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Black Sabbath Announce Limited Edition Supersonic Box Set

Black Sabbath have announced the on June 8th release of a new limited edition 7" vinyl box called "Supersonic Years - The Seventies Singles Box Set"

One of the highlights of the collection is five rare single edits of "Iron Man",
"Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", "Am I Going Insane" (Radio), "Hard Road", and "Symptom Of The Universe".

The collection will also feature 10 unique color picture sleeves, liner notes booklet detailing the rarities and more, lift-off lid box an exclusive 'Henry Devil' spider-dink seven-inch adapter that can also be used as a key ring and more. See the song list here.

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Ritchie Blackmore Wants Deep Purple Mark II Reunion

Legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore has once again expressed his interest in doing a one-off reunion of the Mark II lineup of Deep Purple but added that setting something like that up is complicated.

In a video segment posted on YouTube reported to come from a documentary included in the new Rainbow "Memories In Rock II" CD/DVD package, he is asked about the idea of a reunion.

He said, "I would like to do one, maybe one show with the rest of Purple just to prove that we're not all hating each other and just do that and go, 'Hey, everybody. It's just one show for all the Deep Purple fans that liked the Mark II lineup.' That was my idea in the beginning. But when you're talking to managements of Purple, it gets complicated. They want their money for this and that. So it's not like you call up your old friends and just say, 'Hey, let's just have a good time and play. There's lots of fans that want to hear it.' Once you have managements and agents and promoters getting involved, it gets so complicated that everybody just calls back and says, 'It's too complicated.'

"So, I wouldn't mind doing one show with all the old guys, and that's it - call it a day. Just for the fans. It's not something I need to do. But I don't mind playing just to show the people that we're still friends. We're older, and with the passing of Jon [Lord], you never know who's gonna pass next. And it would just be a friendly get-together. But as you might know, in this business, nothing works around friendship - it's all about money and business. And unfortunately, we'd have to deal with people that were going to make money out of the deal. That's always a problem."

After discussing his relationship with frontman Ian Gillan, he continued, "I think it would be good from a nostalgic point of view of just showing that we can do it again as the old band. Obviously, Steve Morse is their guitar player - a fantastic guitar player - and it's good that he's in the band. This would just be a one-off. Obviously, I wouldn't join the band again, and they wouldn't have me. That's out of the picture. It would be one show. And hopefully it would be fun. But there again, knowing Ian and I, we'd probably start fighting." Watch the documentary clip here.

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5 Seconds Of Summer Streaming New Song 'Youngblood'

5 Seconds of Summer have released a stream of the their new song "Youngblood", which is the title track to the group's forthcoming third studio album (June 22nd).

Vocalist/guitarist Luke Hemmings had this to say about the new record, "We had to move forward and test our songwriting and progress. It was the greatest thing we could do - we were hungry for something new and exciting. It felt like starting the band again!"

Hemmings' skills on the piano can be heard on the new album, organically evolving the band's original sound with rich melody and variety. Vocalist/drummer Ashton Irwin, meanwhile, found himself drawn to the local underground club scene, which he immediately brought into 5SOS' creative vision.

Ashton Irwin adds, "I loved that new wave could be really melancholy, but also up. It had romanticism and anger, but also energy and color. That's exactly what we wanted for our new music." Stream the song here.

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Florence + the Machine Return With 'Sky Full Of Song'

Florence + the Machine have released a new music video for a brand new track called "Sky Full Of Song", which will be part of a special Record Store Day release.

The video was directed by A.G. Rojas and Florence Welch had this to say about the new song, "This was a song that just fell out of the sky fully formed. Sometimes when you are performing you get so high, it's hard to know how to come down.

"There is this feeling of being cracked open, rushing endlessly outwards and upwards, and wanting somebody to hold you still, bring you back to yourself. It's an incredible, celestial, but somehow lonely feeling."

The track will be featured on a limited edition double A-side 7" vinyl release for Record Store Day 2018 on April 21st. The b-side will feature the song "New York poem (for Polly)," taken from Welch's forthcoming book Useless Magic. Watch the new video here.

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Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament Streaming A New Solo Single

(hennemusic) Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament is streaming a new solo single called "Safe In The Car", which is the first preview he has offered fans of his new project Ament.

The tune featured vocals by St. Louis, MO singer/songwriter Angel Olsen and appearances by Ament's bandmates Mike McCready and Matt Cameron.

"Stay tuned for more info on Ament's forthcoming album, "Heaven/Hell", reads a note on Pearl Jam's website announcing the project. "Heaven/Hell" will mark the bassist's third solo release,, following 2008's "Tone" and 2012's "While My Heart Beats." Check out the song

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Miss May I Release 'Under Fire' Video

Miss May I have revealed their new music video for the track "Under Fire." The song is the opening track to the band's latest studio album "Shadows Inside".

Signer Levi Benton had this to say about the new clip, "Traveling to South East Asia honestly changed my life. The culture, the people, the religions and the atmosphere really made me see the world in a whole new way. I cant believe this chaotic tour with 21 flights in 20 days made such a badass video.

"Some of these shows were the biggest Miss May I headlining shows in our career. We have always wanted to do a music video showing fans the behind the scenes part of our lives and who we are not on stage. I am so thankful we get to travel to so many exotic new places and share our journey with the world! We cant wait to go back." Watch the video here.

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Comeback Kid Announce Two Track 'Beds Are Burning' Single

Comeback Kid have announced that they will be releasing a new two track single called "Beds Are Burning", which they will be offering digitally beginning on May 4th.

The a-side of the single will feature Comeback Kid's take on the classic Midnight Oil song and the b-side will be a previously unreleased song called 'Little Soldier' created during the Outsider sessions.

Frontman Andrew Neufeld had this to say, "A while back I randomly saw the video for the song Beds Are Burning. I had heard it in passing many times before but the video intrigued me at that particular time.

"After finding out that it was a protest song about giving back lands to an indigenous group in Australia, it resonated with me because of the current situation our Canadian government has with its indigenous people."

The digital release will be followed by a special limited edition (500 copies) 7" vinyl version they will be selling at shows (beginning with their Australian tour dates).

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CKY And Slaves Coheadlining Summer Tour

CKY have announced that they are teaming up with Slaves to launch a North American coheadlining tour this summer that will feature support from Royal Thunder and Awaken I Am.

Drummer Jess Margera had this to say, "ATTENTION! You want it? You've got it! You wild heathens kept asking for it and we heard you loud and clear: We are proud to announce a full co-headlining North American tour with our friends in Slaves."

He adds, "We're bringing Royal Thunder and Awaken I Am along for the ride. It's going to be a night of some thick ass rock n roll that you can brag about to all your fake ass 'friends' who stayed home watching Netflix. This is gonna be the tour of all tours and this tour is all yours. Get a ticket NOW" here.

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Peter Gabriel, King Crimson Supergroup The Security Project Announce Dates

(Glass Onyon) The Security Project has once again reinvented itself, this time with vocalist Happy Rhodes. The Security Project will be on tour in the North East USA and Canada with dates in May and June.

Rhodes, together with Jerry Marotta (drummer from Peter Gabriel's first five records, Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Michael Cozzi(Shriekback) and NY keyboardist David Jameson, the group continues reimagining the early work of Peter Gabriel (and also on this disc - Kate Bush), but with Happy's impressive four-octave vocals adding an entirely new dimension.

The band's latest digital release of the classic Peter Gabriel song "Here Comes The Flood" is now available. This follows on the heels their last live album CONTACT released in November - material culled from their US and Japanese tours. See the dates here.

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Haunted Announce New Album 'Dayburner'

Haunted have announced some details about their forthcoming album that they will be releasing on June 8th. The new effort will be called "Dayburner" and was recorded by Carlo Longo at NuevArte Studio in Catania and mastered by the renowned producer Brad Boatright (Sleep, COC, Yob, Obituary, among others) at Audiosiege Engineering in Portland, Oregon.

Singer Cristina Chimirri had this to say, "When we started to develop the songwriting process of 'Dayburner', we wanted to talk about the course, the unexplored passage between the beginning and the end. Without necessarily imposing fixed points, but tracing a material circle and an anti-material ascensional progression."

Bassiar Frank Tudisco added, "'Dayburner' is actually the representation of a day, not properly a day as we commonly know it, but something that become immediately night right after the first flashes of the sun. The light of this sun is too weak and can't afford to challenge the strength of the darkness. Only thanks to minimal differences in tonal contrasts we are able to distinguish the sun from the moon. We can actually say that all the proper attributes of the day miserably fail here." Read more here.

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FYKE Release 'Awake' Music Video

FYKE has released a new music video for their latest single "Awake". The song comes from their group's "Nightmares Deluxe" album which has amassed over half a million streams on Spotify since release.

The group had the following to say about the new visual, "We currently live in a society where self-worth is misconstrued as a factor of the things you own and how many followers you have on social media.

"The message that we're trying to share with 'Awake' is that money and fame do not equate to happiness." Watch an online stream of the new video here.

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Singled Out: Society Of Broken Souls' April's Moon

Songwriting duo Society Of Broken Souls (by Dennis James and Lauryn Shapter) releasd their new album "Midnight and The Pale " today and to celebrate we asked them to tell us about the song "April's Moon". Here is the story:

Dennis: "April's Moon" came to life in an odd way. In April of 2016, we attended a song writing workshop hosted by Karin Bergquist and Linford Detweiler (aka Over the Rhine). The workshop took place at Nowhere Else Farm - their beautiful home in rural Ohio. As we were leaving one evening, I looked up to see this sliver of a crescent moon just above an old corn crib on their land. I quickly jotted down the opening line and tucked it away for later. The rest of the song came to life with some scattered images from that weekend mixed in with sights from the road.

In particular, the refrain, "The birds above the churchyard, they're kettling the sign " came from Pawnee City, Nebraska, where I took notice of some birds riding the thermals above a church. I looked up that behavior, and it turns out it's a way for the flock to signal that it's time for migration. After learning that, I felt it was a pretty powerful image and made it the anchor of each chorus. The song is about letting go of dogma. We all get stuck in our ways and wonder why our situation never changes. But growing by way of letting go of what no longer serves us is a notion that lies at the edge of the ethos of our band. I listened to the birds that day, and every time we perform that song, I'm reminded of them telling me it was time for me to migrate. That's how I read the sign anyway - it was time for me to spread my forlorn wings.

Lauryn: By the time we went into the studio with this song, we'd probably performed it over 150 times, maybe more. And so by that time, the song definitely had itself locked into its own sound. But I love how little things in the studio made the song so new for me. When we play it live, I'm on acoustic guitar and auxiliary percussion, but in the studio I added piano and violin. The violin part is one of the simpler lines I've played on anything, but there's something about the simplicity of it that is so gorgeous. We added some heavy saturation to it and pushed it pretty far back in the mix, so it just creates this unearthly line floating above the very gritty and earthbound sound of Dennis's baritone guitar. Dennis also played a rhythm guitar part on a 1930s archtop guitar with a higher voicing of the chords and it's so subtle but we both find it such a break-your-heart-wide-open sound that we weren't expecting. That's what's so cool for us about being in the studio - how we can take well-worn songs and make them brand new for us.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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