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Steve Perry On Possibility Of Journey Reunion 2018 In Review

Steve Perry On Possibility Of Journey Reunion was a top 18 story of September 2018: Steve Perry became an international superstar as the frontman for Journey. As he makes his return to music with a new album next month, the big question he has been asked is if he would ever return to the band that made him famous.

Perry was asked that question during an interview with 106.7 Lite FM in New York to promote his forthcoming album "Traces", which will be hitting stores on October 5th.

He responded, "No. I think that we've gone on our separate ways and we're doing great. Arnel [Pineda] is a great singer and he's been in the band for 10 years. But yeah, I don't think that's where I'm at right now. It took forever for me to find the passion for music again because I felt it was kind of damaged. I thought I would never feel that love again for music, so I had to walk. Now that I've found that again, I have so many other songs ready to be recorded."

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Linkin Park Replacement Singer Rumor Addressed 2018 In Review

Linkin Park Replacement Singer Rumor Addressed was a top 18 story of September 2018: Be careful what you tweet! Former Of Mice And Men frontman Austin Carlile learned that lesson after a social media post sparked speculation that he would be replacing late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington.

Carlile recently hinted at a return to music after his retirement from Of Mice And Men in 2016 due to his battle with Marfan syndrome and then last week he took to Instagram and shared a post that ignited the Linkin Park speculation.

The singer posted video footage of himself on stage with Linkin Park in 2014 with the caption, "'Don't turn your back on me, I won't be ignored.' @chesterbe @linkinpark". That led some to speculation that his return to music may involve Linkin Park.

However, Carlile addressed the rumor to Loudwire. He told them, "Chester is one in a billion. There's no way myself or anyone else for that matter would ever be able to replace him. Performing Faint every night on our European tour together & festivals stateside, was one of the most special memories of my career. New project, yes. LP, no." See his original post here.

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Metallica Make Chart History With Blockbuster Album 2018 In Review

(hennemusic) Metallica Make Chart History With Blockbuster Album was a top 18 story of September 2018: Metallica's self-titled 1991 record has made US chart history by becoming one of only four albums to spend more than 500 weeks on the Billboard 200.

According to Billboard, the "Black" album - which currently sits at No 147 on the chart - scored its 500th non-consecutive week to achieve the rare feat alongside Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side Of The Moon" (937 weeks), Bob Marley and The Wailers' 1984 collection "Legend: The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers" (539 weeks) and Journey's 1998 "Greatest Hits" package (539 weeks).

Led by the classic hit, "Enter Sandman", Metallica's self-titled album was the band's first to top the US charts on its way to sales of 16 million in the States and more than 30 million worldwide.

"Metallica" continues to hold the record as the biggest-selling album in Nielsen Music history, since the company began tracking sales data in 1991. Read more here.

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Ace Frehley Wants To Be Part Of KISS Farewell Tour 2018 In Review

Ace Frehley Wants To Be Part Of KISS Farewell Tour was a top 18 story of September 2018: Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley says that he believes the band wants him back in the group but he also says that he has not yet been asked about taking part in the band's upcoming End Of The Road retirement world tour.

Frehley was asked about taking part in the tour while at the Hollywood Musicians Institute and according to Classic Rock he said that he would like to be part of the trek "for the fans."

He said, "I haven't been asked. I had a meeting with those guys several months ago and they talked about retiring to me, and that didn't seem right either. Who knows what's going to happen?

"I read comments on the internet and I fall off my bed laughing. There's all these people that have all these different ideas of a configuration of what the next Kiss tour should be and it's crazy. But overwhelmingly, they want me back in the band, I think. That's what I'm reading on the internet."

Ace added, "I'm doing fine on my own. My career is on an upswing and I'm having a ton of fun - I like producing my own records. I don't like anybody standing over my shoulder telling me what to do.

"I've had a lot of freedom, and working with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons again, it would be different. But then again, I'd probably make $5 or $10 million, so I might consider that...

"Hopefully next year, what all the Kiss fans really want to happen will happen. I'm hoping. I want to be involved, especially for the fans. It's not like my dream job, because I've done it a couple of times and quit, but I really want to do it for the fans if it's going to happen."

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Panic! at the Disco Removed Member Amid Allegations 2018 In Review

Panic! at the Disco Removed Member Amid Allegations was a top 18 story of September 2018: Panic! at the Disco have parted ways with guitarist/backing vocalist Kenny Harris after allegations surfaced that he indirectly requested inappropriate photos from an underage fan.

The allegations surfaced on Thursday from a Twitter user named Ashley under the handle @donasnooze. On Saturday, the band tweeted, "Touring musician Kenny Harris will no longer be performing with us because of a personal matter."

The fan shared a series of tweets explaining that she had interactions with Kenny in 2016 while she was 16 years old where he requested a "pic" from her (she assumed he wanted inappropriate photo(s)). She wrote, "i really do love panic! at the disco but uhhh.. kenneth harris needs to be called out, so here's a thread about my experience with him

"April 20, 2016: this was the first day I ever snapped kenny. I sent him a picture of me with that stupid dog filter, thinking he wouldn't even reply but boy did he. He went on about how cute I was and asked me to send more selfies-

"which I obviously did, and he sent a few back. Fast forward about a week later. My friend and I had tickets to see panic live on july 8th, fifth row from the stage. I snapped kenny and asked him if he could throw me a guitar pick since we were so close to the stage.

"He agreed, but only if I'd send him a 'pic' first. Me being the dumb 16 YEAR OLD that I was at the time, asked him 'what kind of pic', hoping he just wanted another selfie (not that that's any better) but noope.

"He replies back 'surprise me'. So, my dumbass 16 year old self decided to play along and i go, 'If I send you a picture now, you'll forget about me by the time of the concert in July!!'

"to which he replies with 'well, if you keep sending them, i won't' So, I ended up agreeing but always put it off whenever he'd ask. I wasn't gonna actually send him anything. there was no way.

"He would always ask for pics but finally got bored i guess?? I would always make up excuses for why I couldn't send anything and they were not believable whatsoever. but they shouldn't have had to be.

"all in all. he stopped snapping me after he realized he wasn't gonna get what he wanted "

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Judas Priest's Rob Halford Plans To Tell All 2018 In Review

Judas Priest's Rob Halford Plans To Tell All was a top 18 story of September 2018: Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford revealed in a new interview that he has changed his mind about sharing his story with a tell-all autobiography because he believes "it has to be done".

Halford said in recent years that he wasn't interested in the idea but during an interview with Full Metal Jackie, he said, : "I was thinking about this last night. I'm going to give you an exclusive - I'm going to write a book.

"I was thinking about things that have happened to me that people don't know about. And this is going to be funny - I was personally blessed by the Virgin Mary in a church in England. If that's not going to make you read my book, I don't know what is. I'll leave it at that."

He added, "I've had so many beautiful things happen to me over my life. I've had a very rich life and I'm still having it. I can't be more grateful than I am right now.

"I think it has to be done, because you get these knockoffs and you get people giving their impression and their interpretation, which is all good. I think when it comes from the source, it's really important.

"Some of the greatest books written, like The Dirt by Motley Crue or the book by Led Zeppelin or Lemmy's book - all of these are books that come from the heart of the matter, the heart of the story. It'll happen one day."

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Neal Schon Eyeing Journey Through Time Tour 2018 In Review

Neal Schon Eyeing Journey Through Time Tour was a top 18 story of September 2018: Journey icon Neal Schon has teased his plans for 2019 to include a Journey Through Time Tour after his former bandmate Deen Castronovo shared some details.

Schon originally launched his Journey Through Time show last year for a benefit for the victims of the 2016 California wildfires and included his former Journey and Santana bandmate Gregg Rolie and Castronovo.

Deen was featured in a video report stating that fans will be getting "the whole catalog with many surprises" and Schon tweeted a link to the report and added, "Love and Respect to all you fans. Promise next years Journey will be #TheJourney - I'll be playing music from EVERY album and mixing it up constantly ... Stay tuned and on the Look Out..." See the clip here.

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Sharon Osbourne Slams 'Loser' Opponent In Legal Battle 2018 In Review

Sharon Osbourne Slams 'Loser' Opponent In Legal Battle was a top 18 story of September 2018: Sharon Osbourne, wife and manager to legendary metal singer Ozzy Osbourne, slammed AEG founder Philip Anshultz over a statement he issued after Ozzy dropped his lawsuit with the promotion company.

Osbourne launched the legal battle over the concert promoter's block booking policy, which forced artists to stage a concert at a venue that the company represented if they wished to book a show at a venue that the artist wanted to play. In the case of Ozzy, he wished to play the O2 in London and was reportedly told he had to agree to also play the Staples Center in Los Angeles if he wanted the O2 booking.

The end result is that AEG reportedly stopped the block-booking policy regarding those two venues and Osbourne filed paperwork last week to drop the lawsuit. However, Anshulz released a statement which appeared to claim victory in the case, even though Osbourne dropped the suit because he received what he wanted.

On Tuesday, Sharon Osbourne released the following statement in response, "We know Mr. Anshultz (aka 'Daddy Big Bucks') is living in his billionaire bubble, but the fact is that Ozzy sued AEG for the right to perform at the O2 in London. We won the case and Ozzy's show at the O2 went on sale on September 5 for a show next year (February 11, 2019)--so in my world that means we won the case. Ozzy is playing the O2 without having to play the Staples Center, which is all that mattered to us. From the start of this dialogue in February, this has been a battle about respect for the artists and their personal preferences. It wasn't then and isn't now a battle between promoters, which is how this is being portrayed by the recent statement from AEG claiming this as a 'victory.'

"To say that this 'suit was instigated by Azoff and paid for by MSG and Live Nation,' and that 'it was hatched on the back of an artist who we believe had no idea what he was biting off,' is untrue and disrespectful to Ozzy, myself and the entire team working on this tour. Whatever differences you have with Irving Azoff, don't presume you know who instigated the lawsuit or you know anything about Ozzy Osbourne, because you obviously don't know anything about Ozzy's history or mine. So stop with your hubbildy, bubbuldy BULLSH*T and your little pissing contest with Live Nation and MSG.

"Regarding the allegations in the AEG statement that this 'suit was a transparent public relations ploy,' if that was indeed the case, why then did AEG rush out a statement of victory? While we, throughout this process, until now have only made one statement around the initial filing.

"Ozzy's preference was to perform at The Forum, a venue that has been a part of his music history for more than 46 years. From the start, this was not a battle solely for Ozzy, as much as one for other artists who were being forced to abide by these rules and regulations. Let's not all forget why you're here...the artists.

"The only thing remotely interesting in your statement was your pitiful attempt at humor with your quote that Ozzy 'had no idea what he was biting off.' If you're interested, Ozzy and I have got something nice for you bite on...our a**holes...see ya loser!"

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Avenged Sevenfold Answer Backlash With New Version Of 'Mad Hatter' 2018 In Review

Avenged Sevenfold Answer Backlash With New Version Of 'Mad Hatter' was a top 18 story of September 2018: After some Avenged Sevenfold fans complained about the mix of the band's brand new single "Mad Hatter", frontman M Shadows was quick to take to social media to offer an explanation along with a new mix of the track.

The track was recorded for the forthcoming Black Ops 4 game, which is set to be released next month. After its release last Monday, September 17th, some fans went online and expressed their displeasure about the sound of the track.

M Shadows shared the following on reddit over the weekend, Hey Guys and Gals - I hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to update you on a situation with "Mad Hatter." We saw some complaints about the mix and we totally agree with you! We were pushing the limits in a lot of different ways and once the compression of streaming services and radio got a hold of it the clarity become muddied. I heard it on the radio and was like "Oh Sh*t!" The good news is we live in a world were you can quickly fix your mistakes and we have done just that. On Monday all streaming services and radio will switch to this new version with more clarity but we wanted you to get it here first. Check out this link. We hope you enjoy and have a great weekend."

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Five For Fighting Singled Out Special: Superman 2018 In Review

Five For Fighting Singled Out Special: Superman was a top 18 story of September 2018: We have a very special Singled Out to celebrate Five For Fighting kicking off a unique and intimate tour where he will be joined by the FFF sting quartet. We asked John Ondrasik (aka Five For Fighting) to tell us about one of his most beloved songs: "Superman". Here is the story:

I couldn't write Superman today. I've found in the last twenty years, since writing that song, that it's pretty damn "easy to be me". But to a young songwriter facing the rejection of the music industry for over a decade, you might understand the "It's not easy to be me" sentiment. Superman was a gift. It came, beginning to end, in about 45 minutes. (The joke is I've been looking for that 45 minutes ever since...) I was also lucky to not be aware of the half dozen or so "Superman" songs that previously existed as that might have moved me to select another target for the symbolism.

When I first wrote Superman I didn't think it was for me. I fancied myself as a rocker back in the day, and I spoke to my publisher about giving the song to another artist. My producer Gregg was not so sure. He kept insisting we record that little song "Superman" (Yes we called it the little song). I remember every time we would come back to the production and add a guitar, or a string line, that I thought if anyone ever heard "Superman" they might relate to it's theme of inherent humanity.

Like many popular songs, Superman almost didn't see the light of day. It was not the first single off the "America Town" record. The first single, "Easy Tonight", was just successful enough for Columbia records to go after a second song. I knew this was my last shot, and I figured if I was going to go down in flames, it might as well be with "Superman".

When Superman first came out radio would not play it. The piano was not front and center on pop radio, and the tune didn't "fit" the formats. But the stars aligned, the zeitgeist was nicked, and Superman became a popular song around the world, as well as being one of the songs that found a place recognizing the heroes and the loss of 9-11.

Superman has taught me quite a few life lessons. That little things turn into big things, and sometimes you don't know your doing that big thing while doing that little thing. That perseverance pays off, and that music can make a difference like no other medium.

I'm pleased to release this new version of Superman on our just released Five For Fighting Live with String Quartet.It's the same song, with a new dimension and intimacy. Yes, I couldn't write Superman today, but Clark Kent will always be my first-born, and for that, I am beyond grateful.

Find out where you see Five For Fighting play on this special tour (where the new album will be available ahead of general release) and check out details about the brand new Cold Black Soundtrack, which features new recordings a very special version of "Superman" here.

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Queen Biopic Star Opens Up About Making The Film 2018 In Review

(hennemusic) Queen Biopic Star Opens Up About Making The Film was a top 18 story of September 2018: Rami Malek shared some insight into his portrayal of Queen icon Freddie Mercury in the upcoming biopic, "Bohemian Rhapsody", during a September 4 appearance on ABC-TV's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Directed by Dexter Fletcher and due in cinemas worldwide on November 2, the film follows the group from their creation in 1970 to the band's legendary 1985 performance at Live Aid - which Malek explains, was filmed during the first few days of the project.

"We shot the most iconic performance in rock history - Queen playing at Live Aid - on day one," Malek told Kimmel. "Our first shot was the four of us coming out onto Wembley Stadium stage as the members of Queen."

The actor was selected for the lead role by Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor who, Malek says, were often on set to help oversee the production; it was their support that gave him additional confidence about bringing the late singer's life to the big screen.

"The greatest honor, I think, from playing someone like Freddie Mercury," explains Malek, "is getting the acceptance of [his] legendary bandmates." Read more here.

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Slash Excited To Swap Stadiums For Small Venues 2018 In Review

Slash Excited To Swap Stadiums For Small Venues was a top 18 story of September 2018: Slash is currently on a break from the ongoing Guns N' Roses reunion trek and out on the road promoting his brand new Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators album "Living The Dream."

Ahead of the solo tour launch Slash shared his excited about returning to playing smaller venues after spending the recent past rocking stadiums with Axl Rose, Duff McKagan and the rest of the GNR Not In This Lifetime reunion tour lineup.

The guitarist told L.A. Weekly, "I'm looking forward to playing in intimate spots, because I've been playing stadiums for literally two years now. It's nice to change it up. Normally, I would say that I like to play smaller venues as opposed to stadiums, but this last Guns tour has proved to me that you can make a stadium into a much more personal event, if the people really f***ing dig you. It's an interesting thing.

"We did stadiums back in the day, but the crowds this time around were really off the hook, across the board, from every country. But that said, I'm looking forward to going in and doing these little theaters with the Conspirators because it's just going to be f***ing fun. It's very raw and everybody's on a small stage - it's just primal."

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Rolling Stones Classic Hit Driven Back To The Charts 2018 In Review

(hennemusic) Rolling Stones Classic Hit Driven Back To The Charts was a top 18 story of September 2018: A Rolling Stones classic hit has returned to the US charts in sync with its inclusion in ad campaign for carmaker Acura. Billboard reports the group's 1967 single, "She's A Rainbow", enters the Hot Rock Songs chart at No. 24 with sales and streaming gains sparked by the song's appearance in a commercial for the all-new Acura RDX.

The music industry magazine credits the ad in which the tune is featured as a contributing factor for a boost of 274 percent in sales (to 6,000) and 138 percent in streams (to 366,000) in the week ending September 13, according to Nielsen Music.

"She's A Rainbow" also begins at No. 7 on Rock Digital Song Sales, becoming the legendary band's first top 10 on the chart, which began in 2010; on the all-format Digital Song Sales chart (which dates to 2004), it's the band's first entry with a debut at No. 48.

The second single from the Stones' 1967 album, "Their Satanic Majesties Request", "She's A Rainbow" originally reached No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 1968 while the record hit No. 2 on the Billboard 200. Watch the commercial and read more here.

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Allman Brothers' Dickey Betts Had Brain Surgery 2018 In Review

(hennemusic) Allman Brothers' Dickey Betts Had Brain Surgery was a top 18 story of September 2018: Former Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dickey Betts had brain surgery after injuring himself in an accident at his Sarasota, FL home.

"Dickey Betts and his family want everyone to know that his surgery was a success," read a post by his manager David Spero on social media sites for both the Dickey Betts Band and The Allman Brothers Band. "The outpouring of support from all over the world has been overwhelming and amazing. We are so appreciative. Thank you all so much for your wonderful thoughts and prayers. We will keep you updated."

Spero revealed last week that the guitarist was hospitalized after injuring himself while playing with his dog in the backyard when he slipped and hit his head, referring to the incident as a "freak accident."

The Allman Brothers shared the latest news on Betts via Facebook on Tuesday, writing: "An update from David Spero: Donna just texted me that Dickey is 'Off the respirator and doing great! Talking, laughing and, of course, complaining!' We thank you all for your love and prayers. He still has a ways to go." Read more here.

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Tool Frontman Shares Good News About New Album 2018 In Review

Tool Frontman Shares Good News About New Album was a top 18 story of September 2018: Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan shared some exciting news with fans that the band is making real progress on their long awaited follow-up album to 2006's "10,000" days.

It looks like fans will only have to wait less than half that amount of days to get their ears on the new Tool album. Keenan tweeted earlier this week that things are much closer and hinted that it will see the light of day next year.

He tweeted, "Update- Scratch Vox tracked awhile ago. AJ deep in Guitars now. Final Vox after. Step back. Adjust. Mix. Adjust. Re-Adjust. Master. Adjust. Re-Adjust. Long Way 2 Go But Much Closer. #TOOL #2019"

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UFO 50th Anniversary To Fly Without Key Members 2018 In Review

UFO 50th Anniversary To Fly Without Key Members was a top 18 story of September 2018: UFO are gearing up launch 50th anniversary shows but now two famed members from the group's history, guitarist Michael Schenker and also bassist Pete Way, have both said they will not be taking part.

Schenker made his reveal during a chat with Classic Rock last week. He told them, "Bands like UFO and the Scorpions are trying to fool the audience, and I'm not a part of that world. It's becoming a trend to make a big deal about playing last shows, and those bands do it because they can't get anywhere in a normal way."

He then explained his reasoning further, "For me, UFO only exists with the original five members, plus producer Ron Nevison. Phil Mogg calls his current band UFO, but it isn't UFO."

The guitarist comments were followed by a statement from Pete Way, who left the group in 2008. He said, "After the publicity which is currently surrounding Michael Schenker's announcement that he most definitely will NOT be joining in with UFO's advertised outing I would like to make sure that nobody is under the illusion that I will be appearing. It is not made clear in the advertising. I will be touring with my new band (Paul Chapman will not be on guitar sadly but it was a pleasure to see him again). I wish UFO all the luck in the world and I am sure fans would like to see the original line up but for me I can only say RIP UFO"

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Pantera's Philip Anselmo Plays Tribute To Dimebag and Vinnie Paul 2018 In Review

Pantera's Philip Anselmo Plays Tribute To Dimebag and Vinnie Paul was a top 18 story of September 2018: Former Pantera frontman Philip Anselmo paid tribute to his late bandmates Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell during a show with his current band the Illegals.

When Anselmo and co took the stage in Dallas last week, they rocked a medley of the Pantera classics "Domination" and "Hollow", which he dedicated to the Abbott brothers.

He introduced the jam with the following, "This goes out to the un-f***ing-touchable memory of both Abbott brothers, Vince and Dimebag." Check out video footage here.

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Mastodon Explain Reason For North American Tour Cancellation 2018 In Review

(hennemusic) Mastodon Explain Reason For North American Tour Cancellation was a top 18 story of September 2018: Mastodon recently cancelled a North American tour just days before its start due to a "critical situation" within the band's circle, and now a pair of the group's members are sharing further details about their decision.

Vocalist/guitarist Brent Hinds and drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor have revealed that the band's longtime manager, Nick John, is undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer.

"The most kind and beautiful being is in need of very strong amazing vibes more than a ever ..!," posted Hinds on Instagram alongside a photo of him with John. "My friend and manager @nickjzoso, who is mainly responsible for Mastodons success, has been stricken with pancreatic cancer and has been fighting so hard that he is withering away and taking a little bit of me with him."

"Help send all the power and love of the universe to our dear friend and manager Nick John," shared Dailor via Instagram with his own photo. "I don't know where Mastodon would be without him. He is absolutely integral to the success we have achieved as a band, not to mention one of the best people you'd ever hope to meet. We all deeply love and care for him. Send your love his way. Thank you."

Mastodon initially advised fans of their last-minute tour cancellation via social media, writing: "Mastodon regrets to inform fans that due to a critical situation of a member of the Mastodon family, their upcoming tour with Dinosaur Jr. will be cancelled. Mastodon would like to extend their sincerest thanks to their loyal fans as well as the fans of Dinosaur Jr. for their support and understanding at this time. The band hopes to make up these shows at a future time, but as of now, no plans for rescheduling have been set." Read more here.

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