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Day in Rock Report for 11/26/2018

Axl Rose's Severe Illness Cuts Guns N' Roses Show Short

(hennemusic) Guns N' Roses were forced to end their November 25th concert in the United Arab Emirates early due to an illness affecting frontman Axl Rose. According to Billboard, Rose managed to perform 17 of the group's regular 28-song set before shutting things down after "November Rain."

"They've got me on IVs and a bunch of injections, 'cause I got sick today, I've been throwing up for about the last five hours," Rose told the crowd during the band's performance at the Formula 1 2018 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. "So, instead of canceling, I'm gonna do the best show we can for you."

Rose's bandmates saluted the singer and the fans following the concert. "Thank you Abu Dhabi!," tweeted bassist Duff McKagan. "@axlrose pulled a damn miracle...the man was beyond ill, and pulled off something I've never seen in my 40 yrs of playing. You all pulled him thru. Til next time!"

"Abu Dhabi, you guys were great tonight!," posted Slash. "Axl was severely ill. But you all were hugely supportive. Thanks for that. We'll see again next time! Cheers!"

Guns N' Roses are next scheduled to perform in Johannesburg, South Africa on November 29 as the band prepares to close out their 2018 schedule in Honolulu, HI on December 8. Watch video of Axl's speech here.

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KISS Add North American Summer Leg To Farewell Tour

(hennemusic) KISS have expanded their End Of The Road farewell tour with a brand new leg that will include 25 more dates that will visit various cities across North America next summer.

Following the trek's three-month launch on the continent - starting January 31 in Vancouver, BC - and a summer series across Europe, KISS will return to North America for 25 more shows beginning in Sunrise, FL on August 6.

"All that we have built and all that we have conquered over the past four decades could never have happened without the millions of people worldwide who've filled clubs, arenas and stadiums over those years," says KISS. "This will be the ultimate celebration for those who've seen us and a last chance for those who haven't.

"KISS Army, we're saying goodbye on our final tour with our biggest show yet and we'll go out the same way we came in... unapologetic and unstoppable." here.

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Sammy Hagar Is On A Rock Hall Mission

Sammy Hagar has already been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame as a member of Van Halen but he recently revealed that he is on a mission to see that his former band Montrose also has a chance at being honored with an induction.

He told Cleveland's NBC station WKYC, "I'm on a campaign now to get that band on the ballot somehow. Because without Montrose, there would be no Van Halen, there wouldn't have been Motley Crue, there wouldn't have been Def Leppard. Every band I meet, they're like 'The first Montrose record! The Montrose record!' I think we should be in the Hall Of Fame."

He shared strong emotions about his induction as part of Van Halen, "It means everything. It's a validation that I haven't wasted this life and didn't make it. It's a validation. Yeah, 'You made it.' And you can show that to your grandkids. There's so many bands that get up for nomination year after year and don't get it. Everybody I know that isn't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but should be, is bitter. So I'm not bitter."

The Rock Hall resides in Cleveland and Hagar reflected on his favorite memories in the city, "A lot of memories have been erased intentionally. You know, this used to be the hottest rock and roll town in America for Montrose. You'd go there and it was just a big hot town. The girls were there. The party was there. The old 'sex, drugs and rock and roll' thing. Plenty of that went on in this town and still does, I'm sure, but I don't participate in any of it except the rock and roll part."

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Neil Diamond Streaming The Ballad Of Saving Silverman

Neil Diamond is streaming a previously unreleased track called "The Ballad Of Saving Silverman", which will be including in his forthcoming 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition.

The new 6 CD and 115 track collection is set to hit stores on November 30th. We were sent these details about the song: "Though Diamond appeared in the 2001 comedy Saving Silverman, which is about fervent Diamond fans who try to keep their buddy from marrying the wrong woman, he never let on that he had written the perfect theme to the movie. The catchy tune sums up the film and even includes a spoken-word bridge."

Neil had this to say, "I didn't ask anybody about it or tell anybody about it, but I wrote this song while we were doing the movie. I liked it a lot, but I thought maybe [the movie] needed a little something from the heart, rather than being clever."

The film ended up featuring "I Believe in Happy Endings," written specifically for the film, as well as the classics "Cherry, Cherry," "Hello Again" and "Holly Holy."

Diamond later played the song for director Dennis Dugan after the film's release, who said he would have likely used the song if he'd known about it, "but it was already too late," Diamond says, "and I just kept it in my drawer for safekeeping until now." Listen here.

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Ghost Found Success By Being Old School Says Tobias Forge

Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge revealed that he has taken an old school approach to promoting his band to fans and as a result he uses social media sparingly and that has led to their success.

Forge told Download Australia, "I grew up as a black and death metal fan in a time before the internet. Back then, you had very little to go on - especially with the darker sort of bands.

"I'd look back at bands like Venom, Mayhem and Blasphemy - bands where you'd only seen maybe one or two pictures of them, because there wasn't any more than that.

"You'd see one or two interviews in print, and maybe a video, and you had to fill in all the blanks. All you knew about them were the little quotes in magazines, and lore. There were a lot of rumors.

"Obviously, all of that changed with the internet. Now, you can just click on anything and know everything about anything you want. I wanted Ghost to be different. I wanted Ghost to be more in line with the sort of bands that I liked before the internet, where you had to use your imagination and you had to wonder a little."

He then continues on how avoiding social media has helped his band, "It's in the mental lingo of people to do that nowadays, and it's very hard to get someone to do it less, because that means they'll get less people interacting with them.

"On the contrary, I see it as though part of our success has been because we gave people less! Part of why we liked all the bands that we liked was because they actually had a private life. If you're constantly doing things to interact with the outside world, you're going to end up very drained after a while.

"That was definitely something that goes with the whole concept of Ghost, in terms of how I wanted this to be presented to the world and how we were going to communicate with the world.

He added, "Obviously we have an Instagram account, but it's not a personal thing. I won't tell you where I'm having dinner tonight!"

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Robert Plant Rocks Elvis Presley Covers At Ex-Wife's Birthday Party

(hennemusic) Robert Plant performed a series of Elvis Presley covers at a 70th birthday party celebration for his ex-wife, Maureen, on November 23 and video from the event has surfaced online.

The rocker joined local band The Hayriders at The Fox Inn in Stourton, UK for three Presley classics, including "One Night With You", "Little Sister" and "A Big Hunk O' Love."

Plant married Maureen just prior to Led Zeppelin's official London debut at The Roundhouse on November 9, 1968; the couple had a daughter and two sons. In August of 1975, most of the family were involved in a car accident on the Greek island of Rhodes, with the band forced to cancel tour dates in support of "Physical Graffiti" while the singer recovered.

The extended downtime saw Led Zeppelin work on their 1976 release, "Presence", with Plant recording vocals for the project in a wheelchair. While Led Zeppelin were on a North American tour in 1977, Robert received news that their five-year-old son Karac had died suddenly from a stomach virus; the band shut down the trek as the singer returned home to the UK.

Led Zeppelin recorded "All My Love" for 1979's "In Through The Out Door", as a tribute to Plant's late son. Robert and Maureen divorced in 1983, with the singer going on to have a relationship and son with Maureen's sister, Shirley Wilson, in 1991. Watch the Elvis covers here.

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Fleetwood Mac Score Hit With 50th Anniversary Collection

(hennemusic) Fleetwood Mac's 50th anniversary collection, "50 Years - Don't Stop", has debuted on the UK charts. The Official Charts Company reports the band's first-ever career-spanning set enters the UK charts at No. 15.

The new compilation touches on every era in the group's history while highlighting the work of the many musicians who have recorded under the Fleetwood Mac banner over the years since Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood and Jeremy Spencer first formed the outfit in London, UK in 1967.

Marking 50 years since the release of the band's 1968 self-titled debut album, "50 Years - Don't Stop" delivers 50 tracks across 3-CD and 5-LP packages, and is accompanied by a 20-track single CD version, with both available on digital download and streaming services. here.

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Testarossa Release Video For Danny Worsnop Collaboration

Testarossa have released a music video for their new single "Mother Lover". The track features a guest appearance from Asking Alexandra frontman Danny Worsnop.

The song comes from their group's forthcoming debut album "Don't Be Late For the Party", and the new music video was directed/produced by Steven Billings and Joe Potts. Watch it here.

The band had this to say, "Mother Lover (Mthr Lvr) is the product of years of hard work and endless frustrations. From the song's raunchy guitar intro and 13 second opening scream to the contagiously catchy chorus and the 48 second display of guitar mastery, the energy emitted is guaranteed to kick you right in the teeth.

"The song is taken to the next level with the help of Danny Worsnop on guest vocals. Danny also appears in the music video. Mother Lover is a step back into the familiar territory of what rock-n-roll used to be and what rock-n-roll should be. Don't take it too seriously. Just sit back, crank the radio up, and get ready to party."

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Lenny Kravitz Releases 'Johnny Cash' Video

(hennemusic) Lenny Kravitz is premiering a video for "Johnny Cash", a track from his latest album "Raise Vibration." Directed by Mathieu Bitton, the clip presents footage of the rocker in the studio on his own and directing a string section on the song inspired by his own personal experience with the music icon.

According to the BBC, Kravitz had rushed to Los Angeles in December of 1995 after learning his mother, actress Roxie Roker, was losing her battle with breast cancer and he had arranged to stay at Rick Rubin's home, where the producer was working with Cash on the album "American Recordings II: Unchained."

Kravitz went to straight to the hospital to be by his mother's side upon landing in the city, and was at Rubin's home when he received a call that she had passed when he ran into Cash and his wife June.

"I was a bit fazed and out of it," explains Kravitz, "and the two of them just came up to me and surrounded me and held me. The two of them. We weren't lifelong friends. I didn't know them that long We were flatmates. But they decided at that moment (to) treat me like they would treat someone in their family. It was a beautiful moment of humanity and love."

More than twenty years later, the memory of the scene returned to the singer while he was in the studio working on new music. "I heard the melody, I heard the music, but I did not understand why I was getting the words Johnny Cash," he says. "It obviously is something that impacted me and has been sitting within my spirit. They were beautiful, real people - and I guess that might have been the last time that I was consoled in that way." Watch the video here.

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Singled Out: Ness Heads' Pretty

Chicago rapper Ness Heads just recently released a video for her latest single "Pretty" and to celebrate we asked her to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

If you've listened to my music before "Pretty," you'll have noticed the vibe this song has is very different. My two singles before are joints you can roll your windows down too, blast the radio, and cruise to get you feeling relaxed and happy.

"Pretty" kind of happened by accident. It was 11pm, I was at the studio and I just finished talking to my friend who was telling me about some girl who was talking sh*t about me, so I was in a "f*** you" type mood. One of my other friends hit me up as I was on my way home and invited me to go to a studio session, the opposite direction of my house. I was so close to just calling it a day and heading straight home, but something in me told me to turn around and just go to the studio. So I went to the studio and because of the mood I was in "Pretty" came out. Vince, the producer, showed me the beat, and I didn't like it at first but thought I'm here so might as well write something. I ended up falling in love with the beat, and the chorus and verse came immediately. I wrote it to make listeners feel confident and have it be a big "f you" to any haters they might have.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself right here!

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