurities, some messed up stuff that has happened to me along the way, relationship devastation, you name it. I noticed it only afterwards that audiences are really getting 'the dirt' on me through this album. I was super honest, vulnerable, and didn't hold back during the writing process of these songs. Corey Lowery and I are a great team because he makes me feel comfortable to spill my guts during writing sessions, and during recordings, to re live these situations I am writing about so whoever is listening gets all of what we wanted to give." Read more including the tracklisting and upcoming tour dates here.

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