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Lamb Of God Stream New Song and Announce Album Release

Lamb Of God have released a stream of their take on Big Black's "Kerosene" which will be one of the tracks featured on the group's just announced forthcoming covers album "Burn The Priest Legion: XX."

Last month the band revealed their tribute to The Accused's "Inherit The Earth" and now are sharing the second cover track from the upcoming effort. Stream "Kerosene" here. Frontman Randy Blythe had this to say, "Big Black is a very important band to me. When I was 12 and first listening to punk rock, I thought all punk came from England - but then through skating, I got into Black Flag and Bad Brains. I soon discovered this super-smart American punk rock - very caustic, and deeply sardonic about the murky side of the human experience. That got me into Steve Albini's future bands Shellac and Rapeman - and all the noisy smart punk rock on labels like AmRep and Touch & Go. 'Kerosene' was one of their biggest songs, if they even had one. It speaks to small-town boredom."

The new album will hit stores on May 18th and was produced by with Josh Wilbur. It will feature Lamb of God taking on tracks originally performed by Cro-Mags, Agnostic Front, Quicksand, Ministry, Bad Brains, Melvins, S.O.D., The Accused, Big Black, and Richmond punk band Sliang Laos. Produced at the helm, Legion: XX exhibits Burn The Priest in their true element. See the tracklisting here.

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The Alarm Announce New Album and Tour

The Alarm have released a video for their new track "Beautiful". It will be one of the songs featured on the group's first new album in eight years, entitled "Equals", which will hit stores on June 29th.

The new album reunited the group with producer George Williams (who previously worked on 2005's "Under Attack"), Watch the brand new visual here. The veteran group has also announced that they will hit hitting the road this summer to support the new album, hitting cities across the U.S.

Mike Peters had this to say, "The songs were built out of what I had become. I learned a lot about myself and my relationship with Jules, and it's all there in the music. I didn't set out to write about what we were going through. All I had were these incredibly strong feelings that I found myself putting into words and writing down onto my phone without even thinking they might form the basis for songs." See the tracklisting and tour dates here.

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Flotsam And Jetsam Announce New Member

Flotsam And Jetsam have revealed that they have recruited Ken Mary as their permanent drummer. He replaced Jason Bittner last year when the drummer joined Overkill.

Mary shared his excitement about becoming a full fledged member of the group, "It's always awesome to play with the mighty Flotsam And Jetsam. The music is super-challenging and at the same time a great deal of fun to play. With such great musicians in the band that are also great guys, it's going to be a blast!"

The band added, "We're excited to announce that Ken will be our new drummer. Ken has already tracked all the drums for our upcoming album slated for release later this year, and we're all looking forward to the fans experiencing a new chapter in the history of Flotsam And Jetsam." See their upcoming live dates here.

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Singled Out: Don Gallardo's Still Here

Don Gallardo released his brand new album "Still Here" today (April 27th) and to celebrate we asked Don to tell us a little bit about the album's lead single "Something I Gotta Learn". Here is the story:

I had a co-write session with Cary Ott, who is managed also by my manager, Frankie. Cary and I had met a couple times at shows. Then we did a video shoot for a documentary and talked about writing together. We put it in the calendar, and I showed up at his house. When I got to Cary's house, he was listening to Jerry Jeff Walker on vinyl, and he said, "Let's write a song inspired by JJW." There is no way I was going to argue with that as Jerry Jeff is a true legend. The stories that Todd Snider tells about his and Jerry Jeff's relationship at his shows are hilarious.

So Cary and I sat down, trading ideas. From what I can recall, we were discussing how as musicians, you are constantly learning about the world around you. Things about music, life, friendships, and the industry itself, hence the title "Something I Gotta Learn." It was a fun song to write starting with the first verse as a window to the lifestyle some musicians live. Second verse is about broken hearts, which is something most songwriters have felt and use music as a way to mend and talk about said feelings. The third verse is about the profession itself, "leaving all the bad dreams behind and trying to keep the good ones on my mind."

In the studio, I was feeling it as a more alt-country rock song with some pop sensibilities and cool guitar work. Brent Mason came into the studio and laid down some guitar on it, then Clint Maine (my bandmate of six years) came in and added his guitar. The two guitar styles work so well together and feed off each other. I am very happy with how it turned out, and it is the first single on my new album Still Here.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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Fleetwood Mac Reveal Details Of Lindsey Buckingham Split

(hennemusic) Fleetwood Mac recently shocked fans by announcing a split with guitarist Lindsey Buckingham ahead of a 2018-2019 North American tour, and now the group are detailing the reasons behind the lineup change.

"We were supposed to go into rehearsal in June and he wanted to put it off until November [2019]," Stevie Nicks tells Rolling Stone. "That's a long time. I just did 70 shows [on a solo tour]. As soon as I finish one thing, I dive back into another. Why would we stop? We don't want to stop playing music. We don't have anything else to do. This is what we do."

While fans are left to decide if Buckingham left on his own or was fired, founder Mick Fleetwood explains the situation was a full band decision.

"Words like 'fired' are ugly references as far as I'm concerned," says the drummer. "Not to hedge around, but we arrived at the impasse of hitting a brick wall. This was not a happy situation for us in terms of the logistics of a functioning band. To that purpose, we made a decision that we could not go on with him. Majority rules in term of what we need to do as a band and go forward."

In Buckingham's place, Fleetwood Mac have brought in Mike Campbell of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and Neil Finn of Crowded House to handle guitar duties for an extensive North American tour that will begin in Tulsa, OK on October 3.

Ahead of rehearsals, Nicks says the group have already decided to expand the setlist to feature songs from the entire history of Fleetwood Mac, not just the original Buckingham/Nicks run from 1975 to 1987.

"We were never able to do that since 1975 because certain people in the band weren't interested in doing that," Nicks reveals. "Now we're able to open the set with a lot; a raucous version of [1969's] 'Rattlesnake Shake' or something. I'd also like to do [1970's] 'Station Man,' which has always been one of my favorites. We're definitely doing [1970's] 'Oh Well.'" Read more here.

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Muse Announce Special One Night Only Movie Theater Event

Muse have announced a very special one night stand where their concert film 'Drones World Tour' will be hitting movie theaters on July 12th across the world via Trafalgar Releasing.

Matt Bellamy said: "The symbiosis between humanity and technology has always been something I am interested by. Drones just seem to be a very interesting modern metaphor for what that represents...You want to leave people with the idea that they ask the question themselves about the role of technology in our lives and whether it's a good thing or a bad thing."

Marc Allenby, CEO of Trafalgar Releasing - an award winning, market leader in global event distribution - said: "We're delighted to be working on this innovative and unforgettable show from Muse, a group that time and again illustrate that they are one of the world's best live bands. The concert film deserves to be seen in the best possible way, in cinemas on the big screen together with other Muse fans. We look forward to collaborating with the band, their management team and label across this release."

Tickets will go on sale by May 3rd. Find more details here.

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Rolling Stones Announce Massive Box Set

(hennemusic) The Rolling Stones will release "The Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016", a box set featuring 15 records - from 1971's "Sticky Fingers" to 2016's "Blue & Lonesome" - on June 15.

Pressed on heavyweight 180-gram black vinyl, the individually-numbered, limited-edition package presents the records in faithful and intricate original packaging replications - including the original Andy Warhol-designed "Sticky Fingers" cover with a working zipper and a hidden image underneath.

Spread across 20 LPs, all 15 records have been remastered and cut at half-speed at Abbey Road Studios by engineer Miles Showell from vinyl specific original tape transfers designed to get the very best possibly sound from the format. This process involves the master source being played back at precisely half its recorded speed while the cutting lathe is similarly turned at half the desired playback speed - allowing the cutting head twice the time to cut the intricate groove while providing more audio accuracy than ever before.

Each album includes a download card for HD digital redemption of the catalog and includes a numbered certificate of authentication. here.

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Def Leppard And The Scorpions Team For Fall Tour

(hennemusic) Def Leppard will team up with The Scorpions for an Australian tour late this year. The UK rockers will perform their 1987 album, "Hysteria", in full mark the 30th anniversary of the release.

The two-week run will begin in Perth on November 2 before hitting Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, wrapping up with a November 12 stop in Auckland, NZ.

"I'm delighted that we can bring the whole Hysteria album to Australia later this year," says bassist Rick Savage. "From 'Women' to 'Love And Affection' plus many other faves thrown in for good measure. We can't wait!"

Last year, Def Leppard released a series of 30th anniversary reissues of "Hysteria", the biggest-selling record of the group's career with more than 25 million copies worldwide - including 10 million in the US. here.

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Foreigner Preview Tracks For Orchestra Release

(hennemusic) Foreigner are streaming an audio preview featuring clips of all songs as heard on the group's upcoming release, "Foreigner With The 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus."

Due April 27, the new live project presents the band's biggest hits as compiled from a pair of May 2017 sold-out shows in Lucerne, Switzerland with a 58-piece orchestra and a 60-piece choir.

Conducted by Ernst Van Tiel, the set represents a year-long collaboration between Foreigner founding member and lead guitarist Mick Jones and Grammy-nominated composing/arranging team Dave Eggar and Chuck Palmer.

"I could never have imagined when I set out to create Foreigner 40 years ago, that we'd still be touring around the world and performing the music we love all these years later," says Jones. "Dave Eggar and Chuck Palmer's orchestral arrangements have shown us a new symphonic dimension of our music, which I hope our fans will enjoy."

"Foreigner With The 21st Century Symphony Orchestra & Chorus" will be available via CD, 2LP, DVD and digital formats. Check out the preview clips and read more here.

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Glenn Tipton Joins Judas Priest For Encore In San Francisco

(hennemusic) Glenn Tipton joined Judas Priest on stage to perform the encore during the band's April 19 show at The Warfield in San Francisco, CA, and video from the event has surfaced online.

In the lineup for the classic tracks "Metal Gods", "Breaking The Law" and "Living After Midnight", the show marked Tipton's third live appearance with the band in a week and sixth on the spring tour in support of the group's 18th album, "Firepower."

Tipton recently announced his retirement from the road following a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease that has affected his ability to play guitar, although he is featured on the veteran metal outfit's latest studio effort, which debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 to earn the band their highest-ever charting US album.

The guitarist personally chose album co-producer Andy Sneap to take over his touring duties, with Judas Priest now entering the final week of a spring North American tour that is set to wrap up in San Antonio, TX on May 1. here.

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David Bowie's Let's Dance Anniversary Celebrated In The Studio

The 35th anniversary of David Bowie's massively popular "Let's Dance" album is celebrated in the latest episode of the syndicated radio show In The Studio with Redbeard: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands.

The show "puts on its red shoes and dances the blues" this week to celebrate and the show sent over the following details: Far from David Bowie's first "comeback", thirty years ago he emerged from a protracted period of self-imposed exile in Berlin where he had virtually singlehandedly co-opted the best elements of Kraut Rock (Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Can, Amon Duul) into a series of critically lauded if not best-selling albums Low, Lodger, Heroes and Scary Monsters, whose influence can now be seen in full bloom in today's wildly popular Electronica movement. When Bowie's Let's Dance emerged in Spring 1983 with songs "Modern Love", "China Girl", "Cat People" (with young unheralded Texas blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan), Metro's "Critical World", and the seven minute title strut, it put David back in heavy rotation on North American rock radio where he had been MIA since his previous "comeback" to rock, 1976?s #1 seller Station to Station.

This week IN The Studio program host Redbeard shares some of his conversations over the decades with Bowie, who made startling predictions about the internet and who explained the difference between rock music as change agent versus popular music.

David Bowie shared, "It's very important for an art form to be the way that only a certain group of people think. That's when it's still an incendiary device. But then when it just becomes the way that we ALL think, it's popular music. We all love popular music. Access to it is so easy. It's everywhere." Stream the episode

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Kobra And The Lotus Release Video For Their Version Of The Chain

As Kobra And The Lotus release their new album "Prevail II" today they have also released a new music video for their take on the Fleetwood Mac classic "The Chain."

Kobra had this to say, "We couldn't be more stoked to release the final closer to our 'Prevail' album series!! We've chosen a classic, recorded in 1976, and we hope to connect and carry the magic forward from that musical era. Here it is, 'The Chain' by Fleetwood Mac, in full Kobra and the Lotus spirit. Can you recognize it?"

The band is currently on the road with Texas Hippie Coalition. Kobra shared these thoughts on the outing, "The USA shows w/ Texas Hippie Coalition have been great so far!! The final countdown to our album release has begun and we're pumped up to be jamming the new tunes on the road with everybody. Come out and rock with us!!!!" Watch the video

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