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Eddie Van Halen Moves To Block Video Footage Release

Eddie Van Halen has reportedly filed a lawsuit against a videographer over the release of rehearsal footage dating back to the timeframe of band's reunion with frontman David Lee Roth.

The gossip web site reports that the footage features Eddie along with his brother Alex and son Wolfgang rehearsing. The legendary guitarist is said to have invited videographer, Andrew Bennett, to capture the footage for a possible DVD or video project but was unhappy with the results.

The site says that following a dispute over payment, Van Halen settled with Bennett in 2015 and acquired the rights to the footage but Eddie claims in legal documents that Bennett is attempting to sell the footage and released a trailer for it on his 5150vault.com website.

Read more details and watch the trailer at TMZ.

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Stone Sour Star Enters Treatment Center and Missing Tour

As Stone Sour hit the road for their winter tour with Halestorm they broke the news to fans via Facebook that the trek would not include Josh Rand who entered a treatment center.

The band shared the news via the social media site on Saturday (January 27th). They wrote, "Unfortunately, Josh Rand has checked into a treatment center and will not be joining Stone Sour for the Canada/US tour.

"Though he will be back as soon as possible, we ask you all to keep him in your thoughts. Until then, the rest of Stone Sour will see you all on tour in Jan/Feb. Thank you."

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Jack White Streams New Song 'Corporation'

(hennemusic) Jack White is streaming audio of a brand new track entitled "Corporation" as the latest preview to his forthcoming studio album "Boarding House Reach."

The tune follows the lead single, "Connected By Love", and "Respect Commander" as the third song issued in advance of the March 23 release of his third album.

White self-produced his first record in four years, which he recorded at his Third Man Studio in Nashville, TN, as well as Sear Sound in New York, NY, and Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

The rocker will support this set with an extensive North American tour that will open in his hometown of Detroit, MI on April 19. White has imposed a ban on cell phone use during the tour in an effort to focus fans' attention towards the stage; phones will be locked in Yondr pouches that fans can unlock is designated secure zones away from the action, if necessary.

"We think you'll enjoy looking up from your gadgets for a little while and experience music and our shared love of it IN PERSON," reads a statement posted by Live Nation that can be seen on every tour stop's ticket page, while fans "enjoy a phone-free, 100% human experience." Stream the song here.

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Def Leppard Add New Date To Hysteria Tour

(hennemusic) Def Leppard have added a second London show to their Hysteria UK tour this fall. Already set to play at London's O2 Arena on December 6, the band will now also perform at the city's SSE Arena Wembley "due to phenomenal demand" on December 18.

The 12-date run of Ireland and the UK will open in Dublin on December 1 and see the Sheffield rockers perform their 1987 classic, "Hysteria", in its entirety.

"After many requests from fans in the U.K, I'm delighted that we can bring the whole "Hysteria" album to arenas across Britain and Ireland later this year," says bassist Rick Savage. "From 'Women' to 'Love and Affection' plus many other faves thrown in for good measure. Oh, and our old pals Cheap Trick will be there also to help with the celebrations!! We can't wait." See the dates here.

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Korn's Jonathan Davis Streams New Solo Song 'What It Is'

(Radio.com) Jonathan Davis wants to take fans in a different direction. The Korn frontman has released a new solo single, "What It Is." The track is taken from Davis' forthcoming full-length solo debut, which is slated for summer 2018.

"It took 10 years, and I'm so glad this project is finally out. It is something that is very close to me and I'm excited for the world to finally hear it," Davis said in a press statement.

"I've bared my soul for so fing long, I thought it'd be really cool to pull listeners in a different direction for once," the singer added. "I'm taking them out of that dark place and into somewhere that's spiritual, positive, and makes them really think. It's just art. I've changed lives with Korn, but I wanted to open minds with this s."

"What It Is" arrives with a music video, with the ominous images of Davis behind bars and being beaten by authority figures. Watch the video here.

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Singled Out: Rausch's Greener Grass

Rausch are gearing up to release their sophomore album "Book II" on February 2nd and we asked guitarist Doug Rausch to tell us about the lead single "Greener Grass". Side note: the album features contributions from Mark Zonder (Fates Warning), Ryo Okumoto (Spock's Beard), and Shadow Gallery's Brendt Allman. Here is Doug with the story:

On February 2nd, Rausch will release its second full-length album BOOK II. Heavy-hitting contributions come from the likes of Mark Zonder (Fates Warning), Ryo Okumoto (Spock's Beard), and second Shadow Gallery mainstay, guitarist Brendt Allman. Picking up where the debut left off, it remains painfully vulnerable & autobiographical of the band's trials & tribulations along the way. Things are "even more deep and dark" this time, observes the returning Rich Mouser who (along with Bumblefoot) applauds the "Queen-on-steroids" diversity running throughout. Lead-off single "Greener Grass" is the first single and video, recently Doug (Rausch) told story behind the song.

"Greener Grass." The song that set out to kill all birds with one stone. The song that was to be the "quintessential" defining RAUSCH piece, incorporating virtually all key ingredients to our campaign. "It Happens" & "Bipolar" [from the self-titled RAUSCH debut] came close, but this time I wanted a song that did it all in under 6 minutes (and at 5:30, I'm pleased to report a mission accomplished [laughs]!). Key word 'song.' A colleague once used the word 'super-song,' which, out of the term's sheer pretentiousness I resisted at first; but to his point, as with archetypal examples "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "Carry on Wayward Son" (as reference only - not to start a comparison p*ssing contest), perhaps "Greener Grass" does offer a 'one-stop-shop' listening experience after all, when given the chance: [a stab at] catchy hooks/themes, cathartic relatable lyrics, & musical exploration/experimentation to gently nudge today's otherwise quick-fix audience forward a bit, always offering to bring everyone along for the ride...

As for the subject matter at hand, it was a series of many life experiences that cumulatively combined to become "Greener Grass" - no single incident is solely responsible. Songs have to nag at me for a time, under many varying circumstances, to prove their worthiness of full realization (there's a solid 50 or more floating around in my already over-crowded head at any given time, and they're all always vying for attention)... but this particular song's original seed - the inescapable concept of life's many struggles possibly being all for nothing ("all of this will pass but soon so will we") - that finally pushed it right to the front of the line. With nobody really knowing what happens when we die, there exists the very real possibility that we are all just forever stuck, and the metaphor proves true: the grass may never truly be greener. There's always a glimmer of hope, however, to be fair (the song is more of a "what if," as opposed to any kind of firm belief); in that very inability to prove that death will definitively suck, the song's culminating climax does give the obligatory fighting reason to go on - ultimately giving me great satisfaction in the work, [what I feel is] a fairly balanced representation of reality as we know it (if from an admittedly glass-half-empty perspective...).

In summary, this is not the 3-minute 'get-in-get-out' track that the current musical climate is programmed to expect, nor was that the goal. It takes a few listens. Don't worry, elsewhere on this record [RAUSCH: "BOOK II"] there are what I like to call the 'simple songs' - where as with any good Queen record (did I mention we love Queen?), the overall diversity rounds it all out - but I am of the firm conviction that music is at its finest when, just as with any well-crafted classical piece, all the elements ('heart AND brains!') join together and enhance one another all the more; I'm not Wagner, but I'm doing what I can. Music needs us all to do our part right now. Why not have-cake-and-eat-it-too while we're at it (mmm, cake, tied for 1 of the 3 greatest foods of all time)?

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!

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Mastodon Win Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance

(hennemusic) Mastodon were named winners in the Best Metal Performance category for their "Emperor Of Sand" track, "Sultan's Curse", at the 60th annual Grammy Awards in New York on January 28.

The band took home their first Grammy honor ahead of fellow nominees August Burns Red, Body Count, Code Orange and Meshuggah. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor said backstage that the award is "huge for us and for heavy metal. It's one of the greatest genres with some of the most talented and skilled musicians playing it"

Dailor also credited Atlanta fans for the band's 18 years of success. "Our first show had hundreds of people," he added, "and they came out to support us from the time we were playing the Parasite House to the Fox Theatre."

Recorded with producer Brendan O'Brien at the Quarry in Kennesaw, GA, "Emperor Of Sand" debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 last spring, marking the group's third US Top 10 following 2014's "Once More 'Round The Sun" (No. 6) and 2011's "The Hunter" (No. 10). Read more and listen to the song here.

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Foo Fighters Win Best Rock Song Grammy

(hennemusic) The Foo Fighters' 2017 single, "Run", was named the winner in the Best Rock Song category at the 60th annual Grammy Awards in New York on January 28.

The lead single from "Concrete And Gold" took top honor over tracks by Metallica, K. Flay, Nothing More and Avenged Sevenfold. "Thank you @RecordingAcad!" the Foos tweeted after hearing the news.

"Run" topped the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart while the album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, delivering the band their second US chart-topper, following 2011's "Wasting Light."

The Foo Fighters were also a finalist in the Best Rock Performance category, which was won by Leonard Cohen's track, "You Want It Darker." Read more and check out the song

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Rolling Stones Win Grammy For Blue & Lonesome

(hennemusic) The Rolling Stones won a Grammy Award in the Best Traditional Blues Album category for their 2016 covers record, "Blue & Lonesome", at the 60th annual Grammy Awards in New York on January 28.

Recorded over three days in December 2015 at British Grove Studios in West London, the band's first studio album in over a decade featured a pair of guest appearances by Eric Clapton and updated versions of tunes originally recorded by blues legends Willie Dixon, Howlin' Wolf, Little Walter and Magic Sam, among others.

The group played live in the studio without overdubs and were joined on two tunes by Clapton, who happened to be in the next studio making his own record.

"Blue & Lonesome" debuted at No. 1 in both the UK and Australia while snagging a No. 4 entry on the US Billboard 200.

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Inspiration For Classic Bob Dylan Song Dies

(Gibson) Bob Dylan's high school girlfriend Echo Casey, nee Helstrom, has died in California aged 75, according to the Star Tribune newspaper. She was long-believed to be the inspiration for his classic song "Girl From The North Country", from his breakthrough 1963 album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan.

Dylan and Helstrom dated from 1957 to 1958, when they both attended Hibbing High School in Minnesota. She left a strong impression on the young troubadour, who later compared her to Brigitte Bardot in his memoir Chronicles: Volume One.

But there remains some speculation about the real identity of the "Girl From The North Country." Some believe the song to be about Dylan's later girlfriends Bonnie Beecher or 1Suze Rotolo (who actually appears with him on the cover of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan). However, the lyrics about freezing rivers and winds that "hit heavy on the borderline" suggest northern Minnesota.

Casey lived in Minneapolis for a while before eventually moving to Los Angeles in the 1970s, where she worked as a secretary on movie sets. Read more here.

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Chad Smith Walks Fans Through Classic Red Hot Chili Peppers Video

(Radio.com) 2002: The year The Eminem Show dominated album sales and The Osbournes made its MTV debut. Also the year the Red Hot Chili Peppers released their eighth studio album, By The Way.

Now in a new video clip, RHCP drummer Chad Smith takes a walk down memory lane with John Norris (another blast from the past--recognize him from MTV News?!) to dissect the "By The Way" video.

And let me tell you--this video is wild. Flip phones, crazy cabbies (Dave Sheridan), and pagers. And the best part? The below video was all designed in a Pop-Up Video style, revealing fascinating facts like that time Chad entered the Guinness Book of World Records for, well, we don't want to give it away. Find out here.

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Linkin Park Have 'Every Intention' Of Continuing Says Shinoda

(Radio.com) Just hours after releasing the new three-song Post Traumatic EP, Mike Shinoda engaged in an impromptu Q&A with fans on Twitter where he addressed the future of Linkin Park.

"I have every intention on continuing with LP, and the guys feel the same," Shinoda revealed to a fan who inquired about what's next for the group after the death of singer Chester Bennington.

"We have a lot of rebuilding to do, and questions to answer, so it'll take time." See the tweet here.

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Thirty Seconds To Mars Do Innovative 'Dangerous Night' TV Performance

Thirty Seconds to Mars have released their new single, "Dangerous Night", which comes from their forthcoming album and they did an innovated television debut performance for the track.

The new track is the second single the band has released from the album, which follows the lead single "Walk On Water" that spent 5 weeks at #1 on Billboard's Rock Airplay Chart.

The band performed the new single on Late Night With Steven Colbert last week. They used a robot to capture their performance in a single unedited take. The performance included a dad dancing Stephen Colbert and a bitcoin miner furiously at work. Check it out here.

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Franz Ferdinand Stream New Song 'Lazy Boy'

(Radio.com) In anticipation of their new album, Always Ascending, Franz Ferdinand have released the new track "Lazy Boy." The disco-influenced electronic pop song features a funk bassline that makes you want to get up and dance, dance, dance.

The energy in the track belies the content of the lyrics, which address a lovestruck man that never wants to get out of bed: "I'm a lazy boy/ Never gettin' up in time/ I enjoy being a lazy boy/ Lying in your bed/ Thinking of how a lazy boy loves you."

"Lazy Boy" is the third song Franz Ferdinand have released in advance of Always Ascending, which comes out February 9. The song follows the title track, which came out December 4, 2017, and "Feel The Love Go," which dropped January. 8, 2018.

The group's new album, which comes out February 9, will be Franz Ferdinand's first to feature guitarists Dino Bardot and keyboardist/guitarist Julian Corrie. The two joined after co-founder Nick McCarthy quit in July 2016. Check out "Lazy Boy" here.

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Sting And Shaggy Discuss Chemistry Behind New Joint Album

(Radio.com) It's the unexpected collaborative album that the world didn't realize it needed until now. Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sting and reggae icon Shaggy have come together to make an album together, 44/876.

The dynamic duo discussed the album and its first single, "Don't Make Me Wait," when they sat down with Karen and Jeffrey from Fresh 102.7 FM in New York City.

"It's a beautiful love song. It's Mr. Lover Lover and it's the Stingster, you know what I mean?," Shaggy quipped about the tune. "Shaggy brought the song to me, and I said 'that sounds like a hit to me.' I said take me in the studio and show me what to do," Sting explained. "He produced me, and to this day I think that it's a smash. He was the architect, not me."

The two said that they share a friendship that goes deeper than just creating music. "Somehow I just see him as my brother, I can't quite understand that," Sting said. "We have surprisingly have a lot in common and we just enjoy each other's company and being in the studio is a joy."

"Normally for me, the creative process is a private one, but he forced me into the spotlight to create in public with everybody around," Sting continued. "We made the songs kind of spontaneously."

"Everyday we discover new things about each other," Shaggy added. Sting and Shaggy's album, 44/876, is set for release on April 20, check out "Don't Make Me Wait" here.

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Green Day's 'Good Riddance' Gets Unusual Late Night TV Cover

(Radio.com) Green Day has never quite sounded like this before. The band's 1997 hit, "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)," was covered by the Gentlemen's Chorus on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night (Jan. 24).

The unexpected take on the Green Day classic was inspired by a letter Fallon pulled out of the audience suggestion box. Fallon joined the six-man group, clad in matching argyle sweater vests, to sing the deadpan version of Green Day's tune.

The results are pretty great, and video from the television broadcast can be streamed online here.

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