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Day in Rock Report for 02/01/2019

KISS Launch First Leg Of Farewell Tour

KISS kicked launched their End of the Road farewell tour on Thursday night (Jan 31st) at Rogers Arena in Vancouver with a 20-song set featuring tracks from their lengthy career.

This North American leg runs through May 4th at the Domination Festival in Mexico before their head across the pond for a European leg on May 27th in Leipzig, Germany.

The first show on the trek, which Paul Stanley told Billboard, "This is a huge world and there's so many places to go see. This is going to last a few years," featured the following songs:

1. "Detroit Rock City"
2. "Shout It Out Loud"
3. "Deuce"
4. "Say Yeah"
5. "Heaven's On Fire"
6. "War Machine"
7. "Lick It Up"
8. "100,000 Years"
9. "God of Thunder"
10. "Cold Gin"
11. "Psycho Circus"
12. "I Love It Loud"
13. "Hide Your Heart"
14. "Let Me Go, Rock 'n' Roll"
15. "Love Gun"
16. "I Was Made for Lovin' You"
17. "Black Diamond"
18. "Beth"
19. "Do You Love Me?"
20. "Rock and Roll All Nite"

Check out video footage from the show here.

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Foo Fighters Gearing Up For Super Saturday Night Concert

DIRECTV have released some behind-the-scenes interviews for their Super Saturday Night concert which is being headlined by the Foo Fighters ahead of the Super Bowl this Sunday.

The concert will feature the Foo's headline performance as well as set from the hip-hop duo Run The Jewels. Both performances will be streamed live to fans worldwide on DIRECTV's Twitter page and via broadcast on AT&T AUDIENCE Network, DIRECTV (CH 239) and DIRECTV NOW.

The live stream begins with Run the Jewels at 11:00pm ET and Foo Fighters hitting the stage at 11:15pm Watch the behind-the-scenes interviews here.

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Queen Classic Rocks Super Bowl Commercial

(hennemusic) Queen's 1978 classic, "Don't Stop Me Now", is featured in a new Super Bowl commercial for Amazon, which can be viewed online ahead of the big game this weekend.

The song was the second single issued from Queen's seventh album, "Jazz"; the tune topped the UK charts while the project hit No. 6 on the US Billboard 200.

Billboard reports the ad centers around failed beta testing for the company's voice activated assistant Alexa - entitled "Not Everything Makes The Cut" - and includes the Queen track alongside a number of celebrities, including Harrison Ford, Forest Whitaker, Broad City stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, and NASA astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly. Watch it here.

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AC/DC Legend's Letter Fetches Big Dollars At Auction

A letter that was written by late AC/DC singer Bon Scott in 1978 sold for $9,831.25 by Nate D. Sanders Auctions on Thursday night, January 31st.

Bon wrote the letter to his younger sister/or girlfriend Valerie (the auction house says in the post-sale announcement that it was his girlfriend, but earlier in the week said it was to his younger sister) from a Hilton in Pittsburg in August of 1978 while the band was on their Powerage tour.

Here is what it said, ''Hi Valerie, Well as you can see Bon's in Down Town Pitsburgh [sic] today. I've just come over from the west coast where I spent a couple of days in L.A. doing Midnight Special. I went to see Doug's new band the other night playing a place called La Cantino El Paso which is down Long Beach & boy he had me in stitches. He's playing really well & singing like a bird. Don't know if he told you but I rang him a few weeks ago to see if he would fill in for Phillip for a while as Phil had a bit of a nervous breakdown & had to spend a lot of time with a shrink. It was really bad but luckily he got over it quickly enough not to upset the band. We had to treat him with kid gloves for a bit but he's ok now. It's a pity, but I won't be down your way for at least two or three months. The rest of this stage of the tour is around Pensylvania [sic] & N.Y. state but being out of sight don't mean out of mind. I know I'm pretty slack when it comes to letters & phone calls but I'm always travelling or drunk or hungover or...or...today I'm shaking so much I can hardly write but I have been meaning to write you for weeks so today I'm doing it. I had to stop making phone calls when I got too much in the red with the money situation. I'm already about $130 into this weeks wages but about two weeks ago I owed the band about $70 on pay day & that's crazy. But being crazy is about the only way to keep my sanity if you know what I mean. We've worked so much since I saw you last that it's all one hell of a blur. Must have been across the country & up & down it a million times & I'm beggining [sic] to feel & look just a little haggard. I'd love to check myself in to a sanitarium for a month but after this tour it's straight to Europe & England for a month & then back here for the winter-end of the year so the next time you see me it might be in a geriatric ward. My hair looks like a busby but I'm just going to let it go on growing & be a hippy again for a while. I know I'm making it sound that life's hard at the moment but I'm not complaining cause there's always good times & we're selling lots of records & making people happy so it can't be all that bad. I'm going to go home to Mums at the end of the year & spend a month on the beach before tearing into it all again. Oh we finished our live album a few weeks ago in New York. I had to re-record about five concerts cause the vocals were not as good sound wise as the[y] had to be from all the michrophone [sic] spill from the guitars & things. I was allright (ahem) it sounds great & it'll look good hanging on the Xmas trees. I don't know when it'll be out but I'll try & get you a special copy. They might put some out in red vinyl although I prefer them in platinum myself. Gotta go baby. I just got the half hour call & I have to phone New York. I'd love to hear from you before I leave the States. Say hi to the family for me...& how was Mum...Tell her hello from The Bon. / Love you Valerie / Bon X.''

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Greta Van Fleet Enjoy Music Sales Increase After Rocking SNL

(hennemusic) Greta Van Fleet's debut album, "Anthem of The Peaceful Army", has climbed the US charts following a January 19 performance on NBC-TV"s Saturday Night Live.

According to Billboard, the project soared from 150-76 on the Billboard 200 after a sales increase of 45 percent to 10,000 units. In addition, the Michigan outfit's 2017 EP, "From The Fires", has re-entered the US album chart at No. 121 after selling another 8,000 copies to deliver an 87 percent increase.

Greta Van Fleet's SNL debut included performances of their Grammy-nominated track, "Black Smoke Rising", and "You're The One", the second single from "Anthem."

The appearance also provided a serious increase sales of the group's digital download catalog, which surged by 209 percent to 11,000 downloads sold. Watch the SNL performance here.

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George Strait Releases New Song and Reveal Album Details

Country music legend George Strait has released a new track called "God And Country Music", which comes from his forthcoming album "Honky Tonk Time Machine."

Strait will be releasing the record on March 29th which was co-produced by George and Chuck Ainlay and will feature 12 original tracks and a cover of the Johnny Paycheck classic "Old Violin."

The new song can be streamed here and Strait had this to say, "I'm really excited to have some new music coming out. It's been about two years since I've released a record.

"It was great writing with Bubba and Dean again and creating such a beautiful song with Bubba and Jeff Hyde. Also, it was a very special thing for me to be able to write and sing one with the legend Willie Nelson. I hope everyone enjoys listening to Honky Tonk Time Machine as much as I enjoyed making it." See the tracklisting here.

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The Agony Scene Pull Out Of Death To False Metalcore Tour

The Agony Scene have pulled out of the Death To False Metalcore Tour of Canada that kicked off this week and is being coheadlined by Darkest Hour and Unearth.

A special reason for dropping off the trek was not revealed but the band did have this to say, "Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to make it to Canada for the Unearth/Darkest Hour tour.

"We were really excited for these shows and are very sorry. Please still go and support our friends in Unearth and Darkest Hour. Both are incredible bands and you don't want to miss this show. We look forward to being back in Canada soon." Read more here.

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While She Sleeps Streaming New Song 'The Guilty Party'

While She Sleeps are streaming their new single "The Guilty Party" online. The song comes from their forthcoming album "SO WHAT?," which is set to hit stores on March 1st.

Check out the song here. The band have also revealed that they have enlisted a live choir for a very special performance on its upcoming European tour.

"We've always loved the feeling you get when a large group of people sing together, whether that's at a show, for us just in the studio, or whatever, however it may be. Kinda the same feeling you get at a football game when everyone sings together," says guitarist and singer Mat Welsh.

Guitarist Sean Long adds, "The energy completely shifts when everyone is together in unison doing that kinda thing. So we thought, 'Wouldn't it be great if we could introduce the choir which we use on the record... live?' And we are going to do that. At The Roundhouse."

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Steve Dadaian Releases 'Beneath The Citadel' Video

Fusion guitarist Steve Dadaian has released a music video for his track "Beneath The Citadel". The song comes from the new concept album "Follow The Light", which hit stores today (February 1st).

The video was shot and edited by Ethan Bill and filmed in both the Bronx, NY and North Haledon, NJ. Dadaian had the following to say about the new visual: "We decided to shoot a video for Beneath the Citadel because it's a really fun song to play live and conceptually is an important part of the story since it marks the main character's descent in his journey.

"A lot of my classical influence is present here too; for example, there is live violin doubling my guitar lines at times and a Bach-inspired fugue that make an appearance amidst the heavy rhythm and lead lines. We filmed this in two locations, one of which was in an underground vault that really gave a cool vibe to the whole shoot." Watch it here.

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Singled Out: Hanford Reach's Asunder

Brooklyn-based neo-psych rockers Hanford Reach just released their Nathalie EP and to celebrate we asked Chris Sherman to tell us about the single "Asunder." Here is the story:

"Asunder" was a conscious effort to not write a song based around the guitar, as had been how I had always written songs. This was based around the drum groove, which I sort of beatboxed a quick recording of for reference to build upon from there. I had also just gotten a Roland Juno that I wanted to break in, so this felt like the perfect opportunity to let that be the dominant instrument of a song. Once Leah and I started to form it, we knew the chorus needed to be huge and that descending riff came about. Even though it's basically one part, there are so many dynamics here that it doesn't necessarily feel that way. Lyrically, the idea was to approach it from a different mindset as well, and talk about those internal thoughts one tends to have when looking to the past and not necessarily being able to let go.

Recording of Asunder was pretty simple, minus the twenty or thirty vocal takes it took for me to be satisfied. The guitar tones are meant to sound as early 80's as possible, echoing Alex Lifeson and Andy Summers. The staccato bass line was also an attempt by Leah to work outside of her normal comfort zone too, and it helps gives this a syncopated rhythm section. The idea to have a second drum part sounding like a drum sample was pretty spontaneous, and I'm really happy went that route. Definitely my favorite off the EP, and one of our top songs overall.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the EP right here!

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