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Guns N' Roses Star Launches New Supergroup

(Gibson) Here's another new supergroup just shaping up. Sixx:A.M. singer James Michael and guitarist DJ Ashba (ex-Guns N' Roses) have announced a new band named Pyromantic, which Michael describes in a Monster Energy Facebook video as heavy, "but it's also got these really, really pop melodies."

"All I can say is I know you're gonna dig it," Michael said. "It's some of the most special stuff I've ever heard." Ashba added, "When we sat down to do Pyromantic, the one big thing was, 'Let's create something so new and fresh and create a sound for Pyromantic,' so when you Pyromantic, it has a very distinct sound.

And it's pretty much… What we went after is a great blend of dance, rock and pop, and you kind of throw that in a blender, and I would say that's pretty much what Pyromantic sounds like." Read more here.

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Metallica's Kirk Hammett Featured On New Michael Schenker Song

(Gibson) It's no secret that Kirk Hammett is a long-time Michael Schenker fan. In fact, his admiration for the former Scorpions and UFO guitar legend even led him to develop a deep love for Gibson Flying Vs, eventually leading to the launch of the Gibson Custom Kirk Hammett Flying V.

In the past, Hammett has gone on record to name Schenker as one of the greatest influences on his guitar playing, recalling that when he first heard UFO's Force It at the age of 15, he "set out to learn as many Schenker solos as possible while trying to write heavy riffs just like UFO."

The Metallica guitarist recently got to collaborate with his hero on a new song from the upcoming Michael Schenker album Resurrection with his new band Michael Schenker Fest. Stream the track here.

Talking about Hammett's solo on 'Heart and Soul,' Schenker said, "Kirk was a fan, he became a friend and he plays in the biggest band in the world. And so I said, 'Kirk, you wanna [guest on Resurrection]?' And he was more than happy." Read more here.

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Smashing Pumpkins Address D'arcy Wretzky Reunion Controversy

(Radio.com) With some sort of big news coming from Smashing Pumpkins today — possibly the title and release date of their next album — the band wants to clarify a popular misconception.

The reason original bassist D'arcy Wretzky is not taking part in the Pumpkins reunion album has nothing to do with the remaining band members. "James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, and William Corgan haven't played a show with D'arcy Wretzky for over 18 years. But it's not for a lack of trying," said Smashing Pumpkins in a press statement.

They continued: "For despite reports, Ms. Wretzky has repeatedly been invited out to play with the group, participate in demo sessions, or at the very least, meet face-to-face, and in each and every instance she always deferred. We wish her all the best, and look forward to reconnecting with you all very soon."

In an interview with the website BlastEcho, Wretzky said that she agreed to take part in the reunion and was sent a contract, but that a month later Corgan told her the offer wasn't real. Read more here.

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Gene Simmons Releasing Book About Rockers Who Died At 27

(Radio.com) Gene Simmons has a theory about "The 27 Club," and he's going to share it in a new book. 27: The Legend And Mythology Of The 27 Club, finds Simmons exploring the phenomenon of famous rock figures who passed away at the age of 27, including Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse.

"This is how the rumor of the '27 club'--the idea that there is something fateful, myth-worthy, or even cursed about turning 27--began," reads the book's synopsis on Amazon.

"Why do we find ourselves obsessed with the untimely deaths of the famous and the infamous? Is the 27 club just a compelling urban legend? What does age 27 really mean for our most beautiful and damned?" Read more here.

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Tom Petty Rocks Beatles Classic For George Harrison Tribute

(hennemusic) Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers perform The Beatles' classic, "I Need You", in the latest video preview to the February 23 release of "Concert For George", a 2002 tribute event in honor of George Harrison that is being reissued to mark the late guitarist's 75th birthday on February 25.

The song first appeared on the UK band's 1965 album and soundtrack from their film, "Help!" irected by David Leland, "Concert For George" features a variety of artists performing at a November 29, 2002 tribute show at London's Royal Albert Hall on the first anniversary of Harrison's passing from lung cancer at the age of 58.

"We will always celebrate George's birthday," says his widow, Olivia Harrison, "and this year we are releasing Concert For George in a very special package in memory of a special man."

The project will be reissued as a Deluxe Edition Box Set, a 4-LP Box Set, plus new CD/DVD and CD/Blu-ray combo packages. The Deluxe Box Set - limited to 1000 copies worldwide - features the complete sound and film recordings from the concert on 4 180-gram audiophile LPs, 2 CDs, 2 DVDs and 2 Blu-rays, plus an opportunity to own a piece of the historic event, by way of a cutting from the original hand-painted on-stage tapestry used as the backdrop at the show. Read more and watch the video

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Singled Out: Spider Rockets' Rip Your Heart Out

Spider Rockets recently released their new album "" and to celebrate we asked Helena Cos to tell us the story behind the song "Rip Your Heart Out". Here is the story:

We were in the middle of writing the songs for our new album, "Along Came a Spider." Johnny, our lead guitarist, was messing around with a riff and needed me to come up with vocals to get things moving along. We usually start that way or with a vocal line. This time the riff came first. I listened and then came up with the chorus vocal "I'm not here to change your mind but I will rip your heart out." A lot of times, I'll come up with something and end up changing it many, many times, but this time the line stuck for both of us. And it was funny -- to me anyway. The initial thought started as a f*** you to naysayers. I'm sure many people can relate.

But, as the verses developed, the concept went another direction. Not consciously. Instead, Johnny started riffing and I grabbed onto one of the ideas that made me think of AC/DC's "Let There Be Rock." Not the riff itself, but some vibe about it. Anyway, AC/DC is always a great inspiration for me so all was good in the land of Spider Rockets' song creation! So instead of "In the beginning," I began with "This is the story…" The rest came pretty easily. We've all met the crazy chick who doesn't know when to stop and will pull every dirty trick to entrap a guy. And we've all met the stupid guy who's willing to give it all away no matter the cost just to get some.

So, the song evolved into the story of when these two flawed characters meet. No surprise, but it is a recipe for disaster. In the earlier versions of the song, we even had blood curdling screams (from the guy). We did the usual Spider Rockets thing of moving parts around a few dozen times. The blood curdling screams were nixed, too, to make for a tighter song without distractions.

Bottom line, the song is about two people that totally deserve each other. After all, for some this is romance….

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album
right here!

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Dave Matthews Talks New DMB Album

(Radio.com) It's been six years since The Dave Matthews Band have released new music but fans won't have to wait much longer. Their highly anticipated 9th studio album will be out this summer and along with it also comes a return to touring.

When writing for the next release, Matthews told Radio.com why you won't hear anything political on the album. "I really try to talk about things in my songs, my children, or talk about friendship, love of family, love of the world, love of each other because I don't want to sink as low as the politics or the leaders, so called leaders of the country."

The frontman also revealed what tracks we may hear on the upcoming effort, "There's one, 'Black and Blue Bird,' that I assume will be on there because I like it a lot. It will not be a single because I like it a lot. And 'Samurai Cop' is a song that we have that doesn't have anything to do with law enforcement or martial arts. That's what it's called because I was watching a really bad movie call Samurai Cop over and over again at the time I wrote the song." Read more here.

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My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Announce Special Tour

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult have announced that they have cooked up some very special plans for fans who attend their upcoming 30th anniversary tour this spring.

The band have revealed details for a new North American trek, which will be Part 2 of their 30 Anniversary Show, and is set to kick off on April 10th in Louisville, KY.

The shows on the trek will feature the band performing their 1988 album "I See Good Spirits And I See Bad Spirits" and 1990 effort "Confessions Of A Knife" along with additional tracks from that era of the group. See the dates here.

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Myles Kennedy Previews His 'Devil On The Wall' Video

(hennemusic) Alter Bridge and Slash singer Myles Kennedy is previewing a video for the track "Devil On The Wall", from his forthcoming debut solo album, "Year Of The Tiger."

Due March 9, Kennedy recorded the album with producer and longtime Alter Bridge associate Michael "Elvis" Baskette. The rocker reveals the project is inspired by the loss of his father when he was a child.

"It's probably the closest thing to a full-on concept record that I've ever written," Kennedy tells Metal Wani. "I mean, the story is congruent throughout the entire... It basically tells a story from start to finish, and it documents when my father passed away when I was a kid and basically what happened after that with my mom, my brother and I - it tells that story. So it's a full-on concept from start to finish."

Kennedy will launch his debut with a pair of dates in South Africa early next month alongside a European tour that includes a 7-show UK trek and then a spring US run in May. Watch the video here.

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Styx And Joan Jett Announce North American Summer Tour

(Radio.com) Classic rock can sometimes make for the most unexpected tour combinations. Case in point: this summer's double-bill pairing Styx with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

Upon closer inspection, however, both acts represent their own inimitable take on no-nonsense, straightforward rock and roll. Styx were a hard-driving, Midwestern prog-rock band long before the ballads and "Mr. Roboto" took over. Joan Jett has always personified rock at its most stripped-down and essential.

Together, these truly classic rock acts will barnstorm North America with '80s metal outfit Tesla in tow. The rock-intensive tour kicks off on May 30 in Irvine, CA, winding across the continent before landing in Holmdel, NJ, on July 15. See the dates here.

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Pearl Jam's Mike McCready Makes Music with Foster Kids: Watch

(Radio.com) Pearl Jam's Mike McCready is giving back. The guitarist hooked up with nonprofit organization Treehouse to create an opportunity for five kids who've lived in the foster system to come together and make music in a recording studio.

"They help foster kids that are in dire need of finishing their education, providing funding for summer camps and lessons, even new clothes - all the things a lot of us take for granted," McCready told Rolling Stone about connecting with the organization ten years ago when he volunteered to help them wrap holiday presents.

Treehouse and McCready brought the five young people to Pearl Jam's recording studio, resulting a song, "Try So Hard." "The song just organically happened," McCready said. "We were sitting around, and it was amazing that it came together the way it did. The guys had some rap going on, beat boxing, some guitars, bass and drums. They created a song, and I got to play along with it. It generally doesn't happen that way, and it was really cool." Read more and watch Mike McCready and his new friends create "Try So Hard" here.

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Razorwire Halo Stream New Song 'Sweat'

Kansas City, MO electro rockers Razorwire Halo has released a stream of a brand new track called "Sweat." The song comes from their forthcoming EP "Retaliate," which is set to hit stores on March 27th.

Vocalist Tak Kitara had this to say, "In the last couple years each one of us have had major hardships in our lives that have hit us deeply in various ways. Physically and emotionally we have been beat down and broken.

"The upcoming EP focuses on some of these experiences and the emotions involved. 'Sweat' is a sexually charged track that focuses on pure unrestrained passion between two people." Listen to the song here.

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Sleep Signals And Cold Kingdom Launching Tour Rito Supreme

Cold Kingdom have announced that they will be hitting the road next month as past of Sleep Signals' upcoming North American Tour Rito Supreme trek.

The 28-date tour is scheduled to kick off on March 1st in Mankato, MN at What's Up Lounge and will be concluding on April 7th in Lincoln, NE at Duffy's.

The band had this to say, "In support of our new self-titled Cold Kingdom EP, Tour-rito Supreme spans half the country from the mid-west to the west coast. We'll be there wielding hard rock and knuckles of Fire Sauce." See the dates here.

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The Chimpz's Shawn Lyon Wants To Help Up and Coming Bands

The Chimpz bassist Shawn Lyon has just released a new eBook that is designed to help up and coming bands discover how they can land sponsorships. We were sent the following message from Shawn:

Hello, my name is Shawn Lyon (Sonic). I have been a musician for about 30 years and a performer for about 20. I have learned so many music business situations the hard way. Which has motivated me to write this Ebook titled"Getbandsponsors.com". I go into detail on how to prepare yourself for obtaining music endorsements and/or sponsorships.

Getbandsponsors.com is more than just how to obtain endorsement deals for you and/or your project. It's basically music business 101! This has taken my team and myself over a year to create and now it is finally here! Included is the Ebook, about 10 hours of Q and A audio with myself, a worksheet that coincides with the Ebook sections, and a private invite to a special facebook group.

My team and myself have broke down how to obtain endorsements and/or sponsorships into 9 sections. Each section is accompanied with about an hours length of Q and A with me pertaining to that section.

In my career I have obtained almost 30 endorsement deals and a handful of sponsorships. I currently have close to 20! There are so many musicians and artists that have asked me how I did it. Well now I am spilling the beans from my experiences so that any artist can obtain these kind of deals. Most artists feel that these kinds of deals aren't reachable in their case. This Ebook will prove them wrong! The music business is constantly changing.

Many music companies are looking into other avenues such as endorsements/sponsorships as a means for current advertising. Now is the time to take advantage of this, it only helps out both you and said company. Find more details here.

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