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KISS Planning Their Biggest Show And Tour Ever

KISS are well known for over the top proclamations and hot on the heals of frontman Paul Stanley saying that the band plan to launch a world tour next year, he claims it will be their biggest one ever.

Stanley told ABC radio last week that the band was making plans to launch a big world tour next year. Telling them, "KISS [will] do a world tour starting in January, I think."

And he followed up that news with an appearance on CNBC. The network reports that he declared "This will be the biggest tour we've done, the biggest show we've done". Read the report here.

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A Perfect Circle Release World's First Hologram Album

A Perfect Circle have revealed that they have released the world's first hologram album as part of the deluxe box set version of their brand new studio album "Eat The Elephant".

The special set features a 58-minute hologram created by Sundance award-winning filmmaker Steven Sebring ("Horses: Patti Smith and Her Band", "Dream of Life").

According to the announcement, it "unfolds through the eyes of a young girl over the 12-song album arc, reveals itself when fans place the prism on their smartphones and enter a special code."

Sebring had this to say, "Having Maynard and Billy's trust to create this for A Perfect Circle was a true artist's dream. Their 14-year break allowed technology to catch up with their groundbreaking music and gave me the chance to apply new ideas of dimensional capture to this stunning album."

View more about the hologram version of the new album here.

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Ghost Announce First Arena Dates and Reveal Where Papas Go

Ghost announced that they will be playing their very first arena headline dates this fall in support of their forthcoming album "Prequelle" which will be hitting stores on June 1st.

The band announced that they will perform at the Forum in Inglewood, CA (Los Angeles) on November 16, 2018, and Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on December 15, 2018. Tickets go on sale on this Friday, May 4th at 10:00am local time.

Ghost broke news of the arena performances Monday morning with a special press conference helmed by Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator at Irving Plaza in New York City. Watch their special sermon via the band's Facebook HERE. The duo also debuted the Chapter Three: Back on the Road live at the event, finally putting to rest the age old question of where all the Papas go. Watch it

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Mastodon And Dinosaur Jr Announce North American Tour

As Mastodon prepare to launch a tour with Primus they have announced that they will follow up that trek with a new North American tour that will feature Dinosaur Jr.

The tour with Primus kicks off on May 6th in Denver and once that wraps up the band will be hitting the road for the newly announced dates on September 1st in Edmonton, AB, CAN at the North Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.

Mastodon had this to say, "We are so stoked to be doing a proper Canadian and far North American cities tour with the legendary Dinosaur Jr. We've been talking about it for years and it's finally happening!! We hope to see you there!!" See the dates

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Former Styx Frontman Dennis DeYoung Believes Rock Is Dead

Former Styx frontman Dennis DeYoung sat down for an interview with Classic Rock Revisited recently and the singer lamented the current state of the music business and rock music especially.

CRR's Jeb Wright made this comment to DeYoung, "It has occurred to me at times that, if I wasn't doing this website, I wouldn't know about new stuff. I know about it because the record companies send me stuff."

Dennis replied "It's awful! If the industry hasn't figured this out, they will, because fewer and fewer people are interested in becoming musicians, especially rock bands and that's a shame. I've been saying for ten years that rock is dead. It is dead if there is no format for it. It's dead. People will write in and say, 'You don't know...screw you, you stupid old...' I'm sorry. People don't know what it was like when rock was alive. You need a forum to reach the audience. You can't go door-to-door. Who are you? Avon? The Fuller Brush Music Man? No!

"Without radio and, to a lesser extent, MTV It's hard to reach an audience. I've often said it should be called the Business Music, not the Music Business because it's always business first. Before you record a note, you sign a record deal with somebody, a corporation. They will decide how much you make for each record sold. If that isn't a business, I don't know what is." Read the full interview here.

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Of Mice & Men Release 'Instincts' Video

Of Mice & Men have released a brand new music video for their track "Instincts". The song is featured on the band's recently released studio album "Defy".

Singer and bassist Aaron Pauley had this to say, "We're stoked to be releasing our music video for 'Instincts'. Filmed during our most recent trips to Australia and Japan, the video showcases the raw intensity that we've seen this song bring to crowds all over the world.

"When the idea for doing a video for the song came up, we collectively decided that the only way we could do it justice was to show this song's live power, and here it is. Turn it up, and bang your head!." Watch the video here.

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Bullet For My Valentine Announce Fall Tour And Release New Video

Bullet For My Valentine have announced that they will be launching a U.S. tour this fall to support their forthcoming album and have also released a brand new music video.

The new visual is for their new single "Over It". The track comes from their forthcoming album "Gravity", which is set to be released on June 29th. Watch the new music video here.

The band will be hitting the road to support the new record with a U.S. tour on September 13th in Kansas City, MO at Harrah's and wrapping up the trek on October 16th in Las Vegas, NV at the House of Blues. See the dates here.

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Chelsea Grin Lose Singer Alex Koehler And Guitarist Jacob Harmond

Chelsea Grin have announced a major lineup change with singer and cofounder Alex Koehler being replaced by Tom Barber (Lorna Shore) and guitarist Jacob Harmond leaving the group. But the band also premiered a brand new song and video.

The group had this to say, "There is a lot of news to be shared from the CG camp, much of it bittersweet. For some time now, our band has wandered through what felt like hell and back. Medical conditions, personal pressures, tour conflicts and more. It is not in our nature to let this get the best of us, so we always have and will carry on headstrong and determined.

"Alex Koehler has opted to part ways with the band following his recent time spent in rehab and the life changes he's made in newly found sobriety. We are all at a mutual understanding that the nomadic and trying nature of touring is much too volatile of an environment for a recovering alcoholic. He has made huge strides forward in shaping a new and positive lifestyle, and we will always do our part to support our friend and brother. We are still very close, of course, and it goes without saying that we wish him all the strength and willpower needed to continue his inspiring progress. We ask that all of you respectfully do the same for Alex." Read more here.

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ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons Releasing New Solo Album

ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons and his solo band the BFGs are planning to release the following up to their 2015 album "Perfectamundo" later this year.

The iconic guitarist made the revelations to with ABC New Radio that he and the band (featuring Martin Guigui, Mike Flanigan, Alex Garza and Greg Morrow) will be changing direction for the new effort.

He said, "Following the success of Perfectamundo, which was our stab at taking a piece from the Cuban influences, they've said, 'OK, we've done this Cuban thing, can you go back to your bluesier roots?'"

"We've decided to do just that. So, hopefully summertime we'll see something BFG and blue coming out."

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Geoff Tate Announces New Operation: Mindcrime Anniversary Tour Dates

Original Queensryche frontman Geoff Tate has announced a new UK leg of his tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the "Operation: Mindcrime" album.

The new dates follow last year's European trek celebrating the landmark album and will be kicking off on November 21st in Aberdeen at The Assembly and concluding on December 5th in Hull at O'Rileys.

Tate's band will be supporting on the upcoming dates by the up and coming band Till Death Do Us Part, which features his daughter Emily as the frontwoman. See the dates here.

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Cancer Bats Release Animated 'Gatekeeper' Video

Cancer Bats have released a brand new animated video for their track "Gatekeeper". The song comes from their recently released album "The Spark That Moves".

The 80s inspired clip was directed by Stevie Gee and was written by Gee and Essy May. Gee had this to say, "Gatekeeper is one of the best tracks off the new album so I was so stoked to be making a video for it. I've been wanting to make a goofball violent 80s cartoon for a while so I was super happy to do that for my friends, the Cancer Bats. Hail destroyer!"

Frontman Liam Joseph Cormier had this to say, "We are way too excited to release one of the greatest videos we have had the pleasure of being connected to. We cannot take any credit for it, STEVIE GEE is the creative mastermind behind the whole thing and HE DREW ALL OF IT!!"

Cormier added, "the song is about those people we have the misfortune of crossing paths with in our lives, who use lies schemes and deceit to make their way through this world.

"Everyone has a choice and its theirs to continue down this path that will never work out for them. They are the gate keepers to their own future." Watch the video here.

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Tauk Release New Live Video For 'Malware'

Tauk have released a new live performance video for their track "Malware" which was captured at The Fineline in Minneapolis. The song comes from their "Shapeshifter I: Construct" EP.

The band this to say about the new clip, "The Naughty Horns laid down some amazing parts on Shapeshifter I: Construct, so we knew we had to try them out live.

"Check out this killer version of 'Malware' from Minneapolis featuring PHO band members Lukas Skrove on trumpet and Aaron Levin on sax! If you wanna see us with horns and other special guests again, we're excited that we'll be joined by some incredible players before tour is over. Enjoy this video for now and we'll see you all out there." Watch it here.

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Chris Cornell's Widow Helps Launch Online Addiction Resource Center

Late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell's widow Vicky has teamed up with the Addiction Policy Forum to launch an online resource for people struggling with addiction.

Dubbed The Addiction Resource Center for Chris, it is billed is a "comprehensive, interactive portal" online that will be accompanied by the Addiction Resource Line hotline.

Vicky had this to say in the announcement, "Addiction is a preventable and treatable disease. While it's too late to bring Chris back, it's not too late for millions of other people who are struggling with addiction."

"These resources are designed to connect people to the help they need -- help that is often way too difficult to find -- in the hope that other families are spared the loss that my family is experiencing. There is no better way to honor to Chris than by saving lives." Find more details here.

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Sebastian Bach Reacts To Oldest Record Store In Canada Closing

Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach shared the sad news via social media that the oldest record store in Canada has been forced to close after over four and half decades.

He wrote, "Today, my favorite record store in the world, the oldest running record store in Canada, Moondance Music closes its doors after 46 years of rock n' roll. Go there for me one last time and shoot some video, I would love to see it and post it on the page.

"To Mike Moon, I can't begin to tell you how much it kills me that I can't come up there one last time. That I can't ever go through the racks at your store ever again. I don't even know if you know, or the city of Peterborough knows, how much you and your store meant to me and my friends. And my family." Read more here.

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The Stars Revolt Release 'Be Careful What You Wish For' Video

The Stars Revolt have released a new music video for their track "Be Careful What You Wish For." The song is the lead single from their forthcoming self-titled EP which is set to be released on May 18th.

They had this to say about the track, "'Be Careful What You Wish For' is a song dealing with loss. It touches on understanding and coming to terms with things out of your control and the uncertainty of what will and what could be.

"How the little choices you make today could have huge, everlasting effects. What you want might not be what you get, so be careful what you wish for." Watch the video here.

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Singled Out: Jangling Sparrows' Paul Edelman

Jangling Sparrows frontman Paul Edelman has released his latest E{ "140 Nickels". To celebrate we asked him to tell us about the track "Burnin' A Hole". Here is the story:

"Burnin' A Hole" is sort of my "Dock of the Bay" if you will. It's a recollection of my youth, sitting where I grew up on the north shore of Long Island. And I certainly leaned on the emotional context of the Otis Redding song. Even as a kid, sitting there, I would think of that tune and relate to it.
That's the liner note answer, the answer I've given in previous interviews. The answer in the press release. But It's impossible to overstate what this song really means to me.

It's not just a memory. It's a meditation. Through lyric, mood, musical approach and delivery I'm trying to create a bubble where the listener can sit.
Where they can know what it felt like. I want to do more than paint a picture. I want the listener to smell it, feel the sun on their face. Be there.

It was important to try to achieve this in the song because I want to bring myself back there. I want to put myself in that bubble and through that process take the listener with me.

But more, I want to see that kid. I want to be that kid again. I want to talk to that kid again. That's what this song really is. It's a mantra of sorts to reach that kid. yes, I want to tell him what to do, how to be brave. But really I want to bring some of who he was back with me now. I want to incorporate how that boy saw life into my life now. I want to stay connected to that kid. So, in the end,"Burnin A Hole" is my attempt to create a portal in time that I can open and revisit at will.

Folks might also notice that it's a little different than the other songs on 140 Nickels. It's more downbeat, more driving roots rock. This too was intentional. Roots rock and the "No Depression" genre was the first time music really lit me up since I was a teen.It really was my first introduction into being a good songwriter. And I wanted the music to reflect that sense of being opened up and really influenced by something in a way that we don't really feel as much when we grow up.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the EP right here!

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