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Original Guns N' Roses Stars 'Heartbroken' Over Partial Reunion

Original Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler says in a new interview that he and former guitarist Izzy Stradlin are "heartbroken" about being left out of the Not In This Lifetime reunion of the superstar band.

Adler spoke to Hysteria Mag about his upcoming solo tour where he will playing the band's iconic debut album "Appetite For Destruction" and he touched on being left out of the reunion featuring Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan.

He said, "The thing about Guns N' Roses that made us so great and so magical is because we were a magic band, like Led Zeppelin, or Aerosmith, or Queen. Once we were together we couldn't do anything wrong. If one person left the band and did Appetite, Appetite would not be Appetite. And it's a shame because Use Your Illusionáwhen we did the demo tape, I kept saying, or we kept saying, it was gonna be bigger and better than Appetite but once they kicked me out of the band, part of the magic was gone. It's a different band. A completely different band."

He then added, "You know, if they want me, they know my number-I'm ready to rock. My goal was to finish what I started, and Izzy's too [speaking of Stradlin]. Iz is just as heartbroken as I am that the three of them decided to leave us out and bring three strangers in-who are those people? It's just not cool.

"I love those songs, I love those records. I practice them here at home every day because I love them and I'm so proud of them and I'm proud of what the five of us did-we accomplished our dream exactly the way we wanted to. It didn't end the way we wanted, or I wanted, but we did it our way. Like Frank Sinatra said, 'I did it my way.'"

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Joe Lynn Turner Postpones Dates Due To 'Unplanned Medical Procedure'

Former Rainbow and Deep Purple frontman Joe Lynn Turner has be forced to postpone his upcoming live plans "due to an unplanned medical procedure", a booking agency advised fans.

Turner was reportedly hospitalized recently in Belarus due to a "heart issue", his friend Graham Bonnet revealed via the social media site Instagram. Now a Finnish booking agency Stahl Entertainment announced the postponement of the singer's upcoming dates.

They issued the following, "Due to an unplanned medical procedure, Joe Lynn Turner is postponing all activities for the next few months as he is not allowed to travel or fly right now.

"We are working on rescheduling all club shows and will announce new dates as soon as possible, bought tickets is valid. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. No fear, only love and positive thoughts!"

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Alice In Chains' Nearly Done With 'Trippy' New Album

Alice in Chains guitarist and co-vocalist Jerry Cantrell recently sat down with Guitar World to discuss the band's forthcoming album, which he says is a "strong record."

Cantrell addressed fan surprise that the band has been working on the new studio effort, "It's not that we were keeping it a secret-we just didn't want to say a whole lot about it until we had something to say. And we certainly have something to say with this one. It's a f***ing strong record."

He then went on to declare, "It's a record we haven't done yet, I can tell you that. But it's also a record that has all the elements of anything you would expect from us. It's got our fingerprint.

"And we're really proud of the material that we wrote and the performances we captured. There's some really heavy sh*t, some really ugly stuff, some real beautiful stuff, some weirdo trippy sh*tů it's good!" He expects it to be released this summer. Check out the full interview here.

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Joe Elliott's Songs From The Vault Debuts This Week

Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott is set to debut "Joe Elliott's Songs from the Vault" on SiriusXM's DeepTracks (Ch. 27) this Thursday, April 19 at 4PM ET.

We were sent the following blurb: In his youth, Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott was creatively influenced by the music of the late 60's and early 70's. From legendary acts like T. Rex, Mott The Hoople, David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust and so many others.

Each month, listen to Elliott play "Deep Tracks" from his personal music collection. Expect to hear songs from Joe's vault and some of the stories behind them.

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Cheap Trick's Next Album To Feature John Lennon Cover

Cheap Trick frontman Robin Zander reveals that the band is currently working on a new album and have recorded a cover of the John Lennon classic "Gimme Some Truth".

Zander spoke to UCR about the new album and their prolific output in recent years.

He said of the recent releases, "You're not always in the mood to write music. Sometimes you've got [things like drummer] Bun E. leaving the band and that period, there was a big dead spot, because we were kind of in between things. But then there was a resurgence as of late. As you said, in the last two years, we've been real productive and inspired and it shows.

"We've got a lot of good response from these records. The Christmas album, I think it's great. It shows the public where some of our influence comes from and stuff like that. We're working on another record right now as we speak. In fact, we just did a John Lennon cover song. I'm thinking we should put it out now, because it's a great version of 'Gimme Some Truth.'

He was then asked when fans can expect the new effort. He responded, "Oh, it will be this year. We've already got a couple of songs that are mixed and ready to go. I'll tell you one thing that we're working on, that we've finished already, because it might not be on the record. It might be, but it might not be. I'd like to get [the cover of 'Gimme Some Truth'] out as soon as possible, even if we don't have the record ready, I'd like to put that out somewhere."

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Tool Singer Says Today's Musicians Not Prepared To Record Properly

Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan is not a fan of today's approach to recording music, seeing a big shift from the days where legendary rock bands really prepared before they got down to putting music on tape.

Keenan told Matt Pinfield, "Back in the day, those guys did their homework. Going back to old classic rock tracks, listening to the old Queen isolated tracks - they did their homework because you have to understand the medium. The art and your approach to the art shifts basically over time according to the medium and whatever's forgiving in the medium."

He elaborated, "So back in the day when you had those 24 tracks of tape, there was no flying this vocal in from over there to get to that. You had to get it right. So before you even walked into the studio to spend $2,000-3,000 a day to be there, you rehearsed the crap out of it so that you can get it right the first time, so you're not wasting money and wasting time. These guys were already pros."

The then added, "Now it's like, I just kind of wake up and roll out of bed and regurgitate it on the tape and have somebody fix it, if not completely replace it."

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Devildriver Launch Video Series For Outlaw Country Album

Devildriver have launched a new video interview series where they discuss their upcoming "outlaw country-gone-metal anthems" album "Outlaws 'Til The End" which is set to be released on July 6th.

The first of the interview segnements is entitled "Intro to Outlaw Country" and features members of the band along with some of the special guests on the album Randy Blythe of Lamb of God, Lee Ving of Fear, Hank3, Wednesday 13, Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory and Brock Lindow of 36 Crazyfists.

Devildriver frontman Dez Fafara had this to say in the clip, "I got into my parents' record collection when I was younger, and that's what got me into music. And they have everything from the Doors, to Steppenwolf, to a lot of outlaw country, and even stuff like Kenny Rogers, laying around the house... but I think my true love [for outlaw country] came from when I started touring with Pantera. Them and on the Black Sabbath tour. I constantly was hearing those guys on the bus jamming outlaw country. If it wasn't Willie Nelson, it was Johnny Cash and bands like that. I just fell in love with the lyrics as well. The lyrical content is so f***ing real..." Watch the video here.

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Biffy Clyro Announce MTV Unplugged Album

Biffy Clyro have announced that they will be releasing their special new acoustic album "MTV Unplugged: Live At Roundhouse London" on May 25th.

The band's first acoustic effort was recorded live at the famed Roundhouse in London last November and the show marked the return of the very popular MTV series.

Fans can also tune in to watch the special show on MTV live with it set to be broadcast at 9:00 P.M. ET on May 26th, followed by the first of half of dozen re-airings at 12:00 A.M. ET. See the tracklisting here.

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The Magpie Salute Announce Summer Tour Dates

Black Crowes offshoot The Magpie Salute have announced their initial set of tour dates that they will be launching in support of their forthcoming debut album.

The band, which features Black Crowes stars Rich Robinson, Marc Ford, and Sven Pipien, as well as John Hogg (Hookah Brown, Moke), and drummer Joe Magistro, will be releasing their as yet titled debut studio album this summer.

The band revealed the first dates that they will be playing to support the album launch including some dates with Gov. Mule and The Avett Brothers, as well as festival appearances. See the dates here.

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Set Your Goals Forced To Cancel Slam Dunk Festival Appearance

Set Your Goals have announced that they have been forced to pull out of their upcoming appearance at this year's Slam Dunk Festival in the UK due to a personal and health issues.

They revealed the following to fans, "We are disheartened to announce that Set Your Goals will be unable to perform at this year's Slam Dunk Festival. Please believe us when we say we would never consider choosing the option to cancel unless it was absolutely necessary.

"Unfortunately, this is a situation where our personal lives and health must take precedence over our passion for playing music, and the result is withdrawing from some of the commitments we have made as a band for now.

"A huge thank you to everyone involved in Slam Dunk, and our apologies to all who were looking forward to watching us perform this year. We will post another update with more information on our future plans within the coming months."

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Pretty Lights Announces 10th Anniversary Shows

Pretty Lights has announced two very special 10th Anniversary shows that will be taking place at the famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre on August 10th and 11th this year

"I'm feeling much excitement about announcing the 10th Anniversary Pretty Lights shows at Red Rocks," said Derek Vincent Smith in the announcement. This year will be the best year yet, as we continue to gain more & more understanding about what is possible when this many people come together organized in love and music.

"I'm putting all my energy into these shows and they will be the only shows of the summer, possibly all year. Can't wait to open portals to higher dimensions of consciousness with the homies in the PL Live Band: Borahm Lee, Alvin Ford Jr., Chris Karns and Brandon Butler and The Lazer Shark. Come celebrate with us! Always, the light will shine as a guide." Watch the announcement video here.

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Skinless, Ringworm, Churchburn, and Outer Heaven Announce Shows

Skinless are gearing up to release their brand new album "Savagery" on May 11th and have announced a handful of live dates in early June to celebrate the release.

The band's long weekend tour will taking place on June 7th, 8th and 9th with shows in Boston, Brooklyn and Clifton Park and will feature support from Ringworm, Churchburn, and Outer Heaven.

Skinless have also announced that they will be performing at the California Deathfest in Oakland on October 13th and Quebec Deathfest in Montreal on October 20th. See the dates here.

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Lifecurse Release 'Buzzard Bait' Video

Lifecurse has released a music video for their brand new song "Buzzard Bait". The track comes from the group's forthcoming album, "The Wolf You Feed."

The band had the following to say about the song from their Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, For Today, The Contortionist, Scale the Summit) Produced album, which they expect to release mid-year:

"'Buzzard Bait' is the first song we have released since 2013's 'Elysium.' The song touches on themes and topics such as society's inherent desire to watch people fail, to rubberneck through life and use other people's failures and faults as a means to lift themselves higher, failing to realize that we are all one in the same.

"We are all born and we will all die, those are the only 2 things you are guaranteed in life. The rest is up to you to make the world a better place, or completely destroy it. No one can make that choice.

"Buzzard Bait is a song about the constant struggle between light and dark, and the incessant human need for validation from other humans." Watch the video here.

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The Finger Guns Announce Debut Vinyl Release

The Finger Guns have announced that they will be releasing their debut vinyl release (as well as their fourth album), entitled "Sasquatch," later this week, April 21st.

The special release will be pressed on antifreeze green colored vinyl, and hand numbered and limited to a run of 300, the album will be available in various retail stores across the Pacific Northwest as well as online.

The band had this to say, "As a working band, We have drawn a line and are in this to win this. We have thrown down a great sounding album, wrapped up in some amazing hand-drawn artwork, and pressed on rad antifreeze green vinyl and we are really excited to share it with you." Preorder it here.

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Singled Out: Stop.Drop.Rewind

Progressive/powerpop group Stop.Drop.Rewind recently released a their debut album "Element & Aftermath" and to celebrate we asked DJ Crenson to tell us about the single "I Was A Portrait". Here is the story:

In our younger days, Kris and I used to indulge in that noblest of ill-advised weekend traditions: Sunday Funday. We'd gather all our friends and throw some meat and vegetables on the grill, turn a sporting event on the TV (or, failing that, Man vs Food) and consume what was left of our beer and liquor from the past two nights. Then came the game changer: a local restaurant started a half price beer special on Monday nights, and thus, Monday Funday was born.

But like all good things, Monday Funday couldn't last forever. As it turns out, some fancier establishments don't take kindly to a bunch of rowdy twenty-two year olds taking over their bar and drinking them out of craft beer every Monday night, leading them to cancel their drink special and make their beers full price again. We were asked by a friendly bartender to please kindly take our patronage someplace else. So ended Monday Funday, but from its ashes rose a drinking song that is "definitely not" named after the bar that cancelled their special because of us: "Main & Lincoln."

The frame for the story of "Main & Lincoln" is a fictional breakup and subsequent bender, but many of the events referenced in the lyrics are real. For example, during the verse when Kris sings about "swinging from tree to tree," he's referencing a particularly boisterous walk home from the bar, during which he literally tried to do that. Not only was he unsuccessful, but he also ended up accidentally kicking one of our friends in the chest, Batman-style. No parties were harmed.

"Main & Lincoln" was written remarkably quickly compared to our other songs. The vocal line came to me when I was walking home from work one day, past the bar in which Kris and I are no longer welcome. By the time I got home, I had the lyrics and vocal line for the verses and chorus set, I just needed to get a guitar in my hands to set the chords. I hastily recorded myself playing them and sent it to Kris and Andy, and that was pretty much it. We were running the song by the end of our next practice.

I love performing this song because it's all about having fun. The rest of our songs are so serious; it's nice to have a moment during our set where we can all relax a little bit, to just let loose and enjoy playing music together. Cheers!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album
right here!

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