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Day in Rock Report for 03/25/2023

One year after the sudden passing of Taylor Hawkins, Studio Brussel pays tribute to Foo Fighters' iconic drummer with a unique version of 'My Hero', performed by 100 drummers and Belgian rock band Black Box Revelation, live at Sportpaleis Antwerp. The last venue in Belgium where Taylor Hawkins played with Foo Fighters before his passing.

Black Box Revelation shared: On March 25, 2022, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins passed away completely unexpectedly on the band's South American tour. His death caused a wave of disbelief and sorrow, which we continue to feel to this day. In addition to being a fantastic drummer, Taylor Hawkins was a crowd favorite: his close friendship with Dave Grohl and great love for Queen made for unforgettable moments on stage. (continue)

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Night Ranger's Jack Blades was hospitalized for an undisclosed reason this past Thursday (March 23rd), forcing the band to postpone several shows in the western United States.

The band shared this update via social media on Thursday, "First and foremost, we want to apologize to the fans. You guys know better than anyone we don't take this lightly, earlier this afternoon Jack was admitted to the hospital. He is in good hands, but on the advice of medical staff we will not be able to perform any of our next 3 shows which are tonight in Anaheim, CA, tomorrow night (3/24) in Ivins, UT, and Saturday night (3/25) in Stateline, NV. (continue)

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Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas Audacy's 96.5 TIC in Hartford earlier this month to talk about the group's return after their long hiatus with a new album, Where the Light Goes, and a new single, "Wild Dogs (Running in a Slow Dream)."

He said of the first single from the new record, "'Wild Dogs' is about when I was young in high school and being a weird kid and finding other weird kids and feeling like I had found my family." (continue)

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Depeche Mode released their 15th studio album Memento Mori, available on 2LP vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital on Friday, March 24, via Columbia Records.

Early reaction to Memento Mori has been unanimously positive, with The New York Times citing the band's "exquisite darkness," Rolling Stone praising the album's "characteristic musical beauty and lyrical depth," and the Associated Press raving "The music is staring lovingly into the abyss and asking it to love it back... Depeche Mode might be facing their own mortality but their power as musicians stretches into infinity." In the UK, the Guardian hailed the return of "the biggest cult band in the world" and lauded the album's "perfect blend of ominous mood, electronic textures that range from intense to ethereal," while the NME and Uncut labelled Memento Mori "majestic" and "their most powerful work this century, respectively. (continue)

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Elton John has shared a live video for "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (Live at The Royal Festival Hall, London 1972)" to celebrate the arrival of the 50th anniversary deluxe reissue of his "Honey Chateau" album.

UMe sent over these details: Originally released in May 1972, Honky Chateau was Elton's step into global superstardom, spawning classics such as "Rocket Man," "Honky Cat" and "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters." His 5th studio album ushered in a to-this-day unparalleled hot streak of classic albums, and was the first time he recorded at the now legendary Chateau d'Hérouville, a residential recording studio situated 25 miles north-west of Paris. It was here where he and Bernie Taupin were to write - and the band subsequently record - some of the biggest global hits of his career. Elton, Bernie and the band - performing together on record for the first time - decamped to the Chateau for week's pre-production on Honky Chateau in January 1972. Bernie brought his typewriter; the band set up in the dining room. Bernie would write lyrics at night and leave them on Elton's piano for him to work on in the morning. (continue)

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Gears have released a music video for their brand new single "Fix What's Broken". There is something in the flavor of Gears music that speaks an emotional anecdote of hard rock with a danceable edge.

The combination of Trip and Jimmy are incomparably tight-fitting. Together they are the puzzle pieces that mesmerize and latch onto your soul. Trip's vocals carry a forbidden nuance, add this to his visual talents brought to light in this particular music video, and the voodoo vibes of Miami slip into your rock pleasure. "Fix What's Broken" hits once again the undeniable sound that Gears listeners thrive on. (continue)

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Californian Indie-rock group Fellow Robot are back with 'Crash & Burn', the second single from their upcoming cinematic album "Misanthropioid". The band have teamed up with Andrew Scheps (Green Day, RHCP, Adele, Metallica, Hozier, Johnny Cash) who helped co-produce and mix 'Misanthropioid' from his home studio 'Punkerpad' in Titton, UK and the new single was released on Friday (March 24th)

The vulnerable lyrics on new single 'Crash & Burn' ask the sincere question, "Do you need me anymore?" Revealing further on the track's themes, Fellow Robot frontman Anthony Pedroza explains, "I wrote 'Crash and Burn' for my partner, Luis, who I love dearly, and I know he loves me too. Luis is my work wife who I cherish. When I wrote "Crash", it wasn't clear if we would continue making music together. We were both going through some tumultuous times, and honestly, I f***ed up and betrayed his trust." (continue)

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Fire Follows just released their new hard rock balled "Finally Home" as they hit the road with Smile Empty Smile, Tantric, and Horizon Theory, and to celebrate we asked them to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

Written and produced by frontman Chris Watt, the song centers around a spiritual awakening and realization that we all have a destination far beyond the confines of this world. The lyrics take the listener through a visual journey of self-discovery that culminates in a welcoming back to a long-forgotten origin. As the chorus lyrics state: "I remember these halls - And the trees that we planted look how they've grown - Lay my hands on these walls - I remember every stone - Can't believe I'm finally home" (continue)

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